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Welcome back to “Making of a DM,” where host Mark Evans brings you front and center to the raw truths of wealth and entrepreneurship. From spontaneous decisions that led to millions to the shaky reality behind high valuations, Mark shares why cash flow reigns supreme and equity might just be a mirage.

Get an inside look at his goal to turn $1M to $10M, and discover how culture and travel play a pivotal role in opportunity creation.

Tune in now for insights on genuine wealth and the mindset that sets true earners apart – all here on “Making of a DM.”

Show highlights include:

  • Are you ready to elevate your life? [02:50]
  • Discover the importance of investing in yourself. [05:33]
  • How can spontaneity drive successful business planning? [09:53]
  • Know more about the benefits of taking immediate action. [13:27]
  • What are the things holding you back? [15:37]
  • Are you tired of dreaming things that never happen? [20:12]
  • Here is your complete guide on seizing the next opportunity. [24:14]
  • The significance of focusing on cash flow. [25:48]
  • Don’t be broke but worth millions. [28:06]
  • Are you trapped in modern-day financial slavery? [30:35]

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Welcome to the making of a DM. How being spontaneous has made me millions and millions of dollars in business. And also we're going to talk about Don't be that broke guy worth millions of dollars. So with that said, let's get started. I'm Mark Evans

I'm here to help and teach you what I know and discover freedom. No question Warren Gibbons when he stepped in the Dow. The s&p do make a deal, make a deal. Dream.

0:44 Hey there, boy, Mark D. Welcome to another show have the makings of a DM That's right. dreammaker dealmaker, you are the dream maker dealmaker of your life. And I appreciate you being here. And knowledge sharing up. That's what it's about. As I'm sitting here today, getting ready to go hang out, play some tennis with my son. But then I'd take about 30 minutes here today to talk to you about a lot of cool stuff. And a lot of not so cool stuff, just hard truth reality, to help make you better at the game of life and business. Before I do the email newsletter, 1 million to 10 million is absolutely going bananas. I'm going to keep sharing that journey with you guys over the next 12 months of how I'm going to turn $1 million into $10 million over the next 12 months or less.

That's the goal anyways, you can follow along on that journey. It's 100% free, I'm dropping bombs in there, I'm sharing kind of what deals I'm looking at what deals I'm doing, why I'm doing my torch method, and in how you can utilize this in fast vetting of deal flow. That's how I'm able to look at hundreds of deals a week. And only do maybe one a week if that. So make sure you're on that newsletter. Like I said it's free. And you can get on that newsletter at www dot Mark Evans dem.com forward slash 10,000,001 0 million. Not only that, I want to say thank you to everyone. From last week, I got so many messages letting me know how grateful they are of the show and how it makes makes them think deeper and bigger about the game of life. I see a lot of people playing small thinking small dreaming small, and most importantly, doing small, expecting big, and it really is frustrating. It's overwhelming for most people, actually, for all, I get overwhelmed by it. Because I know what's possible out there.

If you have the right mindset, the right business plan, the right structure and the right execution strategy, you could really set your life to a level that you're probably not even thinking about. And that's what my goal is here at the show. And so many of you not only shared with three of your friends last week, and if you haven't done so just push pause, and then go in there to the share button and send an email or text. It's funny, I do this to my wife, I do this to my buddies, if I'm listening to a show and something's hits me, I'm like, Hey, listen to show from minute, three minutes to seven minute, it really makes sense. I don't need to sound what it's about. Or it's something maybe we just talked about. And it really anchors it. But it's really neat to see people connect like that, and I could be your voice there be like, wait, you know that guy or you listen to that guy. Wow, man, we got a lot more in common than I thought and then boom, we can spark ideas together.

And all you got to do is simply share it. It's quick. It's easy. It's simple. If I say something here today, that makes a lot of sense. Even that $10 million newsletter that alone, tell your friends to get on that it's free. There's nothing to buy, I'm sharing deal structures, deal flows, how I how I vet deals, what I'm looking for what I'm looking at, and who knows, maybe you or them or someone they know or someone you know, maybe we do a deal together over the next 12 months and or beyond. Who knows. That's the beautiful thing about what we're doing here today. You should listen to me through your headset, and I'm sitting here beautiful Parkland, Florida sun is out. I got a crazy amount of things to do. I got three events. Over the next 13 days going on. I got a bunch of people from one of my companies coming in, we're going to sit down with him for two days. Talk to him about the pivots, what's working, what's not rearranging some people on the seats, eliminating some jobs, unfortunately, it's part of the game as well, and changing the bus up a little bit.

And then for three or four days, I'll be hanging out at one of my mentors, houses and the hotel here in Fort Lauderdale for four days, just me and my wife, really super high level real estate investing top tier billions and billions of dollars in the room multibillionaires. My coach, my mentor, one of my mentors worth, you know, a billion plus and very diverse in real estate and business and all that. And then right after that, I'm heading out to support some my buddies in Orlando being a couple of my bow At least you're going up there to sit and listen and talk about big time real estate deals in the commercial space. So I'll be there for four days, really just going all in. And, you know, guys, I don't have to go to the stuff I need to, and I want to, I love to connect with players, I love to connect with people that invest money in themselves. It really is the separator, as I sit here and think about it. I don't know anybody I do business with really, in business business, b2b, that doesn't invest in themselves, I genuinely don't know anybody that doesn't.

Everyone I roll with is investing 10s of 1000s, if not hundreds of 1000s of dollars in themselves from coaches, mentors, mastermind groups, one off consultants, etc. It is the secret hack. And if you're not doing that, I would start thinking about why you're not. And I know a lot of people Oh, dude, if if it worked, why aren't they doing it? Well, who says they're not doing it? Number one, but then also, it's kind of stinking thinking, because Michael Jordan, any professional, high level athlete has coaches, right. And these guys are at the top of the level of LeBron Michael, all those guys, they all have coaches. And you got to ask yourself, why, you know, they have mentors, they have coaches, you know, it's performance, mental coaches, physical coaches, strategic coaches, there's a lot of variables to this game, I have many different types of coaches and mentors in my life, and I will forever and I hope you guys catch up bug and have an allocation for you yearly, to be parking money in these kinds of things, because you are worth it.

And, you know, I see a lot of people struggling when they don't have to. So make sure to connect with me, if you need help, I was thinking about this, like, I do these shows for free. And I'll continue to do so. But like, if you have stuff that's affecting you, or bothering you, in your game of life or business, you can always shoot me a message via email mark, at Mark Evans dm.com. And just put in the subject line, ask for podcast, and then put the question in there. And then myself and my team will put these together. And I'll make sure to answer these is kind of like, you know, free mentoring from afar, I generally want to help you. So I'm asking you to help me help you. It's real simple. So I want to talk about the cool thing spontaneous. And then I want to get to the other thing broke, but worth millions. Oh, I have a lot to say about that one. But I want to talk about spontaneous me and my wife. We sit down and we're looking at the calendar. And I've always been massively spontaneous.

I'm very structured in my days, I work hard every morning. You know, by noon, honestly, one o'clock at the latest, I pretty much have everything I really, really need to get done. But people like you and I, we never have our job done. Because there's always so much to do. But I'm talking to things that need to get done daily. And then we're sitting there looking at the calendar and we had a spot open for a couple of weeks. And as you know, or may not know, I like to do yachting that's a week thing we got on the week, we're out in the Bahamas, BVIs Caribbean somewhere hanging out, just meet Dean and the kids and maybe a couple buddies with their spouses and kiddos. But we're hanging out there, we're talking shop, you're really disconnected, not a whole lot of cell phone action going on out there, if any, mostly you know writing and reading and thinking and collaborating conversating and just catching up on life. But we have a couple of weeks kind of set aside and say hey, we need to go to like Dubai. And my wife's been wanting to go to Dubai for a long time. And it kind of might work out.

So what do I do I instantly mess a do a post on social media say, Do I need to buy peeps there, I'm gonna do an event there. I'm actually doing do a meet up there for the day, one of the days of the two weeks will be over in that part of the country in the world. And connect with some great people, people that I might not ever be able to connect with. But I'm going to use the same thing you can use social media. Now, you know, there's lots of ways to do this. You could go there, I'm guessing for you know, simple or go high level. I like to go the first class route. That's kind of how I built myself and created my life around that I I work really hard and I like to travel first class and stay at nice, amazing hotels and do really cool stuff. So if you know anybody I got a couple of ask if you know anybody that does high level Dubai trip stuff, let me know shoot me a message on Instagram at Mark Evans DM, I'd love to connect with them. This is a big trip. It will be a probably like I said approximately two weeks. I have no clue about where we're going to go. But it's kind of like the reason I love spontaneous. This is how I built my business is I get an idea.

I get excited about the idea. And I started getting resourceful with the idea meaning posting on social media, meaning hiring someone the WHO to do the how I'm looking for the WHO to help me plan that out like, how am I going to get there? Am I going from Miami? to Dubai? I'm gonna take Emiratis first from saying that right? First Class, business class, whatever. Am I you know what hotel to stay up? What things should I do? Who should I meet up with? What things should the kids do, and, and all that stuff. So spontaneous for me is a power of execution. A lot of people are planning to plan to plan to ultimately plan to never really execute, they almost fall into this euphoric state where they feel like they're actually doing the thing they're planning, but they never do the thing they planned. sounds fucking stupid saying it out loud. But I see it every single day. And unfortunately, I saw this one thing I've realized I'm 45, you may or may not know my wife and I did travel the world for seven years prior to getting married and having kids.

So we love traveling, we enjoy going to different places. I grew up small town, Ohio never traveled out of the out of the country, for sure. Until I was probably 28. Ish. Give out No, excuse me, July 27. Right before I turned 2728 I traveled I was in, we went over out of the country then. But when you realize how big the world is, you start seeing that your problems and your things that you're thinking are really small compared to the world. It's huge. I never left Ohio, I thought Ohio was the world. But when you get out and see all these different cultures and amazing things that are literally, you know, a plane ride away, it could change. I mean, you could fly three hours in the states and be in a totally different part of the country and us alone. That literally like this seems foreign to me, because it is. But once you get the law of exposure, it really starts expanding your mind paying attention to like, wow, people spend five grand a night on a hotel room. Because where I'm from, I don't think there's a room over 350 A night, probably the average room would be 100 A quarter 200 Max. So when you see these things, you're like, holy shit, like, there's a lot of money out there. And maybe I'm playing small. And maybe I could create an offer. Maybe I could be of service, maybe we could start an agency.

Like who stays in this kind of hotels, who stays in these kinds of resorts who stays it, you know, who's driving these nice cars, these are all things that spontaneous actions have allowed me to connect with amazing opportunities. I, I see, I remember a couple guys that used to work for me. No, I said used to. They were massive planners, they were professional planners, they couldn't fucking dig a hole, but they could play in the best hole in the world, they didn't understand how to put the two and two together to actually get the result of the hole. As opposed to me, I'm like, I'll start fucking digging with the spoon, why you go to the Home Depot and get a shovel. So we get a head start, make some calls. And let's get a backhoe out here. So we can get this hole dug quicker, right? As opposed to then they're like, Well, based off my calculations and the size of the hole, if we want an extra inch by diameter and Bubble Bubble Bubble, blah, blah, blah, fucking months later, if ever, they'd finally have something that they think is going to work out right through their lens, by the way, through their past experience through what they you know. And again, I'm not knocking it, but I see this every single day.

One of my great mentors always used to say you don't have to get it right. Just get it going. Most people never get it going. They write about it. They talk about it. They think about it, but they never get it going because they're afraid of I have no fucking clue what they're afraid of messing it up. Because people that plan still mess up. Right? Why not just go mess up faster? Why not just get it going quicker? Why not just get the result sooner? Because if you genuinely think that in results coming about, just get the work. And spontaneous travel spontaneous thing action in general for me, serves me very well. Like I said, I literally within a week and a half, and I got a crazy schedule. So pray about two weeks actually, it's a lie. So right after, but where are we at here on the date. So about three weeks from now. I'm guessing, either pre record the shows or record some while I'm over there, but I'll probably be in Dubai, or Saudi Arabia, somewhere over there. I'll be over there doing something with business with my family, running all these companies from afar, as I always have, and always will do since 2005. Is because I'm spontaneous. I do think there's a lot of power in it. You've always seen these people that do deals around you and they're green.

They don't know what they're doing. But what they're really doing is they're doing the work. That's what they're doing. They know they're gonna fuck it up. They know there's going to be problems. There's no there's going to wet like that's how winners win. You know, do you think Tom Brady's sitting in the locker room and preparing the best game and then never shows up to the game thinking he's gonna win the game? No. Oh, listen, I'm not saying not to prepare. But some of you are overly preparing for things that will never happen. You're thinking about stuff. It's like the guy, or the gal that comes to me. It's like Mark, you know, you know what, what kind of corporation? What should my business name be? What should my website look like? What should this do? What should that do? And I'm like, Well, do you have anything to lose? No, not at all. So fuck you trying to protect? Why do you need a website? These are all things that are holding you back from actually getting out there. And doing the work, making the connections, creating the conversations, and getting the result of the whatever you're going after qualifying, having sells talks, closing deals.

Do you understand a lot of people made a lot of money, pre internet, pre website, pre all this other bullshit. Why? Because they were out there shaking hands, kissing babies and closing deals. Just do the work and get the results. Stop thinking stop talking and start doing. And if you have spouses and friends around you, that tell you stuff like do like, sounds awesome, man. But whatever, blah, blah, blah, blah, they talked down to it. Maybe Maybe that's a sign of, maybe you're just the talker, and they're sick of fucking listening to you talk about nothing, because you never do nothing. If you want to get real people following you and real people to listen to you. Shut the fuck up and get the work, get the results work and get the job done. I'm telling you, it's the secret. It's not sexy. No one talks about it. But it's the goddamn truth. I'm telling you get to work. Go out there, start digging with the spoon, start digging with the shovel, call the people get the WHO to do the house, start digging with the Traco, the backhoe, the Bob, whatever you can do pull in your resources. But that hole is never going to get dug. If you don't get out there and start digging. That's it, period. And that's what I'm gonna teach in the $10 million newsletter.

Because you guys, too many of you are working way too, I should say thinking way too hard. And the results are lackluster at best. And I hate that. Because I see people I had one guy messaged me yesterday, he's like, man, you know, making $4,800 a month and I can't I'm trying to figure how to get to 10 grand a month. And I asked him what he's doing and what he does. He's on a vertical that I know people making 100 grand a month like clockwork, not doing any harder work. He's just talking to people doing the work. This guy is thinking about it. Man, I'm kind of lost, I don't know what to do. Next, motherfucker get to work. That's what you do. Next, you talk to 50 people a week, you set up goals, you set up sales strategies, you set up plans, you got to get to work, you got to have conversations. And if you ain't selling, you ain't working in business that I'm in sales have to happen, that's going to show a direct correlation of what you're capable of. You can have the best product in the world. But if no one knows about it, and you're not selling it, you're stealing from yourself in them. Your products, that'd be so damn good.

You got to get out there and talk about it and tell everyone about it. But you got to have a product, you got to put it together, you got to get the work and get people results. So I want you to get real serious about spontaneous, do some spontaneous today, go out there and go do something spontaneous with your spouse, your kids, just do something that's not on the calendar, not plan. Just wake up say I want to do XYZ, am I the only one that's literally like wakes up in the morning is in somewhere else. Totally different part of the country or world within 24 hours doing there's gas stations and grocery stores and phone and internet. Pretty much everywhere. We're going to go, I don't even need to pack anything. Actually, sometimes when I go the airport, they are looking at me like I'm crazy. Back in the day. I'd have a duffel bag.

That's it and I'm going for weeks. Why? Because I'm gonna go shopping when I arrive. I can go to the store and get lotion and get shampoo and get shaving cream and get a razor. They do sell the shit everywhere. But this these weird things we have to we have to have it all sorted out all figured out before we go anywhere. What if it's not like that? Because it's not, we've made that story up in our head. Because maybe it causes a little anxiety, which it does. But that's okay. You'll learn how to deal with it. You're gonna have anxiousness moments in your business anyways. Add them into your life, make it the norm, it's whatever is cool. Move, move, move, next move, move next. And you're gonna wake up and it's pretty good life. So that was always my fear. When Dina and I traveled, I'd always meet these couples in their 60s 70s and 80s. And one of the cup one of the spouses would be pushing the other one in a wheelchair and I'm like, hey, you know what's going on? Where are you from? Bla bla bla bla. And we just start talking, right? Because you're traveling, you're in these environments.

And you know, I remember in Santorini, Greece talking this cup on Santorini Greece is not wheelchair friendly at all. But we were talking to him. These guys are in 70, early 70s. And they're like, Yeah, we saved up our whole life to come here on our dream vacation and I I thought to myself, this is a dream. Because if I was in this wheelchair, it'd be a nightmare. What? Like, there's many people that have all these dream things set up, but they never get to them. Because life happens, if you can do something, and I'm not saying be reckless about this, but start doing shit. Stop planning, stop talking, and just go do. It's a cool superpower I have, I believe, because I do see I look around, I don't see many people doing it at the level that they could. So I just want to plant that seed with you. And these are real stories that I'm sharing with you. And it's always served me it's never, never, ever not served me being spontaneous in those methods. And I know people, it's planned out the best business ideas, the best business plans, the best everything, and they go broke, bankrupt, never get it off the ground. But they spent five years to plan it.

I actually last year, at my event, a guy has been planning I swear on my life. I think if I remember a and I might be under saying it. 17 years, he's been planning to start a cigar shop 17 fucking years, and he's yet to do one. It's disgusting. It's terrible. I'm impressed. He's still going. But I genuinely don't think he really wants to do it. How do I know? Because if you did, you'd fucking do it. That's how. So you would find the resources, you find the capital you to make the play and save the money, you generate the money, you'd invest like 17 years, 17 months is a long time, let alone 17 years. So enough of that. Let's talk about something I hear every single day. I'm in the real estate investing community have been since 1996. And it's something that drives me bonkers. And the thing is, there's a lot of millionaires out there that you may or may not know, you probably see their names on buildings, but they're broke financially, Cash Wise.

It's called equity. So a lot of these guys go around here and beat their chest. And they're like, Oh, I'm worth $25 million. Okay, cool. I don't know what the fuck that means. Because if you have a building that's worth $25 million, and you owe 20 on it, you know, it's only net 5 million. But if it's negative cashflow, your cash flow bankrupt, so that equity means nothing. It's a lie on your balance statement making you feel cool. But the truth is, in real business, if you don't have cash flow superseding your expenses, you're broke. And a lot of real estate pretty much a large portion. I don't know how many percent, but I bet it'd be in the high 80s to 90% range of investors are equity rich, in cash poor. And I know this because I'm involved in many different types of funds, where I bankroll some of these guys behind the scenes, I never talk about it, but I am in the $10 million newsletter because some of these deals I do are insane.

And they have to do them. Why? Because their cash poor. And the only way they make more money is if they do another deal. And if they don't have the cash to do the deal, they ultimately get washed out of the system and go bankrupt because they don't have any cash or cash flow to pay down any of their debts. But they live this big lifestyle. They pound their chest, I'm worth 25 million 100 million plus bla bla bla bla bla. And yet, they don't have a pot to piss and they don't have cash. So be careful who you're listening to. And I'm not knocking real estate, I'm just saying there's lots of different ways to do real estate. And most of them are doing it wrong. And they're sharing how they're doing it wrong. And no one's paying attention, because they get bought into this idea. Like, dude, that guy's worth 100 million, he must know what he's talking about. Okay, well show me. I want to see your cash flow, I want to see your bank account. I wanna see how much cash you have in the bank. I want to see which cash flow you're generating every month, I want to see your expenses. Right, real estate's an amazing wealth builder.

The reason real estate's created more millionaires, they say, than any other verticals, because it's a very tax opportunity environment for business owners and real estate investors to, you know, be worth a lot. And then ultimately take cash out through loans and refinance and all this stuff. But you're always, always chasing the next deal. It never stops. So just get very clear on what I'm saying here. When you're chasing these opportunities, building these businesses. I personally prefer to focus on cash flow, I don't know how to build a business in San Francisco, where your bar you know, you're raising $200 million dollars to grow a company that makes $12 a month. I don't know how to do that. I genuinely don't know how to do it. It doesn't make sense to me. It breaks my brain. But yet the company's valued at you know, $10 billion.

24:42 It doesn't, it genuinely doesn't make sense and ideas not worth 10 billion cash and cash flows. What makes something worse something and I see a lot of people buy into this, it's 20x EBIT, we're gonna crush it. It's like, do this company's not making any money, the teams falling apart. The only reason they got money in the bank because they keep raising more Money reducing the there's guys I know that sold companies for hundreds of millions of dollars. And one in particular he sold for like 300 and something million dollars. And after the dust settled, he got like 1.8 million. And he busted his ass for seven years. But he goes around saying he sold a company for 300 million. Well, I don't know about you, but I'm not trying to sell some for 300 million and only get a couple million dollars, plus all the stress that he went through. And to say it's stress is an understatement, because he raised a lot of money from a lot of people. And it just kept dying and the product just couldn't get it off the ground at a high level. But don't be broke, but worth millions. I'd rather see be wealthy daily with cashflow.

While building your wealth with real estate and equity or your equity in your business. There's a lot of business owners, you know, again, you may or may not be privy to some of this information. I am on a lot of boards, a lot of environments where I actually see behind the scenes on I just got to read yesterday, this guy's trying to borrow money from us the fundament and the company's supposedly worth $200 million, they have $18 million cash on hand in the company, but they need 20 million to get a loan because that money is all borrowed that 80 million, the majority of 80% is borrowed, right? They're robbing from Paul to pay Peter borrowed from Steve to, to, you know, pay Jane. I mean, it's, it's very mentally taxing. And then you look at the CEOs, because you get you know, these are personally guaranteed notes by the CEO and all this. And then you realize the CEO is only making 350 grand a year. This is a lot of stress, but he has a lot of net worth. Because the shares in his company could be worth whatever, right? All it's worth $100 million. You can't spend it. It's not worth anything, right? It couldn't be. But that takes an exit.

That takes us something that happened at the end where you're getting a lot of money from someone. And ultimately it happens but don't fall into this whole idea of like, it's cool to be worth millions of dollars. But yet you can't pay your electric bill today. I promise you, I guarantee I know for a fact, the majority these fucking real estate guys are in that position. They have the assets. Most of them are syndicated. And the majority of them have very, and I'm talking very little cash in the bank. They're literally if they don't sign a deal tomorrow, at the end of the week, they could go bankrupt. It's that serious. That's why they borrow it crazy numbers. Because they have to, because the banks they they're not programmed. They can't wait 3060 90 days on bank timelines. That's why the private money, money.

That's why the lending sector is so big in that space. I mean, these guys are willing to pay 810 12 20% in fees for a one month loan. Yes, it's real. It happens every single day at all levels, single families to $500 million apartment building complexes and commercial. I mean, it's it's everywhere. So I'm just sharing that with you because it stuck out to me when I was on my walk, don't be broke, but worth millions be cashflow rich, worth millions. That's the real play. And if you build real cashflow, and I'm talking cashflow supersede your debt at a big level. Right? Don't those wheelbarrow make 250 a month? Okay, what do you keep saying the thing is, everyone's out here talking about fucking gross numbers. I make 250 a month. Cool. What did you net? It might be negative 20,000. I've talked about this on the show before I knew a lady. She consulted me, I consulted her, I should say, and she's like, dude, like, I'm making 300 grand a month, and I'm losing 50,000 a month. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

And I said simple. You're making money in the wrong places. You don't have good systems processes, you know, and all this stuff. So I'd rather see you make 200 grand a month gross and net 100,000 a month, sometimes making less, will earn you more as an owner. And if you don't have a clear path of growth, from that 300 to $1 million a month range, you are going to burn yourself out and you could go bankrupt very quick, because you're burning cash so fast. It's the bridge. It's what's called Bridge lending. Right? It's the bridge to get you over the hump. And some and again, I'm not knocking this part of the cycles, but like sometimes it takes a lot of stuff to catch up before the revenue starts kicking in. And if you're distributing products, there's I mean, there's a lot of moving parts here. So I just want you to know, I'm rooting for you. Don't be broke but worth millions. And stop talking gross numbers, start talking net numbers, get real with people let them know the real truth of what's going on. I was sitting beside a guy and he's like, yeah, man, my company is making 100 million a year. Okay, cool. How much is in the bank?

You know what you had in the bank? You know, his personal and business bank accounts, total collectively. $280,000 cash. That is no money. If you're making $100 million, your gross numbers you're broke. Like one day away from being bankrupt. So again, don't get all googly eyed when people are talking about worth millions in this net, I've never really been a net worth guy. I've been in the cashflow guy, how much cash flow Am I making a day against my debt against my, you know my cost of goods and all that good stuff. So I promise you, if you start thinking like that and start implementing and executing with that in mind, you will have a much better quality of life. It's way more fun knowing that you don't have to wake up. And the truth is, let's be honest, they're modern day slaves. If you're behind the gun like that, literally, you're looking down the barrel every day, you one mishap game's over, right?

Financially, it's over. So massive amounts of debt, massive amounts of problems, massive amounts of moving parts, and they have to wake up, they have to go to work, they have to take stupid loans that they don't want to take, but they have to, they put themselves in a position where they are a slave to the dollar, just like everyone else is it has a job that can't quit because they live paycheck to paycheck, you've put yourself in a position where if you have to do that, you're literally created your modern day slave. Because if you don't work, game over, right? And I don't want that for anybody. It's not good for any of us. And unfortunately, the majority of the world lives like that. Don't be the majority, right? I've never wanted to be like most people, I've always wanted to do my own thing.

So I my my way slower growth, my ways harder work, maybe. But at the end of the day, I wake up when I want I can do what I want with whoever I want. And I can say no all the time if I want. And I don't have to say yes, because I'm forced to say yes. So I'm thinking about you guys, I'm rooting for you. Make sure to check out the newsletter at Mark Evans diem.com forward slash 10 million. If you have questions or problems in your business, let me know on Instagram at Mark Evans DM I want to help you shoot me a message or shoot me an email actually mark at Mark Evans dm.com Tell me ask slash podcast so we know that you and we'll make sure to answer those questions in the future shows. So with that said, Who knows maybe I'm in Dubai

32:12 I'm here to help and teach you what I know and discover freedom no question was Gavin's when he stepped in the Dow tell him what to do Sam do make a deal maker. I'm not just the deal maker, dream maker. The journeys where it's all about the process and the project was a while ago so I know how we come from a lot of money I remember as a kid wanting to make money pregnancy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.8 to me, my principals and teachers are alive this to witness this somehow you're running into a big business to walk away from it. I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money chasing the purpose that's where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go to push come to learn come to grow. I'm here to help teach you what I know knowing how to discover freedom. No question more cabins when he stepped into dow he was saying I'm a deal maker, a deal maker. I'm not just a deal maker a dream maker. The journey is where it's all about the process. Project. dealmaker FileMaker. project

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