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It was 7:04 am on Thursday and I was riding back home from my morning session at Starbucks.

I stopped at a light when I look up to see a guy walking his dog into the middle of the street even though the RED “Don't Walk” sign is blinking on an off.

It's dawn, the sun is just coming up and people are rushing to drop their kids off at school and then head to a job ((they probably hate.))

The Green arrow lights up and cars start speeding into the turn.

Most of them are so caught up in their morning grind they fail to see the guy and his dog.

Whoa! Near miss.

The first car making the turn nearly hits the dog.

The second car veers to miss them screeching its tires.

The guy is furious, practically foaming at the mouth he yells, “What the F@#K? Are you blind?” while swatting at cars like King Kong swatting bi-planes on top of the Empire State Building.

My first thought, “Too bad one of those cars didn't take that dumb fugker out.”


He didn't do anything.

It was his master who put him on a collision course with certain death.

The moral of the story.

Be sure the one you're following is leading you down the right path or you might get flattened.

Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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