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Show highlights include:

  • Why helping others shouldn’t lead to a ‘vow of poverty’ and how to run a prosperous Facebook Group that pays the bills today. (0:30)
  • Why running a Facebook Group ‘out of the goodness of your heart’ instantly fails – and how to increase sales and build better relationships without looking like a salesperson.  (5:17)
  • The ‘Robert Kiyosaki’ method to instantly attracting group members who buy from you and refer you (without any expectations). (8:40)
  • How to take away the anxiety of selling in your Facebook Group and cultivating a community where you can openly discuss your offers. (13:03)

You've heard the same advice about Facebook Groups everywhere. Ask questions. Add value. But what does it mean? Let me show you what a profitable, engaged, and FUN Facebook Group looks like. AND I’ll pop the hood for you so you can see exactly how I do it. Join my Facebook group Rock Your Tribe: Community Building for Entrepreneurs at http://www.rockyourtribe.com/facebook

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What's up? I'm Rachel Spiewak and this is Rock Your Tribe Radio where community, fun, social media and business collide. I firmly believe that parties are the answer to all of life's problems. Seriously. Building a community, bringing people together for a common purpose and serving them, that's your mission as a business owner. Let's make it happen. It's time to rock your tribe.

(00:28): Welcome to the show. This podcast is all about dropping truth bombs. I hope you're ready for the next one. If you're running a Facebook group to build your brand or market your business face it, your Facebook group is about the money. And if you're thinking no, Rachel, my Facebook group is for helping people. I wouldn't disagree with you. You can help people and make money at the same time. In fact, you should. Let me tell you a little story. I used to think the exact opposite. I used to think that you can't get paid well to do good things. I used to think that you basically had to take a vow of poverty. If you wanted to have a real authentic, do good type of job. So I went to school to be a social worker and you know what I found working on the inside of that world, a lot of overworked stressed out people not treating themselves well.

(01:24): And in some cases not treating each other well. And that stress comes from having one of the world's toughest, most thankless jobs and getting paid crap wages for it. I justified the terrible pay to myself. Like it was a badge of honor after all who wants to be a sellout or a hypocrite? Well, I co-founded my nonprofit in 2004, graduated with my master's in social work in 2006. And by 2009, I was done burned out in five years. And that's what I ran away from Atlanta to New York city and became a full-time DJ. And this left me wondering how much good can you do in your lifetime? If the stress and lousy wages are going to burn you out in five years, is this really the best path to helping people? So I have left the nonprofit world and here I am in the online business world, observing another dimension of this connection or disconnection between help and money business owners start Facebook groups as we do.

(02:27): And when I ask them why one of the main reasons is to help people to provide an air quotes, safe place for a certain group of people who are dealing with a certain kind of difficulty. And that's okay, but it's almost as if some business owners don't want to say I'm in business to make money. It's almost like we're using the word, helping as a coverup for what we feel bad about admitting that we want to earn money. Before I go down a money mindset, block, rabbit hole, I'm going to bring this back. My main point here, which is your Facebook group is about the money and you can still help people. This is going to make your Facebook groups so much more engaged and profitable at the same time. Why there are three reasons. Number one, you and your Facebook group are way more fun.

(03:16): When your group is profitable. Number two, the money is in the relationships. And number three, your Facebook group is the easiest and simplest sales funnel ever. I'm going to be honest with you. If you expect your group to grow and your members to engage you and your group needs to be fun, interesting and entertaining. To some degree, you got to put good energy out there and you need to grab people's attention. Remember, this is social media. It's not school. And you know what? You're more fun when you're making money and feeling good about your business. You and your Facebook group are more fun. When your group is profitable, you're gonna get more attention when you're more fun. They say money is the root of all evil. It's not the absence of it is my friend and creator of the rock. Your tribe brand. Haley Shane said this on a live video, we were doing this one time struggling to pay your bills.

(04:13): Sucks. Credit card debt sucks. Not being able to get ahead. Sucks. Feeling like your business or your Facebook group is a failure. Say with me sucks. We all know this, but I thought I should look up some actual proof for you. According to the American psychological association, 2020 stress in America report, 63% of adults say income is a source of stress up from 46% as reported in 2019. And the report goes on to say that, of course COVID played a role in this increase in income related stress as jobs disappeared, duh, and according to the U S national Institute of mental health over time continued strain on your body from stress may contribute to serious health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, other illnesses, including mental health disorders, like depression and anxiety, depressed, anxious, sick broke. This is worst case scenario, but you see my point here, not making money will stress you out and make you sick and sad.

(05:14): Your Facebook group is where your tribe gets to know you as a person. And they're attracted to the energy that you're radiating from your group. So if you're not excited about your group, how can you expect other people to be? And if you're stressed out about income or your business or your group, well, what kind of vibe are you bringing to the party? Maybe money doesn't buy happiness, but it buys a whole load off your shoulders from getting bills paid all the way up to running a successful business. That's bringing you predictable, increased profits. Over time. For example, I recently met with a highly successful sales coach for one of my one hour Facebook group strategy sessions. She's incredibly talented and a seasoned entrepreneur, but something wasn't clicking with her Facebook group. So we took a look together. I saw it immediately. Her group was oriented towards her.

(06:04): Tribe's actual current reality. I told her the trick is to reorient it towards her. Tribe's desired future self. What does your tribe want to become? Who will you help them be? And that's when our eyes lit up with excitement. It was on by the time our hour session ended, we had a new name, a new brand and a new concept for her group. And my client was amped about it. And she implemented hardcore four weeks after our session, she sent me a message. She ran the year over year numbers for that four week period, since we met sales are up 82% since this time, last year, Holy crap. And it's not just the repositioning of her group that pushed her sales over the top. It was her excitement. It was an energetic thing. The big change was that she fell in love with her group.

(06:53): Again, if you want to book a one hour Facebook group strategy session with me, head over to rock your tribe.com/strategy session. You can book your session right in your calendar and we'll get you sorted out in just an hour. So you'll be super excited about your Facebook group again, too. Or if you don't have one yet, that's fine. I'll start you off on the right foot. My takeaway point is, if you're in love with your group and your business, you can't help, but succeed. Your people are drawn to your enthusiasm. And the exact opposite is true too. If you're stressed out about your business, your income, your group are all three. You're going to be a Debbie downer and no one wants to go to your pity party. Let's drop the act that as business owners, we're only running our Facebook groups out of the pure goodness of our hearts.

(07:38): It's too much work for you to be doing that and running a successful business at the same time. Cool. Did that sting. I'm just calling it legacy. It you'll. Thank me later. Your Facebook group needs to benefit your business in some way. The easiest way to measure that benefit is in dollars or pounds or cryptocurrency wink, wink. Otherwise you're going to wind up frustrated with your group. You're not going to be fun to virtually be around and there goes your group right down the drain. Or you can be like my sales coach friend who increased her year over year earnings for the month, following our strategy session by 82%, 82%, because she was happy. By the way, if you're wondering how to make money in your Facebook group, go back to episode number seven of this podcast for seven ways to monetize your Facebook group, there's way more to it than selling a thing to a person.

(08:31): And the reason why you can monetize your Facebook group in multiple ways is because the money is in the relationships. That's point number two here. Okay. So if as business owners, we're not building Facebook groups out of the sheer goodness of our hearts to purely help people. Why should we build Facebook groups? And do we have to throw out helping people altogether to answer the second part of that? No, we can still help people and pets too more about pets later. If you've been listening to this podcast for a while, you already know that the community itself is the value of your group, giving people a place where they belong and connecting them with each other, that is helping back to the first part of the question. Why should business owners build Facebook groups? How does your group benefit your business moments ago? I told you your free group needs to benefit your business in some way, and the easiest way to measure, to quantify that benefit.

(09:29): It's in dollars. And where are the dollars in your Facebook group? According to Robert Kiyosaki, author of rich dad, poor dad. You already knew that the richest people in the world look for and build networks and everyone else looks for work. Like I said, the money is in relationships. When you internalize this idea, you'll see money everywhere, not just in sales, but in conversations that conjure ideas, opportunities, referrals, recommendations, and commissions and relationships can last a while. So that means one person or one conversation can deliver more and more opportunities over time. That's part of the magic of having a Facebook group is that you build and keep relationships rolling for an extended period.

(10:14): No time. You've heard the same advice about Facebook groups everywhere. Ask questions, add value. But what does that mean? Let me show you what a profitable engaged at a fun Facebook group looks like, and I'll pop the hood for you so you can see exactly how I do it. Join my Facebook group, rock your tribe, community. Building for entrepreneurs at rock, your tribe.com forward slash Facebook. I want to tell you

(10:42): About one of my rock, your tribe members who demonstrated this beautifully, not in his own group, but by applying the same principles in someone else's group. And he made an honest sale based on building relationships without any expectation about making a sale, meet Spencer, a rebound dog membership village rebounds dog membership village is a global network of pet advocates who wish to connect for the purpose of achieving more social good than we can achieve alone. Spencer believes that undesirable dogs and disadvantaged people have the right to belong in society. So he helps pet advocacy and therapy professionals create social impact. How amazing is that? Within 48 hours of his membership launch, Spencer signed up for new members, including someone who was a referral from someone else that he had helped in another person's Facebook group. Spencer helped someone and stayed focused on the relationship, the person he helped didn't buy, but that person referred a friend to him who became a paid member of his new inner circle.

(11:47): If you want to learn more about Spencer and his membership visit rebound dog.com. What happened with Spencer? That's exactly what I'm talking about. Whether it goes down in your own Facebook group or someone else's. So you see, it really is about helping people. It's about helping people without expertise, but trusting that the sale and the money and the opportunity is going to come. I hope my group members partner up. I even created a bar thread in my group to help everyone get to know each other better and hopefully partner up and maybe even buy from each other after they're done trading. The way I see it is if one of my members buys from another member, the first member now has more money. And the second one gets helped with their business or their personal life, through whatever they bought. And eventually that will bring them more money.

(12:36): So now everyone has more money to spend on me. It may seem counterintuitive, but when you stop seeing people as a potential sale and start seeing them as a potential partner, it's easier to find the money and doing this inside your own Facebook group makes it even easier because that's where you can build it, work inside your own brand. And we can make it easy for the right people to find your group and join your network and keep them there by embracing the Facebook group sales funnel. And that's reason number three, your Facebook group is about the money because it's the easiest sales funnel ever. I first started my Facebook group. I had no idea what a sales funnel was or that I could easily create one using my Facebook group. I didn't really know what I was doing with my Facebook group, to be honest.

(13:23): So it gets, it's kind of a good thing. I didn't figure this out until later, but now my perspective is, if you haven't created at least a basic funnel with your group, what are you even doing? Like it doesn't make sense to run a group for your business without putting some thought and effort into this. And if you truly want and to help people, it's your job to guide them to what they need. So here's, it's how you set up your super simple Facebook group funnel. First, imagine the wide, the world of Facebook, there are roughly 2.8 billion and monthly active users. As of the fourth quarter of 2020 out of roughly 2.8 billion people. Some of them, our potential clients, customers, partners, and group members for you. You need to attract them and give them a place to go. So you're going to optimize your personal profile to send traffic to your group because your potential group members are lurking on your profile.

(14:15): So use it to tell them where to go. If you want to know what this looks like, come visit my profile on Facebook and send me a friend request. Then in your group, you're going to create your three membership questions. And one of those questions should ask for email addresses. Then you can, I use an automation to capture those email addresses and send them into your email list. I use group leads for this. If you want to try a free trial of group leads, affiliate link is rock your tribe.com/group leads. Then what you're going to do is set up an email welcome sequence that fires off an email address is added into your mailing list. As you accept your new members into your group, that a welcome sequence will introduce your new members to you, the group and your offers. Some people buy right away, straight off of those emails and you can even set it up.

(15:07): So you're creating passive right com by selling downloadables courses, things that you don't have to deliver on, or you can offer strategy calls with you or even paid one hour strategy sessions. That's what I do. But even if people don't buy right off of those emails, they'll spend time your group getting to know you before buying or referring you to a friend, because that welcome sequence made them aware of your offers. And it made them aware of the fact that you are running your group to benefit your business. So many people telling me that they're waiting until they have X number of members in their group before they start talking about there offers total mistake. Because if you spring that on people who are not used to it, it's like a whole thing. So yeah, might as well from the moment somebody walks into your group, you don't have to overtly sell to them, but at least make it them aware of what's going on.

(16:02): That's not the whole entire blueprint. It's just the beginning. But I wish I knew at least this much when I first started my group, if you don't some kind of funnel something where communication is partially automated, that raises awareness about your offers that brings your members closer and closer to you. So you're the obvious choice when they are ready to buy, then what are you doing? Running a Facebook group for your business. That's a recipe for burnout burnout. You need to scale your ability to communicate and build relationships. Having a funnel in place also takes the pressure and anxiety off of getting the sale. You know, that feeling when you're talking with a potential buyer and you want the sale too much, kind of like when we get anxious about asking someone now what happens? You come on too strong and the other person runs away.

(16:49): Or we get into a relationship with someone who isn't right for us. And that's what happens in Facebook groups. All the time, time, someone posts, they need help with something like more followers on Instagram and suddenly a hundred Instagram experts are jumping up and down. Like pick me, pick me instead of just answering the question and building the relationship. When you chill out and answer the question, the person who asked it will lurk on your profile. And if you've [inaudible], they will see that you have a group and they'll decide if they want to join. And then they'll get to know you you'll get to know them. The funnel's going to take over partially. You can go back to casually helping people without making it weird. And then the two of you can decide if it's really a good idea for the two of you working together.

(17:35): So let's say someone asks a question inside your group, just answer it or take it a step further and set up your frequently asked questions section. This is literally how I get most of my sales in my group. I answer questions that people to buy. Plus, I talk about my offers all the time. Like it's a normal thing to talk about. So my members are offer aware sales funnels. They don't have to be complicated. It's really about guiding your tribe members to where they need to go and using a little bit of technology to make it easier for you and for them because you can't personally handhold everyone at the same time. That's impossible. The Facebook group sales funnel is super simple. It includes your personal profile, your group and your mailing list. And you don't even need to have a website yet. Got all that good.

(18:22): That was a lot. So let's wrap up. Are you with me now? Do you agree? Your Facebook group is about the money and that doesn't mean you can't still help people. In fact, embracing this will help you help lots more people, and it will keep you from burning out because burning out means helping no one. You can't pour from an empty cup. The three reasons why your group is about the money are one. You and your Facebook group are a lot more fun when your group is profitable and your group needs to be fun, engaging, entertaining in order for it to grab attention. Number two, the money is in relationships and your Facebook group is the perfect place to build lots and lots and lots of relationships where you can be open to all the different ways you can partner with your group members. They don't have to all be clients and customers.

(19:10): Some of them are going to refer business to you. Some of them are going to bring you interesting opportunities. Some might even become joint venture partners. Go back to episode. Number seven of this podcast for my complete guide, to the seven ways you can monetize your Facebook group through relationships. And number three, your Facebook group is the easiest and simplest sales funnel ever. So go set up your funnel. Talk about your offers, help people with no expectation, get to know your members and watch the magic happen up next on rock your tribe, radio, the rules. We need to talk about the rules and Facebook groups, because rules are meant to be broken. So how do you build a community and moderate it? When honestly, people don't care about the rules. Thanks so much for being here and as always say it with me,

(20:06): This is ThePodcastFactory.com.

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