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Young and hungry entrepreneurs ask me questions all the time about how I approach business.  

Today, I’m peeling back the curtain for you and answering some of your business questions so you can build 7 and 8-figure businesses too. 

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Show highlights include: 

  • Why death is the most potent source of motivation you can tap into (even if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s) (6:23) 
  • The “Peer Pressure” method for surpassing even your wildest dreams (7:51) 
  • WHy growing up in a poor family with no connections gives you entrepreneurial super powers (10:57) 
  • The “Relationship Capital” secret that could replace your cash flow in 30 days if you were forced to start over form zero tomorrow (16:17)
  • How to form multi-million dollar relationships doing nothing more than sharing content (22:42) 
  • The simple elementary rhyme that instantly eliminates all your haters (26:49) 
  • The weird way success hides your failures (and this could bankrupt your business if you’re not careful) (33:35) 

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Read Full Transcript

Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” We're going to have a little bit of fun today and do some Q&A with the DM. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there, it’s your boy, Mark Evans DM. Hope you're doing absolutely amazing. Yes, I’m in the treehouse office. Over here in Ohio, it's actually kind of interesting weather, kind of sucks. There's no snow on the ground. Actually, I love being here during Christmas time if it's snowing. If it's not snowing, there's no need to be here, but we're almost at Christmas time and it’s in the air. The spirit is in the air. We've done a lot of cool stuff with the kids and seeing Santa and all that fun stuff. [01:13.5]

I appreciate you guys being here. I want to share some cool stuff. Today’s show will be a little bit different, some Q&As. We're getting a lot of questions from different people about stuff and I might do more of this. I kind of like the style of Q&A. It makes my job easier. I don't have to come up with a subject. I just answer questions.

Today, two things. One, thank you so much. I’ve got a lot of people from last week's episode about free money messaging me. Yes, for real, free money. If you have W-2 employees and you have not listened to the show previous to this, the last show, you are absolutely losing out all money. We’ve got someone getting ready to get $16 million plus. We've had many people in the 700k range, 300k range, 100k range, and everything in between. If you have W-2 employees, make sure to take a minute and listen to that show. [02:04.4]

What's cool about that as well is I’ve had a lot of people messaging me and saying that they shared it with their friends, because they didn't have W-2 employees and they only have 1099, which is cool. I appreciate that. Thank you so much. As well as a lot of people who have left five-star reviews last week and in between to this show. That means a lot to me. As I talk about all the time, that's how we get pushed up in the algorithms. There's that entrepreneur or business owner, or just someone looking for hope or someone that they can relate to.

Hopefully, if you're listening to the show and you're a fan, you understand that I’m shooting straight here. I have nothing to sell you except the dream that there's more out there and I kind of want to be that beacon, if you will, and guide by real-life experience, not theory and bullshit. I’m 26 years in the game almost. In June, it will be 26 years to be exact. June 2, to be ultra-exact, it will be 26 years in full-time. If I don't make it, I don't eat and I’m definitely eating. [03:07.0]

But I appreciate you guys leaving reviews, buying books and all that cool stuff. It does mean absolutely so much to me and we've done some big donations this year for charities because of all the books that we have sold. As you may or may not know, 100 percent of all my books, 12 books and still counting, go to charity. We're getting ready to do a pretty decent-sized donation here in the next week or so before the end of the year to a very cool charity, so stay tuned for that. Hopefully, I can talk about that because I want to kind of share what we’ve got going on there.

But today is crazy. It's midafternoon as I’m talking to you. It's about 55 degrees outside. Like I said, in Ohio in December, it’s not normal. There's a lot of crazy shit going on in our companies. Most of it is good, but, again, if you have a real company, everything is not always good. [03:54.3]

It's funny because problems change, right? One day or one week it could be, Oh my god, we have no opportunity, or I don't know if that happens at our level, but there's always opportunity, but that's what you think. You feel like things aren't growing as fast, and then the week after it’s like, Holy shit, we grew too fast, things are breaking, people are going crazy. It's interesting how that works, but that's how you learn and the biggest thing is you’ve just got to stay and keep communicating with your people, which we do.

Anyways, I’m over here, I’m in the trenches with you. If you're driving in the car, working on the treadmill, getting ready to go to another job site or whatever, I get it. I’ve been there, done that. I am in there. I’m just not going to job sites and all that anymore, but I’m in the office, communicating with teams. We’ve got all the team parties, Christmas is here and all that stuff, so it is a little hectic. Plus, I’m getting ready to bounce down back to Florida to our home base down in Florida, here soon by the end of the year, so I’m excited to fire up the jet and bounce down there with the fam and chill out in the sun. I’m not chilling out. I’m working, just in a warm place. [05:01.0]

I get asked lots and lots and lots and lots of questions, and I would like to ask you a question. What questions? If you and I had 30 minutes together, one on one, I would love to know what three questions you would ask me. What are your top three questions you would ask me? I really do want to know, and if you get over to Instagram, follow me @MarkEvansDM, or on Facebook at Mark Evans DM. Let me know the top three questions that you have or you would ask me if we had 30 minutes. It's just like a round, boom, boom, boom.

That's what I want this show to be about. I could share millions of things with you, but if it's not relative to where you're at and where you want to go, or questions you have maybe holding you back or in your brain things are holding you back. I want to be here to help you.

Like I said, I could talk about a lot of cool stuff. I could talk about money. I could talk about business. I could talk about hiring, firing, doing cool things, wanting to make that real big purchase, your first one, how you feel, all that stuff. But, excuse me, if that's not where you're at, no need to talk about it. Let's talk about where you're at and where you want to go, and let's get results. [06:12.6]

I took some of the top three or four questions that people have asked me just in the last 24 hours and I want to share them with you, and question number one, someone asked, “What motivates Mark?” about what motivates me.

There are a lot of things that motivate me. I did a show actually about one of them. It's called death. Death motivates me. I’m 43 years old. I’ll be 44 on June 19, and I’m halfway through my life, if not … hopefully, I’m not, but I’m probably more likely closer to the other side of the end or the new beginning, depending how you look at it. Death really is a massive driver to me. I realized at a very young age that I only get one fucking shot out at this thing called life and I’m going balls to the wall and I’m going to make absolutely anything and everything happen that I want in my life, and I don't give two shits what anybody thinks. I’ll talk more about that later. [07:09.0]

But death is a driver for me. I think about it often, actually daily. Listen to the show I did about. I think you’d get a lot out of it, because it's interesting to me. A lot of people I know at high levels, they've had that realization that they are going to die one day and, hopefully, that one day is not today or anytime soon, but it is coming. It's inevitable, right? No one is escaping that path. My biggest fear is I see many people out there walking around with their head up their ass, thinking they're living forever. “I’m going to think about this. I’m going to …” They're thinking about thinking. That's all they do. That's a massive motivator for me. That's uno, number one.

Another big motivator for me is my peers and my team members. I hang out with some pretty big guys and pretty cool people that we want to change the world. We want to change. We want to change our world that we live in in a positive manner. [08:09.0]

I have high-level of peer pressure in a good way. It's not like peer pressure in school, “Smoke this weed, man. Come on, smoke this,” doing bad peer pressure. Oftentimes when people hear peer pressure, they think negatively. To me, in my world, peer pressure is very positive. I have a lot of positive peer pressure.

I’m very conscious of what my buddies are doing. A lot of us work in silence. We're just growing behind the scenes and we don't see all the hard work until it's happening, but I’m pretty connected to some guys that are doing, for real, business, and the truth is we're just getting started. It really does drive me because I want to help them. I want to be an example. I want to guide. We're all hard workers. We're all driving. We're all pushing hard, and the truth is our capabilities are in our brain, what we're capable of financially, physically all that shit. All this stuff, our brain plays tricks on us. I’m very motivated by that. [09:06.0]

I’m motivated by my family. Honestly, my parents, my sisters, my cousins, people that watch me from afar, my friends maybe I’ve known for years. They just never understood me, right, because I was kind of the goofy class clown kid, like “get me out of school.” I just wanted to go make money. I just wanted it. I always knew I was never going to college and all that shit.

The truth is I didn't grow up with money at all, but my parents are amazing people. They just didn't have money, the financial capabilities to do big stuff in life and they kind of just worked really hard to take care of me and my sisters. They kind of I don't want to say gave up on their dreams, but they just kind of pushed them to the side. I’m not judging it because not everyone has dreams like I have, and some people are dreaming bigger than me and some people dream. It's just I don't know where it stopped, their goals and dreams.

But, for me, I truly believe, and I’ve talked about this many times on the show. I believe I’ve been put on this Earth, truthfully—this may sound arrogant or cocky. It's not. It's the truth, though, I believe—to change my family's financial tree. [10:10.7]

I don't know anybody in my family who has wealth like we do. I don't know anybody that's doing what we're going and going to do. I definitely know I’ve given more money than anybody, probably my entire family combined for hundreds of years in any year, let alone my lifetime. I say this in pride. That’s not bragging. It's the truth.

Again, this is a question of what motivates me. What motivates me is I want to be a giver. I want to change. I want to change the trajectory of our family financial tree, and I seriously sit down and I think about this. This is a lot of pressure, by the way, on me and my mind, but it's also good pressure, pressure that I can actually handle. Back in the day, it used to bug me, but now I actually feel very fortunate to have this pressure. But if I don't change the financial family tree, if you will, my question is who does? Who in my family that I’m aware of has what I have to make that a reality? And I’m not saying this to be a dick, but no one. I don't know anybody. [11:14.6]

Again, in my family, everyone is cool, laidback, doing their thing. They don't have financial. They just have jobs and they complain about them, and they do the same shit every day and expect different results. I don't do that. I’ve never had a full-time job. I’ve never had an adult job, a W-2 job, my entire adult life.

Again, it's what motivates me is I want to change the tree. It has been a twig tree for many years, hundreds of years. I want to turn it to a massive fucking flourishing tree, literally money everywhere, security, opportunities, blessing. I want it to be a very well-rounded tree, financial tree, family tree, and it's a big deal to me. [12:00.7]

I think about it. A lot of people, I feel like they could feel like they're cursed or whatever, but I’ve always seen this as a great opportunity to step up. Like I said, if not me, then who? I don't know, I don't know the other who, so therefore, I have awareness of it. I become the who and I feel very honored to have that.

My family knows I’m the black sheep. It's not a secret, clearly, at this point in my life, but I’m changing the tree. I’m very proud of it. I’ve done some really cool stuff for my family, my nieces, to help them, not to turn them into handout people, but to help them and guide them and all that. That's one piece that motivates me.

The truth is I want to make as much money as humanly possible. That motivates me by helping a lot of people. Why? Because I want options in my life. I know a lot of times, and we did a show two or three shows ago about money, talking about money. I talk about money all the time. I want to be stupid, filthy fucking rich. I don't care what you think about that. That's what I want. [13:04.2]

Why? Because I know what that means to me. It's not like take advantage of people, not do the right thing, blah, blah, blah, and all this other shit. But it's to do the right thing. Build good companies. Be a great leader. Lead leaders and guide leaders and grow leaders, and just keep growing and snowballing, and that motivates me.

I really love to have options. I love it more now than ever with all the crazy going on in the world. I have options. I don't like to fly regular airplanes. Maybe you're cost-conscious, but you don't want to wear a mask. Dude, you’ve got to fly private, period. It's the only way around it. That costs money. If you don't have money, you don't have options. Your options are limited by money, truthfully, and I want all options at any time and I work really hard to make that a reality at my point of life where I’m at today. [13:57.0]

Those are some things that motivate me. Another thing that motivates me is me and my family, meaning, my kids. I have two children. I have a six-year-old and a two-year-old and these little shits are watching me. They're watching Dad. They're like, Yo, Dad, you said you were getting a jet. Dad, where's the jet? Hey, Dad, you said we were going to go on this cool vacation. Where's the vacation at? They're not saying this out loud, but that's how I think about this stuff.

More importantly, Dad, you said you were going to get up every day at 4:44. I’ve got a scorecard to show you. I’ve been up at 4:44 every day for many, many, many, many, many days in a row, right? Dad is not slacking. Dad is not slipping. Dad is busting his ass. Dad is creating a goal. I’m implementing and executing a plan to accomplish the goal, and the goal edits as I evolve. Maybe the goal was fucking mental. I should have thought about something bigger and I talk about that with my children and that motivates me.

It motivates me to know I’m very confident in knowing that, if someone comes at me, I know exactly where the fuck I stand. Why? Because I take care of business. I do what I say I do and beyond, and it's a big deal to me because I have kids watching. [15:11.5]

I did an episode about this. They're watching. It's one of our most downloaded shows actually, but they “are” watching, my family, my kids, my team members, everyone I work with, my peers. The world is watching. Don't slip on that, by the way. It's a real thing and we'll talk more about that, but it truly is something that I’m very ultra-super-duper-duper-duper conscious of, of when I don't want to get out of bed and my kids are there.

The truth is they're usually and they're clearly asleep at four o'clock in the morning when I’m getting up, but they know because they know how Dad's attitude is through the day if he doesn't get up early in the morning like he normally does. They know my days off if something is off, right? Kids pick up on that shit and I’m very aware of that. [15:57.5]

That's some of the stuff that motivates me. I like cool shit, too. I like big houses, big cars, big jets, all that shit, big vacations, doing big things, but those are just benefits of being motivated, honestly. Like I said, if you take care of some of the stuff I’ve already talked about in your life, those things will just show up because it's part of the process.

Okay, cool, another question: “Biggest asset in your business today, Mark.” Before I answer that, one of the funniest things I always get, I always get like, Mark, if you had to start over at zero, what would you do first? Hey, numbnuts, I’m not starting at zero. No one is at all, ever. Right?

I know what you mean, by the way, but the truth is no one is starting at zero. It's a bullshit question. It actually makes zero sense. Why? It depends on how long you've been in the game starting at zero. Keep in mind, like I said, I’ve been in the game for almost 26 years of business and I have an amazing asset. The asset is relationship capital. [16:58.4]

If I’m starting from zero, if you're talking about financial dollars, I would go to my relationships. If you're talking about health, that's a whole different situation. I’m still going to go to my relationships. I’m going to go to my healthy guys and say, Yo, I need your help. Right? Relationship capital to me is, by far, my biggest asset. I can get pretty much damn near anything I want through my relationships.

The interesting thing about that is I don't really do withdrawals from my relationships at a big level at all. I very rarely use them like that. A lot of my relationships are strictly, Yo, man, valuable. I don't need anything from them. They don't need anything from me. Those are sometimes the best relationships in business. It's like, Dude, I just want to learn from you, you learn from me, we're growing, we're expanding, and we may do some business together. But some of my biggest relationships I’ve never done business with. I’ve helped them grow. They've helped me grow just through conversations or leading by example.

But, at the end of the day, to me, relationship capital, I could shoot a text to someone and get money. I could shoot a text to someone and do a deal. I could shoot a text to someone and get some health tips. Literally, my fucking relationships are gold, for real. [18:11.2]

To me, I’ve spent a lot, a lot of time in my day, every day, seven days a week, building relationship capital with people, connecting with them, communicating with them. When you connect with me via social media @MarkEvansDM, I’m the one fucking responding. I’m connecting. I’m creating a relationship with you. You're reaching out, tagging me. I reply. I might heart it up. I might spaceship it up. I might respond to your comment with text. I might do an audio, a video, but I’m connecting. I understand planning seeds. I don't need anything from you. I want to connect with people. I love people.

That's a big thing for my life. That's another thing that motivates me. I love people. Let me say that. I love good people and I work really hard to make massive amounts of deposits in relationships. It's pretty cool. We did an event recently, me and my boy, Terry, and there were a couple of hundred people there and there are relationships in that room that have been there 20-plus years I’ve known him. We've done deals together. We continue to do deals together. Some I don't. Some I do. It's not because I don't like them or they don't like me. It's just we're doing different types of deals now, and once in a while we'll connect, right? [19:16.4]

One of the biggest assets is relationship capital. I know a lot of people are like, Dude, money. Dude, relationships have money if you're hanging out with the right people. They have the money. “Man, I need deals.” Okay, cool, marketing is not my biggest asset. To me, in relationships, you can get anything you want if you’ve got the right relationships.

If you get that twisted, which many people do, I think the majority of people actually are so shortsighted on opportunity. They try to rape you on the first deal. They're just horrible. Just on the front end, they just try to get every dollar they can out of you, as opposed to just being a great value exchange. For us, it’s just to be a good fucking person and build great relationships. [20:01.0]
For example, this is a true story. This just happened last night. My neighbor across the street has a pretty big company. Actually, when I say pretty big, I’m talking nine figures a year, and he just turned 69 and he texted me and he said, “Yo, man, you want to go hang out and have a quick cocktail,” and right now I’m not drinking. I was like, Yeah, sure, I'll go. Let's go kick it. We’ll talk, whatever. Guys like him don't text people just to hang out and talk about nothing, even though we talk about a lot of crazy stuff, but there's a purpose to it and I get to get the game, and he is a cool dude.

I hung out with him and we hung out for three hours, and I didn't drink. We had dinner. We talked. He told me kind of how he's getting ready to sell his company and what he's up to, and what I’m up to and he's inspired by me and I’m inspired by him. I mean, it's a great relationship. I’m depositing a relationship capital. He's doing the same thing at 69 years old. Success leaves clues. Pay attention. That's one of the biggest assets, if not “the” biggest asset that I have. [21:07.2]

One thing that has helped me get to that, to understand that asset, is something all of you can do, which is to invest in yourself. Get around mentors. Get around mastermind groups. Get on YouTube nation and just learn how to be a great person, build better relationships. Stop being a taker, start being a giver. Guide people. Help people. Share content. Even the show, like I said, if this show makes an impact, share it with two or three people. It's fucking free.

By the way, I see that shit. I know when you share. A lot of times, you tell me you share it. I like that shit. I appreciate that stuff. That's how you forge relationships in maybe two years, three years, three months, three years, 300 years, maybe never, but the truth is if you're hustling and you're growing, why would I not want to be around you?

I'm becoming older. I’ll be 44 in the coming year and you might be 22 or 32 or whatever. I want to get attached to young hustling people. I love that shit. Maybe I can guide you with money. Maybe I can guide you with insights. Maybe we partner on stuff. I mean, there's so much opportunity and it's not getting smaller. It's only getting bigger, right? [22:15.0]

I had one guy ask the next question. This is kind of interesting to me. He asked, “Mark, how do I handle haters and people that don't believe in me?” Those are two questions, right? I’m always interested in this haters thing. Maybe I’m either really dumb or maybe just hardheaded, or maybe a mixture of both, but I don't even know haters exist. What does hating mean? “Oh, dude, fuck, you're fat.” Is that hating or just, okay …? I don't know what “hater” means. [22:56.2]

Now, I think, first of all, most people asking this question don't have haters, let's be honest. Most of them are worried about having haters. That's why they don't go do shit because they're more afraid of what people will think as opposed to what they actually get. If you're hating on me, I’m sure people hate on me, whatever, I’m not for everybody. I’m cool with that. Is hating on me like, Dude, you cuss way too much, you're fucking over the top, blah, blah, blah? Yeah, you're right. That's not hating. That's just calling a fucking duck a duck, right? Cool, I get it. I agree, but get the out of my face, I'm talking to someone else, right? I don't know. The hating thing is interesting to me.

Many people in my life have told me, “Mark, you can't do that.” “Mark, it's over the top.” “Mark it's …” blah, blah, blah. But every fucking person 100 percent, not 99.999, 100 fucking percent of people that have told me that kind of shit, I would look at the situation, i.e. them and where they're at in their life, and internally and sometimes externally I’d say this to myself or them, I don't give a fuck what you're saying because what you're saying doesn't mean anything, because you don't have anything I want, so why the fuck would I listen to you? Right? [24:12.8]

Why are we taking advice from a 400-pound person on how to lose weight? Why are we taking advice for someone to lives in a fucking trailer court on a big screen TV with a repo car out fucking back they've hidden under the shed because they can't pay their bills, and taking financial advice from this fucker? Come on, or the guy that's out there banging other chicks when they’ve got a girlfriend or they're married and they're telling you how to be in a better relationship.

This is the problem out here. People are taking advice and/or, more importantly, they're typically listening to these dickheads telling you bad information, and the scary part is, if you believe it, you're going to get exactly what those fuckers have got and that's on you. That's not on them. They're just spewing their shit because that makes them cool. I talked about this on a show, king of the dipshits, right? [25:09.3]

They're just the king of the dipshits. I know, I grew up in a fucking trailer court. I saw it my entire life. “Yo, man, I’m going to go get a new car.” I look around and I’m like, What the fuck? A new car? We're in a fucking trailer. Let's go buy a new house. Let's buy an asset that makes money. I knew this shit at eight years old, true story. I watched Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I watched Knight Rider. I watched the helicopters coming in on Magnum P.I. I watched the fucking red Ferrari drive down the road on Magnum P.I. What am I missing?

This is the shit that happened. In a trailer, they're talking and complaining about working all these hours and yet every day at five or six o'clock, they're drinking the beers, sitting on the patio, hanging out, talking shit about nothing. We can't wait till the weekend. Repeat process. [26:03.4]

I was smart enough, thank God, or I had some kind of wherewithal not to listen to this shit. I hear it, but I’m not acknowledging it. It's bullshit. It's not real and what you say is not true, period, you know what I mean? The hater thing is not real. Most people that say, “How do you deal with haters?” they don't even have a fucking hater because they aren’t doing anything. The only way you could get haters is if you actually do something, right? Then when you're doing it, you're too fucking busy doing it that you don't have time to even pay attention to it.

Get the fuck out of your own way and go do something big and enjoy life. The haters aren't creators. Just remember that. Haters are not creators. They're not creating good for anything. If they're out there talking shit and you hang out with this person, get the fuck away from them. They'll never serve you, ever. [27:06.0]

Why? Because soon as you leave, then guess who they'll start talking shit about? You. Then Steve leaves the group and they're talking about him like, Man, I always didn't like that fucker anyways, man, he was always a dick. No, Steve wanted to be a better person. Steve realized that you guys are fucking clowns and he doesn't want to be the king of the dipshits anymore. He's out of the game. He wants to be king of another world and this isn’t the world he wants to play in.

Brings me to that next one. “Mark, how do I handle people that don't believe in me?” Now, this is an interesting one because it depends on how old you are. It depends on what your track record is or isn't, and if you're asking that question, you have not done much of anything, truth. If your spouse doesn't believe you and trust you, my first question is why should she or he? Why should they believe you? [28:00.4]

“Mark, it’s my goal, it's my dreams. They're talking down to it.” No, dickhead, you've told them your dreams and goals for the last 12 years that you've been with him and you fucking have failed every single time. You said you're going to work out and lose weight and you stop day three, right? It's death by a thousand cuts. It's bullshit by a thousand cuts, right? You keep bullshitting, saying things out loud, and yet you're not doing, executing the plan. You're a failure. You're a quitter. You quit. Why the fuck should I believe in you anyway? The truth is you don't even believe in yourself. That's why you're seeking approval/belief from someone else.
How many people that you care about that you say you care about have you let down? All the time. I’ve seen this happen many times. I’ve been there myself. Dude, on the weight loss journey, trying to get in physical better, yeah, man, this is the time. This is the time. This was years ago and I fucking failed. I keep failing and then I just tap out, and then eventually I’m like, Dude, I’m looking for something like, dude, I believe in you. That's the wrong place. You can't pull from that. [29:17.0]

The truth is I’m not looking for anybody to believe in me except me. Now, don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool when my mom and dad say, “Mark, I’m so proud of you,” but keep mind that's after the fact. They're not proud of me if I’m a fucking loser and I’m hanging out in jail all day long because I’m doing bad stuff. They're disappointed. I’ve let them down. I’ve hurt them. Why would they fucking believe me or anything that came out of my mouth? Right? I know people that just lie and yet they say, Man, no one believes me. Do you believe yourself? Because everything you just said was bullshit. [30:00.0]

Belief in this stuff, believing in you, dude, don't look for it in other people to believe in you. The truth is, in the beginning, no one believes you, especially in the beginning. Especially in the beginning, because typically they're the people that know you the best. No one in my family, no one I went to school with ever thought I’d be at where I'm at today in my life, ever. The truth is I fucking didn't even [know].

I’m just getting started, but what's crazy about this world we live in is, where I’m at in my life financially with all the stuff I have going on, I’m bigger than I even dreamt about when I was 18 because I had limited belief systems at 18. I only wanted to make 100 grand a year. I prayed about it, I thought about it, I dreamed about it every second of the day to make 100 grand a year.

Now fast-forward to where I’m at now, it's a little bit more than 100 grand a year, right? Yet I’m just getting started and there are people that are like, Man, why aren't you just happy? Why aren't you settled? Fuck you, knowing what I know now? I could be 10 times, 100 times bigger. I’m just getting started. [31:16.3]

My relationships here are getting bigger and deeper and wider, and the opportunity is amazing. Forging relationships with our teams, building great investment foundations. Many, many years, 26 years of this shit. I can only imagine where I’ll be 10 years from now. Do you understand how much you can do in 10 years? I mean, it's unfathomable, truth. It's so massive, it almost doesn't even seem believable, but I believe in it because it's my dream. It's my vision. It's my goals. [32:00.5]

What's cool about the world we live in is that you can literally see what anybody has or does, right? What inspires you to believe in a bigger vision, a bigger picture? Hence, the peer pressure, what drives and motivates me. Maybe my buddy has a brand new G650. He has three $25 million houses all over the country and out of the country. That shit motivates me. It's not because I’m materialistic. No, I want and like that shit. That motivates me.

Maybe when I get to that point, right, you need about probably 125, 200 million just to buy that shit, not counting the upkeep and everything else, but maybe when I get to that checkpoint in the destination in my brain or the journey, if you will, I’ll say, Eh, I don't need that anymore. I’ve got this, I’m cool. But I’m going to keep going because it's the next thing. It's the next bigger thing. [33:00.0]

You’ve got to believe in you. If you don't believe in you, why do you expect anybody else to believe in you? The best way to build belief is to implement and get wins. Execute, execute, execute. I don't need anybody. Truth is no one tells me, “Mark, good job.” I don't need it.

I don't need it, and the truth is, if you say good job, one, I might acknowledge it depending on what is a good job about, and, two, I’m very conscious that success hides failures. If I went and killed it on stage and they say good job, I promise you, I’m coming off stage immediately and I’m going into a room and taking notes of where I fucked up, because I don't think I did a good job. I can do better. Maybe I did an okay job, but I can do better. I could hit this harder. I can make this make more sense. I could create a different story to impact more people. I saw people kind of swaying off when I could have touched them harder because I want to help people, right? [34:11.7]

I know at one of our companies, or all companies actually, communication is key. When I’m working with people, when our team is growing and we're working with people, we have a lot of communication going on. One thing that helps me build belief in myself is to never stop improving, ever.

Like I said, I see emails that go out from our teams because I spot check that stuff. I look at that. I enjoy that. I want to see how we're communicating and connecting with people. I don't sit around and do this all day, by the way, but it's important if you're a business owner to just kind of see how the team is communicating. We can always be improving. There's always learning lessons in communication, always, right? My talks, my emails, my workouts. When I do a workout, I’m like, Fuck. Even if I can barely walk and I’ve just got done puking, I’m like, Dude, I think probably could've gone harder. Tomorrow I’m going harder. Always improving. [35:12.4]

Even on this podcast show, the truth, look, can you hear me tapping this? You hear the pen. As soon as I get done with this podcast show and get it sent over to my podcast team. I’m taking notes, how to connect with you better, how to hit you in the head, like, Whoa, shit, I need to listen to this. Right?

I stutter on this. I get excited. I trip up on my words. I say stupid stuff, but it's me. I’m not trying to be someone else. I’m just trying to share it. First of all, it's fucking free to be here and you can shut me off, pause me, whatever you want, right? It's the beauty of the world we live in. But one thing I do know, I’m going to keep my feet moving. I think I’m almost two or three years deep on this DM podcast show. I think there are almost 100 episodes. It's almost two years deep, not counting the five years of the other show I did.

But believe in yourself and never stop improving. That builds confidence. Find some wins, and before you know it, the people that you thought didn't believe in you or really never believed in you, because you didn't believe in your shit, but you start leading by example. Then, all of a sudden, they're like, Man, Mark, wow, you've changed. Yes, I have. You're either on the board or off board, let's go. Believing in others and yourself is very powerful.

One thing I do know is people that are above you not financial, but always financially probably and then just at another level in their life, period, is they believe in other people because other people are what has gotten them to where they're at in their life, in their journey of business. They own big businesses. It takes a lot of people to get there. [37:10.2]

You don't have to believe in everybody because a lot of people are full of shit, but it's one thing I’ve realized that, if someone has got it and I believe in them because a lot of people are looking for that outside belief, and most people have never had someone believe in them. That's a true story. They've never gotten the parent or the cousin or the sister or the girlfriend or husband or whatever to believe in them. Maybe it's just that one moment when someone gives you just an inkling of belief and you catch fire on that, right?

We all have that little flame in our belly. The question is, is it really bright or is it really low? And you’ve got to take the steps. You’ve got to get wins under your belt, and I’m talking little wins in the beginning. Make three calls a day, talk to three strangers a day. Connect with people you haven't connected with. Send an email to 100 people. Do your first postcard. Get out in front of people. Shake hands, kiss babies, whatever you have to do, get out of your own way. Never stop improving. Never. [38:12.5]

It drives me. It drives everybody I know at high levels. We get done on it and we're like, Fuck, it could have been better. When I do those big events, and I talked about this in one of my books, Magician vs. Mule, we did this huge event and cost a lot of money and it brought a lot of cool people in.

As soon as I got done, as soon as I got off stage before my party that night because it was a big birthday bash party, I literally went straight to the room and I had three pages of notes of where we messed up, what we could make better, how to make a bigger impact, how to get more money for charity, how to sell more tickets to the event, what I could have said differently, who I would've invited as well as who I would not invite next time. It's improving the process. Do it while it's fresh. Don't say, I’ll get to it tomorrow. Set aside five or 10 minutes and really acknowledge it, and you're going to get better. You're improving. [39:05.4]

I’m not saying be ungrateful. I’m just saying never stop improving. That's going to build your belief. That's going to just build these wins. Wins build belief, right? You're like, holy shit, someone answered the phone. Oh my god, they're signing the contract. Holy shit, the wire just came in. Win, win, win. Your belief level starts going up.

Don't get cocky either, right? That's what keeps you from being cocky, which is to never stop learning. Learn from other people. Get better. This is a journey. This is not a destination. This is a process, and till the day I die, I’ll be pissed off. Actually, when I’m on my deathbed or in the casket, if you will, I definitely would be pissed off if that casket is not perfect, because it never will be. I’ll be like, Man, who should we have invited and who shouldn't we have invited? I’ll be thinking about that while I’m watching everyone.

But in all seriousness, and I’m serious about that, by the way, but in all seriousness on this topic, stop worrying about what others think. The only person that matters is you. You're the only person that you have to live with and deal with for the rest of your life. You. Everyone else, you don't have to do that. You have to be you and live with you forever. [40:20.8]

Get to know yourself a little bit better. Treat yourself a little bit smarter and better. Guide yourself to the next level. Lean into it. No one really gives a shit about you, truthfully. In the grand scheme of things, you're just a speck of dust. Go out there and kick ass. Take names and get that money.

If you put in the work, create a great product, create a great service, create great teams and all that, I would love nothing more than to see you massively successful financially, in health, relationships, everything. It doesn't take away from me. Actually, if anything, it enhances what we all do as a collective in the DM fam here. [41:05.5]

Those are some of the top questions I’ve gotten in the last 24 hours and I would appreciate it if you took a couple minutes and went over to my Instagram @MarkEvansDM or Facebook at Mark Evans DM, and shot me your top three questions. What are your top three questions in 30 minutes that you would ask that you'd want me to answer? Let me pick some. I want to help you guys. I’m here for you. I’m rooting for you.

If you're here on this podcast show listening, I fucking believe you. I believe in you, one hundred percent. Why? Because you're still here. You're in it. You know you need to change. That's why you're here. You know you never stop learning and improving because you're here. There's a reason you're hearing this message right now. The question is, are you going to acknowledge it and are you going to implement it consistently? If you do, you're going to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

With that said, have an absolutely amazing day. Remember to make today count. Peace. [42:01.7]

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