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Highlights from this episode include:

  • How to send emails that the buyers on your list can’t wait to receive (6:11)
  • The Closed Door secret for promotions that your ideal customer can’t resist (6:57)
  • How to effectively slide into the DMs of the customers most likely to buy (9:16)
  • The devastating mistake that will kill your Facebook Group faster than a spammer selling fake Ray Bans (11:28)
  • How to use your Facebook profile as a funnel for your group (13:24)
  • The “Overgifting” strategy that makes your clients feel like they took advantage of you (and obligates them to return the favor) (18:51)
  • A simple way your business can make money from people who never buy from you (20:30)
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There's two types of people who hear consensual sales in the first go, Oh, Eww, Shawna, that is not what you want to say. There are better words to use and the second type here, consensual sales and say, you know what? You're right. I don't want to talk my way into the sale. I don't want to memorize a script. You just want to work with clients who are excited to work with you. Now that's consensual sales.

Welcome back. You're listening to the second part of last week's episode. Let's jump back in.

(00:34): Part of this is when you're selling something, you can't be the one who has a problem, and then it is solved by somebody buying from you. Sure. Like you can't make your prospective sale. Feel like they're solving your problem. We don't like that. So you have to be cool, man. Like even if on the inside, you're thirsty for sales and you're, you're like a ball of anxiety about it. As we have all been there being entrepreneurs, it's like a minefield of nervousness. You have to get that under control because people pick up on your energy more than anything. And so you can't frame it in a way that it feels like the person you're selling to their job is to solve your problem. You can not do that.

(01:20): One thing that I love about the Facebook group is that even if they don't buy, I'll just say perfect, like no big deal. But if you happen to know somebody who wouldn't benefit from this group who is trying to X, Y, and Z, like a kind word goes a long way. And because I've just perpetually done that over the last two years, take comic, share referrals everywhere every day, like all the time. And so even if they don't buy your people still have networks, they still have friends. And like, they'll connect you to those people. And sometimes I bet you can trace your clients back to a handful of the people who bought from you in the beginning, right?

(01:58): It's true. Like this is literally what's happening for me as a result of rock. Your tribe is I get leads in my inbox. People DM me and say, I asked in XYZ, Facebook group for help with Facebook groups and several people recommended you. And I bet you, most of those people are from rock your tribe. Maybe even people that have been lurkers, people who have not commented, I have no idea, but it's because I'm continuously providing value and answering questions and supporting my people and creating community. And I do not a lot of teaching in the group. It's a lot more lead by example. I'm like use my group as an example of what you can do and your group. And then sometimes I explain stuff and then I just make myself available to answer questions. So it makes the whole thing, this whole Facebook group thing so much easier when you've just make it about your people at your party.

(02:54): They know they're in your house, but you made this party for them and you are the of conversations. And then based on what everybody's talking about, you can craft offers that a no brainer for them either to buy or to recommend to somebody else. Totally. Let's all marinate in that for a minute. So let's talk about like, just like keep using examples. Cause I feel like it really helps to just contextualize this stuff. Cause I think a lot of it for us is like kind of up here, but let's talk about actual offers. So right now this is what I'm launching. This is my membership for supporting this is the owners who are rocking Facebook groups, rocketry, private club slash no rocker, tribe.com/private-club. Yes. Okay. So this is a monthly membership and let's pick apart, let's pick apart my sales strategy. Like what am I even doing here? Like what do you think of my approach here this week? Going live and multi streaming. Like what would you say about this? I love it. I love it. It's great. Is

(03:59): There a way that people can click this right now? This

(04:01): Is not clickable on the screen, but in the description of this video post it's in there, and there's also a clickable link for a freebie. I just had a mini guide, made a plan launch and grow your Facebook group. Mini guide freebie made by my VA. Joanne, her she's freaking awesome. She's like magic with the freebies. It's like a workbook. It's a PDF and you can actually type into it. It's so cool. So you can get that. And of course, since we're talking about sales here at the end of that, it's a lead magnet, of course. And there's a clickable button at the end of that freebie that routes you to this link here. So if you want more, you know, get in the private club, we had

(04:42): Recent launch for somebody and every day they had like a going away bonus. So like if they bought on Thursday, they got this bonus that they could only get on Thursday. If they bought on Friday, they only got this bonus. And I think that something like that might be kind of

(04:56): Cool for you next time around. Have you done

(05:00): Any emails? I haven't seen any emails. Are you on your email?

(05:02): Yeah. Yeah. I've been emailing all week this week about this stuff. Spam folder.

(05:08): Your email is, but I haven't seen any come through. So that might be the case. You might not be on there. Actually. I have a series of them going out the same day. Well,

(05:16): It's one a day right now. Well, so doors closed for this offer Sunday nights. So it would probably be a good idea to send out a few on Sunday to let people know, doors are closing. You've got two hours left, one hour left. So let me tell you about, I'll just be transparent about it. Like I don't love getting a zillion emails and maybe it's just because like I've signed up for so many things and I'm like supporting so many people. I've joined so many Facebook groups. I am on like 8,000 million trillion mailing lists and it drives me up a wall. So my mailing list and I have kind of a strange relationship. So

(05:55): I would suggest when you're to make sure that it's really specific. Like if you are this person who wants to sing, this message is for you. If you are this person who wants this thing, this message is for you. So like it's kind of making sure that it's relevant. I mean, a lot of the times the emails that we hate is just because they're not relevant. So if you're going out of your way to really emphasize that, I think that that might help you feel better. But at the end of the day, people just need reminders. And there's people are either as either buyers at the front who are like, you know, front out the gate, they're the first in line for the CD. Like they're not gonna, you know, they want to be there right when the doors open. And then there's always the people who just like, they are the ones who need deadlines. Right, right. And so if you can get them go hard on both of those sides, you're going to have the most impact.

(06:39): Yeah. And I do expect a lot of people to jump in over the weekend because creating that sense of urgency and having doors close really does get people into your program.

(06:49): Yeah. I think you're doing a great job that you're, you know, it really is just mastering a couple simple things. Copy that resonates copy. That's gonna move them to action by helping them overcome any sort of beliefs. So maybe that's what you're eating. Your last few emails are about is just like their objections. Am I going to be able to make my money back? What if this, what if that, and then just go hard on overcoming those objections. And again, it's not like talking your way, it's getting them to see that they already believe what you believe right. Already. Not like, what is it that they know that they can relate to where your offer becomes like a total no-brainer

(07:21): I'll share with you guys, how I'm discovering what people's objections are. And so how I can address that in my content in real time. And it's just coming out of the conversations that I'm having, people are DM-ing me about this membership and telling me what's going on with them and what they're concerned about. So one person was concerned about live video. And so I was like, ah, that's one objection that I can address in my content. Will I make you? Or just my strategy hinge on you doing live video. No, I'm not going to make you. You don't have to there's other tools in the toolbox, but you're gonna learn about it and you will be supported. And you've got a small, tight knit family in our private Facebook group, just for members only where if you choose to you can practice. Yeah. That's great.

(08:08): Thanks. So since we're talking about selling with your content, can you share some tips? So, okay. Let me ask another question actually, because there are people who say, who are like hardcore against DM-ing your leads. Like you do not message them, wait for them to come to you. And then on the other end, there are people whose whole strategy is push people onto discovery, calls, strategy, calls, whatever you want to call it. When we know that's code for a sales call. So how do you navigate that? And like, what do you think about all of that?

(08:48): Those are all really great questions. Like which one do you want me to answer?

(08:52): I don't even know what we do. What should we

(08:56): Do? Yeah. Yeah. So when I hear people say that they don't want to message people in the DM. I think first that tells me that your message isn't relevant and it's not about that person. So before I just like send a message in DM, there has to be like a reason why I'm there. And I have to ask myself, is this somebody that I respect? Is this somebody who uses language in a fun way? Is this somebody whose work I admire? Is this somebody that I could be friends with? And I learned that pretty easily. And you can too, by just checking out their Facebook or their social media or their website, right. It's pretty easy to go do that. And it only takes a couple minutes. So when I messaged them, it literally just becomes what I see about them. Are you to me?

(09:43): Hey, I wanted to let you know that we have a mutual friend. I ended up on a downward spiral of your content and you wrote this blog post. And it's really great. It's actually how I got my last person guests on my podcast. Right. We became fast friends because I thought she was interesting and cool. And I read a cup. I went out of my way. I said, Hey, well, do you, I really like what you're writing about. I like your Instagram. Is there any sort of content that you'd like me to consume that would be helpful related to making money, right? That starts sort of her emo is like making profit will fast friends fill your DMS. If you're just like, Hey, how are you? Well, nobody's going to have time for that. Hey, glad you made your way to my Facebook group done.

(10:20): So how about this one? How are you holding up in these uncertain times?

(10:24): Oh, say like it's, if you want attention, you have to go give it. And so you have to really see people and see the good in somebody and be willing to just like, stick your neck out a little bit and say, Hey, I know that you probably weren't expecting this message, but I wanted to let you know XYZ.

(10:40): It's really good. That's really good. I just want to pop some comments up on the screen. Beth says, Rachel, I despise multiple emails from the same person on one day, same, same, same, same. And Caroline says, I struggle with the same thing with my email list. And I think this is all boiling down to the same concept. And this is something that I talk about in my strategy for building your Facebook group. So like, one of the questions is like, how do you grow your group? How do you get people in there? Because we all hate being immediately invited to somebody's group. This second, you accept their, their friend request. Nobody likes that. It's kind of the same thing. It's like, it's the same thing. As somebody sliding, it's your DMS and like making a sales pitch that you can even ask for. It all comes out of genuinely caring about people. And if you take the time to care about people, then you can in a non inky way, reach out to people you have naturally connected with. And if you've got a great group that would suit them, that's their people. And it, they would enjoy being in the group. Then you have an end. Then you can reach out and say, Hey, you know, love what you're working on. Love being connected to you. I love this post you made. And it made me think that you would enjoy being in my community. It's about X, Y, Z.

(11:57): That that is going to happen. If you just randomly like add a hundred friends, like if you just like, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Like none of this is possible. If you're not taking the time to really think about who you like, who you want in your circle, who's doing cool things. That's going to make everything so much easier for yourself. And I learned this from my good friend, John Buchan who runs the trauma offensive community that I've been in there for a year and a half it's it's incredible. And one thing that he really taught me is that it doesn't have to be boring. So like maybe your cold pitches could just be, or like your cold conversations could be, I've used this one, which is, Hey, I'm really good at helping people book clients. But if you don't need that, I have a super great French toast recipe.

(12:38): Right? Like people love that, like that. Like, so you can incorporate, or sometimes like, if somebody doesn't respond, I'll just say, Hey, like don't mind my perseverance. If you hate me, like, we don't have to ever talk about this again. Another thing I learned from John, so you can, you can be a little self-deprecating. You can be a little playful. You can make it fun, like no big deal. And if you are listening to Rachel and you've set up your, your like social media platforms that are going to help funnel people into your Facebook group, nine out of 10 times, they're going to check out your profile and head on over there without being like pushy or weird about it.

(13:10): Yeah. And that's why part of my strategy is set up your personal profile, like a landing page that directs people that has one thing that it tells people to do next is go to your Facebook group, make it super simple. Let's take some comments from the studio audience here. Anna says, that's so true. When you want attention, you have to go give it so, so true. Yeah. So, you know, you get what you give, what goes around, comes around. And this is so true on the internet, on social media. And I'm not saying give things only because you want it. Like, there's a way to do it with integrity. But if you want good reviews, go give good reviews. If you want to make sales, go buy stuff. If you want people to join your group, go join other people's groups. It works. And Kiana says people like genuine interactions. For sure. Yeah. Be genuine. It's so simple.

(14:08): I just posted that the other day. It said something like, if you want, if you want a community, you have to learn how to be a good citizen of other communities.

(14:17): This is true. Very, very true. None of that works.

(14:20): Like if you're interacting with people that you don't give like that, that you don't care about. Right. You really have to figure out like, who do you care about? Right. Right, right. Like it's like, we're not asking you to like, just give everything to any Joe Schmoe. But yeah. Like the people that you bring into your world to make sure that there are people that you actually like give, you know, that you'd, Hey, want to hang out with or whatever. So

(14:42): I remembered, I remembered what it is. And it's something that I learned from you, which is that the way that you buy stuff reflects how you're going to stuff. So I learned my selling style by understanding how I make my buying decisions, which had everything to do with how I sold myself into your premium membership for learning about sales. Yeah. This was like a big aha moment for me. Was that what happened was I was doing the group coaching thing. Yeah. And I was new to it. And I was trying, like, I filled my program with people. I already knew I was branching out into like strangers on the internet. And I wasn't sure how to go about having these conversations. And I kept seeing Shauna on my feed. I don't even know how this happened, but it just does when you're active on social media and I see your stuff and it really resonated with me.

(15:35): You're a mom, I'm a mom, we're busy people. We got businesses to run. And I just, I liked how laid back you are. Like, I like your whole vibe and you're very much yourself. And so I finally reached out, Oh yeah. And I got in your Facebook group really liked what you had to say. And so I reached out, I said, I need to get four people into my program this month. What do I do? And so you helped me for free to close one sale. And it happened like overnight, I closed the sale for like $1,200. You helped me do this. It was a complete stranger from another Facebook group. And you walked me through it over text message or Facebook messenger. And so I said to you, Oh no, no, no, no. I remember I said, before I close that sale, I said to you, how do I pay you for this? Because I feel very conscious of making sure that I pay people for their help. And so I wanted to pay you. And then you said, well, go get the sale. And then after you get the sale, you're going to join my program. And so I did like, that was the deal. Cause to me like a, deal's a deal. And yeah,

(16:40): Like I have already,

(16:44): Already like very shady business adjacent enough in my life that like, I refuse to operate like even remotely out of integrity ever. So like for me, making sure that like the contractual understanding is there and like abided by is like a core value for me. And so that's how it happened. And that's how it plays out in my Facebook group too, is like, I will support everybody as much as possible so that people get what they need. And then my hope is that they'll turn around and be like, okay, okay. Okay. Okay. I'll get in your program. I see, like, I see what you're doing and I want more of that.

(17:25): That would be how it works. I wish I feel like there's like this like deceptive lie that says like, don't go into somebody's inbox and pick their brain or like, I'm going to send them an invoice or like all, all this stuff that creates barriers between you and your clients. And I don't want those barriers. I want you to come talk to me, but while you're talking to me while I'm helping you, I'm going to let you know, like, man, if we're winning, you're either going to get into this program. I'm going to either help you further. Or what you're going to do is you're going to go tell your friends, tell your friends to come buy from me. And so like either they're going to become clients or connect them to their clients. And that's a win-win for both of you, that's a win-win for you.

(18:01): Well, both of you, but for you, but so many people don't even let, like you don't even let people know that your offer exists. So then like the, the, the potential just like lives and dies and you're burnt out. You're resentful. Then you're like, shut off your DMS. You don't, you know, like all this crazy stuff, but if you really can help them and Hey, by the way, this is what I needed exchange. They're going to be happy to do it. Just like you said, we're super sensitive to what's fair. So when somebody over gifts, just like, if they give you a gift at Christmas and you're like, Oh shit, I didn't get this person again after man, this is like, way more thoughtful than mine. You're slightly embarrassed. If you can reciprocate that and let them know, like, here's how you can help me. Here's how you can give back. It's so natural and so normal.

(18:47): And another thing you can ask for is a testimony.

(18:50): Yes. Not everything has to be paid for in cash. There are people that I helped like years ago that it just like by two years later, or they will be your biggest hype people and you can not, you can't pay for those kind words, those tags, those referrals. So it's like, it's just kind of bullshit that people are like, Oh, if they can't pay you, like, they're not worth your time. It's totally crazy to me. Me too. Let's take some comments. That's okay.

(19:15): Yeah. It's 100%. So Beth says, plus adding friends bit that Rachel mentioned yesterday, they don't have to answer the questions. Yeah. So this is about the three membership questions in your Facebook group. When you do use the internal invitation to invite members into your Facebook group, it bypasses the three questions anyway. And so if those three questions are important that you need, you want those answers for a market research to know why people have joined your group to capture those emails. You're better off sharing the link to your group versus in sending invitations. Anyway, it just helps with the whole like sales funnel capabilities of your Facebook group. So Shauna says, or Beth says, Rachel, Shauna, if we invite people to Rachel's group, how do we sell them? Sell to them as affiliates? Okay. So Beth join my affiliate program. So this is another way you can mobilize your tribe.

(20:05): If they're not all going to necessarily buy from you, you can mobilize them to be your army of marketers and set them up as affiliates. So I have an affiliate program. If you want to sell my stuff, you make 12%. So how do you sell them as an affiliate? You just give them the affiliate link. You know, I guess, unless you create, if you become a community manager and this is a deal you can set up. So this is like a business idea for you guys out there. If you want to be a community manager on behalf of the, of a group owner, you can tie yourself into their revenue this way. Like you can come up with a deal that they pay you a flat fee, plus a percentage of sales. If you are confident that they're going to make sales through their groups. So that's one way you can go about it. But Beth, if somebody comes into my program that you brought into my group, just give me a heads up. Like, let's be in conversation about that together because the way affiliate programs are often set up, it's an automated thing. Like you have your particular link, they have to buy through that link. It's credited to you in automated system. So like I'm hands off with it. So

(21:05): Talk Rachel about creating like an affiliate package that you can give to your affiliates to promote your rock, your tribe. And I bet you could use some of your similar emails and copy that you've done for this launch to help them launch and promote in the field.

(21:18): Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely. We'll talk about that for sure. And Beth says, Beth, I'm loving all of these comments, love to get the sale because you will then join with the money you make. Yeah. So, and this kind of goes back to one of my theories about running a group for entrepreneurs is that I want you guys to make money off of each other. I want you guys to work together. I don't want anybody to spam the group. That's not what I'm saying, but I want you guys to find business partnerships inside my group. Like you don't have to buy from me now. You can buy from each other and amplify each other's wealth, and then you'll have more money to spend on me.

(21:58): I love when they start sharing business with each other, that that rewards be so much.

(22:03): I think it's really missing an opportunity when group owners who run groups for entrepreneurs, don't want people to buy from each other. Like you're only here to buy from me and that's it. And I think that, you know, it's like scarcity mindset thing, but like it's about your community is about your people building relationships with each other. And sometimes it's going to be business relationships and sometimes it's going to be sales. And again, like if it's an entrepreneur group, then when people buy from each other, we can presume that it's going to lead to more money for one or both of them. One person just made money on the sale and the other person's going to make more money in their business. So now there's more money to go around and your group and everybody loves you for putting it together. And the next decision they're going to make is to spend money on your program. And Kiana says, you, women are talking my language. I love how you both take a client focused approach. Yeah. That's what it comes down to. At the end of the day, we are here to help people and to be of service. And so it means, you know, taking the ego out of it.

(23:06): I think that's common. And just like Mark, like marketing in general is like, how, how much can I burn through to get the sale? But when you're like a one woman show or your mom, or you've got like another job, or you're like, you don't want to have an empire. It's like each person counts. Like what have you never got another person in your world? Again? How differently would you treat those people? And I feel like marketers who are just like burning through money and burning through people, they do that to offset the churn.

(23:33): Yeah. And you see this a lot. Like I dabbled in recruiting for a second on LinkedIn. And that was like the epitome example of this. And you know, people sending automated messages and you get the three in a row thing. It's like, I was told, this is a numbers game. And I'm like, I can't treat people like numbers doesn't work that way. And Beth says, Rachel, you are the best. Oh my God, Beth. You're the best Shauna. I don't know you well yet. But so Rachel, Sean is the best too. So those of us in Shauna's membership for sales, we bought Shauna a beer fridge.

(24:11): You did, it's actually right over here and I'll show you there. It is because keeping in my office, I was like, I can't put this in the garage right now. I want it in my office. That's so awesome. Thank you for doing that by the way.

(24:26): Oh, you're so welcome. So what else can we talk about, I guess I'll just wrap up a little bit, cause you probably have other things to do

(24:35): Well for what it's worth. I just wanted to say that the like a Facebook group is a really great way to like facilitate the community and generate sales for you. And it doesn't have to feel weird. They're not going to feel used in fact, because you have the Facebook group and you're building that community, they're going to be happy to buy from you.

(24:51): It's so true. So if you are a business owner and you like this approach to developing your business, if you see the value and creating a community and surrounding yourself with the people you want to serve, and you want to rock a Facebook group because it's not that straightforward of a thing. So if you want support ongoing to rock your Facebook group for your business, this is the membership for you. Rock your tribe, private club. That is where you get weekly mastermind calls with amazing experts like Shauna teaching us. I'm going to teach Facebook groups, but we've got guest experts who are going to teach all the related aspects because I'm not just going to teach Facebook groups and leave you hanging, right? Because it's bigger than that. It's about understanding your ideal client. It's about creating your branding. It is about crafting offers. That make sense.

(25:47): It's about having sales conversations. So I don't want you to get stuck in any of those other points in your business. If you come into my membership to learn Facebook groups, I don't want you to have a hangup anywhere else in your business. I want this to also run seamlessly. So that is why we're going to have guest experts like Shauna come in, we're having weekly mastermind calls. So some of them are going to be guest extra. Some of them are going to be resident experts. Some of them are going to be asking me anything. And some of them are going to be an audit of somebody's group live like I did yesterday with Brittany Cal Toma. I demonstrated how we will go through your group and create a strategy so we can move the needle for you. Whether it's about growing your group, engaging your group, monetizing your group, whichever your goal is, we're going to focus on that. But of course, you know, it involves all the other elements. So those are the mastermind calls you're going to get in the private club. You also get into our private Facebook group for members only. We're going to have lots of exchanges in their guest expert exchange, like lots of ways to support each other inside of our own community. So we can practice the ways that you're going to be a community leader and your own Facebook.

(26:55): And you get me in your pocket, right? Yeah.

(26:57): You get pocket Rachel, about your questions about Facebook groups, social media marketing, running your business, whatever pops into your brain. And I want you to know that this is where my head is at with this. Like I'm not just going to teach you Facebook groups and call it a day. That's not what it's about because you are good people. I attract good people and I want all of us to like rise together. So we are in this to win. So that is what happens when you joined the private club, you can join for $60 a month right now as a founder through Sunday after Sunday, the price is doubling because it is worth that and more so if you are ready to buy, go here. If you want to talk to me about it first, send me a message. If you want to jump on a zoom and like, talk to me more, just let me know. I'll send you my calendar link. We have 14 members already.

(27:51): Yeah. That's awesome. You're such a good person. They're so lucky to have you. And not just because it's about Facebook, but because you're taking really human principles and just applying them to Facebook and that's, what's really going to help them succeed.

(28:03): Yeah. Yeah. And you know, this comes from my background, you know, I've got a degree in anthropology, I've got a master's degree in social work. I was a community organizer. I launched, I founded and directed a nonprofit DIY bicycle repair shop in Atlanta. And then I was a DJ. So my whole thing is bringing people together, bringing good people together and helping everybody like do soul fulfilling things. And to me right now, the soul fulfilling thing we all need to do is like, go get your life, make your business, make your business about the people you serve and your gift that you have to give to the world and go get your money for it. So that's why I'm doing what I'm doing. That's my purpose on this earth right now. So thank you for being a part of that and helping me achieve that. And let's take one more, couple of more comments. So Beth says, Shauna has sort of migrated from Facebook. Where can we find her? Where can we find you on?

(28:58): Well, you can still find me on Facebook, but if you want to be a part of the community, I would check out the podcast. You can listen directly from Apple's Spotify,

(29:06): Consensual sales consensual

(29:09): For email. It is the freaking email.

(29:11): It's a freaking coolest podcast ever.

(29:14): I was just thinking we should put this like conversation on the next episode. Oh yeah. Yeah.

(29:19): Send you the audio file. Yeah, that would be awesome. Cool. This was awesome. China.

(29:25): The best. You're the best I know. Cause that's our main, thank you

(29:32): So, so much for being here. Thank you all for joining us today. You can find me in rock, your tribe, audience, building for entrepreneurs with get in this membership before Sunday, the 60 bucks, $60 a month. It's like, come on. It's like 15, $15 a week. You would pay $15 for a yoga class, two bucks for a latte and two cake pops at star. There you go. Exactly. So $60 month or like for our family, that's like one meal take out for your family is probably like a third anchoring prices. Learn that from you. All right. So thank you all for being here. I'm Rachel Spewak. This is Shauna Beckman. We are Rock your tribe. And as always you rock,

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