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Don’t know which online business to start? On today’s episode, Marquel answers one of the questions sent to him by a subscriber: What online businesses are TRULY viable? Tune in and explore the 4 different businesses you can dive into!

Business #1: Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have enough resources or time to create your own product, you may want to consider affiliate marketing. It allows you to sell someone else’s product.

That way, you receive a 30%-50% commission for each product sold. One disadvantage is you do not have the control over the product. It can shut down anytime.

Business #2: Network Marketing

You can register with a company that will allow you to sell their products. This is similar to affiliate marketing, since you get a commission.

The company can train you on how to market the product. And, the good thing is you simply learn about the product and no longer have to create one.

Business #3: Digital Courses

What is your niche interested in? You can write about it, and teach people. You can offer them informative ebooks or webinars.

The good thing is you have control over the product, since it’s yours. But, it may take longer for you to reach your income goals.

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