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There’s no end to the marketing tactics that fake gurus out there try to sell you. It gets overwhelming to learn them all.

Thankfully, there’s one simple thing you can do to set yourself apart from everyone else in the marketplace and eliminate all competition.

In this episode, I discuss the single most effective marketing technique you can use today to attract the right clients and build your business faster than you ever dreamed.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Why persuasion is overrated and the single most important skill to learn to skyrocket your business (1:04)
  • How your flaws can help you destroy your competition (1:31)
  • A simple question you can ask to improve your marketing today (2:24)

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: Hey, what’s up, my friend? Marquel Russell here. Welcome to this brand new episode of the School Of Client Attraction.

In this new quick episode, I'm going to ask some questions today that I ask my client. It was like she was asking me, What is “the” most powerful piece of the marketing psychology that has helped you become successful?

The crazy thing is it hasn't been persuasion or it hasn't been learning NLP, or being a hard closer, any of that type of stuff, right? Or amazing branding and all of that. The most powerful piece of marketing psychology I’ve learned is being authentic. Authenticity trumps everything. [01:03.5]

If you look in the marketplace and any market place, depending on your industry, the ones who are the most authentic and the most just 100% who they are, they dominate, because when you are 100% authentic, you don't have any competition. You separate yourself from everybody else and now you attract those people who are destined and designated basically in call to work with you, because they're attracted to your flaws, they're attracted to your values, they're attracted to your mission. They're attracted to everything that resonates with you because it speaks to them and it's who they are.

But if you're trying to be somebody else or you are you trying to fit into this box that you feel like you have to be in to succeed that waters you down puts you in this red ocean of competition, and people don't see you because now you're trapped in this noisy marketplace where everybody's saying the same thing in exact same way. But when you show up as you 100%, the game changes.

When I just had to speak at events and I used to go in there with suits on, and dress shoes and vests and all this, and blazers and all that, it was great. It was fine. I did it because I thought it was what I had to do. [02:00.2]

But when I started showing up as me 100% with jeans, ripped jeans, hat to the back, my hoodie, polo, whatever, whatever it is that's just 100% me, just showing up as the highest version of myself, that's when I began to separate myself. That's when things really began to take off and that's what people are attracted to.

So, think about it. What ways can you be more authentic in your marketing, whether that's sharing your story? I used to think that people would be turned off if I start sharing my real story, but actually people are compelled by it. They're interested in it. Some people can resonate with it. Some people can't. Some people are just fascinated with it, whatever the case may be, but it shows who I am.

I used to be like, Who's going to listen to the guy with tattoos, golds and all this? But in reality, me sharing my story, who I really am and being open about my challenges, whatever the case may be, people are attracted to that, right? The fact that I've got an African education, went to jail at a young age, a felon, all this different types of stuff. That actual stuff that I thought was a disadvantage ended up being my biggest advantage.

I want you to think about that. What are some ways you can be more authentic, more sharing your story, and the parts that you really try to hold near and dear to you? Because the more transparent you’re willing to be, the more authentic you’re willing to be, the more you're going to attract your ideal clients who will call to work with you. Guys, let me know your thoughts on this. [03:09.8]

All right, so thank you so much for checking out the show, and until the next one, have a phenomenal day, because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon.

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