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You have the same 24 hours as Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, and Elon Musk. Why are they all billionaires while you struggle to make your first million?

Because they know how to buy time. All high-level entrepreneurs understand how to do this. And in this episode, I’ll show you how. 

Listen now to tap into the world’s most valuable asset and become wealthier and more free than anyone you know. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How to make millions of dollars with something you carry every day in your pocket (16:34) 
  • Why you can’t reach your full money-making potential if you wear a mask (18:05) 
  • How you can buy time so you can become the Jeff Bezos of your industry (24:57) 
  • Why wanting to build a billion dollar corporation makes freedom flat-out impossible (29:25)
  • How hiring an assistant is the single most effective way to become wealthier (34:15) 
  • The insidious “Arsonist Trap” high-level business owners fall into which devours your time and bank account (36:49) 
  • Why “wasting” 6 figures a week in payroll generates the highest ROI than any other investment you make (44:15) 

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” The 100th episode is today. Not only that, I'm going to share with you how to buy time. You're not going to be able to walk into the 7-Eleven and buy time, but I'm going to share with you exactly how to start buying time and living the life that you truly want. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there, it’s your boy, Mark Evans DM. Welcome to the 100th episode of the Making of a DM. Cue up the music. Yay. Hey, actually I just realized it's the 100th show and I'm super-honored to be here with you on this journey. [01:17.4]

If you're brand new here, welcome to the Making of a DM. Make sure to check out Show No. 1 all the way up as I do talk about the journey of what the “Making of a DM” truly stands for.

If you've been here and listened to all the episodes, thank you. It truly does mean a lot to me. I get a lot of great interaction with you guys on social, on Instagram, specifically, @MarkEvansDM. Thank you guys so much, and seeing everyone share it and tag their friends and introduce their friends to it, you just never know. You have a voice and you have connections, and sharing this kind of stuff is very powerful, so I appreciate you doing that. [01:56.1]

Five-star reviews, they're crushing it. You're crushing it. As you guys put the five-star reviews over on your system where you guys live us into the show, iTunes, Stitcher, etc., it pushes it up in the algorithms, gets more eyeballs visibility for someone going through trouble, some tough times, maybe good times even. I talk about a lot of stuff here on the show, good, bad, ugly, and everything in between, so it could hit them at the right time and that could be because you took a minute, two minutes, and said, “What's up?” and gave a five-star review.

More good news. As I'm talking to you, we have finalized that we will be doing $1,000-a-month mastermind. I never in a million years thought that I would do this. I've had so many people reach out, but there's a little bit of bad news to this. I'm only going to keep it open for a small amount of time. We're going to limit it initially, just to make sure that, one, we're giving massive value and, more importantly, you're getting massive results. We'll be talking about life, business, success, growth. [02:57.2]

As you may or may not know, I own a bunch of different companies and invest in many different things. For example, I’ll just give you a glimpse of just this week alone. Millions of dollars in real estate investments I've funded as a private investor. Some of them are day funding. Some are bridge funding and some are equity deals that I'm a part of. In real estate, that would be known as three different verticals that I’ve parked money in this week alone.

E-commerce. We've set up many, many, many, many, many, many e-commerce stores over the years, in just this week alone, over 10, which we’re very excited for as I have 10 new partners and I take that very seriously.
I've invested in some restaurants, this particular restaurant chain I’ve invested in in four locations. Actually, as you may or may not know, I'm already invested in about 32 different franchise locations and super-excited about that investment journey.

I share this stuff with you and I will be sharing this stuff with you guys in the 1k group at an ultra-high level of why I'm getting in these deals, what it does for me, what it could produce, what it could—because it's an investment, there are no guarantees—and all that. [04:11.3]

I had to let go of one of my COOs of a company that produces a lot of money, eight figures a year for us. That was a big move and a big shift and I'm going to share with the 1k group about why we had to let her go, and more importantly, what happens after that happens. You'd be relatively surprised at that level and size of company. There are a lot of moving parts that they're integrated with.

I have my 100th show this week today, right? Right now, as we speak to you, I'm shooting the 100th podcast show. I know sometimes when you're looking to do the one-to-many concept, which just says share your voice once and it gets heard tens of thousands, hopefully, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of hours of play over the lifetime of the message. That was a big eye-opening thing for me, the one-to-many concept. [05:02.3]

I’ve invested in this podcast show two and a half years of my life. I have people I pay to help me make this show possible by editing and getting it to you, and getting it up on the website and all that good stuff. Again, that's a big investment. It's a great investment. I love it.

What else have I invested in? Oh, I'm in the process of negotiating a pet deal. It's an e-commerce/warehouse distribution play. I'll be sharing that with you guys, how our ultimate goal is to turn around and bundle up companies, and flip them and sell them, just like a lot of people do in real estate. I'll show you how to get paid to buy the company, show you how to make money monthly with the company, more importantly, show you how to turn that sucker into a real big payday. I'm talking an eight figures minimum payday. That's the goal with stuff like that.

Life. One thing cool in life I discovered, I hired a great guy recently. Again, I'm just talking here, just so you know. I'm just sharing real-life stuff as I do. If you guys are new here to the show, I'm sharing real shit. This is stuff that's going on in my life as I'm talking to you. [06:08.2]

A couple days ago at 6:00 a.m., I was up for two hours. I got up way before that, but I had a meeting with a guy I hired for two hours, a very high-level, deep, psychologist-style guy that can help me understand why I do what I do, and two very important things came to the surface that I kind of knew, but didn't really understand. It's like these things we kind of know we do, but we just don't understand that we do it because we've made it part of our life and story. But I have a very high value on my word and freedom.

The reason I share it with you is because when I went to do this podcast show initially, I was scared to make the commitment, not scared because I'm like, Oh my gosh, I'm so afraid to talk to you, but just afraid that if I make a commitment to do something, I do it. Right? That's my word. My word is my bond. It's very important to me. [07:03.8]

Very important to me, seriously. I'm not that guy and I don't really talk about this out loud, because most people who talk it out loud or full of shit. They just say it, what you want to hear. But I'm telling you my psychologist guy had Gary and I paid thousands of dollars for those two hours.

The reason I'm bringing it up is because this is the information I’ll be sharing in the $1,000-a-month mastermind club and why this kind of information is important. If you're having trouble growing a company, if you're having trouble making the transition to get from entrepreneur to business owner, if you're having trouble from detaching or letting go of small things to grow the big thing, if you're having trouble wondering why everything around you is always failing, if you're that person that always says, “No one can do it as good as me,” and yet you continue to do shitty work 24-7.

You're not doing it on purpose, by the way. You're doing it and you truly believe the bullshit lie you've told yourself. I know, I did this for 12 years of my life, my business life originally. It's a real thing and I will share the journey. [08:07.7]

My ultimate goal with everyone as part of the $1,000-a-month mastermind club, one, that you're there forever because I think it will be the most absolutely amazing investment, cash on cash return you'll ever get, in my opinion. We will have two meetings a year. One will be at the end of June. The other one, I have not made plans yet as we are literally just kind of [planning]. The ink still is not dry on the contract with my team to set this up with you guys, and I might be blowing the lid a tad earlier. I don't even know if I'm supposed to be telling you this. It's something that's going on in real time, real life, and I'm very, very excited, so keep an eye out.

If this is something you want to be on the hot list for, you must text. You must message me on Instagram @MarkEvansDM and say, “1k - I'm in,” and I will message you. I'll get your email and phone number. I'll get you on the email hot list. Because we are going to be limited initially, we are going to shut off registration very quickly, so this is not something to sleep on. This will be coming out. [09:08.3]

Everyone that messages me on Instagram at @MarkEvansDM, saying, “1k - I'm in,” you will have a head start, and if we meet capacity, we will never go live with it to the world. That very well could happen with the response we've had so far. It may or may not, who knows? We'll see. But we're going to share real stuff with you. I'm going to share with you how we're going to give over a billion dollars away this year to entrepreneurs. I've talked about it all on a show.

Some neat things going on in business and in life. I invested in and hired another individual for 85,000 a year at one of our companies. To me, those are investments. I'm paying way more than they were being paid. I feel like they're going to do an amazing job and create an amazing return, and I’ll explain how that all goes down. Again, this is all high-level real stuff that's going on. [10:00.8]

I’ve talked to you about other crypto plays. I have a lot of different crypto going on. I'm not a day trader in any way, shape or form, but just kind of sharing my investment philosophy with you at an ultra-high level, why I'm parking millions here, millions there, and all that good stuff, why I'm loading up on certain asset classes. As you may or may not know, I'm in the data space. I'm in the media space. I'm in the real estate space. I'm in the money space. I'm in the e-comm space. I'm in the restaurant investment space, to name a few, in all seriousness, and I’ll be sharing that in great detail with you guys in that group as that will get going, so super-excited.

Again, if you're listening to this, make sure to get over to MarkEvansDM.com/1k. “Mark Evans DM [dot] com [forward slash] the number 1 k.” If it's open, it will be there. If not, it will tell you. It will be very clear on what's going on. You will put your information in there and we'll let you know the details, okay? Thank you for doing that. [11:05.3]

I want to share the top-five shows and then I’ve got a very important message to share with you, but I’ve got the top-five shows. Thought that would be kind of cool to share with you guys on the 100th episode. I see the data behind the scenes, right, obviously? And our top five shows, by far, and I’ll share with you from No. 5 to No.1.

The fifth top show is Episode 73. It's called “The Secret Behind Hitting My Goal of $118,000 in One Week.” Creating over $1 million in a week in one of our companies, very powerful episode, tons and tons of nuggets in that.

Episode No. 2, “Mind Your Own Effing Numbers,” and that show, literally, that was the second show we did here. This was about over two and a half years ago nearly and that show is very powerful. Why? Because so many people are listening to numbers. [12:05.6]

Even me, you'll hear me say, Oh, yeah, I invested a million dollars in this. If you don't understand what that means, you could make a very bad decision or a very blind decision, or anything in between. In business, you have to only know what your numbers say. That's why I say mind your own effing numbers, because it means nothing.

For example, I started a company that made millions of dollars a year gross. That company only paid me $1 a year for the first three years. I never made more than a dollar a year. I hired people. I put more money into the business to grow it, but I had a plan. If you're outside looking in, and keep in mind, and I'm saying this, to be honest with you, I don't need the cash. I don't need the cash flow. I was building that as a cash flow asset for the future. [12:55.6]
Now what's cool about that cash flow asset that I'm sharing with you is that generates six figures a month for me every single month like clockwork, because I set it up to do that. I didn't rape or steal from the company at all like I used to do when I was young and dumb in business. I used to literally use my business account as my personal piggy bank account, very, very amateur hour on my part. I see many people doing it, by the way, unfortunately, and they still haven't learned. They've been doing it for fucking 20 years, 25 years. Again, “Mind Your Own Effing Numbers,” a very, very big show.

Episode 26 with my boy, Sean Whalen. “How to Make Shit Happen.” You may or may not know, Sean is very public. He's very vocal in public online. He has billions of views on social media. He wrote a book called How to Make Sh*t Happen. He and I have been boys and there are only two pictures in that book, him smoking a cigar and me smoking a cigar.

Make sure to listen to Episode 26. It's a very cool story, how we actually met and how we met in person. It was years later before we ever met in person. A very, very neat story, a great guy. Actually, I’ll be hanging out with him in a couple weeks at his race because I'm on the side of his car. If you see if you race cars, you'll see the DM logo on the side of his race car, which is really cool. [14:13.8]

Episode 76, “Confessions of a Socially Awkward Black Sheep.” What's interesting about that show, I’ve kind of suppressed that I'm an awkwardly black sheep. I go into great detail about family reunions and family occasions, hanging out, just doing nothing except talking about nothing. That show, clearly, I'm not alone because it's the second most downloaded show we have.

The most downloaded show that we've had out of the 100 episodes, this one is interesting to me and it's very true, by the way, and it still continues to be true, and it's actually funny, my daughter carries it around still today and she'll be three here in April, but my No. 1 show that has been downloaded is Episode 75, “How I’ve Made Millions and Millions of Dollars by Bullshitting on the Phone.”

It's true. It happens every single month. I generate millions of hours a month at our company, sometimes in a day at our companies, via the phone, right? A lot of people think the phone is just for audio and such, but on the phone you can create video posts. You can create text and post on social. I can create audio notes and create books. I can talk to people on Zoom. I can talk to people on a webinar via the phone. There are so many ways.

But my daughter carries around the old phone I had. When me and my wife, you may or may not know this, traveled the world for seven years, i.e. these are old-time days. This was in 2000. December 31, ’05, is when we started the trip and this was when you had a phone that you plugged into a wall, a cordless phone with a headset in the house, in the condo or wherever we were at. [15:58.0]

I always had this silver box with all my electronics in it as I traveled all over the U.S. and out of the country, and I would do live telecalls where it was just talking and/or, back then, they started coming out with some PowerPoint at webinar systems back in the day where you could show some slideshows and talk over them. My daughter, they found the box actually, and my daughter, like I said, she's young, but she has been carrying this thing around for the last six months. It's an old disgusting cordless cell phone, but that thing has made me. It changed my life. Changed my life.

I see a lot of people have access to a phone and they have no clue what they have in their hand. They think it's simply a phone or a consumption tool. But when you really understand that your phone, today, especially, is a production tool, a creativity tool, and a making-money tool, a fucking-massive-amounts-of-money tool, you'll realize you're sitting on a gold mine and more. I hope you implement it and reap the rewards. But make sure you listen to Episode 75.

Again, those are my top five podcast shows so far of the Making of a DM, and I’m very excited for you guys and I appreciate you guys listening to the show. [17:09.5]

I talked about this on the last show and, as I'm sitting here, it is absolutely gorgeous. I'm looking over the sky, over the golf course and the lake, and cotton candy skies, beautiful pink, blue, white, and just reflecting off the pond and lake out here. It's really, really epic here in Florida. It was a little chillier, 65-ish. I know if you're up north, you're like, Yeah, bullshit, that's amazing, but it's 65-ish. It was a little rainy today, but then at about five o'clock, it cleared up and it is perfect out. But I committed to do a show after my son's taekwondo class and that's what I'm doing here as we speak.

I want to talk to you about a very important topic. This topic is important because this is why I do what I do. I think I shared with you at the beginning, my two drivers are freedom and my word. [18:08.0]

Freedom is a very big driver for me. You're not going to tell me I have to wear a mask. I’ve not worn a fucking mask to date. I put on one one time at a hotel literally around my ears and that was it, just to appease and shut the guy up so I could get my room booked in. I should not have done that. I did that, but that's the only time I ever put one even remotely close around my face and I don't like that. I want to be free. I am free.
This is a reason I don't put a lot of stuff on my schedule, because it creates massive anxiety for me, for real. I don't really schedule out far in advance, because when I do, really, in my mind, subconsciously it strips away my freedom. I can't wake up and do what I want when I want. I have something on the schedule. Not to say I don't have schedules. I have routines in the morning and all that. [18:56.3]

But another thing is, as you're sitting here, if you're overwhelmed, freedom for me is [not worrying, like,] I have to fly. Oh my god, I’ve got to go to the airport and I’ve got to get there two hours early. I’ve got to put my bags through here. What am I going to …? All this shit creates massive anxiety.

This isn't to be braggadocious. This is the truth. I haven't flown commercial in over six years, maybe seven years. Not because I'm cooler or better than anybody. It's because I want freedom and I pull up to the jet and I walk on. I don't own it yet. I rent them. I rent jets all over the country, right? I walk in. I call my broker or text my broker. I don't have to call him, text him, say, “Hey, flying from Florida to Cleveland.”

Boom, he's like, Hey, it's 32 grand.

“Cool, book it.”

“Heavy jet.”

“I'm up. Let's go.” Right? One way, me and my wife, me by myself, me and my wife and kids, whoever. I can take whoever I want on it. There's no TSA. You're not going through bullshit. I literally pull up one minute before we jump on the jet, pull up to the jet. They pull the bags out. Hand them some money to say thank you and we go, and we have catering food on there, whatever I want. Again, it's freedom. That's what I'm chasing. That's what I want more of. [20:10.0]

I think that's important for you to understand who you're listening to. I'm not going to be the guy to teach you how to build billion-dollar companies. I don't want to fucking do it. I have zero desire to build billion-dollar companies. Why? And maybe this is just, and again, I'm just shooting straight with you, building a billion-dollar company, there are tradeoffs to this game of life.

I had a buddy. He built a company at about 350 mil and he's just a good old boy, and he built this thing and it just really worked. What happened is this thing gets really big and you have young kids. He was in business meetings every day. He was flying all over the country, missing kids’ sporting events and all that stuff. I don't know about you, but the reason I'm building my companies is to have freedom to do what I want when I want with who I want. [20:59.6]

As businesses get bigger, and I'm not saying I don't do shit I don't want to do—don’t get me wrong. Don't think this is a hundred percent perfect—but I can tell you right now, I'm not chasing the dollar. I'm not flying all over the country to speak at an event and be a dancing bear to get paid. I'm not going to business meetings in Idaho for the day and doing a churn and burn trip back and forth to be home at 10 o'clock at night and be right back out at 4:00 a.m. That's not how I'm built. That's not what I'm trying to build even.

It's funny because, before I was 30, that's what I wanted, I thought. I didn't know any better. But I am a lifestyle entrepreneur. I'm a lifestyle business owner. I am someone that is chasing freedom. Money creates freedom, but I'm not chasing money. I'm chasing freedom and I'm building businesses or buying businesses, or creating revenue streams that give me cash flow to create freedom, more freedom. Flying private is not cheap. We spend a lot of money every year doing that, so I need to create cash flow streams that can suffice it or create a business, or buy a business, like I said. [22:08.8]

What drives you? If you're sitting here and you're like, Man, I'm building billion-dollar companies, fuck you—cool, I'm not your guy. I don't know how to do it. I've not done it. I don't have any desire to do it. To build a company that produces a billion, to me, that's a different game, and I’ve seen this happen.

I've seen it happen from $1 million to $5 million. Zero- to $1-million-businesses are way different than $1 million to $5 million, $5 million to $10 million, $10 million to $20 million, etc. I know because I own all types of businesses in those categories, in those investment ranges, so I know what it takes, effort, financial liabilities and all this stuff.

I'm just shooting straight with you that I'm chasing freedom, and when I say I'm going to do something, I fucking do it and I execute. It's not always pretty. Very rarely is it pretty, but the job gets done, and I think this is what a lot of people miss. [23:03.2]

A lot of people think I'm hanging out, smoking cigars all day and just fucking doing nothing. I can tell you this. Even if it looks like I'm doing nothing, I promise you, I'm doing something. I'm thinking. I'm stewing. I'm plotting. I'm dreaming big and I'm building stuff. I have a lot of people relying on me to drive the vision. I have a lot of people relying on me to be looking around the corners of opportunity. I have a lot of people that I want to help become financially free in their life and these are called my team members. These are people I get to work with every day. These are people that work with me, most of them I’ve never even met in person and we're talking many, many, many companies, so it's very cool.

But the reason I bring this up, because I am driving for freedom every day, I remember being a hillbilly kid in small-town Ohio and I wrote about this in Magician vs. Mule, the book I wrote, a huge best-seller, sells books every day and we've given tens of thousands of dollars to charity because of that book. Why? Because a hundred percent of the profits go to charity, which is awesome. [24:12.2]

But sitting at home when I was a kid watching my mom and dad bust their ass, they'd wake up at 4:00, take us kids to the babysitter, go to work, come home at five o'clock, cook dinner, and have an hour or two at the night so they could crack open a couple of beers, smoke a couple of packs of cigarettes or whatever they were doing back then, and back to bed, repeat process.

They couldn't wait for the weekends. Actually, they couldn't wait for Sunday because they always worked Saturdays, but they couldn't wait until Sunday because that was when at least had the day off. As you know, when you have a day off, you never really have a day off if you have three kids.

But I lived in a trailer court at this time and I remember very, very clearly, and I used to think there. My dad was always asking, “How do I get more hours in so I can get more money in the bank account so we can pay more bills and get things paid down and paid off, and just get food on the table?” [25:08.7]

I always thought, Dude, what bill? We've been lied to. We've been lied to. I would always ask, “How do we buy time?” and they'd be like, You can't buy time. Are you kidding me? That's crazy. Everyone, my whole life, I’ve always asked, “How do you buy time?” because doesn't Jeff Bezos have the same 24 hours you have? Doesn't Warren buffet have the same 24 hours you and I have? Doesn't whoever—plug in the name—that has what you want have the same exact 24 hours?

Then I started discovering this because I started going down a journey of understanding the power of other people’s efforts, the power of my unique abilities. Not everybody is a driver. Not everybody wants what I want. That's okay. Maybe you want a billion. Maybe I want 100 million. We both can get what we want together, right? You're chasing a different goal. I'm chasing a different goal. [26:03.3]

Then there are people that might only want 10 million, and then there's that person that only wants a million. There are other people that just want to work 20 hours a week. Some people want to work 200 hours a week. Whatever you think you are doesn't necessarily mean that's what other people are or want, and it sounds weird because we think everyone is all about the money. You don't have to tell me, I'm telling you the truth. I know this for a fact.

How do I know it for a fact? I've helped a lot, a lot, a lot of people create massive amounts of millions of dollars, maybe probably hundreds, if not, shit, maybe billions collectively over the years, 26 years in the game in business, and one of their number one things as they're trying to build this thing has always been how to make more money.

They just want to make more money and I'm like, Dude, you're chasing the wrong shit. You're chasing the wrong thing. If you want to make money, we have to get assets that pay us, because we only can make so much an hour. We can only work so many hours. [27:03.2]

It was a huge eye-opening thing when I started understanding the power of investing in other vehicles, such as real estate, right? Real estate is an awesome stepping stone to creating massive amounts of wealth. Again, when I say massive, that's a relative term, by the way, so don't get it twisted thinking you have to build a billion-dollar portfolio in the beginning. I was just trying to get 10 houses. Shit, in the beginning, I was just trying to get one house and then five houses, and then 10 houses and you get all excited. You're like, I'm going for 20.

I got to a point where I had 65 units at a very young age and I almost went bankrupt. Why? Because I got what I wanted. I got the assets and I learned how to make a little bit of money with them, but I didn't have the other side of the equation, how to manage and keep the money, how to manage and keep the properties up to par.

I was literally stealing, like I said earlier, robbing from my business bank account to enjoy a personal extravaganza. It was an awesome time, but a very rough moment. I literally still have the paperwork today of me getting ready to file bankruptcy. The truth is, I never did. I almost went bankrupt twice in the beginning stages. [28:07.7]

But back to this thing with my pops and my mom. I always would say, “How do we buy time?” and they're like, Mark, that's for the rich people. Mark, that's not for us. Mark, that doesn't make sense. Mark, you can't do that.

I thought, Okay, I can't necessarily buy time, so to speak, sort of, right? I can't go to the store and buy time. It's not tangible. But if I don't have to work all day and I can create all day, and do what I want when I want with who I want, I'm owning one hundred percent of my time.

See, my mom and dad have had to go to work at that moment. They had no other alternatives in their brain. If they didn't go to work, they didn't get paid. They were trading time for dollars. I'm not judging it. I'm not knocking it. It's just a reality of the world we live in. [28:58.7]

The truth is I haven't traded time for dollars my entire adult life. I don't get paid hourly. I don't get paid per day. I get paid on producing results, period. If you're paying me to come to an event, you're paying for results. If you're paying me to buy a property, you're paying for returns. If you're paying me to partner in e-comm, you're paying for returns. If you're paying me to invest in a company, it's for returns.

Picture you have a million dollar dollars and this million dollars can make you 10 grand a month, and your living expenses are six grand a month. You literally own your fucking life, literally. No one could tell you what the fuck to do at that point. You have enough cash flow monthly coming to supersede your living expenses. Therefore, you are in control.

There are a lot of people I know that have enough capital to generate enough cash flow monthly that they would never have to work a day in their life, but they can't in their brain see that. They can't see it, because they're chasing. “I want to be big. I want the billion-dollar corporation.” [30:13.3]

I'm not saying, listen, if that's what you want, great, by the way. I still work. I'm fucking working right now, for God's sake, right? But I want to be here. I'm excited to be here, and as soon as I'm done with this, I’ll be downstairs for the rest of the night, hanging out, watching the boob tube with the kiddos and the wife and having a quick dinner before that.

But I want to be here at this moment because I’ve invested my money and my energies in efforts that will pay me forever. I have stuff I’ve been making money for many, many, many, many, many years, residually. Sometimes it works out amazingly. Sometimes it doesn't work out at all. But I can tell you, if you keep your feet moving, one thing I do know, you can buy time. I will tell you one hundred percent, you can fucking buy time. You're not going to go into 7-Eleven and buy a Slurpee in time, but you can go to 7-Eleven because you have time and you want to just hang out and Slurpee it up with a big gulp or whatever you drink. [31:09.5]

But time, I talk about this even more. I see all these guys that have access to money and yet they're flying from California to Florida and they have three stops on the way on a plane. Yet they're on stage talking about how they value their time. How the fuck do you say you value your time if you have enough money to hop on a jet and literally save eight hours of your life? Life is short. I'm going to fucking hop a plane three times and be there in 12 hours instead of four hours. Life is short. Yeah, it is. A lot of people say shit. Very few people practice what they preach.

I want you to pay attention. If someone's on that fucking stage or the book you're reading, and they're telling you about how time is so precious and time is of the essence, and time, time, time, and yet every fucking time they say it, they're on commercial airplane, complaining about fucking TSA, complaining about there's no direct flight, complaining. They're sitting in the back of the fucking plane. [32:13.8]

They don't truly understand what they're really chasing. They're chasing the wrong thing and saying the right thing. Time is really valuable, yes. Time is of the essence, yes. Time is precious, yes. Once the hour is gone, it's gone, yes. So, why are their actions not aligned with that? This fucked with me for many, many years. By the way, this is a muscle.

By the way, you might say, Dude, I don't care about flying like that. Okay, do you care about time? Because how you do one thing in this particular situation is how you do everything. I don't clean my house. Today the cleaners were here. I'm not bragging. I'm telling you the truth. I haven't cleaned the house in many years. I can't even remember the last time I cleaned the house or my wife. Not to say we don't pick up and clean up and all that shit, but, dude, I'm not deep-cleaning the house every week. I'm not cleaning windows. I'm not sweeping floors. I'm not taking trash out. [33:11.5]

I'm not above it, by the way. I’ll do it if I have to. But my time, I'd rather spend 45 minutes sharing real shit with you guys than spend 45 minutes fucking brushing the toilets, cleaning the sinks, taking out the trash. That's how I was raised, by the way. I was raised to do that shit. I was proud to do that shit. Again, I'm not saying I'm below it, but if you understand, time is really what I'm chasing. That's what I'm chasing.

I can sit here and talk for 45 minutes and invest these 45 minutes on this particular situation that could generate me better relationships, longer and better opportunities, more financial potential to do a deal. Yes, or I could clean the house by myself. “But, Mark, it’s so relaxing to clean the house.” I'm not saying you have to stop doing this shit. I'm just saying these are things you need to be aware of. Are you really chasing time or are you full of shit? I'm chasing freedom and time. [34:12.2]

Assistant. Every single person I talk to should have an assistant. If you can't fucking manage an assistant, you can't manage anybody. It's tough. An assistant has the easiest piece to manage with you. They're managing your stuff. If you can't share with them how you manage your stuff, how the hell are you going to manage people that are going to make phone calls on your behalf to grow your company in the sales organization
How are you going to teach people how to deal-coordinate on deals if you can't even teach an assistant how to schedule a fucking meeting for you?

“But, Mark, no one does it as good as me.” I used to say the same stupid shit. It's dumb. It's ignorant for you to even think that. You may be right on one or two things, but you're fucking dropping the ball everywhere around you. You have 87 plates spinning in the air. How in the world could you focus on all 87? It can't happen. You've lied to yourself so much, you're actually believing your own bullshit. [35:12.0]

I'm talking to me. I did that for years. No one would ever mow the lawn as good as me. No one would ever clean the house as good as me. No one would ever fucking get the paperwork done as good as me. No one is looking over my back and making sure this is working as good as me. No one is making that call and talking to that seller as good as me. No one is meeting that contractor and going to fucking Home Depot at 10 o'clock at night, right before they close, to get that last piece so they can get there at 6:00 in the morning. No one does it as good as me.

Maybe some of that stuff might have been right, but the truth is I can't do it all and I don't want to do it all, and until you get so fucking pissed off that you realize what you're doing wrong, that you need a better way, [you won’t make a change]. Listen, if it's serving you, keep doing it, but there's no way all that shit is serving you. It's impossible. You've been lied to by yourself. [36:00.5]

Everyone is telling you how great you're doing. “You’ve got so many things going on, dude. I'm so proud of you.” I want people to say, “What the fuck does Evans do all day? He does nothing all day, but he makes more money every day. How does he do that?” That's way fucking cooler to me than when someone is like, Dude, he's the busiest guy I’ve ever met. He's never hanging out with his kids. His wife doesn't even know what his middle name is anymore. He never takes them out.

Dude, I was on a date with my wife today at 12:30. We went to the club and had lunch. I got home and I did a couple calls, and took my son to taekwondo with my wife and my daughter. I got done with taekwondo, went and had ice cream. I didn't eat ice cream. I took the kids to get ice cream. I came home and now I'm doing this podcast show, and then I’ll have dinner and then I’ll go to bed. I make my time. I create my time. I create my life, and you do, too.

You've created whatever life you have today as you know. You’ve created it, good or bad. You create the chaos. You wear it proudly. “I put out fires all day.” Have you ever sat and stopped for one second said, “Maybe you're the fucking arsonist starting all the fires.” [37:07.5]

I used to do it. I used to do the same shit, right? “Put out fires, man. It feels good. Can't hire anybody and no one wants to work these days.” Hiring and managing, and giving someone an opportunity to earn and grow, that's a whole other level.

Maybe hire someone for a day to come in and clean your house. Just pay attention to how you feel. It feels weird. It feels awkward. They're doing your laundry, folding your underwear. If you wear underwear. Doing weird stuff. At the beginning, it feels very strange.

Cooking food. Maybe you have someone come in and do meal prep once a week or you just hire, have it shipped to you from whatever. There are so many meal-prep companies. Cooking takes forever, takes a lot of thought. You’ve got to go to the store. You’ve got to pick out the food. You hope it doesn't go bad because you're running the kids all over, hell, because they're playing 13 different sports and blah, blah, blah, blah, right? Maybe you do that. It costs a couple bucks more. Maybe it costs less, who knows? [38:14.3]

Flying private. Like I said, I can't tell you enough how much time it buys me. It buys me a lot of time. I literally save tens and tens, maybe hundreds of hours a year, actually hundreds of hours a year flying private. Do you think you're on your deathbed, saying, Man, I shouldn't have spent $5 million on private travel? I only have 72 million in the bank still, but I'm going to die today. I'm so glad I wasted all those hours.

Yeah, it sounds pretty fucking stupid. Why? Because it is. You've been lied to. We've been lied to. Save. Give. Have you ever thought maybe you could do it all? Huh? How do you buy time? Hire the assistant. Hire the professional marketer. Hire the professional sales guy manager. Hire the professional COO. Hire an operations manager. Hire people to help you. [39:15.2]

Hire people. Tell them, “I need your help, please.” Let them take it over. Let's say, I am a hundred percent great at everything, but I can only do two things a day and I need 10 things done a day. I'm only 20 percent good. But if I hire a couple of people, five people and they can each do two, them doing 20 percent of the work is 100 percent of my vision, because I have five people doing 20 percent. Five times 20 percent is 100 percent. I don't have to do any of the day-to-day work. I'm not below it. I'm just thinking bigger. I'm building something different.

It reminds me of people that own [sports teams]. Somebody owns the football team. Then you have the manager. Then you have the coach, and then you have the players. They all have their place in the chain, the supply chain, the food chain, if you will. [40:07.5]

I’ve been the player. Fuck, I've been the water boy. I've been the player. I've been the coach. I've been the manager. Now I'm the fucking owner, 26 years in the game. I wish I knew what I was talking about in Year 1. I don't think about the past like that because there's nothing I could do, but, damn, my biggest decision would have been, which yacht am I building this year?

I'm not even joking, because what's cool about this is, once you understand and grasp this concept I'm sharing with you, your biggest problem is going to be, how do you fill the void of your time? I recommend not drinking. I recommend not getting stoned out of your mind.

I recommend putting it into productive opportunities and stuff that gets you excited, i.e. hopefully investing in your health, hopefully investing in your children's time while they're young and thriving, hopefully investing in maybe your parents, hanging out with your parents, older parents, older grandparents. Maybe it's doing some charity work. Maybe it's building more companies, hiring great people, investing in your future, joining the 1k mastermind group, investing in yourself. [41:15.8]

The more I invest in myself, the more I realize that I'm learning to get more money to get more time freedom. I'm just buying time. See, when I invest, let's say, in a mastermind group for 50 grand, I'm not investing 50 grand in me, just me. I'm investing in speed and time, especially if the mastermind is built right. You can literally pay 50 grand today and be in a group of 36 guys that are fucking crushing it. Do you think they'll listen to you if you have a problem? Do you think they'll listen to you if you have an opportunity different than if you're just some schlep off the street? Straight up. Don't fucking get this twisted, what I'm saying with you. You can expedite your results by investing in yourself, a hundred percent. [42:06.3]

Why do people join country clubs? Why do people join any kind of club? Because you expedite conversation. You expedite results. You expedite what you want. There are clubs for all this shit, and if you know how to go in and be a value-add inside those environments, you could crush it.

I could go to my club, my country club here in Florida and sit at the bar restaurant, literally, and I’ve done this before as a test, and sit there and talk to 10 people in a two- or three-hour timeframe and know exactly what they do for a living, what their biggest problems are in life and in their business, and give them options and solutions and different things like that. It's very powerful. Very powerful. [42:58.7]

What are you doing to buy time? I want you to think about this, this is very important to me, and I want you to think about the one-to-many concept. “Mark, what is that?” I'm glad you asked. This podcast show is the concept of one-to-many. I speak once and it gets heard by many. Maybe you shoot videos. Speak once and it gets seen by millions. Maybe it's writing a book.

By the way, I'm not talking bullshit. I've written 14 books and two more are on the backburner right now. If I didn't believe my own bullshit, I wouldn't be investing all the time, all the energy and all the money to write these books. I do it for legacy to share with you and my family, right? I want to leave a legacy. I want to help people. I genuinely want to help people. But I write these books because it's a one-to-many concept.
The books come because I get asked the questions all the time. All the time, I get asked these questions. That's why these books come about. My first book was in real estate. My second book was in real estate. My third book was on the mortgage side. It's an evolution. It's real life. Just like this podcast show is like, what's going on in real life? Questions I get asked every day, things that are happening in my life that I wish someone was helping me with and/or did help me with. [44:15.0]

I paid thousands of dollars to expedite results every week. Our payroll is six figures a week at our companies collectively. I used to dream about making 100 grand a year gross. It wasn't even net. For us, as we're driving this machine to buy time, I want you to start asking a different question. What can I create that can give me time freedom?

You don't need. I used to do 50 to 100 deals a month on single-family real estate investment deals. It's a fucking hard thing to do. It's really, really hard. I mean, we had a massive team, a lot of leakage, a lot of opportunity, a lot of problems. I mean, it was a shit show most of the time. [45:09.1]

I built it, though, where I had a couple amazing people, still work with them on other businesses now, where they were actually dealing with the day-to-day bullshit. Again, not because I'm better than anybody. I just realized I'd rather have a smaller percentage of volume than a hundred percent of small volume, because there's a point in that business where I'm like, dude, I could fucking close two deals and make this much money myself without all the headaches.

So, I had to start asking different questions. How can I eliminate my headaches? How can I build and streamline a business that can pay me X a month, X a week, X a day? And then stop asking, how do I make millions? Shit, we'll find a way to do it. That's easy. How do “I” make millions? Maybe “how can I find a business that makes me millions?” right? Because, if not, you're going to always be working for the dollar, always. Not to say you shouldn't work, right? But everyone, all work is not created equal, clearly. [46:10.4]

But I want you to think about this. How or who or what do you need to create to get more time in your life? Now I don't know what your situation is, but for me, I want more time every day. Like I said, I get up and my morning routines are very critical for me, makes me feel in control. It gets me focused. It keeps me positive. My anxiety levels are down because I'm in control. I wake up when I want. Not when I want. I wake up at 4:44, if not sooner, pretty much daily, seven days a week. I've been doing that for years. I don't want to always wake up, but I have to. Why? Because I committed to it. [46:54.0]

I'm not saying it's a hundred percent perfect, but then I'm doing my work. I'm reading the books. I'm listening to audio, positivity. I'm not fucking reading Harry Potter. I'm reading books that are powerful. Your Next Five Moves, different things like that, real, powerful books. Think and Grow Rich, stuff like that. Magician vs. Mule, Virtual Real Estate Investing Made Easy, whatever topic I'm focused and working on.

Then maybe I'm doing my book edits. I do a lot of book edits in the morning. Why? Because my brain is fresh. My eyes are fresh, right? I'm not clogged up with like, Oh, I’ve got 17 things I’ve got to do today or want to do. No, I'm very fresh.

Then, at seven o'clock, I'm at the gym for a solid hour. Get that in and get home. Walk three or four miles a day and in the morning. By 8:00, 8:30, I’ve done all that, for real, and then my day starts. I have breakfast with the family usually in the morning. I love that. It's amazing.

Come up here to the office after that and make a couple calls to my buddies. “What's going on, man? Where are we at? How are we looking?” These are guys I work with every day. It could be a marketing thing going on. It could be a growth thing. It could be acquisitions of a company. Just need to talk it out, so I might spend a half-hour or an hour on that. [48:10.5]

Every day I have a call at 10:30 a.m. with the team. “What's going on?” That team does many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many millions of dollars a week in gross rev. I like to know what's going on. I like to listen.

You know what I really like? There are amazing guys on that call at 10:30 in the morning and I want to help them become men, better leaders, better business builders. I really do. That's why I show up. I don't have to. I want to. That's the beautiful thing about time. When you build this shit right, you do the things you want to. You do the things because you can and want to. I don't have to do it. I'm very excited to do it.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are days I don't want to talk to these fuckers. I’ve got a lot going on, too. We all do. But we’ve made a commitment to be there and we show up, and we learn. Every day is a learning lesson, for them and me. [49:04.0]

I'm learning every day how to listen better, how to lead better, how to guide different personalities, how to drive vision differently, how to listen to them more intently, how to really hear what they're saying. I mean, this is shit every single day, but this buys us time.

I'm going to buy them time. How? “Mark, they're doing all the work.” Uh, no, they're not. I'm teaching them how to hire people under them to help them drive revenue. I'm showing them like, Hey, these are skill sets that, when we get two years down the road, this shit looks way different. We're sitting at the same yacht together, talking about driving 42 other leaders, driving 42 different entities and generating millions of dollars a week. So, this is a process. This is not something you wake up and just have all 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's not how real life works. But it is a journey.

Then, after that, typically, my schedule is blank on purpose. Not to say I don't do podcast shows. Not to say I don't do live events sometimes. Not to say I don't hang out. But, dude, I have a lot going on, a lot of businesses, a lot of things. [50:11.8]

If my son came in here right now and said, Dad, I want to go fishing, I will shut this show off and go fishing, not because I don't like you, and/or I might tell him, Give me five more minutes and I’ll figure out a way to cue it up, and knock it out in five minutes or less. But that's what I'm saying. It’s like, if you build this shit right.

Let me ask you a different question. I'm sitting in the chair and it's squeaky. But my question to you is this, for real. Why are you doing what you're doing? Why are you trying to build this? What's the purpose? And if your first thing is “to make money,” it might be a problem. We already know that's why businesses are created to make money. That should be a given. But what's the real true purpose? What's the feeling? What's the purpose that you're really building this for? Freedom. Financial freedom, right? Time freedom. [51:07.1]

When you start really digging deep into what this shit is supposed to do for you, you start to realize, listen, business will be around when you're dead. It might not be your business, but there will be businesses around when you're dead. Don't you want to enjoy the fruit of your labor? Don't you want to enjoy the days, again, maybe you want to go golfing once a week? Cool. Do you want to enjoy the moments, just spur of the moment?

I'm very spontaneous. I love spontaneous stuff, like today, texted my wife at 9:30. “Hey, Hun, I want to take you on a date today. Is that cool?”

“What time?”

“Does 12:30 work?”


“Cool.” Send a couple funny emojis and we go to lunch and we talk. We get to hang out. No phones, we're talking. Yeah, it's called communicating, right? It's kind of wild. It's a new thing out. [52:00.0]

Then we get home and I get to hang out with the kiddos, talk to you, write a book, read a book, take some messages. I'm working on, like I said, acquiring a pretty good-sized company right now, so I'm calling some buddies. I'm hiring some consultants, asking real questions. Why? Because I'm expediting time.

See, the thing is, most people are chasing the money. I'm chasing the time. I'm using money to get more time. I'm using money to seek to literally compress my time. If I have 20 years of experience in acquiring a company and I come to you, and you do, let's say, you have 20 years of experience of acquiring companies every day and I could pay you $5,000 for an hour to help me on this company that I'm looking to buy, I'd be fucking stupid not to do that. I just paid five grand for 20 years of your life, $5,000. That's it. Who is the fucking genius? The person charging five grand or the person investing five grand? Maybe both. [53:11.3]

But, at the end of the day, this is why I'm doing the 1k mastermind. I genuinely think that people that really grab hold of what I'm sharing with you will fucking catapult to a whole other level. It will change your life, change your financial and family life, I promise. You'll get healthier. You get more financially free.

Not to say it doesn't take work and effort, because it does. But for all this work and effort, you'll have a plan in place and see it start to work in real time. It's not like you are lifting weights for three years and not seeing any results. You have a plan. You know that this is designed. We're reverse-engineering, where you're at, where you want to be to where you're at, and we're creating a strategy, a plan to execute to get those results. [54:05.0]

Not to say you won't evolve, not to say you won't sometimes scrap the plan originally. It might look totally [different] and it typically looks drastically different months, if not a year later, but rest assured, if you want time freedom, I know how to do it. I've done it. I don't know anybody that has traveled the world for seven years like I did. I don't know anybody that has a bunch of different companies that does not go to board meetings, that does not do seminars to raise money. I do what I want when I want with who I want.

It's a beautiful thing, a beautiful place to be, and I’ve invested millions of dollars in mentors and will continue to do so to expedite results, to gain back time. I could read a book that would take me 10 days to read to get the answer or I can hire a consultant—this is a true story. I'm getting ready to do this right now—or pay the guy $10,000 for one hour, tell him my situation and what my ultimate goal is, and I believe he can help me solve it for 10 grand for one hour. [55:15.0]

“Mark, I would never pay 10 grand for one hour.” Okay, cool, then time is not what you're really chasing. If I have 10 grand in the bank and someone asks 10 grand to solve my problem to get me more time, I will have zero my bank account, but I will have time. I will have just bought my expedited result to go get more money to get more time.

See, money comes and goes. Time, when it's gone, it's gone. I know that, so I stopped harping on shit. Let's deal with it, address it, move on, next. Deal with it, address it, move on, next. It's not always easy, but it's needed. Too many people are talking, not enough doing. I challenge you to ask yourself, “How can my business serve me? What does this business need to look to give me my time back?” [56:05.3]

I talked to a very successful business guy last Tuesday and he made 700 grand last year. “Mark, I wish I could make 700 grand a year.” No, not like this guy is making it. He's working 16 hours a day. His debt is up. He's in debt up to his ears. Literally, to make that he has to go on the limb, go personally, guarantee shit. It's big. He has to do 40 million in business to generate net 700 to himself. I would never do that. I would not do it. The risk/reward factor is not there.

Not only that, he has no time and, unfortunately, he has gone through multiple divorces, go figure, and he doesn't get to hang out with his children. To me, that's hell. Why? Why work this hard? Why work hard like this to end up with that? [57:03.0]

If you're listening to this show, if you ever hear anything I say, hear this. We've only got one fucking shot at this thing called life. When it's gone, it's gone. Your kids will not care how hard Daddy or Mommy made an extra $1 million, $5 million, or $100 million dollars. They won't care. They'll care that you were at every one of their events. I still remember to this day, my parents were at every one that I can remember, every one. I don't know how they did it. Your kids will remember that.

Put yourself in your shoes as a kid. What do you remember or don't remember about your parents being present or not present? Were they chasing the money? Were they working hard? Were they showing up? And then when they were showing up, were they being present when they were there? It's easy to show up, but sometimes hard to be present, right? I get it, you’ve got a lot going on. But when you set these rules and you start finding and plugging in businesses and things to make this a reality, it really becomes fun. It's like a game. [58:10.0]

See, we're all in a game of life, but do you know what game you're really playing in life? There are a lot of different games. I'm playing the game of life of freedom. Financial freedom, right? Freedom where I can do what I want when I want with who I want. I hope that's what you're chasing. I hope that's why you're here, because, to me, that's the ultimate deal-maker, deal-maker of time, deal-maker to yourself to make this a reality.

Your family is watching you. Your friends are watching you. Your enemies are watching you. Everyone is watching you. Lead, shine brighter than bright, and when you get fueled by time, you can wake up and just see you're a little lighter on the step. You feel a little different. Your confidence is off the charts because you made a decision to chase what you really are chasing. [59:02.0]

I've helped a lot of people make a lot of millions of dollars, but the truth is what I'm most proud of is the time I get to watch them Hang out with their family, take them on the most epic family vacations ever, stuff that they couldn't do a year ago, six months ago, two years ago, to be able to do stuff that they never even dreamt of. They didn't even think it could be possible because they were chasing the wrong thing. They weren't even asking the question. They didn't even know it was a question.

See, if you have a billion-dollar company and your kids don't know who you are and your wife hates you, and you've been married and divorced three, four or five times, to me, that's the biggest fucking loser in the world, for real. I have zero respect for you. I don't care if you have cool cars, cool houses, cool yachts, cool books. None of that shit matters. What matters is if you have the time.

Listen, the beautiful thing about what I'm sharing with you is that you can have cool cars, you can have cool house, you can have cool yachts, you can have cool jets, you can do all this cool shit, but you also can have time with your family, with yourself, just to think and to be, and grow. [1:00:11.8]

Money buys time and you can get money once you reverse-engineer what I'm sharing with you. I wish I knew this in 1996. I wish people taught this to children, because I'm telling you, we live in a different world and it's only getting more different. But, unfortunately, most people aren't living. They're just alive.

I want you to live. I want you to thrive. I want you to enjoy all the hard work. I know you're busting your ass, I get it, but I want you to bust it differently. I want you to get the results differently. I want you to enjoy all the hard work.

The truth is today is the 100th show. I celebrated for about a nanosecond. I’ve got to get back to work. I'm asking myself how to get 200 shows down, 500 shows. Shit, where's this thing going to be when I hit 1,000 shows? How many lives will we impact? How many people will actually love this and grow from it? [1:01:09.4]

Maybe you're listening to this with your kids. I commend you. Maybe you're listening to it by yourself because you're scared to let your spouse know. You don't want your spouse to hear that you're learning the stuff because it's going to change the trajectory of the relationship potentially, hopefully, in a positive way, but they're not ready. Maybe it’s just like you're in the trenches right now, I get it.

The best way to get out of a trench is to stop digging. Stop being overwhelmed. Think of it as a plate. A plate is cool because you can add to a plate or make the plate bigger, or take off the plate, take from the plate. Overwhelmed seems if you’ve got a lot of anxieties, it’s because you feel overwhelmed. I feel my plate is full often. I talked about this recently with my buddies, Sean and Wags and they're like, Dude, eat. Bite off more than you can chew. You can always spit it out. It's okay. Sometimes you’ve got to. [1:02:01.0]

But I can tell you this. If you rule with me and the DM Fam, and invest in yourself at 1,000 bucks a month, I promise you, I don't know anybody that will work harder for you than me. I don't know anybody that has built fucking massive deep that you can benefit than from me. There are other people out there, don't get me wrong, but I don't know.

Again, one of my show is “Mind Your Own Fucking Numbers.” Truthfully, mind your own fucking business. I'm so focused on my business and I know what I'm bringing to the table. I know there are other great people out there, too, but I know where I stand. I know what I’ll deliver. I know what we'll bring to the table. I know what I stand for.

I hope you join me on this journey. It will be scary. It will be exciting. It will be rewarding. Most importantly, it will be for you. I wrote a book about this called MEconomy. It's real. Make the investment in yourself. Join us if it's even available when you hear this, honestly. If it is, grab a seat because it may be gone in a second later. This is not a sales pitch. This is the truth. [1:03:16.3]

I'm going to show up fucking bigger and stronger than I ever. I will bring the heat. You have to show up. There's going to be people talking about this forever, I promise you that. I already know what we have in store on some of this. It will be epic, life-changing. The question is, are you going to watch it go by or are you going to participate and be one of the success stories in the group?

Are you going to be the one we're talking about two weeks, two months, two years from now that heard the message, took action, got in the trenches, did the work, and now they're fucking living a life they didn't even dream was possible two years ago, two months ago, 10 days ago? This is real. The question is, are you ready? I hope so, because I'm ready. [1:04:09.2]

I’m thinking about you guys. I appreciate you being here. Welcome to the 100th show. If you’re brand new here, make sure to listen to the rest. I'm here to help you. I will do anything to help you succeed if you show up, but I’ll meet you in the middle. I won’t do it for you.

Appreciate you being here. Have an amazing day. So, with that said, make today count. Peace.

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