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A while back I had a guy ask me to help him.

His business was already doing several million per year and he was looking to expand his market share.

He had a blog, he had videos, and now he was looking to get into podcasting.

On the surface he seemed like the right kinda guy for my “DFY” podcasting service.

I wanted to make sure he was serious before I spoke to him, so when he reached out to me I responded with a link to my application complete with $100 app fee.

He paid, filled out the app, and we scheduled a call.

So far, so good.

When we got on the call I dug into his business and his goals and it seemed like I might be able to help him.

Then, when it came time for him to ask questions he asked, “Why should I hire you?”

I paused for a second, thought about it and then came back with,

“You applied to work with me, if you don't know why you applied then we shouldn't be talking.”

He was shocked when I quickly ended the call and sent him on his way.

See, he thought he was the prize and I should jump through hoops to get his business.

I know better.

There's only one of me and tons of people who wish they could work with me.

That's called scarcity and it's Fast Celebrity Hack #3 in my new report, “Fast Celebrity Hacks to Make You Stand Out in Your Field.”

When people can't have you, they want you more.

Even that guy I just told you about.

He came back a year later asking for help with his show and he was mad when I told him my prices had doubled and I had a waiting list.

He squandered his opportunity to work with me by asking a stupid question.

And that's the power of scarcity.

When there's not enough of you to go around people want you more.

They're willing to pay higher prices.

And they ask less stupid questions.

If you think that's cool there are 6 more Fast Celebrity Hacks in my new guide and you can have them all when you CLICK HERE

Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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