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Being in business for yourself is hard. And it’s even more challenging when you have to figure things out for yourself. Some industries are so cutthroat that you may not even be able to find people to answer your questions, so trial and error is your only option.

This causes a lot of people quit, or become bitter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, helping other people can make you even more money than you thought possible!

In this episode, Sheldon and Tammy join Marquel to discuss why having a coach is essential for taking your business to the next level, why helping others in your industry helps you succeed, and how to reshape your mindset when you feel stuck.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • How offering to help others for free can lead to explosive revenue growth (4:02)
  • Why an outside perspective can take your business from broke to booming (10:58)
  • The hustler’s secret to taking your business to the next level when you feel stuck (19:20)
  • The shocking way your mindset can be holding you back from success (19:57)

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: Hey, what’s up, everybody? It’s Marquel Russell here, and thank you so much for joining us on this great interview. I have the honor and privilege of having Mr. Sheldon and Ms. Tammi here with me. They absolutely crush it and the name of their trucking company is—how do you pronounce it? Is it Yael Transportation?

Sheldon: Yael.

Marquel: Yael Transportation, and not only do they have a massively successful trucking business, but they're also helping tons of people get in the trucking business and they're absolutely crushing it. They're doing an amazing job. So, thank you. First off, thank you all so much for taking some time to jump on with me to share some insights on what you're doing to have such amazing success in your business. [01:09.0]

Tammi: Thank you. I’m speechless. I’m speechless.

Marquel: Good stuff.

Tammi: I wasn’t prepared for this.

Marquel: Good. Perfect. Before we even get into the results and how you've accomplished the results and all that, first off, let's start with why are y'all even doing it? I like to always know the why. So, why are y'all even on this entrepreneurial journey? What’s your why for even taking on this massive undertaking?

Sheldon: It all started with me working when I used to drive for 7Up and 7Up was working me for about 65 hours a week for $1,200. Then I left 7Up and it went to driving for a concrete company. I was making 1,500 a week, but then it was Monday through Saturday for about 70 hours to get that 1,500. So, it was like I didn’t have time for myself, no time for my family, no time for my wife. [02:07.0]

I made a phone call and asked somebody what was another alterative and they told me to get a cargo van and you could make $1,000 a week with a cargo van. So, I went out and purchased a $1,500 cargo van, smoking in the back, leaking oil 300,000 miles, and it brought me 900 a week in about 32 hours half the time. I could've made more, but I enjoyed the time.
Here's where the truckepreneur part came in. I was ready to make the transition from the cargo van to the non-CDL box truck, and what I found out was that the cargo van went to the same places to pick up their freight as the 18 wheelers, the box trucks and the cargo van. So, when I would ask questions, how to transition from the van to the box truck, nobody wanted to help me. [03:02.7]

They kept hoarding information and kept hiding information, and wouldn't want to share, and I got so upset and disappointed as to why people were like that and I said to myself I would never ever be that. I made the transition on my own and bumped my head, made some mistakes, ended up spending too much money, bought the wrong truck, but in the meantime, as I made that transition to the box truck, people started asking me questions and I would just share what I knew, how to get to the money.

I ended up helping one guy that went to my CDL school and a couple of people that were doing other things I just helped for free. Then my wife was like, Let's do a seminar. So, it was in 2018 that the first seminar was birthed and we started doing it out of our home at $25 a seminar, and the rest is history. [04:03.4]

Then, here's the crazy part. Here's the crazy part. The audience is probably going to freak out on this. I kept telling my wife, “We are sitting on a gold mine. We’ve got to raise our prices. We have to raise our prices.” So, we would have guests come in like commercial insurance people and they would say, Dude, y'all charging too little, so I kept telling her, “We’ve got to raise our price.”

This went on for a year and a half. It got to the point where I got so frustrated, we didn't do a seminar for about seven to eight months, and then it clicked in her head that we had something big. So, when she realized we had something big, that's when we started in January 2020, and then I think maybe a month after that, we reached out to you, and then we learned whatever you taught her because she's fine, you see.

I'm the coach. I'm Phil Jackson, by the way. I’m Phil Jackson. When it comes to this game right here, this non-CDL box truck thing, I'm Phil Jackson. I'm going to show you how to get you the money. You can just trust me for that.
Here’s the ironic part. Now that I tried to get her thinking of it, you then came in. You then got her thinking of it and I’m the one that’s having a hard time coming up. So, it's crazy, but basically that's how I started. People didn't want to share the information with me and I found not to be like that.

Tammi: I’ll tie it in just to share why I started and it's because I’ve been a single mom of four, been on the grind, always had a hustler in me. I was just coming from an entrepreneur family background. But what I know for sure is that somebody up there is watching. We’re always under the microscope. I want to be an example. I want to be a blessing to the single mom who’s trying to make up with $5,000 a month, don't have any help, no baby daddy around. [06:05.1]

I want to help the young man that has some background issues. He has been interviewing and interviewing and interviewing, only to be told, No, we can't hire you because you have background issues. I want to help that person. I want to help the entrepreneur that already hasn't the drive in there. They're just looking for another opportunity to make some money and they don't have the drive. They’re just wanting a business.

So, I just want to be there to be a blessing to people because somebody is watching me and I want them to know that it’s all about life is going to be life that you can make it, and you can get to six, seven figures. You can do it. So, I just want to be that blessing, so that's why I do it, because somebody is watching.

Marquel: My next question, how did y'all initially find me online? I think, Tammi, you found me online and then introduced me to Sheldon. How did that come about?

Tammi: I found you when I just participated in a conference because I was a speaker. As we were prepping for me to speak in her virtual conference, behind the scenes, she was, Girl, y'all need to reach out to Marquel. [07:06.7]

And I'm like, Tell him I’ve got a little of that background. I have seen a lot, so I’m always a lot, but I’m like, What are you talking about? I’m a pilot. I didn’t understand. I mean, I’m fit. I’m used to writing just a Word document and put some clipart in, and go about my business. This is what you want me to say.

And so, the last time she told me, “You need to find, you need to reach out to Marquel,” that’s when I did it. It’s just that’s why there’s still a lot that’s there, but it just took me a while to get on board with you and talk to one of your representatives that was really cool. But it was like I couldn’t listen to that talk to Marquel part. I’m like, I don't know if he’s telling us everything we need to know. I was kind of skeptical. I think when you spoke at a conference and I said, No, I mean, you're the gem. You're that magic gem. You're that missing piece to all that we have going on. And then, you reached right out. [08:00.4]

Sheldon: But that wasn’t the final stop, though. That wasn’t the final. She turned us all to you and she was a little hesitant. She was a little hesitant. Then she saw on social media the other guy that E.T. taught, the guy that’s doing the 18-wheeler thing, and E.T. ended up dealing with him, and then she was about to…she didn’t. Just being transparent, she was about to sign up with E.T., and then she found out that you taught E.T.

Tammi: Just Marquel told me.

Sheldon: Right.

Tammi: I said, “Marquel, what about it now?” I was not going to let this go. Marquel was like, I ain't trying to be funny. I ain’t going to propel myself, but I helped them, you know what I’m saying? I was like, What? I was like, No, we're getting help. Yeah, that’s how it happened.

Sheldon: Yeah, that’s how it happened. That’s exactly how it happened.

Tammi: That’s right.

Sheldon: So, we almost went to the student and now we ended up going with the teacher. [09:00.0]

Marquel: Gotcha. Just to be clear, because I don't know who’s going to see this interview, so just to be clear, the context of the conversation we had and you told me about that, and I was like, I've actually…one of the guys who runs E.T.’s speaker program, that's my guy, Kantis. He’s actually over the program. I was like, I helped Kantis with their launch for one of their programs inside of their company basically. So, I didn't necessarily train E.T., so to speak, but my guy, Kantis, is over the speaking program. I spoke at an event maybe and I also helped. I did a lot of stuff behind the scenes, helping Kantis with some marketing campaigns and so forth and so on, but just y’all are clear.

Tammi: Okay, let me clear that out.

Marquel: Yeah, I just want to be clear as we’re talking about it, reaching out. We had no problems in that. No, that’s good, so that’s perfect.

So, let me ask you this, because, obviously, I mean, one of the things that I love the most about y'all is that y'all are action takers. We haven't been working together that long, but you came in and grabbed this thing by the horns, and being implementing the whole way through. My first question I want to ask is, once we were attracted, like you said, you were a little hesitant. Was it that that made you actually take the plunge or what was it that made you say, All right, let's go on and do this? [10:07.7]

Tammi: I think what made me really go ahead and take the plunge was because I saw the testimonials of all the people that you’ve helped, and I've seen testimonials on other sites that people that work and they do the same thing you do, but you had a boatload of testimonials. It was all goal-oriented people, and so that's what really made me take the plunge. I just wish I hadn't had a safety net. Whoo, yeah, it was just amazing.

Marquel: Good stuff.

Sheldon: In addition to that, we already knew that we had something where we didn't know how to maximize. We had already…the foundation was there, so we just needed to know how to maximize it, and then once you started teaching my wife on how to maximize it, then we took off and we’re still taking off, and if I get my mindset right, we’re going to really take off. [11:07.1]

Marquel: I love it. Let's talk about some of the results. What are some of the results? As much as you're comfortable sharing, what's been some of the results so far since being in the program?

Tammi: I was the one responsible for attracting the clients, so I was on Facebook Live. I was trying to join every type of platform. I was just getting burned out, just basically, begging people, Get in the truck. We’ve got this bright idea. Just call, call, call. Get into our program. We tried it.

We had to cut those ads off because the way in which you guys posted on how to get the copy together, I did it for our clients, just the whole program, even down to maybe the first time I was telling my husband, Dang, this is a lot of work, but I didn’t realize it, and my husband told me, “Listen,” he said, “I live by this quote. You can teach them. You can…” Say it, baby.
Sheldon: You can give a man a fish and he can eat for a day or you can teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime. [12:06.2]

Tammi: Yeah, and when he told me that, that’s when I would start at three o’clock every night. He would tell you, I got to stay in university and I was nonstop, looked at my children, my grandchildren. I wanted to make sure I got a good return on my investment. I wanted to learn everything you guys said and there was a lot of affirmation. It was a new song for me, but it really…oh my God, I want to start crying. I really learned so much. I really learned so much. As a result of it, we have an influx of leads that I've never seen before in my life. We've never seen this kind of attraction before.

Sheldon: Yeah, it’s off the chain.

Tammi: Amazing. It’s at a point now where it’s like, yeah, okay, you’ve got to still help us manage this. What do we do?

Sheldon: Yeah, we have to turn the advertising of the video off twice and every time that we cranked it back up, I mean, boom.

Tammi: Boom, boom, boom, 150, I mean, it’s nonstop.

Sheldon: And what we’ve really been…what I’ve really been hearing as far as a compliment and every time I’ve had an opportunity to talk with people, they always say the same thing. You come across so genuine and real that we believe you, you know what I’m saying? So, kudos to you. Kudos to my wife, tell her I missed you. I call her my wife, but if you’ve seen her act, orchestrate it, so she had me coming out of the house. She was so creative.

Tammi: You mean where we spent…about coming out to see, yeah, the whole…

Sheldon: Yeah, so the people say that I come across extremely sincere and real, and then they like the aspect that they get to talk to me and see me, and it makes them feel so much comfortable. [14:01.9]

Marquel: What about numbers? Any numbers-wise, how many clients you've enrolled, kind of revenue? Anything you want to share? Or leads or whatever? Anything that you want to share if we quantify, an example?

Tammi: Let's start with the money part because I had to work with money.

Sheldon: The money part, we got, last month, and I’m going to say was really three weeks.

Tammi: And we started with Marquel on the 29th. I didn’t start running Facebook at least till the 29th.

Sheldon: The 29th of what, last month?

Tammi: Yeah, what I’m saying is that the ad results came right out of the business. I think we got results then.

Sheldon: Okay, so last month, we made 9,000 just last month, but then your ads took off at the end of last month and then we made 8,500 in the first two weeks.

Tammi: No, because after seven days, I accounted.

Sheldon: Okay, 8,500 in a week’s time, and then right now we have a projection to do 20,000 this month in July. [15:00.4]

Marquel: Nice.

Sheldon: So, we break our record every week.

Tammi: Every week.

Sheldon: Every week, it’s going up. It’s going up. It’s going up.

Marquel: Absolutely, and we're about to increase the prices now, so that's really going quadruple and 10X.

Sheldon: Right.

Tammi: Yeah, but, Marquel, you told me when I first decided, you said, “What are your goals?” so I just wanted 10,000 more a month, maybe 20,000. You were like, Okay, we have to see that happening. Then, now it’s like…

Sheldon: Yeah, we have the potential to reach three times that.

Tammi: Three times that because it's such a unique niche, and then everybody that I talk to, they're like, Oh my God, y’all are only now going to put that ad out there. Oh, I had me a block to tow, it’s just sitting. I got me a van, it’s just sitting on, the pandemic hit me and I don't have…I need to tie some rope on my van to pull my truck. I used to do furniture. The furniture store is not moving freight anymore. So, we’ve got an influx of people that you guys taught is how to target the right people. This man is saying all the time we're not used to this. We’re not used to this. We’re not used to this. [16:02.5]

Marquel: I love it. I love it. I love it.

Tammi: Let me just say this. Prior to your seminar, we may have had not many people in a month or a seminar. I always set up class for 15 people before we started with you and it wouldn't be a job just to get five or 10. Remember that? Just to get five or 10 people. Now we're shutting it down at 30. We're shutting it down at 30. At that point, we can't, because you want it to be interactive with 30 people all trying to…

Sheldon: Yeah, we had 36 or 37 people on last Saturday’s Zoom call. We had 32 the week before that, and it has just been increasing and increasing.

Marquel: I love it.

Tammi: And it’s going to be increased today.

Marquel: I love it. I love it. I love it. I won't keep you out much longer. My last question is, if you have one thing to say to the audience, to those listening to me, about the process and about the experience of opportunity to work with us, what would you all say?

Sheldon: You go on.

Tammi: You want me to go first? I like the way you close things out. So, what I would say, if you're listening to me, someone came from corporate America, just thought I knew how to market my business, thought I knew how to launch my business, thought I was ready for this whole new way in which you market, and all of it, all that stuff, trust the process. [17:15.4]

Just trust the process. I promise you if you’ve got in, follow their lead. Listen to what they say, step by step by step. I promise you, that will take you beyond your expectations, beyond it. We're just getting started. What’s about to come out of this last seminar? A new group of people. It’s going to be totally different platform, all because Marquel [unclear 0:17:38.5] I was going to say because just being sort of right people, and I pray for this. I pray to God for this. I say, Lord, before I make the mold, send me the right people. I trust you. You've been a part of my life for maybe till here. I need you, Lord. [18:00.0]

What really got me, Marquel, was when I texted you that day. We were both and forth about the program. I said, “Marquel, let me talk to my husband.” I said, “Then I’d be praying,” and your words were, “Oh, you’ve got to pray on it? You pray on it and then you let me know.”

You didn’t follow back up the next day to get your answer. “Hello, what are you going to do?” It was just silence. It was like people were just silent. Then I just felt glad to say make the mold. So, I thank God for you. I thank God for you. I thank God for your experience.

Marquel: Thank you.

Tammi: And I’m just happy it will ride along with other millionaires really soon.

Marquel: Absolutely.

Tammi: Thank you.

Sheldon: Yeah, if I had to add anything to it, it would be a scared man can't win and a jealous man can't work, and knowledge is cheap. So, if you want something really badly, you can't be fearful to pay for it, because the knowledge is. At one time we were trying to take the cheap way up. We were trying to spend 2,000 or spend 1,500 to get somebody to do this and get somebody to do that. [19:08.9]

But if you are trying to go to the next plateau and somebody has the knowledge to take you there, then it's worth investing in your future, as well we invested in Marquel. We're trying to get the other people to invest in us, so it's the same process over and over again, no matter what product u have. If you don't have the information and somebody else has the information, invest in your future. Don't be fearful to invest in your future. And your whole mindset has to change. The whole mindset has to change. If you’ve got a poverty mindset, that's where you're going to stay at. If you’ve just got a $100,000-a-year mindset, that's where you're going to stay at. So, the mindset has got to change. [20:02.4]

Marquel: There it is. If you’re watching right now and you are a coach or a consultant, you have an expertise-based business, maybe you're a speaker or whatever, and you want to create a high-leverage online group or a coaching or consulting program, or you want to scale your current business to get more leads, get more clients, a third more people, if that's something you're interested in or anything here resonated with you, click on the button or the link around this video somewhere. You have some more details about how we could potentially help you, and then we can talk about how we can help you.

And if nothing else, we appreciate you so much for checking out this interview, and until the next one, have a phenomenal day because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon.

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