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Society brainwashed you. Your parents brainwashed you. The school system brainwashed you. And our government brainwashed you. 

Here’s the problem: 

Sociopaths lurk everywhere. They’re in schools, governments, and corporations. And they want you to submit to their evil intentions.

There’s an antidote to this: Controlling your own life. 

In this episode, I reveal some easy ways to take back control of your life, so you protect yourself and your family before it’s too late. 

Listen to the episode now and unlock the courage you need to help save society. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The insidious way society, your parents, and the school system financially “defile” you (4:03) 
  • The sleazy “carrot trick” business gurus use to make you happy when they steal your money (10:56) 
  • How to save 9000% on your hospital bills when having a baby (18:38) 
  • Why comparison puts your anxiety on steroids (22:21) 
  • How to connect and network with multimillionaires by sitting at a bar in khakis and a funny shirt (23:32) 
  • Why achieving your wildest business goals makes your children hate you (and how to prevent this without sacrificing your success) (38:36) 

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(00:00): Welcome to the making of a DM today's show's going to be random, but not so random. This show has a lot of real hard hitting information today. So please be ready. So with that said, let's get started

(00:17): Deal. I'm mores deal. I'm here to help and teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question. More Kevins. When he step in the doubt he's closing deal. I'm just tell him what the deal stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker.

(00:42): Hey there, boy, mark. Kevin M. Thank you for being here today. Show is going to be random, but not so random. I wanna share with you stuff as I always do of real. That's happening in my day and life and week and real time. So I like to talk about stuff that's time and real. I'm not a guru. I'm just someone that's actually doing, sharing my journey with you, the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between, but I hope you have an amazing Des I'm talking to you. I'm coming to you from Parkland, Florida, overlooking beautiful golf course. Today. It is sunny 72. I'm not bragging. I'm just sharing the truth because I looked at the cameras on our house in Ohio, and it's like five degrees, 26 inches of snow. And it is what it is. So it's a choice.

(01:34): And I like 'em both, but I like being here today. Better than there as I'm coming to you today, I wanna say, thank you guys so much. I I've got so many messages about, you know, thinking different, the last show we did about seeing how we can, you know, asking ourself different questions. Like how can I afford that? Or how can I create something to pay for it instead of saying, no, I can't afford it. Nope. I can never do that. Nope. That doesn't happen for guys. Like me or gal was like me or whatever. So thank you so much for sharing. I got a lot of shares as you guys follow me on social media, you're starting to see our social media is really starting to catch fire. As conversations are getting bigger, things are happening. So, and that's because of you, not because of me, I'm just showing up, know my thing here for 45 minutes an hour, whatever it takes, just kind of, you know, giving you guys real talk.

(02:26): So if you haven't had a chance yet to leave a five star review over at iTunes, please do so as you know, helps get us up in the algorithm. So other people that might be looking for a change in life could happen. So today's show, like I said, I have like six things that's happened to me. I have a lot more than that, but six things I kind of wanna share. Maybe I'll go more or less. I don't know yet, depending on what we hit here, but you know, one cool thing. I actually got to talk to a buddy. I haven't talked to, I actually went to school with him. My whole life grew up in my hometown. And haven't talked to this guy forever on the phone and reached out, you know, life happens for us, not to us. And recently his father had some issues and you know, you know, going through divorce and these things, you know, life is real.

(03:11): And I think sometimes we forget that, right? Like we, we, we pay attention what everyone else is doing. It kind of like, so we're not paying attention. What's really happening of life. We've all been there. And, you know, he woke up one day and said he is gotta make a change. And it's scary. It's very scary. So I commend him and I hope he's listen to us. And I'm proud of him for making a massive life altering decision for the positive. And you know, he's a teacher, he's been a, he's been a great steward of a teacher for 20 plus years. And you know, he, obviously, if you're a teacher, you know what I'm talking about or teacher mindset, like you don't go into that profession. You get rich, you go into cuz you truly care about people and you love kids and you love people and you wanna help 'em and inspire 'em and, and just be a part of their life.

(03:54): That's what he did. But you know, at the end of the day, you know, it was a very noble career initially. That's what his parents, you, you know, again, I guess what I wanna say with this is we've all been lied to, you know, maybe not even on purpose. Our parents have like told us stuff, our, you know, our friends and family, like, you know, I was hanging out with some people recently and their kids came over there, some high school kids and like senior year. And they're like, dude, where are you going to college Jack? And I'm just sitting here thinking I'm like, and, and I'm not saying this to be silly. I genuinely, I think school's in trouble. I think people are starting to realize it's a big scam at the highest level. Now, listen, don't get me wrong. We need doctors. We need great lawyers and all that. And I think there should be school for that, but the lie is go and go and get debt, go and get in debt a hundred thousand dollars to go get a $30,000 a year job. I want you to really think about that. Take a minute and really think how stupid that sounds pay me a hundred thousand dollars over the next four years. That's if you're expediting it and I I'm gonna be to find you a job for 35, 40,000 a year.

(05:06): And majority of people don't even go into the profession that they went to college for. And I want you to stop and think cuz when I, I, I lived on campus at a high state back in the day, not because I was gonna school cause I was trying to bang every person in that school with the girls that is, but I, I was just a young, dumb, stupid kid, but, and it was a hack by the way. That's a great hack. You're not in school, but you live on school campground. It's kind of a cool hack. If you're listening and you're young and you have a lot of money, it's not a bad place to be. If you wanna have fun. I digres. But I remember walking to the bars, kids half drunk, 18, 19, 22 years old, I ever and everywhere, you'd see capital one fifth, third bank, Huntington bank, American express, whatever credit card companies everywhere on the weekends.

(05:54): You see this all the time apply today, guaranteed credit card. They're gonna give kids that have zero clue of how to manage money. Cuz clearly schools never taught anybody how to manage money and they're gonna give it to a kid that is in a hundred K in debt and school debt. And you know how you know, it's a scam for real, you know, it's against you when you can't even go BK on college debt, right? Like they've protected it. They they've literally gated the system to force you to pay them. It's by design folks, pay attention to this. And but yet they'll give these young children a credit card with no clue what to do with it. Am I the only one that knows people that have lots of credit card debt that has low paying jobs that went to college and got a great career, great degree.

(06:47): I mean, but not so great career. Am I the only one that knows people like that? Of course not. I want you to kind of think about this for a second. Cause I've always been an entrepreneur and I, I, you know, I, I started off with no cash, no credit, nothing. I, I mean just had a dream and a goal and a drive and I'm not saying you need cash and credit to do anything, but it wouldn't hurt. Maybe what if you went into the bank, what if there's people out there saying, Hey, get an SBA loan to start a company for $50,000 or a hundred thousand dollars. How different would that be? By the way, an 18 to 20 something year old kid is not getting a SBA loan at all. It's not gonna happen. You know what I mean? Not at the scale that they're handing out credit cards in college, you know, college, you know, loans out.

(07:32): It's not happening. And if you're the parent putting this in your kid's head, you gotta go to college. If you want a great job, you gotta go to, you need to check your real quick. It's 20, 22 and you know, better. I hope you know better. If you're listening to show, you definitely know better. The college is not the answer for everybody real life in the trenches doing is what's gonna make these people, but why aren't they giving out BI of loans? Why aren't, you know, navigating with lawyers, understanding contractual law, understanding how to do your book, your, your books, how to balance a checkbook, how to factor in money, how to lease a property, how to hire people, w two wages, how to go out there and build a company. Why aren't they giving people loans to do this? I'm not saying they should to everyone, but like, listen, there's some people me in particular when I was 18, if I could have got a loan for a hundred thousand, I might be, I might be a trillionaire.

(08:35): Now I don't know I'm making. But it is what it is. Can't change the past, but that wasn't even a thought or an option. If I see all these parents like literally their kids up telling them that they need to go to college telling 'em you need to get a better grade. You gotta B you need an a seriously. It reminds me of, and again, you might be the academic individual, which is cool, whatever I'm definitely not. Or you might be the sports individual. You know, you see that dad or mom on the sideline, that's grinding their kid to the ground. Cuz they, they, the parent was the dip on the, they couldn't even get on the field, but yet they're gonna cast their insecurities and what they wish they could have done on their children and force them into that process.

(09:24): It's what you're doing as an academic as well. You just think it's cool, dude. I can't imagine my kids wanting to govern go on jeopardy. Hey dad, I wanna go on jeopardy. I'm so smart. I read all, all these books. That mean nothing, but I'm gonna look cool on TV for 30 minutes. Really now listen, if you're a brainy act and that gets you off, I'm cool. I'm not judging this. I'm just sh sharing real talk with you. What are you? What are you gonna start questioning this? What are you gonna start asking the question? Why are they telling us this in droves? We know the school system's up. Why do you keep accelerating and putting kids into more and more? Dude, you need to go to this class. You need to get into college prep classes. Now you need to go to college.

(10:11): I've always questioned that system. I've talked about this in the past where I knew friends that got outta high school, went to one school in the state of Ohio college school. And then when they transferred, I remember like, dude, I gotta start all the way back over. Cuz my credits don't transfer. I'd look at 'em. I'm like, isn't it a same state college system? Why wouldn't the credit transfer? Ding, ding dinging, ding. Cause it's a business. That's why they don't give a about your education. They want your money. They want your greenbacks. If you get that twisted, you're the twisted one promise you even in the guru space and, and, and education cuz they know you're up. Cuz we've been trained this way. They constantly care. Put the carrot in front of you today for $25,000. Wanna share this, but if you pay 50, you get this.

(11:13): Aw, but if you pay a hundred, you're definitely gonna get this. They know where you're going. The educate the world has trained you. Therefore they gotta keep lying to you to make more money off of you. I don't play that game. If you pay you're in, we're gonna crush it period. And that's what I'm excited about. I'll be sharing this in the next couple weeks, but, and I keep talking about it and I'm getting a lot of people now. Thank you guys in gals that are messaging me about this, but the one K a month program, I think I'm going to do it. I really, I really think it's gonna happen. I'm sitting there talking to my team, seeing what my time allocation looks like, seeing what I can give to you guys. Like I really want to help people wanna help themselves grow.

(12:06): So if this is something, if you've not responded, go on social Instagram at Mark Evans DM and say one K I'm in, it's gonna be a K a month, 1000 a month. And we're gonna take it to the moon. I could not imagine this not being one of the best investments you've ever put in your life. Cuz I know what we're looking to do. Just the connections you're going to make with the people I know that are in. If I do it are worth millions of dollars. The dollars. What about all the time and energy of all these relationships I forged over the years that you're gonna gain instant access to we just hack time. But I'm going on my high horse here about this education thing, but it's real. Have you ever asked yourself, like why did my kids gotta go to school from this time to that time? Yeah. It's cuz the way the school system was designed is to get your kids outta the house. So you can go get your at work for the corporations that run the school systems that run the, the paper mills that create the books and the books and the bat. I, I mean guys, pay attention. Money, never lies. Follow the money.

(13:16): So you're busting your, making $10 an hour while your kids are at school in a safe place. Being taught the same exact that you've been lied about. You know, you're going to work. You hate it. Can't stand the person to your left. Can't stand the person, right? You know the person above you is a piece of. Not all, but just talking my but oceans right now I saw my mom grow. My whole life. Talked about this in magician versus mule. I saw people that were so called above my mother that could not tie their shoes. Literally dictate how my mom lives. Dictate when my mom comes to work dictate how she's tr is treated. I'm bitter to say the least better, get angry.

(14:04): You better start sharing these stories with your kids, your grandkids, your cousins, your nieces, your brothers, your sisters, anybody that's listening. But by the way, they're paying attention. Cuz they're definitely watching back to my friend, man. I'm super excited for 'em as a teacher, getting out of the system, his life and his son's life literally will be changed forever because he is making a real decision, scary one. You know, many people actually know they're in a bad situation and do nothing about it. It's called the majority. So for them to get for my buddy to get to this situation, it's kind of cool. Cuz when I talk to him today, it's like we catch, we played catch up as if we've never not talked to each other in 20 player plus years. It's funny. He mentioned to me about him back in the day, cuz again, keep mind we grew up together.

(15:04): We went to score our whole life together in our same town and he's like, dude, like I used to paint your apartments that you, your like he used to help me. I kind of forgot about that. Honestly. I kind of, you know, it's wild. I've had lots of people that I grew up with that used to work with me in different things I've done over the years. So I'm excited. I'm very optimistic about where he'll be in 12 months from now, it's gonna be a neat ride. So it brings me in another point back to the media, messing with you and how we all think, how we've been taught to think by the way, who's taught you to think by the way. Here's what I mean by that yesterday Friday, that would be I'm do I'm talking to you today on a Saturday, yesterday was a very, very emotional day for me actually the day before that as well, Thursday, we had to let one of our COOs go of a company that's been with us for four plus years, an amazing human being as an individual.

(16:08): And it was a very sad moment. I, I was, I literally got up at 3:00 AM that morning on for Friday. I, you know, did a lot of thought auditing played the conversation in my head cuz we had the call at eight 30 to let her go. And it wasn't fun. It's not easy. It never is. She didn't do anything on intentional, but the mess up was so overwhelmingly big. And just as a company, as a team, if you allowed what happened, we don't need to talk about the details. But if we allowed what happened to go on on Unno or just to sweep it under the rug, it would affect everything we stand for. And fortunately, and I'm very proud of this, by the way she knew it was coming. Cuz when we called it was very emotional outta the gate and she said, I wish I could turn back to time, which we can't.

(17:06): She did not fight it. She accepted the responsibilities, which I'm proud of, cuz it's definitely not easy. That's a very high role in our company, by the way, she ran the company for God's sakes. And so we got with the team, we put our arms around it. That was at eight 30 in the morning at nine 30 in the morning, I'm addressing the entire company company wide on, you know, a zoom meeting letting 'em know with big change comes big with big growth comes big changes cause the company is growing and you know, it's getting beat up right now as it's growing. But as it a company owner, CEO or whatever we are sometimes, I don't know. It's one of the hardest things that we do as an owner is to let someone go like that. And if you watch TV and you watch social media, like you, you would think that we're sitting around laughing at a table saying we're getting ready to ruin someone's life.

(18:00): And we're excited about it. I can promise you I lost hours and hours of sleep over it. She's an amazing person, a mother, a wife, like she's just an awesome teammate. She loved the company and lost a good friend. I hope we're still friends actually. So hopefully didn't lose it like that. But you know, she's not, she won't be on the day to days anymore. And I hope she flourishes and does millions of times bigger things in life, but not with our company. And like I said, the way the media's portrayed it. And I know this is true. Even like this sounds way off topic, but it's not. But like even the way, like if you turn on the TV and you see someone getting ready to have a baby, like everyone's screaming and running around and trying to get to the hospital before the baby comes out, you understand like the hospital's created that fear and stress and you know, it's by design.

(18:53): Cuz if you go to the hospital, it's like $30,000 or whatever to deliver a baby. Did you know you can deliver a baby at your house for like three grand or less? Oh my God, mark. You're crazy. Well I might be, but we did it with both of our children. Not to save money by the way. And it was a beautiful experience. It was very calm, peaceful, spiritual. We got to literally, it was like, we didn't have to worry about someone saying, put on a mess. You can't come in. Where's your shot. Where's your B, but whatever they ask these days, no man. They came into the house laying there. My wife gives, you know, she's the tub water birth. And she gets out, has the baby baby comes out? Boom. I get to cut the umbilical cord in my home.

(19:39): Peaceful playing whatever music I want or none at all lights off or on dimed. Her bright I'm in full control. It was calm. Peaceful. Dino was happy. No epidurals, no drugs. Babies came in here, drug free stress free. Think about that. De called me the first time when mark was when her water broke with mark said, Hey, my water broke. I said, cool. I'll pick you up. Come in. Now it was at Starbucks. And we walked around Publix for about two hours cuz it was little. It was in August and we, it was just walking around, looking at stuff. Movement is key. So we kept moving, breathing through it. Dina was a champ. She got her mindset around. It, got her prepared. She did a great job with both kids. Probably the coolest thing is, is like you cut the umbilical cord literally.

(20:31): And the doula they're called and all this stuff. They midwife and doulas. It's like the doctor and the nurses. They're at the house. They clean up all the mess. It's really not that much of a mess honestly, but they clean up the mess and this isn't for everybody by the way. So what I'm sharing with you, it's not for everybody, but it definitely was for us and many people I know. And me and Dean's literally laying in the bed with our child that we just had in peace, just relaxing and enjoying. And we go to sleep, wake up and you would have no clue that we just had a baby in our house. Cuz life is just moving and we're just doing life. And you know, we don't need doctors coming in. We don't need nurses coming in, telling us what to do. Turn off the TV. You can't say that you can't do that. Can you turn that down? Blah, blah, blah. No, we're, we're doing us.

(21:19): And I think a lot of people are afraid to do that. I think a lot of people are afraid to do them cuz you're more worried about what everyone CA is looking at you saying, I don't give two. What you think about me? I genuinely and listen. I, I might like you or I like, I don't care what you think. Cause I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing it for me. And I'm not sure why we live in a world where we care so much. Why, what others think I would drive? Whatever the I want when I want, I will buy whatever I want whenever I want. You know, be about dude, you're you're showing off. You just bought another rules. Wait until you see what I really buy. You're gonna really think I'm showing off. Cuz I, this is just a car to me.

(21:56): And it's something I've dreamed about. And I wanted, so why are you to tell me? Or even think you could say a word, you should get your mouth smacked for even saying anything. But unfortunately we live in a world old where everybody has, you know, say they think anyways. And if you let the reason I'm sharing this with you, cuz if you let people dictate what you do, you're never living your life. I can wake up and do whatever I want whenever I want with whoever I want. And I don't give two. What you think? I really like straight up don't and I use used to, as a kid, used to worry about what I wore, used to worry about all this. It never served me. It actually created a lot of anxiety in my life, created a lot of comparison effect in my life.

(22:42): Compare, dude, someone's always got a bigger Dick. Someone's always gonna be taller. Someone's always gonna be skinnier. Someone's always be more fit. Someone's always gonna be stronger. Someone's always gonna have more. But I can't remember where I heard this, but if you're not willing to trade 100% of everything, let's say if the guy's better looking than me and I'm I'm jealous cuz he is getting all the girls, but yet his dad beats 'em his wife hates them or what, you know, whatever I'm being for row here and my willing to trade everything. Cuz my parents are amazing. Wife's amazing. I love my kids, but yet that one piece and we start comparing it literally comparisons to the thief of joy comparison will still your future. And I don't want that to happen to anybody that I know or anybody at all for that matter, cuz it doesn't serve anybody.

(23:32): Like I used to try to be other people. I, I literal, I've talked about this in my shows here where I used to go. I got a hundred dollars JC penny suit and I'd go sit. Like I was a big wig at a nice restaurant. That's the way I thought I had to connect. The truth is what I know. Now I should have sit at that same bar in a pair of khaki shorts. Like I always wore behind the scenes and a funny t-shirt or a sweat like a crazy over the top shirt I'd have been more recognizable. Cause everyone else looked the same. Everyone was in there in a suit. Everyone had the white shirts. Everyone had the cuff links. Everyone had their initials on their sleeves. I have stood out. That'd make people want to connect because they wish they could stand out.

(24:11): Think about this, but why am I sharing this with you? Is because we gotta start questioning why happen, happens the way it does. And like I said, if you turn on any TV show, any movie when someone's having a baby, you would literally think the house is burning down and you're trying to save everybody. It's chaos. Horns are honking. Everyone's freaking, you're calling your doctor. You're calling your mom. You're calling your dad. You're calling your brother, calling yourself. Dude. The only thing we did is text our doula and they told us what to do next. It was make sure the tub's full, make sure D's comfortable with the temperature and enjoy the process. We will be there shortly. And that's what we did. And you gotta start being different. If you want different, you gotta do different. You gotta start understanding why things happen the way they do, why things are portrayed, the way they are, who makes money portraying that chaos.

(25:04): And what's funny. It feeds you cuz you could say, well mark, I gotta wasn't like that. Okay? I'm not saying again, my sister, she had a very, very tough pregnancy. She should be in a hospital. I'm not saying we didn't have contingency plans. If it didn't happen. That's called preparation. That's called being knowledgeable. It's called being aware. Right? So, and I wasn't doing it. Like I said to save money. I was doing it. I, I, I, I question things. I have thinking critical thinking for myself. Do you, do you, what kind of critical thinking are you doing over there? Talked about this one girl. I know she got a shot cuz she said her friends. Oh, got it. And she didn't wanna feel left out. Are you retarded? That's what I thought immediately. Honestly, I may never talk to this person again. And it it's part of the family because of the stupid statement and she's dead serious.

(26:00): That's what's CRA even crazier. She was for real. I actually have a lot of empathy for her cuz I'm like, man, that sucks to be you. I genuinely feel for her guys. We live in a crazy time now. And if you are not focusing on critical thinking at the highest level, like I said, the way they portray it, all CEOs laugh in spending money, firing people left and right. And having fun, doing it, ruining people's lives and not even remotely close to that. I called my mint. I called people. I, I hired coach just to help me through it. I paid people. I'm paying, paying a guy $2,000 actually next week for one hour to talk with me through the emotional process that I just went through so I can understand me better. Not you, not my mom and dad, not me.

(26:51): I wrote a book about it for six called me economy. Hopefully you got in the book cuz a hundred percent of the profits go to charity. All my books go to charity, but I want you to understand that we have to be at the upmost highest level of critical thinking. You see what's going on in this world. If you think they're in your best interest, you're delusional. They're in their best interest. And I wanna just say this and I got two more big things I wanna share with you. But I want, I wanna say this. We all think cuz we're good people that everyone's good people.

(27:27): But you know, if the jails aren't made of good people, there are some real sick out there. People doing real bad stuff that we couldn't like unimaginable stuff. Remember like the Jeffrey Dahmer stories like guys, literally doing stuff. He shouldn't be doing. There's people like that at the highest level. Trust me on that. There's people sitting around a room saying, how do we eliminate middle class? How do we eliminate human beings at a certain level? Why do you think some exists? Metaverse like, you really hate your world so much. You want to go into a fake world? Think about how up that is. I'm not saying you can't go out fun and be goofy. And you know, it's neat to kind of see a, all these things, but like self-driving cars. I don't use 'em I wanna drive my car. That's why I got a car to drive.

(28:15): Why do I need a car drive? Do you understand? Like they're trying to eliminate people working so they can control you. Oh, you know, car going across the country, carrying goods, you know, without humans behind the wheel, if that doesn't send off red flags, you are in, you don't know what game you're playing. They're trying to eliminate you as a human. They don't need you. They're doing it right in front of your eyes. And we're like, we're, we're like it's headline news. You know what I mean? So pay attention is all I'm saying and let's get critical thinking, you know, going and in all seriousness. So I wanted to share that with you two real stories going on in my life with the COO and my buddy, but another one here about a new company, a new tech company. It's interesting how things happen.

(29:10): Truth is I'm not saying to be silly. I have so much going on in companies and life and business and you know, real life, just like you guys. I just got a text. My wife's cousin on the ventilator. He just found out he has brain cancer, 14 months at the best. And he's going in a deep spiral very quickly. Some people handle news differently. And unfortunately I don't know if he is so that's real life, you know, but I bought a company. I funded it. Actually. I got my buddy that I've rolled with since oh six, it's gonna run it. He's actually it's kind of neat how that stuff works, where that's his unique ability. That's his skillset. And I'm excited for it because that company that we bought actually come out of a need and we use this and we, one of our other media companies, this technology and the guy's like, yo, man, I wanna sell it to you cuz we're, we're moving on to another venture and if we don't sell it, we're just gonna shut it down.

(30:11): And we talked to him, he wanted a lot of money for it. I was like, dude, honestly I love it. I'd love to do it. I just don't have the bandwidth. And I didn't even think about my boy that my buddy, Nate, that's running it with it partnered with us. I didn't even think about him. Not cuz I don't like 'em, it's just, you know, sometimes you just don't think about that stuff. So I looked at it as more, as a distraction than an opportunity. And then our media company see you know, operations managers, like there's literally no other products in the marketplace that is even close to what we're doing with this company. And if we don't buy 'em or we don't do something with it, like it's gonna cost us money on the other company. So now all of a sudden I'm paying a little bit more attention, right?

(30:48): So anyways they reached back out, said, Hey, we're shutting down February is the date. Here's what's going on? And we, we started putting a deal together and the deal went down, Nate kind of facilitated the whole St structure. We got it for true story. We got it for a third of what they initially wanted for it. And we weren't playing negotiating hardball. We just, that, that, it's just what happened. It's kind of how it works. And the company will be profitable in the first three months, which is pretty cool in itself as well. So it's it's neat. And then my buddy, my buddy, Kyle messaged me this week and said, yo man, congrats on the new acquisitions. It's huge, blah, blah, blah. And I said what are you talking about? So, and, and I wasn't being silly. But that happened like, you know, on a Monday this was like a Wednesday.

(31:36): I've done forgot about it, to be honest with you, cuz I'm acquiring and selling stuff every day. Right. You know, all of our companies are buying assets, selling assets, whatever. So I'm like, cool, man. I'm not sure what you're talking about. And then, then he said that and I started laughing, but you know, it's interesting. Remember those times when you'd get a package and you'd literally wait at the front door, reminds me of you know, the red, you know, the red writer or whatever I was called back in the day off the Christmas story when he'd like waiting for the mailman to come, you know, now I've, I've been desensitized or something where we have FedEx ups, Amazon packages every single day. Oftentimes they sit at, you know, at the front door for a week before we even open 'em that would never happen 20 years ago ever, ever.

(32:19): Right. So there's so much going on in life, right. You know, I'm where I'm at my life in business. Like I said, we're buying and selling stuff at big scale all the time. I'm looking at opportunities daily in the, you know, six figures, seven figures, nine actually 7, 8, 9, 10 figures. And mostly seven and eight at this point, but it's big. And you know, we're looking to create businesses that we can sell for nine and 10 figures, maybe one day. So, you know, there's a lot of stuff going on and big's relative, you know, and I'm not trying to peacock here and talk. I'm just sharing real life stuff with you. That there's a lot going on in life. And I just wanna live life. I wanna live a life to the fullest. I wanna do so much. And and, and just be present as much as humanly possible to the people I love the most, my family and my friends.

(33:12): And that's why I love talking to you guys here. I know the podcast, I hope makes an impact in your life if it does. I'd love to hear about it. I genuinely love to hear the messages I see. 'em Personally, I reply personally, I'm engaged, I'm involved because I do care. Not say other people don't, but I know I do. And I can only talk about me. I know where I stand at this. I don't do it cause I want, have to. I do cuz I want to. And it's neat to me, but I wanna talk about another subject and I might expand on it. And again guys in gals, if, if this is the kind of content that you want to hear, I need to know, I need to know what you need help with. I need to know, like I wanna help reset your mindset.

(33:52): I wanna help reset your growth process. I wanna help you grow to like whatever you're thinking. I wanna help you grow beyond at like your water streams. You don't even know how big and what you're capable of. I promise, I know I'm still learning. I don't even know what I'm capable of. It's why I hire people for two grand an hour or more to help unlock inside of me, you know? And it's not pro reprogram me. It's deprogram me. Unprogram me clean my old pasta up so I can focus on the new right. So something I get all the time like, dude, how do you have so many things going on? I have, I have a lot of companies going on. I have a lot of business going on. I have a lot of deals going on. A cool deal. I did, which I do a lot of these.

(34:34): I, I want to do more. So if you have deals and you're a real estate investor, please listen up. But I do a lot of day funding. We did a deal where, you know, we put money in and literally in four hours, the money's right back to us, but the investor made a lot of money, which is awesome. And they paid me a decent return, which is awesome as well. So if you ever have a deal that you need day funding, you should hit me up and get in our pipeline. We have a process for it. You know, I, we could do millions of dollars a day on that side and funding. Cuz it's rolling funds, right? You know, so we have a decent amount of money sitting for the kind of ventures. If, if you're an investor and you need help there, please let me know.

(35:12): Why is that important? So let's say if you got a deal and you bought it for a hundred grand, you're selling for $150,000 to another investor in our world, you know, you might assign the deal or will sell it and charge 50,000. Your, your profits stand to make is around 50 grand. Well, when you go to do that, it could cause a lot of red flags to a lot of people like the investors like gets greedy and like, oh man, why are you making 50? I'm only gonna make 25. It's like, well you're cool with it. When you knew you're paying one 50, but now you realize you're paying me 50 of that and I'm keeping it now. You're not so cool. So it, it avoids a conversation. So I might come with a hundred grand. You pay me, you know, 2, 3, 4 grand, depending on the situation and deal flow.

(35:48): And you'll never have that conversation and you'll make 40, 45 to $47,000 without any conversations. Very easy. So it's a cool path. If you need day funding, let me know if you do on Instagram at Mark Evans, DM, just shoot me a message. Say yo day funding Evans. Let's go. Let me know what you need. And if there's an opportunity there to make it work, we will. If not, that's cool too. So as I'm talking here, one more thing. I really, I, I wanna share this with you cuz I, I do, like I said, have a lot of stuff going on, even though I never feel like I have anything going on. But as you know, we all do is how do I buy time? This sounds absolutely crazy. If you're brand new, listening to me, this may sound like, you know, pie in the sky or, but it's truth.

(36:35): And I'm gonna give you some real tactical thoughts on this and stuff such. So I've really understood how to buy time. I genuinely have I pay for V I P why it's quick and easy instead of standing in line for two hours, I go straight to the back door. Boom, I'm in, I get my stuff. I'm gone by the time you get in, I've already been there, done that and back home, watching something else on TV or play with the kids. I just bought time. Right? I invested money. I did this at, you know, at universal at what is that called? Mickey mouse world, whatever that called. Orlando, you know, paid V I P you know, it's 5, 6, 7. I don't even know what it was, but literally they take you in the van. You go in the back door, there's people waiting in line for four in all seriousness, you can do this by the way.

(37:21): Look it up VIP services at Orlando. And it's nothing crazy. Five, 10 grand is nothing to me in the mind of time, right? Could you Ima think about this? Let me say this, cuz that might have sounded a little douchy five or 10 grand is not a big deal. It could be a big deal to you cash wise, but picture someone's on their deathbed right now and saying, Hey, I'll give you 10 grand to give you eight more hours of your life. Well now it becomes absolutely nothing. Cuz time is more valuable than dollars. And it's what's. This is how I always know who what's important to people. Time is way more important than money will ever be to me. I understand that money's everywhere and it comes and goes time when it's gone. It's gone. I have a very crystal clear understanding about time.

(38:07): Very few people do from my understanding and from what I see, the way people act, move, make decisions. They're more worried about a dollar than they were about 10 hours of time. And that's unfortunate because there will be a point time when that comes to a head and you won't have an opportunity to reverse that. Cuz you're gone. I'm being for real. So how do I use it to buy time? Well, lemme just give you some examples and hopefully you can use this. So in first in business, what I did is I realized that I need to hire people to do task. That takes a lot of my time. So I know, I know a lot of guys wear on their sleeve, but I work 18 hours a day. I work and I bust my. Your kids don't know you, your wife doesn't know you, your spouse or whoever.

(38:53): And you're up in your office, grinding it out. Don't basic paperwork that literally you could hire out for five bucks an hour, literally and, or have a system or operations or someone that could do it for you or have, or a system to do it automatically for you. But yet you haven't taken the time. Cuz you're too proud. You're too proud to tell people how hard you work. You know what? Your kids will never know how hard you work. They don't care how hard you work. Truthfully. They care how much time you spent with them. And that's the truth. I don't know anybody that got a divorce from their spouse saying you spent too much time with me. You were too focused on me. You love me so much, too much. Right? Well listen, unless you're an absolute nut job, right? But no it's because you didn't pay attention to me.

(39:37): It's cuz you're too busy. It's cuz your business is overwhelming. You, you don't pay like so buy time and not only that your spouse, you know, my, my wife, you know, we have someone that cleans our house. You know, I decided a long time ago. I don't clean houses because that's not worth my time. Not, I don't pick up after myself, by the way, it's not like I just eat chips and throw the bag on the bed and you know, walk around. No, like, you know, obviously be respectful, do the right. But sitting down and like spring cleaning, you know what spring cleaning is to me, I hop on the jet or hop on the yacht for of the day or two go somewhere and hire a company to come in and spring, clean the house and I come home and it's done.

(40:18): But I had an amazing experience with the fam enjoyed the fam. Right. And I know this sounds might sound douchy but it's not. It's the truth. I'm being honest with you. I could act like this doesn't happen. This is my life that I built. Right? Cause I asked different questions and assistant I've had an assistant. I've always recognized the power of an assistant for, I thought it was cool. And then second I realized what it really meant. It took me a while to realize that, but you have to start handing off to your assistant task that you don't want to do. I have an amazing assistant truth is I need another one. I need two full-time assistants. I have so many moving parts. You know, we have the Ohio stuff going on, Florida stuff going on. We have a lot of moving things going on.

(40:58): People, businesses, growth, you know, just a lot of, lot of things going on. So in essence, I really need to hire a chef, you know, or hire a food company to make your food, prep your food. Maybe not all seven days of meals, maybe five or three or whatever, but give your spouse, give 'em some breathing room. Let 'em relax with you. Like why are you worth working this hard to build these businesses and make this money? If you're not enjoying the time it's supposed to give you the only reason I'm putting myself through hell sometimes is to buy more time. Right? Hey and I, again, I wrote the book about this called magician versus mule, the mule and me wants to work. That's how we've been trained. But I also understand the magician. It's not a magic trick. It's a magician trick. The magician has to bust his really hard for a month to perfect.

(41:44): A three minute trick. I'm cool with that. As long as I know I'm gonna get the results that I'm seeking. So I'm gonna work really hard building this company yet. There's an end in sight. The company's gonna start serving me instead of me serving the company. It's a different question. It's a different agenda. So what I'm always doing is looking for what can I buy or what can I create or what can I park my money in that can give me more money to buy me more time. Think about that. You should try, stop and rewind that and play that multiple times until you really understand what I'm saying. It's a very important piece.

(42:21): Steve jobs wish he would've done it. I'm sure anybody that's on their death bed, you know, or was about to die in essence is going to say, man, I wish I would give every dollar. I have to get one more day, one more year, one more month, one more week, right? Why wouldn't you it's just money. But yet, so many people are controlled by that money by a non-emotional thing that has a lot of emotion with people, the humans put the emotion in it, not to say I don't have emotions in it. I, I wanted to serve me though. My emotions are tied to what can it do for me? Not what can I do for it? So anytime you see me talk like these books, you know, I give all the money to charity. I want to, I wanna be a conduit. I wanna be a steward of money.

(43:07): I don't wanna be just get it and, and, and hoard it. Does that? Do I, I, and again, I'm digressing here a little bit, cuz this is important. These are important points. I always see these stories. You know like again, this is the story that gets picked up on the news. Man works at company for 43 years. Okay. That's a long time man does nothing lives in efficiency, apartment his whole life. Okay. That's stupid. Man. Dies with 30 oven million dollars gives the organization. Okay. So man, so what they just said, by the way, man suffers for 43 years, minimizes his dreams, his goals, his lives to give money away and he doesn't even get to enjoy the gift. Huh? That sounds smart. Not, I want you to think about this. Pay attention to the narrative again, back to what we talked about earlier, they're creating stories for you to believe they feel good stories.

(44:09): I used to buy into the. I wanna be that guy. Why? Right? They write books about it. Don't go to Starbucks and get rich. I, I don't know anybody who doesn't go to Starbucks. It's rich. I'm not saying you can't, but like they're not like, dude, I got stupid. And when I'm talking rich, I'm talking worth over 50 million. I've never missed something and said, I stopped going to Starbucks and now I'm worth 58 million because of that. Why do we have to tell ourself? We have to go through pain to experience something like that. One of my fiduciaries told me, you know, there's a, and again, I'm being serious. I never knew I could give gifts while I'm alive and enjoy what the a gift is for me. I love seeing people happy. I love. And when I say this respectfully helping people that truly can't probably help themselves maybe cuz of where they live in their country, maybe cuz of their situation physically.

(45:05): But if I can make them smile, the time I gave Nicholas the super bowl tickets, a couple like couple years go the Kansas city and Nicholas is no longer with us. I cried for days. I still cry. I still get choked up. I saw a video pop up in my memory a couple weeks ago cuz the super bowl, me and my son, I was able to give the gift to him and his mother. And I went above and beyond and I got my buddies involved and we sent him on a limo trip from the, because the super bowl, Miami, once that was done amazing time, then we had 'em shipped up. We, we took 'em in, in the limo to Orlando for seven days, paid whatever they want to do. I'm paying for it. That makes me happy.

(45:47): I'm alive. And I get to experience that, not just for me, but for my family and for them. It's cool to give without seeing that some as well. But like there is something special about seeing all my hard work and efforts in my mind. Like I, I, this, this, this is not like five, $500. This is like 35, $40,000 trip. And I got to make that a reality. Not just because of me started with me right. Starts with you. But because we put all these pieces together and I made it a point, I put it on my list. I want to give. And as you know, one of our, our number one core value in all companies care 360 and I can't outgive the world nor can you, but I wanna try every day. I wanna give you content. I wanna give you value. I wanna be here and give you me as much as I humanly can.

(46:34): That's why I do the books. So I do podcast shows. That's why I do events cuz I wanna be giving, makes it fulfills me, gives me purpose. I want you to lead. It's scary. Sometimes it's overwhelming often. It's frustrating. Sometimes I used to give houses away to homeless veterans and not one of 'em ever turned out amazing three months later, some and sells it cause they need money. That sucks. I just spent $80,000 of my personal money to give someone a house and they just sold it. So it got smarter and wiser. It didn't force me to stop giving. I just give differently. And the cool thing about is I'm actually able to give bigger, but I used to watch these shows where someone would die and leave $50 million to a charity, you know, but they saved every single penny. They shut off the lights.

(47:22): They'd minimized their life. How much more could have they given if they were giving when they're alive. Cause when I get inspired and I see and I'm giving and giving is paying off and I see your face and I see you smile and I see you cry. Then I'm crying with you. Makes me want to do it more. Makes me elevate my game. So the guy that dies with 36 million that did nothing with his life cuz he wanted to minimize and give a lot. When he dies. What if he started giving now give, give, give what if he gave 36 million? Why he is alive and 500 million when he is dead.

(47:56): See it's not. If I give you this, I lose that. I think if I give more, I can get more. If I can share and inspire. And I know this is true, this ain't. I know it's true because I live it. My life has been built by giving. I'm not giving to people and trying to expect to receive something. But the more I give, the more I get and it's not giving to you to give from you. Typically I'm giving to people that could not give to themselves. I have no financial extraction benefit from it. I'm doing cuz I genuinely want to. It's the only way I'll give actually, cuz I want to. And the universe accepts that and acknowledges that and puts people in your life that probably would never, ever, ever, ever even know you existed. Cuz they lead by giving as well.

(48:53): Givers, give givers, connect givers, win. I've never met someone. That's a great giver in life in business. That's not winning in business in life. Not to say they won't have hard times not to say they won't have setbacks, but you'll see it as a setback. We see it as a setup. We know it's just a moment in time and it's just to see if we're paying attention. Just giving us a little nudge to see what we really are made of. We all deal with the question is how are you dealing with it? Do you hide and avoid from it? Or do you learn and Excel from it? It's a choice. It's a muscle we must be paying attention to. So as I'm sitting here talking to you about buying time, I want you to invest in something this week that will make your life and your spouse's wife better.

(49:38): If you don't have a spouse, make your wife your life better, find something, get someone to clean, wash your clothes, fold your laundry, clean your house. It's nothing to do that. Get it for the one time. Just do it one time. See how it makes you feel. Feels a little weird cuz I know what you're gonna do. You're gonna, before the cleaner gets there, you're gonna clean up and the house before they even get there, don't act like I don't know I did. I used to do the same thing cuz it was uncomfortable for me. It was weird felt, oh seriously. Someone's at my house, cleaning my toilet check, you know, cleaning my, getting my hamper, like putting, doing my laundry. Ugh. Okay. You know, sweeping the floors. I don't want 'em to think I'm AOB. I want you to seriously consider this more important.

(50:22): I want you to do it. What's holding you back in your business. Go invest $500 on a CPA or an accountant. If you need someone, I can introduce you to someone hit me up on Instagram at Mark Evans. DM say, yo intro to CPA. Don't waste my time or their time. If you're not ready to spend three to $500 a month, I'm guessing that's what it costs for small business. Guys, you gotta understand. We spend massive six figures a year on CPAs and accountants at this point, maybe seven. I'm sure it's seven, but don't Mickey mouse. This is something I wish someone told me. That's what I'm telling you. I wish someone told me this. I didn't. No one told me like mark, quit being a going in your office. Halfass in this. I had a box full of receipts. I never documented it.

(51:05): Even though I said I was going to every day caused Matt massive anxiety, massive stress. I'm sitting in the office to suffice. Why I don't have time to do it. I did everything, but it cost me a lot of money and effort LA you know, a lot of trouble for real. And I don't want that to happen to you. So that's what I got today. I'm long-winded but man, I hope this show is very impactful to you. If this has made an impact in your life, please share it with your friend, your buddy, your spouse, or whoever your kids, someone that you want to help. This is a journey and I'm on it with you. And I'm willing to share the raw truth with you. Not trying to make friends, but trying to make impact. That's all we care about. Impact, impact, impact. Not say I'm trying to be Dick.

(51:49): I'm just trying to be real. Sometimes it might sound like you're being a Dick being real, cuz most people don't even know what real looks like. Cuz they're around a bunch of fake all the time. They're around them and that's not who I am. It's not what I do. If it is what it is, I'm gonna call it and I'd want you to do the same to me cuz that's the way I live. One of my guys shot me text like mark, all I ask you is that you're always front with me. I was like, dude, you clearly don't know me cuz that's the only way I roll period. And he started laughing. He's like, yeah, I know that I should have been. I should have realized that. So again, it's not time again. It's time. It's time is of the essence. Time is not getting bigger. It's getting smaller. Every second money comes and goes as time it's gone, it's gone. Let's make the most of it. Please share this. If it made an impact with you, just let me know. What's up. Should get over to iTunes, leave a five star review. If you've not gotten me economy or magician versus meal, make sure to get over to Amazon dot and by all 12 books that we have over there, two more coming out this year. So be ready. Appreciate you. Being here. Have an amazing day with that said make you day.

(53:04): I'm no question more. He's closing deal. I'm just telling him what the deal stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where it's at. It's all about the process. So to get over Tom project from a small town in, so I know how it's it not come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanting to make honey bread and see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8 let they held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to win. I'm an own ball. Somehow here running two, a figure businesses. I walk away from it at all and I'll be good. But I been called to help people just like y'all learn the game. It's come to ball. Everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money.

(53:57): I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo, I been working my whole life. Guess where we had, is it gonna get us where we wanna go? It's come to push time to learn, time to grow, come over, see him. I'm heard that help teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question mark Gavins. When he step the doubt he's closing deals, sell him what the stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream. The journey's wearing tag. It's all about the process. Come get over the project. This is the podcast. Factory.Com.

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