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It feels like you can’t go five minutes on the internet these days without seeing some business running a 5-day challenge. Maybe you’ve even thought of running one yourself.

But you can’t jump in head first and expect your first challenge to pull six figures.

Some mistakes could cost you thousands (or even millions) of dollars.

In this episode you’ll discover the 7 deadly mistakes you must avoid if you want to launch a profitable challenge.

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • Why most challenges are a strategic mistake that will cost you months of your life (4:20)
  • How running a challenge for 3 months could cost you up to a year of your life ruin your best income source (5:34)
  • The 3-second rule that lets you instantly predict the success of your challenge (and adjust course before it becomes a disaster) (7:23)
  • The common mistake that costs coaches and consultants millions (even if their challenge turns a profit) (8:46)
  • Why you should kill your campaigns, refund your customers and shut down your challenge if you spot the “Alignment Mistake” (9:14)
  • Why challenges are a waste of time if you’re not already making steady income every month (15:22)
  • The “Plumber Principle” that lets you effortlessly make more money without wasting time on “funnel hacking” (16:33)

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Marquel: Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, everyone. Super excited to have you all here. Whether you're watching this on YouTube or LinkedIn, or Instagram or TikTok, or wherever the team manages to put this at or stream this at, welcome, even if you're watching the replay or if you’re listening to this on the podcast or whatever the case may be. [01:16.4]

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Facebook can hear me. Checking in from the Motor City. What's up? Wattup? All right. “I can hear you.” Perfect. All right, Instagram can hear me. All right, cool. Let's get to it. [02:05.3]

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Let's get to it, and shout to my guy, Wes Walters here and the cockpit with me. He's our client specialist here at CAU and always here to serve, so let's get to it, you all. [03:01.4]

What I’m going to be talking about, let me ask you this. What I’m planning to talk about, because somebody actually reached out to me and asked me to cover this, because obviously challenges are a big thing in the market right now. We see a lot of people doing challenges and things of that nature and a lot of people go on that route. A lot of people are thinking about doing it. A lot of people don’t know what the best way to do it is. A lot of people kind of pull in different directions and don't really know what to do, so he asked me to kind of talk about it. I’m here to serve.

Again, if you all have any topics you ever want me to cover, of course, let me know as well and I’m happy to do that. But today he wanted me to cover challenges. Is this the best way to go, the smart way to do it, not so smart? What would I suggest? All that. Basically what we're going to talk about is five-day challenges and seven million-dollar mistakes to avoid. If you're thinking about doing one.

Five-day challenges and seven million-dollar mistakes to avoid, if you're thinking about doing one. By the way, I’m not here to bash five-day challenges, right? I just want to prepare you if this is the way you decide to do it, right? [03:59.0]

Huge disclaimer. We haven't even personally done a five-day challenge. We actually were about to do one. I mean, launch pages built out, email, everything built out, and we actually canceled it right in the middle of the first week of doing it. We just pulled the plug on it and I’ll explain why in a minute.

Let's get to it. Number one: the first million-dollar mistake you want to avoid when launching your five-day challenge if you're thinking about doing one is thinking tactical versus strategic. A lot of people come on the internet and they get swallowed whole because they think tactically and not strategically.

Here's what I mean. They see somebody talking about challenges or they see this is a hot thing or somebody talking about how much money they made on a challenge, so they decide, Okay, I’m going to do a challenge, right? But they're not really thinking strategically. When I say thinking strategically, when it comes to your business, you want to think, how does this fit into your overall business model? [05:00.0]

For example, you may and think, okay, cool, if you're going to do a challenge, how often are you going to do it, or are you just doing it this one time, just to kind of see how it works or just because it's an exciting thing right now and you’ve got to get your dopamine fix? Think strategically. How does this fit overall long term in your business? That's number one, and then how does this fit overall in terms of hitting the goals that you have for the year or for the quarter? How does this all tie together or is it something you're doing because it's the exciting thing right now? That's number one.

Number two is getting distracted from what's already working. You'd be surprised or you may not be surprised how many people have something that is working really well for them, and then they get distracted by the new latest thing and they stop doing what was already working.

For those of you who are thinking about doing challenges or you're in the middle of doing your challenge, or you're about to do your challenge or whatever the case may be, think, Okay, is this the best thing for me to do or should I just stay focused on what I’m doing that's already working? Right? Because here's the reality that most people won't tell you. It takes time to build in a marketing system or marketing campaign. It takes time to dial it in. [06:13.0]

Let's just say, for example, the first time you do it, it most likely won't work the way you want it to work, so it may take you three to four times to really get it dialed in. Let's say you do it quarterly. This means that you’ve got to do this challenge for a full year to really get it dialed in where you want it to work.

Now, I’m not saying you're going to have to do it a whole year, but what I’m saying is it takes some time. Let's say on the low end, it takes you about 90 days to get something dialed in, so that's your entire quarter gone. Let's say you took your eyes off the ball of what was working already. Now you've pulled a completely different way from what was already working. Huge mistake, and I made that mistake several times, more times than I care to remember, but that happens. [07:00.8]

You want to be aware that, okay, if this is working, I mean, if we're going to do this, how does this affect what we're currently doing, or does it not have an effect on what we're doing? But you want to assess these things and not just jump into things, just all excited. Okay? That's number two.

Number three. The third million-dollar mistake you want to avoid if you're thinking about doing a challenge is not having clear, concise messaging. Not having clear, concise messaging. When people join your challenge, what do you do? First of all, what do you do? Think W.I.I.F.M. statement. “I help ________ do ________. What's in it for me?”

When people go see your page to register for your challenge, you want to be crystal clear what's in it for them. You want to have clear, concise messaging. What's in it for them? Once they go to your site and they're there for three seconds, they need to know within three seconds, what’s in it for them if they register for your event? Okay? Three seconds. The three-second rule. Again, we say that over and over and over and over and over. The three-second rule, okay? Not having clear, concise messaging. [08:11.5]

I'm going to pause the recording. Any questions? Is this making sense? Is this helpful so far? I’m going to check in. I want to check in with you all. Any questions, comments, anything like that?

Number four: not having the right offer. When I say not having the right offer, you want to have the right offer on the front end, why they should actually buy. Why should they pay to join your challenge? That's number one. Why should they pay to join your challenge? What is the irresistible offer? The thing that you're selling them, how is that infinitely more valuable than the money you're going to be charging? Whether that's 47, 67, 97, 197, 597, whatever, how is it more valuable? That's number one.

Then you want to make sure you have the right offer on the back end. Some people are doing challenges, which I hope are not many. Some people are doing challenges and it's like they don't even have an offer at the end of it, which is a huge mistake. What is the thing that you're offering or what is the thing you're going to offer at the end of your challenge? That's what you want. You want to be crystal clear on that, okay? That's number four. [09:12.2]

Number five. This is a big one. Not being in alignment. Is doing this five-day challenge in alignment with you personally? Is it in alignment with your company and your company goals and what you're looking to accomplish, and your mission and vision and all that good stuff?

Let me explain what I mean. One of the big reasons we killed our challenge is because it wasn't in alignment with who we were, who we are, right? It wasn't in alignment with who we are, the reason we shut ours down completely. I'm talking about how we built it out and everything and we were ready to go. We were selling tickets and everything. We shut it down and we refunded everybody the money who had bought tickets already, straight up, because we realized that this really wasn’t in alignment. [10:11.8]

Let me explain. We’ve got an event coming up. It's called “Cash Flow Factor”. It’s called “Client Attraction Made Easy”. It's January 29 and it's a virtual event. You all may have seen some of the ads for it. Anybody seen the ads for it here? Maybe, maybe not.

But basically I talk about in the ad, and one of the things, one of the reasons we killed it again was, and let me ask you all this—if I can teach you how to get more clients and how to scale your business, and add an extra five to six figures per month, if I could teach you this methodology and give you this marketing plan, and one day, would you rather me break it up and teach you over five days? What would you prefer? I'm just curious. What would you prefer? If I could teach you this in one day, would you rather me teach it to you in one day or would you like me to break it up over five days? What would you all prefer? What would you all prefer? [11:10.7]

Launching with purpose, how do you not hurt the brand when you have to go back and say the challenge is canceled? Basically, we were just honest. We just let them know, Hey, look, we're canceling this. It's not really an alignment. Here's why we’re canceling it, but this is what we're going to do instead. We were just totally honest with them. Okay, cool.

Okay, some people said five days. Let me make sure I’m asking this question correctly, so that we're all on the same page. If I can teach you something in one day, so let's say, for example, I can help. I can give a marketing plan where you can leave and start getting clients, and let's say, I can teach you this on a Saturday and you leave with the game plan to go implement. Would you rather me teach you that in one day or would you like me to teach it to you over five days over a week? [11:54.5]

Okay, some people said over five. Okay, cool. Everybody is different, right? I know, for me, personally, if I want to learn something, I’d rather learn it in one day versus having to do it over five days. Now, if I’ve got to do it over five days, I get it. Some things, it's intense. I've gone to events for three days. I think the longest event I’ve gone to is a five-day event, right? I've done a five-day event, right?

I know, for me, I want to go implement. I'd rather you teach me in one day and then now I’ve got these next four days to go implement, versus, all right, if it starts Monday, now I’ve got to wait until Friday to get all these things. Here's the deal, you all. I’m not saying either way is better, right? I'm not saying either way is better. I think it's based on your personal preference. That's why I said being in alignment.

With me, I’m a huge advocate of simplicity, right? I’m a huge advocate of simplicity and helping people get results fast because I have a philosophy that, if you want to impress someone, you make it complicated, but if you want to help them, you make it simple. You want to impress someone, you make it complicated. You want to help them, make it simple. [13:13.3]

I was like, okay, if in alignment with that being simple and straightforward helps people get results, simplification, is doing this thing over five days in alignment with that? What I realized after having these hard conversations with myself was that it wasn't in alignment. Even if that looks like giving people their money back, all that because it's not an alignment, I’m totally cool with that because I want to make sure everything that we're doing is totally in alignment and is not just a money play, which is why we just decide to stick with our one-day events because we know that people get results from our one-day events. All right?

Now, let me say this. If you haven't registered for the “Client Attraction Made Easy” virtual event, I highly recommend going to get a ticket. You can go to ClientAttractionMadeEasy.com. Go to “client attraction made easy” [dot] com. All you’ve got to do is go to ClientAttractionMadeEasy.com. [14:17.0]

Once you go to ClientAttractionMadeEasy.com, you'll see Step 1. Just put your name, email and the phone number in there, and the next page will show you the two different options you can do to get a ticket, right? One of the options is you can do a general-admission ticket, right? General-admission ticket, really straightforward, you'll see all the details on there. The second option is you actually see if you want to do a VIP ticket. You can do a VIP ticket.

I’ve got a short video on there that explains the options and all that, so I am not going to go full-throttle into pitching the event and none of that. But if you enjoy this, if you enjoy our lives, you enjoy our content and all that, you’ll probably get a ton of value out of investing five hours, four or five hours or however long it takes for us to walk you through this whole process on January 29. Go to ClientAttractionMadeEasy.com. If you're on Instagram, you can click and then go to bio somewhere around here and go, get your ticket. [15:13.8]

Yeah, so that's that. Number five, not being in alignment. I’ve got two more and then we'll open up for some questions.

Number six: thinking it's going to fix your business. Some people think that if they do a challenge, it’s going to fix their business. Some people think that if they run ads, it's going to fix their business. Let me be honest with you. More ads and more tactics are not going to fix a broken business. More ads and more tactics are not going to fix a broken offer.

If your offer sucks, if what your offering sucks and you don't have the run messaging, you don't got clear, concise messaging, you don't have solid deliverables, you don't have a solid offer and all that different type of stuff, it doesn't matter if you do challenges. It doesn't matter if you do webinars. It doesn't matter if you run ads. It doesn't matter if you do a quiz funnel. It doesn't matter if you do a book funnel. It doesn't matter what you do if you don't have the right offer, the right messaging, and the right business model. If you don't have those things, it doesn't matter. [16:19.0]

But most people look at all these external tactics, so that they can actually do them to fix their business, and none of that stuff is going to work, okay? That's number six.

Number seven. I think I might add another one in, but number seven. Here's number seven. Number seven is trying to just funnel-hack someone that seems to have a challenge that's working. Listen, you all, I know the term “funnel-hacking” is a big thing online right now.

Some people will be like, Hey, look, I’m going to just go funnel-hack this person, steal their page and steal their messaging, all this different type of stuff, and I’m going to just implement it and it's going to work for me. But what you have to realize is that funnel-hacking is not a solid strategy because it's the stuff that you don't see that makes it work. [17:02.2]

It's not just the pages. It's not just the words on the pages. It's not just the colors. It's not just the buttons. A lot of that stuff is part of it, but the stuff that actually makes it work, right, the stuff that actually makes it all work is, a lot of times, the stuff you don't see. That's why you’ve got to invest in an expert who knows what they're doing and they can break it all down to you.

For example, it's this story of this plumber, I think. A plumber came over and the plumber was like, It’s 500 bucks if I fix this, and it was like, okay, cool. The plumber came and they told the plumber what happened, and the plumber was like, Okay, cool. The plumber hit the pipe in this one spot and it immediately started working. It was immediately fixed, and it was like, Okay, cool, it's 500 bucks.

The person was like, Um, that didn’t even take you two minutes. I should just pay for the two minutes.

He was like, No, you're paying for the time that I’ve invested to learn how to, why and what to learn, where to hit the pipe. It took him X amount of time to learn where to hit the pipe, so they could fix this in two minutes. [18:13.1]

But a lot of people are trying to hack the system and all that versus just going to hire somebody to help them do it, so they can make sure they get it done right the first time. That's number seven, just trying to funnel-hack people.

Let me say this. Now, before we go further, I’m going to do some question answering and all that. If you’re a coach or a consultant, or coach, consultant, expert business, maybe you're a service-provider, maybe you're a course-creator, maybe you're a speaker, maybe you're an agency-owner, something like that and you want to get more clients. For those of you who meet that criteria, expert type, expert/client-based business and you want to attract more clients, how many of you fit that criterion?

You're a coach or a consultant. You're a course-creator, service-provider, and you want to attract more clients and you may want to add an extra five to six figures to your monthly revenue. How many of you meet that criteria? If you meet that criteria, put a 1 in the chat or a 1 in the comment section if you're on Instagram. [19:01.0]

If you meet that criteria, I want to invite you to a “Rapid-Growth Planning Call”. Basically, on these Rapid-Growth Planning Calls, here's what happens. We jump on the phone with you. We look at where you are currently in your business. Maybe you're in the beginning phases. Maybe you're in the middle phases. Maybe you're doing a million-plus or maybe you're doing six-figures-plus, or maybe you’re looking to have your first five-figure month. It depends, right, on where you are?

Based on where you are, we look at, okay, here's where you are and we look at, where are you looking to go? Not in five to 10 years from now, but where are you looking to be this time next year, for example, where this time end of the year? Then we look back and say, okay, cool, where are you looking to be 90 days from now? Okay?

Then based on those 90 days, we come up with a game plan for what you can implement over the next 90 days to make that happen. We basically look at, what are you currently charging? What should you be charging? Who is your ideal client? Where are they hanging out online? How do you get them in front of you? How do you attract them to you? How do you get clients to pay you $3,000 to $10,000 or more? If you don't already have an offer where people pay you $3,000, $10,000 or more, we show you how to create an offer that you can charge $3,000 to $10,000 or more. [20:15.0]

We dive into all that specifically on this call, and at the end of the call, you can actually take the game plan and go implement your own or you can find somebody else to help you implement it, or if you decide you want us to help you implement it, then we'll talk about a game. We'll schedule another call to talk about how we can actually help you implement it. Okay?

If you want to take advantage of it, I’m covering the fee, so this doesn't cost you anything. I’m covering the fee, don't worry about it. If you want to take advantage of one of these Rapid-Growth Planning Calls, here's what I want you to do.

If you are on Facebook, I want you to comment “CAU”. Just in the comment section on Facebook, just put “CAU” in the comment section. Just the letters “CAU”.

If you are on Instagram, I want you to send me a direct message on Instagram. Send me a direct message on Instagram, just put “CAU”, and the reason I want Instagram to send me a direct message is because once I click in on this in a few minutes and a little bit, it’s going to delete all the comments and we won't be able to see where you put your CAU. If you're on Instagram, just put “CAU” in my direct message. [21:13.2]

If you are on Facebook, comment “CAU” in the comment section. Just comment “CAU”.

Now, if you’re listening to this, so if you're watching this on YouTube, the podcast, whatever the case may be, I want you to text (404) 357-8892. When you text that number, I want you to put your name, “CAU”, and the best time to call you, and that's a real phone number. It's not a text offer or nothing like that. It’s a real phone number, so please don't play on it and text in at crazy times. Text (404) 357-8892.

I know somebody is going to ask me, What's that number again? The number is (404) 357-8892. When you text that number, just put your name, put “CAU”, and the best time to call you. Your name, “CAU” and the best time to call you. [22:14.0]

Text that, or like I said, you can just send me a direct message on Instagram if you're on Instagram, or if you're on Facebook, just comment “CAU”, or like I said, if you wanted to get ahead of the class or you’re going to use it somewhere else, you can text (404) 357-8892.

All right, so that's that. Let's jump into some Q&A. What questions do you all have?

“What should your challenge teach your artists? Should it be paid or free?” All right, good question. Let's be clear. Number one, I’m not an expert on challenges, right, and I think you should consider all those seven things before even doing one. We've never even done a challenge and I kind of explained why we haven't done one and why we stopped the one that we were going to do. But I think in terms of what it should teach our artists, it should teach them based on their expertise and what it is they want, what the problem is that they're looking to solve. [23:03.4]

Should it be paid or free? Probably paid, but I think you could test it, but probably paid.

“What's the website for the event on the 29th?” The website is ClientAttractionMadeEasy.com. Yeah, it's seven mistakes. Exactly, Sherita, thank you. ClientAttractionMadeEasy.com.

“When I set up this Rapid-Growth Call, is it with you directly?” No, it will be with somebody on the team, one of our client-attraction specialists.

“How many people do you think it takes to run a successful million-dollar business?” It depends on the business. Some companies can run leaner than others. It depends on the business, really.

“How would you help an educator?” What type of educator? What exactly do you do? Give me an idea of exactly what you do. Math books. What do you mean “math books”? You mean you help people with math or do you sell a math tutoring service or something? Okay, “I sell math books to elementary schools.” Okay, cool. How much are your packages usually? [24:21.0]

“I'm a coach, but a vocal coach, music-related. Will the CAU system be helpful to me?” Yes. Yeah, we've helped coaches and who help people with instruments, all different types of stuff. Yeah, so if you want clients for vocal coaching, yes, we can definitely help you with that.

“Will you do a five-day challenge in the future?” I'm not sure. You all want us to?

How much are your packages, Dr. J.C.?

Would you all want us to do a five-day challenge or something?

Let's see. Ray Digger said, “What do you think is a decent amount of people in a group to start a decent following?” I mean, if you’ve got a decent amount of people in the group, you've already started a decent following. Don't really get caught up so much on the numbers. Just focus more on the quality and not the quantity of the people. [25:12.4]

“If for our business model and our current audience isn't buying, would that be going back to messaging and building a new audience, who we want for our target audience, which, for me, is entrepreneurs?” Entrepreneurs is super-broad, right? What type of entrepreneurs? If they aren't buying, it could be a lot of different variables. It could be your offer. It could be your messaging. It could be a lot of different variables of why they're not buying.

“Can you have two separate offers that can still be congruent?” It depends on the two different offers and how you do it.

See here. “Do you go live with others?” When you say, “go live with others,” what do you mean by that? Tell me what you mean by that. “At least 2,000.” Yeah, if you sell something for premium prices, 2,000 is typical on a very low end, so we probably could help you. But we have to have a conversation to see because I’ve got a lot more questions. [26:10.8]

But, yeah, if you want to attract more clients, we could most likely help you, but we’ve just got more questions. If you want to chat, shoot me a DM. Just send me a DM that says “CAU”, and then let's catch a little chat with you and then we can ask some more questions, doc. Dr. J.C., I think. That’s what it says.

“What do you think is the biggest challenge in training mind state versus providing a list of actions for a client to execute?” I think you mean, I guess, mind state, mindset. What do you think is the biggest challenge in training it? When you provide a list of actions for people to execute, most people, just frankly, aren't going to execute and it's mainly because of mindset issues. I don't think it's a challenge on training it if you know how to train in it, but I think most people just don't know how to train it. I don't know if that's answering your question, C.J. Let me know if it's not. [27:08.8]

“I’m excited about our next move.” Absolutely when we go down.

“Would you ever let someone on your live to ask questions live?” I'm not sure. It would have to be somebody who I know, though. Sometimes people request access to come on and go live, but I don't know you, so I don't know what you're capable of coming on here doing, you know what I’m saying? It's my job to protect everybody on here.

If I bring somebody on here live, and now all the people who are on Instagram who are watching, if somebody comes on here and flashes the whole group, for example, I mean, that's on me. It's like they were on my live and they did something perverted like that, you know what I’m saying? Hopefully, that makes sense. But if it’s somebody I know and you're kind of pre-vetted, then possibly, but, yeah, I think the Q&A works like this really well also. [28:01.8]

“Is your offer done for you or done with you?” It's a mixture. It's a hybrid. It's done with you and some of the stuff is already done for you. A lot of the campaigns, our entire client-attraction system is already done for you. We just kind of plug it into your business and then we help you modify it, like the email follow-ups, the pages, the script, the video. All that stuff is already pre-done. We just plug it into your business. It's like a mixture of done with you and done for you. Let me know if that makes sense, Arthur.

C.J. said, “And how do you cultivate a long-term mind state in clients that lets them stay patient and consistent for 30, 60, or 90 days versus immediate returns?” I think it really boils down to the pre-framing, pre-framing individuals and letting them know.

Some people sell the hype type information, like, Hey, get in here, you make a million dollars in 30 days, 60 days or whatever. You kind of sell that, so then set people up with inappropriate expectations. I think that it’s very important to set proper expectations with your clients as you bring them onboard, yeah. [29:06.7]

Ray Digger. “I think I understand what you're saying about ‘entrepreneurs’ being too broad. I want to work with established entrepreneurs, if that makes sense.” Okay, cool. Yeah, like I said, it could be a couple different things that it's causing them not to buy, Ray Digger.

“Completely understand. Can we take you to lunch one day so you can get to know us?” I'm not sure. Yeah, I’m not sure. I don't want to make any promises I can't keep.

“You're right. People let the crazies come out on live. LOL.” Yeah, I don't want to risk that. I don't want to risk that. And no disrespect, I appreciate the lunch offer, by the way, but I get a ton of lunch offers and it's impossible for me to take them all or any really. It's so tough. I do appreciate it, though. I think the best way for us initially to connect is to shoot me a DM and then we'll schedule a chat and then we'll go from there. [29:59.0]

“That makes sense. You're saying that all aren't motivated enough to try in good faith, so when they don't see immediate results, they just stop trying.” Yeah, some people do. That's the case. That's definitely the case with some people, so it just depends and I think it's important to be clear on who you work with and who you want to work with. All that plays a huge major role, so, yeah.

Now, again, just as a reminder, you’ve got two opportunities, right? Number one, you can join us for our “Client Attraction Made Easy” event. That's on January 29, so that's about 18 days from today. January 29, okay? You can join us. Go to ClientAttractionMadeEasy.com and grab a ticket, so go do that. ClientAttractionMadeEasy.com. Get your ticket for the event. That's number one.

Number two. You can take advantage of one of these Rapid-Growth Planning Calls while they're free. Right? If you go for the Rapid-Growth Planning Call, all you’ve got to do is shoot me a DM. If you're on Instagram, shoot my DM. If you're on Facebook, please don't shoot me DM because I don't even check these DMs on this particular account where I’m going live from, so please don't shoot me DM. If you're on Facebook, comment. Put “CAU” in the comments and we'll get your call scheduled for your Rapid-Growth Planning Call. Okay? [31:12.0]

By the way, something we did the other day, actually inside the group, we gave away our “Seven-Day Email Follow-Up Sequence” that helps you convert more of your leads in the clients. For those of you who get a Rapid-Growth Planning Call today or grab a ticket or something like that, we’ll also give you that Seven-Day Email Follow-Up Sequence for free. If you pay somebody to write a seven-day sequence who is goods, it’s going to typically cost you about 3,000 to 3,500. We’re going to give you that as a bonus.

Yeah, again, two opportunities.

Go to ClientAttractionMadeEasy.com. Grab your ticket. That's one way.

The second way is to DM me on Instagram. In that Instagram DM, just put “CAU”, or if you're on Facebook, comment “CAU”, and then that way we can get you scheduled for your Rapid-Growth Planning Call. On this Rapid-Growth Planning Call, we're going to help you map out a specific game plan to add an extra five to six figures to your monthly revenue. [32:08.5]

If you will add an extra five to six figures to your monthly revenue would be totally up to you, so I can't make any claims that you're going to add an extra five to six figures just from having one of these calls, but we're going to map out a game plan for you to do that. If you want to add an extra $10,000, $20,000 over to $100,000 or more to your monthly income, we'll help you do that. Whatever you made last year, you want to make that per month this year. We'll map out a game plan to actually help you do that.

If you want to take advantage of that, it's simple.

Facebook, just comment “CAU”. Just put “CAU” in the Facebook comments, just the letters “CAU”.

If you're on Instagram, send me a direct message. Just put “CAU” in the direct message, just “CAU”.

If you want a text to get in the VIP line and get in from the list or you’re somewhere else listening to this, you can just text (404) 357-8892 and just put your name, “CAU”, and the best time to call you. [33:07.8]

All right? Again, I’m waiving the fee on the Rapid-Growth Planning Call. I’m covering the cost for you because I know how valuable these can be for you, and the best way to show people we can actually help them is by actually helping them, so we just want to go ahead and just help you to understand.

Let's see here. “I know you've been in business for a few years. How do you plan your tasks for the week and day?” That's a great question, Ray Digger. Actually, if you're inside the Facebook group—you're obviously inside the Facebook group—if you go under the media section in Facebook, in the Facebook group, and scroll down, I’ve got a full video in there that breaks down how I plan my weeks and days. It's a full video step by step by step. Yeah, so it's in there. Go check it out and then let me know your thoughts on it.

No, the Rapid-Growth Planning Call is not a sales call. You literally can't even buy anything on the call, even if you want to. If you’re on Instagram, send me a direct message. In the direct messages, put “CAU” to get this Rapid-Growth Planning Call. If you're on Facebook, comment, “CAU”, and then we’ll get your call scheduled, or like I said, you can text us (404) 357-8892.
If nobody has anything, we’re out. [34:14.7]

What's the difference between you and mega-successful coaches and consultants with a dream business? Simple. They're getting more leads than you are. What if there was a way to get 50 to 100 leads every single day like clockwork? Would you want it? Then go to www.GetDailyClients.com to access our Paid Ad Playbook that has brought in millions of leads for our clients over the years on complete autopilot.

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