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Life’s tough as a personal trainer.

You’re the one who gets the life-changing results for your clients. But the gym owner makes more than you, even though they couldn’t get results without you.

So how do you fix that? By slaving away in different gyms and getting burned out? By saving for years and buying your own gym?


There’s nothing to stop you from taking on $4k clients, making MORE than a gym owner, and working less.

Today’s guest Dee Dee Legette will prove it to you.

In this episode, she shares exactly how you can go from struggling personal trainer to making more than the gym owners.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • The “feed ‘em” method that explodes your profits (9:06)
  • How to change your prospect’s mind and get the sale (even if you want to quit after they said no) (10:02)
  • Why your loved ones tell you to “give up”, and how to turn that discouragement into unstoppable motivation (12:27)
  • How to get your next client by saying “I quit” (15:57)
  • Why you should never quit your business before 98 days (17:38)

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(00:58): Here. What's up. My friend, Dr. Mark Russell hit king contraction and welcome to this brand new episode of the school of climate attraction. Here's the thing we've worked with a lot of personal trainers, a lot of personal trainers coming to us to work with us. And what I found is that most of them don't make enough money to actually quit their job. So they typically slave away in different gyms. So here's a cool thing. This young lady named Dee, the, the apps the core queen, she actually used to do same exact thing wasn't making the much money wanna make and was absolutely amazing at what she does is she always thought that I have to own the gym to actually make this type of money I want, but now she discovered she doesn't have to do that. And she can actually make more money than the gym owners. And we've shown her exactly how to do it. And the beautiful thing for you is that Raelle our president communication. She's going to interview Dee right now and she, well, she already of you. Don't about to cut over to it so you can hear exactly how she was able to make. Not only more money than your average physical, personal trainer. She's also able to make more than your average gym owner. Let's go ahead and jump into the episode. Hey,

(01:53): Hey, Hey everybody, welcome back. So I get to have some more fun today. As I said, my name is Rochelle Shaw, and I am the president of communications here at, at client attraction, university mark. Well Russell's client attraction university. He always goes, no, no, no, we're a team. But at the end of the day, he is our fearless leader. And my role here is kinda jumping in, jumping out, helping making sure our communications are what they should be. But my all time fit, favorite thing to do is to interview our clients and talk to folks who have been through our university, our growth programs and onto our inner circle and our society where we help entrepreneurs truly change the game for coaches and consultants to give them the framework like what they do step by step by step so that they can build their own million dollar businesses. So I'm just excited today to welcome the core queen. Right? I see her all the time. I'm so envious. I'm like, Ooh, my core is like boob stomach, stomach, right? Thank you.

(03:01): She's got her most beautiful body ever. And she helps women become what they truly want to be. So ladies and gentlemen welcome my friend de Ette. Yay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Enter. Introduce yourself to everybody watching here. Okay. Well, I am the core queen Ette self proclaim, but I guess core queen and we dare them to say that you're not OK. Yeah, no, no, but I help individuals lose weight and getting amazing shape without starving yourself or spending two hour today in the gym. I really pride myself on just helping women or men. If they, if they feel like I can help them, you know, they're intimidated sometimes, but, but women are definitely my goal go to, I love helping women get in shape and living their, their best selves. Got it. Got it. So what, what brought you to that?

(03:55): Like what were you doing before? Well, I'm retired air force. I was in air force for 20 years. I retired in 2018 and I actually got kind of serious, not so serious, but kind of serious about fitness in 2013 when I went to Afghanistan. So that's why I was decided like, I really gotta get in shape cuz some go down, I need to really be able to move. So I went over there and I lost 30 pounds in about five months. And so I was, people was just asking me, what did you do? What did you do? And I'm like, I mean, I don't know how to help you. I mean, I can try to give you what I do. Maybe post a few videos here and there, but I wasn't really dedicated, like I should have been because there was actually a calling on my life and I didn't know it. And so about a year and a half ago, I was like, okay, I need to, I need to figure this thing out. I need to really help people cuz that's what I was placed on earth to do was to, to serve people. So there go then I became the core queen and the rest is history. That's so awesome. That so awesome. Cuz you know, truly, I think that we're all like thrown into a situation where it is like, okay, it's like change some things. And sometimes it, it happens to be, you know, 115 degrees in Afghanistan where you're like, oh my goodness. You know, maybe I shouldn't be the last one running away from the bad guy. Right. I, you never know. I, I, I giggle as I watch the commercial of the two, it looks like they're deer or maybe they're antelope and there's a lion.

(05:27): And so the one says, oh my gosh, you know, well, well we've gotta run. And he says, well, I don't run that fast. And he said, well, I don't have to be fast. I just have to be faster than you. Right. And so it reminds me as you, as you said that, yeah. You know, we don't wanna be the one that's that's left there and stuck. So when you first started before you reached planet cau, right. And as you were trying to kind of put this together, what were some of the things that you got stuck on? Well, let me just tell you that. Before I even got into the cau thing, I had no company, no business know anything. I was literally just like posting videos of me working out. There was no structure, no anything. It was just, I was like helping my boyfriend work out.

(06:14): I didn't have any clients. I, I had nothing. Okay. I just, what I had was waste trainers. Somebody told me you can sell anything. You need to get your own waste trainer. And I probably had bought everybody's waste trainer on the planet and none of 'em work. So I was like, okay, help me figure out. And I found the perfect waste trainer, which I still sell now cuz it actually does work. And that's why I started. That is the only reason I even found cau is because I was at an event as a vendor selling the waste trainers and I met que and I got, see him in person do his, his briefing. I was like, I, him in person. Right? Like it's, it's it's that I had the same effect and, and I've been in this 30 years. Right. But when I saw him in person, I went, oh, oh, oh, oh yeah, right. Like, like, like you can't wait to to do it. So what, how did you transition from, I'm just gonna sell a $150 product, right? A hundred dollars product right into now the somewhere, the thousand dollars product. Right? Right. I think the last post I saw you were, you were just killing it at the $4,000 somewhere around there. Like they had, how did you transition to that? Well, what I wanted to do because I knew that sell, I didn't want people to just settle on just, I could just put a waste train on and lose weight cuz that's not even my brand that's of what I want to put out there. I don't want you to think that at all. I want you to know that there is a way to do things the right way and actually lose weight. But I couldn't figure out because in my mind, the only way to do this is I have to be in a gym.

(07:51): I have to own a gym. I have to open a gym. There's no other way to do this. I couldn't figure out I couldn't get out of that mindset. And when I got on the call, where was west and he just happens to be a fitness guy. Yeah. And he's explaining like what you, you don't gotta do that. And I'm like, shut up. Like, like it, like, it just blew me away that there was this concept that didn't even cross my mind outside of a physical bill. Yeah. Yeah. And then on top of that, the, the pandemic hit where there was no physical building. So it was kind of like a beautiful collision that came in all at the same time. And it was perfect timing for me to just transition my mindset into, I actually have to create a company cause I didn't have one. And I mean, cau man, listen, I can't even just try just a little, just try just it's just like it's it's faith in the flesh. It, it it's, you can, you can think of something. You can try to conceive it, but when you can actually touch it and feel it, no matter how discouraged I got in the beginning, because it still didn't seem real to me. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like, you have to take a step back and it's like, well wait a minute. When you go to buy something, you don't just buy it right away. So why would you expect anybody else to just do that? Like keep at it, keep pushing, keep pushing, keep doing, want to keep getting the lessons, keep listening, keep hearing these testimonials and feeding, feeding, feeding. And then I'm like, oh mg. It just like exploded. Like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait.

(09:28): Believe in the suddenly right? Believe in the suddenly. Absolutely. And, and you know, one of those things that, that's why I, I just admire you so much is most people would've quit when it didn't work immediately. Yeah. You know? And, and they come in and they think that that cau is some type of magic wand, you know? And that more quote is gonna touch it once and that you don't really have to do anything. Right. Mm it's a lot of work. Is it not? It is. Yes. It takes. And it is a consistent type of work. Yeah. Its, it's not a lot of heavy lifting work, but you have to be dedicated and committed to constantly doing it. Yes. Yeah. It's it's yeah, because you get it, you can't change somebody's mind overnight. And especially when it comes to losing weight, right. That's something, that's, that's a mental thing anyway. Like until somebody changes their mind that they really wanna do it. You have to constantly feed them. You have to constantly feed them and then they'll eventually they'll come to you, but yes. Yeah. To quit, to quit you. I, I, you know, we all get to that point. I don't care what type of entrepreneur you are. We all get to where we wanna quit because in our head it looks so much easier. Mm. Right. Yeah. And at the end of the day, it's simple but simple doesn't make get easy. No, no. And most of the time from the outside looking in, you see the highlight reels, you don't get to see all of the work that gets put into doing this. So no, no. And I think that's why, you know, entrepreneurs can be indignant a lot, you know, and just like whatever. Right. When people, and, and, and not as sympathetic because we go, do you realize like how much work it was?

(11:27): I read a statistic about entrepreneurship and, and one of really great mentors I studied years ago was talking about, yeah. The failure of business. Right. He said, but oftentimes it's not that the business failed. Like you get customers, you just get tired of the roller coaster. Right. Tired of the, of the wait a minute. I had to do all of this work to get this amount of money. Well, it's easier for me to just go back to my job. Right. And get that, especially when you're in that, that 40 to $50,000 range. Yes. But one of the things that I, I always know too, is that entrepreneurs, like, we know like, there's, there's going back. Like we go, you've got, gotta be joking. Right? Like, no, we don't job job. No. When our parents say it, when our friends say it, when our significant others say it. And, and one thing I had, I learned in therapy because all entrepreneurs need a therapist. Right. Cuz we are kind of little ticky ticky, boom, boom. Yeah, absolutely. That it wasn't that my mother didn't believe in me. It was that she didn't like to see me hurting. Mm. And so when it wasn't working out, she was like, oh my gosh, she's hurting. Let me fix it. And her only cognizant fix is, well here we paid for all this education for you. Go ahead and go back to the job. Why are you making a card? Right. Yes. And that's, that's really not what the, what the solution was. It was exactly. You've gotta be kidding me. So that, that tenacity. So what was it that made you not quit? It's not like invest money, right? Yeah. You invested time. And when that I don't care who you are when that Facebook ad charges your credit card.

(13:24): Yeah. It make you say, Ooh, it was a few things. Fear. Fear of failure. Proving my boyfriend wrong. Cuz he couldn't believe that I did it like invested with CA AAU. He was just like, are you crazy? Cause I did not consult with him. I just did it. Cause I knew as, as you write as the independent woman that you are yeah. I knew he would try to talk out. I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight if I don't say that up loud. Okay. And my kids just, I wanna show them something different. Yeah. Like you can do this. It's not easy, but you can do it. Yeah. And also my, my clients that I didn't have yet, people need me. They need you. They so need you because they are out doing things that are detrimental to their heart. Yeah. Right. They're having certain that they shouldn't be having, you know, just going on anesthesia, risk your life. Like what are you thinking of? Yeah. You know what I mean? It's like, no, but they think that there's not a way to do that, but yes you are so needed. And, and that's why you're the core queen, you know? And I'll wrestl anybody who says that, you're not, I promise you, there we go. So then, you know, before you weren't really sure you didn't have a business, you would kind of do, but you didn't know what was possible. So then what happened? You get to CA AAU, you start and you go, what?

(14:57): Well, well, first I'm, I'm a project manager by trade. So I was so in love with the structure and I'm military. So things being in boxes for me, like this is awesome. I, I love it's true. I can follow it. So I was excited about that and just seeing the, the things in reality, like me, like the, the practical application I'm doing it, I'm setting it up. I'm seeing it in the, in the flesh live and in action. And just the, just the way things are set up where I can actually reach out for help. And I don't feel like I'm alone. And so once the things got live and, and of course going to the rapid roll conferences and stuff like that, just seeing that it is real. And people are really getting real results. Like this could actually happen for me. So these light bulb moments are going off all over the place. But at a point, like I said, it still wasn't happening fast. Like I thought it should happen. And I was on the phone on one of the calls with coach Dre. And I was just like, coach Dre, I'm done. I don't wanna do it. I quit. I'm not doing it. And he was just like, he was like, coach D what are you talking about? I was like, I'm not getting nos and not showing up. I'm just like angry. He like, just get it out, just get it out. And he brought me back down to reality and he was like, it's gonna happen. You have to give it time. Yeah. It, it probably wasn't even two weeks after that, I got my first line and I was like, coach, I was, oh my, it was just like, it was just, it was crazy. Like, it was just amazing to just see, I was just so happy.

(16:32): Didn't quit. Yes. Yes we are too. Like, like we, we have a a text string, right. That, but when you, you guys have breakdowns, like we tell each other so that everybody's like, Hey, when you see her, you know, make sure that you're supporting her cuz she's in it. She's in it right now. You know? And, and it's only we call it it because we all have been in it. Right. Where you just go, it's, there's something wrong with me. Right, right. There's gotta be because I see all these people and then, and then as we do yeah. And it all comes down to no, it, it, it is just the beast. It's, it's who you're talking to. Like these people are really like, they want it so bad, but they failed so many times. Right? Like that's your industry is just like with us at cau, you know, we talk to people two years from now, you know, they decide that they action.

(17:34): So I always ask him. Okay. So when you, you saw him live at an event and how quickly did you join the program? I think I got a call that Monday or Tuesday and I joined that day. Okay. So normally like you are like the a anomal right. Well, well, no, let me, let me tell the truth. If you've seen Markwell in person, then they join immediately. Right. Because they go, wait a minute, this guy with the gold teeth and the tattoo, what? Right. So, so you join immediately. Right. But if they've never met him and they've never, or come to a bootcamp and seen all of us together, loving on really helping y'all build, like they don't, they don't get it. And so it takes them forever. So the average time they're on our list is, gosh, I think it's like, like 98 days. Like they have to see our stuff minimum mom, 90 days before they even start. I mean, and that's like a $5 thing we're not talking about, you know, the whole program. This is them going, okay. Maybe I'll come to a bootcamp thing. Right. And it, it, it is, it's a long time because they've, they've quit on themselves off often. Yeah. So, you know, what would you say to people who have, who have quit on themselves, man? There is no quitting until you're six feet under. You gotta keep, as long as you got breath in your body, there is no quit. You gotta keep pushing your, your descendants are, are depending on you. This lifetime is just one moment in time. And the, the, the sentence that's coming after you, they're, they're going to thank you if you don't quit. Yeah. Yeah. Amen. Hell yeah.

(19:18): Well that is so inspiring. I get choked up right? When you guys say it, because it's, you know, we, we really try to design a program that was plug and play, you know, and structured correctly. And so that you had check boxes that you could check off that. OK. You know, I'm getting closer, I'm getting closer. I'm getting closer. Yep. I always say it's like a, it's like a volcano, right? That just keeps building and building and building. Then all of a sudden, it just spills over and you go, oh, still don't work. So needless to say your business after CA U looks dramatically different. The funny thing is that I coach Dre got on me because I was trying to be so perfect in my members area. I was like, no, it's not right. I don't have enough videos. He was like videos who you don't have. He was like, you're being, selfer like, you're, you're being selfish now. It's not about you. I was like, okay. So trying to be perfect was really hindering me. Yes. But now my like to see my program now I from then I'm like, I actually have a business. Like I have a whole, like you are the, the third person today that has said that to me during, during these right. Is that they go, I actually have a business. And that's, that's truly, our goal is to help you build a business, not just to be self-employed where you get some money randomly sporadically. We want you to have a business, a, a sellable asset that when you have served all that you can serve by yourself.

(20:58): It goes on in perpetuity to serve your legacy. Yes. Like that's our goal for you. And so to hear it coming to life just, just has this blossoming. And yes. Has a smiling. Tell me if Marquel was right here. Right. Or even if he's not here, let's, let's pretend he's not here. Cause sometimes I think people get nervous, right? If he was to see you say this message, what would you tell him? Thank you. Thank you for caring enough to help other people. Cause so many times in the black community, especially we don't, we make it, we figure out something and we don't share the information. We don't care if anybody else comes up. Cause we think they're gonna go surpass us. So thank you for caring enough for everybody else to share what God bless you with. Amen. How about that day? That, that, that Dre talked you off the ledge. What you got from him, man, Dre is, oh man. Dre is literally our modern day profit. He is amazing Dre. You are like, like you give me chills. Every time you talk, you, you have a gift. Like none other. You have a way to get to people that I have not seen before. Literally. And not enough people know who you are, your, your words are powerful. They mean so much. And they have, they have helped me spread my wings when I didn't wanna spread them. So thank you Greg. Oh, oh, they're gonna love it. They're gonna love it. And so if we have some women out there determined to get their core fit in tights and not have this thing where they're, they're just buying multiple things, but have a coach who actually loves them and will love them through it. Where do they find you?

(22:45): What are the deeds? What do they need to go do? You can find me on the, the core queen at you can type in the core queen on off social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere you look at whatever the, the core queen is everywhere. Didi, Ette. I'll pop up, check me out. If you're not ready to sign up with me, you can look at my videos to see if I'm real. I'm real. I don't give my clients anything that I don't do. I don't believe in that, whatever foods I have them eat. I eat the same thing, whatever exercise I have them do. I do the same things. It's a lifetime commitment. It's not as bad. It's nothing temporary. I give you the tools to keep with you for a lifetime. You can take 'em with you when you leave me. So check me out. Yay. Yeah. Thank you so so much. I can't wait for marque and Andre to see your message to them. And you know, everybody else out there, like if you don't have a business yet, and you are really trying to put it together, but you are an expert, you need to be an expert at what you're doing. I always say that we are.

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