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Entrepreneurs usually feel like “BlackSheep” when they hang around their family and old friends from high school. 


Hanging out with these people makes you realize how different you are. They compete about who has the biggest problems. But nobody mentions a solution. When you try to offer a solution, you’re ridiculed because you’re wealthy. 

If you hang around these people enough, they’ll crush all of your wildest dreams with their words.

And the reverse is true: 

If you hang around other successful entrepreneurs, they’ll stoke the flames that make your craziest dreams inevitable. 

In this episode, I’m revealing why you want to be the “BlackSheep” of your family. And how to unlock the million dollar multiplier super power that can change your family tree forever. Listen now.

Show highlights include: 

  • How hanging around your family too much stunts your business growth (even if you love them) (3:35) 
  • The “Protect Your Brain” secret that explains why multi-millionaires only have a few close friends (10:54) 
  • Why taking vacations sabotage your momentum (even if you want to build a lifestyle business) (14:35) 
  • How your family tricks you into staging into a high-paying job you hate (23:23) 
  • Why bailing on your mastermind before your 10-year anniversary is like lighting a stack of cash on fire (28:11) 
  • How being the dumbest person in the room helps you grow from 20 million to 100 million in 18 months (or less) (36:53) 

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Read Full Transcript

Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Confessions of a socially awkward black sheep. Am I alone? We're about to find out. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey, there. It’s your boy, Mark Evans DM. Hey, thank you very much for being here. If you've been here listening to the show, make sure you get over to iTunes and give me a quick five-star review, let the world know what's up. I appreciate you guys. If you're brand new here, welcome to the show. [01:00.0]

I don't know what I’m going to say. I don't script this out. I just kind of have a thought in my head. I’m just going to share real stories with you guys and real insights about how I’m able to run all these crazy businesses and create a cool lifestyle and all that fun stuff. It's not like I’m better than anybody. It's just that I’m here because I genuinely want to help people that want to help themselves.

As I’m sitting here today, hanging out here in beautiful Mentor, Ohio, outside of Cleveland at the compound overlooking the ravine with some rain coming it sounds like actually as I speak to you, just hearing it right now, but I want to talk about something that I don't think I’ve ever heard anybody talk about, and I listen to a lot of podcast shows and all that stuff. But it's something that I do believe.

I’ve been doing a lot of thought-auditing as I always do, but this thought has been kind of just a thought. I haven't even really put much thought into the thought and that's what thought-auditing is about, right? Why do we have these thoughts? [02:03.0]

Recently, I had my son’s six-year-old birthday party. It was awesome. A lot of family came. A lot of people here, great food, fun stuff, toys, all the fun six-year-old party stuff, but I find myself filling out a place like a black sheep, if you will. I’m sitting here walking around and I’m listening to conversations, not on purpose and just because they're talking around me, and they're talking about the mask, the mandates. I don't have any other alternatives. I’ve got to do this or that. Not just one, but all. And I sit there and I think, Am I the dickhead? Am I a dickhead because I feel this way? [03:00.3]

I’ve thought about this a lot, because during holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, big holidays when you're around a lot of the family and friends and people you haven't seen in a while, again, I’m just sharing real life stuff here, so am I the dick? When I’m sitting there on Easter and I’m asking myself, Fuck, what are we talking about here as a family?

This is why this podcast show exists. This is why I write books. This is why I do social media on Instagram to share that you are not a dickhead because you feel weird hanging out with family and friends and people you've known your whole life and it’s non-progressive. They're talking about problems. No one fucking talks about solutions. They're always a victim. I can't go and say, Guys, I just made a million dollars today. First of all, they look at me like I’m from fucking Mars. They wouldn't even know what that meant. Secondly, they'll be like, It's easy for you to do, always playing that process, right? [04:07.7]

Again, don't get me wrong. I absolutely love my family, my friends and all that stuff. It's not that. But the truth is I’m here on my 14-acre property in Ohio. I barely fucking leave, barely, and when I do, it's with my wife, we're going on a lunch date or dinner date, or taking the kids down to the park, but I don't need to [drive]. I can walk there, you know what I mean?

And I don't have to interact with anybody except my children and my wife or whoever I’m with at the moment. I’m very isolated. I’m cool to be home all day by myself. I’m cool to go and sit at a restaurant and eat by myself. I’m very comfortable with it actually, because I’m thought-auditing, I’m talking to myself all the time, like, Evans, if you could make a million a week, why can't you make a million a day? If you could make a million a day, why can't you make a million an hour? If you can make a million an hour, how do you make a million a minute? These are the conversations I have to myself and to my group in the DM Family. [05:11.0]

See, a lot of people talk about masterminds and all that shit. I know that's what we talked about on the last show, a lot about it, but you understand, and again, I love my parents, I love my [family]. It's not that I don't love the people. I just feel like a total dick sitting in a room where I have nothing to talk about when they're talking about all the bullshit they deal with and talk about. Their problems aren't my problems.

I’m very solution-driven. They're very problem-pro. They're pro-problems. They're all about it. Oh, dude, you think you’ve got a big problem? Wait till you hear my problem. Oh, Steve died? I know four people that died. It's like they're one-upping the problems and I sit back. I take this in and I’m not vocal. I’m not like, You guys are stupid. Why are we even talking about this shit? Once in a while that has happened, FYI. [06:06.3]

I mean, I’ll give you a prime example. True story. I was at my parents' house, and my sister, my cousin, my niece, and her boyfriend were talking about, Oh, jeez, they didn't pay him his overtime at Wendy's and blah, blah. I’m like, Go get another job or shut up. It's $12. That's what they're [talking about] literally for an hour. They're talking about this for an hour about how unfair this is and how this is wrong, and why would they treat an employee like this and that. Dude, shut the fuck up and solve the problem, period.

I walked in the room. I didn't say the F-word because my mother was there, but I said, “Guys, listen, it's $12. This is not the problem. What is the real problem? The problem is you're a lazy person. You don't want to work and you're looking for an easy way out.”

“Well, yeah, but … uh-uh-uh-uh-uh …” [07:02.7]

See, the thing is that they're all building this fucker up. Oh, yeah, man, that’s bullshit, man. I used to have a job that did the same thing and then I did this. Hey, we should call a lawyer.” What? Over $12? True story. That really happened in my life. That and many, many other goofy shit like that when I’m hanging out with family, when I’m hanging out.

By the way, I only hang out with one kid I graduated high school with. He's kind of like my brother and, again, great guy, makes 80 gees a year or so, should be making way more because he's a good sales guy. He has it. He's just in the wrong hook, the wrong niche, whatever, and it is what it is. But on the weekends instead of knowledging up and learning how to go advance himself, he'd rather go fucking fishing and avoid the world for three days.

Not knocking him. If he's happy, he's happy. I don't whatever. But I’m not sitting here fucking hanging out with kids I grew up and went to high school with talking about the girls they banged back in the day and now they're fat or pretty or whatever, or winning that touchdown that no one gives a fuck about, the school is already shut down. No one cares. [08:14.8]

See, one thing I’ve realized is me and my buddies, as we're growing companies and growing our life, we're not talking about the past as us having accomplished something. We're talking about where we're at and where we're going all the time. All the time. With the Dealmaker Family, 50,000 a year, these guys are paying to be a part where they can talk about real shit. We can talk about our real goals without feeling like a dumbass. We can share our real frustrations because they are real and they're holding us back, but everyone around us in our day-to-day family could be suppressing our conversations or minimizing what we do. Therefore, it doesn't encourage us to want to do more and share more and be more. [09:03.8]

But when you get around guys in the DM Family alike, there are other groups out there, I’m sure, but you're hanging out in these groups, we can be vulnerable. See, we are guys that typically most people look at us say, Wow, they're successful, and then we sit in the room and we're like, Dude, we only made $18 million this year in our company. How do we take this thing to fucking 250 million? And I want to sell it in five years for a billion dollars and I need to hire this person. I need to hire them. That's the shit we talk about in these rooms.

Go to your family party, go to your Christmas party, go to your work, whatever bullshit you go to, and sit down and start talking about that kind of shit in those rooms and watch what happens. They're going to say you're bragging. They're going to say you're showing off. They're going to say, Slow down, Jimmy, you're getting a big head over there, buddy. They're going to say, Oh, yeah, that's easy for you to do. Must be nice. Yeah, motherfucker, it is nice because I bust my ass and I get what I want. [10:00.0]

See, the thing is we're talking about where we're going, not about where we're at and where we were. These fuckers are 25 years deep in the game of life and they're still talking about the winning touchdown like it's something. Success is a constant movement. You're constantly moving. Success to you and I could be drastically different. Maybe you will need to go make a lot of money to be successful. Maybe I’m trying to go chase more time to be more successful.

I’m not saying success is this or that. I'm just saying, if you're not talking about growth and opportunities and all that good shit, what the fuck else is there to talk about? Biden? What the fuck are we talking about that dipshit for? The vax? We’ve clearly realized how fucking stupid people are in the general population. I could go on and on and on.

This is why you have to protect your brain. This is why you see massively successful people have literally two friends. They're not out there trying to get thousands and hundreds of thousands of millions of friends. Their circle gets tighter because you’ve got to be careful of wasting your energy and time. [11:13.5]

You're not a black sheep if you feel this way. I, personally, like I said earlier, have never heard anybody talk about this, ever. It's a real problem. I was talking with some people prior to this webinar, not this webinar, this podcast show, and every single one of them felt like a douchebag because they have this feeling. Again, you have to be careful who you're around.

By the way, you put yourself in those positions. Do you know how many family events I’ve missed because emotionally and mentally I wasn't ready to go in the fire? See, if we can't control our mind, we can't control anything. I’m being dead serious. [12:03.4]

There are events that I’ve missed. There are events. There are big events, holidays that I will stay home with just my family and that's it, because I might be going through something in my life, my business or whatever, and I can't go in a room where there's negativity, no positive, problems and problems and problems, because I’m a problem-solver, so when I hear problems, I want to solve the fucking problem and move on. They like to talk about the problem to talk about the problem, to one up the problem to keep talking about the fucking problem. If I’m in a weak state, it actually derails me, sidetracks me, and throws me behind the eight ball.
Let's say, it's Christmas. Instead of hanging out on Christmas and going through all that emotional stuff, maybe I’ll go to the day before or go the day after or whatever when I’m ready. It is selfish. Sometimes.
Sometimes you need to be selfish, but, listen, if I go and I get derailed for two weeks, I go into a funk, a two-week funk. I’ve been in those, you've been in those. We've all been in the funk. I control that. [13:13.6]

When I go into the funk, I ask myself, where is the root because of the funk? Maybe I drink too much eggnog. Not eggnog, but [advocaat - 13:23.8] you or wine or whatever. That typically throws me off for a couple of days, right there. Maybe I stay up too late. Fucks up my next day. Maybe I eat wrong. Maybe I eat bad, eat too much. Messes me up and I’ve got to unwind. I’ve got to reprogram. I’ve got to reset. It's not a big deal if you're kind of in the mix, but if you're kind of in a weak state of mind, it's easy to be manipulated into overeating, overdrinking, staying up too late, not doing the right shit. Now, me personally, if I’m off for two or three weeks, not only am I off, now it affects my family, my day-to-day family, my kids, my wife, my people, my team, because I’m kind of foggy. This is real talk about shit that's affecting people's growth. [14:13.0]

How can you grow if you're in an environment where all they talk about is problems and no one's solving a problem? How can I grow if I’m starting to get a little bit of a lift and they're talking about getting a paid two-week vacation? I’m thinking, who the fuck wants to go on vacation? I’ve got to go get money.

See, the thing is I’m not trying to escape my life. I’m trying to build a bigger, better life. I’ve never had a fucking paid vacation in my life. I pay for my vacation. Most people are out celebrating and vacationing way too fucking much. They're weak. They're lazy. They're incompetent and they're fucking stupid because they know better. [15:00.1]

“But, Mark, you're all about lifestyle.” I am, but you're staying at the fucking Howard Johnson, thinking you're balling out. You can barely pay your electric bill, but you're on vacation. You're starting to pick up some momentum in your company and then you take a fucking 10-day vacation.

By the way, I know a guy right now. His company is absolutely fucking crushing it and he just took a 10-day vacation without telling anybody. I promise you, mark my fucking words right now, two months from now, he'll be fucking crying to me saying he should have never gone on that vacation. I know for a fact that will happen. The truth is it's already starting to happen four days into the vacation. Shit is breaking. The momentum factor is shifting and it's starting to happen already. [15:57.6]

“But, Mark, I couldn’t take my vacation last year because of COVID.” Okay, so you're going to take it now in the middle of the biggest boom of your business? You waited a year. What's another four or five months? What's the cooldown season? October? Fuck, it's August. Wait till October, dude. I promise you, it will be way better. Not only that, you'll be able to enjoy the vacation. There's absolutely no way he's enjoying this vacation. He can lie to himself and say yes, but there's no way he is because shit is melting down and he knows it.

“Yeah, man, I just don’t want to piss off my wife.” She's going to be really pissed when you can't pay the bills two months from now. Pick which pissed off you want. Again, I’m not saying not to enjoy the fruits of your labors, but there are so many people that act like, Oh, I’ve got a hundred grand in the bank, I’m killing it. Dude, you ain't killing shit except your dreams. If you think $100,000 or $5 million is a lot of money, you're out of your fucking mind. It's not. [17:08.0]

I’m 43 years old. I’m semi-healthy. If we don't have $25 million minimum by 50, I think you're in massive trouble. See, the thing is all this shit is going on in the world. It has really allowed me to realize how fucking stupid the majority of the world is. I get frustrated. I get overwhelmed. I get anxious. I get mad. I want to burn shit down. I want to toss everything away. I want to say, what the hell am I doing all this for? And then, the aha, Mr. Mark, what is the alternative? You’re a sheep. You obey everyone just because they say it. You believe it. You don't think on your own. You're at the mercy of everybody. That ain't me. I question shit. I want to know what the fuck they're saying. I want to know why they're saying it. When I see agendas being pushed really hard, my alert goes off even harder, louder, like, What is behind that. [18:12.3]

Again, man, I've been a business owner my whole life. I understand marketing and how it works, and when shit people are over the top, it typically means there's something else behind it and it's very magician style like right now the Afghan shit, all that's going on we think that's going on, and by the way, it is going on, but we think that's what the real problem is, the real shit. It's a sleight of hand. The real shit is happening back at that White House. They're using this as a distractor to confuse the mind, to get you emotionally attached. “They're killing dogs.” Dude, that will pull you in, and when you get sucked in, you lose sight of what's really happening. The thought on the thought, the thought-audit is a real thing. It allows you to understand why we have these stupid fucking massive opportunity thoughts sometimes, too. Why do we have them? Where do they come from? [19:11.2]

You're not alone if you feel out of place when you're just hanging out with past friends and family, etc. You're built differently. We're built the same. I, personally, if you put me in a room with entrepreneurs, people that are pushing, struggling, getting excited, having problems, hiring people, firing people, growing businesses, selling, whatever, it's like heaven on earth to me. I get it. I understand how they tick. I understand what levers to pull. I understand what we can talk about.

To me, by the way, it's not going into the room and talking about just making more money, because we will all make more money in those types of rooms. But what it’s really about is about living to our fullest potential and our God-given ability, unique ability, and allowing each other to leverage each other's skill sets, abilities, connections, etc. [20:07.0]

When we do that, we're able to hire amazing people, get amazing talent, recruit new people into our world, to pay them a great salary, to give them an opportunity that they've probably never had in their entire life to excel and grow. That's what fucking gets me excited. I do it. I have people on my teams that make $30,000, $40,000, $50,000, $80,000 or more a month that literally 12 months ago was barely making three grand a month. It’s because they showed up. They did the fucking work. They followed the process and they continued to expand and grow, and do exactly what they said they were going to do above and beyond. They've just never been put in the environment with someone like me or my partners, etc., that want to help people grow. [20:57.7]

I was talking with one of my guys yesterday about how to grow his financial wealth. He's a sales guy for us who makes 20, 30 grand a month consistently, if not more. Now he's starting to make some good money. He's got a house. I go like, Hey, dude, this is what I would do and here's why. Based on your situation, here’s another thing I would do. Here's a tax savings opportunity. Here's a great cash flow opportunity. I want to see you be fucking rich. You getting rich doesn't make me poor. You getting rich doesn't make anybody poor. They'll just fucking print more money. That's what gets me excited.

The times when I’m sitting there ready to puke my fucking brains out because I’ve got to let someone go that I care so greatly about, but they've given up on their goals, they've given up on their actions, they've given up on their duties, and I’ve got to fire them, it sucks. But I would not trade that because all the fucking great people I get to hang out with, I get to talk with, I get to see them raise their families in a better environment, a bigger house, nicer cars, better vacations, and help more people, that's what this shit is about for me. I’ve already got the money. I want more and I want to give more. I want to do more. I want to be more. [22:07.2]

That shit ain't going to be talked about at family events, but I can tell you this—don't change you to fit in. Don't minimize your conversations to fit in. This took me a long time to understand. I was here at my son's party and someone I was talking to, I won't mention his name, but he was telling me that he makes 400,000 a year. He's in the financial sector for an employer and he hates his fucking job he has had for 20 years. He hates his job. It's a real thing.

I don't pussyfoot around. I don't sugarcoat it. I’m like, Dude, when are you going to do something about it? “Well …” and then they tell whatever bullshit excuses they have, and then I just have to say the truth. “So what you're telling me is you're a money whore and you'll do anything. You'll trade your happiness. You'll change your family time. You'll change your dignity for 400 fucking thousand dollars a year? Is that all you're worth?” [23:15.8]

And he looks at me like I’m fucking dumb. Looks at me like, What are you talking about? By the way, everyone else is telling this guy how amazing his job is, not because it's an amazing job but because he's making amazing money in their eyes, not his eyes, and he's allowing their words to penetrate his brain to make it make sense to stick in the fight. Don't ever minimize your conversations to fit in. Here's why and I’ve done a show about this. They're watching. They need people like you and I. I don't have to be a dick about it. [24:01.4]

Again, what I like best about what I’m sharing with you, just ask them permission. I’ll say his name is Steve. That's not his name. For example, when I talked to him at my son's party, I said, “Dude, do you want me to shoot straight with you or do you want me to sugarcoat this?” “No, man, shoot straight.” He's giving you permission, or she or whoever you're talking to is giving you permission to be direct. It's not what they want to hear. It's what they have to hear.

By the way, I’m not doing it to be a dick. I’m doing it because I care and many people outside watching are like, Dude, that's a dick move. I think it's a dick move if you're telling, propping this guy up to stay in a life he hates. He can borrow my belief. He can borrow my words. He can borrow my passion to plug into his life, to change his trajectory forever. [25:02.0]

He's mid-forties. He's confused. He's frustrated. He has given his life to this company and his company has been dicking around for the 20 years he has been there, and yet they keep giving him a couple more bumps, a couple more bumps, give you a couple more bucks, and then now that he has the handcuffs on, he's like, Dude, I went to college for this. I have relationships. I don't give a fuck about college. I don't give a fuck about these relationships. There's nothing here. It's not about them. It's about you.

I wrote about this in MEconomy where you have to become selfish to get what you want. You're not abandoning them. You're growing you. You have two children, for fuck’s sakes. Go, do it for them if you're too dumb to do it for yourself. Until you stand up, and I did this shift for years. I’ve minimized. The truth is I barely talked. I’m like, Uh-huh? Yeah. Oh, yeah, how's the weather today? Yeah. I’m standing outside. I know how the fuck the weather is. I just have nothing else to say. Oh, yeah, I got a 12-foot racer this year. Cool. What do I say? [26:10.0]

“Oh, man, getting away for a vacation, Myrtle Beach. We're going to drive. Yeah, we're saving $600 driving.” Hey, dipshit, have you heard of gas? Have you heard of wear and tear on your car? Probably about $900 to drive there. I don't say that. Instead, I’m like, Oh, that's cool. When are you going? How long are you staying? Where are you staying? “Oh, yeah, I’ve got to go, man. I’ve got to go get my toy. I’ve got to go get my jet ski.” Jet ski? You just told me you're fucking broke. I have millions in bank. I ain't got no fucking jet ski.

Again, not saying that out loud, back in the day. Well, I do now, not to be a dick, but because I do care. No one has taught you financial success. No one has taught you how to manage money. No one has taught you how to delay gratification to have a better future, a better life. No one has taught you how to think on your own. No one has taught you how to have critical thinking, which is what I’m talking about. No one has talked about this. Who's telling you that you can go be more? [27:14.5]

By the way, my team listens to these podcast shows. I hope all you fuckers become massive millionaires, hope all you fuckers start your own businesses, hope all of you have the most amazing life you've ever had. I don't care if it's with me or with yourself or with someone else, but I believe we can be great connectors, great conduits of opportunity together. I know what my strengths are and I know what your strengths are, and we can collaborate to do more. Who's telling you that?

See, how can you be so abundant? You're holding everyone down. Make zero sense, by the way. Pay attention to what fucking people actually do as opposed to what they say. A lot of people talk shit. “Yeah, man, I’m so abundant.” Cool, I’m doing charity fundraisers. It’s $5,000. “Oh, man, $5,000. Send me the link. I’ll take a look at it.” Weak, motherfucker, weak. You're not abundant. You're full of shit. [28:10.0]

I get it. You're in rooms where people are not pushing you to be better. I was in those rooms for years. That's why I got in mastermind rooms, to push me. You’ve got to stick in a mastermind room for, I say, 10 years minimum. Why? Because if you bounce around from mastermind to mastermind to mastermind, you’re bullshitting every year. You can get away with it for a year.

If you're rolling in the DM Family, I know you better than yourself three years deep. I know what makes you tick. I know what slows you down. I know what makes you hurt. I know what gives you pleasure. I know how you mind-fuck yourself. I know what you're really saying when you're trying to say something else, because we have time together, because I actually give two fucks and I’ll tell you directly how to help you. [28:56.1]

We don't discourage. We encourage. If you're talking about your dreams to people and they're like, Dude, calm down, slow down, that's too big. Yeah, right, no way. If that was so cool, why isn’t it already out there? Get the fuck out of that room ASAP because they're crushing your dreams, and if you're in a weak state of mind, you're going to believe the bullshit that they're saying that they've put on themselves, and then they're regurgitating that bullshit to you and you could believe it.

Look around the world. Everyone, the majority of the world believes bullshit. They're not thinking on their own. They're afraid to buck the trend. They're afraid to look stupid. Listen, they're the fucking stupid one. I’m the right one. It's my life. It's your life. I don't give a fuck if I’m right or wrong. It's my life. I’m taking the action. I might be wrong, but I don't give a fuck. It's what I want to do. It's my goal. It's my intention. It's my agenda. Dude, that's what this is about. You. Why don't they teach us this shit to be independent thinkers? [30:07.8]

You don't have to believe everything I say, by the way. You don't need to agree with it. But I’m telling you the truth of my truth. I become a better person by limiting my time spent with people that don't fucking get it, and I believe if you do the same, you could accomplish that as well.

Have you ever listened to a podcast show, have you ever read a book, have you ever watched a YouTube video, have you ever seen an IG story and said, You know what? I fucking get that. I understand what he's saying? You and I are the same. It's not all unicorns and rainbows to get to the top. It's not always comfortable conversations with yourself and with others. You have to evolve. You have to push the boundaries of what you used to know. [31:07.4]

You can't keep doing the same shit, expecting different results. If you're 20 years deep in the game, or five years or 10 years or 50 years, whatever, and you keep having the same problems, the core common denominator is you. You're the fuckup in the cycle. It is what it is. Address it, acknowledge it, and go to the root and solve the problem. This is why people are part of masterminds. You’ve got to get in rooms that are encouraging.

I get texts daily. “Dude, I just made a million dollars this month net. I’ve never done that in six months, let alone a month.” That gets me excited. “Mark, popped off 250 this month. My biggest month prior to that was 125. Holy shit. You're right. I get it now.” I’m not trying to be right. I’m just trying to help. [32:08.0]

“Mark, you were right. I should have hired this person five years ago. It is what it is. I hired them. Six months later, our company is 4X, and the massive bonus is I have more time. I have more confidence and I can lean on someone to grow with. Truly feel blessed.” These are the messages I get constantly, because they invest in themselves—50,000 a year may sound like a lot of money, but it is absolutely fucking peanuts, peanuts, for what takes place inside these environments.

You hanging out with shitheads all day, as you know, I’ve talked about the king of the dipshits, sitting around a table for people. Johnny makes 15 an hour. The other guy makes 15.25 an hour. Another guy makes 15.75 an hour. You make 16 an hour. They're on all of you. [33:06.0]

Because you're at 16 an hour, you're the king of the dipshits. You guys are all fucking four broke and you guys are comparing dicks to each other at the table. It's pointless. It means nothing. Zilch. “Yeah, man, I’ve got two weeks paid vacation. You only got a week and a half, ha-ha-ha.” Again, king of the dipshits.

I’m the dumbest in the room and I run the mastermind. I talk a lot here, but when I’m in those rooms, I’m listening. See, the beautiful thing about where I’m at in my life is I don't need to know anything. I just need to know who to do the how. I have a massive relationship capital with a lot of amazing people across the world that are experts in their field. Crypto, email marketing, supplement company, distribution, production, software, data, food and beverage, etc., etc., etc. I’m in all those categories financially. I’ve invested in all those categories, by the way, and beyond. Solar. [34:16.0]

I don't know dick about this stuff, but I know the experts that do that are running companies that are producing hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Instead of going out and recreating the wheel on something I don't even know anything about nor do I want to, why not just find a great jockey, give them a little bit of capital, some inside knowledge to help them grow and expand the environment, and we all win? My money grows. My connections grow. Their money grows. They hire better people. They accomplish more in their business and in their life, and we all win together. If I give them 100 grand and they pay me a million bucks back, that doesn't mean I took 900 grand from them. That means they made more money, too. That means that they're growing. They're progressing. It's a win-win for all. [35:04.3]

But I have to tell you, this shit is not going to happen if you're hanging out in the wrong rooms. It ain't going to happen if you're talking about Mary Sue and Joanne or whoever. You’ve got to be talking about solutions. You’ve got to be talking about your big dreams. Who do you share your massive, scary dreams with?

“Honey, I’m going to buy a jet. It's going to be $8 million. It's going to be our first jet. We're going to buy many more after this, but our first jet is going to be 8 million. It’s going to need 1.2 million to run and we're going to put this together and I’m going to do it in the next 12 months.” Do they look at you and say, No fucking way you're doing that, or do they say, That is amazing? I bet you can do it in six months. My conversations are the same exact. The question is who do I have the conversation with? Because that will determine a lot of what the outcome will look like and/or not look like. [36:03.0]

Many of you are sharing big goals and big dreams with little minds. If I go to someone who has zero confidence and tell them that I’m taking my company from 20 million to 50 million in the next 12 months, they'll think you're absolutely fucking crazy. It won't even register with them.

Instead of them saying, Oh, I’m dumb, that doesn't make sense, they'll use their words on how they talk to themselves, splurt them out loud to me. I can either believe them or not believe them. It depends on what state I’m in at that moment. Am I looking for a way to minimize my dreams because someone else does? Or if you're in the DM Fam and you tell us that path, one, we're going to ask you what that path looks like and, two, we're going to say, Why are you going for 50 million? Why not 10 million? And here's why. [37:01.2]

We're not just going to say a stupid-ass statement. We're going to actually give them data to back up the opportunity, the growth trajectory, the process. “You're only two hires away from here. Let me explain.” Boom. “Hey, Steve, you built a company to 250 million. What does that look like? What were your shifting points from 50 to 100, from 100 to 150, from 150 to 250? Where are you going now?” Then you watch Steve talk and you're like, Dude, that fucking guy ain't no smarter than me. He's just further along in the game than I am. I can learn a lot from this fucker, and now I could borrow his belief, pull into my belief, and go from 20 million to 100 million in 18 months or less.

It’s not because I’m smarter than you, but because I’m surrounding myself with better people that are willing to share their insights and I can learn from that. I can extract from that. I can implement from that. I can gain confidence in the motions. [37:57.5]

See, too many of you're trying to grow businesses in your bank account. You look at your bank account to see what you can do. You can't grow anything big from your bank account in the beginning. There's nothing in the fucking account. Trust me, I know. I tried to do it for years. Then I started asking, Who's got my money? Where's the money at? Because it sure ain’t fucking in my account, so I’ve got to go get it.

Then I started talking to people about money and I realized no one has a fucking clue about money. Some people just have a lot of it. Some people have a little of it. Even if you have a lot, it doesn't mean you know about money and maybe you're just in a good [place]. Maybe you’ve got it gifted to you. Maybe you’ve got it, made your money in a corporate job, I don't know. Wherever you came from, I don't care, but just because you have it doesn't mean you're good at keeping it. Just because you have it doesn't mean you're good at preserving it and growing it. Making it and growing it and keeping it are two massively different worlds. [38:53.3]

But, again, I digress. You are not awkward. You and I are perfectly normal. We've never been one of them, if you will. I don't have time to talk about nothing. I don't have time to sit down with someone who wants to pick my fucking brain that's going nowhere with the knowledge that I’m about to instill in them. Zero time. When everyone is like, Dude, how do you deal with the haters? I don't even though they exist because they're fucking white noise. It means nothing to me.

But I will see the messages like, Dude, Podcast 74 changed my fucking life, Evans. That's what I’m talking about. That's what I hear. That's what I focus on. I want to serve you. I want to help you grow. I want to see you succeed. I want to get you in a room one-on-one. I want to make millions of dollars, hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, with you guys. You have something I don't have. I have something you don't have, vice versa. It's not about competing. It's about collaborating. If you're not hanging in rooms to do this, you're missing massive, massive opportunities. [40:12.8]

I have millions of dollars invested with my DM Family guys, millions, because I want to see them succeed. I want to make more money on my money. I want to do it with the guys I love to work with. See, when you step outside of yourself and do what we're talking about here today—getting in better rooms, sharing your dreams with more people, better people and bigger people, don't minimize your conversations to fit in, fucking talk big around all—they feel uncomfortable because they know better. If not, they wouldn't feel uncomfortable, just go in one ear out the other.

I ain’t here to play fucking Mickey Mouse. I’m here to play the game of life, and I’m going to push, I’m going to prod, I’m going to drive this bitch to the top as high as I can go and beyond. Not because I’m smarter and better. It's because I’m calling smart and better people to help me do it—my fiduciary, Jim, I need you. Bryce, I need help over here. Hey, I’m looking at an M&A, I need an M&A attorney ASAP. Hey, we're doing it. [41:12.4]

I don't know all these guys. I just know the people to go to that do know these guys. I ain't calling a high school kid I went to school with that is sitting at home in his fucking trailer with his thumb up his ass at 400 pounds, talking about how life so hard. We have to elevate. We have to grow. We have to push ourselves, first and foremost. It's awkward, but if you start making these shifts and you start making these adjustments, I’m telling you, life changes.

I had this realization in my mid-twenties and I really leaned into it at 30 and beyond. That's why I bought the Rolls at 30. The first 12 years, dude, I drove shit cars, nothing, a G wagon, whatever, not a Rolls. I was so afraid of what people would think. Then I realized it doesn't give a. It doesn't matter. [42:09.0]

By the way, this was 2008. This was when shit was hitting the fan. I was making more money. Everyone's complaining. I’m earning more. I’m growing. I bought a mansion, the 16,000-square-foot house we lived in. We had the Rolls-Royces. We were traveling all the time. Dude, I don't have this problem. People are flipping me off. Gas is at $5 or $6 a gallon. You can only get 20 gallons max or whatever it was back then because of the gas shortage they said. I’m in a monster truck limo, literally, going to Starbucks just for fun to be a dick because that's what I wanted to do, you know what I mean? Too many people are worried about what others think they should look like or what they should do.

Yesterday, there was a cool moment, by the way. I’m going to share this and then we've got to get going here in a minute. But I have a Drophead Rolls. I have Ghosts and all that. Deena and I. One of my windows broke on my Rolls, my Drophead, a very random thing. [43:05.2]

I usually just throw it on a rollback and have them drop it off. I was like, I haven't gotten out of the house in two and a half weeks literally so I thought I’d take a drive. It's about 45 minutes away. They're cool guys. I’ve met these guys many times at the Rolls dealership, service department, whatever, and he's like, Dude, you gave me a book, 10-Minute Business Owner, three years ago. He still remembers me. He was like, Man, that book was awesome. Thank you very much. I’m now the GM, blah, blah, blah, which was cool.

But what was really cool for me? I’m leaving my house. I’m in the Drophead and I’ve got my wife behind me in the Ghost because she's going to bring me home. I’m getting goosebumps even saying this out loud, but I’m pretty fucking proud of myself considering I’m a hillbilly from Ohio, barely graduated high school, grew up in a trailer court until I was 10. [44:01.5]

My goal was to make $100,000 a year at 18 to be able to, one, they're all paid cash, but to have a lot of money, a lot of money in these cars, probably $600,000 in those two cars alone and they're mine. I did that shit. I did that shit and I’m driving. I’m like, Man, that fucking Ghost looks nice. Oh, wait, I’m in a Drophead. Damn, this is nice, too. I had to keep telling myself, “I did this,” not to show off, but to accomplish something.
I enjoy nice cars. The truth is, not to sound like a dick, I forget I’m in a fucking Rolls-Royce most of the time. I’ve had nice cars now for 13-plus years, so it's not a big deal. First of all, I never bought cars because they're nice. I bought them because I liked them. They just happened to be a Rolls-Royce, a nice G-wagon, a nice Rover, whatever, right? [45:06.0]

For me, it was just a realization that it's cool to stop for a moment, too, and just say, You know what? Good job. It's not like, I’m like, Oh, I’m the best., I’m the best, whatever, but it's like, I did this. What else can I accomplish? And it's not about the materialistic thing, by the way. It's about me. It just so happens this moment showed up through the things.

This also could be a retirement account for my parents. This also could be setting up my kids to be successful financially if they want to go to college, if that's even a thing then for them. It could also be maybe paying off my in-laws’ houses if that's what I want to do. What is your thing? Maybe it's setting up an insurance policy, so that if I die at 52, my wife has a windfall of money, but we have people in place to protect it, to help her grow it and preserve it. Those are things for me, too. I do that shit every day. [46:05.2]

I challenge you to start thought-auditing. Again, you're not going to cut cold turkey going to any events, family functions, but I live away from my parents, three hours away from Ohio, and then when I’m in Florida, obviously Florida at Ohio, so I have limited association. I talk to my parents, by the way, every single morning. I talk to them five to eight minutes every morning, say, what's up, make sure they're alive. How's things going? Same conversation every day. But that's my parents. I love them and it is what it is.

By the way, they're not here listening to the show you and I. Not knocking it. They're just not progressing. They're stuck in the day-to-days. They're stuck talking about where they're going to eat dinner tonight. They're stuck about talking about what's going on in town that doesn't mean two shits in their life, but they still talk about it for eight hours a day. Again, I’m not knocking them. It’s just that I know there's more. I know there's different. [47:02.5]

That's how I grew up, but what I do as an adult is up to me. I can't use my parents as an excuse. I can't use my grandparents as an excuse. They fucked me up sitting in the middle of the LTD, eating a Snickers, while they blasted, smoking cigarettes, fucking driving down the road, going to the bar with me as seven-year-old kid. By the way, I had fun doing that. But it was like, oh, man, secondhand smoke. I could have died. It is what it is. I didn't. I’m here. What am I going to do now? See, the thing is so many people are stuck in the rut. The best way to get out of it is to stop fucking digging, look up, and figure out a plan to get out. Only you can do that.

At the next event pay attention to what you talk about, what they talk about. Do you minimize to fit in or do you share your big dreams and goals? Do you talk about social? This is why a lot of you don't even post on social media. “I don't want to be bragging.” Brag away, motherfuckers, because the truth is you're not bragging. They might see it as bragging. That's on them, not you. You're sharing your journey of life. [48:13.4]

Sure as fuck, though, these people that say you're bragging, they'll go online and talk when something bad happens 24/7 like it's no big deal. They'll talk about it like, Yeah, I just got back from my vacation. Two weeks, I was gone. It was amazing. Bragger. When I talk about buying a new Rolls, when I talk about buying a new mansion, when I talk about flying private, when I talk about going on the yacht with my boys, with my family or whoever, that's bragging? No, motherfucker. I’m just sharing a part of my journey, my real life journey. The truth is, if I talk about all this shit I’ve got going on in my life, you’d really fucking think I’m bragging. I have a lot of cool shit going on, but there's a lot of stupid going on, too. [48:57.1]

But you and I are the same. If you're still listening to this show, the DM podcast, this isn't about the DM Mark Evans. This is about the DM you, the deal-maker, the dream-maker to your life. You are in control of what happens next. I know it's scary, but put forth the effort. Get around the right people. Message me. Let me know what you're up to.

The truth is most people I talk to are dreaming too small because they've been suppressed so far and so long. Oh, man, my goal is to make 50,000 a month. Really? Dude, I could go clean out garages and hustle and make 50 grand a month. I want to build you. I want you to see you build a business. I want to see you build a legacy. I want to see you build a future for your family. I want to see you build something that's forever, that's everlasting that changes the world. That's the stuff we're thinking about and talking about inside of the rooms of the DM Family. We’re looking for impact, charities we're giving to. [50:08.0]

Be the change that you want. Change. I truly believe this, and then I’ve got to go, I believe one hundred percent with every fiber of my body that I was put on Planet Earth to change my family and my wife's family’s financial tree forever, and I stop and I think, If I don't do it, who does it? I have the wherewithal. I know it's a thing. I have a responsibility. I don't know where it comes from, but it's coming from somewhere to be better, to do better, to share higher level stuff, to be bold. I don't care what people say. I know where I am. I know the path I’m at, where I’m going. It's not easy always, but it's a must. I’m changing the root system of the tree. I want the family legacy to be bigger. I want the family to have a hand up, not a handout. I’ve got to be very proactive with this shit, because if I don't, who does? [51:14.0]

So, please do me a favor, Dealmaker Family, if you're ready to step your game up 50 gees a year and you're doing a real business, you should probably message me on social media on Instagram @MarkEvansDM and say, Yo, let's talk about the DM Fam. Don't waste my time. It's 50 gees. That doesn't mean if you have 50 grand, you're automatically qualified. I want to talk to you and make sure I can help you, make sure your mindset is right and all that, but that's what it's about. If you get in that room, some cool things could happen.

Then, on that, let me know. Thought-audit. Go to your events. Go to your family functions. Hang out with your buddies, whatever you guys do. Pay attention. Pay attention to what you're talking about. Pay attention to what they're talking about. Pay attention to what the outcomes of these conversations are. [52:02.1]

Right now football season is getting ready to start. Overdrinking and overeating will occur on Sundays for a lot of people listening to my voice. Why? To watch football? To watch men in tights? Really? I’m not knocking it. It's just, is that where you're at in your life where you should be wasting 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 hours, plus two days of hangovers, moral and physical hangovers, knowing that you could have done better? You know what's right and what's wrong. The question is, are you doing it?

Pay attention. Thought audit on it. Let me know what you're up to. I appreciate you guys being here. I’m excited to share this conversation. I’ve never talked about it before and I’ve never seen anybody else do it, so I thought it'd be something timely because it is real life and it's where we're at in our life. If you guys need anything, hit me up.

I appreciate you being here. Have an amazing, amazing day, and with that said, make today count. Peace. [52:56.5]

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