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Today, we're focusing on taking action with the powerful ‘Now NOT How' mindset. In this episode, I'll break down the real deal about jumping straight into action and how it beats getting stuck planning every single detail.

And since it's Valentine's Day, let's remember to show some love for what we do and the people we're doing it for. Get set for a discussion that'll light a fire under your ambitions and push you closer to your goals.

Let's get started.

Show highlights include:

  • Stop trying to run the mile [03:15]
  • Not all clients are created equal [08:00]
  • The value of taking action – Now Not How [16:49]
  • Are you caught up in overthinking your business [26:05]
  • How to invest in your growth and get valuable insights [37:10]
  • Interested in growing your business and creating genuine connections? [48:30]

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Welcome to the making of a DM my, your problem is not the how your problem is starting it now. Today's show is going to be filled with a powerful information to help you get from point A to point Z much quicker, and much easier. So with that said, let's get started. I'm Mark Evans

0:29 I'm here to help and teach what I know and discover freedom. No question was Gavin's when he stepped in the Dow. dealmaker a deal maker, I'm not just a deal maker, a dream maker. Hey, there, it's your boy mark. D. First off, I want to say Happy Valentine's Day. That's right, Today's Valentine's Day, hopefully took care of the people you love and most importantly, took care of yourself. Love thyself, a lot of opportunities out there. And I'm excited to be here on this journey of life with you. Sitting here beautiful Florida, about to do something pretty crazy. I'll share with you next week, something I've never done, nor has my wife and kids. So I'm excited to share that with you guys. Before I get into today, I hope you guys have a pen and paper. This is definitely possibly a show you might want to listen to twice or three times. And make sure to take notes here because I am going to share some real powerful stuff with you. As I hope I always do. Sometimes, you know, if you're listening while you're, you know, my boy Travis is doing you know, possibly surgery or are getting ready for something big in life over there in Cali. He's doing some really amazing things.

I'm excited to have him on the show one day. And or you're just sitting here grinding it out in the trenches. Just so you know, I'm right in the trenches with you don't ever think that whatever you're dealing with, I don't care if you're beginning in business middle stream, or at the end of the business cycle in your brain to know that we're all just getting started. Because there's so many levels and layers and complexity and opportunities and, and obstacles and, and the truth is people trying to take this stuff from us as we bust our tail every single day. So just know, we'll talk a little bit about that today. But I am in the trenches with you. I'm not just sitting around hanging out smoking, stovies all day, playing in the pool, trying to get a suntan, even though that's fine once in a while, I genuinely enjoy the game, not not just for financial benefit, of course. But that's part of business, if you don't make money, you're not gonna be in business long. But also for the the growth, the mental fortitude, the grit that it takes to get to the level where we're going, that often most people never see.

And, you know, just that little glimmer of hope I'm looking for everyday just like you to keep me going reminds me of a runner, you know, I'm starting to do a little bit more running, I'm trying to, you know, get a little bit healthier with the breathing and all that. So just playing a little bit more attention to that run in two, three miles a day, and elevating that and just pushing, putting some strength on adding some stress onto that running to make me better. And it's literally I'm not trying to run a mile, I'm trying to run the next step. And that really helped me out in business and in life as I'm evolving, right. So it's like, stop trying to plant you know, run the mile, I know where the mile is. But I can't make the mile unless I take each step. It's always like the guy trying to make a million or $10 million, or to make $10 million, you got to make $1 first 100,002nd 1,000,000/3, you know, excetera. So these are steps. These are stepping stones and it's inch by inch, some days are really, really tough. And some days seem absolutely simple. Some days are flying by and some days are dragging us, you know what I mean? Because you're in the trenches like I am as well. But that's awesome and cool and stuff. But let's talk about how amazing you guys are you as a listener, that sharing the show, you know, just getting on YouTube, or posting on your social media feed on Instagram or Facebook or wherever you're at, say, Hey, guys, great show. Take a listen.

Hey, guys had my weekly dose of the DM, take a listen. Make sure you tag me as many of you do. But I will reshare hopefully get you some followers. Get you some recognition of the effort and the share. So I do appreciate you guys doing that. Always appreciate you guys leaving five star reviews. It's amazing. I read every single one of them me and my team actually, we like to look them over and make sure we're providing real value to you guys. I'm not here to waste your time. You know, it's like everyone talks about money, money, money, but like the real the real gift that you and I have right now is we're spending time together. And time is time. It is literally once you hear my voice right now that time is gone. If you and I made money or lost money together, no big deal we'll go make more or or get more or maybe even lose a little bit more you'll get More. And eventually, hopefully we're in the positive as we evolved together. It's called life. And it's called money. It's called Investing. But there's a lot of packaging, and unpackaging around money, and mentality and all that stuff. So, time is so important to me. As I look at my son, he's eight and a half, I'm starting not to be as cool as I used to be my daughter, she's going to be five in April. I'm still the cool dad, even though she tries to be cute and say, Daddy, like she'll, she'll play this game with me, Daddy, I love you. 200,000. That's her number. And I'm like, I love you.

And she's like, No, daddy. And I'll smile, right? I'll get all excited. She's like, no doubt, I love you zero. And we'll play this game for like 20 minutes. And it's just so amazing. Because I do know, these times are limited. And I see you're grown up so fast, becoming a big little girl, a little big girl. And, you know, it's a beautiful gift to be a parent. If you're not a parent, yet, that's cool. You know, one thing I wish I would have done. And I'm not telling you guys to go out and have babies today, but have babies earlier. You know, I'll be 4046 this year in June, my kids will be nine and five. It's cool. I'm healthy. I'm not saying you know, I regret anything. But Dana and I were together eight years prior. So we didn't we were ready to get married, you know, whatever. So we were just kind of hanging out enjoying life. And it is what it is Life is life. And everyone has a plan. We kind of planned it out that way. But looking back, you know, no one ever, you know, I grew up where everyone has babies and 18 to 20s. And I was like, Man, I just don't want to do that. So I was a little scared. But it is cool. Having a little bit of resources, being able to done a lot of cool things before having children. But having kids is one of the best gifts in the world and very appreciative of it and they're healthy, I'm healthy, everyone's healthy. And Valentine's Day is cool. I did you know go out and get them the teddy bears and the chocolates, hearts and a couple little Drea I got a heart shaped necklace maker, Candy necklace maker. And Mark loves these little I don't know if you remember as a kid, but little bottles, pop bottle looking things that are all wax with liquid in them.

So he loves those things. So got that. And then obviously the wife and the daughter got a couple a little bit of flowers. But it's fun stuff. And I'm very fortunate of time, I guess that's where I'm going with this is time. These are moments guys that you know, no matter what you're dealing with, I'm dealing with real shit right now in my life truthfully. And it's interesting to me how hard we work and why we're doing it. But yet how hard we work and why we're doing it. Oftentimes the people that we're doing it for are the ones that get the least amount of tension, you know, it's going to be the the negative client that hates your guts, for whatever reason, they get a lot of your emotional attention and time attention. Because you know, we're problem solvers, it's what we do. But sometimes with bad clients. By the way, this is a good tip. If you have shitty clients eliminate them because they're, they're stealing from your joy. They're stealing from your time. They're stealing you from your family. They're stealing you from helping good clients. That's one thing I didn't understand in the beginning of business. Not all clients are created equal. Some people let's be honest, they're just pricks. They're jerks. They get off by being negative, they see the world in way different lenses than us.

And I genuinely genuinely believe. I'm always very thankful, you know, deal with a couple of people right now in my life, where I'm genuinely thankful I pray. And I write down my thoughts every day about this, but I'm, I'm just glad I'm not them. I want that to sink in for a minute. Like when you get all this negative shitstorm just be grateful that you're not those shitheads like their life sucks to be who they are. And something really bad happened in their life. I think Gary Vee always calls it empathy and all that shit. I don't know what it is. I just think it sucks. Sucks to be them. And I happen to be the punching bag. For the for the moment, they'll find someone else. Think about that life. And they have children are these people, they have children. They act like they're big dogs online and ain't got shit going on. And I know for a fact. And yet, they simply get off like they they literally like it. And then they breed with each other. Right. And they create this weird environment that creates the stories that justify their dumbness. It's very interesting, to say the least, and very sad for me, because I like their children are watching this. It's insane to me. So, again, it's a it's an interesting time to be alive. You know, I think that that what I just shared with you is only going to persist and get worse with human behavior.

Because the generations that are around and the people that are raising the generations by the way, they're not taking responsibility. They're not teaching or educating the kids on what's right and what's wrong. They're just letting fucking the internet and you know in the social environments, you know, teach their kids Kids and then expect them will wonder why their kids are shitheads. It's like, Well, you got to be a parent, you got to say tough stuff, you got to step up, you got to lead by example. Like this is all stuff that takes work, right? That's why you guys are here listening to this show, I hope is to become a better human being a better person all around, not just business, businesses cool. But I'm way more than a business guy. Number one, I'm a husband and dad first, right? Take care of me, take care of them. And then business is my thing. It's my hobby. It's my passion. It's what I enjoy doing. There's a lot of things I hate inside of it. But I love the outcome of the effort. Right? So it's just like going to the gym, some people, I hate going to the gym, but I love going to the gym, have the results of crates from me, it gives me confidence. It's a win for the day under my belt. You know, it makes me healthier, knowing if I'm healthier, when I get older, I can play with my kids longer, but hopefully play with my grandkids, and then hopefully live a healthy adult life as I depart planet Earth. So these are things I think about over here in my world. And, you know, again, time is the most precious commodity.

11:06 It ends. One of my buddies, his niece recently gotten out, she got hit and run. And it's not looking good. Young, pretty college girl has life just starting for her and her family around her parents are like, it's a big deal. And unfortunately, it could happen anybody in anytime right now. So live while you're alive. Right? There's going to be failures in it. That's another thing too. And again, I'm rambling a little bit here. But I got points to this, I promise. There's going to be failures. It's part of the game. Me and my position, almost 20 Something year, almost 28 years, June, June 2, we 28 years in business, my entire adult life, I still have failures. The truth is the difference with my failures, depending where you're at in the journey is my failures are amplified with a magnifying glass. Because I have a lot more eyeballs. I have a lot more people think everything I touch turns to gold because they created the story like Mark, you're the God Almighty. Everything you do turn like dude, I talk openly about losses, I talk openly about failures. I have lots of failures. I've talked about it recently about the the solar company massive failure lost a lot of money. Right?

And in a very short timeframe. But we talked about the world and entrepreneurship and I want you guys to have some coos, I want you to have some respect to the game. Because I see a lot of people when they fell, everyone's like, dude, yeah, failure is part of the journey, you know, it doesn't define you and blah, blah, blah. But when they fell with you, and you pile shit on them, you actually could hurt them more than help anything, you're not helping you either. By the way, you just should talk in negative talk in, you know, Sue, whatever you do, and it doesn't really solve anything. It really doesn't. Because I could prove a point, okay, you know, like bashing people going on. I couldn't imagine someone taking the time to go online and talk bad about people. Truth is I don't even talk. I'm bad at just talking good about people right? Online. Like I don't know how people have time to sit around and be a keyboard Raiders, and do all that. Now, don't get me wrong. I like to give people props where props are deserved, usually vocally through the phone or in person. But we have to like stop for a minute, guys. If you take an L with someone, that's where the opportunity really lies. And to see what everyone's really made of the L I took with my boy mark in this solar company, by the way we call lessons in our world is it was a big ol big lessons.

And we will win way bigger because of it together. We don't know when or how. But we know we're both are grown ass men. That made a grown ass decision. And we were cool with the upside. And we were cool with the downside. Now, we don't want the downside to happen. But it's could happen and it does happen with volume of things. What we want to understand though, is like keep in mind inside of that you have lots of employees, you have lots of 1090 nines, maybe you have lots of vendors, there's a lot of people that are affected in these environments. It's not like you just take money and run. There's a lot of shit here. But I see the entrepreneurs say one thing on the left side of their mouth and on the right side of their mouth or shit talking to other people where I come from, I'm a good old boy. And it's simple. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Or the way mark dem 2.0 version. If you don't have anything nice to say, shut the fuck up. Because it serves no one. There's already so much negativity, why do they need your dumbass to be negative? Right? So if you have clients that are doing this, eliminate them out of your life if you have friends that do this, can them as quick as humanly possible. They are cancer to you, your soul and your future. they see the world through a different lens that you and I, progressive, opportunist, growth oriented, we understand there's gonna be bumps in the road, but we're really adult responsible adults, we're going to take care of shit as we evolve their cancer to us.

And they must be eliminated out of your life, let them go hang out wherever they hang out, let them go talk about whatever they talk about. But just know that you and I, we have to keep our feet moving, they get a kick off of us slowing down, I actually speed up. Because I know that's when you like, if you're looking from a distance, and you know, there's gonna be a really wet spot in the car, you better keep the foot on the gas reminds me of my dad, my, my calm Uncle Bill, but he's like my second Dad, if you will. I remember we got stuck in the woods one time. And all I remember, as a kid, I was very young and a little me and my buddy bill, and his dad, Bill, me and my dad. So we're in the truck. And all I remember is my dad's like floor Bill floor, because we saw the puddle, and all sudden he didn't floor he actually let off the gas. And guess what happens got stuck in the mud. So then we have to call the tow truck company with the way it's a problem. Right? I don't want that to be your life. I don't know if that's a good explanation of it. But don't slow down. Use it as fuel to speed up. Just know that you're glad you're not them. I'm very grateful. And moments of darkness. I'm very grateful. Because I know it's only temporary. It's not fun. It's not easy. But it's necessary to get to the next level, I promise you that. I don't care what you're dealing with. There's nothing more important than your time, your your spiritual, like your internal peace. And your loved ones, like spend time with people that matter. Like, don't let them suck your soul because they said this or that about you. That's just what they do. And be thankful you're not them. So I was thinking today about some stuff I wanted to talk to you even more about. Because I see a lot of great people that are always trying to figure out how everything works before doing anything. And I want to paint the picture here. I have a motto called now, not how. Let me say it again. Now, not how, right?

Take action now. Right? For example, you're going to get in your car today or tomorrow, whenever you might even be in your car right now. That's the now you're in it, you're driving down the road, all of a sudden, boom, you have to pull over to the side of the road. What do you do? Well, if you're like, if you're a mechanic, you're gonna do mechanical stuff, you're gonna take the mindset of the mechanic, you're gonna get the work, you're gonna say I got a flat or is the engine or this or that whatever, right, there's a million things could happen. Or if you're like me, I'm gonna sit in the car, I'm gonna call triple A. And I'm gonna wait. Now if it's something simple, like a flat or whatever, I can change tire. It's easy. But the problem is, if it's engine or repairs like that, that's not where I shine. It's not what I do. I don't know the how, but I know how to call triple A. But I'm not sitting at home, planning on getting in the car and understanding how all these things could happen. Before I get in the car, I don't need to understand how the engine works. I don't even understand how I need to push a button on a car, it starts the engine starts the radio, the lights shine, and the roofs shooting stars and the windows go up and down, the heat kicks on. And the car just rolls in that and it stops when I push the brake. I don't need to know how all that shit works to get the benefit of it. But it would never work if I don't do it.

Now I don't get in it now and take off. I see so many good people amazing humans, researching, learning, researching, learning every component before they ever do the now the how is cool, you'll learn more about the how, by doing the now because you're thinking theory you're and I'm not saying you should go blindly but like get like in the car example. I get in the car at point A I'm going to point B there's going to be stoplights cars, animals, KidZone schools that what are all this shit. But that doesn't stop me. I just acknowledge it when it happens. And I might take a different route and none of that happens. That's okay too. But yet I see the guy or gal sitting in the room at their house. Researching learning researching learning research. Okay, I can't go yet. I can't go now because I got to learn one more thing. One more thing. What do you do? Your car breaks down? What do you do? Do you go on YouTube, pull up a video and say, you know this light came on tire pressures this you know the heating and cooling says this what you know what do you do?

19:56 Or you just address it when it happens. That's what I I do. I don't even think about it. But it's what do you do when the how has to arrive? Let me give you an another example. Minds me of the first house I ever did on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. The now was I made a phone call to Mick. He was the guy selling the house. True story. Hey, Mick, my name is Mark. I'm an investor. I'm looking to buy some houses on the west side of Columbus to see your properties for sale. Are you interested in owner financing, and I'm paraphrasing all this short, very short story. And we met, we connected. I did the deal. I put $1 down on that deal. One book, I wrote a book about it called one book deals. Right. $1 I controlled a $75,000 house. I don't remember exact number, but somewhere around there. For $1. I don't know how the hell I did it. But I knew if I asked, I asked like just was I had no money. I was 18 years old. For God's sakes. I had no credit. No banks gonna give me $1 $1. Mick, I want to buy the property. I want to give you $1 To tie up the option, and I'm gonna sell it to someone else. Are you cool with that? Yeah, man. That's what I want. Cool. Keep mine here. And lots of houses, he didn't want to do the work. So instead of hiring an agent, or a broker, or a property manager, in essence, I'm paying him to take his workload off his plate. I know that now. I didn't know that back then. I was too focused on the now.

Now I can make a phone call. Now I can have a conversation. Now I can ask a question. Now I can get a contract. This is a true story when he said yes. Marco do the deal. Can you draw up a contract? I said absolutely. Now keep in mind, I had no clue how to do a contract. I didn't even know. I didn't even know what he like, Yes, I can. There's no way I'm gonna say no, I can't. Can you do it for me? That wouldn't look too professional. I said absolutely. Give me 24 hours, I have it over to you deal deal. So what I do, when the situation happens, I had to find the the person that can implement it, the WHO to do the how. And who was that? A real estate lawyer, a real estate lawyer in Columbus, Ohio. I call them up. It's 1996. Hey, man, Mark, nice to meet you. How much to pay you to write up a purchase contract with an option to buy and I'm going to resell it. He's like, Oh, it's like 300 bucks. Cool. I'll do it. But keep in mind straight up. I didn't have $300. But I knew when I got this deal. My profit potential was anywhere from 10 to $20,000. So if I, if I have an idea how I'm gonna make money 10 to 15 grand is real easy. It's worth 75. I'm getting it for 60. Right? I have an opportunity to make money. So now I can find the WHO to do the how pay him to do it. Pam 300 bucks, I get it back in 24 hours. Take the contract and MC we sign it.

And by the time we sign it, I've already met two people to sell it to them on owner financing. And again, what did I do? I called the lawyer and said, Hey, I actually am selling the property. Now. I need to write another contract. Pretty similar. What you already did is like okay, cool. 100 bucks, because I just got to change a couple things done. So now 400 bucks deep into a contract that I never even knew how to do it, or who would do it for me until I got to that point. And then what was amazing, is I had a potential buyer. And they had money in a 401 K at their job. And I was telling my lawyer I was like, Dude, I need 15 grand down. They have the money, but it's in a 401k they only have cash of seven grand. And this is exactly what he said to me. He said Mark, are they first time homebuyers? I was like I don't know. I'll call you right back. Ring ring. Hey, are you guys first time homebuyers? Well, we actually owned a house five years ago, so not really. Okay, give me five minutes. I call the lawyer and say hey, man, they haven't owned a house in five years. So they're not first time homebuyers. Because they own the house. He's like, Well, actually, they can take a one time distribution from their 401k as a first time homebuyer if they haven't owned a house in the last three years.

Really? Give me five minutes. And then I called back and did the same thing. Talk to them. Guess what happened? Within seven days. I got a $15,000 check that I picked up, handed her the keys. And now they hurt her husband owned a house that she didn't even think she could buy because I did the now there's no way in hell that none of this would have happened. If I studied, studied, studied, studied learn more, learn more learn more study, study study. No I need one more podcast. Do I need one more seminar? No, I need one more this I need one more than I need to really know I need to look No. Too many of you trying to figure everything out before doing anything. All I remember is driving to the bank, smoking a Swisher sweet cigar smiling ear to ear with the biggest check I've ever seen in my entire life. And I had no fucking clue what I was doing. But I did the work. I showed up. I did the now there's so many moving parts where I'm going with this, you don't need to know how to do everything to do something.

25:32 Like for example, go today and put out signs. Now, make a bunch of phone calls. Now ask for referrals today. Now hire that assistant, you've been trying to hire fucking for 10 years, you've know you need one, go hire one, you're going to hire the wrong one, the first five, probably.

25:54 But you'll learn through the structure you'll learn through the process. You'll learn what to say what not to say how to say when to say it. Too many of you're trying to figure everything out. It's like I always think about a lot of people when I'm talking to him. Like, I don't even know how they go to the bathroom truthfully. But like, if they went on a date. It'd be like they're going on their first date. But until they went on the first date, they're picking up they know exactly where they're getting married, who's going to who's going to marry them? How many people are on the guest list, what food they're going to eat, what flowers are going to be present, what the invitations look like, no one does that. That's stupid, right? So why the fuck are we doing it with our businesses? I'm not saying be stupid not not be. It depends where you're at in the journey. But stop Trump. Everyone I know that the elevating and scaling and growing. They're seeking now we want implementers implementers always will get the job done. I'm not saying there shouldn't be some sort of balance as you evolve. And some feedback loops. But too many of you're holding yourself back from growth. Because you're trying to figure every single thing out first. I know a guy created a multibillion dollar company off of spreadsheets, no CRM, no software, nothing. Fucking hardcore CRM like, like a spreadsheet, Google Docs, why everyone else is like, do the best CRM, it's crushing. It's making me so much money, this guy secretly built a billion multibillion dollar business in a very short timeframe, using spreadsheets.

Now, I'm not gonna say it was the most efficient. I'm not sure if he was the most effective. But he was way more effective than everyone else I know that was in that same industry, doing the same type of work with the best CRM under the moon. He just knew take massive action. And it will sort itself out. And when things happen, we call the right person they step in in the right things happen. The reason a lot of you don't hire salespeople because you don't know how to structure their plan, how they get paid. Do a do a base plus this and post that, dude, ask them. It's your first hire in cells, ask them what's important to them? Because what's important to you might not be important to them. Steve, what are you looking for? Actually, as I'm talking to you, one of my partners is looking to hire a pretty high level sales guy and one of our companies. And we were talking about this, he's like, What should what would it look like? I was like, I don't know, I genuinely don't know. I've hired lots of salespeople. And I still don't know. Here's what I do know. Ask the salesperson, when you deal with winners, by the way, they already know what they want. And see if it's aligned with what we can do. It might not even be what we want to do. But if it makes sense. And maybe maybe we don't even know what he wants is important.

Maybe it's not even our scope of ideas. But you have quality conversations with human beings. They tell you what they like and don't like. And you ideally find a happy medium, and know that hey, guys, listen, we're growing together on this journey. I don't have all the answers. But I'm open and receptive. And I'm willing to grow with you if you're willing to go down this path with us. Same thing with an assistant. What should she do for you? I don't know. No one knows. Are you trying to get more time? Are you trying to use her as personal assistant? Are you trying to use her as business assistant? Are you trying to use it as a mix? Are you a good person? Are you a bad person? Right? That means a lot. Why? Because how you talk to someone how you treat someone, you know that's going to that's going to determine a lot about what like what information you want them to have of you. Are they in your books? Are they not in your books? Do they have access to your bank account so they don't have access to your bank account so they have access to your customer list? Do they not have access to like, onboard them properly? How do you do that? Have a conversation with them. Nancy? The reason I'm hiring is because I need your help. And everyone says you're the genie of operations. Is that true?

Awesome? Tell me based off of everything I've shared with you today, what could you take off my plate to help me drive this business forward? You don't need to know the answers. They'll tell you like, what's the lowest hanging fruit? Because I need an extra 10 hours a week of free time to build this company to hire salesperson to do this to do that. How can you help me get back 10 hours of my week, as quickly as humanly possible? And then she'll tell you and you listen. And you see if it makes sense. And then if you hire, you manage that expectation. And then you evolve it. And then like, wow, now I got 20 hours a week extra. Now I got 30 hours a week extra shit, I have so much going on. I didn't realize I was doing all this work. I need to hire two assistants. Again, now, not how. And once you find out the how you ask yourself, the WHO to do the how. This is what I do all day. I'm really not that smart. Truthfully, actually, I'm probably the dumbest guy, you know. But I'm very smart and understanding what I'm sharing with you. It works. Now, am I going to build a company that has 5000 employees like this?

I don't know. I'm not trying to do that. I don't I don't enjoy any business over 15 employees typically 15 stat like, either 1099 or W twos are a mixture of both are you know what? The truth is, I'm over here thinking how to create a billion dollar business without any employees. It's not that I don't want to work with people. It's just I like to ask different questions, because the old Mark was the guy that would ask, How do I have 5000 employees? Well, you'll find the answer. And during the journey to find that answer, it was not necessarily fun for me because I'm not a day to day in the office, given them who rah speech. I'm not, that's not where I shine. Truthfully, it's not I just don't enjoy it. And I've tried it many times that I've failed at it many times I've done okay on some aspects. But on the overall like, once it gets past a certain level, I just I just not good in it. Because what I'm sharing with you is genuine openness to myself. I see a lot of you trying to be someone you're not. I'm not saying you shouldn't evolve. I'm not saying you shouldn't get better.

I'm better than I used to be. But I'm still not good at it. I want to be a better leader of leaders. Right? I want to lead the main five people and let them to disseminate the information to 500 people on each side. I'm better at that, honestly. But again, everyone's different. That's what makes this world so amazing. But where I see a lot of people have challenges, they just don't come to realization with themselves. They they're listening to many people. I always recommend find one or two people you really connect with if it's me or someone else, I don't care. Just if it's not them, stop listening to them. It's not serving you. It's only going to mix you up and hurt you in the long run. Like you got to find someone you jive with like, Yo, man, I want to I want to roll with that guy. This is amazing. So please, stop trying to figure out how to do everything before you do anything. I have people that worked with me in the past people I've worked with that literally they have the best business plans. They have the best projections that this is God's honest truth. I'm digressing now. There's a guy right now that owes me money from a loan I did with him in his company.

This clown legit has the best spreadsheets I've ever seen in my entire life projections and blah, blah. He doesn't owe me a ton of money. But he owes me money. And I'm very conscious of this behavior when people money. This guy's in fantasy fucking land. He tells me his company is going to make $175 million in 2025. And he can't even pay a Mickey Mouse loan today. It's disgusting. It's embarrassing. And it's stealing from everybody. And if that's you, you're getting a hard on you get a mental masturbation looking at projections. Call your bank. call anybody you want and say Hey, can I pay him projections? They're gonna put you in a loony bin. Projections are simply that it's what I project. What did you do today to create revenue? What did you do today to make a sell? Who did you talk to? What's the conversation like? How many orders did you take? How many meetings Did you said, that's the shit that really matters. In real business. You better learn what I'm sharing with you guys because it's very important. And everything I'm sharing here today, like the real shit, as I do every day on these podcast shows and everywhere I'm at for that matter, and my books and all that.

35:22 This is why people invest 1000 a month to be in the DM Alliance. I'm sharing rural life every week is different, drastically different on many levels. Some days, we're in huge ramp up phases and marketing. Some days, we're in huge, you know, revenue growth mode, some days, we're in Holy shit, like what just happened to revenue mode. Some days, we're in marketing mode, like, Guys, it's real life business. I don't know why people think it's just one way one path. And once it starts going up, it never stops going up, going down, and never, it never goes down. That's not true. That's not how real life works. I mean, shit, look at people's weight, for God's sakes, goes up, goes down, goes up, goes down. Sometimes you're sloppy, sometimes you're you're solid. It's called Life seasons. So don't be so hard on yourself. Get around the who's to help you do the house. That's why a group like the DM Alliance, or even the DM family, it's a 50k year group. These are real business owners don't real shit. We all have problems. The question is, Who are you talking to them about? Are they advising you and giving you insights? What they would do differently?

A very big benefit to in the right environment is sharing your pre idea. And having real feedback where someone's I do that's a fucking dumb idea. Here's why. Not asking someone it's not been there. But typically, if someone's like, dude, here's that's a dumb idea. But here's what I would do to make it better. These are people that's been there, done that. They're telling you because they care. They don't want you to waste your time, waste your energy, waste your efforts. They want to tell you the truth, to make you better. And listen, you can take the information or advice how you see it. But that's what good groups are supposed to do. As opposed to tell him you know, someone who doesn't see your vision anyways? No, that's a dumb idea. Let's come in from a way different place. If you're in the right room that's qualified. And then you got to be careful and who you're listening to, at any level. Have they done what I'm talking about? Have they had any have they had any experience in this level, because if you're talking about you know, $100 million company, and they've only done like 200 grand in revenue, there's nothing they can say that I'd listen to, to be honest, about growing $100 million organization, because they don't have a fucking clue how to do it at all. That's okay. But like, take that information with a grain of salt.

But if someone's done a billion dollar business, and they're crushing it and all these verticals, in the same vertical I'm trying to step into, I'm going to be very much more attentive to that information they're sharing with me, knowing that they're coming from the proper place potentially, this is our job as true entrepreneurs, is to be information gatherers, once we're trying to evolve with the right people. This is why people really invest with me. And themselves, I should say, they don't invest with me, because I don't do investments, but like, they invest in themselves. And they come in and pay me for consulting. This is why the DEM alliance is $1,000 a month, it's the cheapest return. I mean, the return is stupid. Just the relationship capital in that room of 130 plus people is priceless. It's curated content, and an environment with curated people that are paying for people it's not in that room you think they're paying for who's in it, you're really paying for who's not in that room, meaning, you know, the tire kickers, the lazy lose, all the people shit talk in the non doers.

When people are investing $1,000 month they're in the room because they're doing something. That's the rooms you want to be in. So it's funny to me, when I see you Jews, I would never put those into my code by the fucker. You'll never be in a room like that, then that's cool. I'm not saying you can't be successful, you're not rooms. But why make it harder on yourself if you don't have to? Man Phil was $300 a month I'd BNN. Well, do you think $300 versus $1,000 is much difference because it's really not 700 bucks. And if you're crushing it, like you told me are $700 in a drop in a bucket compared to what you said you're generating. So either you're lying to yourself, or you're lying to me or both, which is it? Truthfully, if $1,000 a month is a lot of money. It's not the end of the world. You gotta get the fuck work. You got to find a path to get to 100,000 a year, then to get to a million a year, etc. You have to find a path. The money is out there. The opportunities are out there. I don't care what vertical what industry or what business you're in. The opportunities are now everyone's Talking survived at 25. I want me in the DM tribe, you, yes you to thrive to 25. And beyond thrive, live the life you've dreamt up. Be the person you want to become.

Stop talking about the old you stop being the old you start being the new you start acting like it, start doing what it takes to be the new you get up earlier. Go to bed later, do the fucking work, hang out with your family. Be responsible, be professional, be positive, more most importantly, execute relentlessly make the 100 calls. Talk to the 10 people close the two deals every single fucking day. See, that's the reason why I and guys around me and gals are doing shit. Because what I just shared with you is our cadence. It's not like, Hey, man, you got you got time to talk. I have an idea. But before I share the idea got to have you sign an NDA, motherfucker. I don't need ideas. I got plenty. And your ideas dumb. Anyways, I already saw you talking about online. It's not an idea. It's a thought. Because your ideas you don't do shit with them. Anyway, show me what you've done with any idea up to this point that's generated massive amounts of revenue that's helped a lot of people through the process, show it to me. They don't have shit. By the way, if I'm talking to you right now, this is a wake up call. Stop playing business, stop acting like your business, motherfucker, get in business and stay in and drive the revenue forward. get deep in the trenches, understand the game that you're really in work. And I'm not saying disseminate your family, I'm the opposite family first. Business second. If you can't get everything I'm talking done in eight hours, you are inefficient.

You are not working properly. I'm not saying there's certain days that you don't work long hours. And I'm not saying certain days you don't work at all. I'm just saying as a collective. Keep a scorecard of what your efforts are looking like and more importantly, what your outcomes of your efforts look like, do the work. Stay in it long enough to see the result? Stop bouncing around so much. I almost feel like most people are addicted to learning not doing you see it around. Everyone's got all these fucking degrees and, you know, accolades and all this shit, but they got a pot the piston. But they're smart as hell. And then they're going back to get another degree. Because that's what that's what I want to do. It's like why they clearly don't fucking work. If you're trying to build a life of revenue, let like live a life. All you're doing is going in the hole more getting into more debt, getting more fruit, like, what are you doing? Truth is we've been lied to the question is Did you believe the lie, get a more another degree that's gonna really help you another degree and not really help you all once you get this degree, you're definitely guaranteed. There's no guarantees in any of this stuff.

I can guarantee you this. If you make 100 calls a day for the next 365 days, and have conversations with 10% of these people with a very direct offer, you will make more money than any other bullshit you're probably doing. Guaranteed. But you're not willing to do the work. You got to do the work. Are there better ways are the more efficient ways are there ways you can hand off? Absolutely. But that's a timing thing. The work still got to get done before you hand off the works still gotta get done before you hire the work still gotta get done. Like how can you genuinely hire a salesperson and not understand anything about the process? The cell, you got to do the cell? No business exist until cells are made. They're just ideas and thoughts. So all I want you to do guys and gals, is take the show and run hard with it. Share the show with your friends, your partners, stop it, pause it, share it, whatever you got to do. Put in like literally break your framework. If what you're doing is working, keep doing it. If it's not, and you're doing work, you're clearly not doing the right work.

You're not focused. You need to reset what metrics matter to get the results you're seeking. And I see a lot of people who need to go CRM like I shared last week. I need to do this. No, you need to go do the work. Too many of you bought into this idea that no work has to happen. I'll just have a website I'll make millions No you won't. Because a lot of work a lot of moving parts but I trust that you take this information and you start with the now not how now I'm gonna hire someone great post an ad now I don't know what to say, doesn't matter, say it now, say what you want to say. That's the ad. I want, like my ad would always say, if you're at home watching Laverne and Shirley do not apply to this ad. I did. That's my personality. And that's funny, but it's also true. If you're fucking at home dicking around, I don't want you on my team.

45:20 If you're hardworking, if you're passionate about helping people, if you love the process, if you're willing to grow, if you're willing to learn, if you're willing to do the work, then maybe then maybe, just maybe you have a chance with me. And then what you're doing is scaring all the weak people from that just that statement. I want someone to say, Dude, I got this, I can do this. I'm gonna prove to you I can do it. Cool. That's what I want. See, most of you are excited. I Got 100 Got 100 applications. Today it's working. Well, if you've got 200 applications, it's not working. You're going too wide, too broad. I want one or two or four, maybe I want to only look at the cream of the crop. Top tier people not say all of them that come over a top tier, but I have a better chance of seeing that. If you disqualify through your message not qualified through your message. disqualify? What are your core values? What do you stand for? Obviously, I'm not HR here. Am I telling you what to say? Or what not to say? Go hire the hat. The WHO to do that. How if you want, but my personality is very direct and bold in your face. To I am. I fucked this up for many years. I used to meet people in a suit at a Regis place like the offices you rent. And then when they come to work for me there, I'm wearing boots, pants, a t shirt, and I'm fucking working.

And I'm Causton I'm acting crazy. And they're like, holy shit. I did not sign up for this. And they were right. They didn't. But I thought that's how it was supposed to be dumb on me. But that's how I learned that's why I'm here today. Because if I didn't do that now, back then. I wouldn't be here today. Doing another now. Because I gave up a quit. Too many people are quitting quitters. There's some things to quit quit drinking. Quit procrastinating. Quit talking shit. You know, quit bouncing around, stay focused. But don't be a quitter on your dreams. Don't be a quitter on the end result. You got this. It's muddy, it's sloppy. It's ugly. Sometimes. I'm in the trenches with you. I just want to reassure you, I'm in the game with you. I will be in business my entire life. I will be taking punches with you. I will be taking hits with you. I'll be taking winds with you. I'll be taking L's with you. I'm in the trenches. I'm not some fucking dick sitting online acting like I've made millions of dollars in three years of the game when it was easier like Stevie Wonder could see deals. I've been in the game since 1996. I promise you this. I will win a lot. I will lose some but I'll always be learning on the process. And that will never change. It will never change. I'm always trying to improve. I'm always looking for the better opportunities to grow myself. I'm always investing in myself six figures a year still today.

And I will never stop. Get around great people do great work. Be proud of it. Stop trying to take a shortcut. Just do the work that the true shortcut to success is doing the work. That's the secret. You don't have to pay 1000 a month to hear that. I just told it to you. But the 1000 a month in the DM Alliance. By the way if the DM Alliance ever makes sense to you, shoot me on Instagram. At Mark Evans DM, let me know say podcast slash DM Alliance. I'll hook you up with something I got something back there, but it's 1000 a month. It's for real people in business looking to grow. If you're making over 100k a year plus, it's a great place for you to create great relationships with people in so many different verticals in there. And whatever you need help learning you ask and we will deliver we will find the WHO to help you do that how I promise you that. It's it's an amazing, amazing group of people. I use it all the time. I'm in there every Wednesday we do a one hour training every Wednesday. We have a private Facebook group. We meet twice a year in person. By the way, June be ready for the June birthday bash. It's common in Nashville, Tennessee, and towards the end of June I think June 25 and 26th. That's what it is June 25 And June 26. So if that interests you and you're still here, I appreciate you. I'm get long winded today, but I want to let you guys know I love you. I appreciate you being here. I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day. But shoot me a message on Instagram at Mark Evans DM, say podcast slash birthday bash. I'll know what's coming from you from the podcast show. I appreciate you guys being here. Let's kick some ass. Remember

49:51 I'm here to help and teach you what I know and discover freedom. No question was Kevin's when he stepping down Go ahead and tell them what's the deal maker a deal maker, not just the deal maker, dream maker the journey where it's all about the process and the project so I know how we come from a lot of money I remember as a kid wanting to make money pregnancy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.8 and to me my principals and teachers are alive is to witness this somehow you run into a big businesses walk away from me. I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money chasing the purpose. That's where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go to push come to learn come to forgiveness. I'm hurting helping teach you what I know and how to discover freedom. No question was Kevin's when he stepped into dow he was saying I'm a deal maker, a deal maker. Just a deal maker, dream. The journeys where it's all about the process and the project. dealmaker FileMaker. project

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