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Have you heard the business advice to “copy what works?” If you’ve ever copied a landing page, email sequence or Facebook ad, you know it’s a waste of money, time and effort.

Entrepreneurs do this because they get “funnelhacking” wrong. They’re told they can rip off a funnel and double their own business without doing any work. But almost nobody gets their dream clients from stealing.

True funnelhacking isn't about stealing marketing materials. It's about learning what works for others, and why. Then you apply this knowledge to improve your own marketing.

Don't waste your time trying to rip off someone else's work.

Listen now to discover how real funnelhacking will increase your conversions!

Show Highlights Include:

  • How getting funnelhacking wrong limits the success of your lead gen and email sequences (1:25)
  • Why you should stop looking at your competitors and pay attention to what makes you buy (1:35)
  • The invisible “secret sauce” that copycats don't even know they're missing — and how to get it right and attract clients who trust you. (1:57)
  • Tried and failed to funnelhack your way to success? Here’s a shortcut to a better marketing funnel (without stealing your competitor’s materials) (2:15)
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Marquel: Hey, what's up, my friend? Marquel Russell here. Welcome to this brand new episode of the School of Client Attraction. [01:01.8]

I'm actually just wrapping up my run. I just did a 30-minute run out here. I'm knocked out two miles, change. Yeah, so this is a wrap-up of my workout. I did a crazy workout this morning as well, but neither here nor there. You're here to talk about why funnel hacking doesn't work, so let me explain why. There are two reasons funnel hacking is working. I know it’s a cool term, buzzwords, whole community, all that good stuff, and no shade to nobody, but I see a lot of people trying to do it and it doesn't work. Here's why.

Number one: most people don't really understand what funnel hacking and the whole concept means. What it boils down to it is that it’s actually more so about rather than stealing people's pages and ripping out the pages and all different types of stuff, it's actually more so about modeling, reasoning from first principle, saying what's working, and seeing what they can take away and actually implement into the business. Right? That's number one, a big thing to keep in mind.

Number two the thing that you really keep in mind and the second biggest reason it doesn't work is because it’s the stuff that you don't see that actually makes it work. Let me turn around to the sun so you can get some sun, so you can actually see. [01:57.3]

The second reason is that it’s the stuff that you don't see to make it work. We have people opt into our Client Attraction and we see this all the time. They complete the application and try to go through a whole thing, trying to model it, all different type of stuff, and they wonder why it still doesn't work. It’s because it’s the stuff that you don't see that actually makes this stuff work. It’s very important to keep in mind.

All right, so what do you do about this? You figure out. You find somebody who actually works and you know their stuff works, and then you just pay them, so you can have them teach you all the stuff that you don't see, because it's often the stuff that you don't see and the stuff that you don't know that end up being your biggest liability.

I just wanted to share that real quick. Now, obviously, if you haven't already got access to our seven-figure business-building bundle, take out your phone and text “podcast” to 904-447-5274, and you can get out an entire seven-figure business-building bundle. But at least go get the Paid Ad Playbook at PaidAdPlaybook.com, which shows you how to get 50 to 100 leads every single day that convert into clients and we show you the whole process, so you don't have to hack it or anything like that. All right, so go grab that.

Until the next episode, have a phenomenal day because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon. [03:01.5]

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