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There’s one decision I see many entrepreneurs make all the time and it breaks my heart. 


Because this decision is lethal. It murders your dreams. Siphons your energy. Sucks your soul out of your body. And if you make this decision long enough, it can kill you. 

In this episode, you’ll discover what this decision is and the dirt-simple way to never make this decision again. 

Listen now, it just might save your life and business. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why “pimping” your material wealth on social media helps an untold amount of people (even if it feels like you’re bragging) (5:11) 
  • The “Context Trick” which lets you get away with showing off (without looking like an arrogant jerk) (6:49) 
  • How hating on others’ success is like holding your future self at gunpoint and stealing your wealth (8:52) 
  • This one simple Google search instantly decapitates the hate you have for people with more money than you (9:10) 
  • The profound “Never Settle” mindset tweak which encourages you to keep going (even when you're getting sued and are on the brink of bankruptcy) (11:16) 
  • Why you’re no different than someone who owns multiple $100 million houses (13:02) 
  • The single most lethal, haunting, and soul-sucking decision you can make (15:33) 
  • The counterintuitive reason making wrong decisions is one of the most profitable activities you can do (even if you lose a heap of money) (17:12) 
  • Why wearing the same outfit every day helps you make smarter, quicker, and more profitable decisions (23:54) 

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Welcome to the making of a DM, the decision that will kill you. It kills dreams and goals all over planet earth. But after today, my friend, you're going to be able to look decision in the eyes in a way different way. So with that said, let's get started

(00:22): More Kevin, more I'm to help teach him. I know, and how I to discover no questions when he he's. I tell what the stand a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker, The journey. Hey, there's your boy, Mark Evans.

(00:51): D M hope. You're having an amazing day today. I know over here in DM world, I'm in Parkland, Florida. It's about 90 degrees. Son is shining the kids and the wife are by the pool. Why I'm talking to you and I'm excited to be here. We just got back. Actually, mark got done doing TaeKwonDo. He we were over there for a couple hours as today was testing day. If you guys followed me on social media at Mark Evans, DM, anywhere he would to seeing us post about it. As he broke the boards two different times to get his green and yellow striped belt, which he's all excited, cuz Green's his favorite collar. But as I'm sitting here to you today, I want to talk to you about some serious stuff and some fun stuff, but more importantly, things that will help you create that life that you want.

(01:48): And it is very cool to be at this game of life that we're in real quick before I get started, as I always do. I wanna say, thank you guys so much for leaving five star reviews over on the platform that you utilize. If it's apple and not iTunes, if it's on Amazon, if you bought a book, the magician versus mule or the me economy or the 10 minute business owner, et cetera. Thank you guys so much. I have a big announcement coming up soon for Cleveland, Ohio for big birthday bash at the end of June. So make sure your calendar's clear. I am going to that will sell out. We will raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and I'm very, very honored and excited for that huge financial commitments. A lot of time commitment to do a big event like that, but it'll be very amazing for everyone it participates.

(02:41): So if you wanna be put on a hot list for that, I make sure if you get over to social and shoot me a quick message, you know, birthday bash I'm in. And then what we'll do is we'll get you on the email list and keep you posted and give you guys a head start. Cuz I'm guessing it's gonna sell out fairly quickly as it has in the past many times. So if the show's been meaningful to you, I would like to ask you for some help. I'd like to ask you to share it on social media, let people know what you're listening to share it, you know, with your buddy or your friend or your spouse or whoever to connect with them and let 'em know, Hey man, this is a great show to check out this episode or all of it, whatever.

(03:20): It's always neat to see the people binge listening to the making of a DM, the messages I get and the responses are absolutely epic in, in the most amazing way. So thank you guys so much for everyone. It shared. It's always neat to hear, Hey, you know, Steve's friend John gave it to Nancy and Nancy's told me to listen to it. And holy cow, I can't believe this even existed. So that's why we always talk about sharing it because it gets pushed up into algorithms when people are searching the making of a DM and leaving five star reviews and then it allows people to discover the show. So thank you guys so much for doing that if, if you're one of them and if you're not your game up. So before I get into it as well, I just wanna let you guys know how much I love my job.

(04:08): As you know, I have a $50,000 a year mastermind group and we opened up LA last month, the one K a month mastermind group. And it's been closed right now since may since March 3rd, but we will be opening up here probably in a month, month and a half. Potentially we're still not sure yet where we can just make sure we get everyone massive results. And if you're watching anybody that follows or participating in the, the $1,000 month mastermind group, you're gonna see massive, massive growth, which is really cool to see. But it's interesting to me as people sit here and talk and you know, I know depending on the level wealth you're at or where you're chasing to, I know from my experience, we're not necessarily materialistic, you know, successful and wealthy people that I know including myself is I like nice things.

(04:56): I don't know why you wouldn't like nice things, but I don't get motivated just by having nice things. You can take it all away. I'm not, it's not gonna change my happiness. It's gonna, but it, but the what's interesting about that conversation is like, I know what's available, right? So there's a lot of opportunities out there. And one of my buddies recently in the 50 K group, actually a lot of guys in the 50 K group and gout, well guys in that group and one K group as well, they're buying, you know, the, the, the roll Royces they've dreamed of, they're buying the Ferrari, the Lamborghini, the mansions, the jets and all this stuff. And it's so exciting to see. And they share this with me one on one in private and I'm like, yo man, just post this stuff. And he is like, dude, like, I don't wanna feel like I'm bragging.

(05:41): I don't wanna feel like I'm, I'm showing off. I, I just don't feel comfortable doing that and this and that. And keep in mind, these are all guys in their forties. Now some of, most of them and I, I have to explain to 'em and we, we conversate about that is dude, like if you don't share your wins of what winning looks like and how hard you've worked to get there, how would anybody from outside looking in? Cuz again, we all are eyeball. We all want eyeballs and ears for our businesses to grow. It's what, what's why we're in marketing in business. But if you don't share it, how are people going to know what it looks like? And I, I think it's just shifting your perspective on about, I mean there's douchey ways to share obviously, but if you're like, this is a dream of mine or a goal of mine, I've never had anybody doing more than me saying, dude, you're full of shit.

(06:30): You rented the car, you're a loser. Who'd you scam who'd you ripped off whatever they say loser say, right. It's just what they do. Cause they're pissed off cuz they're not winning. But when he posted in the 50 K group two days ago, literally everyone, 100% of the people reached out and said, dude, that's amazing. Congratulations even felt weird, sharing it in a group that everyone's paying 50 grand to be in. Right. And there's no nothing. I don't know why we've lied to ourself or the story we've created to think that having something nice is showing off. If you put context to it again, like all my buddies, like they're not show off guys. They're fucking show up and get the work done guys. Right? Like my boy Allen, like he just up that's his brand. Right? And it's so powerful to see people move out of their way.

(07:25): And what's cool about this guy in particular. I actually let him borrow my rules when he got married, I think five years ago, six years ago, something like that. And and a couple days ago he was able to buy rules, but the story gets a little bit better when he bought the rolls again, you know everyone's oh my God. First of all, it's it's scariest. Hell if you've never bought like something very expensive, very uncomfortable, like the rolls, you know, $400,000. You're like pissing your pants. You're like, dude, this is stupid. This is reckless. I'm gonna lose everything. What am I think like all these stories go through your head and it, the Starlight sun, you know, top, you know, in the car, inside the roof. And he is a little daughter, a little, two year old daughter and she got in there and she loved dadda stars, dadda stars.

(08:10): And as he's driving home, he's thinking about how appreciative he is as he has a tear in his eye, like literally. And he is like, like dude, his children watching him, his wife's watching him in the dungeon, working hard, doing a thing, building this company, getting punched in the face, kicked in the balls every single day. And today that day when he was able to get that car, it was like, wow, that's why I do this for, you know, keep in mind. He has lots of employees, lots of risk, lots of stress, lots of going on one, but this guy's been at it for 20 years. Don't you? Th like I don't, I've never understood people that hate cuz I, I don't, I don't hate people for having nice stuff. I don't understand it. You know what I hate? I hate incompetence. I hate stupidity.

(08:57): I hate people that don't think for themselves. That's what I truly hate, but I would never hate on someone that's excelling. I would never hate on someone that's pushing the limits. I would never hate on someone that has a big dream or big goals. It's very unproductive and not conducive to your objectives. If you're trying to grow to hate on people like for moving forward, if you do kind of even have resentment or hate on any of this, I want you to just start getting around wealth. You don't just, just go on realtor.com and type in Hamptons, New York type in Palm beach, Florida. And on that dropdown menu go, you know, on the search thing, drop down and go from highest price to lowest price and just scan the first two pages. Understand how much wealth is out there, cuz you're in a tiny little town or a big town.

(09:48): Doesn't matter. You're stuck in your town and your brain and you gotta start expanding your palette. Underst what is available in this beautiful world we live in. I know you, a lot of people hear all the negativity and all the bad stuff and inflation and this and all that. It is what it is. It's an uncontrollable piece that we can't control. I can control what I put in my mind. Just like my mouth. If I'm trying to lose weight, I'm gonna put in less food. If I'm trying to gain more or knowledge financial knowledge, I'm gonna put more financial knowledge to do my brain either through a podcast or book. But I want you to get inspired. Find something materialistic that you can actually see. Maybe it's a bank account. Maybe it's a big check on your wall with the number on it that you want to fuck.

(10:34): What I want. Fuck what mommy daddy wants. Fuck what grandma, grandpa wants. Fuck what anybody wants. What do you want? I don't give two shits. If you care about if my rules are flashy or not, or my Ferrari or them, how big houses or what flying private. I don't, I literally don't put a nanosecond of thought into it, but I do know a lot of people do see the thing is, is where I'm at today is literally just a stepping stone to where I'm going. If you think this house is big waiting, you see the next one, five years from now. Trust me, me and my wife. This is our biggest argument. She doesn't want bigger houses. She doesn't want to deal with it. I like bigger houses. Why one? I like 'em. I think about 'em I dream about 'em I plot about 'em right?

(11:18): Their goals of mine. And I just like to create, I like to evolve, not just in my brain, but in reality. See, I don't settle. She just said that to me today. She's like, mark, you never settle. It's like define settling. I, I I'm very I'm content, but I'm not settled. There's so much more we can do. I'm so young on the, on the grand scheme of things. Right, right. But I just want you to know like find that thing that drives you. If I didn't wanna rolls Royce, if I didn't want the big houses, I genuinely don't think I would be here. Why? Because I would've quit a long time ago. I would've quit a whole long time ago when I'm getting sued. When I'm getting people are stealing from me. When my business is about to go, when I'm about to personally go bankrupt twice at the beginning, like I would've quit, but then you look at it and you're like, dude, if I fucking quit, I can't get the cool cars. I can't get the big houses. I can't have the beautiful wife. I can't have the amazing life with kids. I can't quit. I genuinely don't quit. I can't.

(12:21): So for me it was a car. Initially I had the rolls at 30. I had mansion and rolls both at 30, right. 12 years in the game, before I ever bought a huge car purchase. 12 years in the game, before I ever bought the big house, I had the nice condos. I had nice cars, but I'd never had the Phantom. I mean, we're talking about $400,000 car at 30 years old, get around and just see what drives you. What gets you excited? What's funny about materialistic things is when you get it, you realize, huh? That's it. Okay. Next onto the next thing. And it's not like, like I, I I'm like, I just want, it just creates what you're capable of. Okay. So got a little long-winded on that. But it's very important that you guys start doing that. Like I get excited seeing like the creativity of these houses online, like I said, go to Palm beach, you'll see a hundred million dollar house.

(13:14): Yes. People live in a hundred million house. What you may not know is that if anybody owns a hundred million house on Palm beach, they typically own three to five houses all over the world in that same price point. So picture you have one house at a hundred million and you have three other houses at a hundred million. You might have four or 500 million in sync, your own personal residence houses. That's like 5 million, 10 million a year just in property taxes, just FYI, maybe more depending what the markets are in. So it just, it, it forces you to think bigger. And when you meet the people, you're like, they're no different than me. They have the same 24 hours a day. I have all they're doing, is' working on bigger things, bigger problems, bigger opportunities. And they're training themselves to grow and evolve. And I respect that.

(14:04): Like I see the houses, these people build and come up with. I'm like, man, that's amazing. I would've never thought, you know what I mean? Just like carpet, you know, the old mark was like, dude, I want cheap carpet. Cause it's gonna get ruined. I don't care about carpet. Now. Every carpet in my house, my wife's the opposite. She loves very nice carpet. And we spend a shit ton, like six figures on carpet in the houses. Right? So it's all relative. It's all. What, what gets you excited? What, you know, what do you appreciate and care about? And there's no right or wrong to this. Well, I guess there is wrong judging it and not growing from it. Like you can grow and you're growing if you know it or not. How do I know? Where are you in the same house you wore when you moved outta your mom and dad's house, are you driving the same car?

(14:51): A lot of people are growing without consciousness. They're just growing. And you know, who are you? Who are you growing against? Who are you growing with? What are you growing for? So again, I digress on that because I'm just honored as I get, I get to hang out with amazing people that everyone line it's like, dude, you're douchey or, oh man, you, you think, you know everything or you're, you know, you're so materialistic. And what's funny is it's. So if they only understood the agony that they've given themselves to ever share what they shared, they would never say that. And what's cool about it. Truth is most people that share, they're never getting that negative thought that they, they thought they'd get actually you're inspiring your friends, your colleagues, and, and such. So don't be afraid to share, share the truth. The truth will always prevail.

(15:41): So I want to talk to you about a decision that will kill you. This decision will eat your dreams away, crush your goals, destroy futures, and just, just, just suck the life outta you. I mean, you know, this is true. We all know it's true, but yet I see so many amazing people that make this decision and they just can't get out of their own way. The decision is simple. It's called end decision. When you get stuck in the middle of something and you can't make a decision, a lot of problems happen. You start doubting yourself, you start creating massive anxiety. You start getting overwhelmed. You start getting frustrated at life. You start getting foggy. You start overanalyzing. You get a, again, the anxious feeling alone. Anytime I feel ultra anxious. It's when I'm undecided on things like I get caught up. Like I'll get on that tomorrow or I'm not sure yet.

(16:49): Let me think about it. Well, if you're thinking about it and you open that door up too many times, what happens is it could really, really weigh you down. And I've seen it crush. Many people. I've seen people literally go back to work because they don't understand making a decision is very important. Why are most people afraid of it? Well, the simple answer is they're afraid to make the wrong decision. The worst decision again you could ever make is end decision. I guarantee you this 100%, you're going to make wrong decisions. You have already has it killed you. It stings. It hurts. It sucks, but you always learn from it. You learn what to do and what not to do through your decision process. But for some odd reason, as we get older, we've programmed ourself to protect our ego, protect our winning streak. Recently, I lost some money with a guy that sold a company for a billion plus dollars.

(17:54): I bought into this NFT project and it was a rug pole. And I lost a decent amount of money simply because I made a decision and the guy, I always bet on the jockey, by the way. And it just didn't work out. Now, you can't cry over spilled milk. I didn't say FM, he's a scam. It's a rip off blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm a big boy. I made a fucking decision and I learned from it. What did I learn? Well, probably stay in my lane. I learned this decision. I learned this lesson all the time, understand the at, if it's a guy that's new to the NFT space, I don't care if they're a billion or trillionaire or whatever, know that this is new to them. And I think in business and in life we take for granted, you know, I have 26 years in the business game.

(18:42): So making money in business is fairly easy to me, but creating an FTS, not it's different, it's new it's technology and stuff. I don't understand a hundred percent yet, but I will because I've invested in a bunch of NFTs. Some of 'em done really well. Some have done really bad. So now I've made these decisions and I ask myself what made one work? And the other one, not who was on the team, who wasn't on the team, what was the product about, or this project about et cetera. So for me, you making a decision, like when I share the one K group, make a decision and move forward, say yes or no maybe in three weeks, I'll do that. Like why do that to yourself? When you can get better at making a decision very quickly, by the way, this is one of me and my wife's conversations.

(19:31): I often I make fast decisions all the time. I've trained myself. And again, like I said, it's not always pretty and it doesn't always work out, but you know what? It oftentimes works out and it works out really well a lot of times as well. So I'm more afraid of not making a decision than I am of making the wrong decision. It reminds me of how I grew up as a kid. I love like it was cool how I grew up in a small town and all that. I guess that for a minute. Well, shit, it's gotta be cool cuz there's nothing I can do about it now. Right? But what I did learn from it took a lot of great things from it is, and this is not negative. This is just reality. I would look around and I saw a lot of people make, keep in mind.

(20:23): A lot of people make a lot of bad decisions, drinking every night, smoking weed, smoking cigarettes, overeating. I I'm guilty of some of this stuff myself here that I'm talking about. So I'm not judging it. It's just, I look at this and I'm like, dude, I wanna be financially free. And if I, if I make the wrong decisions, my finances are gonna be just like theirs. Like if I show up to the buffet and eat every day, like someone and, and they're, and I'm trying to lose weight and they're trying to, you know, whatever they're healthy, but they're clearly not like I'm going to ultimately gain weight cuz of the decision I made. So our decision making has to get tighter, stronger, quicker as we evolve. If not, I saw so much complacency where I grew up. Like literally people are like fucking robots, just going through the motions, wake up at four, go to have your coffee, brush your teeth, take a piss, take a shower, jump in car, take kids to babysitter seven o'clock at work, check in at the mill or construction or whatever you do.

(21:29): And talk about the weather. Talk, complain about people have a lunch break. You know, again, I'm not trying to make this sound stupid, but that's how it is where I grew up. It's still how it is the same people doing the same shit. Talking about the same shit every single day. And the only, only difference is everyone's getting older and some people still aren't around. Right? Cause they passed away. So a lot of kids I've went to school with, you know, in, in our school that I've, I've known like a decent amount at our age. We're very young in our forties, right. Have passed. Why? Cause they made a lot of bad decisions. See, when you make an indecision, you, you, again, it's not you, you can't learn from indecision. I can learn from a decision, right? I decided to make a move on this company.

(22:22): Damn it. Fail. Note to self don't do that again. Buy another company, start a new comp, whatever. But you're constantly evolving and learning with indecision. There's nothing to learn. Actually it's the opposite. It will scare you, stress you out and cause you to stutter step through life. You'll never be able to do anything exceptionally well. If you make an, if you never make a decision, you know, I see people sit around. It's funny. I have a, a event planner for the big event in Cleveland. We're gonna do for the birthday bash. And I pay a lot of money to these people and they know like I, I, I pay people that I trust, right? I invest in people I trust, I should say. And they're amazing company that I've worked with many times. They always make amazing decisions. Actually they make better catering decisions than I do a better event, location decisions than I do.

(23:14): So when Malik and her team ask me, mark, what do you want to do? I simply say, I trust you, make the decision. That makes the most sense for what we're looking to accomplish as a unit. And then they make a decision. See the old me would say, well, let me look at the menu. Let me try. Right? And then I, I turn back into the old school hillbilly boy that I, I am and I try to cut costs. I try to minimize servers. I try to get fucking, you know, cheeseburgers instead of, you know, whatever they're trying to get for 12 cents difference. And it ruin one, it ruins the experience. Two, it creates massive anxiety for me and others. And three, why the hell am I making a decision on catering when that's not what I do every day? Again, if you're hiring people, hire them to make you better, hire them to help you make decisions.

(24:03): There's a thing called decision fatigue. And it's real. Why do you think Zuck? And all these people wear the same outfits every day. If you ever see me in videos, oftentimes I'm wearing white shorts and a black shirt or black shorts and a white shirt. Why? Well, I it's just what I grab. It's real simple. It's simple. It's easy. And I don't have to think about it, but decision fatigue's a real thing. And if you add indecision inside of that, you actually will fatigue out a lot quicker. It's like literally running five miles to get on the treadmill at the gym. You're gonna be a little bit more fatigued than if you took the car to the gym and just jumped on the treadmill fresh. So I don't want you to be fatiguing out by 9:00 AM because you have 72 indecisions, man. Should I make this investment or not?

(24:52): Man? What should I do here or there, man? I don't know if I should join that one K mastermind group or not, man. I don't know if I should do the I'll think about it. I'll think about I'll think about it. Quit fucking thinking about it. That's the decision. Quit thinking about it and start executing every single high player that I know that's crushing. Life is a very fast decision maker and there's nothing wrong with saying no, by the way. No is actually a superpower on certain things. Don't just be a no person to say no and move and, and act like you're moving on. Cause you said no don't you don't have to be a Dick about it either. Hey mark. But by the way, like lots of people have asked me to speak at events. Many, many, many people, hundreds, if not thousands, probably by now have asked me, request me to fly out, speak at their events, pay us whatever.

(25:45): And I'm like, sorry man. I appreciate it. I just don't do that. You though. No. Hey it's it's I'll give you 50,000. No, sorry. I'm I'm just not interested. All right. Cool man. A hundred thousand. Nope. Not interested. Cause it's not about the money to me. It's more about where I'm at my life. See the thing is I'm not chasing the money. I've made a decision a long time ago. I don't chase money, money always outruns, everybody. Everyone I see chasing money never has money. They're too busy chasing it. They don't have a life. They don't have family. They don't have friends. They don't have any connection. They're too busy chasing. Right? So I made a decision a long time ago, stop chasing money. Guess what? I make more money. I made a long, I made a decision a long time ago when I had kids say, and a half years ago, my first son, I said, you know what?

(26:32): I will not travel unless the family's with me. Or if it's an over one night thing, that's simple. And I usually go with buddies and guys that I'm doing business with of some sort and we turn it into a business trip and make money together and we have fun and we get the job done and we move on. But what's interesting is I only do that for a handful of guys. I only do it for people that I wanna be connected with at a deeper level. Right? And it's gotta be close. I'm not jumping on a plane and all that shit. It's gotta be simple. So these are decisions I've made. These are decisions you make. What, what, what decisions have you made in your business and in your life to help you drive revenue, drive your lifestyle. As you know, I've made a decision.

(27:13): I talk about this all the time. I made a decision a long time ago in business. My business needs to serve me. Not me serve it. Not to say I won't work. Not to say I'm lazy. Not to say I'm trying to do anything. But like once you turn the wheels and make a decision that the business has to serve me, instead of me being a slave to it, if you're a slave to your business, you don't have a business, you have a high paying job. If you're even fucking paying yourself and you work for a psycho I E yourself. So what I want you to understand is that you have to start setting these rules. I E decisions. These are things I'm sharing with you that I've, I've made a lot of bad decisions to get to where I'm at. And I'm gonna make a lot more today, a lot more tomorrow, but I'm not gonna stop.

(27:56): I'm gonna learn from 'em. I'm gonna edit. I'm gonna adjust on my next decision. I hope it gets a little bit tighter. Hope, a little bit stronger. Hope it makes sense. If it doesn't, I'm gonna learn from it, but I'm always pushing forward. I'm always making the next move. I'm always creating the decision to say yes or no. Not maybe not maybe so it's either yes or no. And I want you to know in all seriousness, a decision is a very important thing. End decision will crush your soul. It reminds me of a time back when I was this, this I was young. I probably 18 to 20. I made a decision in life. I don't give a fuck what anybody thinks about me. I wanna be known as a nice guy. I wanna be a, I wanna just be a great guy, but being a great guy.

(28:48): Doesn't me. You're always the nicest guy, cuz it's all relative. I'm very direct. I'm very sincere. I care. I'm not worried about like, I, I I'm very emotionally connected, so I'm not out trying to recklessly hurt people just to be a Dick. But I made a long time ago. Like I'm not trying, like I'm not here to impress buddy. But myself, myself, I lived so many years prior to like trying to impress everyone else. And I was always unhappy. I was always playing from fear. I was always playing defense, not offense. I was always afraid if I made the move left, Steve and Johnny wanted me to go right. And I'm gonna disappoint them. Therefore I'll just stay down the middle of the road. I was kind of like the a million, if you will. Right. And it never served me. I never felt fulfilled.

(29:39): I always felt like I was missing out. I never felt a hundred percent when I just woke up one day and I started talking to myself through my thought audits. I realized my decision that Mo moving forward is fuck them. I'm going to do me so much. So I wrote a book about it called me economy, right. 20 years later. But I wrote it because it is about me. Just like your life is about you. Yes. I wanna make my mom and dad proud, but me making them proud could look way different than what making your parents look proud. I'm not trying to make my parents proud based off of what they've instilled in me by saying mark, if you went to college, you'd make me so proud. Fuck you, mom and dad, I'm never going to college. Never have never will never thought about it, but you know what?

(30:30): I'm gonna make you proud through a different way through entrepreneurship, through helping through charities, by connecting with people, by building businesses, by hiring amazing people. By having them live their dreams through our dreams. That's how I'm gonna make people proud. It's not the quickest path. It's not the easiest path. It's oftentimes not the most appealing path, but it's the path I chose. When I made the decision to be an entrepreneur. I don't need people to come up to me and say, mark, good job. I don't need people to say mark. I'm proud of you. You know why? Cuz I'm proud of my fucking self already. I wake up every day and I give up my all, not every day is amazing. Oftentimes days suck, but I wake up and I keep my feet moving, but I made a decision to never quit. I made a decision to my children that I will show them and lead by example, I'll be tough.

(31:27): I'll be funny. I'll be happy. We'll be always hungry. Even if it doesn't feel good today, why? Cuz I made a decision to accomplish my dreams. I made a decision a long time ago. Nothing will stand in the way of my dreams. Hard work, check, struggle, check effort. I'm in the game of life to win. And I wanna see my kids win. I wanna see my wife win. I wanna see you win. I wanna see everyone win. It. Doesn't take away from me if you win. But what's cool about this is our kids are watching us. If you have grandkids, listening here, your grandkids are watching. If you have neighbors with kids and you have no kids, they're watching you. They're watching what you say, how you say it. More importantly, what you do. Lots of people talk. Lots of people act like they're big dogs, but all they are is chihuahuas hanging out at the rabbit park. You know? And as I sit here and talk to you, I wanna be very crystal clear. My son, Mark's watching me. He's sitting in the room with a jungle gym bouncing around and I'm super proud of him accomplishing his goal today of getting his green belt and yellow belt. Mark, did you have fun today at the thing TaeKwonDo? Yes. Did you, how many boards did you break today? About two,

(33:00): Two times, but I thought it was three boards or four boards. Cause one had two. No, I dunno. Do you like working hard or easy? Easy. He likes to work easy. See, he's got a long way to go. I like to work hard. Why? Cuz hard work pays off. Not always, but no. He, he wants to work smart. He wants to work with his brains, not just his bad. So I respect that. But I want you to know, I work to accomplish my dreams. A lot of people set goals and they never accomplish anything close to it. Goals are cool, but dreams are real. And when you set up a dream and you get on track and you know, it's available to you, to anybody, it creates a different type of energy, creates a different type of decision making process. And that's what we're here today.

(33:49): You made a decision to be here today. You made a decision to listen to this podcast today. You gotta start asking yourself. I don't believe in coincidences. I don't believe in accidental things. Things happen because they're coming to your life for you. Not to you. It's happening for you. Not to you. You're not a victim. Once you make a decision to realize it's not about being a victim, it's about being a victim in life. Things. Start getting a little bit smart. You get a little bit lighter, make a little bit faster moves. And when the like I, when you start digging in and making decisions about your life, of what you stand for, by the way I'm talking about for where you're going, not necessarily where you're at today. I want you to cast your vision of where you're gonna be at five years, 10 years, 20 years from now, who do you need to become today to make that a reality?

(34:42): Who do you need to come today to make your 10 20, 30, your dream of you become a reality? Cause I can promise you this. If you're listening to my voice right now, you're moving to a new direction. You're growing at paces. Most people around you probably can't even fathom. I know it doesn't feel like it's fast. I know know it doesn't feel like it's working. I know it doesn't happen quick enough and all that stuff. But one, one thing I do know is it will happen. And when it happens, you'll realize how much more you're capable of and you'll be back. It's just a checkpoint in the journey. So your dreams and goals today are just going to be a checkpoint of where you're going. And it feels amazing to know that when you get there, you're just getting started. You're starting to realize how powerful you are, why I'm telling you right now at the most powerful people.

(35:38): I know make decisions so rapidly and it's not just decisions. I'm talking. Start focusing on big decisions, focus on life, changing decisions, making that investment that scares the shit out of you, cuz it could change your life. Don't get stupid. Get smart about your decision making process. A lot of people will keep making the same prob same decisions to be in the same situation. Learn from your past, edit, adjust, and grow. Decide to be a better human being. Decide to make things happen. Decide for you to be the person that you were meant to be. Because the truth is my friend. If you don't change it, no one else will. No one else can. That's why I want you to start getting the dream bigger. Start focusing on the bigger things. The bigger decisions your decisions today will show up in the future. If you don't like with what you're where you're at today, it's not because you're not doing the work it's because you're doing the wrong work.

(36:48): Potentially keep your feet focused. Keep your, keep your brain focused. Keep your feet moving and keep your decisions growing and evolving. Stop not deciding indecision will kill you. It will crush you. There's so much opportunity. So much money, so much fun. So much life that I want you to enjoy the process. Get serious about this. And most importantly, make that decision. Hope you have an amazing day. I'm gonna make it decision right now to cut this off and go hang out with my kiddos and throw 'em in the pool. Hope you have an amazing day. Make this discount

(37:30): I'm to help teach him. I know and how I did it there. No question more when he doubt he's closing, I tell him what the San I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where it's at. It's all about the process. Come to get over to the team M project from a small town in. So I know how it is. And I come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid, want to make honey breaths and see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8 LA should held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm a own ball. Some out here running two way, figure businesses walk away from it. Y'all be good. I been called to help people just like y'all learn the game, come to Paul, everybody chasing the, the money, but I'm not chasing the money.

(38:23): I'm out here chasing the purpose show. I've been working my whole life. Guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So it's come to push, come to learn, come to grow, come over. I'm heard that helping teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom there. Ain't no question mark Kevin. When he step into doubt, he's closing deals down to him. What the stand for? I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where it it's all about the process. Come get over to the project deal, make project.

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