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The word for Traffic and Funnels ™ in 2019 is depth.

We’ve had to learn how to develop the necessary tensile strength and drill into the foundations of the earth to pull out the gold underneath. Today, we’re continuing our conversation about what to do when you’re not where you thought you would be, including three critical keys for how you can dig deeper, and uncover the gold hiding underneath you.

Show Highlights Include:

  • Searching for the things that ‘aren’t that big of a deal’ (0:40)
  • A simple lesson in money management and maintenance – learn this and you’ll be rewarded with immense happiness (3:00)
  • One daily activity critical to your success (4:20)
  • Your garden of thoughts: How to keep your mind weed-free (4:50)
  • Signs you’re not cut out to be an Entrepreneur (7:40)
  • The root cause of disappointment and how to deal with it (9:20)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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