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Show highlights include:

  • How to succeed in 2024 by investing real estate [04:05]
  • Why do people sell at a discount?  [07:43]
  • The secret to making money in real estate. [09:34]
  • Learn from my real estate mistakes.  [16:56]
  • Buying real estate is not passive.  [18:31]
  • Get clear on your investment goals. [20:10]
  • Is buying a business as glamorous as it seems? [26:12]
  • Do you have what it takes for real estate success?  [31:27]
  • Get to know the key players in your investment community. [34:01]
  • It’s that time of year again… [35:05]

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Welcome to the making of a DM. What to do in real estate and 2024 to win? The answer may shock you. Be ready, buckle up, I'm about to share some real knowledge with you. So with that said, let's get started I'm here to help and teach you what I know and to discover freedom. No question Warren Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow. What's the deal maker, a deal maker, not just the deal maker. Dream.

0:43 pay their joy Mark, I am Welcome to another show of the making of a DM That's right. You are the DM of your life. The deal maker in dream maker. If you don't make it happen, no one's gonna make it happen for you. Hey, I'm here sitting here in Parkland, Florida. Hope you guys had an absolutely amazing Easter weekend. And God spent some time with the family. I always love holidays. You know, my days are very similarly the same on holidays, even I wake up early, I do my workout. I do my thought auditing, I do some work, you know, an hour walk, you know, typically for three or four miles a day. And that's a good time to like make some phone calls. If I'm doing phone calls. Typically I'm doing podcast, listening to podcasts and running and catching up on some audio books or whatever. But I just want to let you guys know, family is what this game is all about. Don't ever get it twisted. I know sometimes it's easier said than done, depending what season you're on the journey. But remember why you're in the journey. It's for the family. So slow down, enjoy it. Don't be so anxious all the time.

Again, easier said than done. I want to let you know I'm there side by side with you and, and straight up. It never changes. I don't care if you're small in business or big in business. This is what's in us This is the life that we live. So don't think someone else has it all figured out not to say you can get better at managing anxiety and stress and overwhelmed and all that. But um, we're going to share more on that topic here today. Before I get started, if you would do me a huge favor, because we got some haters out there, which I like haters, because they are creators. But if you take three seconds, get over to iTunes and leave a five star review and give me a quick shout out. That'd be absolutely amazing. screenshot it, send it to me over on Instagram at Mark Evans DM, let me know you're paying attention, let me know you're here. I don't charge you. I do this for free. I don't run ads. I want to be here because I want to be here and help people. But all I ask is like, throw throw me some love. Give it you know, it's not too much to ask for it's 30 seconds of your life. And not only just for me, there's someone sitting in a place right now when you do a post and you share your review. The algorithm picks that up and pushes it in front of other people. And there's someone like you and I that needs help. They don't know where to go, they see this and boom, now they're in our ecosystem. And they get to learn like you're learning and be a part of this journey. So please take a couple minutes and do that share the show, connect with people and go from there. So today, you know, I'm going to talk about real estate.

You guys know I'm a full time real estate investor. I've been a full time real estate investor for many, many, many, many, many, many, many years. Yes, I own other companies just I buy companies and build companies and run other companies but let in participate in a lot of things. But at the end of the day, I am a full time real estate investor. And it's 2020 for q2, three days, if you're listening to us on a Wednesday when it comes out, we're three days deep and quarter two, there's a lot of weird shit going on in the marketplace. People are going batshit crazy. That's not good at all. So I'm a lender, we have a lending company, we have a lending arm. So I've been involved in a lot of different pieces of real estate from buying rehabbing buying, developing partnering, you know, investment, a lot of different things. Excuse me. So I just want to let you know, you know, how to succeed and 2024 by investing in real estate. First of all, this may shock you or may not depending where you're at in the journey of investing. But at the end of the day, there's always a great time to do real estate investing. I was just speaking at a real estate event last week, my buddy Austin Rutherford had me out. And our real estate guys and gals. And the thing is, is for some weird reason, we think real estate investing is hard. Real estate investing, and I'm not talking about real estate speculation. Real estate speculation is like buying a real piece of land, you know, dealing with the city for two years finally getting a permit, getting ready to build and then the economic situation changes and then you're not sure of the strategy. You know what? That's speculation. I'm talking about looking at a single family house in a mid mid market.

Whether it's worth $150,000, that will rent for 1600 a month. And you know what we'll talk about these dynamics. But real estate investing is math. It's a math equation. No more, no less. Where real estate investing gets messed up is when you add a thing called humans inside of it. Right? Humans screw all this up, we go over budget, we think we build, we develop the house, especially if you're new, you put what you would want in the house, not what the tenants need in the house, you put the $20 yard carpet and instead of the $7 yard carpet, you put the $300 handles and the doors instead of the $12 handles from Home Depot. you overdo it. This is part of the learning experience. But if you get if you got a great mentor, a great coach or whatever, they'll teach you the strategy of getting it tenant ready as opposed to retail ready, these are drastically different strategies no right or wrong. Just know the strategy you're playing. So back to real estate, it's always a good time to buy real estate forever, I don't care if the interest rates are 18% or the interest rates are 0%. I don't care if you have no money if you if you don't have to go get money, if you know how to raise capital, if you if you're bankable. I mean there's a lot of variables those but like I started in real estate, with no money, no credit, I lived at my parents house, and real estate's equalizer of dummies king of the dipshits at the highest level, and a buddy that has a little gumption, a little goes out and does the work and understands basic math, you could literally build a pretty large real estate empire over time.

So for example, let's use 100,000. For easy math, if it's 300,200, without whatever it is, but we're going to use 100,000 for simple math, let's say retail the house in the market is worth 1000 a month, excuse me 100,000. That's what it's worth. I can rent it all day long for 1200 a month. Right? My job as an investor, that's just basic math. If I can buy $100,000 house today, for 80,000 or 70,000, less or more, let's call it $70,000. A minute at 70 cents on the dollar. Right 70%. LTV loan to value houses worth 100. I negotiate the deal at $70,000. Now let me stop there. You might be thinking Who the hell would sell a house for 70 grand and a hot market? Well, it's called motivated sellers. Lots of people for different reasons, sell properties at discounted prices, maybe for speed, timing, or unawareness. Maybe they live in California, the property is in Cleveland, Ohio, they got it inherited, they don't want to deal with it, they contact an investor. And they solved the problem in seven days or less, or 30. Whatever. They don't have to put it on the market. They don't have to show it. And then you got to ask another question. Are there tenants on the property? Yes or no? There's tenants in an asset. You could disrupt tenants, it could disrupt cash flow, there's a lot of variables and reasons why people sell at a discount. It's kind of like, I don't know why people get so hung up on it, because I think it's like, oh my god, it's a house. Okay, well, there's a thing called pawn shops, it's the same situation, they have a $10,000 watch, they roll into a pawn shop, they get five grand, well, if it's worth 10 grand, why selling for five grand speed, convenience, quick, simple. Everyone has a situation going on. You know, I'm not there to judge it. I'm there to be there to solve the problem for the situation. So anyways, house is worth 100, I acquired today penciled out for $70,000. It's, I can rent it for 1200 a month, right? So you could source the money from the bank, you could source private money, you could pay anywhere from 8% to 12%, or more or less, depending you could buy it with your IRA. You could buy it with your cash, you could buy it with a mixture of all these things, right? At the end of the day real estate, you know, do you think rent is going up or down? We'll just with inflation in general, it's going to go up.

You don't have to believe me. Ask your mom and dad ask your grandparents how much they would pay for rent. How much did they pay for their house back in the day? So that's the cool thing about real estate again, back to math. It's worth 100 today. And I'm not talking over inflated numbers. I'm talking very real. I could get three appraisals and all three appraisals is going to be in or around that $100,000 mark, if I can buy it today, for $70,000. And it's renting for 1200 a month. The question is how many do I want to buy? Right? That's it. That's a very simple approach to real estate. And really what I'm saying is you make money in real estate when you buy just like anything in business. If I bought salt and pepper shakers for $1 and sold it for 50 cents, I'm going to go broke very quickly. But if I buy salt and pepper shakers at retail for $1 for 50 cents, I have an opportunity to make this spread on the money right 50 cents to $1. If I sell for 60 I make 10 cents if I sell for 75 cents I bake a quarter buy sell for retail $1. Now I make a double my money. So you make your money by negotiating, learn how to find motivated sellers learn how to find discounted assets, discounted properties. There's so many ways to do this. I'm not here to teach you all that. You can go online and learn for free or hire a coach or hire mentor. I don't personally teach real estate investing, not in a negative way. I just personally, I'm so far down the path. I'm 28 years almost in real estate investing full time, my brain doesn't think at that level for newbies, and I'm not talking shit to you. I'm just being honest with you. Like, it doesn't serve me, it wouldn't serve you either. Because I would talk over your head, you'd get frustrated, I get frustrated because you're frustrated. Because I'm like, Dude, it's math. It's worth 100 Buy for 70 Go fuck and close the deal next. And then you'd like, but what about this? And it's like that doesn't exist. That's a made up thought that doesn't exist, go buy it? Well, okay, Mark.

But what about that? Well, that doesn't exist either. Well, Mark, what if the tenant moves out, expect the tenant to move out that's where you had a 10% reserve rule reserve on all your things, you collect 1200 a month, you put 122 aside, you bank, you know, several $1,000 A year and a reserve in over the next two and a half years, this is going to happen that's going to happen to hot water tank goes out the roof needs patch the you know the foundation needs fix the toilet, like they're all this stuff happens. It's called management. So a lot of different variables, but just buy assets. So let's say if it's 100,000, it's worth $100,000 fixed up, but it needs $20,000 in work. So now back that down 100 minus 20. Now that's $80,000, I need to be in at 70 cents on the dollar. So on that particular property I would offer anywhere from 45 to $55,000. Max, right. And a little bit of stuff in here that depends on if you're paying cash and closed quick. It depends if there's creative financing, right? If I do creative financing, I can pay more. Why? Because I don't have to come as much cash to the deal. So my returns change. If I pay cash, when I need to move swiftly, I just have to make sure I have the capital. And the deal makes sense. And I might be closer to the 45 range, right? I buy for 45. I put 20k into it. Picture, you know, picture a 10 20% overage for rehab. So now I'm at $25,000. So I'm in at 4525 7070 cents on the dollar. And that's how this game works. Again, the only reason people lose in real estate is they try to scale too big too fast. And they don't have a good handle on numbers. They're trying to over buy, they try to talk themselves into a deal. As opposed to look at math. It's worth 100 This is the number this is number. This is the offer. If you're not embarrassed or afraid to make an offer, you're paying too much.

I remember when my mentors always told me this. And by the way, I've invested a million plus dollars in real estate mentors, my mentor ARB, now he's he's got about almost a billion dollars in real estate. He does big new construction, all that I don't have any desire to do that. But I like to learn what he's up to what he's thinking how he sees the market. And that's another thing, go in a market that you kind of understand the basic metrics. If you're in California, I don't recommend investing in California, I recommend investing in investor friendly marketplaces, not tenant friendly marketplaces. And not only that, if the math doesn't work out today, it should work out today or never. So that's the way you protect your downside, especially in the beginning. If I buy for 70,000, and I can get 1200 a month, I have a lot of money in this, you might hear this thing called the 1% rule. So if I'm buying a house for 100 grand, I won't even look at it unless it makes at least 1000 a month in rent bare bones. If I'm buying a $300,000 house and it's making 2000 a month, I would never look at that asset. If I'm just strictly looking for cash flow, because it doesn't meet the 1% rule, the 1% rule would need it needs it needs to produce at least 3000 A month minimum. So there are certain things that you'll learn over time. What how you see the numbers, right? That's why real estate was always easy to me. I always understood basic math. I didn't overcomplicate stuff I always knew Hey, you know the footer? Hey, the fascia board a the gutters. Hey, the roof. Hey, the paint, pay the carpet, new windows, new siding, new doors, new handles, new fixtures, whatever. It's it's math. It's like, Hey, I've 12 windows times, you know, $300 Okay, $3,600 to purchase. Let's just double that for install. Now we're at $7,200 100,000 minus 7200. Boom, that's where I need to be. Right with my 70 cents on the dollar number. Learn what I'm talking about. I'm not here to tell you exactly how to do real estate investing. I'm here to give you a paint a broad example of there's never a wrong Time to buy.

There's always that saying that says, buy real estate and wait, don't wait and buy real estate. Right? buy good quality assets that make sense today. Don't speculate for what it could be in the future. Unless that's your game unless you're a speculator, but I would not have 100% of my portfolio and speculation that's risky, and not needed. Go and do simple real estate investing. It's not that hard. And again, like I said, humans, like to complicate simple stuff. That's what you've been trained to do. By the way in school, it can't be that easy, Mark. Well, I've done 1000s and 1000s of real estate deals, and I can tell you right now, it's that simple. You buy it for a million rents coming in 10,000 a month, 12,000 a month, whatever, if you're buying a six unit 10 unit 12 unit, this is the opportunity. If you live in California in a market that's not conducive to be an investor friendly, or the numbers just don't make sense. Find a market that you like, let's say a Midwest market, Midwest markets typically do very well. I've done a lot of real estate in Columbus, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, Georgia, like Atlanta markets in our surroundings. These are good quality markets, good bass, big opportunities, you got stadiums, you got workforce, product is nice. It's solid, semi new I usually only by 1950. and above. I don't like to stuff like super old because you usually have hardcore foundation issues. And by the way, this was more advanced, don't get scared of foundation issues. Just understand there's $1 to it. So if the guy comes in and says, Hey, it's 25 grand to fix the foundation, and everyone's scared of it. So like, I kind of like find out foundation issues. Because we've done many, many of those deals and you have teams, you create crews, it's just dollars. Again, it's math. How much does it cost to fix 25 Cool at, say, 35. In your budget, when you go to make the offer? Right now you have a $10,000 buffer, you're protected. If they take your offer great. If they don't well, let me back when you're ready to take it. Don't force deals. They either work or they don't. Every time I've gotten lost money on real estate, which I've lost lots of times in real estate, not because it's the end of the world, but because I just got aggressive, I started speculating, I started acting smarter than I was. And I broke my own rules. Right. So what I'm saying is, don't be stupid like me, especially in the beginning, I could lose a couple times and it'd be okay.

In the beginning. You don't want to lose it all. And again, if you guys ever need like introductions to people that teach the stuff, you can always message me on Instagram at Mark Evans DM, I can make a couple intros. I know a couple of good coaches that coach real estate, I don't personally do it. But I know the guys that are really good at it that care about their students that are not just trying to sell on they want to help them grow and a real portfolio. So hit me up on that on Instagram at Mark Evans DM, so a lot of cool opportunities in real estate. I don't care if what product you're buying if it's single families, if it's commercial, if it's apartment complexes, I would just say start with clarity. What do you want? I just talking with some guys at a high level. Today on my DM family call the group where these guys put invest 50 grand a year to be a part of and one of the guys has a decent amount of cash. And I'm like cool man, like, what do you want the cash to do? What do you want? Not what do I want? Not what do you see online? But what do you want? Let's say if it's 500 grand? He said, Well, I got 500 grand cash, I want to create some cash flow and I want create some assets. Cool. How much time do you have right now? Because right buying real estate is not passive. It's an active income stream. And I don't care how many single families or apartment buildings, whatever, you're very active with managers, even if you're not managing the day to day on site. You have to manage managers, you have to manage budgets, you have to manage revenue, you have to manage cash flow, like these are real things that you have to manage if you want to be successful. So don't ever think that this is passive.

This might be a little bit of a hybrid passive active, depending on how you manage money, how you manage people. Are you a control freak? Are you okay with overages? Are you okay? Did you bake that in your number, like there's a lot of variables to this. So, so get clear on like, I have $500,000 I would like to make an extra 50 grand a year cool. You could park your money in private investments and make 10% with other investors. Now you don't have to find deals, you don't have to negotiate deals, you don't have to do marketing, you know to do follow up. You don't need a CRM, you just place the money with investors. Pocket money. By the way, there's proper ways to do this. I'm not giving you financial advice, but there's lots of ways to do this. Where you invest it you make a 10% return on your money, and you make 50 grand a year and you don't have to deal with any tenant issues and you don't have to deal with anything except making sure they're paying your payment making sure your asset collateralized properly, and making sure you collect this money. That's the key here. So there's lots of investors that will pay that kind of return and more depending on the situation, but just always remember, the more the interest is typically the not always but typically the Risk is riskier. So it goes up. So if you're at 15% to 20%, risk is a little higher 2020 In this is per annum, so per year, just so you know, but we're talking and he just doesn't have a clear picture. So he's like, What should I do? I'm like, don't do anything, I wouldn't do anything until it's clear on what I want the money to do for me, right? If you want to do real estate, cool if you want to wake up with assets cool, because what we haven't even talked about is leverage. My next question to him is, are you comfortable with leverage? Because $500,000 could buy you $2 million in property. If you don't need the cash today, if you don't need huge cash flow today, you could literally take this buy a $2 million asset, put 25% down 500 grand, and now you're gonna wake up 20 years with a $2 million paid down asset? Ideally, it's worth four or $5 million cash flow is increased simultaneously. So is your plan to make money today? Is that the money to make today in the future? Do you want it? Or do you sleep well at night with risk, ie debt, good debt, bad debt, all this stuff? This is all stuff. It's independent to each individual. There's no right or wrong. It's what works for you. And a good test is like, take this 500 grand, park it with a private investor for six months, make some money just see it work. Right? Well, it's five grand a month, call it just for easy math is coming in your bank account every month. Do you like that feeling? Are you comfortable going to bed knowing that this money is coming back?

Are you good with that? And honestly, if you go downtown to any go to any big marketplace and look up, what's the biggest buildings, banks and insurance companies, not many real estate investment companies are on the side of the banks not say they're not making money. But banks and insurance companies have the biggest banks, the money's in the money. I don't care about real estate like most people do. It's just a thing to me. It's like a salt and pepper shaker. I've done it so many times. That's like a salt and pepper shaker. That's how I see it. It's just a thing. It's a product. And people fall in love without, you don't understand. It's a colonial three bedroom, two bath, who gives a shit. Now don't get me wrong, if you liked that, and you felt like I don't care about it. It's, it's a three bed, two bath, here's what I get from rent, here's what it's worth, boom, boom, boom, done easy. Next. Again, I don't fall in love with the product, I fall in love with the process.

The product is the product, not say I don't want quality product, not say I don't want to provide nice quality housing, at affordable pricing. But like, at the end of the day, there's a paint code that you're going to use, there's carpet that we're going to use, there's vendors that we use the roof, you know, we're going to use the landscape structure, like this is all window coverings all these things, am I going to rent it? Am I going to do short term long term? How like, is it you know, Section Eight, is it not section eight. These are all questions that you're going to discover through the journey of real estate investing. So find a mentor, find a coach. And but don't don't spend 50 grand on mentorship and never do a deal. You know, if you spent 10 grand or so for a great coach or mentor, you can easily go and execute a deal. And if you're not one, you're just not doing the work because there's plenty of opportunities to do that when to like a good coach would pay for themselves many, many, many, many times over to help you do a deal. So again, real estate, it's always a good time to buy if you understand the game, and understand basic math. Don't speculate, especially in the beginning, there's no reason to speculate in any way, shape or form.

23:31 Take your money, invest it wisely. The cool thing is about real estate, you don't even need your own money. You could borrow money from private individuals, you could borrow money from their personal bank account or their self directed IRA and or from funds private lender. I mean, there's lots of ways to get access to cash. Maybe you have a lot of equity in your house and go get a HELOC. Again. No, I'm not giving any financial advice. I'm just saying this is how a lot of people unlock cash. That's dead cash sitting in your asset you have a house. I shouldn't say asset because it's a liability oftentimes, but your house your personal residence. If it's worth 400 grand, you only owe 200,000 or 100,000. You could go pull, go to your bank and pull a HELOC home equity line of credit. Take that cash and go buy your first investment property. Right. Just make sure you understand the risk and reward. Make sure you and your spouse if you have one are comfortable with what could happen good and bad. Here's one thing I love about real estate versus buying a business. And by the way, I'm all about buying businesses. That's the first thing I ever did. But I'm also a fucking hustler. I'm a worker. I'm not afraid of it, and I will fucking dominate working. I love it. Right? So and I'm willing to lose, I'm willing to fail. I'm willing to work and willing to win. I'm willing, I'm willing to do whatever it takes, right? So that's good and bad, by the way. But what I'm saying is if I buy a house, let's say even if I pay 100 grand, it's worth 100k And I screw it up.

You still have a hard asset that's worth something, you know, even if you had to liquidate, you sell this house for $70,000. Now you become the motivated seller, for whatever reason, you bought it for 100, you sell it for 70, you only lost 30 grand. So don't think if you buy a house, you lose 100% of the money. It's only a 30k loss in this example, right? Take the l move on, take the 70. And let's go make some more money back the good news about real estate, your next deal, you can make that money back and more if you buy, right, right, so you learn through this process. Now, if you flip this conversation about buying a business for $100,000, one that's too small of a business to be buying typically. But let's say if you bought $100,000 business, if you have no business sense or business knowledge, and you don't want to work and you're not good at what you do, you literally could spend 100 grand on a business and it could it will and could go to zero very quickly. If you fuck it up, there's no value, it actually becomes a liability, right? Because there's costs and maybe human capital involved in it like people and private money. There's a lot of variables to that. So just make sure I know everyone's hot and heavy. I want to buy a business, I want to buy a business, I see all these people talking about buying a business. Just know buying a business is not just a sexy is buying a business, there is a lot of information you're going to learn and buying a business.

And most more importantly, running a business buying, it's the easy part running this thing is hard as hell, especially if it's small, because you gotta make sure it gains your attention. You know, if you have $10,000 A month in expenses, and you buy a business, that's only making 1000 a month, and shit hits the fan, do you really think you can go balls deep into something like this, and turn it into, you know what, let's say if you crush it and make four grand a month, you're still 6000 A month short on your bills. With real estate, you could do real estate, you could learn business, it doesn't require as much attention. Because again, it's a hard asset with people in their living, paying rent managing the managers and business you have to manage people manage product, manage inventory, manage bookkeepers, manage staff, manage customers manage job sites, there's so much more to it. So don't get the wool pulled over your eyes and get in Fantasyland thinking you're gonna buy a business and life is going to change overnight. Not Listen, I'm not saying they can't, I'm just saying the majority of Walt, real estate always has value. Businesses can go to zero quickly, like a deck the next day you buy it, you know, like it could literally go to zero very quickly. And not only that, it's a lot harder to sell. Right? The average business doesn't sell in three days. I've bought many, many, many, many, many hundreds, if not 1000s of real estate deals in three days or less. Right? Boom, we're in contract that's worth 100. I'll take it for 50,000 Send it the title, title runs report, boom, Mark, we're going to close Close to close boom, send money wire check done whatever. We close the deal next. Businesses like I want to sell Oh shit, that's getting bad.

Okay, well, I need to see your books fast. I don't have the books. Well, I can't make an offer until I see the book. The books are so bad. Well tell me what kind of profit you're making. Send me your bank statements. What kind of entity structure is it? Let me talk to my m&a attorney. Let me talk to your m&a. Hey, get in touch your bookkeeper. Hey, gotta talk to your staff, Hey, I see your inventory like this could be months. And by the time they're ready to buy it, the business would be at zero. I don't want that to happen to anybody. So I'm throwing caution to the wind. But I'm not here to deter you. I'm here to educate you. Right? What makes you tick? What makes you excited? What gives you security? Maybe you start off with real estate. Get a good base knowledge of understanding how all these pieces move, learn how to raise money, learn how to do basic math, learn how to manage people learn how to manage stressful situations, meaning projects going over budget or the project is complete. You're ready to move a tenant end in Oh shit. The watermain just broke. Oh shit, the roof just is leaking. All the kitchens flooding. How do you handle that? It's one o'clock in the morning. Your kids have been keeping you up all night. Your spouse is pissed off at you because they told you not to buy the house. And now all the shits going on? How do you manage that?

29:20 That's the difference. Because you're going to have to manage it eventually. I promise you that. If you're doing any type of volume, it's going on. I got buddies right now in Columbus, Ohio, with all the rain going on as I speak to you right now. They're large investors, and I'm talking 10s and 10s of 10s of millions of dollars in real estate free and clear. They're at their houses right now. Water is everywhere. Projects are overflowing. They're flooding because there's so much rain going on out there right now. So again, I'm not here to scare you off. I'm just here to give you knowledge. But Mark I thought you said it was good time to buy real estate. It's always a good time to buy real estate if you know how to buy real estate. Always. There's always deals there's always opportunities. But you have to put on the money goggles, you have to know what you're looking for. You have to know what you want, not what I want you to want, not what Steve wants you to want, not what Nancy wants you to. What do you want? What makes you tick? What makes you excited? What get what stresses you out? What frustrates you? What are your objectives? What are your goals? Some people want 50% return some people want 10% returns. Some people want to do everything some people want to do very little, there's no right or wrong. What do you want, we start identifying these things, you'll get clear on the action steps that you need to seek to go close that next deal. I would recommend, don't stop doing deals. Once you get going, just make sure you're clear on your numbers. Make sure you understand what your objective is, your thesis or whatever, if you will, and execute relentlessly until you accomplish what you're setting out to accomplish.

I want 10 houses in the next 12 months. Easy. That's easy to do. You will make it hard. Do you think 10 houses a month as little as 10 houses a year is a lot on the grand scheme of things. It's nothing to you. It's a lot maybe because you've never done it. We were doing at one time in our peak we were doing over 100 houses a month like clockwork per month. Like clockwork. Right? We had a formula we had a structure. I'm not saying go do that because I hated that there was we grow a massive business is a pain in the ass. It's a lot of work. Now you're not again, this is why real estate to me. It's just a product. Us humans mess all this up. We overcomplicate we create complexity where complexity shouldn't exist. We overthink we under deliver we overdo we under do like all these things. How are you sourcing capital? What is your gift? Are you good at negotiating? Are you good to deal sourcing? Are you good at getting access to capital? Are you good at executing on day to day operations? getting the project done? Are you good at staying on timelines? Are you good at staying within budgets? Are you good at City? You know, city level getting high quality tenants and are you good at management are you like these are all things you have to be thinking about entering this game. And by the way, I'm just going off the top of my head here. I'm sitting here at my home office in Parkland, Florida, a beautiful leather chairs, I love these things.

Looking at the golf course a lot of people out here today. And I'm thinking about real estate. I do real estate all day every day. If I'm sitting on the toilet, I'm looking at real estate, I'm dreaming. Maybe I'm doing my dream board. Maybe I'm looking at 100 million dollar ranches. $50 million ocean estates, $5 million islands, I was just looking at one this morning for $5.6 million near my family, my parents for about 30 minutes away like an island. You know, it's a pretty cool place. But I'm not interested. But I just love looking at it to see what's available. What's in the market. What are people buying it? Right? If you're new, you can always track deals go in investor marketplaces. And what I mean by that is a lot of investors are in these markets. Typically, they're not in the million dollar houses. That wouldn't be a lot of investor bars. That's not an investment market go work. Houses are average 100 200,000 rents 1000 to 3000 a month. These are good investor markets. So if you're scared to pay attention, you could literally identify a house. Hey 123 any town Street? Okay, cool. It's a three bed two bath. It was listed on the MLS for 100,000. It closed out, you know, 90 days later for 86,000. Cool. You can start learning I mean, this is all public knowledge, public data, right? Go online, go to land glide, it's $100 a year for that product. You can see what they bought it for. Actually, you don't have to pay for it. Go on the local county auditor's website and just track assets. I don't recommend on us a whole lot because I don't want you to be a tracking genius without executing anything. I don't really do that. But you could write if you're scared to make moves. But I promise you if you see those houses and say We Buy Houses call those people those are investors selling discount assets, typically, not all of them they try to Buffalo people but like get to know who they are get to know who the players are in the investment community, not retail community.

Don't call your cousin that sells real estate on the you know, one deal a year to you know, whatever up someone moving in from out of town, go to real estate networking events, go to real estate investment boards online, in your local market that you're trying to invest in and start talking to people what are they working on? Where are they at? What kind of product did they deliver? Are they wholesalers? Are they investors? Are they investor agents like what do they do get to know people? That's the game you're in? That is the game you're in is relationship capital, I talk about it every day. And I will never not talk about it because it's so powerful. So that's my take on real estate. It's a very mazing opportunity every day is an amazing opportunity. If you know what you're doing. That's the secret. You got to know what you're doing, what you're looking for, and all that good stuff. So I would definitely want to make sure that you understand. That's the game and I want you to know I'm in this game. hang with you. Side by side with you when you're making offers. When you're analyzing a deal again, you'll get much quicker at it, the more you do it, just follow your rules that make you tick that make you move that get you to accomplish what you're trying to accomplish. Get excited about it. I want to talk about something coming up June 25, and 26th. The Birthday Bash is coming out. This is the unofficial launch. I haven't told anybody but you guys here, if you want to come it's $1,000 ticket. It's a steal of a lifetime.

That's a discount price. There will be more when we go to market. There's only 200 Tickets available. It will sell out very quickly. It's in Nashville, Tennessee, we will have amazing speakers, people that are actually in the trenches doing business talking about real estate talking about raising capital, talking about life growth, and we got some really cool stuff. I don't get too excited. But last year, we raised over $711,000 for charity at the birthday bash in 45 minutes. If you were there last year, you know what happened, it was absolutely epic and spectacular. I only have a link to send you. Because like I said, this is unofficial launch, I'm talking about it, probably my team's gonna kill me. But if you're interested in this, shoot me a message on Instagram at Mark Evans DM and just say Nashville, and I'll shoot you the details when they come available. But you will meet amazing people, my team, my family, a lot of cool stuff will go down there I got some really neat things I've never seen happen at events, I call them experiences because we will create an experience where there's going to be people that don't have money to invest. There's gonna people have opportunities to do and we're going to put something pretty special together. So hope to see you there in Nashville. So, again, I'm stoked I'm excited to be on this journey of life with you. I hope this helped. I hope this gave you some clarity of this let you know you're not alone. hope this gave you a kick in the pants. Stop sitting on the sidelines, the world does not need you to sit on the sidelines and wait for something that magical to happen. Just know you are in control of your destiny.

It's always a great time to buy real estate if you understand basic math in your numbers and you will absolutely go out there and crush it. I'm excited for you. And again just to be clear, this is not financial advice. I'm just sharing with you what I've done over the almost 28 years in the game of entrepreneurship real estate and business you are going to love it when you set yourself free and there's nothing cooler than seeing someone like do it I just bought my first property because I know what that means there's going to be many more on the backside of that so get out there kick ass and take names Keep me posted with your progress hope you have an absolutely amazing day and share the show connect with great people let me know how I could serve you I appreciate you make today count

37:43 discover freedom no question Warren Gibbons when he stepped in the Dow what's the deal maker a deal maker not just the deal maker dream made the journey we're in the process and the project was a while ago so I know how we come from a lot of money I remember as a kid wanting to make money pregnancy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.0 my principles and teachers are alive just to witness this somehow you're running into a big businesses walk away from me I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money chasing the purpose or getting my guess where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go. To push come to learn come to what I know and discover freedom. No question was Kevin's when he stepped into dow he knows what the deal maker, a deal maker. Just a deal maker, dream maker. The journeys where it's all about the process over projects a market is here. deal maker project

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