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What if I told you that you can get other people to pay for everything you’ve ever dreamed about? 

You probably wouldn’t believe me. But I’ve done this to rent yachts, private jets, and even own a 60,000 square foot mansion — without paying a cent out of my own pockets. And I’ve even made money from these “liabilities” by transforming them into “assets.” 

In this episode, I’m revealing the single most profitable mindset shift you can have — so you can live your dream life and get others to pay it for it. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How to get others to foot the bill for anything you dream about having (2:18) 
  • Why renting a yacht is one of the most profitable investments you can make for yourself and others (2:39) 
  • The billion dollar mindset shift that can help you afford a mansion this week (even if you only have a fraction of its cost in your bank account) (5:57) 
  • Why the gap between multi-millionaires and you is only 6 inches (7:25) 
  • How to live in a 60,000 square foot mansion for free (and even make money while living there) (11:37) 
  • Why living within your own bank account slowly bankrupts you (and how to live in an endless amount of other peoples’ bank accounts) (14:18) 
  • How injecting fun into your events lets you charge at least 10x more (28:02) 
  • The Beatles’ “Write A Swimming Pool Method” that’s made them millions of dollars (and how to do this in your life) (31:13) 

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How do you get others to buy you what you dream of? Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” How to turn your liabilities into an asset. This is a different way of thinking, so I hope you listen to this show with both ears and fully engage. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there. It’s your boy, Mark Evans DM. Thank you very much for being here. Very, very excited to talk to you today on this podcast show, live from Parkland, Fla. It's live right now, but you're listening to it recorded for Parkland, Fla., another spectacular, insanely beautiful day. [01:07.3]

Again, if you're up north or anywhere it's cold and ugly, I get it, man. I lived that life until 2005. I was born in ’78 and, until 2005, I lived in Ohio full time and I never ever left, but now we've been down in Florida and just knowing that it changes the game, you look good, you feel better. You want to look better. You're out, moving around, you're doing stuff and it's pretty powerful.

Anyway, today I want to talk to you about something very special and powerful. Again, this comes through me talking with other people. The truth is my buddy, Matt, and I were working out one day. He was like, Dude, you know you have a superhuman power that most don't have. I was like, What are you talking about?

Again, this isn't egotistical. It sounds silly maybe coming out like that, but the truth is we all have unique abilities and superpowers and the way superpowers works is you don't even know it’s a superpower. You don't even know it's a strength that you even have access to because it's just supernormal to you. [02:10.0]

This is not normal and when he started talking about it, and I've had other people tell me this, but I want to share that with you today. If there's anything you've ever dreamt of having, you know you can have others pay for that? What I mean is I turned my liabilities into assets.

As I'm talking to you, recently we just did a thing where we were going out on a yacht. Actually, I'm going out tomorrow on the yacht with the family, which will be awesome, and then two weeks later, I’ll be out on a yacht with 11 other entrepreneurs and business owners across the country.

Now, the yachts are rented out for the day. It’s $22,000. That's what my cost is and, plus, there's some tipping going on on top of it, let's call it 25 grand, and each ticket was only $5,000. Huh? Mark, only $5,000. Dude, are you nuts? [03:02.5]

Let me be very crystal clear. The people that show up on that yacht that invest $5,000 will change. They are literally going to meet someone that will make them hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in their lifetime, I guarantee it. I've never not seen this happen. It might not happen immediately, but what will happen is connections will get forged. Relationships will happen and things will start popping a week, a month, 10 months, 10 years from now. Something will happen.

When people invest in themselves, they start seeing where they can generate revenue and how they can be a value to others, and that's what I love about this, kind of turning my liabilities into an asset. See, that costs 25 grand to rent the yacht. I had 11 people pay five grand. That's $55,000. I paid 25. It's a great value exchange for them because if they rented the yacht by themselves, it cost 25 grand. They're only paying five. I get it, they'd have the whole yacht to themselves, but what fun is that? [04:11.2]

They pay or they invest five grand in themselves. My job is to invest in my network, through all the relationships I’ve built, share the opportunity, five grand only, come out, hang on the yacht, and I generate a net $30,000 for eight hours.

By the way, that's cool, but that's not what I'm doing it for, but it's icing on the cake and there are some lessons in that as well, but I’ll generate $30,000 and it happened within a couple hours because I put the offer out. We shared it and 11 people took us up on the offer, and that's all we can have. I mean, because the boat can only have 12 people. I’m the twelfth one, by the way. So, I get to hang out on the yacht. I get paid $30,000 to do so and we'll enjoy and make connections and meet people. For me as well is I will generate a lot of opportunity and money on this yacht, just like everyone else. [05:09.4]

See, just because I'm the mastermind leader, if you will, in this particular situation, doesn't mean I'm not there to learn. Oftentimes, the teacher is learning more than the student, if you will, and what I'm doing is I'm going to learn. I'm going to be of value to others. That's my true goal. My job is to know all 11 people before they get on the boat and then know who should know who quicker, how to expedite results. I'm a problem solver, and the faster we can solve problems and the bigger the problems are, the more opportunity and the more money there are for all involved and that's what it's about.

The yacht trip is just one example. I still do this today. I've been doing this for many, many, many, many, many years. I did this on a mansion in Georgia. I had a 16,000-square-foot mansion, a three-and-a-half million dollar house, and it paid for itself many times over. [06:06.5]

How or why? It's simple. I said, “Mark, how do you buy this house and not pay for it?” Understand that thought process. How do I buy the house and not pay for it? This is different thinking, folks. We're going to constantly get the same things if we're thinking about the same thing. Man, how do I afford this house? Dude, no one can figure that out. Work harder? That's going to be your answer. Just go work harder. That's how you afford it and/or what can I create or what can I do where others will pay for this house for me and my family?

Let's say, that house costs $20,000 a month to run, costs about 18,000 to 22,000, give or take, that's how much it costs. These are facts, by the way. This is real stuff. What I did was I said okay and I talked to Deena about this. It was just her and I living in this massive 16,000+ square-foot house, so it's obviously an entertainer's dream, right? If you love entertaining people, this is an awesome opportunity, which I do. I really enjoy that. [07:08.7]

Something happened to me way back in my early-twenties, where I went to a mansion. It was a $32-million mansion back then. But when I stepped foot on the ground, something triggered in my brain like, Holy shit, I can make millions of dollars and buy something like this one day, and until then I had always thought rich people were different or just whatever, and they are a little different, meaning they think differently. That's about it. That's about all the difference they are, about money. It changed my life the day I stepped foot into this massive mansion. It was so out of my realm, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is amazing.
I started thinking back like, Hey, I’ve got this big 16,000-square-foot mansion. I want to have people buy it for me, pay for it, if you will. How do I do that? I created, right before I bought this house, a thing, an event called the Millionaire Mansion Experience. [08:04.0]

I said, “You know what? I've been to many masterminds, many groups, many connections, many coaching programs, whatever, but I’ve never been to the guy or gal’s house that was teaching it. What if I could sit in their house? What if I could go, hang out and realize what this is like to live this kind of life” Again, people following me want nicer houses, nicer cars, nicer things, nicer lifestyle, nicer, more time with themselves in their family, so this is not materialistic. This is just the facts of what we want. We want nice shit. I mean, they don't build it for nothing, right?

I created the Millionaire Mansion Experience. It was $1,000 a ticket and I would do a two-day event. I would go up to the clubhouse where this is a big golf-course community, hotel on site. It's at Chateau Elan, by the way, in Georgia. [09:00.0]

What I would do is I was doing webinars to sell the $1,000-course, and the course alone, I was selling for $1,000, but then I gave two tickets to come to the event because I wanted to forge relationships with people personally and I invited them. I opened my doors to my personal residence, my house, where me and my wife slept and lived, and that was a game changer, because what happened was sales skyrocket because people want to be a part of that, which was awesome and I'm very appreciative of that.

Again, I know this because I would have done the same thing. If someone opens their door to their house, this is different. This is a different level. It's not like a seminar guru, where you go to a seminar and they pitch you hardcore and they run out the back door. I want to get to know you. I want to know what you stand for, what you're thinking about, what your problems are, what your solutions are, where we're going in the future together, and that's the shit that excites me.

Anyway, I was selling 30, 50, 100 tickets a month to this thing, and keep in mind, to run the house cost, say, $20,000 for easy math and do the event. What we would do was, check this out, I bought a monster truck limo. Actually, the people bought it, but I invested in a monster truck limo. [10:15.5]

What I would do is people would stay at the hotel. We’d pick them up and we did parties at my house two times, not once, but twice. We’d do an event, let's say, on a Tuesday. We’d do the event, and then, Tuesday night, the limo would pick them up and bring them to the house, and then we'd have cocktail girls, food, cater. I mean, it's decked out. You're in a 16,000-square-foot mansion, hanging out. We’re all back with music playing. I mean, it's an amazing experience. Then we’d always have to tell them, calm down, don't drink too much on Day 1 because that can happen, get excited.

Then, on Day 2, we worked really hard at the event. We were learning a lot of cool stuff. The brands are expanding. They were in a different world, right? The first day, it grew their minds so much of what was possible, me, the hillbilly Mark, me, by the way, if he can do this and live in a house like this, why can't I? [11:07.0]

We would do Day 2, the same thing, pick them up, have different food, different drinks, all that fun stuff, and forged amazing relationships. As I'm talking to you today, and that was 13, 14, 15 years ago, I still have a lot of relationships in business that I'm doing and have done with people that have attended the Millionaire Mansion Experience, and if you're listening to this podcast show and you are part of that, you know a hundred percent what I'm talking about. I share this openly. Thank you, guys, for allowing me to live in a 16,000-square-foot house for free by providing value.

These are two great stories and real-life stories, and I’ve done this with jets. Me and my boy, Tom, we went to Iowa and there were eight seats on the jet. He and I are going no matter what. Say it costs 20 grand to do that, so we brought six other people in and they paid 24 grand, $4,000 a seat. [12:05.2]

It's not just a jet ride that they're getting, by the way. We're with them all day. They’ve got their hotel paid for. They’ve got their food paid for. More importantly, we had great conversations for 24 hours, right? We met up with a guy that has a massive business and operation. We’ve got to connect with them. These are connections and things that they could never get by themselves at the rate we got them. Literally, they said, yes, I'm in for four gees. Boom, they paid it and we were off to Iowa—that's how simple it was-and getting in front of people that they never thought was possible at this fast pace, so we generated some money flying private.
When you see people flying privately, you're like, Oh, dude, that's a lot of money. Have you ever sat back and said, How do I do that and make money? Just like the shot, making $30,000 for eight hours. Of course, I’ll be there for eight hours, but it took me a lot longer than eight hours to make 30 grand. I’ve planted seeds. I've made great relationships. I've worked really hard and people have understood the value exchange of what they get. [13:14.2]

Some see it, some don't. Here's what I’ve realized. I can't help you see it. I'm just sharing with you the reality of what we're doing. Go, rent the yacht yourself. It's 25 million, 25,000. I don't need no yacht. Who said [you did]? No one is saying you need it, but what it does is it expands your brain. You think it's a cost. I see it as an investment.
Keep in mind, I’ve invested hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars now over the years, 25 years almost, in coaches, masterminds events, traveling to these events, taking time away from a life and business to grow myself, and I’ve never not made money even on shitty experiences because I’ve learned from them. I learned how to be a better producer of my stuff to make sure their experience that you have with us is better. [14:02.2]

How do you turn your liabilities into assets? These are the things you need to be thinking about, and before you get too excited, let me share some things that I messed up on this.

No. 1: I used to not think like this a whole lot because I was just so busy doing my own thing. This is why I was always living very small, because it was inside my own bank account. Whatever is in my bank account, that's what I was envisioning and dreaming about, which is cool, but it's not where you want to be, because what you really want to be is when literally it's limitless, like I can be on a yacht and get paid to be there. I can take a trip.

This is a true story. I'm getting ready to head to the West Coast on a jet. It costs me about $62,000 to do that flight, round trip. While most people are complaining about spending $281 in economy, that trip is $62,000. That's an investment in me, my wife and my kids, family, my lifestyle. I don't have to go through … We literally pull up to the jet, hop on a Rolls. I pay for that. This happens in May, by the way, and I'm talking to you in March. [15:14.4]

But I’ve already thought, What is the way to generate revenue to pay for the trip? Then you start creating like, Where's my value add? I'm going there to speak to 500 people, right? I'm going to be speaking in front of 500 people. Clearly, that's an audience that wants to be in a room. They all pay to be there. I'm not looking to sell anything at the room, but also there's a group of people that know who I am. I very rarely go out to the West Coast, and when I do, people are always asking, Hey, man, can I pay for a day of your time? and all this and I really don't like doing one-on-one.

But what if I changed the value, add and sell 10 tickets at six grand, 10 grand or whatever the number. Let's call it 10 tickets at 10 grand a piece, $100,000 for a one-day event and I sit in the room and we grow their businesses? They invest 10 grand and they grow their business by a million dollars minimum in the next 12 months. Is that a good deal? [16:14.7]

To me, it's a hell of a deal. It's a no brainer. The truth is, if they invest 10 grand and at least make 10 grand back, which would be near impossible that I don't even know how it couldn't happen, but I guess anything is possible. But what's cool about people that invest 10 grand? They do shit. They make shit happen, period.

This is in all truth, in all honesty, why I don't like working with beginners. I don't like working with excuse makers, because you could literally hand them the key to the fucking safe and they'll complain about it. You could literally say, Go outside and grab your bucket. Money is falling from the sky. They’re like, But I need an umbrella. But what if I scratch my eye if I look up with the dollar bills hitting me? Ow, those gold bars hurt when they hit my head. Wow, this bucket is so heavy. See, some people just fucking complain. [17:08.3]

Those aren't the people I'm talking about. These are not the people you could ever help. For heaven’s sakes, they can't even help themselves. But this is how I turn my liabilities and the assets. It starts with thinking, though. It has nothing to do with the asset or the liability. It has something to do with you. It has everything to do with you thinking.

If I'm looking to take a very big vacation, which we do often, maybe not as much since COVID, but again, we're heading to the West Coast, 62 gees. That's kind of a chunk of change, and my thought is, Oh my God, I can't afford that, which pretty much everyone reverts back to that or says, Oh, my God, that's a lot of money. Compared to what, right? It might be a lot of money to you with what's in your bank account, but it's really not a lot of money. If I look at the whole world’s deficit, 62 grand is really nothing. Actually, it's nothing at all. It's like a raindrop in the ocean of water. [18:06.0]

For me, my mind thinks commit 62 gees, and I'm already in, by the way, and then execute a plan to generate 10 tickets at 10,000 or 20 tickets at 5,000. I promise you, I'm not going out there unless I make at least $100,000. I have no fucking clue how it's going to happen yet and I'm being honest with you. I just know that for whatever dollar amount they give me, I want to see them get a 10X to 20X within three months, so if they give me 10 grand, I'd love to see them make $100,000 to $200,000 in three months with the connections in that room that I put in there, as well as the knowledge they'll gain on what I'm sharing with them.
See, this is a different thinking pattern. It's not how can I get more and do less or give less? It's not about doing work, by the way. It's about giving. How can I get 10 grand from you and deliver barely 10 grand in value? That model doesn't really work too well in life in general at all. Right? How do you give less and get more? It's not a good model of serving people. [19:17.5]

But I can tell you this. I feel very confident we're going to do it. I have no clue how the hell we're going to do it yet. I don't know the hook. I don't know the angle. I don't know the objective. I just know that I put it out there and I'm thinking about it, and I'm going to create money out of thin air. Money is simply an idea and I'm going to create it, because I need other people to pay for my liability, right? I need other people. I'm going to make $38,000 to go hang out for a week in a bad-ass location, speak to 500 amazing people. [20:00.0]

Folks, it's only 10 people at 10 grand. The truth is one guy or gal could pay me 100 grand for one person. I probably wouldn't even do it. Why? Because I'd rather have 10 amazing people because they can connect with each other. I like the connection factor. It's got some power to it.

But with that said, if you're on the West Coast, you should private message me because I am going to do something out there in mid to end of May. I forget the exact dates. That's why I'm giving a broad range, but I think it's from the 19th to the 25th, somewhere around then. I'll be out there for seven or 10 days with my family. We'll be flying out on the jet and I’ll be talking to 500 amazing people at my boy, Sean Whalen's event, Lions Not Sheep.

So, how do I get paid? These are the things I think about and maybe it's because I grew up poor. Maybe it's because, if I wanted something, I had to figure out how to get it. And it's not steal it. It's not take it, and beat someone up and take it. It's how to create value, and value is very relative. Value to you and I might be drastically different. [21:07.7]

I value my time. You might value your money more than your time. I'm not judging it. Most people do, right? That's why you're willing to trade your time for dollars. I prefer to sell and be in control of how much money I can make. There's no cap on what I make except through my brain. This is different thinking and, again, I apologize for not sharing this to you many years in advance. I thought everyone did this shit. I thought everyone thinks like this until my buddies started saying, Dude, this is a secret weapon, a superpower that you have. You don't even know that you have it.

But let me just be clear, I've messed this up multiple times over the years because I felt guilty. Yep, I felt guilty about what I'm sharing with you. So, let me explain something. I did an event one time. I think the cost was five grand. That's how much it costs to do the event. This was a long, long time ago. I was like, How do I get people to pay for it? [22:06.8]

What I did was I was trying to figure out how to get more people in the room and charge them less. Charge them less. My formula back then was $5,000, because the event costs five grand, divided by 20 many people or 10 people, or 40 people, right? Let's call it 50 people, so it's like how do I sell 50 people at $100? Folks, I can tell you right now, and this may blow your mind, it's easier to sell one person for 5,000 than it is to sell 50 people for $100.

Now, this might sound crazy to you, but I promise you, I’ve tried to buck this trend. It does not. It's the truth. It is the truth. But I used to mess this up because I would charge what I had in it. $5,000, 50 people, 100 bucks, and that's it. I break even. I’d invest all my time selling the tickets. I’d invest. I’d give, not even invest. I’d give my time away to sell the tickets and I’d give my time away to do the event. I’d make zero. [23:15.3]

But it didn't cost you anything, Mark. Listen, I don't know about you, but I don't like working for free at all. I did this for years but I felt guilty. I was like, But it only costs me five grand. Why would I charge them more? And then you start understanding real business. There's a cost to every ticket sale, time and money or both and typically it's always both.

Then you’ve got to get paid to show up. There's a show up fee, right? You are the one. You're the celebrity for that event, so you've got to have a payment structure. Let's say, I just say 10 grand. Where I'm going with this is too many times we're just doing enough to do enough. It cost five grand. You charge five grand. What I recommend is at least, at least, adding a deal. [24:07.8]

Again, this depends on the size of the event and how hard it is and all this stuff, but you’ve got to be making money, thousands, if not, tens of thousands of dollars for the day, minimum, because it's not just the day, let's be honest. You’ve got to sell the tickets. You’ve got to create the idea. You’ve got to formulate the process.

You’ve got to hire web developers or tech people, or however you take the money. There's a cost to taking money. Credit cards are going to charge you 4%, 3% or 4%. Then you’ve got the staff. Then you’ve got to set up for the room. Then you’ve got the team running the room. So, we're just looking at hard costs. We're not talking about all the other associated costs to an event. Then what I like to do, I'm more of a Four Seasons type of guy where I like to send gifts to people prior and/or after. I like to give them gifts when they show up.

By the way, everything I'm saying costs money, right? It takes money. If you only charge five grand and it costs you five grand hard cost for the event, you don't have any upside opportunities to take care of your people, your tribe, and give them a better experience. [25:08.3]

But if you charge 10 or 20 grand to do this event that costs you five grand, now you have $15,000 of wiggle room, right, where you could buy a really cool gift. You could send something over the top. You could let them know your knowledge at another level. What's the last event you've been to where someone sent you a gift after the event, someone gave you a bad-ass gift at the event? And I'm not talking a pen. I'm talking something very powerful, very meaningful. These are the things you do with custom experiences. When people are paying, using your liabilities as an asset.

See, my asset is not necessarily the jet or the yacht or any of that. My asset is my brain and I know that. I hope that. I know in the beginning, I didn't understand the value of my asset, but there's a real value to it. Just like a house, if it's all location, location, location, your brain is location at the highest level. It's the only location you’ve got. [26:15.2]

That's why you need to knowledge up constantly. That's why you need to be a connector—and that's my job. I genuinely love connecting with you, people. That's why I do the podcast show for free. That's why I do lives online for free. That's why I'd share my life on social for free, because I want to connect with you through my lens of how I'm rolling.

This conversation I'm having with you today, every single fucking person could make millions of dollars having their life paid for them, having the jets, having the Ferraris, having the Rolls-Royces, having the mansions, paying for dream vacations, paying for these things that you've never thought were possible. You don't have to believe me, put it to work. You'll see it happen. [26:59.1]

I teach this at the high level and the DM Fam. That's my 35k—actually about to be 50k—a year mastermind group. I teach this because every single person in that group could and should be making millions of dollars within 12 months with this superpower. It's not so super powerful if you know it exists, because every single person could do it.

By the way, let's say, you love golfing. You take 10 guys golfing. It costs you 200 bucks around per person, so 10 guys is $2,000. Why not do a golf trip, a one-day event or a two-day event and charge $2,000 a person? You get to go golfing and hang out with 10 amazing people, nine because you're the tenth, amazing people, and they pay $2,000 to be there, so they’ve invested in themselves. They're semi-serious about their life. They have a little bit of money to grow. Then maybe you golf one day, hang out and then go into the workroom for three, four or five hours, talk about their goals, their dreams, where their business is at. [28:04.7]

See, don't get this confused. Don't think you need to be sitting in a room all fucking day, working on a whiteboard. I see people do this. It's the most boring shit I’ve ever seen in my life. First of all, no one wants to do that, nobody, but it makes you feel like you're getting your value because you really sit there and you're grinding it out. I don't know about you, but after about four or five hours, I'm done. I'm kind of worn out.

For you, turn it into an experience, a value-proposition experience. Come and golf with me. The truth is more shit will happen when you're golfing because you're caught in the golf cart, talking. They're seeing how you work, how you don't work, what you're saying, what you're not saying, how you treat others. I mean, there are a lot of things happening consciously and subconsciously, and then when you go into the room to work, you can get going. Would you spend two grand to make 20 grand? Set it up. [29:05.0]

Any person can do this, by the way, so don't use “I don't have any value.” Bullshit. You're a valuable individual. Your value might not be dollars. Here's a cool thing. If you want to see what value is, first of all, value is all relative. Going to a thing called CharityBuzz, people are paying $5,000 to have a celebrity follow them on Instagram for a week.

Do you understand that? Do you understand how stupid that is? Just to say, Oh, my God, Jamie Foxx is following me or whoever the fuck, I don't even know, but whatever. Who cares? There's zero value to that, by the way, but that's a lie because someone pays for it. It’s valuable to them for whatever reason, maybe their ego or they can tell their friends, Oh, my God, Jamie Foxx is following me, whatever that means. [29:55.7]

You have value. Maybe you're good at marketing. Maybe you're good at organization. Maybe you're good at selling. Maybe you're good at CRM management. Maybe you're good at data mining. Maybe you're good at something. You're good at something.

Then you need to start building a tribe of people and start sharing your thoughts. Hey, guys, I'm looking to do an event. Talk about this on Facebook. Talk about this on Instagram. Talk about this on your email list. Talk about this anywhere. You can go to church and stand up in front and talk, say, Hey, guys, I'm teaching people how to generate blah, blah, blah, or do X, Y, and Z, how to streamline their whatever. Put a value on this and sell the shit. You're stealing from yourself and you're stealing from other people that want to invest in themselves if you don't do this.

I’ve never had one person that comes on the yacht, comes on the jet, hangs out at the mansion, that says, Dude, this is a waste of my time and money, never, ever, ever, and I’ve had thousands and thousands of people do it. Thousands. Thousands of people have given me money to pay for my liabilities. [31:02.2]

This is how you turn your liabilities into assets. This is how whatever dream you can think of, this is how you can get other people to pay for your dreams. What's his name? I forget. What's that group? The Beatles. “Write a swimming pool,” they say. What does that mean, Mark? Write a song, collect royalties and make hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of dollars. That's what the fuck that means.

If they can do it, why the hell can't you and I? We can. The difference is what are they thinking about? They don't sit down to write a pool. I don't sit down to take a 62,000 jet ride and think, Man, I can't afford that. That's too expensive. Who would ever pay that kind of money? I simply think, I'm in. How do I make money from this? What can I offer? What's my value prop and what can they get from it? And then I go to work. [32:09.5]

And I will make six figures gross to fly out to the West Coast. I don't know what it's going to look like. I don't know who will be there. I don't know how much the investment will be. It will be at least 10 grand, by the way, and the results will be profound.

If we sat in a room for six hours together in a collective group of people that all pay 10 grand, it's impossible to make an investment for 10 grand and not make that back, plus way more, because they invest in themselves. They showed up to get a return on investment. Clearly, they have a little bit of money because they're paying 10 grand to be in the room, so they're semi resourceful, respectful, and generating revenue, because you can't pay 10 grand if you're not making money, so it's a qualifier. [32:59.5]

The funny thing is, and I didn't learn about this until way later, see, I always thought I was paying for who was in the room, so when people would give me 10 grand or when I used to give 10 grand, I thought I was paying for who was in the room.

Then I joined a group. It was $100,000 a year for three meetings in Arizona and the guy said something very interesting. He said, “Guys, first of all,” and this was the first meeting. He was like, Thanks for being here. You guys know you're not paying for who's in this room, and by the way, pretty much anybody you would know is in that room that's doing big shit online, and there were only 25 of us in that room. It was pretty cool. But with that said, he was like, What you're really paying for is who is not in this room.

Let me say this again because this is a game changer. When you invest in, say, the Dealmaker Family for 35 grand, you're not paying for who's in the room. I know that's what you think you're doing. First and foremost, you're investing in yourself, Step 1. Step 2, what you're really investing in is who is not in that room. [34:07.0]

What I mean by that is as entrepreneurs, if you have this kind of money and you're gaining this kind of momentum, your biggest concern is protecting your time, getting around other people that are talking about positive direction, solution-driven, not talking.

Again, I'm not knocking family, but most of your family is going to be talking about all the bad shit, all the small-time shit, all this stuff that doesn't really matter but it matters to them. Then they drag you down. Then entrepreneurs, who the hell do we talk to? The shit is hitting the fan. Who do we talk to?

You can't just go, tell the world that you suck. You can't tell the world that you have no clue what's going on. You can't go tell the world you just lost 150 gees on a deal. We can. It’s just not going to be received too well oftentimes, even though you should do that and I will explain that on another podcast show one day. But what happens is, in that room, it's like a safety zone where you can talk and not be judged. [35:03.0]

When you're crushing it, they're saying, Hey, why aren't you crushing it more? When you're getting beat up, they're like, Dude, this is just a moment of time. Stay focused. You’ve got this, encouraging you, being there to lean on. This is what investing in yourself really is about, who's not in the room, getting real-life people that are doing business.

Do you think if you're in a room of everyone paying 35 grand, you included, something good could happen from that? If you go to a room that everyone is free, you're going to hear the dumbest stupidest-ass questions you've ever heard of. They're askholes. They don't take action. They drag people down. They gossip about others. They talk negatively about others. They don't do anything productive and I'm talking in a general sense.

If there are 500 people in a free room, they're the shittiest clients. I'd rather have five people paying 35 grand and they'll change other people's lives, because they're action-takers. They're doers. They don't talk about it. They do it. I'm getting a little off-subject here, but you have to invest in yourself. [36:11.5]

Again, how can you get others to pay for your assets? How do you turn your liabilities into an asset? If you've seen many people copied the DM, I promise you that, you've seen people do events at their house now—I wonder where that came from—you see people do trips and charge people to do that, and where did that come from?

I don't know anybody that did this before me. I was doing this in the mid-2000s, by the way. This was not even a thing. I just started thinking how I could and then I’ve taught a lot of people about the power of this. My buddy, Austin, is crushing it. He'll do events and he'll make 50 to 100 grand to go hang out in an awesome, amazing five-star resort. That's amazing to me. I love hearing these stories. [36:58.3]

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the show. Make sure to follow me over on Instagram @MarkEvansDM. I can tell you right now, whatever you can dream of, other people are waiting in line to pay for it. It just might not look the way you think it would look, but think about your value. Think about the structure. Think about what their return on investment is and start selling ROI and stop selling cost. You're so much better than that. I hope you turn your liabilities into an asset sooner than later.

Thinking about you guys. Have an amazing day. Make sure to get over to iTunes and give us a five-star review. If this show hit home, let me know. Shoot me a message. I do reply personally to all messages. Let me know over on Instagram @MarkEvansDM. If the show is really, really powerful, please feel free to share it and let people know you're listening to the DM or the Making of a DM.

With that said, have an amazing day and I'll see you on the other side. Peace. [38:01.5]

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