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Lead generation is your lifeblood for your business. If you can’t generate leads consistently, your company will experience an early death. 

And lead generation is only getting more important. When the metaverse rolls out, every company in the world will become a lead generation business. 

So how do you generate more leads for your company and skyrocket your growth? 

In this episode, you’ll discover 12 dirt-simple ways to generate more high-quality leads. 

Listen to the episode now and use these 12 methods and you’ll never worry about making money again. 

Show highlights include:

  • How watching The Big Lebowski makes your business more profitable (0:47) 
  • The 3 key ingredients you must have to generate high-quality leads like clockwork (2:07) 
  • Why trying to close a lead right after capturing them makes them never want to work with you (2:35) 
  • How your scatterbrained entrepreneurial mind crucifies your tribe (3:39) 
  • The “Press Release” hack that fills your pipeline with leads and makes your business look as credible as giant corporations (6:23) 
  • How to instantly eliminate most of your competitors in the next 20 minutes (7:11) 
  • The “Story Selling” secret for closing more deals by babbling about your life (10:10) 
  • The counterintuitive way sending emails that your list doesn’t even open helps you make more moolah (15:21) 
  • How getting your leads to tell you “no” magnetizes wealthy leads to your business (17:56) 
  • Why the metaverse will transform your company into a lead generating business (and how to get a headstart on this) (18:38) 

You’re only as strong as your circle. Want to surround yourself with other patriot entrepreneurs like yourself? Then join my Inner Circle at https://www.mikesinnercircle.com/.

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Welcome to the “Inner Circle Podcast”, the place where patriot entrepreneurs create, build, and play. Each episode will help you move forward to the place where we all want to be, a place of total creative freedom, personal freedom, and financial freedom.

My name is Mike Fallat. I am your host. I’ve started a bunch of businesses, helped to write a couple of hundred books, and interviewed lots of millionaires. I will be your guide as we enter the Inner Circle.

Mike: This episode will help you generate more leads for your business. You see, leads are everything and, whenever I hear that word, I automatically think of The Big Lebowski. He's sitting there in his car and he was just asking the cop if they have any leads on who stole his items, and the cop laughs at them and says, “Leads? Oh, yeah, we’ve got lots of leads. We’ve got cops working in shifts, man.” I always think of that.

But, anyway, leads, man. It is everything. It's everything to your business. I realized this when I first started in 2015–2016. I started to generate leads for the very first time. I wrote a book called DreamStarter: The Startup Business Guide for the Die-Hard Entrepreneur. I wanted to help people start businesses because I had a business that was making a little bit of money. It was my fifth one. It succeeded. The first four were major failures, so I wanted to advise people on what not to do more than what to do.

I wrote the book. I put it up online. I had a PDF of it and I said, “If anybody wants a free copy of my bestselling book, here it is. Give me your email,” and that's whenever I started to generate lots of leads. Now, I was doing it incorrectly, but I was still generating leads. I wasn't capturing a lot of data. I was capturing one piece of data, their email. [02:07.0]

I want to tell you right now that strong lead generation, I do believe, comes down to three items. Data. You need to capture a lot of data from people who are interested in what you have to offer. Data is everything because what you capture you can use now or later, so data.

The number two piece is timing. You need to have a lot of patience in this game. It's not to capture the lead and then close the deal. It's to capture the lead. Service that lead. Take care of that person. Give them a lot more than what they bargained for and then offer something that they're willing to exchange their money for. They're willing to give up money for something that you have in return. It has to be a transaction that's a no brainer. “Oh, this is exactly what I need. This is exactly what I want.” There's a lot of stuff that comes into play to get people to fall in love with a brand or a tribe, but you have to understand timing is a part of lead generation. [03:13.7]

The third piece that I’ve realized is longevity of a message and you need to stay relevant for a very long time. I’m going to read off a couple of stats here, but people do not make a decision about you until further down the road. Are you someone who's trustworthy? Are you someone who is going to be around five years from now? Are you someone that I want to partner with? Are you someone who I want to trust?

You need to understand that longevity is part of the equation, and the longer you stay in this game, the more of a tribe you're going to have. That's why the people who jump around from company to company or idea to idea without letting the seed grow, they're screwed. These people are giving up their tribe and they're not using time to their advantage. [04:07.7]

It's easier to generate leads if you're the real estate guy who has been in the real estate world for 20 years, because you've just made so many connections and you've put out so much content, and people want to do business with the most committed—so longevity is going to separate you from the people who are looking at this as a hobby.

I’m going to read off a couple cool things here, guys, that you’ve really got to know, and lead generation, people always ask me, What are you really in? I talk about books, but I talk about books as in using it as a lead generator. Someone who I respect quite a bit, Mark Evans, said to me this week, he was like, Yeah, I’ve always looked at as a lead generation guy and the verticals within lead generation are just almost unlimited. You could keep going with all kinds of new tools and ideas. Books, obviously the fire-starter, but you can get really wild with it. [05:09.2]

That's what I want to get across to you guys. Lead generation, if you can start to understand how you can implement, I’m going to list off 12 ideas for your business in this podcast that don’t take much time. They really don’t. You could have 12 ways of generating leads at the very minimum. You can obviously escalate and have way more, but these are 12 simple ways to generate leads.

To give you an idea, if you were to blog, people think blogs are just SEO, search-engine optimization tools, so you can search a rank high on Google, and it is, but 57% of businesses that have a blog are generating leads from their blogs. Think about that. If you start writing about your business and you do it in a clear, efficient, professional manner, it can generate leads for you. [06:03.8]

Those people who are neglecting blogs are actually neglecting leads, so forget about a lot of other things that you're putting together. If it's not generating leads, start writing, because those blogs can be multi-purposed on many different sources, many different sites.

LinkedIn. You can take those blogs and you can put it on a press release, and I’ll talk about press releases, how much of a hack and easy access to a lot of people that is. It is playing towards how the big companies use information. When you pay for a press release, you automatically have access to different sites that you never have access to right away, and it's a 24–48-hour wait. All of a sudden, you're popping up on Google and other sites that other people will see.

But, anyway, going back to it, you could just write blogs or pay someone to write blogs for a business, and once you multipurpose it on LinkedIn or throughout social media or throughout Google, you're going to capture a lot of information—and it's an asset. Blogs never go away, right? It's always going to be there. [07:09.7]

Another piece of this is that one follow-up is not the way. You are not all about capturing an email or a phone number or an address and then hitting them one time. Salespeople have a high tendency to not contact the consumer again after one follow up.

Think about that. Most people, your competitors out there, will only try to reach out to individuals one time. One time. Do you know how insane that is? I will not do business with someone after one time of meeting with them. It's just impossible. But if I hear from them consistently for five years, they're going to be top of mind, and you need to stay top of mind. The people who fail in lead generation are the ones who are the one-night-standers. “All right, I’ve got your information, I’m going to hit you,” and then never hit you again. I’m not going to give you any more value. I’m not going to give you any more service. [08:03.6]

The other key piece to all this is that the more landing pages that you have, the more leads you're going to capture. You can have cool ways of capturing the leads, but if you have a lot of landing pages on Google, the chance of people coming across it, much more likely. The more landing pages your website has, the more leads you'll bring in. In turn, the more leads you bring in, the more sales you will get.

Think about this. Increase the number of landing pages and those landing pages can be associated with different outlets of your business, whether it's podcasts or videos, or events that you're a part of or guest spots that you were on someone else's podcast. You need ways to start to filter out where people are coming in from.

I do this at a small degree right now, but you can get really wild with this. You could start to implement new pages and run almost like split-testing them to see what's working, and you're advertising to two different markets or two different demographics, and you're able to see where people are coming in from. You capture their phone number, their address. [09:15.4]

It's easy to see if people were even caring after you capture the lead. Are they unsubscribing from the emails? Are they asking to say stop from the text messages? Start to have multiple pages. Run two different ads or two different ideas to people and see what works. Maybe different. You can get really specific with your message, but the more you're able to see what works and what doesn't by getting creative and playing around. Now, all of a sudden, you could be more confident when you spend some money on ads.

This one is a no-brainer also that I’m going to share with you. Stories are way more important than stats and I wanted to tell you something that's pretty cool. Stories are 13 times more memorable than stats. People remember stories 13 times more than people who remember stats. Think about how crazy that is. [10:09.6]

If your goal is to generate leads, your goal should be to become a better storyteller. In one of my books that you can get for free, it’s Attractive Story Selling, and it's all about telling people about your life and where you come from, because the story of what taught you the lesson is actually more important than the lesson itself.

People remember the stories behind the lesson. They remember that. That's what sticks to them because it's going to be a correlation to their life or it's not. Start telling more stories on blogs, on videos, on podcasts. I started off this podcast with a story of me starting that book, and that was in 2015. I was struggling, but I generated lots of leads with that book. I don't know how many people read that book, but it was simple enough to read within an hour and I hope people read it. [11:03.0]

There were a lot of great stories in there that would teach people about my life. But, man, oh, man, I realized that facts and the stats are great, they're great, but the story of the person just supersedes everything else. Start becoming really good at telling your stories, not being shy about your background and what you believe.

You look on my social media, you know exactly where I stand politically, and I do this because I don't want the wrong people entering my life. It is fail-safe. It's a line of defense. People who are part of the Inner Circle are all on the same page. You are only as strong as your circle. So, I tell stories, I tell people what I believe, because it's not just about me; it's about the people next to me. And guess what they are? They're connected to the other people next to them inside the circle. If you have a lot of weak individuals in the group, chances are the group will become weak over time. It starts to slowly die because there are no core principles, core values. [12:06.7]

It's really important that you tell stories of what you truly believe because you become a magnet in your life, whether good or bad. You start to say negative shit out there and you become a low-level thinker and you become a victim, you're going to attract more victims. Tell stories of triumph and winning, and success and what you believe politically, and your love of country or love of God, you're probably 99% going to be attractive to people who think the exact same way. I say 99% because 1% will always sneak in and try to destroy you and you’ve got to become very careful about those individuals.

So, tell more stories. This stat, I think it's a good stat. I don't know how accurate it is, but it says 25% of all leads will advance to sales. These are all kinds of studies being done all over the world when it comes to lead generation, but 25%. Let's just say it's even two out of 10. Think about that. One quarter are 25. [13:05.0]

Let's just stick with 25%. One quarter of all the people who come into your funnel, into your emails, your text messages, your addresses become customers at some point, and I keep thinking, man, there are a lot of people out there who think business owners sell one product. No, no, no, not in today's world. Business owners have many products, many services, many funnels. You could take one group of people over to another group because of what you believe in.

Think about the Inner Circle right now. We are talking a lot about lead generation. We are talking a lot about crypto. We were talking a lot about real estate. We're talking a lot about many different things, and it's not just being a one-trick pony. The business will always change. Technology is changing everything.

Of course, with my other company, DreamStarters Publishing combined with Book Lead Pro, it's all about books, but it's still all about lead generation. There are new tricks and techniques coming out all the time with lead generation tricks or techniques and software. [14:03.3]

You can give them ideas when it comes to Google. I mean, Google is always changing. YouTube is always changing. Rumble is out there. I’m going to get serious with Rumble. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook. Obviously, I try to not give them any money. But there are all kinds of new toys and ideas that are coming down the pipe that are going to help you with lead generation. The goal here is just to start to create one and duplicate that in many different funnels, in many different products, many different services.

I don't know how accurate this number is. This is a few years old, but a fun fact about email marketing is that it's expected that, by 2023, the total number of emails each day will be 347.3 billion. Okay, this one, this was a study done in 2019. As of right now, it's probably right around, in this year, 310 billion emails are sent each day. In 2019, it was 293 billion. [15:08.6]

If you see that it's going up, you know that there's going to be more competition, but it's going to be just more accepted to communicate this way. I think that email marketing is not dead. I think it's still a relevant part to any business. Relevance matters. You need to stay relevant in their inbox, whether they open it or not, you really hope they open it and you really hope they're active, but they still need to see that you're active, because if you're not active in someone else is they're going to think the other person is more committed. You need to be playing all the games.

I do believe search is stronger than social media. I do believe that Google and YouTube are stronger than social media. The way I look at social media is as more of a liability. You need to continue to produce content. You need to spend more to get much more attention. This is not bad. This is still part of the game. You need to stay relevant. [16:04.3]

I look at Instagram as a resume. I don't look at it as lead generation directly. I look at it as, if people are going to find out about me, they're going to look at my social media presence and see what I stand for. I look at it as a resume now. Whether it's right or wrong, that's the way I look at it. You need to stay relevant on social media because you're constantly communicating with an audience. It's free. It's amazing. There's nothing wrong with it. It's beautiful. The more platforms, the better. Yes, there is a key to staying focused on a few. I can only stay focused on a few, but I still want to play on many playing fields.

But search will win in the long run. I am a fanatic now about running press releases, running LinkedIn articles, running YouTube videos, and having things that pop up on Google and what people are searching for. Why is that? Because, over time, people are going to be searching for me or what I’m offering, even when I’m going to be on an island with Donald Trump, hanging out and talking about how we saved America with all the patriots. [17:06.2]

I can't wait for that, but I can't wait for people to search and say, what else am I into? What else am I offering? You need to play that game because it's going to be something that can produce leads in your sleep. You don't need to stay active in the long run. You can create all this content now that will pop up eventually. That's the game.

Nurtured leads are obviously way more important than unnurtured leads, okay? You need to nurture these leads. It's about capturing and then nurturing. A lot of people out there are trying to get the phone number of the girl and sleep with her on the same night. Insanity, all right? I used to do that. I looked like a fool, all right? You could run into a lot of problems with that, by the way. I don't know if this, guys. But you need to nurture the leads. [17:55.7]

The way you become valuable in this world is you become a selector. You're not looking for everybody. When you nurture leads, it's not like you're looking for everybody to say yes. You’re filtering out. You're saying things that really mean a lot to you and your brand, and some people will deselect you from their life, and that's what you want.

But also it will strengthen the relationship with the right people, and then, all of a sudden, there's a filtering process done naturally, but you're nurturing these people. You're giving them more of what they want, and then, eventually, when the time is right, they trust you enough to give you their hard-earned crypto or dollar. Hopefully, crypto, right? All right, so that's it. Nurtured leads over unnurtured leads.

The most rapid marketing growth is coming from lead generation. Billions and billions and billions are spent each year with advertising just for lead generation. If you look at all the big names out there, if you look at Amazon, if you look at all these companies, they're just trying to generate leads. They want more data. The more data, the better. The Metaverse is all about data, capturing more information, so they can offer you more stuff. Just become a data company. [19:02.7]

Remember those three pieces I talked about, data capturing, understanding the role of patience and understanding timing. It's not going to happen overnight. Everybody is in a different spot. Everybody is different when it comes to finances or psyche or what age they're at. Everybody is in a different state of mind.

I had a long, hard conversation with my project manager. I always call her my assistant because that's how it all started for years, and now she has moved up to project manager. I was talking to her about bestseller strategy and everything when it comes to the business.

I was just at this event called Legacy Boardroom with multi-millionaires, real estate developers, and big-time players in crypto, people who have $100 million funds, just some serious players. I’m filling my brain up with all this information. When I go back to her and I start telling her certain things, and I see her doing certain things with her marketing strategies, it blows my mind that she would be thinking that way. [20:05.6]

Then when we had the conversation, I realized that she's at this level in her life that maybe she doesn't see everything and maybe she doesn't want everything that the multimillionaires and billionaires are pursuing.
Maybe in time she will. It took me and this is a great conversation I had with her about how in time you'll understand, but I can't be trying to force all this information because I’ve been around it for so many years.

It's almost like you can't expect that someone who is starting out in business and understanding it would understand what some of these high-level players are doing, and everybody just kind of figures out their way in their own timeframe. You can't force it. Timing is super important that you can only do your best, but you can't expect other people to be on the same wavelength. It just doesn't happen. [21:00.0]

Timing is important to lead generation and timing is important to closing deals, but time is important to even others understanding the entire game, and the human brain can't really soak everything in right away. If you would have told me some of the things I’m talking about now as compared to six years ago, I would have said you were absolutely insane, so I get it. It just takes time.

Then, longevity, right? You’ve got to stay relevant. You’ve got to put out a lot of emails. You've got to put out a lot of text messages. You’ve got to stay relevant on video. You need to invite people to webinars. You need to offer new products and services, because if you are not growing and producing and creating, you're dying, right? There are makers and takers.

There are makers and takers. People who keep making will always have something to promote and talk about. There are other ones who are just takers, and eventually you take too much or it runs out and you are now not self-reliant, so become a maker, not a taker, and you have to do it for a long, long, long time. [21:57.4]

If you like what you hear and you are a patriot entrepreneur, go to Mike’sInnerCircle.com. Remember, you are only as strong as your circle. We'll see you there.

As I promised you, I’m going to give you 12 and I’m going to give you a bonus one, too, and I already kind of mentioned it, but 12 ideas on how to generate leads for your business right away—and we do all this, by the way. This is something I do. I do all these for my companies, so what I’m teaching you is what I’m doing, and I think it's important for me to say that because a lot of people are saying shit they're not even doing, it doesn't make any sense.

Number one is a big one because we just released this, guys, Inner Circle. Mike's Inner Circle. Guys, we have new apparel and the first shirt is done. Hoodies are up there. You can go to Mike’sInnerCircle.com and check it out, but we have apparel and just click. Go to apparel or shop, store or whatever it is and see some of the shirts. We're going to be uploading new apparel every week, I think, which is our plan. I mean, a lot of stuff within a year. [23:08.0]

Anyway, I look at apparel as not direct revenue generators. Yes, you could make $10 per shirt and it's great, and maybe we'll sell a couple hundred, maybe a couple thousand. That's great. I love making money. There's nothing wrong with that. But I want to fulfill the audience and the tribe of the Inner Circle with stuff that they're proud to wear, because I’m not looking at that as the moneymaker.

I’m looking at five years from now when we're doing business and real estate deals, and working on huge, huge projects together. You build the tribe with all this stuff that's not real moneymakers. Even though it does make money, it's not real. It's not hundreds of thousand dollars or millions. It's generating more attention. You have more of a star you can throw up in the sky and people can look at it and say, I want to be a part of that. I’d wear that. [24:00.6]

Once they buy the apparel, you have all these different connections in the background, and this is something you guys need to do with your business. I think it’s a super-smart move. Whether you're using Book Lead Pro or LeadStacker, or whether you're using the other companies out there, you need a way to capture the leads and I’ll talk about that a little bit. But when people run and go to your Shopify store, you can actually connect it through Zapier, right? You can run a zap and/or a web hook right back to your software.

To give an example, I recommend everybody use Book Lead Pro. You know that I’m a part-owner in that or a 50-50 partner with Phil LaBoon and his team. I recommend that. It is, by far, the best that I’ve ever seen when it comes to having like a HubSpot combined with a Salesforce, combined with a ClickFunnels. It's everything in one and you can do so much, you have no idea. [24:55.7]

Anyway, you run your Shopify store with apparel. You have a web hook or Zapier. It goes back into your software. That way you can capture their information, all of it at one time, and you can tag it of where it came in and what they bought. To give you an example, if they bought a shirt, a certain shirt, I could tag it with Mike's Inner Circle apparel, or I could put #AmericaApparel, or I can put a #Trump. Now I know that they love X, Y, or Z, and I can target them with other stuff regarding that purchase. If I want to run a webinar of people who just bought apparel, I can do that within one button.

You could generate leads with your apparel and that's exactly what you're going to see a lot of on Facebook, on Instagram, all these other places for Inner Circle. We are going to really capture a lot of attention. That's what the Inner Circle is about, patriot entrepreneurs working together, so the apparel is going to be a lead generator for all of that, okay? [25:58.1]

The other, number two, is a newsletter. Remember, I gave away a PDF copy of my book. Basically, they just got on a newsletter email list and I just sent them stuff every week or every month. It was great. I still run a newsletter. People still sign up every day on my newsletter. It's great. It's phenomenal. It is nothing more than giving more information, putting them into this group of, Hey, you're interested in what I have to say. I’m going to send you stuff that I’m not going to put online or on social media. You're going to see it firsthand in your inbox, so, therefore, if you ever need anything, it's all in your inbox, updates, specials, promos, cool things we're working on. Since you are on that email list, you're going to love it.

So, create a newsletter, right? You need to create one. You need to have some type of setup, and whether it's through Mailchimp or whether you use Book Lead Pro, you could set all this up very easily and send emails. Now you can generate leads in your sleep. People can join that newsletter tomorrow and receive an email. [26:55.0]

Podcast. I'm doing a podcast. You can jump on other podcasts. This is a no-brainer. If you could talk to Jonathan Rivera, the guy who runs my podcast. You could talk to Bradley Roth, the guy who helps you start your own and you just do your own stuff. You create your own podcast. You can generate leads with it with a message. The more you learn, the more you can earn, but you can educate other people. You can educate on your message, get people to know who you are, what you stand for, what you're all about, and then they could either join your group, join the newsletter, or join whatever you're offering through the podcast, or even to get out to your podcast, they have to join something, so it’s a reward or an incentive, however you want to look at it. A podcast will do so.

Videos. You create a membership course or a video course. You could say, “Hey, to get this free video, give me your email.” “To get this free video, I’ll text it to you. What's your phone number?” You set it up, so videos now become a reward and incentive. That way anybody who is interested in that video, you have their information.

Why is that important? Because you know they're interested in this. They want more stuff regarding this, so start to give them more of that. It's that easy. They're not going to be pissed off. They're not going to be angry that they get your information. They want this stuff. It's going to help them with their life. [28:07.3]

They’re obviously interested in whatever you have to offer, whether it's learning how to shoot better with a gun or how to buy a certain service, or how to recreate a book or how to love America more, how to get involved or how to donate to this campaign, whatever it is. Start to think of it as a “Hey, you're definitely going to want more of this. Since you like this, I’ll give you more.” Phone numbers, address, emails. You want data on these people. You want to know where they're coming from, because that way you can give them more of what they want and you know how you attract them in the first place. Easy.

Books. We’ve created over 252 bestsellers, 253 as of Monday, so 254 as of Tuesday. Your goal here is to obviously write a book to use as a lead generator. You're not looking at it as direct book sales. I think you're insane if you do so. I mean, you could generate money on the front end, but you'll make way more if you use it as a giveaway, as a promo, as a tool, as a way to cut through the noise, as a weapon to win the business war, show people who you are, what you stand for, where you come from, what you really believe, and what got you to where you're at now. Book, use it as a lead generator. [29:22.0]

Giveaways. You can set up a free-plus shipping offer, all through Book Lead Pro. You connect it into our ship station, easy, doesn't take much time on your part. Let our team at Book Lead Pro take care of the intricate details. Set it up with some tags. Oh, they’ve got the book? Now you can send them emails that they’ve got the book. Once they get the book, you can offer them access to other things which we'll talk about here very soon.

Products. You can offer new products, whether it is apparel or whether it's a mug or whether it's pins. It doesn't matter. It could be any widget. Do you have different products? Do you have some type of packaging? Do you have some type of a new idea that you want to offer the world? Set up a product. Remember, low cost. This is all about nurturing leads, so 10 years from now, you are more valuable to that consumer. You're more valuable to the marketplace. Quit trying to make all the money in one sale. That's not how the real wealthy do it. Do it over time. [30:18.8]

Have you ever seen the bullshit they're putting out there in the medical world? They're trying to make you do shots every fucking day. Come on, they're going to try to make money off you consistently, right? It's not that one time. They want it over and over and over and over and over. That's it, products.

All right, so sales of a service then, right? You can create a service. That service can be how to invest. It could be how to become a better salesman. It can be how to be a better marketer. It could be how to be whatever. You create some type of service that helps people with their money, their taxes, their finances. The services matter. Whether it's going to be a webinar or consultation or something of a service, just joining your setup where they're clients of yours, you're still generating leads. You still get all that information, right? [31:07.0]

You're still going to nurture that over time that you have other things that they may be interested in. “Oh, you're in taxes. You may like wealth-building, too.” Here's a partner that's going to come in and offer a new course. You have all this information to offer to that person.

You can set up webinars, no-brainer there. Set up a webinar. You need their email or the phone number to join. Done.

Consultation. Hey, guys, I’ll give you a free consultation, 30 minutes free. All you’ve got to do is schedule a time on my Calendly. Set up a Calendly. You connect it right back. You still could do a web hook or a Zapier, connect it right back into your database through Book Lead Pro to capture all that data, so every time you meet with someone, you have a new lead.

Events. Set up an event. Obviously, you charge money. You capture all that data. We’ve got the patriot, the Great American Summit on January 7 and 8 that I’ll be speaking at. Guaranteed, they're capturing all that data—and, by the way, they're using Book Lead Pro—so they're doing all that. They know you're into this stuff, and maybe down the road, you'll be offered other things that they're doing that are very patriotic, very American. [32:09.2]

By the way, why wouldn't you? You want to be in on these groups. It's not as a trick at all. You want to be associated with other patriots. That's where you're going to find other patriots. Join that group, GreatAmericanSummit.com, Dave Brown, Barb Allen. That's all being run on the backend through Book Lead Pro and Phil LaBoon, so you're probably going to get more information regarding other patriot stuff you want to.

But when you create an event like that, your goal should be to capture leads. You want to set up a group. Tyler McBroom does, I guess, a couple of Facebook groups, but he has membership portals like we do. You set up a group that the people have to pay money to if they want more access to you, if they want further education. Every time there's a new group, there's more information added to the database, new tags, maybe new information, so now who is interested in what and at what level. [33:02.5]

Giveaways. This is Number 12, I believe, giveaways. Why are you not setting up giveaways? There are all kinds of cool things you can do with giveaways, such as raffles. You know what? I do giveaways with books in that, but you can get really wild, so you can send giveaways for … we're doing five giveaways for books. I love that. That's a cool way to do it, or you do signings, five giveaways for signed books, great idea, so people could fill out information. You do some type of raffle. You capture all this data. When 100 people fill out a form, you give away five. You know they're interested in the book, so maybe you can offer them a PDF copy down the road.

Whatever it is, free offers, some type of giveaway, a special, or you can go even wilder. I mean, I’ve seen people giving away dirt bikes and cars and stuff. These are all lead-generating companies. Now they're interested in more and you can offer them other stuff. “Oh, you love this type of car. Maybe you'll like this type of stuff or a poster of this car,” or whatever. You could just get crazy with your offers once they're interested in it. Set up giveaways and your mind will probably start to get really creative. [34:10.5]

The last piece I want to talk about is just press releases. It's such a hack. I love it. Please start doing it. You could spend $49. You could spend 349 bucks. You could spend more than that if you want. But it starts to pop up on Google, the next day. You want to generate leads in two days? Start to get your name out there all over Google, all over any LinkedIn site. You could take this press release, it's going to be all over a bunch of sites right away. Take those sites. You pop it all over LinkedIn.

LinkedIn and Google have a great relationship. All of a sudden, your name associated with what you do is going to be everywhere, so if anybody were to Google your name or Google your service, it's going to pop up on pictures and videos, and within the links itself.

That's a quick little summary of how to generate leads and why you should generate leads. The main goal here is to start generating leads in many different ways, and if you have the right software like a Book Lead Pro in the backend, you're going to be able to use this so cleverly. You're going to be so efficient. [35:10.8]

You'll never be able to have a real business unless you are generating leads in your sleep, and you're more valuable to today than you were last year and you're more valuable next year than you were today. If you don't have an email list, just get it going. If you don't have a text message list, just get it going. If you don't have all these addresses set in place of who bought your stuff, just get it going.

Once you start to populate that data, you're going to become more valuable, and, eventually, if you go to sell your business—and I’ve seen a lot of these set it up, so they go to sell—it's much easier to get a higher multiple when you have a lot of contacts that are interested in what you offer.

If you have any questions regarding the book-creation process, lead generation software, hit me. But remember, to stay free, you need to have the right programs in place. We'll see you in the next one. [35:58.2]

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