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I have a confession…

I never bought my Ferrari, my Rolls Royces, my G-Wag, or ANY of my houses. No, I didn't rent them either, but I also didn't buy them.

You know who bought them?

Other people — they just don’t realize it.


Well, years ago, I had a business epiphany: I discovered how to turn my liabilities into assets. This “skill” has helped me get whatever I want and have other people pay the bill.

And you know what?

It will do the same for you.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to turn your liabilities into assets — and why this is the greatest business secret you’ll ever learn.

Ready to live the life of your dreams? Listen now.

Show highlights include: 

  • Why learning new skills by watching free YouTube videos is the most expensive way to grow your income (and what to do instead) (6:06)
  • How to unlock an endless amount of money-making opportunities by turning your liabilities into assets (9:26)
  • The sneaky “Millionaire Mansion Experience” for getting other people to fund your wildest dreams (10:06)
  • How to “hire” your brain to solve your biggest problems for you on autopilot (11:37)
  • The trick for turning your biggest monthly expenses into new sources of cash flow by asking yourself one simple question (18:48)
  • Why driving to the gas station with the best prices cages you in mediocrity forever (27:40)

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Welcome to the making of a dm. Confession time. I've never bought my Ferrari, my rules royces, my other cars nor my houses. This one's gonna shock all you. So with that said, let's get started.

(00:25): A more Kevin's deal a's deal. I'm here to help and teach him what I know and how freedom. There ain't no question marks when he's closing deals. I tell him what the D's saying for, I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey there to boy Evan, DM another beautiful day hanging out here in Curtland Hills, Ohio, in the tree house, Nice and brisk, about 35 degrees fall. Lots of cool stuff going on. I just want to take a minute, as I always do, and say thank you so much for leaving all the amazing feedback and five star reviews over on Google. Today's show's going to shock you. I'm going to apologize in advance. I may have misled you. And that's never my intentions. Today's show, as you know, heard on the intro is confessions. I never bought my Ferrari. I never bought my multiple rules, races, never bought any of my cars, nor any of my houses. This one's going to sting. This is going to go against everything you thought you knew and I'm gonna share that with you here today. Before I do, it has been a hell of a week, . It's been a long one. As I'm recording this today, I'm getting ready to head off at five 30 in the evening to an amazing charity event for an Oregon donor charity here in Cleveland, Ohio with four other business owner couples, me and my wife, and then them.

(02:20): And the reason I share that is I want you to understand is we have a duty to give back. I try to support as much as I can in multiple faucets. This is an organ donor. I've done stuff in Haiti this year. We've done stuff for the Operation Underground for children. Lots of stuff behind the scenes for homeless and everything in between. But as I'm talking to you today, I'm excited because my neighbor across the street, these are semi wealthy people and he's like, Hey, we should get a limo. I said, Yep, I'll call my buddy up. He's my driver. His name's Kirk. Call him Captain Kirk. And we got Kirk. I messaged him, said, Hey man, can you do this? Here's what we're looking for. Nice sprinter van, whatever. He's like, Sure, let's call it 1500 bucks for the night. And my buddy Chuck crossed the street. He's like, Let's split it. All four of of us couples or whatever. To me, that's funny because I don't split bills. I've never been a fan. I mean, listen, if you're scheduling something and it's like $5 million and every party's gonna generate revenue and that's different, that's a business. But I was like, Chuck, I got it. He's like, No, you can't do that, man. I said, Insane. Please don't like whatever. And I'm like, I was like, That's why I want to do it cuz I don't have to. I want to and you don't expect it. So I love giving back and connecting great people. It's like one of my favorite things I get to do in my life. Worked really hard to get to where I'm at, even though I've never bought my Ferrari and Rolls Royces and all that. But it's neat to do.

(04:07): I love to see their face. I love to just connect with them and all that. And these are guys that easily could pay for this thing many times over themselves. So it's not that, Hi, enough about that. We hired six people this week, a couple companies hiring people left and I hired a high level consultant for my website. They're gonna come in and do some cool SEO and clean up and updating and all that good stuff. Something I've kind of slacked on a lot over the years. It's interesting. I understand the importance of it, but I've never put high priority importance on it. We all do this on different areas of our life. I also hired a pretty cool guy, I'm excited, his name's Sam. He sold a company recently for nine figures in a niche on in the media newsletter, email space, Very big business. It's a pretty cool business model we have. But he sold one for over nine figures. So I'm talking with him, I hired him for an hour. That's it. Just one hour. One hour. And we will sit down and I have a list of questions and I'm excited to hear his answers. See, the reason I'm sharing this with you is one, it's not cheap dollar wise, but it's very affordable and smart to do something like this. Hire people. It's interesting to me, when people pay me 10 grand for an hour, I really don't even do it a lot like that anymore just cuz I don't wanna get paid hourly.

(05:43): I'd rather get paid on upside. paid zero or a lot. But when people are willing to share information at a high level in an industry that you're trying to grow in and they've already exited it, their time is very valuable. Their knowledge is very insightful and that it's worth a lot of money. So I'm at the game of life where I want to pay for speed. Some of you want to sit here and watch every YouTube video and try to figure it out on your own. Be my guest. I wrote about this magic magician verse mule. It's that guy that watches a YouTube video on how to change his catalytic converter on his car. And it takes him 72 days to do it. Missed a bunch of games. He can't hang out with his family. His hands are dirty breaks his knuckle, million different things. But he got it done and it was free. Or someone that just called strip away gets their car dropped off. This is a magician moment by the way. And then the car gets fixed and you'll almost forgot it was even happening. But it's done. It's almost seamless. It's almost effortless. And some people are addicted to struggle. And today's show is gonna talk a little bit about that because I do believe what I'll share with you today, if you understand what I'm really saying, can help you excel very quickly. So enough said, talk to me Mark, right about what do you mean? You've never bought a Ferrari, you've never met, you've bought any of your Rolls Royces or your houses all over the country with all that stuff. Well, it's true. I never have my investments. Have you seen, I have delayed my gratification for a long time.

(07:32): I still do. I can pretty much damn nearby anything I want, but I don't do that because it's stupid and foolish. See, my goal in life has always been to be a great steward of money. I wanna steward wealth at a high level. And to do so, you have to understand money, you have to understand economics, you have to understand how all this stuff works. In the beginning, I almost went bankrupt twice because I didn't have financial mentors. I didn't understand the importance of financial mentors. I understood how to get money, go make money, mentors. But I didn't know how to keep it, protect it and grow it. Truth is I wouldn't change anything because I see a lot of people out there trying to figure out how to protect it and keep it. But they don't have anything to keep or protect cuz they spend all their time and energy on that action. I did the reverse. I learned how to make money and then I learned how to protect and keep it right. So I'm not saying neither one's right or wrong, I'm just sharing what I did and what I would do different. I wouldn't do anything different except hire a financial coach that understood how to protect and keep it quicker. But what's interesting about this is I remember the first time I bought my Rolls Royce, my first rolls, I was 30 years old. See, a lot of you don't know that I bought my first rolls 12 years after being an entrepreneur. I was already an entrepreneur. I had companies. I could've bought this Rolls Royce many, many, many, many times over. And when I got it, I was already in the 16,000 square foot house in Georgia, which many of you've seen. We did the MTV crib style video where that house I turned and that was 2008.

(09:27): But I learned how to turn my liabilities into an asset. Let me say it again. Once you understand how to turn your liabilities into an asset, the future's unlimited. The opportunities are everywhere. So when I got that 16 square foot man, 16,000 square foot mansion, let's say if it costs 20 grand a month to maintain, and then I got the rules right, that's $300,000. What I would do is I would gamify the situation and then I would become creative. I'm sitting at the coffee shop at Starbucks in particular, and I would be sitting there thinking about who can pay for all this without me paying for it. , right? So I created a thing called the Millionaire Mansion experience. This didn't happen overnight. It took me a couple weeks, couple months, whatever. But I sit down and I was thinking about it and stewing on it and I was like, Dude, if I went to a mentorship or a mastermind and the main person let me come to their house, that would show me. It's never happened before. It would connect people at another level. So I called it the Millionaire Mansion experience. And we would bring people, lots of people every month to the house. So we would do a house party at night the first night, then we would do the event, and then we'd do another party and then we'd do an event. So at the house. So they got to connect, they got to see it was real and it was only a thousand dollars a ticket. But we sold a lot of tickets. They learned a lot. I still communicate with a lot of people that's come to the Millionaire Mansion experience. So if that's one of you, thank you so much. You are part of this journey I'm talking about of turning your liabilities into an asset and liabilities, just so we're clear. Liabilities cost you money. Assets make you money.

(11:26): So when you're looking at the 16,000 square foot house, it's a massive house. Lots going on, you got everyone there, cleaners and lawn care. It just never ends. But I sitting there thinking I need to generate 40 grand a month from owning this house. How do I do it? And then it goes to work. Your brain starts working. You could do a private mastermind group, you could do a party, do an event, whatever. It just started, just started writing down stuff. And then it hit me. It's like millionaire mansion experience. And it was a huge success. Huge. I still will be doing them in the future cuz it was so fun. I got to meet so many great people. The only problem is getting your spouse on board to do something like this. This is in particular on this is they're coming into your house and your personal area. You got your spouse has gotta be cool with that . So anyways, I turned that into a six figure a month profit stream for me that paid for the house, that paid for the cars, I paid for the teams, I paid for the staff that paid for the products. And there was still money left over. Think about that. And then when I start looking at how to buy a Ferrari or another Rolls or another Escalade or whatever we're buying, let's say the car's three 50 and you gotta go to work like okay, I have the cash to buy it. And by the way, my rule already is, just so you know, so we're very crystal clear. If I'm buying something for three 50, I recommend you have at least 10 x in cash in the bank to do so. That's just my recommendation. You don't have to do it.

(13:11): But these are rules I've created to build my life in confidence for financial confidence I should say. So if I'm buying something for three 50, I'm thinking about, okay, $350,000, I need to generate five 50 to do that, right? To net three 50. Yes, you could turn it into business asset. I mean, I'm not talking about tax stocks and all that. I'm just talking about simple math three 50. What can I create that can generate $350,000 over the next one week, one month, one year, whatever, to buy this car. So I have a picture of the car, I know what I want exactly, the color codes, the style, the year, everything. And now I'm getting to work and now I'm getting down. I'm gonna grab a pen and paper. I'm old school like that pen and paper. And I'm gonna ask myself, what value can I bring to the marketplace that is worth money? I have some business knowledge, I have some capital. Maybe I make an investment, right? Cause it's not just about creating a course or anything like that. I don't do a lot of that anyways. I don't do any courses honestly. But I might do a mastermind. I might do a V I P experience, I might do consulting, but I do have capital. And I would start seeking different types of investments that could create this kind of income that I need. And I might get a little, I might take a percentage and get a little bit riskier, maybe look for a little bit faster revenue generator or just be cool with the game plan or the strategy that is already set forth in front of us. So for example, true story, this week alone, I've made two massive investments. And when I say massive seven, multiple seven figures, that's massive to me.

(15:01): I know I'm still small time. I'm, my goal is to be doing massive, making eight and nine figure investments and 10 figure investments. Actually, this is eight figures, these ones are, but whatever. So I make this investment and then I create a royalty structure and then I create an ROI structure and then I create an equity participation structure. I might be getting paid 1, 2, 3, or four or always on these deals. Sometimes they're a little riskier than others. Sometimes there's not much risk at all. Cuz I understand the situation, I understand the players in the game and I understand the game were playing. But keep in mind investing, there's always risk. Our job is to risk as much as possible. So one of these investments could buy me a lot of houses, a lot. And I'm not talking a hundred thousand dollars houses , right? I'm talking houses in the seven figures. It could buy multiple of those in 12 months. And again, I'm sharing real life shit with you. Not, I'm not trying to impress, but to impress upon this is the thinking that I'm doing behind the scenes. So I'm trying to expose what's really going on. And by the way, it's not always fun. It's not always cool. It's not always sexy. And the truth is, I don't even fucking drive these cars that much at all. But I love 'em. I like cars. That's my thing. Maybe you like saunas, maybe you like bicycles. I don't know what you like, but I do know I like cars and I got more cars on order and I'm gonna have more calls, call cars on order next year that my investments are going to buy for me. I try to, by the way, make invest. I try to buy cars that are investments, not necessarily liabilities.

(16:55): More on that later, back to the deal. So I'm making an investment or I'm creating a company or I'm buying a company, right? Yesterday someone pitched me a deal where I could buy it for 180,000. It's netting a hundred thousand a year already. And the guy's just done, He's just looking to liquidate and sell and move on. The problem is cool, I could make a hundred grand a year, but I'd hire someone for 55 or 60 to run it. So I'd only net for 40. That's if everything went well. I'm not looking to detract my focus on a $40,000 year return. Not to say you should or shouldn't, I'm just saying as you scale up, our job is to get more conscious of the types of deals you're looking at. If you want to make millions, you gotta be focused on millions of dollars of deals, not tens of thousands of dollars of deals. It's just time. You just get spread too thin. So these particular deals, I look at 'em and I say, okay, I start plotting, by the way, that's what makes it fun for me. It's called gamifying. I gamify my structure. I can buy this one investment. I'm looking to do something with a piece of land as we speak right now, two pieces of land here where I live in Ohio, one's a million dollars, the other one's 2.8 million. And then I start forecasting based off of the investment strategy that we're talking about and the returns we're looking at potentially I could potentially have this property, these two properties secured and locked in X amount of days, weeks, months, or years. And then I start plotting, it starts getting fun to me. I start watching it work. It forces me to do the work I don't want to do, but I have to do it because I have something to accomplish just like you. Right? So I would ask yourself, and I'm not telling you guys to go sell your cars and houses, but I would challenge you to start asking yourself, how can I turn my liabilities into an asset?

(19:00): How can you turn your liabilities into an asset? And I'm not saying go do Toro with your car and lease it out. And right now, if you want to do that, you can. I'm more talking on the business aspect. Maybe you have a cool house, maybe you have a cool office, right? Offices are expenses. If they're not producing revenue, they're an expense. So what if you did events at your office once a month, once a week, once a quarter, you charge 500 or 5,000. I don't know the numbers and what your value is. You could provide the picture of 10 people a month, paid you $3,000, that's $30,000 a month. Your office costs 10 grand a month, you net 20. Yes, you gotta work. Yes, there's extra effort, but now you're producing revenue consciously on purpose. More importantly, you're making connections with people in your office that could produce a lot more money because they're going to like you, trust you understand how you work, what you like to do, et cetera, right? So I've done this, by the way, when I go on a yacht, right? The yacht costs 150 grand for the week. I might invite X amount of people, they pay X amount of dollars. And then I go out for four days by myself with my family for free, and the rest is covered by the people that come on board with me for three days and we mastermind. It's a great value exchange for them because they don't have to pay the one 50, right? They only have to pay maybe 25 or 30 grand. But most importantly, it's not just that, say, call it 30 grand. It's not just 30 grand for just the yacht, it's 30 grand for the yacht, the mentorship, the mastermind, the connections. Think about that. What would happen to your life or your business if you're sitting in a room with five or six people that paid $30,000 for three days to be there?

(21:00): Do you think you're talking about the fucking media in the news? Do you think you're talking about soAnd? So sleeping with soAnd, or do you think you're talking about business life growth, expansion, execution, hiring, firing, eliminating, evolving, investing, financial literacy, et cetera. That's why when you always hear these people like, dude coaches changed my life, mastermind's changed my life. Well, the mastermind effect is one a hundred percent without a shadow of a fucking doubt changes lots of people's lives. I don't know why most people fight it in the DM Alliance. It's only a thousand dollars a month. If you saw the fucking testimonials I get over there every single week, you'd be kicking yourself for not being a part of the DM Alliance. It's only, yes, only a thousand dollars a month. That's only $250 a week. That's hiring me for pennies. Not just me, but a hundred other people that you have access to connect, to evolve with one deal, one connection over the next 12 months could pay for that thing a hundred years over. But do you believe in yourself to make these kind of investments? That's the other side of what we're talking about here today. See, I have the confidence to charge someone $5,000 to come and hang out for a day. Do you? $5,000 is a steal. 10 people come into the room, it's five grand. Oh, but Mark, you're making 50 grand. Dude, I make 50 grand already. But it's great to make 50 grand with 10 people because the 10 people that come, there's deals that are inside of those deals for all of us.

(23:06): See, the thing is, what's your value? Why am I confident to do that? Well, I've spent millions of dollars on myself. I know what I'm worth. And sometimes when I know what I'm worth, someone pays me a hundred grand, they go out and make $20 million, I'm like, huh, maybe I'm worth a little bit more than a hundred grand. That's how it works. Whatever's in your bank account, whatever you charge is what you're worth. That's the facts. Ba more. So much more. Prove it. Prove it. Get the money in the bank. Have people hand over their hard earned money to you to show you. So what I like to do, again, picture, if you have 10 people pay you five grand, they come in for a day, you just generate it $50,000. You do that once a month, which is not hard to do at all. If you have something going on and you have value, that's 600 grand a year right there that could easily buy me a Ferrari. And I'm not saying all this stuff happens without working. Some of these are active income streams to produce revenue, to take that active income, turn it into passive income, or at least active and go by the asset or the investment or the car or whatever I'm trying to buy. One thing that's really mind boggling, and I don't know if you know this or not yet, depending where you're at in the journey of life, when you can accomplish the thing you're going after and then you finally hit the financial means to do it, it becomes less important. I'm not saying there's lots of things I always wanted that I could easily have today and I've moved on beyond it. It was more of the chase to get, not necessarily to gain, to just to have.

(25:01): I don't want to have things just to have things. I want to have things to have. Meaning a purpose. I was a different person 10 years ago when I wanted X. Now I can have X, but I really don't want it anymore. Does that make sense? It's funny, when I met my wife, her dream car was a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible. Well, when she got with me, that was the car I wanted when I was 18, not when I was 27. And again, I evolved. I always knew I, well keep mine. I like cars. So I always liked cars, The Range Rovers, the Ferrari, the Lamborghinis, Maseratis and all these things and everything I just said we've had, right? So it's like it's hard to go backwards. I ain't going from a fucking Ferrari at 4 88 back to a Mitsubishi eclipse, right? And again, if that's your thing, go back to the eclipse, whatever. I'm just using this as a mindset piece to show you that you have to work your ass off to get what you want. But the real works in your brain, like I said, when I'm sitting at the coffee shops and saying, I want to buy a new X, how can I have someone else pay for it? By the way, this money is not yours or mine. It's someone else's. The money that's in your account today was not your, you weren't born with it. You had to go earn it. You had to go make it, You had to go get it, right. So I'm looking at pass and strategies. This is how I've been involved and own and or a part of many, many businesses now in my life is because I'm thinking of ways to generate revenue constantly. I spend 95 to 98% of my life thinking about revenue.

(26:48): See, I always heard this saying, most people are spending their time trying to spend zero, right? They're trying to reduce their monthly cell phone bill, they're trying to reduce their staff bill, all this stuff. But the problem is, is you can only go to zero. That's it. See, when you focus on revenue, you could literally make more money than you ever thought is possible. So if you're trying to make a hundred grand this week and then I get really good at what I'm doing and now I'm making 500 grand, 700 grand, a million, 2 million in a week, you can't compete with me cuz you're too busy trying to save to zero zero. It stops with earning potential. It's unlimited. It genuinely is unlimited. I want you to really fucking think about what I just said. Why everyone, The majority, when I say everyone, the majority of the world, it's got such a heart on to save $2 and 40 cents on their cell phone bill to go to the gas station and save 12 cents a gallon for sit in line for three hours to do all these stupid fucking things. To save pennies, trying to get save pennies. Even if you save hundreds, you can only save to zero. And that stops. But you exhausted so much mental energy to get to zero. Why not take the same fucking energy and focus on revenue generating money. If your bills are 3000 a month and you make 500,000 a month, does it matter if, if it's 3000 or 5,000 or zero, it doesn't fucking matter. It's the same shit. But we get caught up because we start, Well dude, I'm so abundant, are you? Cuz all your actions are not abundant actions. They're the opposite. They're very scared actions. You're fit playing the game of fear. So again, we not like, I just wanna be clear, you can only save to zero. Your earning potential is unlimited. The best gift I've ever given myself in my life out is giving myself the permission to invest in myself, believe in myself, and go out and earn money.

(29:07): I don't have stress like the majority of the world does because they're afraid they don't know how to earn money. They know how to work for money. They don't know how to earn wealth, right? They never exhausted their brain to learn it. I'm not knocking, I'm just talking the truth. So when you came on the show, you're thinking, I fucking knew it. He rented the Ferrari, he rented the Rolls Royces, he rented the houses. Well that's not the case. The real truth is everything. Have I have the slips? That's the truth. I've talked about it openly. I have financial ptsd. I almost went bankrupt once when I lo, like I, my truck got repoed right before my eyes. It was the one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. My neighbor's like, What's going on Mark? Oh, I gotta get new tires or something like bullshit lie, it was getting repoed. So from that point forward, I said if I was going to get a car, I would own the car. Not the bank, not a finance company. No one else but me myself, yes. It doesn't make sense financially sometimes cuz you can get money at 2% for cars or whatever. But you know what? I can go to bed at night knowing I'm not gonna fucking wake up and that car's rolling out the driveway cuz I didn't pay the bill. See, the thing is, what motivates you? What drives you? That's what you gotta be focused on. Cuz what I'm sharing with you is my stuff. Maybe you grab one piece here, one piece there, say dude's full of shit there. But I like that there. See, the thing is that's what these shows are meant to be. I'm just sharing my real life with you. My agenda is nothing more.

(30:54): But to help but to share what's going on in this crazy fucking mind of mine. I want you to earn more money. I don't want you to live in scarcity. I want you to live in abundance. I want you to figure out a plan of how you can spend a million dollars on yourself, on your literacy, on your financial literacy, getting around mentors, mastermind groups, et cetera. See who's telling you to go invest a million dollars in yourself? Well man, you got something to sell. I don't care. I don't want your fucking money. I want you to do it for yourself. I want you to find someone that you can roll with and invest in yourself. Invest and learn how to do marketing. Invest in how to do ads, invest in how to do copywriting. Invest in how to do website development. Invest in how to do seo, Invest in how to be invest in private banking. Invest in yourself. You are the best investment. You are my friend. And when you really understand that, and more importantly, do it and execute it. And by the way, when you make this investment, that doesn't mean you make the investment yourself and that's it. Everything just happens. No, that's when the real fucking work starts. Because what you're gonna have to do is deprogram to learn new data, learn new information. As you know, I talk about this in the magician versus mule about thought auditing and the me economy thought auditing is a real thing. You're gonna have to reprogram all your old thoughts and then reprogram 'em with new ones. Because what grandma, grandpa, mom and dad and all the fucking broke people has told you, all your life school teachers, et cetera, it's garbage. It's not serving you, you it. I know it. But what are you gonna do about it?

(32:43): And this sounds easier said than dumb, but you have to really think about and say, Dude, I like money doesn't grow on trees. Oh, well, okay, I don't know what that means, but whatever. There's lots of money out there. It grow. The fucking printing presses are nonstop, right? , So go get it. Someone's got your money over there, but you have to deprogram this stuff. You have to start seeing things through different sets of lenses. See, the thing is, if you're trying to build your business outta your bank account, you're stalling your growth all the time. If you're trying to buy a car and finance it to the hill, or buy an investment asset and finance it to the hill, you're always stunting your growth because you're assuming you're good at handling and managing debt loads like that out of the gate. I'm not a fan of it. You have to understand good debt and bad debt. Yes, but also you have to understand what makes you tick. What slows you down? What speeds you up? Cuz what speeds you up might slow me down. And what slows me down might speed you up and vice versa, right? So awareness, entrepreneur awareness is a real thing. And until you really understand what I'm saying, you're going to be on the struggle bus. And this is something that can, it's continuous by the way. I'm still learning. I'm still like, Huh, why didn't I catch that? Huh? I need to get better here. Right? Et cetera. So understand this, whatever you want in life can be paid for by others. 100%. I'm not talking theory. I live it. And again, this isn't a dick swinging contest. This isn't about bragging. It's the truth. And I'm sharing the truth with you as I always have.

(34:32): I want you to have the best life possible. I want you to get the money because it's gonna enhance who you are. And hopefully in any way, shape or form, I can touch you in a little way to help you give back more to yourself, to the community and accomplish more in your life. That's the greatest joy for me. But I want you to think about what liabilities do you have that you can turn into an asset. If I had a boat on a lake, that's a big, that's an asset. That's a liability, right? Costs money to park, it costs money to fuel, it costs money to manage it, cost money to buy it. All this shit. I'd be asking myself, how do I turn this thing into a money making machine? I don't care if you're on a big lake or a small lake. I'd ask, what are my skill sets? What would people pay for? What could I organize? Maybe you do a two day lake event, bring people out to lake. You go fishing from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM go have lunch. And then from 12 to four you go mastermind. Maybe you're technology guru, maybe you're a email guru, maybe you're a cell phone guru, like cool calling guru. Whatever it is, get a group of people together. Have 'em pay to come to this experience. My buddy's doing it right now as we speak today. He has 35 people that are out fishing on a lake. And then when they get done fishing, they go back and they scale it and they fly it up and cook it up. While the chef's doing that, they're in a room masterminding and networking and connecting the dots in Mississippi, they turn their passion into profit.

(36:04): They love fishing, they love connecting with people. And they'll make 50, 60, 70 grand on that deal over two days. Think about this. Yes, you gotta sell people in the room. Yes, you gotta provide massive value. Yes, you gotta follow up with them, et cetera. Yes, they gotta get results. That's what keeps 'em coming back. But isn't that to be expected? Don't think you do nothing and get rich. All this stuff you see that I have, I've worked my ass off to get it and will continue to do so. There's no get rich quick in my world, never has, never will. But you know what's in my world. Get rich. Definitely. Cuz I know what it takes to succeed. I know what it takes. It will never go as fast as you want it to go. It will never go as planned. Ever it. If you think you're gonna make a million, you better go make 2 million to collect a million.

(36:58): That's the way real business works. And unfortunately, most of you're trying to do less to get more and you haven't even got any. It makes zero sense to me. I want you to get on the other side of joy, by the way, when you're crushing it, when you have all these daily habits and you're going out and helping all these great people and doing what you do, your confidence, your life and your bank account will appreciate you for it. It gives you so much more umph in your step. It's very powerful. So take it, run with it. I'm glad I could share this with you. I hope this makes sense cuz we shared a talked about a lot of stuff. But I would like you to private message me on Instagram at Mark Evans dm. Let me know, let me know, please, what liability you are going to turn into an asset. And more importantly, what are you going to create or implement as quickly as humanly possible to turn a liability into an asset. So again, what liability do you have that you're gonna turn into an asset? And what is the plan to execute to turn that into the asset? Let me know. Keep me posted. Keep kicking ass and take in names. So what that said, make count

(38:33): Deal. I'm here to and teach him what I know and how I did it. To discover freedom. There ain't no question Gavins. When he step into doubt, he's closing deals. I tell him what the deal stand for. I'm a deal a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey clearance end, it's all about the process. It's come to get over to the DM project from a small town in Ohio. So I know how it is. Should I come from a lot of money? I remember as a kid wanted to make a honey bra. Didn't see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8 should have held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm my own boss. Somebody here running to a figure businesses. I walk away from it all and I'll be good. But I been called to help people just like y'all. Learn a game. It's time to pause everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo, I been working my whole life. Guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So it's time to push. Time to learn. Time to grow. I mores deal. I'm here at helping teach what I know and how I did it. To discover freedom. There ain't no question marks when step to doubt. He's closing deals. How to sell, what the D stand for. I'm a deal maker. A deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where it's at, it's all about the process. Come to get over the Deal, deal, deal, deal, deal, deal. Makeup, Dil Project.

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