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As a sales leader you know what motivates you, the approaches that have worked for you, and what makes you a great seller and leader.

So it’s tempting to think if you turned your team into carbon copies of yourself, everybody would do great work and deliver great results!

But not everybody is like you. They have different motivations, different backgrounds, and different learning styles. Ignoring these things will make it impossible to motivate your whole team and equip them to be effective.

In this episode, Matt talks with Brian Delman about how to train, motivate, and celebrate a diverse team. You’ll learn how to create a culture where everybody eagerly shares their wins and how to use each person’s unique strengths to help the team perform at its highest possible level.

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Show highlights include:

  • How to uncover what motivates a team member without invading personal boundaries or making them uncomfortable. (3:10)
  • The difference between employee engagement and employee satisfaction. And why failing to know the difference turns your most-engaged team members into disconnected zombies. (20:42)
  • Non-stop thinker? How to clear your runaway mind before it wrecks your decision making. (13:44)
  • Myth Busted: Why introverts actually make great salespeople, and what to know about introverted team members so you can protect them from burnout. (15:25)
  • How to treat your team members like individual human beings and still hit your numbers. (17:42)
  • “Real world” ways to identify engaged employees without wasting time and money on surveys. (21:39)
  • Why treating your people like buyers makes you a better motivator. (26:56)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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