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On today’s episode, Marquel Russel talks about The PERFECT Online Business Model To Quit Your Job Fast! This is not about network marketing. The business model you’ll learn will help you have a business that you can actually own and control. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to increase their income. Tune in!

The Key Components

Network marketing, blogging, and the like are great. But when it comes to building the perfect online business, you need to understand the key components. It includes: low competition, low tech, inexpensive start, easy to learn, fast launch, big ticket, recurring revenue, easy to scale, and sustainability.

1. Low Competition

To get started in the PERFECT business model, think about what you are good at. It could come from the experiences you’ve overcome, or from the passions you have. You may be good at raising kids, building a successful business, cooking, getting dates, or anything else.

“A lot of times, the things that come regularly to us, people are crying for help in that particular area.” -Marquel Russell

List down all of your expertise. When you create something around those that are unique to you as an individual, you create something with zero competition. Each person’s perspective is unique, and cannot be delivered the same exact way by others.

2. Low Technology

You don’t have to create a complicated funnel. You can learn from YouTube, blogs, or from any other place on how to set up one. Consider webinars for example—you simple go there and talk.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

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