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Many entrepreneurs grind for success because there’s something missing in their life. 

But here’s the cold, hard truth: 

Making more money can’t make you happier if your mind, body, and soul aren’t aligned. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are miserable because they’re neglecting their soul in exchange for money. 

In this episode, I’m sharing why your soul is the most important thing to your success and happiness. And how you can tune into your soul so you have no regrets in your life. Listen now. 

Show highlights include:

  • Do you always feel exhausted, unhappy, and unmotivated? Here's why listening to your soul makes you feel alive again (7:27) 
  • Why some of the richest people in the world are miserable (and how to avoid falling in this same trap) (7:52) 
  • How visualizing your death obliterates your excuses so you can finally start working towards your wildest dreams (16:50) 
  • Why regret slowly poisons you from the inside out (and how to live a life without regrets) (18:46) 
  • How acting like a child opens up a new world of business and networking opportunities for you (23:18) 

You’re only as strong as your circle. Want to surround yourself with other patriot entrepreneurs like yourself? Then join my Inner Circle at https://www.mikesinnercircle.com/.

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Welcome to the “Inner Circle Podcast”, the place where patriot entrepreneurs create, build, and play. Each episode will help you move forward to the place where we all want to be, a place of total creative freedom, personal freedom, and financial freedom.

My name is Mike Fallat and I am your host. I’ve started a bunch of businesses, helped to write a couple of hundred books, and interviewed lots of millionaires. I will be your guide as we enter the Inner Circle.

Mike: This episode will help you treat your soul a little better yet. Yeah, did you hear that? This episode, right here, right now, is going to help you treat your soul a little bit better. Hopefully. Maybe, maybe not. Depends on how far you get into it, but I think it will. Let's get right into it. [00:57.6]

The story that I want to talk about in the beginning is the story of the king with four wives. You see, over 1,000 years ago, there was this king and he sat there on his deathbed and he thought about his four wives, thought about everything he did in his life, and he was afraid of walking into the unknown, the next life by himself. I mean, he had everything in this world, right? He had it all, so he wanted one of his wives to go with them.

He goes to the first wife. Now, the first wife was his favorite. He babied her. He always got her the best food. I mean, he really took care of her, always was looking at her, always was thinking of her, always was dressing her in the best, best clothes and he went to his first wife and he said, “I’ve loved you the most. You're my favorite wife. However, I'm scared to enter the next life alone. Will you go with me?” and immediately the wife, the first wife says, “Absolutely not. Hell no, I'm not going with you.” [02:22.7]

It broke his heart for a little bit. He thought to himself, I’ve got three other wives. Let me go to the second wife. The second wife, he loved almost as much as the first wife. She’s the one that he bought all the houses for, the carriages and horses, bought all the nice stuff, made sure that she had always had the best of everything. He goes to the second wife and he goes, “You know I love you. I've always bought you everything you've ever wanted. I'm afraid to enter the next life alone. Will you go with me?” The second wife responded in a very similar fashion as the first wife and said, “Hell no, absolutely not,” and walked away. [03:07.0]

It broke his heart even a little bit more, so he goes to the third wife. Now, he was still in the same line where he didn't love this one as much, but he still loved her, the third wife. He goes to her and says, “You know I love you. I've shared so many experiences with you. We've done a lot of great things together, but I'm afraid to go into the next life alone. Will you go with me?” and that third wife says to him, “Well, I’ll plan your funeral. I will cry when you're gone. I will think about you often. Unfortunately, I cannot go with you.”

So, he's moping around and he goes to the fourth wife. Now, the fourth wife he has neglected pretty much his whole marriage. He never really cared about her. He took care of the first, second and third wife a whole hell of a lot more than this fourth wife. He was thinking, It’s funny. She’s not going to say yes. [04:09.8]

But he's moping around and he goes to the fourth wife and he says, “You know I'm dying and I have something to ask you,” and the fourth wife said, “Don't worry. I'm ready to go whenever you are. If you're going, I'm going with you.” The king looked at her and said, “What? I've mistreated you this whole marriage. I feel so ashamed. I cannot believe I did this and here you are coming with me for all time. I will never neglect you ever again.”

It's a great story, right? Do you know who the king is in this story? The king is you. You are the king. I'm the king. Everybody's the king in this story. What am I talking about? Every single person has four wives, everyone. What do you mean, Mike? Let me explain. [05:11.0]

The first wife is your body. You're always looking at it. You're always dressing it. You're always taking care of it, but that body is not going with you at the very end. No matter how much you take care of it and look at it and treat it, it's not going with you. It can't go with you and it's an automatic “Absolutely no, I'm not going with you to the next life.”

The second wife is all your toys, your cars, your motorcycles, your boats, your apartments, and all the cool stuff, the movie theater seats that—I'm looking around my place—movie theater seats, the movie posters, and all the cool stuff. It's not going with you, guys, and as an automatic “No, can't.” [05:55.3]

The third wife is your friends and family, and everybody around you. They're definitely going to cry. They're definitely going to miss you. They may plan your funeral, but they're not going with you at all. They can't.
The fourth wife, that's your soul. No matter how bad you treat it, it's coming with you. You and the soul are attached for all time, and sooner or later, and most likely it's going to be on your deathbed if you don't wake up, you're going to realize that your soul is the only thing that really matters going into the next life. Can you sit right with your soul? Your soul is your compass and it's so crucial to take care of it now because it's with you forever. [06:50.4]

I've thought about this a lot. I’m 36 years old and about to be 37. By the time this comes out, I’ll be 37. The soul is what is all. It's what matters. There were times in my life where I neglected my soul. I was doing certain things in my life that my soul did not align with and there were certain things that my soul was telling me to do and I was listening. I knew the soul was crucial to me. I knew it. There were certain things that I was doing that the soul was saying, You have to do this. You may not get the results, but you have to do this.

You ever get that feeling, though, you're just not happy? You feel kind of crusty and old and kind of weak, maybe a little bit out of shape and there's no motivation, and maybe it just feels like you're a ghost? I think that's your soul saying, Dude, wake the fuck up, man. What are you doing here? And you might even be experiencing success at the exact same time. That's the worst. You ever hear about these Hollywood people or the people who make it really big and they're miserable as fuck? It’s because their soul is not content and it's too hard to escape that rut they're in. [08:06.6]

I think the worst thing in the world a hundred percent would be to become extremely, extremely successful at something that you don't want. I think that would be the hardest. Here's why. To a break away from that, everything around you would have to crumble, and if you're doing really well in it, your soul is saying, Hey, I’ve got to go over here, let's do this, but all the money and the fame and the attention and all this other stuff is over in the other side of the track, oh, man, that would be scary. That would be devastating. I don't know if I would ever want that, ever. Your soul has to be the first thing you take care of.

You hear about these people in Hollywood and they make it really big, and maybe they find out things about Hollywood and it's just disgusting there, right? There it’s a lot of bad people and now you're surrounded by bad people, and here you are knowing you're in the wrong spot, but there's very little you can do about it without starting over completely. [09:08.4]

There was a day that I broke a sales record. I was in a home remodeling company and I hated my job as a corporate employee, and I remember pulling into this driveway to go sell windows, and I broke the record, by the way, the one-month record of this company, which is a huge, huge company. It's enormous and here I was, this young guy, 30 years old, broke the sales record.

I pulled into the driveway to go sell more windows and I was fucking miserable. It was in that exact moment, and I swear to God, it was in this exact moment that I realized that money does not matter to me nearly as much as my soul. I could do all this. I can chase this financial. [09:57.2]

By the way, when I say money, I'm still saying maybe I made $15,000 in that month, which is way more than I’ve ever made before, so it was like a huge thing. And how could I not be happy when I just broke the sales record and made more money in one month than any other in six months in my life combined? Money did not mean nearly as much as the soul part.

It's in that moment and I don't know if it was right around that exact day, but it was right then that I said, “It's time. I’ve got to go. It's time to make a move. I don't know where I'm going and what I'm going to do. I’ve got to get the heck out of here and get back into the entrepreneurial game full time.” The soul matters.

Now, here's why that matters. Your soul can be seen by other people. It can be seen in your eyes. It can be seen in your body language. It can be seen in your skin. It can be seen in how you speak. It is shown. An old soul or a person who is not living in alignment with their soul, it's obvious that they're not happy. They're not content. They're off. [11:07.5]

Usually they have to somehow replace that missing piece with something else and that something else is usually fucking terrible for you, whether it's drugs and alcohol, or if they're in a relationship, chances are they're probably cheating on that person. The soul is more crucial to your happiness than probably anything else.

If you are living to your fullest potential, chasing something that you know is a part of you and who you want to become, and you're doing things the right way. When I say “the right way”, I'm talking about ethical. You have a code and a certain set of standards. Once again, like you could be chasing everything in this world, and if you do it in a rotten way, your soul is going to tell you, your soul is going to signal to yourself that you're on the wrong path and you'd be miserable inside. [12:07.2]

It's almost like when you steal from someone, if you were to do something rotten to someone and you're a good person, you could never sleep at night. You could never fucking have an easy day ever again. You can never put yourself down on that pillow and rest easy, because your soul knows you did something wrong.

Your soul also knows when you're doing something completely right. When you are doing exactly what you're supposed to do, you're chasing the right thing, you're doing it the right way, you're not doing anything that screws anybody over, you're doing it in a way that is ethical and you're proud of it and the work that you're putting out there and it's amazing, and you're just excited about the people you're working with and you're thrilled to help them, it's easier to go to sleep at night. It's easier to wake up. [13:06.3]

Your soul knows. Your soul never lies. When you're doing something that you don't like to do, whether it's that corporate job or if you're dating someone you really don't see yourself with, your soul knows. It's just a bottomless pit, but if you take care of it, if you're always feeding with the right stuff, it's going to be a hell of a life in a good way. It's all you need. It's what you need, but it's more than that. It's all you need, because a person who's living to their fullest potential and they're truly happy, it attracts a certain energy of people just like them, right? [13:54.0]

They say that, yeah, your soul is yours, right? Your soul is definitely yours and you have to be happy with it, but your soul can affect other people's souls and other people's souls can affect yours. I'm telling you, you can inspire and motivate other people, but the people that you meet along the way that have a very similar likemindedness and they're on the same path and they believe in the same things, and they're a youthful individual all the way from start to finish and they love their lives also, my God, your soul has someone to play with. Your soul has someone to build something with, friends, family, business partners, oh, that's huge. That’s so big.

If you like what you hear and you are a patriot entrepreneur, go to Mike’sInnerCircle.com. Remember, you are only as strong as your circle. We'll see you there.

There's something I want to tell you about the soul, too. Did you guys ever hear about the 21 grams? Everyone's soul weighs 21 grams and what that means is basically the 21 gram experiment. If you guys want to look this up, there was a scientific study published in 1907 by Duncan MacDougall, a physician from Massachusetts.

MacDougall hypothesized that souls have a physical weight of 21 grams. How did he figure this out? He was weighing someone right before they died and then he would weigh someone the very moment after they died and the difference between the two was always 21.3 grams. Where did it go? What happened to it? [16:00.0]

Now, you might be a conspiracy theorist debunker out there. You might be someone saying, Mike, you're insane. This is documented stuff from over a hundred years ago. This isn't political nonsense nowadays. But 21.3 grams, gone. Where did it go? Vanished? It could. It could have floated somewhere, right? How can mass float away? How can something that weighs 21.3 grams go away? Your soul leaves the body. Where does it go?

This soul of yours needs to be taken care of. You need a baby. There are people out there who—and this is from Top Five Regrets of the Dying, it's a book—people always regret what they didn't do, what they didn't finish a thousand times more than what they did do. Your soul is sitting on its deathbed, knowing, Dammit, I should have done this. I should have done this. I should have finished that book. I should have started that business. I should have left that corporate job. I should have left that person. I shoulda. I shoulda. I shoulda. And you never did it. It's terrible and you never did it. [17:15.6]

You could say to yourself, Yeah, it's going to happen to everybody. I don't think so. I think there are people out there who put it all on the line and I think they push it all the way, and there are people like me, like Jordan Peterson, who do believe that once in this life is enough. A good run is enough. I have this theory. I have this theory and, once again, this is just a theory, guys, I don't know if this is right or not, but I think once is truly enough. [17:55.2]

If you burn yourself out, if you chase exactly what you want, if you put your energy out there, you do what you want, you travel where you want to go, you build those businesses, you put it on the line, you risk yourself, you really become yourself, you are not afraid of losing friends or family members or whatever just by being yourself and you do you your whole life, at the very end of all this, I believe you're going to just say to yourself, I'm exhausted. I've done it all. I've done everything I needed to do. I don't need to do any more. I'm ready.

It is my highest hope that that is exactly how it goes. I will never know until that time comes, but I know one damn thing in my life. Regret, I will not have any of it. I'm going all the way, taking this as far as I possibly can. When my soul starts talking to me and saying, You're doing something wrong here. You're doing something that's not progressive. You're not doing anything that's getting you where you want to go, then it's time to make can move because regret will fucking kill you slowly. That's why you put it on the line as much as possible. Your risk at all for this vision. [19:17.8]

That's who I am. I don't know if that's you, but that's who I am, because I'm afraid, I'm so afraid to sit on that death bed, talk to my soul and say, Dammit, I didn't do it for you, I'm sorry. That's not going to happen. I'm going to be exhausted when this is all done. I’m going to exhaust myself in this life, and when it's time, it's over. I'm going to do it all. That's why, because your soul is going with you, no matter what.

I’ll give you a quick little story here to wrap it up. I'm around a lot of people and you can tell they have a youthful soul, you can just tell, and my soul started to come back to me when my business started to make progress, making money. The reason it wasn't just about becoming successful and all that, it was getting my life back. [20:13.6]

When I had started this business, I put everything aside, every single thing, including riding dirt bikes and motorcycles, and my hobbies of running and riding, and all this stuff that really made me me. Everything was disorganized. Everything, movies and stuff that I cared about watching, gone, out of my life. Focus on the business. My soul was telling me, Hey, man, I'm not one hundred percent happy without you riding motorcycles, riding dirt bikes, hanging out here, watching this stuff, being more organized. My soul needed this part where it was like everything went away to get the business going. [21:00.7]

This may be the jet airplane philosophy where I needed to put everything else aside, put all the fuel into one tank to burn it all, so that the airplane can get up in the air. I think that's a necessity. That's part of sacrifice. Jordan Peterson always says this great quote. You don't have the luxury of not having to sacrifice in this life, but you do have the luxury of choosing what you do sacrifice.

I think that's very relevant with this topic because, when you're looking for your soul, when you're treating your soul right, you might have to say, ay, to make you a really happy, I have to neglect a lot of other things, so this thing works, so this business goes, so this book is created, so this podcast rolls, so this X, Y, and Z makes it. Then I’ll go back to the other stuff and I'm going to make you happier with the other things, like the riding of the motorcycles and getting organized in life and clearing up your debt and all this stuff. All of that will come, but I need to get the big puzzle piece first. [22:04.5]

Your soul will thank you for that later down the road, because if you don't take that risk, if you never leave that job, or if you stay in that relationship that is a pile of shit, your soul is going to say, Dammit, I’ve got a bunch here, but I didn't get the big piece and I’ll never be a full, happy camper.

It's just that's where you have to put your mind. Those hobbies, when they started coming back and I started making money, and building this thing and seeing all the fruits of my labor come to life, getting back on that motorcycle, feeling like a kid again.

People ask me, What are you talking about whenever you’re with your soul? What do you mean? I think it's whenever you feel like you have the most energy and you're doing it being effortless, being a kid again almost where you are now living life as you did back in the day when there were no worries of bills and mission statements, and team management meetings and goals, and metrics and deadlines. It's almost like being a kid again. [23:20.5]

Maybe that's what taking care of your soul is really all about, that soul being innocent and doing things just because you liked doing them. There's a lot of soul-searching there because you have to really become a certain individual, whether you are strong, you have the right ethics, the right code, the right morals. When you find that person and you live that person day in and day out, man, I think the world opens up for you in many different ways, financially, your network. You start focusing on things that don't bother you. You focus on things that you enjoy. [24:03.0]

A person who is always looking at the negative, the lack, this is where a soul is missing. They're always looking at what they don't have. You have your soul and you’re intact, you always have something, and that being, having that soul intact and you treat it well, maybe there's nothing more valuable than that. Going to bed at night, being yourself, knowing who you are, knowing where you're going, knowing that you love what you do. That's what I'm grateful for. I think the soul needs that for a really long, prosperous and exciting life.

When that time comes and I'm ready to sit down with that wife and say, I'm ready, she's going to be ready with me, and I think that that is so crucial just to wrap this podcast up. It's almost going to be like, We did enough here. Let's go see where else we can do some damage and have some fun. [25:09.7]

Your soul, when it speaks, you listen to it. Other people are noticing what kind of soul you have. You're going to meet a lot of bad people, a lot of bad souls. Don't let them affect you. Don't let them rub off on you, because when you meet the good ones, man, that's who you want to be around. That's going to be the mirror that says you’d better be treating your soul correctly also, because that happiness and all that fulfillment, no matter how much money you make or anything like that, if you didn't treat that soul right, something is going to be missing—21.3 grams is all it weighs, but it's probably the most important thing to your success as a very happy entrepreneur. [26:04.8]

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