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Today's episode features Jeff Lautenbach, whose rich history with IBM, Salesforce, and other successful global sales organizations will change the way you think about engaging with your team and your clients.

Jeff shares his perspective on the power of placing the client at the center of all that you do. You will discover how to tailor your sales playbook so it resonates deeply with your target customer's core needs.

Are your team dynamics aligned with today’s fast-evolving markets and shifts in buying behavior? We will explore how to manage change in a fluid environment, inspire your team, and drive success in a way that resonates with your buyer.

Don't miss out on this goldmine of practical wisdom.

Show highlights:

  • Customize your sales playbook for each company [03:05]
  • What adaptations matter the most? [05:30]
  • The key to growth is ensuring optimal sales productivity [06:01]
  • The secret to team development [09:05]
  • Effective coaching involves prioritizing recruitment and development [09:12]
  • The importance of sales leadership development [11:43]
  • How to achieve clarity and devise the right strategy [13:41]
  • Effective communication by first-line managers is crucial [15:03]
  • Navigate change management patiently [16:06]
  • Great coaches ask great questions. [19:46]
  • Go slow to go fast [25:11]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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