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What’s the difference between an entrepreneur earning $10K a month and $100K a month?


Or better put, a lack of fear.

Strapped-for-cash entrepreneurs who struggle with “distractions” and “social media” are cloaking their biggest enemy — their fear of failure.

“What if I hire the wrong person? What if I speak on stage and sound like a total dork? What if I embarrass myself in front of a prospect? I don’t want to make that call right now, I’m scared of what he’ll think of me.”

Find out the correct answer to the questions above. It’s the difference between $10K a month and $100K a month — or even $1 Mil a month.

Best part?

In today’s episode, I reveal the correct answer to these questions. You’ll also discover a few mindset tricks I learned from an about-to-be-homeless-man.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to unlock an unbreakable mindset by reading an email from an about-to-be-homeless-man (2:04)
  • How diving into a Scrooge McDuck™ pile of cash transforms you into Mother Teresa (10:19)
  • Why “making room” for your family when networking with millionaires at $50K+ masterminds strengthens your marriage (12:07)
  • What Mark sh*tting his pants in front of 1,200 people on stage can teach you about building a $100K a month business (18:06)
  • Avoid thinking “what if I did this, or if I just did that” at 75 by having a beer with fear (20:01)
  • How millionaires posting about their plane on Instagram are secretly murdering you right in front of your eyes (and it’s 100% legal) (30:36)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.”, my last seven days unboxed. It was wild, not only that, buckle your seatbelts, because I'm going to share something with you. That's going to shock and all you. More importantly, it's probably going to piss you off. So with that said, let's get started. I'm Mark Evans

0:29 I'm here to help and teach you what I know and discover freedom. No question Warren, Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow Jones index on what's the deal maker, a deal maker, just a deal maker, dream maker.

0:47 And their boy Mark Evans, D am coming to you from beautiful Parkland, Florida overlooking the course here. It's all brown. Right now they're actually killing all the grass in April 1 2023, they're going to be redoing the whole course shut it down for nine months. No big deal. I'll be in Ohio. But it's sometimes you got to go through some hard stuff, ie kill stuff off to grow something more beautiful. Anyways, I'm just getting off the crazy, crazy events, a jumped on a jet rolled out with my buddy Bobby and his wife and my wife to Austin, Texas for three nights recently. And it was absolutely amazing. It was a Couples Retreat at a high level Wellness Center in Austin, Texas, where we got to connect and really deep dive on personalities understand what makes us tick and all that, you know, I see a lot of great people and entrepreneurs get disconnected with their spouses on the journey of growth. And we'll talk more about that today. But before I do, I have to say thank you to everybody listening to my voice. You know, I've been here showing up every week for many, many should I think maybe three years now. And I'll do it for many more. I love to come on here I get the messages. You know, I just got a message today from a guy who's about to be homeless. He, he you know, just last six years have been rough and he can't get out of his own way. Not throwing shade on him. This is just true. This happens. I see this happening with a lot of great people where they use an injury or a bad situation as an anchor to hold them in that negative place. And listen, we all go through hell, some crawl, some walk, some run some jump, and some just lay there naked and rolling around in hell wondering why it's so hard. And I'm not sure why people do that to themselves. We all do it a little bit in different ways. But it's a very hate to see that. The show gives them insight it gives them it gives them hope it gives them knowledge and the show is free. Doesn't cost you money he was messaging is that man can't wait to get money to pay you and hire you. Well, I'm not for hire is what I said. And that's the truth. But I do have that group, the DM family, the DM Alliance. That's the only way to get my network. I'm so busy actually building real companies. I can't I don't do one on ones. I don't do anything like that. However, inside the DM Alliance and DM family, something really cool just happened. Once I got back from Austin, Texas, literally we land on the jet, get out of the jet jumped in the car and go directly to the hotel. We had 150 People come in town for the movie premiere the documentary premiere have coming out. And it's to say it's amazing. I hope I don't get I hope I don't get emotional because it was an emotional in a positive way. Many, many, many, many, many things happened in the last seven days. I'll share with you here. But I just want to say thank you, like I said, and if you get a chance All I ask you know we call gentleman's agreement, or you know, the handshake agreement, whatever you want to call it. I'm here to help people. And that includes you and many other people, people we won't even get to ever meet maybe in person, but we'll get to be able to make an impact. And when you leave the five star reviews and share that show on your social media, share it with a friend let them know like Dude, I'm listening this crazy guy once in a while he gets excited and starts cussing up a storm. I hate me. I'm doing it because I'm talking. You know, this podcast show really is for me and my family. And just happens that you get to listen to it. I forget as this gets bigger. There's a lot of people listen to the show. 10s of 1000s of people have heard the show. My goal is to have millions, and I can't do it by myself, I need your help. I don't run ads for the show. I don't do any of that I I just want to be super valuable to you as a listener. And in doing so I'd love for you to give a five star review on whatever platform you're listening. Share it on your social media, talking to a buddy hand it to a friend. This is a good way to find out who your real friends are. If you live listen to my crazy ass and then hand it to them and they listen to me. You guys have a lot in common. You have something going on? Because we're talking real talk and positivity and if or progress on the constant. So, back to the event. So I had six events in three days. I believe that's right. So soon as I land a four o'clock, I have an event with the DEM family at six o'clock, where we have these mermaids come in and swim and all this stuff. It's a mermaid shown this bar called shipwreck, and food catered and drinks, all that fun stuff. But most importantly, the families, the husbands, the wife's, the kids, you know, people are hanging out connecting. And this is a high end, this is the 50k group. It's 33 people, you know, and there's a waitlist, it's pretty cool, amazing people, it's a male only in this particular situation, but they do bring their spouses and kids to the events. And what excites me about that, as I'm watching my kids are getting older. Drill before in April, Marcus seven will be eight in August, and many of these guys in have been in the group for many years, actually, most of them have been in there for at least four years plus, and I watched their kids grow, and they watch my kids grow. And what gets me really excited is Yeah, it's cool. Dads are growing companies and growing business, growing life getting healthier, doing more things and getting a bigger voice and making bigger impact. But what about our kids, it excites me to see that, as we're sitting here in this process, that our children are going to do deals together one day, they 100% will do deals together. And that excites me. So as these DM guys are hanging out in there, you know, there's 33, guys, we're talking, there's a lot of kids running around, some are small, some are bigger, and they're connecting, and they see what the dads are doing. And you know, don't you think by natural progression, they're gonna be like, hey, 14 years old, I gotta, you know, I

6:44 got an app, I got this, I got that 1617 at whatever age, they're able, they're very entrepreneurial spirit in this room. So it excites me to see that our kids one day, we'll be doing deals together. And that's exciting times. But anyways, so we do that, that goes from six to 10pm. And back at it, I'm up at 430 in the morning, gotta get some work done before the meeting, we have a meeting at 830. So from 830 to 130. It's a private session, we're sitting in a square table talking to the boardroom style table. And we're connecting. And I'm going to share with you the big takeaways from these events. Because it's very important that you understand you're not alone, because it's something that I see. That's going it's catastrophic. And it's coming, it's already here, but it's only going to get worse. So I want to make sure we're very crystal clear on this. But as that goes on, you know, I have a couple people come in, speak one, my buddy Bobby, he sold a company recently for a billion dollars, they do 10s of billions of dollars a year in revenue in gross Rev. And their net, RAB is pretty big. And they sold he sold his piece, his piece, his brother, still part of the company. And that's worth many more billions. But he came in and got to be able to shine some light on what's going on on his side and what he's seeing on his level, he helps, you know, his groups where you got to be worth 100 million minimum and kind of what they're working on where things are going. You know, because right now the market, the world, people are going crazy in many different levels. So that's going on. So he shares his knowledge, which is amazing. It helped a lot of people. And then my buddy Tony, come in. He's a big online guy, social media, you've probably seen him on millionaire listing a bunch of times. He's out of California, him and his wife, but he's able to drop some knowledge on what's working social media, what's changing, why they're changing it and how to more importantly, how to take massive action and get massive results from it. So private guys, private conversations, you know, at a high level, and then we get done 130 We're on the bus at 130. We're at a cool place called the extreme Park. We're going to do go kart race things our kids are playing golf or you know, not golf, but bowling, go karts, arcade, all this crazy stuff. But wives are talking connecting. The husbands are acting goofy some of the wife's get in there and get on the go karts night, which is fun. And then we get done with that, and head back to the hotel. Because we got to change quick because at 6pm That day, we have a movie premiere the documentary premiere mine, from trailer park to millions and have my mom, my dad, my uncle, my mother in law, David, her her boyfriend slash husband kind of thing. Now, I've been together forever. My wife, my kids, and 150 Amazing people from all over the country all over the world, actually, that came in to support this. And I said it's neat, because the documentary you don't know or may not may know, it's not about glitz and glamour and flashy cars, flashy house and all that stuff, even though it's cool and you know, I have that kind of stuff. But that's not the meaning of it. The meaning of is, is how I got it is you know how you can get it and how we can connect and how we grow and why where I started from where I'm at today and just see it and some really neat things happen. They're very emotional. The first time I ever got to see it myself, actually. So I was seeing it with the audience real time. with my kids and my wife and my parents and all that, in that stand up, and my mother in law stood up and said some pretty cool stuff, actually, I'm probably indebted to her for life now. But you know, if your mother in law say nice stuff to you, you're probably doing some pretty cool stuff behind the scenes. And a lot of stuff we don't even talk about here, or on social media and all that I'm just doing it because it's who I am. And that's why I want to help people get more money. Because when you get more money, you become a better person of who you are, you do more cool stuff, you're already a good person, you just enhance it. So if you help people a little bit, when you get a lot more money, you can help a lot more people with a lot more. And again, if that's not who you are, that's cool, too. But like I, you know, I just heightens me, and I'm a big giver, I want to feed my family and for others, in many different ways. So we get done with that another late night. 10 o'clock. Remember, I'm in bed, usually super early. So I'm in bed pretty early. But back in bed, you know, 10 3011 o'clock, I'm wired, so I can't really go to sleep back up at 430 and hitting it again. And then the next day, we have 100 people in a room. And the DM Alliance, which is $1,000 month mastermind group we have, as well as the DM family, we match them together to connect and level up people at many levels. It's just an amazing community, by the way. And if you're listening to this, and you're part of the community again, thank

11:15 you, it's very grateful, you know, I have I have the best job in the world by far. So we do that. That goes on until 430. I have two amazing speakers, I have some really neat things happening. One guy was, you know, both of the guys, which is interesting, both

11:30 of the guys have spoke, these are not big name, guys that you would know these are guys actually busy building real companies one sold for Bill. Like I said, Bobby, another guy, Eric sold a company for 115 million plus has a nine figure real estate portfolio. And they both was their birthday, they both dropped out of high school at ninth grade. And they both built huge organizations. So don't need a degree I needed this, I need that. No, you need to get your ass to work, you need to get focused, and we'll talk about that. So that gets done. And then we have a big party afterwards, kind of a Mardi Gras themed party with the man we have the food, the drinks, and all that stuff. But if you ever go to a mastermind, again, I invite families, I want their wives to come on with their kids to come we actually bring a babysitter with a couple of babysitters with us make sure their kids can play while we're having fun and relaxing and connecting. But if you're a part of groups, and they're not incorporating that kind of stuff, my biggest fear always has been to outgrow your spouse outgrow your family. And the whole reason we're doing all this crazy shit is to give our family a better life. And if you're not, you're lying to yourself, because lots of people tell me they're doing that but they're never with their family. They work way too much for way too little right? And they're out all these groups are all getting fucking wasted. They go it's a drunk fest is a fuck fest to some of these guys are being in each other's wives and girlfriends, or, or strangers or whatever I'm not. Again, I'm just talking the truth here. So I'm not about that. I'm about getting good people in a room to connect to grow, to become better people. That's that's the goal. So as this is all going on, I'm just paying attention and listening. And like I said, I'll share these common themes. But the biggest takeaway is, you're listening to my voice, I want to be very clear here. So I want you to pay attention here. The number one problem people are dealing with right now is distraction. They're distracted, they're delusional, and they're distracted. You're on your IG, you're on your Facebook, you're on all these platforms, you have all this amazing technology. And yet, you still can't build the business you want. You can't hire the people you want or need. You can't, you know, produce 100,000 a month or a million a month or whatever numbers you're trying to go after. You know, most of you're chasing money, not building a business that has enterprise value. And that's the majority listen to my voice right now. If there's 10,000 People listen to my voice right now. 9980 of you are just making money, you don't have really into ins to the mean, it's just a transactional cash play. But the problem is you're making 50 grand a month and you're spending 52 grand a month on your personal lifestyle. So you're fucking broke. You just have a high paying job working for a cycle, ie, yourself. I know I used to do the same thing. So once I got super clear on all this, they really focused in got me forced, like, hey, wholesale real estate. That's a cash transactional business. I can't build it to sell but I can build it to make a lot of money and extract that cash and go buy assets, go buy businesses, go buy real estate, build things, you know, do things that create cash flow that create enterprise value, and just keep re upping See, I would make 50 grand I was only spending three, four or five grand a month on my lifestyle. And I was taking the rest of the money just dumping it back into the business and other businesses. I just kept building and building and building. It's not cool. It's not sexy. It's not fast. It's never fast enough ever. But you your future self will thank you for taking delayed gratification. I promise you if you just make money and buy real estate and make 6% Cash All right 6% interest on your money, the income that you make the and I'm talking to straight cash, you don't have to take debt on this real estate depending on how much you're making or not making, but there's a lot of ways to skin this cat. But the biggest thing, like I said, is distractions. It was sad to me to see so many people so massively distracted with bullshit stuff that will never ever, ever, ever matter in their life. So then I start thinking about after everyone leaves, I had two days to deprogram. And you know, like process everything, I just connect, I connect with every single person, what they're up to, what they're working on, what they're doing, what they're not doing, what they need help with, et cetera. And I really got dialed in as to why a lot of people are distracted. And are you familiar with this term, the coward versus the hero. We're both of those people were cowards and heroes, we both have it in us. And they both have a friend. And when you make this person, your friend, you will be set free to another level. I personally don't think I've ever heard anybody really talk about this. But as deep diving and reading some books and just thinking about, you know, just soaking this all up, the truth is on Sunday, I felt like I was hungover. I literally was laying down and my kids like I suppose the kids barely and I was like, What is wrong with you? I don't drink anymore. So I'm not fight, you know, alcohol hungover. But what it was, is, I just got I just, I was mentally hung over. You know, there's so much going on at so many levels. And this coward vers hero effect. Reminds me when I'm standing on stage. When I was standing on stage, I was sitting there thinking, and I've talked to my son about this, and I've talked to you guys about this as well. But I'm scared. I'm nervous. I'm scared to do the event. Why? Because it cost six figures to host these events. I'm scared to like, disappoint you. I'm scared to let you down. I'm scared to not deliver the value that I think I can deliver to you. I'm scared. That's what a coward. I have fear. But cowards. Think plot and never do. The hero to yourself in your life is the person that gets close with fear, understands what fear is. I'm scared. I'm fearful, whatever, I'm afraid, but they take action. See on the other side of fear is everything you want. Everything you want is on the side. So right now maybe you're afraid to get your ass up and go to work out. Because you're afraid to look stupid in the gym. Maybe you're way overweight or a little overweight? Or maybe you just don't feel comfortable in the gym because you don't understand. What do I do push and pull? Do I do push ups do I do sit up so to pull? How much weight can maybe it's not enough lace? I look stupid. You know, whatever that fear is? Do you let it control you? Or do you control it? See the only difference with a coward and hero is the hero takes action. In fear. It literally spits at fear in the face. I remember getting on stage in front of 1200 people dude, I was shitting my pants. But I'm like, what else am I going to do? Quit tap out, become a coward. This is what I've asked for this is what I've dreamed for, to make an impact in people's lives. And in that moment, I stepped my ass on the stage, sweating, scared, excited, terrified, all in the same nanosecond. But I did it in every time I step in fear and take massive action. The fear actually gets a little less. But also, it starts getting me more confidence gets me more focused. I can see the impact that we're making. By having the real conversation on stage. I'm not the guy I'm not I'm not the best speaker. I'm not the best looking guy. I'm not the funniest fucking guy. I'm not the tallest, the coolest. What? I'm me. There's a billion people on planet Earth. And there's only one motherfucking Mark Evans DM, then there's only one, you one, no one else in the world can be you know, one. And you're worried about someone on the other fucking line on the screen that you probably don't even know or if you do know you probably don't even like it if you do, like, maybe you want to like impact them and help them but you're afraid. Therefore you don't do therefore you you get stuck. You get stuck. And then as you get stuck, fear starts mounting its snowball gets bigger and bigger and bigger and then you're fucking 5565 75 years old, and you know you fucked up and then that's when you go into depression at a whole nother level. I wish I should have coulda didn't become very good friends with fear and get a real good relationship and understanding when fear creeps in. What do you do? What do you do? When fear creeps in? This is why this is the real fucking route. Why you're distracted. You're living in fucking fantasy land on Instagram and Facebook and Tik Tok and only fans or whatever bullshit you're on. Wondering what everyone else is doing why you ain't doing dick, except getting more afraid. Because you're looking at snippets of people that have everything figured out that everything is perfect. The backdrops perfect, man, she looks good, or he looks good. Wow, they just sold a company for 150 million. It must be nice, motherfucker. It is nice. But they did the work. You're looking at your 12 years of not doing the things you know you need to do. And you're taking a micro moment in someone's life that took 26 years to get to that point. But you only see that moment. Therefore you think it is not accomplishable for you. The only difference is they looked at fear in the face and spit in it and kept moving forward. Right now a lot of you are afraid you're unsure what's going on in the market. Your business is fluttering, you're not cool anymore, because it's not easy anymore. Everyone that fucking made it look easy, will be out of business, if they ever really work in business, because it's easy to look like you're crushing it making money when fucking people are tossing money at you, because the money's flowing so effortlessly.

21:43 What are you going to do with this information I'm sharing with you. Now I'm not saying eliminate Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook. But what I'm saying is understand what they're used for you. I look at these channels as creation tools, not consumption tools that don't get it twisted. I look at pictures and videos of my buddy stuff to support them. I like to know what my boys Sean's doing up in Utah. I like to check out what my boy Ryan in Texas is doing. I like to check out what my boy Bobby's doing down the street from me. It's neat to see him grow. See, to see their voices getting bigger. See to see their fall and connecting with them at a higher level. That's what it's about for me. See, fear isn't all of us. But what are you doing with it? That's where the magic happens. I have two amazing kids. I have a wife. I have my family, my parents, my in laws and people I care about greatly. Do you think for one nanosecond, I'm going to let fear get in the way of my vision and my goals. We've all heard the saying and probably you've even posted this bullshit. The other side of fears exactly what I want. Yeah, but are you doing it? Everyone can post a ship on air? Can you actually do that? The work when fear strikes? You got to make that call to that investor that you can't pay back right now. You're tight. You're scared. Don't fucking run from it. lean into it. You got that person on your team that you got to let go. You shouldn't let go six months ago, but you got to let go today because you don't have the money to pay them. What do you do with that fear? Are you going to be such a dickhead that you're going to string this individual along? You put them back in the work marketplace right now? Why? Because the marketplace is still kind of good six or seven eight months is not going to be as good so you know that so instead of you gotta have that fear that conversation you're scared to have we got a man up. Step up your game. Have the real man to man girl to girl guy to grow whatever conversation you need to have. Today it's something you've been putting off for way too long. You know, I see all these people buying all this crazy amazing cars amazing watches amazing houses. Cool. Why are you behind it? Because you're afraid to look bro you're afraid to look stupid your you want to fit in? You're distracted. At all levels, you're distracted. You know it and I know it. More importantly, your results speak for themselves. We all including me and everyone under in planet earth can get better at less distractions. But I'm amazed that grown ass men and women that say they want something. When fear strikes, they shut down.

24:48 They minimize their dreams because it becomes scary. Who says it's quite going to be scary? Do you ever remember that first date the first Last time you had asked that girl or guy on a date, how scared

25:02 you were. And then you do it. Yeah, I was no big deal. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? us getting on a stage speaking on stage? What's the worst that could happen? I get on stage I remember a time and money in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, my boy, Jim toners have an event. 400 people or so maybe 500 Plus, a walk up on stage. I literally took a piss 27 times to freak out on stage. Like, you know, nervous piece. I'm literally about dry heaving and I'm like, Dude, I'm going to die. When I stepped foot on the stage. You understand? My heart's pounding. I think I might have to go hospital feels like, I'm literally like, trying to talk myself out of it. But I'm really talking myself into it. Because I said, Dude, your dreams your goals are. They're bigger than this fear right now. Yes, it sucks. Suck it up, Evans. Suck It Up. Get your ass out there. I was self talking myself all the way to the stages. Everyone's clapping. I get on stage. I turn around. I start talking. I don't even know what I said. Nor did anybody else. Why? Because that's so fucking nervous. I didn't even turn on the microphone. And they kept telling me to turn it on for three minutes. I didn't hear him. I didn't see him. I was literally I was like, I don't know what was happening. But I did it. It was so bad. I was shaking so bad. Someone had to run on stage, just flip a button to turn on my mic. Who cares? I did it. I care. So I do this. fight over 500 plus people, I get off stage. People are like, Dude, you're so real Sup, man, everything you said made sense to me, Bob. I was just hoping to get off stage without passing out or dying. And then guess what? I've done this hundreds of times now. And I still get nervous. I'm still afraid. But my goals and my dreams and objectives are bigger than this little thing my friend called fear. who's controlling your life? You or fear? Who is it? Fear is normal. It's healthy, actually. It's very healthy. Everything you have in your life, you once were afraid of it. Like that big house payments, that big car payments. When you invested in that coaching course or mentor course or, or books or went to college or went on that first date or asked a person to marry you or had the wedding? Or did these things they're scary, but they also make you who you are. You realize it's not that big a deal. My friend, this is the difference with cowards and heroes. There's too many fucking cowards out in this world. We need more heroes and I'm talking directly to you. I don't care what level you're at. But you need to step your game up. I'm talking to me too. We can all learn and grow from what I'm sharing with this coward. Verse hero mentality. Fear is real. I recently had to let someone go actually to people, his socks, have scared, but I have to be a leader to my team. If I don't lead, we're going to bleed. The company will dissolve.

28:08 It will eventually die off. Who wants to follow a fucking leader that can execute the vision. No one you leading them off to get massive, like killed. We must be conscious of fear. This is why you're distracted. See, I hear everyone hear surface levels. Oh, I need a break body. Oh no. No to do boo. No. You fucking distracted. But let's take that deeper. Why are you distracted? Fear is why you're distracted. Because if you're focused, if you got a plan, and you're executing relentlessly. You're not distracted. You don't have time to be distracted. You're too focused on the objective. It's like when you're riding a wave, right? You're out in the waves. I don't really do this because I'm afraid of sharks. But I do it. Because I'm going to Hawaii in about four weeks. With the entire fam. I'll be out there on the board. I'm going out. There's a wave break in fear sets in. I don't mind a good swimmer. Do I stop, turn around and come back to shore while my kids do to go right over and right through. Because on the other side of that brake, the other side of that wave is where all the heroes are hanging out. It's amazing. It's fun. It's beautiful. overcame my fear, rode the wave over, went through it flipped over whatever happened happened, but I got to the other side. Maybe you got to make big financial decisions you're afraid of execute. There's nothing noble than losing it all. Because you're afraid. Don't put your fucking head in the sand. Get in the game. People are scared right now they have no clue what's going on. They're not focused on the real shit. They're focused on phony shit. You're on his fucking Instagram Bucha dude, if I told you all the people that owe me money if I explained to you like all these guys and gals with blue checkmark to talk about all this cool shit. Well you have a blue a plane or car I'm gonna buy this week, motherfucker you owe me 120 grand you can't even pay that. But you're on social media with every all these other fake fuckers. Good job, Johnny. Yes, you got this heart power, bro. Yeah, man, you gotta keep going. I got you there leading you to death. And you're logging on? Because you're distracted. You're unfocused on your goals. Your vision, your purpose, your agenda. Don't you want to leave a fucking legacy worth leaving? Because you ain't gonna leave shit. If you're not focused. Your children are watching your grandkids are watching your family's watching your friends or what? People are watching

31:03 you. If I looked over your shoulder for 24 hours, what do I see? Because I know you live Oh yeah, you don't understand, man. It's hard, man. It's different from you. It's different. No, motherfucker. We all got shit going on. We're all scared. Are you going to be a coward or hero today? Tomorrow, the next day? Because fear does not go away ever. It's always lingering. That's why you gotta become best friends with fear. This fear driving you or shutting you down? Is it constraining your growth? I get it. I've been this guy for many years. I wanted to grow so big. But as soon as I got to a certain point, I got complacent. I got lazy. Why? Because it started getting scary again. And when it got scary, I didn't surround myself around great people to help me get past my fear. I didn't have anybody to talk to. If I'm talking to me and fear fears a pretty big fucking person. And a lot of times a beat me. Not anymore. Because I know there's people it's been down the path. You and I even though you think your story is unique. There's many people have your story and more. Don't forget your unique in one way. No one can be you. You've been given an amazing gift to be alive. To hear this message. The question is, what are you going to do with it? See, at the end of the day, I see too many fucking Hokey Pokey hula, do you got to feel good? Some guy was messaging me? Mail. Hell is an order of you know, health, money and happiness. Am I doing? What the fuck are you talking about? I don't need money to be happy. It just makes me a happier person when I have more money, though. Why? Because of what I do with it. What does happy mean to you? What does wealth mean to you? What does health mean to you? It means something different for all. But he's using his power bullshit. To justify his shitty non action result in his life. Fucking guys nine years deep with an injury. And he's still using it as an excuse as to why he can't make money. He's like, Well, baby didn't understand my question. No, motherfucker. I understood your question. I understood it great. You don't understand the fucking question, homie. You don't? I do. He's looking for the golden goose. He's the only guy that said. Fears controlling him all day long. I can be healthy. I can be happy. And I can be wealthy. Some days are working out better than others. But every day is a new day. Get your ass off the couch and go execute. It's not pretty. I was up at 230 this morning. I'm excited for what I got going on yesterday. Me and my wife woke up and said hey, after we just got back from Austin and all this other shit. Hey, remember, we're supposed to take a week a month. somewhere cool. Yep. Let's do it now where you want to go? Jamaica? Me heard the kids all that boom scheduled done. So I got a lot going on. In my mind. This is an unexpected week trip that's happening tomorrow literally within 48 hours. Not even that 40 hours or less from the time that conversation happened to execution. So now suddens right. Got a lot going on. See, the truth is I've talked about this in several shows ago. Most of you think you don't have enough time to accomplish what you're trying to accomplish. I beg to differ. I think you have way too much fucking time. That's why you're distracted. I don't have time to be distracted. I have a lot of families, a lot of people, a lot of stuff going on. They rely on me to lead to make big decisions to execute the vision. Don't have time to be distracted. Don't don't think this is 100% by the way. So that's another problem. Everyone thinks everything everybody says is literal. Well, he does the opposite. And then you get down on your cell phone something flutters. We all fuck up. We all get overtaken by fear. Sometimes I get it. But listen, it's not how you feel.

35:52 It's what you do. I feel fear every day. That's why I hire great coaches. I just hired someone recently $10,000 a month for 90 minutes a month. Because I'm I have a company that's growing massively. And I'm scared. I'm scared to fuck it up for everyone involved. Because there's a lot of families feeding off this. And I want to be a great steward of this opportunity. There's people willing to help you if you're willing to get serious with yourself. Me included. The dealmaker alliance is there to help you. The DEA and family were there to help you they're both different, but they're both great. They connect you they help you they guide you. They're there for support. They're there to talk you off the cliff when you're scared like, dude, I'm scared shitless I'm getting ready spent $100,000 a month on marketing. Am I stupid? Is

36:50 this dumb? Is this reckless, blah, blah, blah. If anybody's ever interested in the DM family or DM Alliance, you can always shoot me a message on Instagram, or Facebook for that matter. At Mark Evans DM, make sure you know it's me. And just say DM Alliance or DM family. And I'll get you some information. I'm not here to tell you that. The most of you aren't even going to do it anyways. Why? Because you're afraid 1000 A month oh my god so much money. If 1000 a month is a lot of money. That's fear telling you that's a lot of money. There's no fucking way $1,000 A month is a lot of money in any way, shape, or form. It might be up to you. But I promise you a new iPhone come out every month you're asked to have a new iPhone every month for 1000 month. You gotta have the next best thing. Gotta have the next two phone. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's driving you? Why are you so distracted? Why are you so weak, that you love to distraction Control Your Destiny just goes to show. And I'm not here to beat you over the head with the ship. But this has to be said, I'm not here to be your friend today. Nor am I ever actually I'm here to help you. And the hard truth will set you free. Today is the day you make the decision to get your ass back on track. To lean into fear to do the things you know you need to do, but you're afraid to do

38:33 you know it? No one has to tell you. You're the one looking in that mirror naked as fuck at yourself. Only you. What do you see? What are you talking about? Who's talking to you right now? Is it fear? Or is it the hero? Because fear is always there. Fears always there. Do you know how many days and how many times how many times a day, I'm afraid. Many. Every time I push through fear, I get a little bit more confident. Get a little bit more zing in my step. There's no leader out there that's ever not understand what I'm talking about. The only way to lead to the highest level do you think like a boxer or UFC guy or gal gets in a ring? They're not scared to death. They're in the back fucking dry heaving and puking and shitting their pants before they get I don't care who they are. Mike to me, doesn't matter. They're human. We're all human. But they don't tap out. Too many what why I'm here today is so many people.

39:56 So many great people that could change not just Don't there world, many people's worlds, if they get out of the way of fear, overcome fear, push forward, jump over, get through it, keep driving, keep growing too many great people, letting fear control them. And that's why I'm here today, to bring awareness to it, to kick you in the ass, hopefully piss you off, hopefully push off enough, you'll actually do something about it. I'd love to see nothing more than you to be massively successful, massively happy, massively, you know, healthy. It doesn't take away from me if you are all of that and more. I'd love to hear your story. I'd love to hear what the show you thought about the show today. Because the show has been on my mind and my heart for many months. Today, I just had the balls to come out and say it because it really clicked. When I saw all these amazing people sitting in that room. The same problem distracted and he go deeper. Why are we distracted? While kind of afraid, afraid of what fraid of the market shift. Afraid of doing this afraid of hiring afraid of fire, afraid of bubble blah afraid of a bubble blah. We got to get to the root. If we want to solve the real problem. No more surface level bullshit. It's time to get to work. And I shared this on how it's quick talk from the walk if you're not following on IG, I'm sharing stuff all the debt all the time. The quick walk from the walk today

41:28 is this. You ready? This is the truth. Success is never convenient. And if it's convenient for you, I'd probably think you're not successful. get pissed or do something about it. It's not convenient. I don't I have a million things going on. I made a commitment to my wife and family that will take at least one week a month for this whole month this whole year 2023 and go somewhere special. So convenient to leave right now I got a lot as soon this is the this my schedule. I get back on the 14th at 10pm. I literally the next morning, I got to be in an event with 15,000 people to speak at on the 15th at 8am. And then I'm there on the 16th and 17th. And then I get in a plane on the 18th to go speak to another 150 People keep mine I hate fucking flying. But the destination is more important than the fear. The commitment is more important than the fear. And then I get back on the 19th late at night again, then back on the 20th about it again. And then on April 8, off to Hawaii, get back on the 20th of April. And then get back and then we'll be back on the 28th to Ohio. Come back on the seventh. I'm bouncing growing push and prod never convenient. Never like I'm scared shitless to fly. And if you're in the DM Alliance, you know this because I shared letters that I share with my family. Before I even fly every single time. I just want you to have the biggest, most amazing life possible. And I know it's not possible, unless someone helps you overcome what we're talking about today. The way to start overcoming it. Understand what fear is, understand what's driving the fear, and execute to get over the fear. It won't be easy. It won't be convenient. It won't be fun, but it'll be worth it. execute, execute fear, execute. Your confidence just keeps building and building and growing and pushing and prodding. And before you know it, we're sitting there on the back of the yacht smoking cigars talking about this moment. today's podcast will change someone's life. The question is, is it your life? So with that said?

44:15 No question was Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow he comes in, tell him what to do, Sam. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker. I'm not just the deal maker, dream maker. The journeys where it's all about the process over project was a while ago so I know how we come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanting to make money pregnancy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.8 to me. My principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. Somehow you're running away thinking businesses walk away from it. I've been called to help people just like learning I come to everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money, chasing the purpose. That's where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go. Come to learn come to teaching without knowing how to discover freedom. No question was Gavin's when he stepped into dow he was saying, I'm a deal maker, a deal maker. I'm not just a deal maker, a dream maker. The journey is where it's all about the process over. Project. dealmaker FileMaker. Project

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