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Everyone deals with overwhelm in life. Imposter syndrome attacks us at any point, even if we’re earning $100K a month. Many entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to have made millions upon millions, yet feel a lack of purpose in life.

Everyone deals with these thoughts and feelings. But the richest men deal with it differently.

Instead of whining on social media, complaining about lacking motivation and discipline…

The richest men get pissed. They take action. They execute. That’s the difference between earning $10K a month and $100K a month.

In today’s episode, I reveal the counter-intuitive reason WHY you’re feeling overwhelmed. I also reveal a few mindset tricks to start enjoying pain and unlocking a mountain of riches in the process.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to unlock your true purpose in life by canceling a vacation to Jamaica (4:16)
  • The “checkpoint over destination” secret to effortlessly earn $1 Mil per month (6:58)
  • How to bring in customers like clockwork by kissing babies at a convention (8:36)
  • The weird way donating $10K to a customer’s bank account brings back $50K (11:55)
  • How to unlock Elon Musk levels of productivity by spending one hour in “The House of Pain” (15:59)
  • Why working a 9-5 job is more overwhelming than running a $1 Mil per month business (22:37)

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Wasn't in the making of a DM who does the richest man turn to when shit hits the fan and more so with that said, let's get started

(0:17) a more Kevin's deal help and teach you what I know and discover freedom there we go question one Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow closing deal. Tell him what to do Sam dealmaker a deal maker. I'm not just a deal maker, dream maker.

(0:37) There, it's your boy Mark Evans D. Welcome to another of making of a DM. That's right. You are the DM the dealmaker, the dream maker of your life. Beautiful day, actually today as I'm recording is on St. Patrick's Day, March 17. From beautiful Parkland, Florida. So Happy St. Patty's Day, if you're hanging out here, I'm wearing a green shirt. If you follow me on social media, you'll see that got it. Nice green shirt specifically for the big day. And the big day for me is sitting in the office working. And actually I got taekwondo private taekwondo lesson with my son, here in about an hour or so. I want to just say thank you so much for sharing the show. We've had a huge amount of uptick in sharing, and caring and connecting. Right now the DM of your life. You are the dealmaker, the dream maker of your life. When you share, everyone's like, Mark, how can I help you, man, I know you got everything. I'm gonna help you help you now you help you help by helping others by sharing the show on your social media, by sharing when you're talking to your buddy, or whatever I do, like you got to hear this crazy guy. He's helped me out on so many things. Today's show, I'm going to share some real life stuff with you. As I just got back from Jamaica, I was out there for five days with my wife and kids. And like I said, if you follow me on social, you kind of see some of the shenanigans we got going on out there. But I just want you to realize that we have to share the show. I'm not advertising, I'm not spending money. I will I don't mind doing all that. It's just right now the show is growing naturally. And it's going to be bigger and better every day. And that's because of you. I'll keep showing up. You keep sharing, you keep letting the world know what we're up to. And because what happens, it pops up in the algorithms on the platforms you're on. So as you're sharing, and as well as commenting leaving a five star review let people know what the show means to you. Has it helped you takes two minutes, you know, everyone's that Mark, I want to help you. But I'm like, hey, this would help me a lot. This would help a lot of people and then they never get around to it. Don't let that be you please. So today shot like I said, I'm sitting here in beautiful Parkland, Florida. Truth this during the winter, it's like paradise, I'm not lying to you. It's, you know, I'm not here to sugarcoat anything I'm looking out, they're gonna re redo the golf course I've talked to you about that. But at the end of the day, it's just brown. Beautiful. And it's neat to see, as I said, on the last show, you know, you got to kill it off to grow new. And that's what I want to talk to you about today actually is about something real that's going on. But it's it's something I'm the idea with, and everyone deals with it. Just some people deal with it differently. And I kind of want to share about kind of like depression, or lack of feeling like I'm doing anything big. So like I said, I was just out in Jamaica with my wife. You may or may not know this, but my wife and kids and I are taking a one week trip every month for this year. 2023 going somewhere different somewhere new somewhere in place. We haven't went the month prior we went to Dominican Republic. This month, we went to like I said Jamaica, in April, we're taking off for 14 days to Maui. Even though we've been to Maui we actually stayed there for many months. But we're gonna go hang out and bring it it's a it's a family trip. It's a legacy trip with my my aunt, my father in law, my wife's brother and sister and their kids and all that. So it's gonna be a really neat connection thing. So I'm sitting in Jamaica, I'm literally, I have life by the balls. Honestly, I have everything I want I've ever like, I don't need anything. And it's beautiful weather, beautiful location, beautiful people, my family so everyone's happy and healthy. But as I'm sitting there, you know we have the team making some food for breakfast. But I started getting very overwhelmed, very depressed, stressed feeling. And my wife knows this about me and that is the truth. Like I like progress. Progress to me is my love language. I love to be in creation mode. I love to be dealmaking mode. I love to be in dream making mode Old. And sometimes when I go, for example, Jamaica, I'm sitting there felt like all we're doing is eating, hanging out sleeping repeat process. That may be fun for some people, but it is not fun for me or any entrepreneur that I know at a high level. It's it actually defeats everything I'm doing my time is so valuable. Because it's so limited, right once that 14 hours that I sit and just looked at it, you know, hung out at the beach or hung out in the pool. And I'm not saying don't spend time with your family and kids and all that that's not the point here. The point is Be conscious of what drives you and motivate you. I'm very aware that there's a time and place for this. But when I'm in Jamaica, hanging out day two, I really like I got stuff to do. There's so much going on. We're building companies, we're hiring new people, we just got a lot of cool stuff going on. These are things I want to be a part of, I'm I'm thankful that this is happening to me in my life. But when I go to this thing, and again, it's like, I still want to work out, I still want to eat properly, I still want to execute business, you know, accordingly. And straight up the truth is my life here in Parkland, Florida or Ohio, wherever we're at, is 100%. The life I built. So I'm not going somewhere to escape, a reality that I live in. I want to live in my reality. That's why I created my reality, the way it's built, great houses, great cars, great views. Great. I have everything I want. And I'm sharing this in over the top because even when I didn't have what I wanted, I wanted to work I wanted to progress. I want to grow. I want to expand I want to read, I want to put pressure on my brain. I want to question my thoughts. I want to push harder, push forward faster. I'm very anxious. I love the journey. But I love the checkpoints. Most people call them destinations, checkpoints, checkpoints, constantly hitting them setting a checkpoint. Hey, we're gonna make a million this month checkpoint accomplished. Next, what's the next thing? Right, that's fun to me, that gets me excited. I'm getting excited just talking about it. As opposed to like, Hey, guys, I'm gonna wake up at 630 I'm gonna mosey out and have a hot coffee by the water. And then I'm just gonna walk, you know, like, it's boring as hell to me. It's not fun. So, and again, I'm not saying I don't do that sometimes. But that's not what I'm built to do. That's not what I want to do. There's going to be plenty of time in the future, if that's what I want to do. When I'm 68 years old, just hanging out. By the way, I doubt that ever happens. But that's what I tell myself. i It's not fun to me. So I'm beating a dead horse here. Because I see so many people that are trying to build a business to escape the reality. One thing I could share with you build your fucking reality now. So you can live the life you want today to ultimately live the life you keep dreaming and thinking and plotting about. And depending on where you're at in the journey, keep mine I'm 26 and a half years deep into this game of life of business life is it's not hard. In the beginning, it seems hard. But what is hard? We talked about thought adding on time. Oh man, it's hard. It's hard. Doing what? identify what's hard. It's hard getting customers. Well, what are you doing to get customers? Right?

(8:41) Are you going out and shaking hands kissing babies high fiving people, something I did yesterday, I haven't done in a long time I went to a convention. One of our companies has a booth there. You know, I want to meet some of the staff I've never met. So I went up there hung out. Nurse 10,000 plus people at this event. And connecting with people feels really good. Takes me back to my roots. See what a lot of you may or may not know. I started in business in 1996. The Internet, the marketing, none of this shit existed like it does today. I was listening to a great podcast show about how like guys like me, and gals that started back in business in the 90s how we actually had to go get business. See I had to go to events. I had to learn how to write ads and mark it in newspapers in phone books. Yes, phone books. I had to learn how to like at local restaurants to put my little business card ad on their their placemats like I had to go out and hi Nancy, I see your garage doors hanging sideways. I'd like to give you a quick quote on that if you don't mind, you know or whatever. You know, whatever I said back then. I mean should I was 1819 years old. But I connected with people. You know it's like If you listen to my voice and you haven't been in business for longer than 10 years, you don't even know what the hell I'm talking about. And the truth is, it's not your fault. But also, I believe I have a massive advantage over you, meaning, I understand the importance and appreciation of every single client slash customer we have. And I'm talking from private money partners. I'm talking from business partners, I'm talking from clients that purchase our products. I'm talking about the DM Alliance members, the DM family members, anybody that's done any kind of business I have, we sell 1000s of products a week 1000s of products a week, and through different companies I'm involved in and customer relationship is a it's like, Do you know how hard it is, when you're beating the streets knocking on doors to convert a prospect into a client. It's a lot of work. And not only that, when you get that client, you want to nurture that relationship at the highest level. Because when you do that you understand how valuable this individual is. The internet's made it less valuable to have the majority of the people like Fuck, it's just another client. I'll get into, I'll get five more tomorrow. Five more next week, five more today, five more to this next hour, right? Kind of like messes with this. So you're not as thoughtful of the car the process like getting a client in the door? How's the customer journey? Look? What's the experience? Like? Where can I improve? How can I make it more profitable?

(11:30) How can I make it better for the client, and all these different levels. And, like I said, I think it's a massive advantage that I have with most people is I'm very client focused. It's not always perfect. And not even in a far stretch, I want to get better, it's hard with skill, because the team has to be on the same page with you. And that starts from top down. So we're very mindful of birthdays and you know, big moments in your life with new babies being born, we sent out gifts. And we're in the five figure range per month of gift giving to partners and clients and just members of different communities I belong to. So it what it does, it's cool because it like, I'm aware, right? People have big life moments, guess what they do? They post it on social media. And if I'm aware, and they post on social media, that's like an alert, my brain says, Hey, acknowledge them on this special day. Maybe you send them cookies, maybe you send them a great thoughtful gift. Right? I like to send personalized gifts not with my brand, but with their brand, or their name or both. And not say I don't do DM gear once in a while. But you know, at the end of the day, people love personal gifts. I think my I was listening some guys like John rollin and Larry, they're talking about like, these are artifacts. If these are gift giving correctly, it's an artifact. For example, I have DM rings, purposeful I have DM artwork custom for DM fam, I have DM gear that's all customized for each event. If you're not at the event, you don't get it. You don't ever it's never reproduced, right, I don't sell it, we give it away. And we give 10s hundreds of 1000s of dollars of product and gear and you know really cool shit away every year. It's on our high level list of client value add. So as I'm sitting here, this depression thing like for me when I'm in Jamaica, is thinking about clients thinking about you, as a listener on the DM podcast show how it can be more valuable to you? What information do I have in here that I don't realize that if I could share with you, it could help make your life easier. And what's this called as interacting, right? Like, I genuinely want to hear what you need help with. I can't help you if I don't know what you need help with. And this creates a lot of anxiety for me because I'm a problem solver. The truth is most people are solving very small problems, not truck like they're they're solving small problems trying to get big results. I'm not saying small problems ought to be resolved. But the Why do some people have the same small ass problems daily, and yet they never get to where they want to go. Again. I'm not that smart. So I look at this. I'm like, if I solve bigger problems, I get bigger results. If I keep small solving all these little small problems with the same problem tomorrow is going to be around. I'm the problem. Right? And that's when things start changing. You start getting a little bit more dynamic and understanding the value of your time. See, the truth is when I'm sitting in Jamaica, and I'm shooting straight with you, I'm still making money, like lots of money, more money, and that short five day span than I dreamt about making any year 26 years ago, that's money to me net to me. That's not what the company makes. That's what I get. So it's not about money. It's about I want to be better 1% better today than I was yesterday. I want to get better growth with my audience hear on social media on podcast show. I'm thinking about the one too many concepts. If I talk for one hour on this podcast show, how does it get downloaded a million times? What do I need to say? How do I need to say it? Who do I need to deliver it to? What mechanism is it delivered in? Is it video? Is the audio is it both? Right? These are things I'm thinking about? I'm plotting. As I'm in Jamaica, I have a Pete a pen, pencil, a paper and I'm just writing shit my thoughts. Right? I'm still reading. I'm still working out. I post the photo on my workouts truthfully, I could have worked a way harder. Hence. I recognized it. And hit my boy up Frasier it helps me out with the workout stuff. I said, Yo, dude, I'll be in. I'll be in Maui these dates. I want you to have me the baddest mofo that can work me out in the morning in the AM. Why all my family sleeping. I want to get up early, my bones are going to be aching and hurting my back. I don't want to do this. But I have to for my sanity. And if I do this for my sanity and get the heart out of the way, the rest of the day is easy. I feel better about my day just in that one hour. These are hacks. These are things we all can do. But you got to get real with yourself. How, like, if I work out really hard in the morning, am I going to feel better throughout the day? Yes, I will feel better about getting up. I feel better about doing it. And every piece of my body's like, Don't do this to yourself. It hurts. Why are you doing this? Because I have to. So those days, I'm gonna hit it hard. And then I'll tighten up to clean the eating a little bit, clean it up. That's my biggest weakness is this whole fucking eating problem? I just I don't eat bad all the time. It's just when I eat bad. I eat real bad. And you get on a train. Right? So all these things, it's just like business. Right? We all go. These are cycles. These are seasons. Right? I always say as an entrepreneur, a business owner, if you don't know me, when I'm fat, you don't know me at all. You don't know me when I'm fit. You don't know me at all. These are cycles. Sometimes I'm fit. Sometimes I'm not as fit. But I'm a progress and we're working progress are all humans. And I guess that's why I'm trying to share this with you is you're not fucked up. If you're having problems. You're normal. See, a lot of people see me posting on social media, this beautiful backdrop. beautiful ocean, the kids are hanging out doing their homework. These are micro clip moments. And you might be sitting you're busting your ass, making progress, see this snippet and get discouraged. It's not meant to encourage or discourage, I'm just sharing a moment in my life, how you interpretate it how you connect with that is up to you. Not me. That's not my job, of course. But I want you to know is when you see that don't get upset, don't get depressed, don't get stressed. Get excited. If you're on the journey of that path. Get excited. And that's possible. I was a hillbilly kid in a small town Ohio, barely grew up barely graduated high school, never had never had a job my entire adult life. Never went to college never did any of this shit. And I can live anywhere I want, do whatever I want with whoever wants to spend any amount I want. And money still keeps coming in. But it took me 26 and a half years and you only see a snippet. And I'm telling you, I'm there. I want more. I don't feel like I've done anything to where I'm going. I'm not letting the foot off the gas. If anything. I'm putting fucking both feet on it. Because I know time is fleeting. Opportunities are big. I'm only going to be 40 For once in my life. June it will be 45 i Big plans where I'm going. My kids are watching me. They're watching me. My wife's watching me my beat everybody my family's watch me friends, colleagues, people I mentor. It's a lot. CSS I don't look at life is happening to me. It's happening for me. I'm very aware and conscious. And by the way, this drives me fucking nuts. I'm not saying oh, this is amazing. It's something i It's me. So I got to acknowledge it and I want to get better. So what are you doing to get better? You don't get upset, don't get frustrated. Don't get it. You know, don't get discouraged when you see the social media distractions. I'd rather see to spend time on realtor.com I'd rather see you spend time on, you know, Dupont Registry, or yacht charter, whatever you're into whatever you're trying to build in the future. I'd rather see you get inspired by what's available now in the future. See, when I'm sitting there, and I'm overwhelmed and frustrated, it's because I'm not doing anything. These are signs. I'm not doing anything. So anxious. Hallmark isn't at the point to go on vacation. What depends what you define as vacation, I believe, because I live this life, my everyday life so fucking vacation. I can wake up when I want, do what I want, live where I want. I don't have I can be anywhere in the world and no one would know where I'm at. Because the way I've built my companies since 2005. Even though we have a badass office here in Boca Raton, even though I've had badass offices in Palm Beach, I don't go to them. It's not because I don't. It's just not my thing. I'm

(21:07) not productive. I get distracted. I've ADHD all the way to Z. Right? I like to go in there certain times, connect with people, and then roll out. I'm not a office warrior. That's not the life I'm in right now is that this season? I have two young kids, like I said at 130. Today, on a Friday, I'll be hanging out private taekwondo lesson with my son, watching them get better progress, daddy supporting them. He's a part of his life, where all the other kids are public schools or private schools. My son's hanging out with me getting knowledge up on how to be a badass, how to take care of himself how to take care of his family, to build confidence to watch him fail to watch him grow. To watch him push harder. See the thing is, that's the shit that gets me excited. That's what I want to do. I don't want to be hanging out in a fucking island on deck all day. Talking about wholeness lagoon Oh, hey, that was what I don't give a fuck. It's nice out. We get to be here. We don't have to be here. We get to be here. This moment is only here for now. It's gone. The last 20 something minutes I've been talking to you. You can never regain these minutes back. I'm very clear of that. That's why when I come here, I want to show up with real fucking shit that can help you grow. I don't like to see great people fell. I don't like to see great people cry around and not succeed. I want to see you stepping up. I want to break your frames. I want to help show you that you're overwhelmed. Like like you're you're overwhelmed because you're not taking action. Everybody suffers from this in one way, shape or form. Get your ass off of social media. Too many distractions. Too much bullshit. If you're a consumer of social without any object like okay, consume social. But why are you consuming it? are you consuming it for 20 minutes a week? To be able to build something and crush it like I'm gaining knowledge? Are you just trying to avoid your real life? Everybody you look at online including me don't give a fuck about where you're at where you're going. With that picture they're posting or that video they're posting. They feel like man, I'm a loser. I'm behind the eight ball. Motherfucker. You've only been been business three years. You shouldn't be behind the eight ball someone like me. What gives you the right to think your three years of bullshit takes supersedes my 26 and a half years. By the way, I would love nothing more for someone to expedite their growth. Bait. That's what the masterminds for the DM family, the DM Alliance. Take all my mess ups. I kind of got to work on that way quicker. Knowing what I know now. I can't go backwards. But I can help people in the stages I was in to get there quicker. People are paying for time they think a mastermind is for knowledge and information it is but what you're really paying for is my 26 and a half years of real life in the motherfucking trenches experience to help you grow your life and grow your business to show you how to get there way quicker than I did way quicker, but yet cost too much money. I don't know if I really believe it. I see it. But I don't know if it's for me.

(24:25) See, when I get depressed and overwhelmed. I get pissed. I don't get pissed and stay in it. I get pissed. I get real quiet. I read and listen, I write and most importantly, I execute. If you're in the slump if you're in the trenches if you're in the dark area. Massive Action is your friend. It doesn't even have to be pointed action. Just get your ass up and get out the door and get the fucking work. Go dig A whole, for God's sakes, do something productive. Do something that is growing, do something like, do the thing that you fear the most. Do something. It will never go as fast as you want. It will never go as you planned. It will never go as big as you want it to go that day. But every day and shoot by inch by inch by inch. See the thing about entrepreneurship, and I learned this a long time ago, is people aren't celebrating you like Good job. You crushed it, all you did is fucking send an email. Even though you've been procrastinating on an email for six weeks, you finally sent it.

(25:46) No one's congratulating you. Because you think that's how it is. I had a buddy saw company for a billion dollars. The bells and whistles didn't go off. Actually, he's like, fuck, that's it. I did all this work for 18 years. And that's it. Yeah, the money is cool. But when you sell a company for a billion dollars, it's not about the money, you're already making fucking 30 40 million a year already. You can't even spend remotely close to what you're making true story. So you're doing it, you're building up this cool car. I'm not saying that. So companies because that's what it's about. But you build up this cool environment as Cuca that's where you got to be very clear on what you want. What do I want? I'm very clear. I don't need you or anybody else to tell me what I want or what I think. Now don't get me wrong. I'm always learning. But I'm very aware. I thought on it all the time. Who told me that I'm stressed? Who told me what a vacation means. I've shared this before. I remember. I was heading actually to Maui one time. And I had my computer with me. And my my. I don't want to say who it is because I'll know but like, this individual comes up to me. It's like, female. Oh my god. I thought you're going on vacation. must suck to be you. Ah, like I looked at her. I'm like, why? This is my life, bitch. My life is a vacation. You're leaving for five days on a job you hate because Oh, she does talk shit about her job about her boss, about her teammates, and all these other people. And yet she's needs to have vacation to escape that BS. Again, I want to be very crystal clear. I'm not escaping anything. You can ask my wife again. We're sitting there in beautiful Jamaica at this amazing resort. Round Hill. And we're overlooking it. And I'm like, because this is cool. Right? Yeah. Our life is cool, right? Yeah. We have everything we need. Right? Yeah. Cool. Our life is this already. We're just blessed to be in a different location. Right. So again, as you talk this out, and you're evolving, I want you to understand. Too many people are distracted with the social media bullshit. Because I had lots of people. It's actually truth is it's why stop posting when I was there. I was depressed. I didn't want to send off a weird signal like I'm having a fucking blast. While you're sitting wherever you're at, in your part of the world, the man Evans got to figure it out. Dude, he's doing it. He's crushing it. Yeah. I don't have anything figured out. That's what I have figured out. Actually. I haven't figured out that I will never have it figured out. I'm a constantly evolving just like you just like everyone else's. When someone has it all figured out. I fucking run to the hills. Because they're trying to get my pocket. They're trying to act like they're fucking heroes or superhumans. I did a show last week about this. Right? We need to understand that we're all in this journey together. Have fun with the process. Build the life you want today. You can live it today. It's not always easy. It's never convenient. Actually, it's easy is relative What does easy mean? Right? We need to do that one day. In all seriousness, we need to do a thought audit conversation about what is easy mean? What is hard mean? What does success mean? What does wealth mean? What does being a good dad mean? What does life mean? To you? Not to me? To you? I know a lot of people say they work hard. And I don't think they even know what hard work means. I know people say I do just another day and they work real hard. 12 hours. They're missing their kids events. They're missing family vacations, family all this other stuff with their family to make a couple extra dollars. You know one of the biggest lies I've seen I think about this often I see it all the time. How you do one thing is how you do everything really Have you guys ever heard of a guy named Michael Jordan? Michael Jordan did really well as a basketball player, not so well as a husband. Not so well as a teammate. Pay attention. Who the fuck sharing how you do one thing is how you do everything. I know people that are successful in business, that fail massively in their life, personal life. I know people that are massively successful in their personal life that can never be successful in business. I know people that are massively dedicated and discipline to working out but don't have a pot to piss in, they have no money. So they don't have the discipline metrics in financial education, financial implementation.

(30:55) And yet how you do one thing is how you do it all. Bowsher? Who told you that? Sounds cool? It's not true. See, the thing is, everyone's looking for the universal. That's it. That's it. It's different for all success to you and I could be drastically different. Hard work to you and I could be drastically different, I assure you is drastically different. Being a great dad, being a great son, being a great husband, these are all cool things to say. But what are you actually doing? On the daily, weekly monthly, I shared this with the DM family and the DM Alliance recently about how I do daily checkpoints with my family. I go to all my kids and stuff. I date my wife once a week, I tried to at least once a week, it doesn't happen every fucking week. Maybe I might miss one or two a week, a year. But I'm very conscious of it. And we're talking about it. But for you and I we have to get very clear on what motivates us. So when I was sitting in Jamaica, there was a Jamaican me crazy, I was going crazy. Because I want to grow bigger. Not for the money. Not for the fame. But for the impact. That's all I think about how to scale businesses, how to skill people, how to skill technology, dream, get excited, get curious. Whatever you're doing today, you could do you could accomplish so much more. But don't compare. You can look at me and say, Wow, motherfucker, I want to do that kind of shit. I want to inspire you. But I want you to compare against me like, dude, I'm filling? No, maybe you're not. Maybe you're actually way ahead of me. Depends how far you are in the journey. But one thing I can tell you is you getting in the right rooms, like the DM Alliance, stuff like that. Paying 1000 a month to change your life. Like these are groups that people need. I don't know what you're doing. If you're not in groups like that, like you're really working way harder. When you're doing too much work for way too little. If you're not in rooms, where people are there encouraging you, guiding you helping you, one of our members recently just share exactly how he's running ads to generate millions of dollars a year. He shares it for free. He's showing his accounts he's going step by step. We have another guy how to communicate better as a dad, how to communicate better as a husband? Do you think communication is important? By the way, you hear dad and husband? Well, I'm a fucking female. I don't need that shit. Yeah, guess what? We all can be better communicators on both sides on all sides, actually. Right? So he does that once a week. And then when my boy Frasier talking about, you know, health, how to get healthy how to get focused, like if you have a billion dollars in the bank, but you're dead, or you can't move or you're incapable of moving because you're overweight and just not that good. Well, that billion dollars is pointless. So all that hard work goes away. Again, it's all seasons, but this is kind of information we're sharing in these groups. And if you need specific about you, Hey, man, I've got this going on. Hey, gets his blood work. Can you tell me what's going on? Hey, I'm having this trouble him having this challenge with lead flow. Hey, I'm having a challenge with my technology. Hey, I'm having a challenge with my coo ham having a challenge in hiring sales guys who just had a guy in their post. He just did a $49,000 one step close. Sold a product for 49 grand on one call. He shares exactly how he did it. Don't you think that's probably helpful if you're selling products, communication, health, wealth, sales, marketing, organization structure, exits, acquiring and everything in between. That's what the DMO alliance is about. See, when I'm sitting in Jamaica, man, I'm thinking about how do I put 1000s of people I want to help 1000s Have people become massive multimillionaires? Massive, I've helped a lot of people. But the DEM Alliance is a group of people. I've never seen anything like this before my life truthfully and I, I wouldn't be paying for it if I didn't create it. And the truth is, I pay for it differently. I pay for it with my time, my energy, my resources, my connections, I'm bringing massive value in there. Had one guy recently keep come on and speak to my group about to the DEM Alliance about, hey, how to utilize this money, and a tax free environment and go buy all kinds of stuff, and pocket all the cash and their tax free pay for your kids college if they decide to go to college pay for private school today, with these kinds of accounts called cessa pay with Roth IRAs, self directed IRAs, traditional how to convert 401 K's into traditional and convert traditional into Roth etc. There's right ways and wrong ways to do this shit. See, the thing is some people do right 1000 A month right shit. I can learn that online for free. Cool. You're not my guy or gal. If you believe it's $1,000 for you to go research it you by the way you haven't even research to, but if you did, is that where your time is best spent. I recently had someone messaged me, he's like, dude, $1,000 Why don't you caught me. And this guy says he's big time making 500,000 a month and you're trying to get comped 1000 a month. That shows me that his brain is focused on the wrong stuff. That's why he's kept 500 grand a month is a decent amount of money. But what if he's building that business at 500 grand a month. With that mindset, he's probably could build truthfully a $5 million a month business. Because he's so focused on pennies. He's focused on the wrong pennies. These are pennies that actually make you a lot of money. He's focused on things that don't really matter. But they matter to him. So it's an anchor holds him back. He doesn't even know it when he does now because I talked to him about it. But like, it's a big deal. I see it all the time. Some of you're spending so much energy, mental, emotional, financial energy, are not going to Starbucks once a week once a day. sees me $5 $150 $150 times. So yeah, but you're not happy. If a $5 coffee makes you happy and you're productive and progress, and you're pushing forward, go have the $5 coffee. Don't let someone that's fucking Penny foolish. Say say find out like listen, if you're reckless, and you're blowing money left and right, and you have zero control spending and all this, like you should stop spending money on everything. That's not important. But if you're listening to the show, you're probably an earner, you know how to make money. Now you need to learn how to grow money. And then you need to how to keep money. As my boy Bobby always a stacking rack, stack the money racket in the deal, make more money stack rack stack rack, just keep doing it. It's fun. That's the thing is when I sit in Jamaica, I have so much fun every day. Now not when I say fun.

(37:59) Let me define fun, getting punched in the dick, getting throat punched as well. getting slammed on the ground, getting back up, answering tough questions, talking to CPA CFOs tax advisors, you know, fighting, you know, arguing with someone trying to steal property of ours at cheap prices that we're not going to sell it. Like, that's fun for me. Because it's progress. Funding means not sitting there, sending my bonds, thinking about nothing. It's not fun to me. It's actually frustrating for me. So I just want you to know, we're all in this together. You are not abnormal, if you're frustrated, pissed off. And all that like, that's everyday for me. I'm very urgent, but very patient at the same time, things take time to build. And if you're building something big, it takes time. Just find it. Checkpoint, checkpoint, checkpoint, grow, push pride, most importantly, enjoy the process. Because you're going to look back three years, five years, 10 years from now, I assure you if you keep doing the work, it won't be pretty. It won't be easy. But whoever says it was is lying is what if you can guarantee that you're going to be successful in 10 years? Do you start enjoying the journey differently? That's what we need to be thinking about everyone I work with is going to be successful. Question is they want to take the short path or long path and then defining what success is for them. Because when they come to me and they think identified success for them at that moment, it tends to get a lot bigger as they're more entrenched in our community in our world. Why? Well, because once they realize that they can make millions a year and they could build a real company, they can build real cash flow revenues, and they could build this with the same exact actually probably less suffer smarter effort. They evolve as human beings in the business world and then all sudden they can make more prioritize properly, and execute business growth, to have a future potential massive sell. That's pretty exciting. And that's what we talked about in the dealmaker, Alliance and family. So those are 1000 a month, that's 1000 a month. That's a lot of money. I want to keep helping you here for free. If it's something that stretches you and you know, you need to be a part of it, shoot me a message on Instagram at Mark Evans, DM, I have that little pretty blue check now, and just message me dealmaker Alliance, and I'll get you details. It's not for everybody. We talked to you, we qualify you, we want to make sure you're a good fit. And there's amazing people and they're amazing people doing amazing things in all types of verticals. Literally, if you have a problem, it could be solved in a group like that. And if it's not even the DM Alliance, just get in a group where the mastermind leader is genuinely, like, this is not how I pay my bills, I don't pay my bills, or the mastermind group. I have real companies real insight. I'm not afraid to tell you something you don't want to hear. I want to tell you what you need to hear. That's what real mentors do. So I'm here for you. I'm thinking about you. I'm gonna go hang out a taekwondo for the rest of the day. And then go to lunch with the kids and the wife and and hang out. While that's going on. Podcast shows are being listened to YouTube video is being played, businesses are being built teams are being executed but all by the way I got up at 3:50am I did all this work prior because I knew I was going to be done by 130 today and that's how this shit works. Prepare, prioritize and execute hope the show helps you if it did please share it let me know what you think. Leave a five star review of the platform you're on and if you're interested in DM alliances message me at Mark Evans DM so yo DM Alliance baby let's go appreciate you being here make today count

(41:53) I'm here to help and teach you what I know and to discover freedom to read no question Warren Gibbons when he stepped in the Dow what's the deal make a deal make a deal maker dream the journey the process and the project was a while ago so I know how we come from a lot of money I remember as a kid wanting to make money pregnancy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.8 and to me my principles and teachings are alive is to witness this somehow you run into a big businesses walk away from it I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money chasing the purpose or game my guess where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go to push come to learn come to America helping people without what I know in our discover freedoms. That radio question was Kevin's when he stepped into dow he knows what the deal maker, a deal maker, just a deal maker dream. The journeys where it's all about the process over project a market is here. dealmaker FileMaker. Project the

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