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Today, I'm getting real about that all-too-familiar feeling of trailing behind in business and in your personal life. I'm going to talk straight from the heart about why dinner time should be sacred—no phones, no distractions—just you and your family.

Let's chat about how those rough patches can actually drive you to do better and grow stronger. Forget about waiting for the perfect moment; it's time to step up and make things happen.

Ready to kick things into high gear? Hit play and let's roll.

Show highlights include:

  • Are you ready to grow your business and connect with great human beings? [03:31]
  • Do you ever feel like you're constantly falling behind in your life and business? [6:54]
  • How to use that chip on your shoulder to find growth [9:25]
  • Stop with the comparison syndrome and start auditing your thoughts. [15:00]
  • Why mindless screen time can be a threat to our mental health and productivity. [20:30]
  • How to manage that feeling of being behind. [30:47]
  • Commit to daily growth. [35:29]

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Welcome to the making of a DM Ma. Do you ever feel behind in life and business? Well, if you do, this show is for you. So with that said, let's get started help and teach you what I know and discover freedom. No question Warren Gibbons when he stepped in the Dow. What's the deal maker, a deal maker. I'm not just the deal maker, dream maker.

0:37 There, it's your boy, Mark Evans, D. Welcome to another making of the DM podcast show. Coming to you from Parkland, Florida beautiful day, overlooking the course that I never play. And watching all these guys chase that little white ball not knocking it. It's just, it's a big commitment for me. And in the season of life I'm in. And I'd rather be out there with my son playing and all that, but they're getting ready to go to school today, as I'm talking to you, as you know, or may not know, we homeschool. We have a teacher come here every day, Monday through Friday from 9am to 1:30pm. In their work with Mark, Andrea, she does I should say, and it's amazing. I'm always I'm always like asking myself, and I'm trying to understand why anybody that has any sort of financial means, specifically, you know, because it's not cheap. It's not the most, you know, economical thing necessarily. But homeschooling to me has always been a thing always will be a thing. It's not popular. It's way more popular actually now than it's ever been. But I don't believe in the school system, the way it's run. And as you know, these precious kids, once they hear it, they can't unhear it once they see the goofiness they can't unsee it. I mean, the last thing I'd want is my nine year old son, eight year old son coming in saying, Dad, Nancy posted a cat box because she's now a cat. Like, I would end up in a lot of trouble. So we'll get started here today. But that's my my quick rant, I guess. You know, if you have any questions about homeschooling, feel free to reach out to me, I'll look you up with someone that's helped me put that all together. Because it does require a little bit of insight, some effort. But guys, that's our children, we only got one shot at it.

We don't want to screw it up and be a victim. So if you ever need help with that, let me know. So here's what we got a lot of good stuff going on a lot of crazy stuff going on. But this show is growing. Every day it grows, which I want to say thank you to you guys, if you're brand new, listening to the show, let you know like this is a real raw, intimate, if you're sitting across from me, as I'm talking to you, I'm at my desk in my office here at the house, I got these two amazing leather chairs sitting across from me. It says if you and your partner or you and yourself are sitting there, and we're talking shop, I would talk to exactly what I'm talking now maybe not as aggressively but I'm talking to myself in these shows. And I genuinely know there's so much bullshit online. On social media. There's a lot of you guys that follow a lot of the wrong people not because you want to because you don't know better. And my goal is always to be honest, real and genuine with you. I have nothing here to sell you. The only thing I offer is a thing called the DMO Alliance. It's $1,000 a month I help business owners, grow their business, get organized and connect with great human beings. It's an amazing network of people. I utilize it daily. I know many of the members do every day. So just a badass group of people have dealmaker community. And that's it. I don't have anything else. But I do have this.

All I ask is that you share the show, if you're like on a walk on a treadmill, driving or whatever. And if something I say makes an impact in you or makes resonates with you or that makes sense. I want you to always be thinking about your friends, colleagues, family members, etc. People you're having challenges with or growing with. And if I'm saying something, I'm really I can relay the message for you. I can plant the seed for you. Maybe you don't know how to say it. Maybe you understand I guess that's what I want to say. That's what I've been saying. It's who I am. Let this crazy guide me be on the other line and plant that message with your buddy with your spouse, with your friend or whoever. Let's share the show. And what happens. You know, I share shows all the time I listen to podcast shows as well. And I'll listen to it. I'm like, Man, that's a good one from my boy, Patrick. And then I'll shoot them a quick tax that share show button. You share it via tax. It's like hey, Patrick, dude, this one hit hard. Listen to minute 20 to 22. Naturally, they might go directly to that, but if they liked the sound of it, they feel like it hit home. They're gonna start listening to the show a lot more. You see I don't spend money on ads. I don't get paid to run ads here. I want to bring high value high quality content to you directly in your ear. I don't shoot videos here. I'm sitting here in my shorts and a T shirt. This is my life. You know it's not video worthy, if you will. I don't care about that.

If I care about impact, and I want to impact you, the listener, so I hope that comes across genuine and real because it is, and please share the show. It helps me you know, there's there's an entrepreneur, a real entrepreneur, it's out there falling some dipshit online thing, and they're going the right path. But the problem is with that they don't know until it's too late. They don't know until they've lost all their money. They don't know until they got in a bad partnership. They don't know if they got until they did something that they shouldn't have done. So get in a row environment, like the DM community here, and let's start the process. So with that said, let's get started here. Just getting back. We headed over to Naples for the night. Actually, recently, my wife's cousin passed away, unfortunately, it's part of life. It's, it's part of the game, he had brain cancer. And, you know, I don't know about you, but if I have something like that he has been kind of laid up for a minute. It's like, I want to just go as fast as possible and peacefully as possible, less pain on myself and the family. And, you know, if you've had a loss recently are you think about these losses? I want you to understand, that's going to be us one day, you and I, and we will be dying. It's the only way out for all of us. There's no no one's escaping that exit. And for some odd reason, we live in a world where these fucking people, most people think that they're going to live forever.

You don't have to listen to me just watch the React, the way they act, the way they react, what they talk about what they think about what they worry about. These are things that like, it's like, dude, literally, life still goes on. So he passes away. Dina's cousin and life goes on and back in the office work in the in his mother's doing her thing with you know, Dina's doing her thing. We're all doing our things, not say what he's not missed, not say we're not thinking about him. But life continues with or without us. And we have to be conscious of that. Because today's topic, I want you guys to think about this. It's because it's not, you know, if you're an entrepreneur, a true a real fucking entrepreneur, not so Mickey Mouse, want to be Instagram entrepreneur, I'm talking to real entrepreneur, we're gonna talk about a real subject today that I've coached, and worked with many, many, many, many 1000s of entrepreneurs in my life. And it's something we all deal with. But have you ever felt behind in life and in business? Do you constantly feel behind in life in business? Right? So and I'm talking like, do you feel anxious? Do you feel insecure? Do you doubt things, and I'm not here to scare you guys. What I'm here to do is I don't know any real entrepreneur that doesn't constantly feel behind the eight ball that doesn't constantly feel like I can do more, I can be better. I remember, you know, I do events once in a while. And I did a two day event at the office. It's like, five, six years ago. And I do this, by the way, at every event, if I'm ever speaking of event, or hosting or whatever, but I take a real self assessment of my experience my event, as soon as I'm done, literally, nanoseconds, after I'm done. My brain, I'm like, shit should have said that shit. I could have done this better.

Shit, I got to stop cussing so much. I gotta say, like, you know, I'm starting to analyze it. And I'm gonna sit down. If I don't an event, I sit down with my team. And we create a report like, what could we done better, right. And a lot of this shit is like nitpicky stuff, but it's stuff that drives me nuts. Because I constantly want it to be better, not just for me, but for the users, the folks that are there, the folks that are investing their time, I don't care about the money, the money's just part of the transaction, money, we can come and get back and forth. But time I don't want to waste anybody's time. Even on the show. You're not paying anything to be here, you're investing your time, your time is worth way more than your money will ever be. Right. So because once you hear this, it's gone. Money, you send me $100 And I send you 102 back, we send three bet, like we can make more money, lose more it is what it is. It's just money. So I do a document, I sit down, say, hey, upon entry, I want these three things here. Here's what I want to look like. And I want them to think touch, feel, see smell, right. And I do this with everything I do experiences when you walk in. It's almost like I sit here, I grab a cigar. And that's got about an hour hour 20 minutes smoke depending on how aggressive I'm smoking. And I'm going to write notes that I'm going to like, you know, when they walk in, I wanted to see this, I wanted to smell this, I want it to look like this.

I want the lights to be dead. I want this to happen. I want this sound to be on excetera right. I want the experience. I want people to see and feel and touch and smell with all their sensories where they literally they don't even know what's happening, but it's happening. So I'm very hard on myself with these things. I do this with my wife, I do this with my kids. I do this with my friends. I do this with my family. I do this with my business. I do this with my event, I do it with everything. And if you're like me, which you probably are if you're listening to the show still you always feel like you can do better. Meaning you're behind the eight ball and you're feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, your fucking team calling you all the time like dude, what's going on? Man? I need help. That's a whole nother story. Maybe we'll get to that later today or another show. But I can promise you this true entrepreneurs and I've been a real entrepreneur my entire life. Right like real, not fake made up one Want to be? You know, I used to have the, you know, everything I've wanted was materialistic initially because that's poor. But everything I've had been able to achieve that many times over and beyond and now once you can get it it's like whatever I'm here to make impact impacted people's lives impacted my life impact on people's lives I care about and impacting people's lives. I don't even know yet. Ie you haven't meant you probably probably, you know, if I saw you sitting beside me, I wouldn't even know. That's not a bad thing.

That's what this game is about. But again, anxiousness insecure doubt, you know, but I want you to think about this though out loud in your head. What's the opposite side of this feeling? You could be like the majority of the world and be some fucking dipshit sitting around doing nothing. Thinking The world owes you everything. Wonder why it's not easier and you ain't even doing anything? And you're sitting here like, do you don't understand, man, I work so hard. I put in so much time. Newsflash, real business entrepreneurs. Don't give two shits about how much time anyone's ever put in. No one cares. We care about results. Right? So we're very result focused. They're very time. By put my time and focused, these are two drastically, drastically different objectives. You and I probably like when we're sitting in class, back in the day in school, you know, from whatever, eight to 3pm we're sitting there counting down the time. I'm like, why the fuck am I in here seven hours a day when I could knock this shit out in an hour a day. I got shit to do. That's how I felt in school. My whole life, by the way, as a child as a fifth grader, fourth grader, I'm like, why are we in here? What are we doing? Let's get this shit done. Let's go play. Let's go hang out. Let's go be creative. Let's go create something, right? Let's go get to work. I'll go pick up. I'd rather pick up trash outside of the school than the sentence I'm fucking dipshit class talking about nothing about nothing. Right?

Listen into a teacher that doesn't even want to be there. Not all teachers, but a lot of them. Right? And again, I'm not. This is just the way I tick. And I don't care if this is you or not. But I would assume most people listening to me, this is you. So the side of this coin is this. This is why masterminds and networks in groups of people that talk like you. And I think like you and I are so important. Because you realize that you're not some fucking weirdo. You know what I mean? Like, you are normal. In my world, you're very normal. It's frustrating. It's overwhelming. It's exciting. But yet, this is the life we've been handed. This is what we were going to do with it. You know, I'm going to do and make the most of it. I'm gonna help more people and accomplish a lot. Maybe you've had these challenges maybe this has come about? Because maybe you had some, you know, I like to use negative energy for growth. Right? Maybe your ex told you you're you're a loser. Maybe your mom and dad said your mountain nothing. Maybe your best friend, that's not your best for anymore said you're a fucking dummy. You know, whatever, whatever it is, we have something to prove ie chip on the shoulder, right? I liked the chip on the shoulder. I went had an x ray done about six weeks ago. And they said, Hey Mark, you have a permanent chip on your shoulder. It's never coming off. And I agree with it. I do have a chip on my shoulder of life. I saw the way my mom and dad were treated as employees. And I will never ever, ever, ever, ever treat employees like that they were treated. They're treated like mules and dogs.

And the more they did, the more they got given to him. And it just was not the plate. I remember this very distinctly as a child. I wrote about this in my book called magician verse meal. It drives me every single day. When I start feeling like a little lazy. I start I use that energy, negative energy. Right? Or you got these dipshits online everyone talks about, oh Yo, man, there's so many shit talkers online. Well, most of the time, people ask me about shit talkers. They're not talking shit. They're talking facts. You're just too dumb to see that they're talking about facts. You think they're dumb about their shit talk and No, dude, they're calling you out on your own BS, right? So it's like, you got to have self reflection, you got to understand like, man, maybe they're right, maybe there's some validation to this, maybe, maybe there's something here. And then you're gonna use that as fuel and say, you know, fucking whatever their handle is, you know, Roman giant 123. You know, whatever, at Gmail, or Yahoo or Instagram. Maybe they have something here. When you're going to reflect and you're like, Okay, I'm gonna fix that, again, constantly improving, but don't use it as a victim mindset use it as improvement. And as we're on this journey, I love negativity. I love death. As drivers, they drive me I know, I'm going to die. I've had lots of negative shit happened to me, and I'm going to use it as fuel. Right? These are great tools to tap into. This is something you should be thinking about all day. I'm not sitting around thinking about negative shit. But when I'm sitting here, getting up at four in the morning, and I don't want to work, I'm sitting here thinking about everyone's going to take this from me. Someone's coming after me. Someone's on my foot. You know, my heels.
That you know, the game is getting changing. You know, like, whatever, like, Dude, it motivates me. I'm going to prove Matt wrong. I'm going to prove Steve wrong. I'm going to prove like because again, I'm not going anywhere except up I'm going to keep pushing this game forward to levels I don't even know it's possible. I'm going to fucking drive and push higher, great mentors to show me the light to show me another level and all this shit, right? So, when you feel behind in life in behind in business, I have a thing I call thought auditing. I want you to get this shit on paper. Because if it's not on paper, it's stuck in your head, and it's just rolling around in circles. So on your thought audit for your business, let's talk about business first. Why do you feel behind the eight ball? A lot of times the reason most people genuinely feel behind the eight ball is because they're paying attention to too many people with where they're at or what they think they're at, because they're on social media. You're getting overwhelmed. You're doing comparison syndrome, right? You're comparing? You're like, well, Mark's got 17 cars, why don't only have two will do. I'm not playing the card game, you're playing the card game. So you might get overwhelmed with that thinking you're behind the eight ball. I'm not even playing the game you're playing. Not judging it just that's what happens, right? Well, I want this I want that Steve has that he's only 27 I'm 32 bla bla bla bla, no one gives a shit. The funny thing about this is and genuinely I think I have a massive advantage compared to younger people listen to my voice is lifestyles. And the rich and famous was my social media. I only met one guy that had a Ferrari 308.

When I was a child, he owned a huge pizza shop up in Columbus, Ohio, talk to him. He was an awesome guy. I made it made sense in my head that one day I could be this guy because I always thought the way I was trained people that have nice cars do bad shit. And they're bad people and they're not nice, and they steal and they take and they're not givers. Well, this guy was everything of that. He was a great giver, a great guy that helps people employed lots of people, great stuff to the community. He was just a good dude, I met him. I talked to him as a child. And I made up my mind that I don't give a fuck what anybody says about wealthy people driving nice cars, I'm going to be the nice guy, the wealthy guy, the giver, and all these things I made, like I might have been 12 years old. So I made a decision that day, that all the bullshit around me was all lies that was coming from their point of view that they've given up on their dreams, their goals, and maybe they had one bad experience with someone that they thought had money. And now, all of a sudden, they just pile it on everybody else. But I want you to get your thoughts out I want you to thought out on business on picture a piece of paper draw a line down the middle on the left hand side say biz. On the right hand say say life. What do you feel behind on? Do you feel behind on your inch? You know, your, your finances? Do you feel behind on your KPIs? Do you feel behind on your business growth?

Do you feel behind on your exit plan? Do you feel about like there's so many things people can fall behind on? Right? It's endless for people like us because we are pursuers we pursue to be better every day. And then on the personal life, right? I have something going on actually, tomorrow night. I have a dinner meeting, I haven't had a fucking dinner meeting. And I don't even know how many years I have a guy in town I've been wanting to meet, I really prefer to eat with my family at home, I don't really leave the house a whole lot. I want to hang out with my family, I want to be a part of their lives. I want to hang out and have these dinners with my kids. Because when they turn 1617 1819 like these, I'll never have this kind of chance, where I actually control their time when they have to sit down and eat dinner with us and talk. Hey, Mark, what's your five things you love about your life today? Hey, Dina, what's going on, you know, family stuff, that's when I feel behind the ball. I actually already feel anxious, leaving my family. And this may sound silly to you, depending on what you do every day. But I love being around my family. I love it. It's enjoyable to me. It's what I've worked so hard to accomplish, to be able to have the time to make the roles that I want. I am stepping out of my roles on this one. Because again, you don't have to be 100% on this stuff. It's just this is a really cool experience guy I'm getting ready to hang out with. We're working on some neat things. And I'm excited for what the opportunities is. So what I do, I weigh out the risk reward. What's the risk and going well, I risk not having dinner with my kids.

Obviously, that's not a huge risk, not the end of the world. It's one dinner out of many, I hope. But the opportunity is pretty big. It's just it's the only time he has available these two guys. And we're getting both in the room. This is something has been in the works for many, many, many, many months too. So we're all being flexible. I prefer to meet in the daytime. But you know, noon. Let's meet at noon. Right? And then we get done at one 130 boom I'm back because we're out of school, we hang out go to the pool, go out hit golf balls and all that. That's the season of life I'm in. So you just listening to me you might get anxious, you might fall behind a ball say fuck I wanna hang out with my kids, blah, blah, but we'll do. I'm not saying you can or can't. I'm just saying. It's all timing. It's all seasonal. You got to remember though, just to be clear, this is one thing social media doesn't understand. Or most people watching Social Media understand. I have almost 28 years in business life you might be Three years into it, a three year game versus 20 year game is drastically different. And I'm not judging it is what it is. But, you know, what I wish to do in my life is take my 20 years and show you how to condense that and accomplish that life in five to seven years. Right? Instead of 28 years. You know, I haven't done everything perfect. I haven't done everything right. I've messed up some big business moves. I've done some really cool things as well. But again, from my experience, guys, like you and I, and gals, whatever, we don't focus on what we've done, good, we focus on what we can do better. It's a way different mindset.

So with your family, how can you improve with how can you improve relate conversations and relationships with your spouse? How can you improve communication with your children? One thing I'd like to tell all of you guys, and this is the truth and not and again, this is observation in reality, we have a massive problem going on in this world. Lazy fucking parents, ignorant, lazy parents. And what I mean by that, and I hope you guys aren't this, but if you are, you have to course correct this ASAP. Your children are zombies and it's your fault. I literally walk into a restaurant, I see people literally boom, slam a phone down. Turn on a goofy ass cartoon. It's not even a cartoon. It's a YouTube station with a you have no control what they're saying. And then they just feed them like a zombie. While mom and dad's chit chat and the kids are like, like, Dude, it's fucking dinner time, deal with it. If they cry, don't go to dinner elite stay at home any right? Teach them social skills, teach them why we're here. You understand you're sitting there with your child to have an amazing dinner. I don't care if it's fucking grilled cheese mac and cheese, chicken tenders or steak. It doesn't matter. This is 2030 minutes or an hour of your life where you can sit down and actually reset, recalibrate, connect conversate and quality time that literally once that you understand that you're you're allowing your fucking kids to do this. This is going on everywhere. By the way. It has to stop. It has to stop. What kid in the right mind wouldn't want that. There Guys, it's a drug to them. You're creating, you're giving them drugs. Like literally, I feel like it's child abuse. Adults have the problem, let alone a child that doesn't like understand the difference.

Let's be honest, you're better than that. And if this is you, I'm talking directly to you stop being a dipshit. Stop being a fucking lazy parents and step it up. And if your spouse is allowing it, fucking address it with them ASAP, and step it up. Because I see some people that one spouse doesn't want it in the other. And then the weak spouse always allows it will do step it up. This is your child's life. Your job is to protect these little shifts. That's your job. It's a gift to have these kids treated as so. And I see too many of you here willy nilly. Actually, this just happened. My son and daughter here at the club went to a Friday Movie Night. It's a Friday Movie Night. There's 1520 kids in the room. At least three quarters of them have a cell phone or an iPad or a gaming console in their hand. At a fucking movie night. It's disgusting. So disgusting. I'm gonna make a huge fucking scene about it today.

23:20 Guys, we must stand our ground you must understand our job is to protect our children. Listen, I don't know what's on these gaming consoles. I don't know what these kids are watching on YouTube. I know if I was seven, 810 12 years old. I would be watching stuff that probably my parents wouldn't want me watching. Especially when I'm in an environment that I want to be tried to be cool in. Hey, Susie, Johnny, hey, check out these Oh my god. Again, once they see it, they can't unsee it. Our job. Our duty is to protect this is stuff that I see a lot of you behind on this stuff, by the way to me is way more important than any fucking business talk we could ever talk about. Because these are things if you do it right with your family, you're going to carry this shit over into your business. I have a situation going on in one of my businesses right now. This guy literally fucking hangs out and talks to everyone like he's in a fucking salon. Yo, dude, this ain't salon time this is work and you're like, get shit done time. Don't talk to other people get the work and talk to the people you need to be talking to. I don't give a fuck what you did over the weekend. Talk about that at lunch. But this guy likes to walk around the office talking to people chit chat and he's a chatty Cathy. Well, listen, people are messy. I don't go to the office, but people are messaging me now. Like go do this guy's nice guy. But he's fucking annoying me. I got shit to do. He clearly doesn't. Even though he does. So these are things that carry over. You gotta have uncomfortable conversations. As a real entrepreneur. My job isn't about its business. The Oh dude. Just a heads up. This is fucking go time when you're in this office. Do you think Tom Brady stuff on the football field, wondering what he's going to have for fucking dinner tonight? Who's gonna hang out with tomorrow? No, he's there to play and win the fucking game. Period. Every day you walk into your office every day you get on like, get in there. It's go time work your ass off. See, again, this is the difference with true entrepreneurship. Verse want to be entrepreneurship wannabes. like to talk about what they're going to do true entrepreneurships, get in there and get the job done.

I don't care if it takes a minute, or 1000 minutes, did the job get done? Yes or no. Because what you're going to do as you journey through this game, you're going to become more efficient, more effective, right? That's your job. And the higher you get up the totem pole, you're getting paid on value, not time, keep mine you got I got 28 years of time. So my value is time necessarily, but also experience of implementing. A lot of people don't pay me for what I know about growing a business, they pay me for how to protect the growth of their business to way different animal. I know how to do both. Not all verticals either. But I'm good in certain area areas, right. But there's great people in all these environments, you can hire consultants for all types of stuff, from marketing, to sales channels. I mean, it's endless. We go on and on about this, but I want you to understand this. You must thought audit these things on a consistent basis. Piece of paper lying down the middle, there's on the left life on the right, where am I feeling behind on? And then that's the start. Second side of this is okay, now that I fell behind on it, what's Action Plan am I going to do? And if you're like me, you try to do them all at the same time. That's not how it really works in real life. Pick one or two. And let's address it. And let's start doing baby steps. What I like to do is I call them daily deposits.

And then what this does, it's gonna start building your confidence in the action. Right? Your kids, you don't have to cut them cold turkey with these gaming consoles at dinner. You got to start opening up a conversation. Hey, son, by the way, this is what I do. Hey, son. Hey, Drea my daughter's Draya my son's mark, Mommy and Daddy's job is to protect your brain to protect you. Right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good. When, during that course of protection, there's some things you're not going to like mom and dad doing. You're gonna get mad. You're gonna frustrated you're angry. But guess what? I don't care. I hear you all acknowledge it. But my job is to protect you, right? Yep. Good. start planting the seeds. Because when that conversation gets brought up, you got to let them know that their precious little brain is precious. And our job is to let them know is like there's a time in the place for consoles. There's a time and place for gaming or whatever that shit is. And it sure the hell is not at dinner table. A shirt now is not at lunchtime. It's a shirt now it's not at breakfast. Like you are not a zombie in this game. Not on my dime. Not on my time ever. And bite Well, well, Johnny does it I don't give a fuck about Johnny, his mom and dad are wrong. His mom and dad are hurting Johnny. And when you hang out, Johnny, let Johnny know.

We're not allowed to do that. This is the shit you need to be teaching your children. I don't care what age they need to understand mom and dad's doing this to protect them and help them not hurt them. Because when you start swiping that thing away, depending how crazy you've been with it, you're you're gonna get a lot of pushback. So address it accordingly. If they're getting some of you guys, honestly, it's sad. They're getting unlimited screen time or whatever. It's disgusting. Step the fuck up. You got to let your kids know. It's limited. Here's what you get. No more, no less. Now listen, if you want to be the parent that allows them to earn it. Earn time. That's cool, too. If you want to like, do you guys. Overall, it's just a lot of people aren't paying attention to this. And I don't know why. Don't have to believe me. Go out to any dinner. Go out anywhere. Watch people watch their app. They have their face in the phone 24/7 I was on a flight back from Dubai. And literally a grown ass man beside me for 16 hours. 16 hours. All he did is scroll up and down like tick tock Instagram, Facebook, YouTube shorts. That's all he did for 16 hours. Do you tell him what productive you could be? What are you looking at? What are you doing? What is on that phone that is more important than that moment in your life that you could become a better human being that I was watching, he wasn't looking at anything that's worth anything. But you guys are so oblivious. Most people are just so oblivious to what they're doing. They're feeding their mind full of bullshit. Listen to medication companies love you.

30:15 Because you're gonna be on all kinds of meds in no time flat, anxiety, frustration, right, ADHD, I mean, it's unlimited. And now they get you all juiced up on the ship, now they own you, control you. And you're allowing it. So if you feel behind in life in business, what I'm really saying is, that's a good thing, especially if you're aware, especially if you're in an environment of people like me, and such where we know this is part of the game, we live this our life, right? Yesterday, I was in Naples. And we're at the pool hanging out. And I have some big projects going on. Actually, this week, some real big stuff happening. I started getting a little overwhelmed. And I had to make a decision. Hey, baby, you got the kids because they're playing with the kitty slide. You had two kids, I got up to the room for an hour, I got to do a couple things. Of course. It's called communication. It's Sunday, I feel behind. I'm getting overwhelmed. And listen, it's a gift that we feel this way treated us. So it is a gift. I don't always want it. But when it comes up, there's a reason our job as entrepreneurs and business owners, lets I have so many people that rely on me to be present, that rely on me to do the work that rely on me to do my best. And you do too. You do too. If you're a one man show, it's coming. You're building up the muscles for the future self. Eventually, you're gonna have many employees, many staff members, many 1090 nines, many families that rely on you for your actions. The truth is I could sit at the pole, and no one would really probably more likely not even know the difference. But I would, I would, I wouldn't feel good about myself the rest of the day. So what I did, I got to the room, I made one call and did three things on the line. And I felt 1000 times lighter. And then we went over to my mother in law's we had Sunday dinner with the fam, hung out, jumped in the car drove an hour and a half home.

And I felt good about that. But if I'd avoided that one hour, I'd have been way behind. I'd have been overwhelmed for the rest of the day. See, the thing is you don't you're not you don't feel behind and overwhelmed the entire day. Typically, it's these moments. And that's what I went in. I went in I said, Hey, do I need to make an effort to make a one hour deposit? So I was telling myself anyways, I have to go make a one hour deposit into this business, in my business and in my life and am I you know, whatever. And I gotta get upstairs, I gotta I gotta work, why they're playing, why they're hanging out why they're enjoying the sun. None of that stuff matters to me. I'm gonna get to Sunday later, because again, I'm at that point, I'm starting to become not present in the situation. Dina was cool with it. The kids called me an hour late dad you coming down to have lunch with us? While we're actually gonna go to Nani's Baba blah, and then they come up and boom, we're good. Communication is key, clear communication with yourself first and foremost. And then communication with your spouse, etc. All this shit comes down to communication. Right? But feeling behind using these tools, going out and implementing it. When do you feel the most behind in the morning? In the afternoon in the evening? A lot of you guys aren't doing the work in the evening after hours. Right? I was talking with my son last night about this. Because I told him I'm like, Mark, I need you to step it up. I need you start reading more books. Dad.

I don't like reading. I don't like reading either. But I love the outcome. Mark, do you want more out of life? Mark? Do you wanna be smarter? Mark? Do you have a better life? Yes, cool. Do hard stuff. Have easy life? Do easy stuff have hard life? Real simple. But what do you want to do? I want to do hard stuff and have an easy life dad. Right? This is stuff that I have to save 7000 times, by the way, doesn't get off the out of the gate, repetition, consistency. But I've read 1000s of books, I've listened to 1000s of hours of podcast shows 1000s of hours of audiobooks and continue to do so. And you should too. I'm doing that throughout the day. If I have time. I'm going to every morning I listen to at least an hour of audio of some sort podcast, or book or some topic that I'm trying to learn more about minimum during my Walk Run minimum an hour. And then you know what are you doing in the PM? What are you watching? What are you consuming? If you get up early this morning, I was up at four ish. What are you consuming? Are you reading? Are you addressing stuff? Or do you don't think like, again, we have these moments where we're behind the eight ball we feel very anxious audit. Why do you feel that way? Ask yourself the next question. What do I need to put in place to not feel so overwhelmed here? Who do I need to put in place not to feel so overwhelmed here? You start looking at this game a lot different it's not about you. It's about all of us. It's about the full picture. Right.

When you start getting so focused, overwhelmed, it's because you're so focused on such a very narrow path. broaden your horizons, broaden your lenses, get a wider view, understand what you've done, how far you've come, where you're going, you should feel overwhelmed. Because you have big dreams, big goals like me, I get it. Could you imagine, like I said, if you don't have goals don't have dreams don't have all, like you're hanging out thinking the world's going to take care of you, your font, you're screwed straight up. That's not you. That's why you're still here. So I want you to know, be making daily deposits. Thought audit daily, you don't have to get super creative. It's like five minutes max. Right, Write your thoughts down. They're they're swirling in your head all the time. Until you get pen to paper on paper, I prefer paper, not notes on your phone. Because again, you're back in your phone, you get sidetracked, you're not focused, you don't revisit, grab a piece of paper, I got a piece of paper. As I'm talking to you, you can hear it with my notes on it. With my thought audits on it, I recommend you do the same thing. I use a paper, I use a blue pen. And I write a lot of words on these pieces of paper 99% of it probably would never mean anything. But the 1% that does makes the big impact, get your thoughts down, you're going to sound stupid, you're going to feel stupid, you're going to look stupid to yourself, because you know you're better than that.

Daily deposits. This is how you gain confidence in your growth. This is how you gain confidence and where you're going. That's how you gain confidence in your actions every single day, inch by inch by inch. And you do this over the years everyone talks about compounding money compounding money cool. Compounding these activities, these actions, you will literally be a different person 12 months from now, if you do what we're talking 100% You won't even know who you are. Today. 12 months from now. You'd like holy shit. I used to think like that. I used to talk like that. I used to act like that. I let my kids do that. Get the fuck out of here. There's no way that was me. Yes, it was. But you've come so far. But by the way, you're going to still feel overwhelmed. You're going to still feel behind, because that's who we are. Acknowledge it, understand it, and get out there and execute it. I'll talk to you guys later. Remember to keep you posted. If you need anything. I'll see you next Wednesday. So with that said

37:35 I'm here to help and teach you what I know and discover freedom. No question why Kevin Sweeney stepping down? Tell him what to do Sam. dealmaker a deal maker. I'm not just a deal maker, dream maker. The journeys were in the process and the project was long ago so I know how we come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanting to make money Bracey. No one making more than graduated high school with a 1.8 to me my principals and teachers are alive is to witness this somehow you run into a big businesses walk away from me. I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money I'm chasing the purpose. That's where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go to push come to learn something more given what I know and how to discover freedom. No question was Kevin's when he stepped into dow he was the deal maker, a deal maker. Just a deal maker dream, the journeys where it's all about the process of a project

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