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Most people reading this sentence hang out with losers.

Yeah, this might sound harsh, but it’s true.

If your friends tell you to get a real job, stop dreaming, and get back down to earth, they’re losers.

And if you don’t distance yourself from dream-killers, they’ll sabotage your growth, kill your ambition, and murder any chance of you leaving a 9-5.

Since you’re listening to this podcast, you obviously don’t want that.

So, how can we start connecting with people who’ll elevate our life?

In today’s episode, you’ll discover how to network with millionaires (and billionaires.) I also reveal how to upgrade your mindset with the Law of Exposure.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • Does flying in a jet interest you? Here’s how to get it with the “Law of Exposure” (17:24)
  • How to unlock a million dollar mindset by not cashing in a $4 Mil check (28:39)
  • Why you could find mastermind held on the 29th and 30th of June in Cleveland, Ohio could change your life (32:46)
  • How to achieve freedom in your business by focusing on “outcome independent” activities (41:55)

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Welcome to the making of a DM mine. The wall of exposure with money, health, relationships and business from Maui Hawaii. So with that said, let's get started

(0:20) deal. I'm here to help and teach you what I know and to discover freedom. No question Warren Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow. What's the deal maker a deal maker, not just the deal maker dream.

(0:39) Hey there, boy Mark Evans, D. Welcome to another making of the DM. Today's edition is from Maui, Hawaii, actually the Ohio near the Whalers Village, overlooking the ocean as I speak to you with to rainbows. The waters calm as can be some people out there body surfing or whatever they're going paddleboarding. But I want to share with you some powerful stuff today. Before I get started today, I want to let you know I appreciate every single one of you. It's been a minute since I've done a show I've had so many people reach out asking when the next show is and Well, here it is. We've been going through a lot of cool stuff, transitioning, and just dealing with business and life and all that. And that's what I'm gonna talk about today, because I like to share real stuff with you guys and gals that listen to the making of a DEM. But before I do, like I said, Thank you so much for sharing the show. As many of you know, you hear it, like pay the fee. And you know, I don't run ads and all that stuff. Get over to any platform that you listen to show. And please leave a five star review. Share it with your friends, if the show makes an impact in any way, shape, or form. If it pisses you off to motivate you or whatever, in a good way, please share it and let your friends know, hey, this is what I'm up to listen to this guy. He's crazy. But he's right, ie, the making of a DM. So show the show. Tag me at Mark Evans, DM, I'll reshare it, I'll get you some followers, letting people know that we are working on a lot of cool stuff as a collective, as I'm sitting here with the family, as you may or may not know. But this is the family legacy long Evans family trip, just to refresh you if you're brand new here. My father in law, I was talking to him, I like to ask people I care about like, what's their goals? What's their dreams? What would they like to do? And what are you going to do when you pass? What's that look like? Is there anything you'd like to carry out for me to carry out or the family to carry out? They've never really talked about? And it's not morbid, it's proactive. And I was talking to my father and I was like, Yeah, you know, I'd love for you to think I'm gonna get you know, instead of getting buried, I want to get my ashes spread. And in Hawaii, Maui, Hawaii. And I start to laugh and I'm like, dude, you've never been to Hawaii. He's like, No, I was like, well weren't I'm not taking your ashes to Maui. I'm taking you to Maui. And he kind of choco like, Yeah, whatever. I am crazy. I do do crazy stuff. And he kind of forgot about it. But I didn't. I started putting in the works about how you know what I was going to do for the family on Christmas. And me, my wife sit down. And we got my father in law. My sister in law, my brother in law, my other sister in law, their two kids, there's a total of 10 of us. That flew out first class, everything first class, first class, you know, airlines first class resort, first class food, they don't have to pay or do anything to show up. And enjoy life be here be present my father in law 75. We're not getting any younger. Life is very precious, as you know. But it's like literally, I was sitting yesterday talking to him at lunch. And he's like, man, we're listening to some guy play some good music with the hula girls up or dancing at the hula grill, and Whalers Village, if you know that area. And we're talking he's like, dude, like, I don't think you realize this was always on my bucket list. And I said, That's awesome. And what else is on your bucket list? He's like, honestly, this is all I have on my bucket list. And I was like, one, I'm glad and acknowledge you. And I'm glad that we're here at this moment. It was me. And everyone were just hanging out just talking and listen to good music. I was like, but we need to get a bigger bucket. If this is the only thing you have on your bucket list. How do we get a bigger bucket and start adding things to it? You and I, you're listening to this show? Because I would bet that you want more out of life. You want to give more, do more, be more, connect with more people. This is a six figure trip for me not bragging just telling you the truth of what it cost to put on something like this for what I'm doing. I'm not saying you have to spend six figures to create an amazing legacy experience with your family. But what I'm saying is why are we doing all this crazy bullshit dealing as an entrepreneur to not do amazing fucking things in our life to change other people's life that We genuinely care about that can't do it for themselves. I'm not knocking him, it's just he's a different generation, a different stride different goals, different things. It's just different. You and I are different, in a good way. It is what it is. We push hard, we grind hard, we grow hard. We're pushing everyday when people think we're crazy. We're like, that's all you got. That's called life. And, unfortunately, in our world, because you listen to shows like this, and you're probably around other entrepreneurs, we think it's normal, that people do what we do, are willing to put up with what we put up with, to get to the next step to sit here, depending on when you're listening to me, if you're sitting here for I am on the fucking treadmill, because you got up early because you have goals and dreams. And the only way to accomplish them is by getting up and doing the fucking work. My friend, you're in a good company today. Because that's who I am. I'm crazy. I want to grow, I want to push. I want to I want to enjoy the process. But let me be very clear entrepreneurship is not for everybody. Very few actually, as we embark into 2023, you know, what are we in mid April 2023. Already, you know, the world is changing, people are changing. I'm watching it happen before my eyes. True story about two and a half weeks ago, I got an email, an email from one guy that has been in my company for two and a half years or so. And we've done a lot. We've done many, many things. We generated many, many millions of dollars, through the units that he's worked with. And he sent an email. And the email was so not him. It was negative. It come off as a weird stance like the world's against me, and you're fucking against me, blah, blah, blah. He sees the way the sausage is made behind the scenes. He knows how I how I work. I do the right thing when it's hard when it sucks. When it's money out of my pocket. I still do the right fucking thing. It sucks. But it's what we signed up for. Very few people do that, by the way. Everyone says it. But very few people do it. He saw behind the scenes. And he had a pretty big scare in his life. health scare right for a second. So we got that going on. We got the world going on, you know, negativity, and all these things, right? And I'm not judging, I'm just sharing. But the way he came at it was very different than who we who he is who I know. So I got on the phone with him. I do like what is going on. And we just talked about it for about an hour. You know, by the way, there was no turning back. I wasn't trying to save him in the company. Because the email, there's no turning back from the way the email was presented. He fucked up truthfully, he really fucked up the way he sent the email he did. But hey, we all fuck up. So happened, I got the email. I responded, got on the phone. And we talked I'm not mad. Actually, it was kind of a relief. To be honest with you. I was relieved. Because this guy is making a lot of money and on the path to make a lot a lot of money with us. And I want people around me making money. It's not always, you know this much and it keeps going up and it never goes down or never slows down or not. Now that's called business that's called life that happens when you're attached to growth and revenue. It's not a straight line up. There's ups and downs and sideways. But it started getting a big numbers like a real number, who's starting to look really good for him. And I carry a lot of weight on that because I want the guys that are rolling with me to live very well. I want them to do well financially. And I want them looking out for me in the company and the clients and everybody else themselves included of course. And that goes away today I sent the last wire Whoever get from me ever. My team did. As I'm sitting here in Maui, right everyone's like online watching Oh, marks in Maui must be hanging out doing nothing. It's so easy, man. It must be nice. Do you know how much shit I have going on. I'm in the midst of buying a big company. I'm in the midst of losing one of our guys in the company. I'm in the midst. Like I still got calls and emails and growth. We're working on a big event, June 29 and 30th in Cleveland, Ohio. I hope you can make it. It's June 29 and 30th. It's called the birthday bash effect where we go out and we raise a lot of money for charity, but most importantly, bring a lot of cool people to share with you. It's not a pitch Athan. It's none of that bullshit. It's straight content, high value, amazing relationship connections and growth. So that happened. And that's going on here while I'm here. So the good news is I'm six hours behind east coast, so I couldn't get up at 330 or four o'clock in the morning here in Hawaii. I can get some work done and then I could go play as I'm recording to you it's 9am Hawaiian time or 3pm East Coast time. Right so that's kind of like that weird thing. And I forget because I started traveling like this and oh five. So you know you got to just kind of play around with your schedules in mind and You know, like the beautiful thing about if you build the businesses, right? You can work anywhere at any time. Not say there's not timely things that have to occur, because there definitely is. But it's a pretty cool stuff. But anyway, so he's departing and I texted him before I sent the last wire because I was just curious as I go over the last two weeks, how many calls and emails have you gotten from other team members? asking for assistance or help or or catastrophic situation or having a need you pulled in?

(10:37) Drummer drumroll 00 people. And I had me think a lot because you ever meet people that make themselves so significant in a system but yet they're not that significant? In the system, if I left the system, I would be fucking blowing up where yeah, what's going on? What do we need? Hey, I need this. Who do you know, baba, baba, baba, baba, baba Baba. And this individual had zero. He may be listening this show now. And I genuinely want this guy to crush life. But I think about when I was, like I said, I just thought like, wow, zero responses. I don't know if he was happy about that. Or sad about that, because we didn't really talk about I was just genuinely curious. Because I truly thought he would have been blown up. I really thought that I thought he hinged a lot of key components. Because my goal, and this is my job. I felt, you know, as a leader here, to share the vision. I wanted to get him to, you know, focus on what he's great at. He's very project driven. I wanted him to focus on that. And I was weaning him off of that I was hiring coo to drive that and get things going. And I don't know if he felt like he was getting her to get fired. I had, by the way, I had zero inkling to let this guy go. Zero. i Oh, because I look at people in my ecosystem. For forever. I want people to roll with us forever. And that didn't happen. Unfortunately. That's part of life. But again, I wish him nothing but great success. I hope he absolutely crushes it. But he's got a long road ahead. It's not easy. It's a it's an entrepreneur, is not easy for someone who's very structured. He's always a very structured guy. And like I said, it's going to be an interesting road. But I hope one that he absolutely crushes. So I like to share real life stuff with you. And because it's real time, it's real. It's what's going on. And I think a lot of times entrepreneurs think it only happens to them, but you don't understand. Well, I understand. And I know all entrepreneurs understand, you know, potentially losing someone key in your world, and you think everything's going to collapse. I'm not saying like, I got the email, I kind of laughed. I did laugh, actually, because it's my mechanism. And I got the work. I message everyone, here's the deal. Here's what's going on, boom, this was on a Wednesday. And in essence, he was kind of done in two days, because I'm like, dude, just, I don't like to dick around. I don't need two weeks, hey, you got everything set up. Cool, good, send me information. You just be around if we need you. Thank you for your service kind of thing. But it's real. That's what's going on. And the team pulled together. Like it really I saw a lot of people step up. And and were interested, they were relieved. That, wow. Thank you. acknowledging them, thank you for stepping up. Thank you for taking more on. Thank you for being a part of the team. Thank you for for just being here. And I hope they're excited for the journey. Because these companies that we're building, you know, are always evolving, always growing, getting punched in the face. Keep going, you know, most people are stopping. We're not, we're just winning. So I want to share this stuff with you because what I was at an event, and I've been really going to a lot more events to really connect with high level people, relationship capital, you know, I don't just talk to shit, I actually live it, I do it. I've been doing it since 96. I've been going to events, the last six months. I've been to more events in the last six months. And I was in the last three years. Because as I said on my podcast shows and everything I talked about is everyone's efforts need to elevate because things are changing. Things are different. And right now is the time to go deep and yourself and build relationship capital and invest in the best investment you'll ever invest in. You know what that is right? The best investment you'll ever invest in, it's not crypto, it's not real estate. It's not a new business. It's not an existing business. It's that pretty face of yours. It's you and I know when you take and you just get punched in the face kicked in the dick, throat punch, etc. You realize, sometimes you're like, Dude, I just, I can't go anymore. I can't do it anymore. Anytime these things creep up in your mind, I want you, I just want you to understand, like, we've all been there, we all might be there now, don't look at me thinking I have it figured out. I don't have anything figured out. I just know that I'm never going to stop. I have a couple of things that we're growing and pushing and learning about, but like, listen, we're all learning together on this journey of life. See, life doesn't get easier. It really, it's just hard in general, right on certain things. Right? When people get old, their ailing loved ones pass away, great people leave your companies and things are happening and breaking. You know, companies break companies go under whatever. It's just we learn how to better deal with them. As we evolve as entrepreneurs and individuals. We are the investment, we are the best investment. No one can ever take away the knowledge. No one can ever take what you're doing right now listening to me, and undo it. And that's what I want to talk to you about because I've talked about this before. But when I was at this event, it sounded different. And hopefully, maybe it'll sound different to you. But there's a there's a law called law of exposure. Law of exposure. And I'm not talking about exposing yourself, I'm talking about law of exposure, meaning when I walked on that $38 million house in the early 2000s, because I made a donation to a charity. That moment changed my life. When I was 1012 years old, and I stepped foot in a Ferrari throughway. The guy let me sit in it and think like it changed my life I was exposed to something I seen on TV. I've heard about it, but I never saw it touched it felt it said it smelled it or anything. I didn't know anybody that had that stuff. But I became exposed to it. What I'm talking about today, you can't unhear you've been exposed. You're an entrepreneur, you're driving, you're growing, you're pushing to new heights, because something behind the scenes have exposed you to a bigger life, a bigger future, a bigger opportunity. You've been exposed. This is not a bad thing. By the way. This is an amazing thing. This is why I again, I've been doing this for years. And I didn't know it exactly what I was doing. I knew I get a taste of it and all these things. But like, when I do the jet experiences, they're $10,000 on average for each ticket. And you're thinking dude, I can fly for $340 in coach, cool, you're exposed the coach, you're exposed to the shitty systems at the airports, you know, show up two hours on a duel. I'm not knocking, it's just what most people are exposed to. But if I can expose you to the jet experience to get around people that are doing big shit, cool things, amazing things, taking a risk on themselves, investing $10,000 to get on a jet to pull up to the jet. Walk on and we go, you realize, oh my gosh, it breaks your framework. If you've been exposed to a new thing. It feels pretty damn good. If you've ever flown regular class, first class, or Gen experience, you know, there's a massive difference and all three of them. And I don't just do this for me, I do this for people I care about, as I said that this legacy trip I'm doing. By the way, I'm doing another one July 1 through the eighth for my family, my family, my mom and dad, my sisters, my nieces and their kids. More on that later, I'm guessing, but they're in first class with us. They're staying at the Ritz with us. They're doing these things with us. I'm picking up the bill. I'm proud, because I've been preparing for this shit. I've been busting my ass for fucking 26 and a half years, I've been grinding and pushing and punching and like I'm in the game with you side by side. It's much easier for me to do a family legacy trip than it is for me to go take a trip for myself. I can already do that if I want. I'd love to deal with people I love and care about and knowing that I can do this for us for this trip for the journey for the experience. I want to expose you to taking care of your wife, your mother in law, your father in law, your parents, your grandparents, people that you care about in your life I want you to start stop fucking being so selfish. It's not just about you. You have to make more money. You have to think bigger. You have to think different if you want to accomplish what you really want to accomplish. You no one else you when is the moment when you can sit down with your spouse and say hey, we're good. Put your two weeks in We're good. Forever, once that moment, and if it's already happened, you know how it feels. True story. My wife has really never ever ever worked since she's met me. I've always wanted to be the guy that takes care of their wife.

(20:17) And I'm not saying that's good or bad. It's just who I am. And we have a mutual agreement. We know what's going on. We're on the same page. We've had a plan. We're executing the plan not to say that the plan doesn't change sometimes. It does. But we knew we were going to travel before we had children. We got to travel. We got married. We got married. We had children. We had a plan. Most people out here fucking just knowledge, you know, Willy gilgen Giggling around like things are everything's amazing. And you're gonna live forever. You're not Newsflash, you and I are not living forever. So stop acting like law of exposure. Why do you think I do the guy trips? Those are $5,000 a ticket. For eight hours, we're only got 10 million plus dollar yacht typically sitting on the yacht. 12 of us talking about life, business challenges, when wins. And everything else in between. As I look back at people that attend the jet experiences in the yacht experiences, I have a lot of repeat people. Success leaves clues. How cool is it that, you know some people are like dude, I would never invest $5,000 to go on a boat. It's just the boat. Man. I could put that money so many other places. Cool. So do it. Yeah, man, but you don't understand, dude. I gotta do this. I gotta do that. I gotta but they have all these fucking excuses. So you think you're investing in a boat experience. You're investing in you to get on a yacht that you've never fucking stepped foot on in your life. Because you don't have the balls to fucking pony up 100 G's to do it to get around 11 other amazing people that are at or where you want to be? In all on the same page and talk openly. See, most people don't value the investment in themselves. Because you're exposed to fucking losers. You're exposed to people's dude, if they're making so much money. He wanted to do it for free. Hey, motherfucker. Why don't you go to work for free homie. Why don't you take a day of your life away from your family? For free and do nothing? Well, I will. Perfect I don't want to fucking roll with you. Why? Because you don't value your time. I've never worked with someone for free. That has went on to be going crush it in life. If you want to go fucking be Mother Teresa, and save everyone for free. Go do it. That's not who I am. I'm an entrepreneur, capitalist business owner that respects my time and understands that time is limited. And if you're not willing to pay for it, I don't want to fucking roll with you. Period. Why would I? Why would you want to roll with someone teach you how to fucking make money? That doesn't offer to make money with you. Pay to play. But you ain't fucking complain with that new iPhone, the cable? The brand new cards the Honda song? Whatever bullshit shitty car you're probably driving. You will be getting a Honda accident dude. So let me man I'm not materialistic. Well then write a fucking bike. Ride a Bike then. Mr. Fucking non materialistic. Discussing to me to think that people think like that. Unfortunately, it's the majority. I'm hyped up today if you can't tell. You know why? Because life you have to be bold. You have to know that this shit is real. I grew up in a small town Ohio trailer corner. Watching my parents cry over money paying bills not having it. He had their hard working don't a lot of the right things. And I'm not knocking this. I never seen them read a book about financials. I never saw them read a book about how to get ahead in life. I never thought back then this book stays I'm not talking to audiobooks and videos on shit that didn't really exist. But I'm talking like a book about life and success and growth. These worked hard, paid bills, repeat process. I respect that. But that's not who you and I are. We're creators. We're entrepreneurs. We're building companies we're building. Like I have hundreds of people Life's under my umbrella that I have to support through my vision through my leadership. If I suck, they suck. If they suck, I suck. Law of exposure. This goes for money. This goes for health. This goes for relationships and businesses. As I'm watching this guy's name is Wes Watson great guy. By the way, he's bold. He's, you know, he's hungry. This guy was if you don't know much about him in prison for 10 years, massive crazy crazy. tatted you know, big beards. I liked that shit. I think it's cool. I want everyone just to be weird and crazy, dude, I love that shit. I don't care what you look like collar race realism. None of that shit matters to me. All it cares. If you fucking have a voice and you care and you want to grow and you keep sharing your truth. I'm down to roll with you. I love that shit. And but I was watching them on stage. And he's talking about this. And you know, he's generating a couple million a month. It's awesome. And in five years, this guy, so what's your excuse? Write it this way. Think about what's people's excuse, this guy five years ago, was walking out of the penitentiary for 10 years in living with his grandmother, and his parents in the same house true story. To build a $2 million a month empire. It's a lot of money. But as I was listening to him, I was thinking like, I'm listening to like, there's 100 men in this room and women. And I'm like, Dude, this is amazing content. But also the exposure. You know, he's like, I make 2 billion a month. Wow, he can do it. Why can't I that's exposure, by the way. But also, and again, I'm not throwing shade on him. I love I love this. But like we have to as we get bigger understand. He has a big voice. So people take every word he says, As factual. Matter of fact, you know, but he doesn't have a wife who doesn't have kids. These are not excuses. By the way. These are facts. So there's certain things I will not do for money. And that's more like time, right? I don't have if I if I was single, and had all the time in the world to do whatever, like, Yes, I could change. I could grow things bigger, quicker, maybe. And also, I could also kill it hardest. So these aren't excuses as well. A lot of people use excuses. But this is more of an awareness, situational awareness. I love what he's saying. It's a buffet of greatness. But where am I at my life? Maybe you have a kid two kids, five, who knows. So there's certain things he says it might not be might not might not be for tangible to you at this moment. No big deal. Don't get discouraged get encouraged that he's sharing his knowledge. Your job is to decipher what serves you. This goes for everybody. By the way. Just because someone's great at business does not mean they're great at relationships. Just because someone who's great at relationships definitely does not mean they're great at money management, and all that right. So, but I can learn from these, you can learn from all these people. I think it's the beautiful thing about this world we live in people are willing to share their knowledge freely. I'm sharing it with you for free. I love this shit. I love making an impact. I love walking down the street people I DM you change my life. Fuck yeah, man. Right. Like, I love that stuff. But also know I got to do the work. To show up to share real knowledge. I'm not just sharing bullshit. Law of exposure, money, health, relationships, business and such. I remember early night, late 1900s, late 1990s, early 1900s 1996 Or seven, somewhere around there. I walked into a guy's office. He had 60,000 employees true story. 65,000 actually, in a big company in Ohio, and I walked in his office, he had a bunch of checks on his desk and when I looked down, it was over $4 million. And it was like four months old. I looked at my dude how the fuck like $4 million. So yeah, I'll get to it. I just haven't put it put it in the bank. Yeah. Now keep mine. I'm a small town hillbilly smoke kid from Ohio. 4 million. Like I just wanted to make 100 grand a year. Right? And I started doing some real estate making a couple bucks, nothing remotely close to that at that time. And I thought to myself, I'm like, Dude, if I back in the day back then if I had a $40 check, I'm dropping everything and taking it to the bank. I'm not even joke. I'm not exaggerating. I'm being dead serious. So when I saw someone that had 4 million sitting for four months and had many checks on his desk for many months later, I thought to myself, wow. Maybe there's more to life. Maybe there's more to business life out there. Maybe there's a lot more money that I dreamt up out there. I never had exposure to that kind of wealth. I didn't know anybody made a million dollars $100,000 year let alone someone had a $4 million check just sitting on his desk, hanging out. It's truth. Law of exposures real. I went to my office I felt discouraged and encouraged at the same time. I was encouraged because I know there's more money than I was making at the time, way more. But I was also discouraged to them. I did why am I not there yet? But then I stopped for a sec Can thought about this guy is 65 years old. I'm 19 years old

(30:08) right now if I had a $4 million check on my desk, it could sit there for four months and it wouldn't change my life. Not saying do that, not because I don't take checks. I like wires. So then you don't have to worry about that right? But no seriously changed my change. It changed my it broke my frame of what's possible. I'm sharing life moments with you guys right now. True Stories. I'm sharing life moments. Law of exposure changed my mind. I remember going on my first jet. I didn't feel like I belonged it actually. Probably my first 20 times on the jet. I didn't feel like I belonged. My dude, why the fuck is this hillbilly kid getting on this jet, dropping 50 G's to travel across country round trip. I don't deserve this. But I was exposed, I had to lean into it. I was scared. Every time I've invested myself with great coaches and mentors. 10 grand a month, 10 grand for an hour. I remember paying a guy 10 grand for a name. As a Yo, this guy was good at coming up with names for stuff as I do not, you know, he's like, it's $10,000 Tell me where to send the money. I was scared. I was scared to death came up with the name. And I sold many millions of dollars of that product. Could I sold many millions without the name, maybe you know what it did. More importantly, it gave me the confidence to invest in myself and invest in my vision, invest in my dreams invest with good people. Right, because I paid for the name. But also, he gave me encouragement with the name gave me confidence when he gave me the name saying well, this is why this name is powerful. That's why this name will work. This is why you should use this name. thought about it a lot Mark, this is the name that's going to crush it.

(31:58) See entrepreneurship can be lonely. If you're selfish, selfish entrepreneurs is very lonely. I'm not lonely. I have lonely moments. But it's usually when I'm cranking and grinding and kind of not being focused on my priorities. But I have lots of great friends. I have lots of people, I could text 100 people right now. And they'd all come and meet me in Maui. Or wherever I'm at if I need help. I've built a forge great relationship capital with many people. So I'm not lonely. Because I'm not selfish. I've invested many years and many dollars in many, many, many conversations to connect with great people. Lot of exposure. So when you get in a room, like for example, June 29, and 30th there in Cleveland, Ohio, I don't have a link set up yet. I'm just sharing it with you. But if you want to get the link and you're listening to the show, message me on Instagram at Mark Evans DM. So you're What's the link for the Cleveland event? Just make sure so I can make sure I get you the link when it's ready. But when you get in that room, you realize that this room is different. I swear on my life, it's different. I've been around 20, almost 27 years, this room is different. There's people in that room that genuinely care. I'm not saying other rooms don't care. But it's connected at a level I've never seen. And I'm just glad that I'm a part of it. Like people genuinely care that genuinely take interest. They genuinely want to help. They're there to guide. Everyone's on a different, different part of the journey. But I can tell you this. Everyone belongs. Everyone belongs. I don't want you to ever feel like you don't belong in my world. Oh man, you make more money. I don't care about money. That says more about you than me. I care about forging deep relationships. Life's not just about money. Don't get me wrong, I want more of it, and you should get more of it. But there's way more than that. You could bring solutions you could solve. There's so much you have in value besides money that can get us all more money. But get exposed to the right rooms that will change your life. So I was talking with someone it's like do like they this person has no money, they have to charge credit cards charge to the max. They barely make any money at their job. And they're not willing to go get another job. Because they don't feel like they should have to because they're 50 Now they're damn near bankrupt. And I'm watching this and I know this person well, but they have the new iPhone. They have the iPhone EarPods by the way, they have a case to cover for the earpods case. They have the new purse, they have the new sunglasses, they have the new shoes, they have the new car and yet they have a roommate. They've been then exposed to a different world, and they stay in that world of exposure of lack. If you're if I have a friend like that, you have to tell them stop being a fucking dummy. What are you thinking? Why are you so fucking selfish that you think that you're you should have certain things in life, that you should not have anything of this nature. You need to get your shit together, you need to have three jobs, not one job that barely pays the bills, doesn't pay the bills, checks, it takes money from other people gets money from other people should say they're enabling her. She's healthy. What happens when she's not healthy? Heavens forbid, right? This is the shit I think about. We have to be ready. I want you to be ready. That's why I share real shit with you because I want you to be ready. I want you to do the family legacy trips, I want you to have the opportunities to do whatever you want to grow the life you're seeking. Don't ever stop dreaming. The truth is as I get bigger, financially, I want I want more. Not for the thing. But for who I have to become to get it. I want to give more money to charity. I have to get more money to do that. I want to give more I want to I want to do more things. I'm healthy right now. What happens if I become unhealthy? What happens if something happens? See most of you're waiting for to happen to get ready. By the time that shit happened. It's too late. be overly prepared. Exposure law of exposure, health, who you're hanging out with? What do they look like? Are you happy with what you look like? Are you happy with how you feel? Now listen, I'm not saying go out and accomplish all these things overnight. That's not how it works. This is a lifelong journey. But what I'm trying to do is bring awareness to you. We need to be aware to solve. We need to be aware to solve. But when you get exposed to it and you realize how winners win. See law of exposure when with winners. Looks way different than with people that just get by. I know a lot of people online think I just hang out smoke cigars have my fat feet in the sand and just chill. Whatever. That's exactly what I don't do. Once in a while I'm out there doing it. But if anything right now my priorities are my family and my businesses and my wife and my health. Hanging out to me actually creates anxiety. Because I know like time is fleeting. I'm not saying I'm not I don't take time for myself and I just take time differently. See what's healthier? Is it going to the gym taking time for yourself or sitting on the beach eating bonbons. Everyone's got their own way. But the bonbons and beach and not my way. But winners all exposure to winners look different. They're on the phone. They close deals, they build teams, they work on themselves. They invest in themselves. They get to work, they show up. They don't fuck around. They take risk. They fuck up. They keep going. They don't stop. They keep winning. They get pissed. They get mad again. And then they do it again. And then they get real pissed. And then they change it up and then they start winning again. The people that fucking lose the game of life. Quit your fucking quitters. You quit. As soon as it starts getting hard you look for the eject button. You created the shit no one else did. But you don't understand. I don't have to understand. You do? See no one has to understand your bullshit lies and excuses that you may have. And some are probably valid excuses. But what does it do to serve you? See one thing a lot of exposure to successful people's helped me with is realize we all have fucked up situations in life. We all do. All of us. We all do. But that's the past can't do anything about it. So you're gonna let your fucked up past dictate your amazing future ahead of you. That sounds like a dumb move. I just want you to live the best life possible. I didn't say the easiest by the way. I said the best. Because waking up early every day, doing the things you don't want to do every day dealing with people that are stealing from you or quitting and these it's part of the game and acknowledge it. And just understand that it's not changing. I don't care how big you're getting, it doesn't change. It's different stress, different problems bigger, way bigger. Whatever problems you have, I guarantee, this is the training ground for the big problems you're about to have in the future. This is the only way you'll be able to cope with them in the future. So you're exposed to new problems. You always hear guys say, get new problems you might hear, but you don't even know what the fuck it actually means. I'll tell you what it means. If you're sitting there growing your business, depending on what size it is, and you've never been sued, you've never had someone steal from you. You've never had the product break. You've never had someone fall and break a leg and Sue like, this shit happens all the time when you get bigger all the time. So you wouldn't even be mentally equipped to handle it. You would collapsing the knees. If that happened to you today, if you're starting from the beginning. So know that when this shit happens, just smile and know that you're getting closer to where you want to be. get pissed. Understand that you're the common denominator on all these things. This is the training room right now. Everything you're dreaming about is on the other side of what you're dealing with today. If you think this one little lawsuit is a problem, wait until you got 20 going at the same time.

(41:33) But you don't understand where it is. Or is it? You don't understand I didn't do anything wrong. Okay, cool. Who said you did? You don't have to do anything wrong to get sued. Welcome to America. It is what it is. I can't control clowns. I can control me. I can control what I feed my mind. I can control what I feed my body. I can control who I hang out with. I can control when I get up. I can control when I invest in myself and who I invest with. That's on me. Too many of you trying to control outcomes your fucking control freak. Listen, I'm not saying not to put yourself in the best situation to give you the best outcome. But also, I can't be in full control of everything. Stop being so hard on yourself. You took it out, learn from it and move on. Who you don't understand it's 40 grand. 40 grand? Nothing. You just said you want to be worth 50 million. It's nothing. Does it suck? Yes. Did you learn from it? Yes. What are you going to do about it? Bro, move, push, grind, and know that you're getting closer. You got to get around you got to get exposed to what real money looks like. You got to get exposed. To what winning looks like most people listen to my voice right now hanging out with fucking losers. People tell you you can't do it. People to tell you stop dreaming. People tell you I'll do you know get a real lot. Get a real job. Get down to Earth man. Life's not that easy. What do you think about why would you invest in yourself? That's stupid man get to college get a four year degree. That's how you get paid. He fucking kidding me. You got to remember everyone telling you something? It's telling themselves it's a reflection of them? How in the world can I share a billion dollar vision with someone that makes $100 If they knew it, or could see it or could fill it, they wouldn't be making hundreds they'd be making millions 10s of millions, hundreds of millions. What I'm talking about is you're exposing your vision to the wrong group. If they're talking negative that if they're talking down to you, that's not their fault. That's your fault. You need to shut the fuck up and the right and the wrong rooms. Stop going to those rooms. Get in the right rooms like the DM Alliance DM family, the DM bash and others out there. Get in rooms where they encourage you to dream bigger. Do ya fucking playing small 20 Millions nothing go for 200 If you're not rolling in rooms like that. The law of exposures not working for you. I want you to live the wildest biggest dream of your life. I'm telling you, it's real. It's out there. The opportunities are massive. But we'll find out. We'll find out if you're there June 29 and 30th. I don't care if you show up or not. But you should show care. People show up come here multiple they've been coming to every single one I've ever done. I do it once a year 100 person None of the profits that we generate like go to charity. I lose money at these things actually. I want to build deep relationships with great people. I want nothing but success for all. But I can't want it and do it for you. I've been down these two, I'm 27 years deep. I've almost lost it many times. And when I say lost, it went bankrupt. I didn't know how he's gonna get through the next day. I didn't know how he's gonna get my feet on the fucking floor. The next day. Just put me to sleep. Just get me up in the morning. That's just give me one more fucking chance. One more chance, Mark, let's go. Put my feet on the ground. It fucking hurts. It stings. It's scary. I'm trying even I don't know what to do, but I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do the right thing. I'm gonna call the right people and to get in front of the right people. I'm gonna keep my feet moving. The universe is watching the universe is testing you. Do you really have what it takes to get to where you want to go? We're going to find out. We are going to find out 2023 Is the separator season. The question is what side you're going to be on it. I hope you're on the right side. June 29, and 30th. Cleveland, Ohio, dealmaker bash. We only have limited amount of tickets. I don't have a link yet. I don't even know what's going on. I just know that's the dates. And I'll be there and I'm gonna be ready to fucking kill it with killers. I'm talking when with winners at the highest level. If you ain't in that room, no, my friend. You've been exposed to the conversation. If you miss this fucking event that's on you. And you should stop listening to my show. You should just go get a job at Taco Bell or wherever the fuck you work and get to work on that. I'm not the guy to roll with. I'm done fucking playing small with clowns. I'm done fucking talking with talkers. I only want to win with winners. And I'm not saying you're not winning yet. But when you're winning and you're winning big and you're winning with winners, well your wins today will be my new to where there'll be. It's time to get serious. I'm your fucking mentor. If you want me to be your mentor you show up June 29 and 30th Move the fucking world to be there because I am and you're about find out so with that said make today count

(47:26) I'm here to help and teach you what I know and discover freedom no question Warren Gibbons when he stepped in the Dow was a deal maker a deal maker not just a deal maker dream the journeys were in the process in project a small town in Ohio so I know how we come from a lot of money I remember as a kid wanting to make money brassy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.0 me oh my principals and teachers are alive this to witness this somehow you're running into a big businesses walk away from me. Now be good I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money chasing the purpose or game where we add is gonna get us where we want to go. Come to learn come to what I know and discover freedom. No question was Kevin's when he stepped into Dell. He knows what I'm saying. Do make a deal. Make a deal. Make a dream make the journey it's all about the process. I'm Mark

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