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Besides playing in college and practicing, have you ever wondered how Tom Brady won 7 Super Bowls?

He dissected each and every play to figure out what he was doing well and what he needed to work on.

Ad campaigns are no different. You have to break down each metric of the campaign to determine what's wrong, if anything.

When you do that, you'll find what's working well and what you need to work on.

Listen now to discover how you slice and dice your ad campaign to perform better and net the results you're looking for!

Show Highlights Include:

  • Why making an ad checklist lets you find the bottleneck to make your ad convert (1:44)
  • How tweaking your landing page nets you more email addresses for your list (even if you're already getting email addresses) (1:56)
  • The “Show Ratio Process” that determines if you have an ad problem or a phone call problem (2:34)
  • How dissecting your ads deeper gets you 200 leads a day that become clients (3:48)

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Marquel: Hey, what’s up, my friend? Marquel Russell here. Welcome to this brand new episode of the School of Client Attraction. [01:02.3]

A question I get a lot is, Marquel, when do I know to turn off an ad? When should I turn it off? How do I know it's working? How do I know it's not working? I don't want to be wasting a lot of money. If that's you, I'm going to help you understand exactly how I dissect ads. Not only how I dissect ads, but how our coaches and our team dissect ads, how we teach our clients to dissect ads, so you know exactly how to do this.
Regardless of whether you’re a data analyst, an ad expert, or a total newbie to ads, this is really simple.

You want to look at your entire campaign. What a lot of coaches and consultants do is just because people aren't buying, they'll kill the ad campaign. When nobody is buying, “I have talked to 20 or 30 people and nobody is buying,” so they kill the ad campaign.

We say, okay, cool, before we do that, let's look at all the other numbers. We start from the beginning. You want to look at, okay, first of all, you want to say you want to have a checklist. You want to say, okay, first of all, at least 1% of the people that see this ad, are they clicking the link? Okay? If that's yes, then we go to the next part of the process. [01:59.8]

The next part of the process is going to be the landing page, so you're like, okay, cool, at least 20% of the people that land on this landing page, are at least 20% opting in? Meaning, give you their email, their name, phone number, whatever you’ve got on the page. If the answer is yes, we go to the next part of the process.

I'm saying coaches and consultants specifically, service providers’ business, because you've got an application-type funnel, right? So, people are applying.

Now you're like, okay, cool, now out of these 20 people who schedule a call, are at least 10% of them scheduling a call? Are at least 10% of them scheduling a call? Okay? If yes, then we move to the next part of the process.

We're going to say, now this is the show up, so are at least 50% of these people showing up to the call? Okay? Ideally, you want to be at 70%, but 50% is cool. That's a good baseline. Are at least 50% showing up to the call? If yes, cool.

Now we get to the phone call. Are at least 20% enrolling? Obviously, in this particular example, they're not, so now where is the issue? The issue is most likely on the phone call because everything else is working well, right? [03:01.8]

Now, if there's a quality issue when it comes to the calls and things like that, but most people haven't done enough calls before they try to kill the whole thing, but if you've done 30, 40, 50 calls, you may have a quality issue and then you can tweak that throughout it. But if all the other stuff is working and you're getting yesses all the way through, then you’ve got to optimize the phone call.

If you've got 20% that isn't converting, it's about 10%, then you can fix that. 10% isn't scheduling a call. They’ve got a show-up rate. Now you can figure out exactly what the issue is, and then you can isolate that particular one area of your whole process and then make the necessary adjustments.

A lot of people just say the ad ain't working, “Let me change the copy. Let me change the targeting,” and a lot of that stuff, a lot of times, that isn't the issue. It's the other stuff, so you want to dissect your ad campaigns just like that and your ad campaign isn't just your targeting, isn't just your copy. It's that whole process that's tied to that process. That's how you dissect it.

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If you leave five to six figures per month on the table, which nine times out of 10, you are, We’re going to show you how and where you're doing that and how you can actually make sure you're not doing that anymore.

Thank you so much for checking out this episode. Have a phenomenal day, because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon. [04:58.8]

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