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As we head into 2022, many of us are looking to hit new records.

But year over year, a small number of mistakes hold coaches and consultants back. Make these mistakes, and the rest of your efforts go to waste.

In this episode, Marquel lists the top 7 mistakes, and shows you how to identify and overcome them.

Listen now to make 2022 your most successful year so far!

Show highlights include: 

  • The invisible barrier that’s blocking you from earning millions every year. (2:10)
  • How to dominate your market by thinking like
  • Why you, Chick Fil-A, McDonalds and Walmart are in the same business. Knowing this lets you dominate your market (even if you don’t want to open a franchise) (16:25)
  • How to predict the success of your ad campaign (or even your whole business) in 3 seconds or less (21:03)
  • How to insulate yourself from social media shutdowns and algorithm changes (and turn on clockwork profits instead) (29:31)
  • The easiest way to “feed the algorithm” so that social media platforms showcase you to your prospects every time (30:56)
  • How you can buy 10,000 hours of experience and shortcut your learning curve (33:18)
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Marquel: Hey there, my friend. It’s Dr. Marquel Russell here. Dr. Marquel Russell, that’s got a little ring to it, right? Welcome to this brand new episode of the School of Client Attraction, and in today's episode, we're going to do something really real special that we normally don't do. [01:08.0]

Every single week, we do a free coaching Tuesday session inside of our Get Clients Daily Group. If you're not inside to Get Clients Daily Group, you definitely want to do that, so go to GetClientsDailyGroup.com. Every single week, we do ask-anything sessions, marketing reviews, topic-based training, all that good stuff. Total game changer. You're going to absolutely love it. Go to the group, answer the three questions and get inside there for free.

But, anyway, last week, what we did, we did something a little bit different. I initially said I was going to do five mistakes, but I did seven client-attraction mistakes coaches and consultants have and should avoid, deserve to avoid in 2022. People absolutely loved it.

What I want to do is we're going to take that full recording and we're going to actually put it on the back end for this particular episode because I know you're going to get a ton out of it. I don't want to redo the video and give you a shorter version. I actually wanted to give you all the meat, so you can actually go implement and hear all the questions and all that that I answered as well. So, go ahead, stay tuned. Hopefully, you’ve got some pen and pad, and you're ready to take some notes, and you might want to listen to this over and over and over again because it's just that valuable. Let's get to it. [02:00.7]

All right, here we go. Seven mistakes, seven client-attraction mistakes for coaches and consultants to avoid in 2022. Let's get to it.

Number one is putting marketing before mindset. One of the mistakes you want to avoid in 2022 as a coach or a consultant is putting marketing before mindset. What does that mean?

A lot of times people don't realize that wherever you glow, there you are. Whatever course you join on getting more leads or getting more clients, there you are. Whatever coaching program you join, there you are. Whatever market and big marketing event that's promising to teach you all the new marketing hacks and so forth, or the latest technologies and the latest software’s, no matter where, there you are. No matter the new software that promises to do all the work for all and you’ve got to do is pick a button, guess what's the variable? There you are. [03:02.6]

So, if you don't get better, your record doesn’t get better and your business doesn’t get better. If you don't get better, your business will rarely if ever outgrow your personal growth, so everything starts with mindset. If you’re going to do paid advertising, the first thing you’ve got to have is that mindset of a paid advertisement, right? That's the first thing you’ve got to have, but most people don't work on the mental game enough.
“I made $500,000 a year. I make a million dollars a year. I make a million dollars a month. I don’t need any mindset,” said nobody who makes a million dollars a month, guaranteed, said nobody who makes a half million dollars a month, said nobody who makes $5 million a month, said nobody who makes $10 million a month. You'll get somebody who makes $100,000, $200,000 a year and they think they're God’s gift to business and they’re like, they don't need mindset anymore, because they make 200 grand a year. [04:00.0]

Now, I'm not belittling that because that's a big accomplishment, especially as a business owner, but if you could have everything you wanted in life, thinking the way you think and operating the way you operate, wouldn't you already have it? If you could have everything you want in life, thinking the way you think, right now, wouldn't you already have it? Absolutely. Your best and highest level of thinking got you to where you are now, and so let me say this, no matter how successful you are right now or unsuccessful, depending on how you view yourself, your highest level of thinking got you where you are right now, and if you want to go to the next level, it’s going to require another level of thinking to get you to that point.

It always fascinates me when I see people on the internet having a perspective on how another person who has done something at the high level thinks. Let's use an example. Let's talk about this situation with A.B. yesterday, Antonio Brown. I haven’t done any research on it. All I’ve seen are some memes. I had got some more insight on it over dinner last night, but it's like everybody is like, Oh, man, he turned down a million dollars. A million dollars isn’t that much money to A.B. [05:12.0]

Wes: Not at all.

Marquel: That's not much money to him. Some people say mental illness and mental. It may be, I don't know, but what I do know is if this was a decision to turn down a million dollars, that was an easy decision to make for somebody like A.B. Somebody who has never made a million before turning down a million, it's going to be a little bit more challenging, right?

Let's just be real. When Jay-Z did the deal with Tidal with my man, with Jack Dorsey from Twitter, they can get a seat on the board at Square. He got a percentage of Tidal. The internet went crazy. “Oh, man, he's selling out. I want to beat that. I want to …” It's like, you can't fathom that level of decision-making. You just can't. You can't fathom the level of decisions that Jay-Z makes. You just can't. You can't fathom it. [06:13.7]

For example, another thing that happened and people were like, Would you go out to dinner with Jay-Z or would you take 500,000? People were like, I’ll go to dinner with Jay-Z because I know I’m going to leave the game with how to make billions. Not if you don't have the right question to ask. Jay-Z would tell you that you should have taken the 500,000, right? You’re going to go sit down and you're going to pass this up?

Wes: No, you leave with yourself and dinner.

Marquel: It's like, you don't even know the question to ask, but, again, most people don't put the thinking first. Most people want the money, want the marketing, but they don't want the thinking. It's the level of thinking they’ve got to have. It's the level of thinking that you’ve got to have. Okay? That's the biggest difference. [07:02.4]

I'm going to give you another example. Think about millionaires. Millionaires want to be what? I won’t say all millionaires, but many millionaires, entrepreneurial millionaires, many of them want to be what? What would you say, Wes?

Wes: Multi-millionaires?

Marquel: Okay, Wes says multi-millionaires. What would you guys say, millionaires want to be what in the business aspect? What would you all say? Let's get some comments. Let's see what you all got. Millionaires want to be what? It's going to show you a big difference in millionaires and billionaires, and from a business standpoint, millionaires--

Wes: They want to be philanthropists?

Marquel: Okay, Wes says philanthropists. Okay, Boo said a billionaire. Okay, millionaires, tip, some of them thrive to be CEOs. You all agree on that in some capacity?

Wes: Yeah.

Marquel: What do billionaires want to do?

Wes: Go to the moon.

Marquel: Okay, Wes says go to the moon.

Wes: To the other planets. [08:00.0]

Marquel: What do billionaires want to do? If the millionaire wants to become the CEO, what does the billionaire want to do? Billionaires want to employ CEOs.

Wes: Interesting.

Marquel: Interesting, right? A different level of thinking. Billionaires want to invest, want to want to employ CEOs. Think about it. Jeff Bezos stepped down from Amazon as the CEO and put a CEO in place and now he's just the chairman. He employs CEOs. You see what I'm saying? Warren Buffett, he employs CEOs. Bill Gates hasn’t been the CEO of Microsoft in I don't know how long.

Wes: And once he stepped down, Microsoft took off on point.

Marquel: Took off.

Wes: Not sure who uses Microsoft stuff, but, hey, it took off nevertheless. [08:56.6]

Marquel: The CEO who stepped in, Steve Ballmer I think, the one who stepped in when Gates left, he owns the Clippers. He's a CEO, right? I’m going to ask you another pop quiz. If I said, look, I want to give you $1,000 right now, cash, to come clean my office, and my office isn’t filthy or nothing, bit if I give you $1,000 right now to come clean my office, would you take me up on that deal? And if you wouldn’t take me up on that deal, why wouldn't you?

Wes: All right, can I clean the office in an hour?

Marquel: Can you clean it in an hour?

Wes: Yes.

Marquel: Yeah, you can knock it out in an hour.

Wes: Yeah, $1,000 for an hour, I'll do it. I'll take it.

Marquel: Okay, so Wes says he'll take it for it, so if he can come clean my office in an hour--

Wes: Only if I could do it in an hour.

Marquel: Only if he can do it in an hour, but you can do it. But it'll be up to you if you can do in an hour, but it's doable in an hour because then it will be like

Wes: I’ll take the 1,000 for an hour. [09:54.3]

Marquel: You’ll take the 1,000 for an hour. All right, cool. Anybody else? Okay, sing and act, model work. Who else? Who would take that deal? Okay, Boo says he would. Pretty Black says. . Can I somehow explain? The Energy says, “It takes away from my expansion. I would hire someone to do it.” There it goes. Simone. It’s no surprise that her IG name is Simone Multibillionaire because the thinking is different.
Let me give you an example. Last week in our Thursday class, some of you all know every Thursday we do a young millionaires training class here in Atlanta. I'm teaching young entrepreneurs, young, aspiring entrepreneurs, how to build multimillion-dollar businesses. I asked them, I said, “Look, how many of you, if I gave you $100 right now to go clean my car, who would take it?” Guess how many said they would take it?

Wes: All.

Marquel: Everybody said they would take it. Everybody. I was like, okay, why didn't anybody say, I'm going to take the 100, go pay somebody else 50 to clean the car and I'm going to keep it? They didn't. They were like, gasp. It's a different level of thinking. Does that make sense? [11:11.4]

Most people’s marketing doesn't work because their mindset doesn’t work. They won't even lead the ads on long enough for them to work. They won't create content long enough for it to work. Somebody will put content. I say, Hey, go create a piece of content for the next 90 days. People will do it for three days, four days. They get one or two views. They get discouraged and quit because of the mindset.

Let's say somebody set a goal for 90 days. If they don't hit that goal in 90 days, they'll get discouraged. They'll get derailed. They'll get through off track and they'll shift to something else, and that'll Rob them of their 90-month goal. They're not even thinking about what they could accomplish in 90 months because 90 days threw them off. They were trying to build a business. In 90 days, it didn't go the way they wanted to go. Now they’re going to do NFTs. [12:05.6]

They do a NFT. They try to sell the NFT. Nobody buys it. Now they go get Bitcoin. They didn't work. Now they need to go do real estate. But they aren't giving anything enough time. Why? Because of their mindset. All right? For example, so if you talk to a guy like Jeff Bezos, people saying, Oh my god, amazing quarter, that was an amazing quarter you all just had, and he's like, yeah, thank you, but we've been working ninth quarter for three years. We planned that quarter three years ago. We planned a quarter we just had three years ago. That's a different level of thinking. Crazy.

Us, as a company, we don't even do annual planning. We do 12Q planning. We plan in 12 quarters, plan in three years, so you can't compete with us with your 90-day goal because we already planned it out. We already planned out three years. We'll sacrifice these 90 days to crush you in three years. [13:02.8]

Wes: They're like, I'm going to crack their code. I'm going to catch up. I’ve got the code. Let me hack them. You’re like, Bro, you are using the code from 2018.

Marquel: We're three years out already. We're already three years out. We're three years out already. Boom. All right, so that's number one. Let's keep going, you all. I’ve got more. That's number one. I want to get through all of these. All right, let's keep going.

Number two: not standing in the business you're in. Let me ask you all, what business are you in? I'm curious. What business are you all in? You all have got to answer quickly so we can keep going. I’ve got five more of these to share. I want to get through all of them. What business are you all in? Quick, quick, quick. What business are you in?

Let's see. “How do you get to that level of thinking?” Great question. Your environment. Who are you around? Right? Who's challenging your thinking? Most people can't stand to be around people who think differently than them. I love being around people who think differently, even if I don't agree with their thinking. I want to know why they think like that. [14:17.5]

For example, most people live like and think that religion has bound them. Somebody who is a Christian, they can't hold or they typically can't hold conversation with a Muslim on spirituality. Some can. Many can't. Am I right, bro?

Wes: You're right, bro.

Marquel: There would be an argument.

Wes: Yeah.

Marquel: A Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or a Scientologist, all them sitting at a table. You typically won't see, unless they're billionaires.

Wes: This is true. This is true. It'll be a fight, be like, Oh, he doesn't even know what he's doing. He's going to hell. That's nonsense. I'm like, If you’re so confident, you should be so confident in what you believe in that whatever somebody else is saying next to you, Hey, look, I respect your opinion. This is how we do it over here. [15:12.0]

Marquel: Or, or why do you think like that? Not challenging it, just curious about your perspective, right? It's like when people go vegan. You can tell the people who just went vegan. They’d be on their page going hard, bashing all the meat eaters, going hard. That's not how you win anybody to your way of thinking, by bashing them. If you want to win somebody to your way of thinking, you educate them. You don't bash their decisions.

So, what business are you all in? Let's see. Lovlee Tang, coaching moms. Sam, virtual assistants. Tyrel, the people business. is in the trucking business. What business are you all in? Let's see. I was at Jerry Liana. shout out to her brother, Ben. shout out to your brother, Ben. This is my guy. I rock with Ben. Seriously, I let the healthy comments. Okay, T, the only way to grow. Okay, yeah. [16:10.2]

All right, so what business are you all in? I'm trying to find some of those answers and I saw some answers. The media business, the life-coaching business, transformation business, entertainment business. Let see. All right, cool. The vending coaching business.

Guess what, you all? Listen, there's going to be a huge shift for you all. Guess what? Nobody said the right answer, and based on who said your answer, I can probably guess, and don't take this the wrong way, I can probably guess your income because you can't even win a game. How can you win a game when you don't even know what game you're playing? You don't even know what game you're playing. How can you win? You're not in the coaching business. You're not in the vending coaching business. You're not in the coaching moms business. You're not in a virtual assistant business. You're not in a trucking business. You're not in the entertainment business. You're not in the insurance business. You're in the marketing business. [17:05.7]

You're in the marketing business. You market insurance. You market real estate. You market vending coaching. You market virtual assistant services. You market coaching. You market whatever you do. But most of you think you're in that business, so your fight is showing how your version of that business is better than others versus showing why you're the best marketer, because the best marketers always win.

They said, “I knew you had something up your sleeve.”

The best marketers always win. Now, am I saying you don't have a great product? No, I'm not saying that. I agree. I recommend having a great product. But think about it. Who sells the most burgers? McDonald’s.

Wes: McDonald’s.

Marquel: Do they make the best burgers?

Wes: No, no way. [18:00.0]

Marquel: McDonald’s know that they're in business of marketing fast food. They never said they're in the business of marketing. They're not even in the business of marketing burgers. They're in the business of marketing fast food. They're in the business of marketing fast food and they're in the business of marketing real estate. That's their real business, real estate. That's what they're in. They're in the business of marketing franchises. But most people think they're in the burger business. They're not. They're in the marketing business.

Wes: And real estate.

Marquel: And real estate. No, no, no, they're in the marketing business. They market real estate.

Wes: True, true.

Marquel: Think about it. They're still in the marketing business. They market franchises. There you go and the land comes with the franchise. They don't even have to market the real estate. They market the franchise, and when you get the franchise, you’ve got to get the real estate anyway because they own the land. [19:00.5]

Somebody said McDonald’s is the best in real estate, essentially. No McDonald’s is the best at marketing. McDonald’s is the best at marketing. Any super successful business you see, they're in the business of marketing. Walmart is in the business of marketing.

Wes: Chick-fil-A, by far.

Marquel: Chick-fil-A is in the business of marketing. They take really good care of you, customer service. Some people will say they're the business of customer service. No, Chick-fil-A understands that this man, customer service expert, Chick-fil-A understands that marketing and customer service and fulfillment are marketing functions.

Wes: This is true.

Marquel: Most people fail to get a client and they go back to get more clients. They don't realize that fulfilling and servicing these clients is a marketing function. Guess what ?

Wes: At a world-class level.

Marquel: At a world-class level. That's a marketing function. Chick-Fil-A, they know that when you pull in and we can get you out of here fast, and our people tell you “my pleasure” and we take care of you, and all your stuff is there and it's tight, that was all marketing. They sold you an experience. [20:11.5]

Slutty Vegan. They're not in the business of selling vegan burgers. They're in the marketing business. That's why nobody can compete with it. They market you for their experience to come out there to stand in line. How many businesses can market to you and you want to go stand in line? Isn’t that crazy?

Wes: Yeah, I don't know one because I’m not doing it.

Marquel: That's amazing. That's amazing marketing. It's amazing marketing. Okay, so let's keep going. I could do a whole three days on that one. All right, let's keep going. All right, you don't know the business you're in and nobody answered that right, and I guarantee you, I can guess your income because you don't even realize the business you're in. You're in the business of marketing. [21:02.0]

Number three, the third mistake for coaches and consultants to avoid in 2022 is not having clear, concise messaging. Not having clear, concise messaging. Most times I ask people what they do and they give me some clever answer. It's not clear what they do. I still don't know what they do, but it's real clever, right? You want to be clear, not clever. You’ve got to pick your mountain and plant your flag at the top of that mountain.

Walmart, what does Walmart do? You all tell me, what does Walmart do? They help you save money and live better. Can it get more simple than that? Walmart's philosophy is like, if we help you save money, we help you live better. But they don't market to everybody. They market people who want to save money. [22:01.5]

People who are billionaires don't shop at Walmart and people of any kind of affluence typically don't shop at Walmart, because they're not interested in saving money. They're interested in what? You tell me.

Wes: Saving time.

Marquel: They're interested in saving time. People are trying to market their premium-price services to people to help them save money. People who buy premium-price services, people who are affluent buyers, they don't buy based on saving money. They're based on saving time and making their life easier. They'll pay you more money. They use money to buy time while others use time to make money. It’s thinking. [22:53.2]

Most people say, Why would I hire a coach for $15,000 when I can just learn this on YouTube? That's somebody who doesn’t understand time. “Oh, I could just learn that on YouTube. Why would I?” They don't understand time. People who say time is money don't understand time or money, because you can run out of money, but you can't run out of what? You can't run out of time.

How many of you all know you can't run out of time? Because you’re only hearing it right now. I mean, you can't run out of time. You can run out of time, but you can't, not right now, because if you're running out of time, you don't get that time back. You can get the money back. So, you use money to buy time, right? That goes back to the clear messaging.

What do you do? If you put your business through the three-second rule, can you explain what you do in three seconds in one sentence? “I help _______ do _______.” At CAU, we call it the W.I.I.F.M. statement, a “what's in it for me?” statement, so when somebody asks you what you do, when you say, “I help _______ do _______.” Can you answer that? [24:12.8]

When people go to your website, hey, tell them, Wes, for those of you all who’ve been the market reviews every week, the number one problem we see is people don't have clear, concise messaging. I can't even give them advice on something else until they fix their messaging. We go to their website, we don't know what they do. When people go to your website or to your Instagram or to your social media, do they know what you do in three seconds? I'm willing to bet nine out of 10 of you, for every 10 of you, nine of you don't have clear, concise messaging, guaranteed.

People come to us out of, they want to get their ads done. They want to get ads, but it's like if we help you launch ads right now, you wouldn't succeed because of your messaging. You don't have clear, concise messaging. You may have an amazing offer, but nobody knows because the messaging doesn’t show that. Okay? [25:06.5]

Before I get to the next one, a quick commercial.

How many of you would like us to help you all with this? How many of you would like our personal assistance, helping you with your messaging, helping with your client attraction, helping you attract clients to happily pay you $3,000 to $10,000 or more, helping you put together your entire client attraction process from Aa to Z, your messaging, your ads, the sales process?

How many of you want to become dominant in your particular space and be seen as the go-to person in your particular area, if somebody wants to get a coach or learn vending, or whatever the case may be? How many of you would be interested in that?

Here's what I want to do. I want to invite you to a rapid-growth planning call, and on this rapid-growth planning call, here's what’s going to happen. We're going to jump on the phone with you. We're going to take a deep dive into your business. This is not a sales call. You can't buy anything on the call. We're going to dive into your business. [26:02.8]

We're going to look at what do you do? What do you sell? How much do you currently sell it for? What could you be selling it for? What should you be selling it for? Who's your ideal client? Where's your ideal client hanging out online? How do we get you in front of the ideal client?

How do we take that ideal client from not knowing who you are to pulling out their credit card and paying you 3000 to $10,000 or more? If you don't have something that you sell for $3,000, $10,000 or more, how do we package that up, so you have something you can sell for $3,000, $10,000 or more? And how do you have a conversation with somebody and they pay you $3,000, $10,000 or more without you having to hard-sell them, convince them, any of that type of stuff? And how do you add an extra five to six figures to your monthly revenue, every single month consistently and predictably, while actually working less?

We're going to walk through all that on the rapid-growth planning call step by step by step, and at the end of the call, you can take the game plan and go implement it on your own or you can find somebody else us to help you implement it, or if you decide you want us to help you implement it, we'll schedule a call and we'll schedule another call to talk about how we can actually help you, but you literally can't buy anything on the call. [27:11.8]

If you want to take advantage of it, here's how you do it. If you’re on Facebook, comment, “CAU”. Just put “CAU” in the comment section, just the letters, “CAU”, and if there’s somebody on our team, they'll reply back and get your call scheduled, “CAU”, and I'm waving the fee away. I'm waving the fee from this rapid-growth planning call.

You don't have to pay anything for the call. I'm waving the fee. I'm covering the fee for you. You're welcome. All you’ve got to do is step up and raise your hand and say, “I want that,” because I want to make sure I hit my goals this quarter, this year and for the next 12 quarters.

If you want to take advantage of this, comment, “CAU”. Just put “CAU” in the comment section if you're on Facebook. If you're on Instagram, send me a direct message. In that direct message, just put “CAU”. Just “CAU”. Put that in my Instagram direct message. [28:07.3]

The reason I don't want you to comment on Instagram is because, once I end this, all the comments go away. Send me a direct message if you're on Instagram, “CAU”. If you want to get ahead of the line, just text us. The phone number is (404) 357-8892. When you text to that number, put your name, put “CAU”, and the best time to call you.

For those of you who depend on Facebook, Wes is commenting underneath now with a link to go into his DM so he can get your call scheduled. First-come, first-served. It’s first-come, first-served, so let’s get you on the call quickly, so you don't have to wait. On Instagram, we're going to reply back to you inside of the DM and we'll get your call scheduled, and for those of you who text, we will reply back. Again, text to that number (404) 357-8892. Just put your name, “CAU”, and the best time to call you. [29:09.7]

All right, Holistically, I think that's Hilarious said, “Done.” Okay, perfect. All right, cool. I’ve got a few more to share. We’ve got about 10 minutes. Let's keep going. “The number one more time, please.” The number is (404) 357-8892.

All right, let's keep going. That was number three. Number four. The fourth mistake coaches and consultants want to avoid for 2022 is not doing ads 24-7-365. If you are not running ads to your business right now, you do not have a business. If you don't know how to profitably invest money to acquire clients, if you can't invest money and acquire clients at a profit, you do not have a business. [29:58.2]

Some people say, I do organic ads. That's fine. We do organic marketing as well. However, you're at the mercy of the algorithm when all you do is content. If all you have is an Instagram page and you have a big following, you're at the mercy of Instagram. Who is to say you can't wake up tomorrow and they shut your Instagram page down? You lose all of those followers. If you’ve not built an email list, you’re screwed. You have to be running ads 24-7-365 and that gives you the ability to immediately buy up market share.

Some people say, Marquel, should I build a brand first before running ads? No, you grow your brand faster by running ads. For how many of you, the first time you saw me was on an ad? Right? You grow. You accelerate the growth of your brand by running ads. A mistake, not doing ads 24-7-365.

Let's keep going. We’ve got nine minutes or eight minutes actually. Number five: not creating content daily. When people see your ads, one of the first-- let me ask you this. How many of you all saw one of my ads and then you went over and saw some content, or you saw some content and then started seeing my ads? Right? So, not creating content daily. [31:12.8]

You want to build clean content daily because you’ve got to feed the machine. The machine is their algorithm. The machine is social media. The machine is the internet. You have to feed it with content. The content thrives. I mean, these platforms thrive based on content. If you're not feeding it, you don't exist.

When people see your ads, they're typically going to go to Instagram and they're going to see what your Instagram has, or they're going to go to YouTube. Whatever their favorite platform is, they're going to go to that platform and they're going to type it in and they're going to see what you have that comes up. What comes up when people type your name in?

I have people that reach out to me and they say, “I’ve binge-watched your content. I'm ready to get started now.” I mean, but you’ve got to have content for people to binge-watch, right? How many of you all are not creating content that's valuable to people, not just hyped up stuff? [32:07.5]

I'm not saying this doesn't work, but giving people some valuable stuff, not showing them what you’ve got, your jewelry, your cars, your homes, unless you’re going to weave in something valuable to them and then show them how to get it, and they might get it. But just showing them that stuff just to be showing it, I'm not sure how much value it is.

I could be wrong, though. Maybe you all like the type of stuff. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm leaving money on the table for not doing that type of stuff. Maybe people like it. But create content. If you're going to be flashy with yours, that's cool, but give people some value so they can actually go create and acquire what you're showing them. That's just my philosophy, so number five, create content daily.

Number six. The six mistakes you want to avoid in 2022 as a coach or consultant is not emailing your list daily. Not emailing in your email list every single day. Every single day, you need to. Some people are not even building the email list, which is a whole other mistake, which I should have put on here. But you want them to build on the email list and you want to be emailing that list daily. [33:16.5]

Number seven: not hiring coaches. This is the big one. This is the biggest one that you want to avoid for 2022. Not hiring coaches, so you can leverage their 10,000 hours. Holistically Healarious said, “My phone call is set for that. Congrats.” You weren’t playing around you. You weren’t playing around.

Not hiring coaches. “Are you going to leave this up?” Yeah, it'll be on my Instagram. If you're in a Facebook group, it'll be in a Facebook group. If you're not in a Facebook group, I highly recommend joining a Facebook group. It’s GetClientsDailyGroup.com. Go over there. Make sure you answer the three questions. If you like this one, we’ve got a ton of these inside of the Facebook group. All those are in the archive, so make sure you go in there.

But the seventh big mistake you want to avoid as a coach and consultant in 2022, it's not hiring coaches, so you can leverage your 10,000 hours. Let me explain what I mean. [34:08.2]

Number one: I'm skeptical of any coach who doesn't have a coach. I'm skeptical of any consultant that doesn't have a consultant. I’m skeptical of any therapist that doesn't have a therapist. I'm skeptical of any personal trainer that doesn't have a personal trainer. I'm just skeptical, because that shows me that they're not getting better and they don't have a desire to get better, and they're limited to their own understanding. Right?
What do I mean by “leverage other people's 10,000 hours”? Here's what I mean. Think about it. Let's say you want to learn ads. Next, you can invest 10,000 hours learning how to run ads, right, to really get to a state of mastery, or you can shoot me a DM. You put “CAU” in my DM on Instagram or you can comment CAU on Facebook or you can text us, right, and then you tap into the $10,000 that we've invested to master Facebook ads and to learn the Facebook ads, because I believe mastery is an ongoing process. [35:06.4]

I don't believe you ever master it because there's always another level, so to tap into our 10,000-plus hours of mastery so far, right? Getting clients, you can figure out how to get clients on your own or you can tap into our 10,000 hours of mastery so far, right?

The Facebook group page is down at the bottom, GetClientsDailyGroup.com, or if you’ve got your Facebook open, you can just type in and “get clients daily”. But most people, the way that you buy time is by investing in other individuals who have already done what you're looking to do, not doing it on your own. Most people will be like, All right, I'm going to go figure it out on my own. I'm going to do it on YouTube. I'm going to buy another course. I'm going to buy a book on it, when you can just hire the person who wrote the book or you can hire the person that coached the person who wrote the book, but most people are just trying to hold onto their little money, right, instead of buying them time. [36:01.7]

I'm going to say this and then we're going to wrap up. Again, it goes back to what I said about people who don't understand time and money. That's why they say time is money. Time is not money. Time is infinitely more valuable than money. That's why you use money to buy time. When people come to work with us, when you hire a coach or a consultant, you are buying time. You're using money, right, which is an unlimited resource. You're using that money to buy time, which is a finite resource. The way you buy time is you hire somebody that has done it already, one hundred percent already. That's how you do it, right?

Some people asked me the other day, today, like, Hey, have you all ever got to the flat-line phase in your business? and I'm like, Yeah. He was like, What did you do? I said we hired somebody who had been through the flat-line phase and got out of it.

Look, listen, if you all are picking up what I'm putting down, okay, cool, I’ve got you, yes, we can do that. If you all are picking up what I'm putting down and you want to take advantage of one of these rapid-growth planning calls, I’d appreciate you being on. [37:08.8]

Again, if you want to learn real estate, you don't go buy a book on real estate. You're going to plug into my guy, Beyond Wynn, who's right here in the community chat and this is about to be long on you, longer than forever. This is what he does. I wouldn't dare try to learn real estate. I will go hire somebody, right? I actually did yesterday, as a matter of fact.

What am I saying? If you want to take advantage of one of these rapid-growth planning calls before they fill up, comment “CAU”. This is only for people who want to add extra five figures to their monthly revenue while working less. If you only want to make a few extra hundred dollars a month, a couple thousand dollars a month, this isn’t for you.

This is only for people who really want to level up in a big way and you're great at what you do, you can really help people, and you just need to get in front of more people. You already notice you're amazing at what you do and you just want to get in front of more people, and you want to do it faster with greater ease while working less. [37:59.6]

If that's you and you know you can level up, and you can really benefit and you want to benefit from one of these rapid-growth planning calls, and I'm covering the fee for it, if you're on Facebook, all you’ve got to do is comment “CAU”. Just put “CAU” in the comment section and Wes and the team are going to reply and get you squared away.

If you're on Instagram, send me a direct message. Just put “CAU” in my direct message, just letters “CAU”, and we’ll reply back and get your call scheduled.

Then, lastly, text to (404) 357-8892. Text to that number. Text your name, “CAU”, and the best time to call you. That's your name, “CAU”, and the best time to call you.

That's it for this session you all. I appreciate you all so much. I love you all. God bless you all in this session as well. Talk to you all soon. [38:47.8]

What's the difference between you and mega-successful coaches and consultants with a dream business? Simple. They're getting more leads than you are. What if there was a way to get 50 to 100 leads every single day like clockwork? Would you want it? Then go to www.GetDailyClients.com to access our Paid Ad Playbook that has brought in millions of leads for our clients over the years on complete autopilot.

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