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Today, we're taking a hard look at AI and how it's impacting our businesses in ways you might not expect.

I've seen firsthand how relying on technology can actually hurt us instead of help. I'm sharing real-deal stories about why human touch is worth more than any fancy tech.

So, let's get into it and talk about keeping it real in a world obsessed with zeros and ones.

Show highlights include:

  • Is AI technology really just a distraction? [04:39]
  • This is the most valuable work you can do as a business owner. [07:00]
  • What do you want AI to do for you? [12:58]
  • How to close more deals [20:31]
  • What AI won’t do for you. [25:52]
  • This is your biggest enemy in relationship capital. [28:26]

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Welcome to the making of a dem Ma. If you're using AI, you're going to lose the game of relationship capital. This show is deep. It's raw. And it's real. So you better buckle up. And with that said, let's get started to know and discover freedom, no question why Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow tell him what to do Sam dealmaker a deal make the deal they dream.

0:43 Hey there, boy, Mark Evans, D Welcome to another of the making of a DM you are the deal maker and dream maker of your life. As I'm sitting here, a beautiful day in Florida, just dropped the kids off over at in our country club, they do a kid's camp. There'll be their next couple days just hanging out. But uh, I was thinking about you guys wanted to take some time here because I get so many questions about AI, using AI to follow up to create leads the right book, all this shit. We're going to talk a lot about that today. My thoughts on this. Today's a little bit of an unplugged session. I've been thinking about this. I had a couple conversations earlier today. And there's a lot of anxiety around it. And hopefully I can help you guys here a little bit. But as I'm sitting here, I just wanna let you guys know how much I appreciate you you as the listener knowledge going up learning the game bettering yourself. You know, maybe you could be watching TV, maybe you could watch it in sports, maybe you could be watching hanging out with your buddies getting a couple beers or whatever you guys do. There's a lot of things. I wish this existed. When I was in the game in the beginning or midstream shit, I still listen to podcast shows I listened over an hour today already on my walk. But as I'm talking to you, I just want to let you know, you know, we don't run ads here. I don't do an his goofy stuff. I simply just asked if you know someone or something that this information could help them. Or you want to plant seeds with him, share the show, connect with him like Yo, man, this DM guy, he's fucking crazy.

He's yelling around. But the shitty saying is real. It's authentic. It's genuine. He's coming from a good place. There's nothing to buy. Check it out, click here. You know, I do this with my wife and my buddies. I think I've told you guys this in the past. Like, if I'm listening to his show, and something hits, I pause it. I share the show via text or email and say, Hey, check it out. Minute 22 to 23. Very powerful statement thought mobile, what I'm trying to do is one, there's a lot of things out there, one you're sharing the show to you're actually planting the seed, let someone know that you're thinking about them. And intentionally, like oh, man, like you and I were just talking about this last week, check this out, this guy's saying the same thing. We're on to something or whatever. So don't underestimate the power of sharing the show. We could run ads, we could you know, send email. I mean, there's a million things we can do. And we do some of this stuff. But also sharing the show. There's someone out there that's sitting there thinking they're doing everything wrong, because they're watching these Instagram influencers that don't have DIC knowledge about business, but talking about business. And they're get they're being misled. So they think that they're doing everything wrong, and they're probably they're doing most of it right, they just need a couple edits, you could be the one to save them, you could be the one to help them. Not by knowing it. But by sharing it. It's very simple, very powerful, and actually is good positioning for you. So to let your buddies know like, Yo, man, I got your back. So today's a big day. Right. Like I said, let's talk about AI. The show might be five minutes might be 15 minutes or 50 minutes. I don't know, I just gonna I'm just gonna go unplugged as if you're sitting here in the office. And we're talking back and forth. So artificial intelligence. Everyone talks about this shit. I have partners and other companies.

3:50 I'm like, dude, cool. AI is cool. But tell me how much money you've made with AI. Tell me what it's doing and productivity for you and AI because I'm looking at the business numbers. Nothing's changing. Except all you do is fucking talking about AI. The only thing I see changing is the numbers are plateauing or going down because you're unfocused. See, the thing is once it's catchy, once everyone says the same shit, people tend to think the more they talk about it, the more it's going to work. That's not always the case. Actually, it's never the case, because you got to be focused. Now I'm not against AI 100% I'm just saying matter of when when are you plugging the shit in there? I personally never going to learn it to do it. But I'd hire people to do it. But I'm further down the path maybe maybe I've you know, almost 20 years in the game, have a couple of bucks. I could definitely hand it off, hire people to help me out, etc. I'm still not doing that shit truthfully. Because right now, in 2024 I think it's one of the biggest distractions that's going to hurt a lot of businesses. You're going to wake up if you haven't already woken up and say God dammit, I just wasted three months, three years 30 That whatever amount of time on his AI bullshit. Everyone's a technology. Dude, what does it mean? If you got it, what's it produce? So a lot of people are using AI bots to connect, communicate on social media, to create posts to create all this stuff. Cool. But the thing is, in business, I want you to I want like, I have a lot of bones to pick on this, but like AI and email, even in my business, I'm in the personal relationship business me, Mark Evans, I want to genuinely connect with human beings. If AI is connecting with you, let's picture you, you and I, you've been messaging me for three years, and I'm using an AI bot. And we're going back and forth. We're carrying on real conversation.

It's my voice. It sounds like me, it looks like me. But it's fucking AI. Three years later, you come to one of my birthday bash events you invest $1,000 or two thought whatever it is at that time. And you meet me, you know, dude, holy shit. Thank you so much. And I'm looking at you like, Who the hell's this guy talking to me? Right? Obviously, you're at the event. So you're there. But I don't know your name. I don't know your story. I don't know what we've said over the last few years, because it wasn't me saying anything to you. To me, that felt like a fraud. To me, that would feel like I let you down. To me that would feel like everything I've worked so hard, was lost in that moment, cuz you look at me, like, This guy's a fucking dick. He doesn't know me. I want you to put yourself out. I want you to stop and think for real? How would that make you feel? If I invested three years of my life communicating with someone? And I met with them and I felt like I knew them. And and again, I don't know everybody I communicate with that. 100% either. But I would know I would jog my memory. I remember the conversation and second and I'm like, oh my god, how's the kids mobile? What? Something like that, right? Or dude, you finally made it. I wouldn't know if you're in the system three seconds or 30 years, if it's running through AI, but I'd know if it was running through me. And I got a disclaimer, I respond to 100% all my DMs. Personally, I respond to all 100% of my emails, personally. It's me, me doesn't require more work. Yes. But this is the most valuable work you could do as a business owner, connecting with your audience, connecting with your contacts, connecting with the prospect connecting with the buyer. Now I'm not saying you have to do this stuff forever, and you should be on your phone. 24/7 It's not like that. You're gonna be sitting on the toilet 15 minutes a day. communicating and connecting. I know it sounds disgusting, but it's the truth. You do it. I know. We all do it.

You could be sitting there, lollygagging while the kids are watching TV on your phone, connecting, communicating, forging relationships, you probably have messages in your inbox right now that you haven't replied to your DMS that you haven't replied to. Because you're expecting some magical potion internet thing AI bullshit to come out and solve all these problems? Why do you want to solve the biggest thing that will serve your business connection? It's very strange to me that all these fucking people are pushing the shit to you. Don't fall for it. Do not fall for it. If you do, someone like me will take your company over, I promise you. There is no way you can compete with a guy like me that is genuinely connecting with the customers genuinely connecting and hearing and listening. And I'm talking in a high level service based industry, business agencies, personal brand businesses, blue collar style business, this is in the trenches in the ground. Now, if you're doing something on the internet, talking to a million people a day and blah, blah, whatever the shit those guys are doing. First of all, most of those fuckers don't even make net revenue. They're valued at crazy numbers, because that's just what they do. Right? I mean, dude, you guys have heard a Reddit Reddit in 19 years has never been profitable. And they just went public. All the founding members have made money, but the company has never made money. I don't know how that shit works. I know how to generate net revenue in a company in the first year. That's what I know how to do. And beyond. Right, not every year is perfect. But I can tell you right now, I don't understand San Francisco math. I'm using San Francisco, for example, right? These tech startups I don't I just don't get it.

So I don't invest in them. I don't understand how something's worth more money when it's not making any money. It's weird to me. But it works for them. It is I'm not judging. It's just that's it. I know what I'm good at. I know what I'm not. I'm not good at making sense out of something that doesn't make sense. Maybe it holds me back from making money, whatever. But for me, an AI use AI for creativity. Maybe maybe you're doing podcasts, maybe you're doing email marketing, maybe you're like, you know, chat GTB 434 10 100 whatever number is that today. I've personally never used it yet. Like I said a lot of my buddies and partners have but like let's say if you get stuck and you're like one thing I do think I think AI chat GPT will be really good for is how Being you are a user, ask better questions to learn how to ask better questions, because better questions equal better outcome? Hmm, I kinda sounds like life. Right? How to make $100 You'll find the answer. How to make $100 million? You seek that question, you will find that find that answer eventually. Right? I just talked about this today on my walk, walk, quick talk from the walk. I remember back in Ohio 1996. Man, I was sitting there, I was working. I look like 16 hours a day like clockwork. I was working hard. But my bank account wasn't matching my effort. And listen, I'm not judging, you know, I was in the game. And I wasn't going to stop. But I see too many great people too hardheaded to like, adjust accordingly. Pick your head up once in a while and, and ask a better question. Know that you don't know everything. But I was like, I was like, Dude, if I don't change my activities, my results will never show up. Right?

I haven't like I want to make more money, but doing the same things that they only can make so much money. See that I'm getting off track here. But AI is a distraction. AI is confusing. And it's a distraction. And no one really can put $1 amount to it. And I'm talking to hard working companies. I'm not talking, I said the tech stuff. You're a tech person. Congratulations. If you can help me with this. And change my mind. Please do. So. Please do so message me at Mark Evans, DM and Instagram or Facebook. And it will be me personally answering you even if it's your AI bullshit. But I will get in your AI funnel and pay money to solve this problem. I don't think it's a problem to solve for me. Actually, I know it's not. I'm not trying to solve a humanization problem. You know that we're in this big culture world where everyone's trying to do less and make more. I liked that concept. I understand that. But do less of certain things. Not everything. See, the thing is, is if you're letting go of the important pieces, right? If I'm letting go of relationship capital, because I'm utilizing AI, am I really building relationship capital? Or am I manipulating you thinking that you're talking to me? See, I see it as manipulation. And you can make some money doing that. But I'm not in this business of life just to make money. Let me just maybe that's why AI let that that's an interesting thought. I'm not in this just for money. I'm past making money, I will make more money, I want to make more money. But I'm not going I'm not willing to sacrifice one of my core values of being a great human connecting with great humans, intentionally and on purpose.

And me doing it myself. I love connecting with people. I love to solve problems that people are struggling with that I feel like I can solve through my journey of entrepreneurship and life. It's enjoyable to me. Some people are the opposite. Some people say fuck you, you're a number, stand in line, talk to my AMI and send me money. They both work. I like mine, because that's who I am. So at the end of the day, what do you want AI to do for you? Is AI, maybe data stacking, understanding what your customers are doing? By the way, this shits been existence forever. You know, when I was running the large real estate investment company doing single family, turnkey deals, we were one of the largest in the country, we were utilizing data sources to stack data against our buyers to understand who our avatar buyer was. So we take 1000 of our, say, 500 of our buyers, we would plug them into a system, we'd have full information on we know their name, we knew their addresses, we knew approximate how much they had to invest, we knew what they bought, we knew what kind of employer they were or owner, business owner, they weren't, we understood the data. And then we push it into a data company. And the data company would create an avatar like individual. So when we went spending money on marketing, we could attack that avatar, we could talk to the clients that we could serve. Keep in mind, we only we only did cash average deal was $75,000. So if you didn't have $75,000 in cash, we could not help you buy a house from us because we didn't do that type of deal.

Yes, there's companies that do financing we didn't we were very clear on what we did and how we did it. Again, that's the beautiful thing about that. But that's not AI. That's called Data stacking. A lot of people are confused AI data stacking, stacking with data and AI, dude, it's fun. All you're doing is stacking data. Now AI can help you stack it easier for people like you and I the not very technical, because you can plug this stuff in. But just so you know, like the you know, unless it's an isolated environment in AI, you know, there's things that can happen. Let me ask you a question to a lot of people writing books with AI. You know, there I saw some guy bragging about how he made 15 grand creating a book in AI. Okay, that's cool. I'm not knocking it. But don't you feel kind of weird by any bragged about how it only took 20 minutes to do this. By the way? Is it weird that you wrote a book and you plugged in information into an AI system to create a book that you can sell Have you feel good about that?

15:02 Maybe you do. I don't know. But again, I'm not trying to make 20 grand. I'm not trying to create a book. I don't know what the fuck the book says. I always have the saying just because you can sell it doesn't mean you should. Four years ago, I should have took that advice. I sold something and we sold a lot of it. But it blew up. Cost me millions of dollars, negative negative millions of dollars. Sometimes you gotta stop and ask yourself just because we can sell it. Does it mean we should sell it? Yes, it could come from good intentions. Yes, it could cover everything's proper. But sometimes there's uncontrollables that are out of your control that you're getting involved in. In AI. If you did that, okay. You make 20 grand. You created a book you sold it? What do you do next? Like, that's just a money grab. That's not building a business. See, maybe that's the difference. I'm building a business. And my business is relationship capital, brand, connecting, communicating, relating, understanding, helping serving. These are our core values, our core values, not like make money, do nothing. Enjoy life. I want you to go back to that last thing I talked about at the beginning. How would it make you feel few of us that three years of your life felt like you really knew me and I was connecting with you. And we were talking about good stuff. By the way I can do that. I'm sure of it, because I can find my voice that I've done tons, you know, hundreds and hundreds of podcasts, hundreds and hundreds of zooms and I upload all this information and find my voice and talk like I talk sound like I talk punctuate, like guys punctuate like it you wouldn't know the difference. But we met in that moment in person.

We would know the difference. I don't want to ever put myself in that position. Or someone that genuinely is connecting and investing their time with me. Money aside your biggest investment is your time even on this podcast show I'm very clear on I'm not here to waste your time ever. I want you to know I'm genuinely want to help you in every step of the way. Me personally, by the way, that fills my cup. Some people it doesn't. So maybe they use AI maybe there's a lot of stuff I could do better. And I'm not acting like I know everything here. But I do know this I know for a fact. No one would feel good. Meeting me three years later, knowing that you talk to AI at that moment. Thinking it was me. I wouldn't nor would you and we could brag about AI is so cool area so amazing. At that moment, game over I would recommend you never buy anything from anybody if that's happened ever nothing because to me that's fake. What else is fake? Just because they can sell it just because it works doesn't mean you should implement it I'm a good old fashioned guys keep mine I'm pre internet I used to go beat on doors get rejected get spit at get yelled at get chased out with guns. Sit down in houses full of roaches drink you know getting offered lemonade. I always said yes to it. Never drink it. Right. Never start a potential sales conversation with a no. Yes, I'd love to have a glass of lemonade. Thank you for asking. These are things you learned by being in the trenches communicating and connecting with great people. Just because they don't look like us just because they don't act like us. Just because they don't think like this doesn't mean they're bad people. And you're gonna thoughts toss them in the air? Is there a lot of wasted conversations? Well, if you look at it like that, yes. But I saw every conversation as an opportunity to to improve. I saw every conversation as an opportunity to learn how other people see things and understand to be open minded to see different points of views.

Ai doesn't do that AI is a one sided point of view is mine. Because it's my voice. It's me. I'm Jana, blah, blah, blah. When I'm sitting in that house, and that person is get the fuck out of my house. I don't like you. And you look at me say Okay, understood. Thank you for your time. I'm learning patience. I'm learning demeanor. I should have. The truth is that never happened again after that point. Why? Because I shouldn't even been in that house sitting down with them because I forced myself in the house almost. I use cool sales tactics to get in there. I kind of got myself killed. Because I could get in the door and sit at the table doesn't mean I should have. So you learn through these activities and actions. There's many things I'm like, Damn in the moment like I'm wasting my time. This is stupid. This is so dumb. There's got to be a better way. I'm not saying you shouldn't be thinking like this but also have the filter and the lens of why am I doing this? Me sweeping the floor every day. I can be be the most efficient, effective floor sweeper in the world. That's not going to get me to the end result. Yes, if there's a I could sweep a floor, amen for that. But when you start talking about connecting with humans, sharpening your AX, if you will, your skills of learning, you know, creating a silver tongue, if you will, which I do not have. I've just genuinely direct, straightforward. I say very stupid shit all the time. But it's who I am.

20:26 I'm there to help. I'm there to serve. I'm there to connect. Do you know how many deals I've not done? Do you know me deals when I'm on the phone, or in person back in the day? And you know, back in, you know, we did lots of real estate stuff. So you're dealing with grieving folks, because we used to do Sorry, the neighbor's dogs are going crazy. But we used to deal with people that, you know, their parents were passed, or their cousin or spouse or whatever. So we're dealing with grieving folks. Do you know how many times I was in that room? And again, sometimes I wouldn't know if I'm calling them out bounding or showing up to their house. It would just be a lead. But I'm meeting you know, hey, Nancy, how are you doing? You know, not so good. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. What's going on? Well, I just lost my grandparents three weeks ago. I hate to hear that. You know, Nancy, listen, what I have to say is nothing important like that. I'll get back with you later. In the meantime, sorry for your loss. I hope you have a great day, talk to you. I'd literally go straight to the truck. Either I or I'd call my assistant and say I'm sitting in front of Nancy's house at 123, Anytown street, I want to get flowers over to them immediately. Spend 50 to $100 for sympathy flowers, let them know we're thinking about them. I appreciate their time, blah, blah, blah, or whatever. And by the end of the day, they'd have them. I'm not there to sell them. I'm there to help them. Guess what, by me being a genuine human being. Do you think I did less deals or more deals in those situations? Because every other fucking sales guy or gal out there go hard calls on Get on? Why the week? Kick? Why they're down? Help them.

Wait, you just said kick while they're down? Or all this shit. But now you're saying help them? Well, well, you ain't helping them when they're distraught. When they're scared when they're frustrated when they're overwhelmed. All the Listen, I'm not saying you can't help people in these situations. But you got to be aware of this full situation understand how I can genuinely help them. And I'm not there personally to close someone in that situation. But what happened inevitably is by me sending flowers they actually would always call us back and say oh my god, thank you so much bla bla bla bla and often we would do deals with them because I created human connection a I may fake it and make it make may fill the consumer and guys listen, we know we're in a sick world. This true story I have a got a buddy of mine. He lives complex over from here in Florida. His girl his wife has a very large online influencer very pretty has all this cool stuff going on. They literally in him and I talked about this as I do. That's disgusting. They literally took her voice took her likeliness and turn it into AI. People pay a monthly subscription to date his wife on AI. And what's even more fucked up the individual paying noses AI. And my buddy, his girl and him are making six figures a month off of this disgusting tool. Listen, if that's what you want to do, I'm all for it. Whatever. It's not my wife. It's not my life. It is what it is. But how sick does one have to be to know that you're paying for a fake robot to act as if you're at your your relationship that you have a fake relationship with this individual? There's some weird shit going on. And there's a lot of money to be made on that. But that's not what I'm into for AI does it help you or hurt you? And like I said, I genuinely think if you're in the service based industry if you care about your brand, if you care about relationships, and you're in this game forever, which I am I've been at Forever I swear on my life you follow me? But the day I'm dying I will be thinking about you guys I will be thinking about people I'm connecting with I'll be sharing this information with my kids my grandkids I hope and my great grandkids even depending how long I live, I will be sharing with them about connecting with humans. I want my dream is always like when I my funeral ie my celebration of life. I want I want people waiting for days to get in there to see me because I like Dude, this fucking guy made an impact on me.

It's That's not easy. It's not convenient, very ever. Is it convenient? But it's worth it. It's worth it. You know how cool it is when I see my son and my my daughter with me and my wife and we're hanging out someone comes I was like dude, Evans you like three years ago you changed my life man. You know you message me You called me up. You spent 10 minutes with me on the phone. I message you randomly you have no fucking clue who I am. You say Dude, what's going on? You connected with me you got on the phone with If me, and you were right what you said, and at that moment, I changed my life. Now financially free. I have two kids, I'm married, and I've never been happier. I just wanna let you know, thank you. To me. That's why I'm doing this game. That fucker didn't give me any money. I had no motivation to make money. I just wanted to help him. Because you know, if I help him, and help hundreds of other people, 1000s of other people 10s of 1000s of people. Ultimately, the relationship capital always pays off. But when I'm laying on my deathbed, it's not like Fuck, man. I saw Johnny $17 free ebook, and I did. No dude, who did I improves, like, Whose life did I improve by my relationships? Whose life did I connect with human connection? That to me is what it's about. I just had a buddy, it's his birthday today mug shot him a video. By the way. Take five minutes today, right after the show. Take five minutes a day and grab your phone and shoot a video to three people you care about. There's my boy his name is Mark as was like Mark, happy birthday, man. Appreciate you hope you have an amazing day. This fucking guy is going through some real shit right now.

Not in his business business is crushing it, but his personal life. He has some real stuff going on. Can't talk about because it's personal. But it's not him. It's you know, someone has family. It's hard. It's sad. It's real. We went to lunch a couple of days, a couple of weeks ago, we sit down and we talking about it. I have no financial motivation with this guy. He has no financial motive. We're connected as humans. We're hard work and business owners with lots of responsibilities. Lots of cool things going on. Lots of real stuff going on. And we connect. Ai won't do that for you. It fills my cup. But I want you to take five minutes, three minutes, two minutes, shoot three videos. Hey, Bubba, blah, happy birthday, blah, blah. Hey, man, just thinking about you made such an impact on my life XYZ. Hey, Mom and Dad, I love you. I'm thinking about you. If you're lucky enough to do that, your mom and dad might not even be around. Do it to people you know, like trust, love. Want to connect with? Let them know you're thinking about them. If you're holding any stress, shoot these fuckers a video. Oh, no, I do. Listen, the past is the past man. We'll make it back on another one. Let's go crush it together. I'm here. If you need anything, I appreciate you. I respect you. Um, whatever. Just connect. When you do this life becomes more enjoyable. It's already hard enough. Unless you're not like me, where some days I feel like I'm by myself. I'm fighting this fucking battle.

I don't know why I'll keep going. But I'm gonna keep going. Ain't gonna quit. Ain't gonna push you through that stuff. The relationships that I build will Sunday talking to my m&a attorney about life. Connections. Like hey, man, I'm joining this club. Do you know anybody? He's like, Dude, I know three people and connect you right now. Raj, Kevin. Chris, Greg actually connected with four went above and beyond. Hey, I won't do that for you. Oh, by the way, Hey, man, I got XYZ going on. You want to connect with us? Here's where we're at. Here's what we're doing. Here's the day we go. You want to roll? Connection. Relationship capital depositing AI won't do that for you. I urge you to stop the bullshit of AI. If you're lollygagging around thinking about it, talking about it. Understand it's powerful in certain pieces. Never ever, ever, ever. Will AI replace a human relationship? A real one. One that matters. For both sides. AI is a manipulating tool. That's it manipulates information and humans for the benefit of one person another person. I want you to understand that AI is your enemy.

28:57 And I'm exaggerating a little bit but it's real. It is your enemy your biggest enemy and relationship capital. It will diminish your It literally will diminish your relationship capital on one encounter. When you come face to face with the human. Don't be that guy. Don't be that girl. Like I said, real business is not meant to be easy. If everyone would do it, who have the facilities was everyone do it? This is why everyone can't do what I'm talking about. Because they're so fucking worried about themselves. They're so worried about money that they don't understand the conversation I'm having with you right now. I promise you today. mark my word. You will never see AI plugged in to any of my shit none of my companies for human relationship capital ever. If you communicate with Mark Evans DM at on any platform ever that's me. You can ask my guy beacon that used he one day he went in my inbox sir fucking blown people up immediately. I'm like, Dude, if that ever happens again, you're out. We can't do that. I want to know you. I want to genuinely hear what you got going on. Now I don't mind beacon going in there and deleting, you know the spam that everyone gets the bullshit and all that you're looking for a closer call me now Hey man, you know, do Instagram videos, check it out he deletes that stuff or whatever I'm talking like you, you I really want to get to know you. These shows are for you. Do you understand like for real? This podcast show you're listening to right now. I could do this on AI. And I can literally buy back 3040 50 minutes of my time every single week minimum, not counting the thought time that it takes to create the show. Not counting the upload time not counting I'm spending 1000s of dollars a month to give you a free show to help you 1000s Plus, that site doesn't even include my time.

This is important to me to connect with you. After 160 170 shows I don't know how many I've done on DMA making a deal but I was doing I've been on podcast since 2015. For free, no sponsors. No AI real me saying stupid cuss words even though I say oh my thing don't cuss. I'm just talking to you from my heart. My soul, my gut, my realness. This is who I am. If you meet me in person, this is who I am. It's not like, Damn, dude, this is not the same guy. There's no one that's ever said wow, that's not the same guy I've met before. Online. What you see online is who I am in person and vice versa. I'm just good old hillbilly, that doesn't look like it. That will work hard. That wants more out of life that wants a better life to help you help me help my family just like you. Don't get googly eyed with AI. It will hurt your business. It will hurt your future profits, I promise. And you're better than that. Yes, it requires more. Yes, it requires more and you know, mindfulness, but that's what you're doing. You're built this is a rap. Do you think AI is gonna make a football player better? The AI can't run the play The I can't show up to practice the I can't make the do the proper eating the I can't do the you know the workouts. We must do the work to get the results we're seeking. I promise you. I beg you need to stop this AI bullshit. Only human connection piece. You must connect with humans, human to human. Your bottom line will your bottom line will grow astronomically forever. If you truly do this and believe this. I appreciate you. I'm thinking about you. I'm rooting for you. Message me at Mark Evans DM on Instagram. June 23 June 25 And June 26 in Nashville. If you're coming birthday bash shoot me a message on Instagram at Mark Evans DM say birthday bash I don't have tickets ready you don't have a website ready? Nothing's ready. Message me I'll get you on the list. I'll connect with you see what your goals are. I got you. I'm thinking about you. Let's crush it together. Hope to see you June 25 and 26th in Nashville Tennessee. So with that said

33:18 I'm here to help and teach you what I know and to discover freedom to read no question Warren Gibbons when he stepped in the Dow what's the deal maker a deal maker not just the deal maker dream the journeys were in the process and the project was a while ago so I know how we come from a lot of money I remember as a kid wanting to make money pregnancy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.0 my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this somehow you're running into a big businesses walk away from me. I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money your money you're chasing the purpose or game where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go. To come to learn come to
what I know and discover freedom. No question was Gavin's when he stepped into Tao
what the deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker, dream maker. The journeys where it's all about the process over projects, a market is here. dealmaker FileMaker.

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