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Many high achievers work hard for more money, power and success. But when they finally get it, they’re devastated because the things they have chased for years give them zero happiness. 

That’s because most people live without purpose. If you’re lacking purpose, no amount of money will make you happy. But if your life has purpose, you’ll feel fulfilled—whether you’re driving an Italian sports car or a rusty sedan.

To find that purpose you have to dream big and set big goals. But if you want to actually fulfill your purpose in life, you need a strategy. 

This episode is your masterclass on the “Truest Fan” strategy to finding and fulfilling your purpose. The lessons show you how to achieve your biggest goals while believing in yourself, helping others and living the life you’re meant to live! 

Do you want to have a greater impact on your family, your business, and your community? Then listen now! 

Show highlights include:

  • Why you may need to throw your business plan in the trash if you want to make an impact you can be proud of (3:52) 
  • The “fortune teller” exercise that steers you towards your dreams (5:01) 
  • A step-by-step checklist that lets you clarify your dreams (even if you have no idea where to start) (9:40) 
  • How to get closer to your goals every day (even with a hectic schedule, a full inbox and endless news fighting for your attention) (12:41)
  • How to play the “game of life” right so you have more fun (and more big wins!) (13:06)
  • How to reach colossal success by starting with a few minor tweaks (16:19)
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You're listening to the “Truest Fan Podcast”—and now, here’s your host, Rob Brown.

Rob: Hello friends. Welcome to the Truest Fan Podcast. I'm your host, Rob Brown, and I am your truest fan.

This is Episode 1 of the Truest Fan Podcast. I have been waiting to do this for months and I cannot wait any longer to get started, because, you see, I believe that we all need truest fans and we all need be truest fans, because it's great to live in an environment where we believe in ourselves, we root for others, and we build fans, and that allows us to grow in our personal and professional relationships. It allows us to grow in our relationship with God. [01:00.0]

Through this podcast, I want to help you believe more in yourself. I want to help you understand how you can believe more in other people, and in turn build fans, fans that will allow you to have a stronger family, a stronger connection with your clients in your business, a stronger connection with the causes that you care about—and those are the lessons that come from the “Truest Fan” journey.

If you don't know me, I'm a business coach. I work primarily with business leaders, entrepreneurs, mostly in financial planning and financial advice, but I'm also a father of triplet daughters with my wife, Lori. They're 31 years old and we're getting ready to have our first grandchild. [01:56.3]

This is an exciting time in my life, waiting for that first grandchild and launching this podcast, which I know is going to make a difference in a lot of lives, because I want to create a movement—what I call the “Truest Fan Movement”—where there are more and more people engaged in the process of building others up and staying strong in the process.

As we get started on the podcast, I want to start by talking about something that I think is very important. The main topic for today's podcast is what I call dreaming big, so that your greatest goals become a reality, and they become a reality when you set them out in front of you and then you implement the Truest Fan strategy. I'll also go through the main seven Truest Fan lessons and this will tee things up for the podcast to come. [02:56.8]

It's going to be just me today and on many of the podcasts. It may just be me talking with you about things that are happening in the world, happening in my life, in the lives of my clients and the people around me that will help you understand how you can be a truest fan.

But I’ll also bring in guests. I'll bring in some of my clients, some of the other people I’ve met in this world, who I believe are truest fans, who are helping build others up through the work that they're doing in their businesses, in their volunteer activities, in their churches, wherever it might be. I hope this convinces you to give me a try, to listen to the Truest Fan Podcast, because we're going to take action. We're not just going to talk about ideas. We're going to take action.

Today, as I said, I want to talk about taking action with dreaming big, and, to me, dreaming big is not about those mundane business plans that you make at the beginning of the year. They're not about those phony overly-hopeful pledges or resolutions—excuse me, I couldn't think of the word “resolutions”—that we might make at the end of the year. [04:16.6]

Dreaming big is thinking about those things that you really want to accomplish in your life and in your business, and setting them out there, no matter how crazy they might be, because I believe that the bigger you dream, the more you put those dreams down into a place that you can see them and recall them, and remember them and talk out them and think about them, the more chance there is that they will become reality. Sometimes they'll take a long time to resolve themselves. Other times they happen much more quickly than you might think is possible. [04:57.1]

As an action item to kind of come out of this first episode of my podcast is I want you to stop and take some time over the course of the next day or two. Maybe right after you finish listening to this podcast, pull out a piece of paper. Pull out your journal. If you like to type things out on your computer, pull up a Word document. It doesn't make any difference.

What I want you to do is I want you to picture what your life will be like 10 years from now. Yeah, I know that sounds a long way off, but what will your life look like 10 years from now? How will your family look? Will it be bigger? Will it just be getting started? Will you be having your first grandchild like I’ll be having this year? [05:51.5]

What will your business look like? How many people will be on your team? What will your clients look like? How many clients will you have? How will you serve them? Will the money that you make through your business, whether you're running your own business or leading a team inside of a bigger business, will the money that you make, make a difference to your family and the things that you want to accomplish?

Will it allow you to do things out of the community or with causes that you care about? What will those causes look like? What will those big things be that you support that you've made a difference in because of the time and talent that you've led to those efforts?

What will your relationship with God look like? I feel like God is with me all the time and I want that relationship to get stronger and stronger, so when I dream big and I think about 10 years from now, I think about how cool it will be to be in an even closer relationship with God through everything that I do in my life. [06:55.0]

But stop and think about it. Don't just listen to these words and say, Hey, that sounds good, I've heard that before, because lots of people talk about setting goals, looking out into the future, thinking out 10 years from now, but not everybody stops, and the people who do stop and take the time to dream big and record those dreams have a way of make those dreams happen.

When you can picture your success out into the future, you have a way of working towards those dreams, even if you're not thinking about it intentionally. Even as you're making your plans for this year or this quarter, or this month or this day, they all have a way of being stair steps towards that place that you want to be out into the future. [07:46.0]

I believe that if part of dreaming big is also thinking about how you want to believe more and more in yourself, be a truest fan of yourself, how dreaming big will allow you to be truest fans of other people, how dreaming big will allow you to grow your own fans—maybe it's important for you, especially if you're, if you're growing a business and you think about your clients like fans, what can you be doing to help them become truest fans, not just customers of your business?—but if you're planning those things and you're doing it all in relationship to that big dream, those big dreams that you have for yourself, they'll have a way of happening.

Let me tell you a secret. I'm dreaming big right now. Like I said, this is my first podcast. I've never done a podcast before, but I believe—or I dream, I should say—I dream that this podcast will help me start a movement, will help me create a community of thousands of people who really buy into this idea of being truest fans and want to share themselves with other people, so that there are truest fans all around us, all around the world. That's one of my big dreams. [09:10.4]

I'm not just suggesting that you dream big because it's a great idea or it's a business technique. It's something. It is something that I do with my clients all the time. I get them to think about their dreams. It's a part of our planning process, but it's not just a step in a process. It's much more than that. It's really to think about what it is you want and what things will look like.

Picture it. Where will you be? Who will you be with? Where would you draw your satisfaction? What things will you be able to do and accomplish, places you'll be able to go, people you'll be able to impact if you accomplish your dreams, if you take the right now to dream big. That's the main lesson for today, which is to just stop and take the time to dream big. [10:04.6]

But before I sign off, I want to make sure that I also stop and give you a sense of how we'll be able to help you through this podcast, through the lessons of being a truest fan to work towards dreaming big. You see, inside the Truest Fan, the Truest Fan book—it’s titled, Truest Fan: Live, Love, and Lead with Purpose and Impact—it’s really the story of a business leader, of an entrepreneur, a financial advisor, who is having great success in his life.

But as he's having that success, he's running into the obstacle of thinking, Hey, this is not enough. The success I'm having in my business, the financial success, the recognition that I'm receiving is just not enough. I'm not really having the impact that I want to have with my life and through the things that I do. I don't feel I'm living with the purpose that I want to work through. [11:08.4]

The book walks them through the seven lessons the main character—his name is Brownie—runs into as he is learning the seven lessons of becoming a truest fan, and I'm going to give you the lessons really quick and then each episode for the next seven weeks will be digging deeper into each of these lessons. I want you to start dreaming big today, but I also want you to start thinking about this Truest Fan journey, the seven lessons of becoming a truest fan.

Are you ready to discover your true purpose, live with impact, and build an ever-greater legacy? Then you need to make time for what truly matters most. Go to TruestFan.com/Challenge to begin the free “Truest Fan” seven-day quick start.

Let me quickly run through the seven Truest Fan lessons. Now, I’ll cover these in more detail and upcoming episodes, but for right now, as you're dreaming big, I want you to also start thinking about these lessons. [12:19.0]

First of all, Lesson No. 1 of being a truest fan is that you must believe in yourself to be a truest fan. You need to be your own truest fan. You need to believe that the things that you do in life matter and make a difference. That's where it all starts.

The second lesson of being a truest fan is that you must learn to put your most important work first and avoid anything that gets in the way. We live in a world of distractions. Others distract us. We distract ourselves. We procrastinate, but when we put first things first, we get more done. We achieve those big dreams. [13:04.8]

Lesson No. 3 is love one another, because no matter whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game. Playing the game matters. Deciding how you want to live your life with your family, in your business, in the community makes a difference. When you play the game the right way, it's more fun and you get more big wins. You accomplish more of your big dreams.

Lesson 4, my favorite: smiles and kind words go a long way. When you're a truest fan, you're always on duty. I believe in walking around with a smile and paying compliments and telling people, Hey, I'm your truest fan, because making people smile, building people up, spreads the Truest Fan message and turns other people into your truest fans, even if it's just the smile that they give you back. Making other people happy makes a huge difference in our lives. [14:13.6]

Lesson No. 5: your family deserves your very best. If you're going to go out and be a truest fan in your business, out in the community and the causes that you care about, you have to remember your family. You need to be a truest fan of your spouse, of your kids, of all of your extended family members, so that they know how much you love them and how important they are. You need to be their truest fan, and the return that you get on that, whether you expect anything or not, is absolutely spectacular. [14:48.6]

Lesson No. 6 is you are never alone. God is your truest fan. I'm a Jesus follower and I know that God is with me every single day. He asked me to root him on and he roots me on, and it's that relationship that helps make everything outside, that makes all of these other lessons more meaningful, more fulfilling. It allows me to really think about those dreams that I have and understand them in relationship to all the good that God has given me for absolutely nothing.

Then the seventh lesson, the final lesson of being a truest fan is, to intentionally live the life you were intended to live. Intentionally live the life you were meant to live. You don't become a truest fan by accident. You don't achieve your biggest dreams by accident. You do them by living intentionally, by deciding on a framework, a path that you want to take each and every day that will make a difference to you, to your family, to God, and to the causes that you care about. [16:08.6]

I know this sounds a little repetitious, but it's really important, because to get this down, I believe you need to be able to drill down into each of these lessons, and no matter how well you might be doing in your life, how well you might be doing in some areas, there's always that thing that you can tweak and improve, and I see it happen all the time with my clients. We make one small change, a small adjustment. Sometimes it's just with their mindset, and then we see big things happening in their business that are totally unexpected, and that's because they're intentional about working towards their biggest dreams.

Let me wrap here with this first episode of the podcast. I hope this all makes sense. This is the first time I’ve recorded a podcast on my own, as much as I love doing Zooms and recorded videos and training before. Just being here kind of all by myself, talking to you, talking about being your truest fan, is a little different, but it’s cool. It is really fun because I know that this is the first step in a big dream for me. [17:21.6]

At the end of this podcast, I want you to do two things. I know I just said one. I want you to do two things. I want you to first take the time to record your big dreams. What will your life look like? What will your business like? What will your family look like 10 years from now?

Then, finally, I want you to go to TruestFan.com/Challenge. There's a short seven-day challenge that you can download for free that will help with the implementation of the ideas that I’ve created in the truest fan book and that I’ll be teaching and sharing through this podcast. Go to TruestFan.com/Challenge. [18:05.6]

That's it. That's a wrap on Podcast No. 1. Thank you for listening. Thank you for dreaming big. Thank you for taking action. But, most importantly, please come back because there's a lot more great stuff to come that I know will help you become a truest fan, so that you can lead the life of purpose and impact that you have in mind. Take care.

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