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Show highlights include:

  • What a kitchen cleaning dance party reveals about turning your Facebook offer into a no-brainer purchase. (0:30)
  • Why a $27 workbook is harder to sell than a $97 coaching session and what this means about your offer’s pricing today.  (4:33)
  • How to avoid throwing a ‘Facebook pity party’ and attract the clients most excited to work with you. (7:43)
  • Why targeting a client’s pain never works and the party your offer needs for an instant sell. (13:03)

You've heard the same advice about Facebook Groups everywhere. Ask questions. Add value. But what does it mean? Let me show you what a profitable, engaged, and FUN Facebook Group looks like. AND I’ll pop the hood for you so you can see exactly how I do it. Join my Facebook group Rock Your Tribe: Community Building for Entrepreneurs at http://www.rockyourtribe.com/facebook

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What's up? I'm Rachel Spiewak and this is Rock Your Tribe Radio where community, fun, social media and business collide. I firmly believe that parties are the answer to all of life's problems. Seriously. Building a community, bringing people together for a common purpose and serving them, that's your mission as a business owner. Let's make it happen. It's time to rock your tribe.

(00:28): Welcome to the show. Let's talk about money and parties and Facebook groups and people and client results. All of my favorite things. But first I want to shout out all of my subscribers and listeners. I'm getting the best feedback about this podcast, right on Facebook. And I appreciate you so much. I've heard that you're bingeing the show, which is very cool. I've heard that you're trying to do other stuff while listening to the show and then realizing you have to stop whatever you're doing to take notes. This show is in background noise material. I'm dropping bombs here. So thank you for listening. It means a lot to me. If you want to help me reach more people with this podcast, tag me in a review anywhere Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and I'll like comment and share. And here comes an abrupt segue it's time for the main event.

(01:21): I'm going to tell you a story about a client who sold out his beta test offer in 24 hours with just one Facebook post. The short version is you need an entry-level taster offer in your Facebook group, and it needs to help. One kind of person quickly achieve one kind of highly desirable result. And it needs to be fun. The mistake I see lots of business owners making with their offers in general is they over-complicate things. They spend a lot of time over engineering, their offer and packing it with lots of air quotes value and their marketing, their offer. By talking about the mechanics of it. People don't care about that stuff. The way that you are, I care about it. They come to you and me. So they don't have to concern themselves with the complex inner workings of what you do and what I do.

(02:10): And there's magic in simplicity. Here's the story. My client and friend, Jacob, Anthony teaches busy parents how to use restaurant and kitchen secrets to simplify home cooking. We've been working together to rock his Facebook group burnout to bliss. Stress-free mealtimes for you and your family with an ideal client who is by definition, busy and a group that promises to make mealtimes stress-free Jacob needed an evergreen entry-level offer that satisfies those two conditions. Jacob is also a music head like B has offers and brand should weave the sin. I keep tabs on everyone I work with and I hang out in their Facebook groups. The other day, I had an idea. I slid into Jacobs DMS with how about a Marie Kondo esque, one hour of fridge slash kitchen dance party, zoom session. I mean, who doesn't need to clean out their fridge or junk drawer or pantry or cabinets?

(03:08): I know I do. What do we do? Instead, we look at the mess, think, wow, I should do something about that. Feel kind of bad about it, and then continue avoiding it again. That's what I do. We could all probably get it done in about an hour. If a friend virtually came over and made it a party, and then we would feel awesome about meeting our assaulting requirements for the day. That's a simple and fun no-brainer entry-level offer. That makes sense for his Facebook group, his tribe and his brand, a one hour kitchen clean-out dance party session via zoom. I suggested offering a limited amount of sessions as a beta test to see if we could validate the offer. Jacob was down to try and off. You went to write his sales post with a goal of selling three sessions for his beta test. By the next day, he had oversold his offer for sales plus one that I bought because you know what?

(04:03): That was a really good idea that I had. I want a kitchen dance party with Jacob where by the end of it, my fridge is cleaned out and organized and I've just spent an hour hanging out with my awesome friend. My cell doesn't count though. It's important as Jacob oversold his original target outside of the sale to me in just 24 hours with one post congrats Jakey, you rocked it. Let's take a deeper look at what happened. So you, my lovely listener can use these concepts in your Facebook group to have fun doing what you do while making money who doesn't want that. The three ingredients for making this magic happen are a simple entry level taster offer helping one kind of person achieve one kind of tangible results and fun, making it fun. Let's start with your simple entry-level tastes or offer. If we go back to episode number seven, seven ways to monetize your Facebook group, the first thing on the list is selling a thing to a person.

(05:02): And I kind of glossed over that one and maybe took it for granted a little bit. And I was very excited about telling you about the other ways to monetize your Facebook group. But now I want to revisit that idea and unpack it for you and talk about the best way to start selling a thing to a person in your Facebook group, because I've tried a lot of things. Group coaching consulting, a recorded masterclass, a workbook. And my favorite thing to sell is my private one hour Facebook group strategy session. I've been selling these sessions for some time, but it didn't truly click until I watched a masterclass from my friend, Nikki Williams, the power hour queen. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about power hours, but Nikki's masterclass pointed out some crucial information. When I implemented what I learned from Nicki, I immediately sold 2090 $7 sessions in the span of four days.

(05:53): Yeah. I've since increased my price. These things fly off the shelf. So if you want the full power hour blueprint from Nikki, go to social media, simplified.co.uk Nikki's power hour strategy combined with my Facebook group sees works like a charm. What I'm going to share with you here is the Facebook group factor by taking a look at my strategy session and Jacob's kitchen cleanup, we're going to position these entry-level tastes or offers as the offers that open the door to profitability in your Facebook group. With my Facebook group strategy sessions, it's so simple. I help business owners with Facebook groups, map out their personalized strategy to grow, engage, and monetize their group. Since the session delivers a quick win. A lot of my session, clients leave me a review in my Facebook group shortly after. And this helps me to continuously sell my sessions without being salesy.

(06:48): The more I do these sessions, the more I learn about my tribe and what's going on in their businesses and Facebook groups, which helps me run my business better from writing content to developing scalable offers, to being able to give detailed advice, because I see so much, I've tried freebies and tripwires, and I just don't get that much traction. In fact, my $27 workbook, my cheapest offer that I thought would be the easiest thing to sell is the hardest thing to sell. It's important to realize that your Facebook group is the freebie. It's your lead magnet. You've already got your hot leads in your group. The next step in your funnel should be something that costs an actionable amount of money. Like something around a hundred dollars. Jacob's session is a little bit different from mine. By the end of his session, you'll have a clean bridge, but it's the same basic concept it's as simple taste or offer. And that brings me to ingredient. Number two, when it comes to selling out your beta test offer with one post, you need to help one kind of person achieve one kind of tangible results.

(07:54): You've heard the same advice about Facebook groups everywhere. Ask questions, add value. But what does that mean? Let me show you what a profitable engaged and a fun Facebook group looks like. And I'll pop the hood for you so you can see exactly how I do it. Join my Facebook group, rock your tribe, community. Building for entrepreneurs at rock, your tribe.com forward slash Facebook.

(08:20): I'm gonna go off about tangible results here or rather the lack thereof. Helping people get results, make an impact to live their best life, achieve whatever they want. These are not real things. You can't sell vagueness. You can't build an awesome Facebook group around vagueness. And while I'm at it, I'm going to go off about mindset here too. We all know that everything boils down to mindset, fitness and nutrition mindset scaling your business mindset. Yes we know, but what people want and what people want to buy is specific results. When you sell specific tangible results and get people to take action in order to achieve these specific tangible results, the mindset part is built in. Let me tell ya, on a lot of my one-hour strategy session calls, I wind up talking to people about money blocks, branding blocks. Like when someone is uncomfortable, being themselves as their personal brand, the mindset part is built in.

(09:19): If I marketed myself as a mindset coach, I wouldn't be this far along in my business. And I don't think I would be enjoying it this much. In fact, that's where I started with this business. I tried the mindset coach thing, and I quickly realized that if I wanted people to buy from me, I needed to pick an actual thing that I helped you with, that they want. My point here is pick a tangible result and your tribe wants and help them achieve it. The great thing about Facebook groups is you can find out exactly what your tribe wants by sparking conversations in your group. And by following up on their comments to learn more, you can also create polls. You can create an ask me anything post you can ask. What's on their vision boards. You can ask. What's annoying them right now. Just please don't ask what they're struggling with.

(10:06): You know, that's my pet peeve. And then listen, pay attention to what they're telling you. Read between the lines, care about their answers. I know a few things about my group members that helped me pin down the strategy session offer. First. I know that they want to learn how to create engaged in a profitable Facebook groups. That's why they're in my group. That's always talking about in there when we're not talking about Wu Tang or what we would bring to a Friday night house party. Another thing I know about my group members is that they're not interested in cookie cutter. One size fits all answers. They specifically don't like the posts that say I made a million zillion dollars in my Facebook group in two days, who wants my blueprint? I know this because they've literally said it in my group. For example, whenever I ask what words and phrases should be eliminated from social media, this comes up plus the rocking with me and I'm not cooking.

(10:59): I specifically say, I don't believe in one size fits all [inaudible] all the time. Therefore I know my group members want help creating engaged and profitable Facebook groups and they want their own personal strategy. And that's why I have no problem selling my private one hour of Facebook group strategy sessions, especially since I took Nikki's masterclass that broke down some crucial information for me in Jacob's case, the outcome is even more tangible on clean fridge. It's hands on. You can't get any more tangible than that. And I can't imagine, and anyone who doesn't want a clean fridge now, Jacob helps busy parents with so much more. He helps them with organizing their kitchens, making, cooking, simple cooking for the whole family. The one hour clean-out session serves as the gateway. First, it's an audition to see if Jacob and his session client have good working relationship.

(11:54): And second it preps the client for next steps. With Jacob. When I managed my nonprofit bicycle repair shop, people would come in with their seemingly broken bicycles. And if the issue wasn't obvious, I would ask. When was the last time you cleaned your bikes? And most of the time, the answer was never. And then I would hand them some simple green and some shop rags and send them outside to clean. The junk are gears. You'd be surprised how much better your bike or your kitchen runs when you just clean it up. That's what makes Jacob's entry-level offer perfect for his tribe. It's simple. It delivers a quick win. That's literally tangible session. Clients get a taste of what it's like working with him. And they're all set to take them next steps after the session. And I'll bet you after the session, then they're going to come back and tell Jacob about the mindset shift that occurred because says they took action.

(12:47): So I pinpointed two key ingredients that all combine into one. The entry-level tastes our offer that promises a tangible outcome for one kind of person. What can we sprinkle on top that makes the offer a no-brainer the kind of thing your tribal eat up in 24 or hours making it fun. I have a question. Why is there and obsession with pain points on social media? Of course you should understand what's going on with your ideal client, the good and the bad you should be able to describe their actual current reality, which may include things that pain them or things they don't like, but that's not how you build a tribe. If you gather up your people just to commiserate you'll with a pity party in a bummer Facebook group, that's impossible to sell to the same goes for selling your offer. As you've seen throughout this episode, there's a synergy between your group and your tribe, your brand, and your offers.

(13:40): My brand pushes the boundaries. It's all about bringing the party. Do you need to bring the party like that? No, it doesn't have to go that far. It's my job to exemplify what I'm talking about. So you can decide how far in that direction you want to take it. What's important is you have to find the joy in your business brand and tribe and show it off. Joy demonstrates abundance. It's hard to be joyful without feeling abundant in some way, abundance attracts abundance. I want to have an easy time attracting clients through your Facebook group or anywhere else. Radiate abundance. Communicate your abundance through joy. Whoa, dude. And I don't mean this in a fake toxic Tivity kind of way. I'm not a Ray of sunshine, 24 seven. I just posted in my Facebook group about a funeral I went to, but I mean is the crucial element that will turn your simple taste or offer that promises a tangible outcome and into a complete no brainer purchase that sells out is infuse.

(14:42): Everything you do with whatever now naturally puts a smile on your face in good times and in bad deejaying parties, loud music, hip hop. That saved me so many times during my darkest moments, music, movies, singing, and dancing, and having fun. That lights Jacob up too. He even told me that he's been trying to figure out how to bring the party and dancing into his culinary coaching. Jacob's work is in the kitchen. He loves music and dancing music, dancing kitchens, kitchen, dance party to quote Emeril, Lagasse bam with these three elements combined as simple for that promises a tangible result and makes things fun. Jacob wrote his one singular sales post looking for three beta testers. The responses he got on this post included, Oh, this spoke to my soul. This is amazing. This sounds like something thing I could do is to get my kitchen into shape, to make cakes for my shop.

(15:39): And of course he received the ultimate value. [inaudible] cash in the bank. Congratulate, Jacob, your offer has been validated and it's only the beginning. There's so much more to come, but the hardest part is over settling on what you're going to sell and successfully taking it to market. What do you think about that? Are you inspired now? What I want to know is what's yours fun. Entry-level tangible result offer for your face. Need some help with that. I'm a founder it's in of ideas, especially if we spend time together talking about you, your business, your brand, and your Facebook group book, a private one hour Facebook group strategy session with me. So I can help you with that. Go to rock your tribe.com/strategy session. See what I did there. You can pitch this offer everywhere you go, not just in your Facebook group. Here's my bonus tip for you.

(16:31): I have strategy session listed in my link tree and my link tree link is in my Instagram bio. So for example, when I'm on clubhouse, this is what I tell people to do. If someone asks how to work with me, or if I can take a moment to let people know how to work with me, I'll tell them head over to my Instagram. Find the link tree in my bio, click the top link to book a strategy session with, with me, and guess what people book it in. I'm monetizing clubhouse through the offer I developed in my Facebook group, your entry level, well taster offer. Isn't limited to your Facebook group. Only. This is about monetizing your brand everywhere you go on social media, using your Facebook group as the incubator for your ideas. If you knew how to work with your group to develop your perfect entry level offer, and let's say you price it at a hundred dollars and you're able to sell at least one every time you have an online speaking gig, anywhere on social media, how would that transform your business?

(17:32): And that's how booking a private one hour Facebook group strategy session with me. We'll wind up paying for itself. Got all that. Just to recap, my friend and client, Jacob, Anthony sold out his beta test offer in 24 hours with just one sales post and validated his simple entry-level offer that will blow the doors wide open for sales, not only in a Spacebook group before his brand, no matter where he pops up on social media, his offer sold out super quick because it's simple. It delivers a tangible result and it's fun. Next up on rock your tribe radio. I'm going to show you how to run your Facebook group. Like a DJ runs a party. Thank you so much for being here and as always you rock,

(18:24): This is ThePodcastFactory.com.

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