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Making a lot of money in sales isn’t a special talent. Any moron can do it — especially when they’re selling a great product. 

But most sales guys conflate making a lot of money with success. And it’s easy to hire one of these guys who say they’re amazing at sales, but will actually hurt your business and company culture. 

In this episode, I’m sharing why you should run away from sales guys who talk a big game. And the brain dead simple way to make high ticket sales easier than riding a bike. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why going 92 hours without food supercharges your business growth (1:09) 
  • How being on the brink of bankruptcy makes you more successful than any mastermind, course, or book ever could (6:11) 
  • Why working at a front desk in a Four Seasons hotel transforms you into the best salesman on the planet (especially if you have no sales experience) (8:36) 
  • Why 80% of athletes and lottery winners go broke (and how to prevent going bankrupt with a fraction of the money) (18:37) 
  • How spending $300,000 to build a village in Haiti is the greatest gift you can give yourself (22:07) 
  • The “20k in 4 days Challenge” anyone can do if you work in your unique ability (27:29) 

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Sales guys. Love them or hate them, this episode might blow your mind. Are you an amazing salesperson or a shitty salesperson? Well, let's talk about that. With that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there. It’s your boy, Mark Evans DM, coming to you from Parkland, Fla. There is a lot going on over here and I want to share some very powerful stuff about sales today because it is the backbone of every company. If you don't have sales, you have no company. If you don't have salespeople, we're going to talk a lot about that because not all salespeople are created equal. [01:09.4]

Anyway, as I’m talking to you, I might sound a little juiced up, amped up, a little bit not normal, but I’m always amped up actually when I’m talking to you. I’m 92 hours deep on a fast, zero food for 92 hours and I feel absolutely amazing and it's a pretty cool thing, if you've never done it. It's wild.

Anyway, I’m thinking about you guys and I’m sitting here. Actually, we just let go of a sales guy and I say that term very ultra-super-duper loose, and people, let me just shoot straight with you as I always do, great sales guys don't tell you they're great. If someone comes to you and says, Dude, I could sell so good. I’m amazing. Oh, but, by the way, I need a $6,000 a month draw against commission, but I need 90 days to get set up, move on. They're never going to work out. [02:13.6]

It's fucking terrible to say. This guy, we'll use the name, Joe, that is no longer with one of my companies. In our companies, if you actually can sell—and I wouldn't call it high-level sales. It's just high-level customer touching, conversating and such—if you do that, you will get fired if you only make 250,000 yourself, net to you. We have guys making upwards of almost $600,000 a year and remote from anywhere in the world. We don't micromanage. They have the opportunity. We fulfill on the backside. We have an amazing team doing it for them and all they’ve got to do is just connect, convert and make sure clients get results. [03:04.3]

And this guy has never made more than 120,000 in his life. He's at almost 40 years old, has children and a wife. And I’m not saying this to be a dick, but I’m shooting straight with you, I called him directly and said, “What are you fucking thinking? This is a job opportunity of a lifetime that you are taking,” and because he sent a goofy email, “Dude, I just don’t fill it. I’m filling this or filling that.” It's only his third day, and nice guy. But this guy is out here looking at his children, looking at his wife, knowing goddamn well that he is not what he says he is, and that's what pisses me off the most.

I’m not trying to sell this guy into making a lot of money with us, and so I’m like, Dude, what the fuck are you thinking? These are my direct words, exact words.

He said, “Man, I don't appreciate the way you're talking to me.”

Yeah, motherfucker, because you know I’m talking directly to your soul and you know I’m talking to you for real. [04:07.4]

Well, uh…uh…

I’m like, Dude, what do you need to be successful with us?

I need structure.

The fuck do you mean structure? All you’ve got to do is, here's the structure, wake up. Shoot a text. Get on the phone. Call your client. Check the CRM and manage iOS. What structure do you need?

Well, man, I need, uh…I need some data information to make sure I can sell the guy.

Dude, you've been in the industry for six years. The only thing that's changed is we have better product and we've been around longer. That means making sales is easier.
Well, um, um, yeah, but I’m a sales guy and I really…I’m not…I just…I need security.

Dude, we're paying more money on your stipend for the next 90 days than you're making in a year.

Um, yeah, but…I’m just not feeling it. [05:01.8]

See, it's so easy for losers to quit. For guys like me, I call them out on their bullshit, especially if they're in our environment, because I know what they can create in our world. He has never made more than 120. He gets literally minimum double. Minimum double, more money than he has ever made without going to an office, without working for a corporation-style company where they get micromanaged and all this bullshit. Literally minimum double, actually 3 or 4X.

One of our guys came in. He was making 165,000. Now he's up to almost 4X within two years with us. This is life-changing opportunity money. Plus, you get to work for some pretty cool people. Not me, my team. The team is dealing with these guys all the time, but I do like the sales side because I am a for real sales guy, and I know I said real sales guys don't say it. [06:05.2]

But, truthfully, you guys understand, I’ve never had a real job my entire life. If I do not kill it, I don't eat. If I don't kill it, I can't pay the electric bill, cable bill. And there were two times in my life when I was cocky, thinking I was the best sales guy in the world and I almost went bankrupt. I couldn't pay my electric bill. I couldn't pay my gas bill and, more importantly, I got my truck repoed because I couldn't pay my truck payment. These are things through the journey of life that create massive amounts of growth, and if you want to really figure out what you're made of, you get in those times. I don't ever want to not have those times in my life. Why? Because no matter where you're at in your life, it's because you put yourself in that position. Yes, you. And real salespeople. He's like, Oh, it feels like a lot, like a lot of pressure. [07:02.0]

Dude, I have a lot of money in the bank. I have a lot of opportunities all the time, right? And I have a lot of team members I’m taking care of. I have more pressure than this guy has got in his entire body, times 1,000. Pressure is good. Pressure is how you grow.

See, in our world, they call themselves sales guys. By the way, I don't just talk shit. I put this stuff to the test in real life with my money behind it. So, I’m telling you guys, if you have any businesses, this is real shit that will help you navigate, probably fire, half of your team. I’m not saying it to be a dick. You probably have to fire them because you're holding your great people back by having two slackers or a slacker involved in this environment.

But he said or what he said to me was, Man, I’m the greatest sales guy. I don't want great salespeople. I want great relationship builders, because in that business, in particular, it's business to business and it's residual business. If they come out and do business with us, they get great success. That's our job to make sure they get results. [08:14.8]

And when they get results, guess what? They want more results, so they redo it next month. Get results again, redo it the next month. It's really customer management. I wouldn't even call it sales. We don't have to cold call. These people know who we are. These people have been in our ecosystem. They're in an environment. We've made them a lot of money and that's what we want to do.

It's almost like if you went to the Four Seasons here in Palm Beach and that front desk person is like, I’m the best fucking sales guy ever. I sold this whole entire hotel out. You ain't a sales guy. You're a customer rep, connecting with clients and making their experience and their stay amazing. [08:56.5]

Now, listen, I love consultative selling. That's what it's all about to me in my world, but don't get it twisted, thinking you're an amazing salesperson when someone is literally calling you with their fucking credit card in their hand. That's not sales. This system, the results, the experience, the longevity of the company are what make your job easier. And I like to make my team's life as easy as humanly possible by spending money on advertising and marketing, and customer relations and emails, and amazing gifts, etc.

Again, be very crystal clear. When you get salespeople that say they're amazing at sales, start looking because they're not. Start. I promise you, just because they're putting big numbers on the board does not mean they're great at sales. I’m not knocking it. It's just real salespeople, people real business owners don't go around and say, Man, I’m the best business owner. I’m the best fucking sales guy in the world. [10:01.6]

Every day, every client, every call, every text, every email, every communication contact point, I’m learning still 24 and a half years later of me being on this journey as an entrepreneur, without ever having a W-2 job as an adult in my entire life—and I never will, right?

I'm amped up and frustrated because this guy, Joe we'll call him, is literally looking at his kids. What are you saying? As a grown fucking man for real, how does this conversation happen to your child, to your spouse? Your spouse is at work, working her off—in this case, this is a her and him, but maybe it's a him. Maybe you're listening and you're a she doing that. Whatever bullshit people say, he or she or whatever—and you're telling me in a breath, Hey, I want to get my wife out of her job. [011:04.0]

Cool, this opportunity could easily do that and now he just self-sabotaged because he's pressured without structure—again, excuse, excuse, excuse—and then he goes on and has dinner. He's probably getting fucked up right now and getting drunk because he’s like, Man, I’m having a bad day. This guy talked shit to me.

It's not easy to be in my position all the time, especially when I care. I actually care. If I didn't care, I’d say, Next. I talked to him. I connected with him. I thought he could do something. I went against my gut because he kept saying, I’m a great sales guy, blah, blah. He came through a high-level referral, to be honest, and sure enough, this fucker can't handle it. I knew it. I knew it. [11:59.3]

You know what's amazing? In this particular company, and by the way, this could be a marketing company, real estate company, a juice company, it's just when you connect to customers and you have a great support team behind you supporting you, it's not about selling. It's about getting clients results and being a communicator and connecting, and making sure and following up.

I know a lot of people talk about it that real estate, dude, it’s follow up, follow up, follow up. I get it, but most or 99% of the guys are fucking terrible at follow up, and when they do follow up, they're annoying follow-up. It's not even good follow-up. It’s douchey. It's not personable and it's all about you, not them, even though you tell yourself it's about you or them. Right? I know because I used to do the same bullshit.

I literally just went for it. I’d go for the jugular. If you have money in real estate, back when I was doing hardcore real estate sales as an investor, I want your money in my account, just like you want my money in your account. This is a common ground. We all know that if I have an opportunity, it can make you money. Why would I not ask for the sale? [13:13.0]

See, again, back to the hotel person sitting at the front desk. The phone rings. Hello? Yes. Hey, the Four Seasons Palm Beach. How can I help you?

Hey, I want to book a suite.

Great, 4,000 a night.

Awesome. I’ll take it for seven nights.

Did you just make a sale or did you just complete a process for a client, the formality, if you will, to book this room? This person at the front desk isn't going around, I hope, and saying they're amazing salespeople. They're just saying, I can't wait to serve Mr. and Mrs. Evans. I can't wait until they come in. Hey, I’m going to give them a free upgrade. They're looking and asking through different lenses of how to make the customer experience and journey better. [13:56.6]

Now, once in a while, it costs the company some money to do that, but you have to have a company and you have to have people at the higher level that are making these financial decisions where you're allowed to give gifts, allowed to give bonus, marketing it—that's what we do in that case—or allowed to give like, Hey, you bought a piece of real estate from us and there's a $1,200 mishap on our end. You thought it was our fault. We thought it was your fault. Cool. As a customer and a client service, we'd like to pay that for you. Appreciate your business. By the way, you have $80,000 left. Are you looking to buy another deal? See, I don't see that as a cost. If it's structured properly, it's a great investment in customers and client relationships, and really what I call relationship capital. [14:38.4]

I’m just mad still. It just happened, by the way, 20 minutes before I was doing the show. I’m mad at this guy. I'm not even mad at him. I’m actually embarrassed for him. That's the truth, because this guy has literally tapped out. He's delusional clearly. He's tapped out emotionally, financially, and this guy is raising the next generation. He has a couple of kids. His wife is like, Oh, my gosh, I might be able to quit my job, and now three days later, Hey, hon, that's not going to work out now. Can you imagine?

But, guys, if this is you and you're listening to this, which I hope it's not, you have to get real with yourself. This all comes down to being honest with yourself about what you're great at and what you're not. I love selling. You know why? Because I like delivering value. I don't love to sell to get your money. I don't need your money. I want it. I don't need it. I’ve been that way when I was dead broke, by the way.

If someone came to you that had cancer, incurable cancer, and you had the cure to cancer, and they had a billion dollars and I said, I’ll give it to you all, that billion dollars for the cure, is that really selling? No, dude, that's a value add. You're serving them. You're helping them. You're saving their fucking life in this example. [16:11.0]

See, when I sold real estate, thousands of deals, not just one or two, thousands and thousands of deals, me personally, and then I built a team to sell many more thousands. But when I’m talking to someone, I don't care where you are. I don't care if you're in the gas station. I don't care if you're at the club. I don't care if you're outside walking your dog. I don't care where you're at. We all need help in financial literacy. We all need help in where to place my money safely, securely, so I can get a consistent return, more importantly, a return of my investment and on my investment. I always focus on what their true needs and wants are, not what my needs and wants are. [16:56.0]

See, when you're talking to financial literacy, people don't really know what they don't know. I made it my duty to learn as much as humanly possible and I’m still learning as of today, how to be better with financial literacy, how to move my money better, how to gain better returns, how to protect the downside, how to protect the upside, how to grow over here, how to dominate here, etc., how to cut my losses.

See, my financial literacy isn't hope and pray. That's what most do in the 401(k)s. That's what most people do in all these retirement accounts or stock brokerage accounts. They just hope and pray. Please, please. Mark, the average stock market goes up 8% a year. Yeah, motherfucker, you're right, on average, over 100 years. What if this average is skewed by a 40-percent drop when you're trying to retire? Now the story is different. [17:54.4]

See, I realized as I started gaining more wealth and more knowledge, people were chasing cash flow. Cash flow creates freedom. I could give you a million dollars in cash. If you have no clue how to manage it, you will blow through it quicker than you even got it. Mark, you don’t know that. I’m different, man. Bullshit. That's what they all say. You don't have the financial literacy to make the proper educated decisions.

Mark, I’m just going to put it in the bank and get a 1.2% interest rate. No, you're not. You're going to buy a car. You're going to buy a house. You can buy your mom's house. You're going to buy your kid’s friend's house. You're going to do all kinds of stupid shit if it's a big enough amount.

Just look at the statistics of people that gain massive amounts of wealth, i.e. athletes, i.e. lottery winners. A large major portion, I think 80-something percent and beyond, go bankrupt or lose it all. They have TV shows about how I lost my millions, fucking TV shows about it, how it was a curse. I’ve got all this money and it's a curse. Having money is not a curse. It's actually an amazing blessing. [19:07.8]

I was able to do something special a couple of days ago. The Caring House Project Foundation run by Frank McKinney and my great friend, Doug Doebler, I’ve been donating since 2006 to the charity, all my profits through all my books and stuff. Not all, but all my profits go to charity. A lot of it, percentage-wise, goes to the Caring House Project Foundation. We build self-sustaining communities over in Haiti. I think they're on the 26th village.

During my birthday bash, we raised $154,000. They've never seen that kind of money raised in a 30-minute timeframe. I’m not taking the credit for it. I have amazing people that showed up more importantly, opened up their hearts and their wallets. We did some cool value stuff, bought some cool artwork and did so many things there, but to build an entire village is about $300,000, and I’ve been thinking about it. [20:12.3]

Actually I’ve been thinking about it a lot. You know those conversations you have with yourself over and over and over, and you're like, Fuck it, let's just go do it? That’s the conversation I’ve been having because I want to build the entire village. Not because of the naming rights—I can name it whatever—but because I want to make an impact on people's lives that I’ll never get to meet. It's a very selfless act.

I don't talk a lot about the charity shit I do. I talk about the stuff I can do to make more impact and all that, but I give a lot behind the scenes through all of our companies. Care 360 is our number one core value and, let's say, you work with us and you're like, Hey, this family needs help. I'm going to give them $1,000, we'll match your $1,000 as a company. We give tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year away. More importantly, what our team does and what it does to culture and all that, that's a whole other show in itself. [21:03.7]

But as I made the decision, I almost got a warm feeling over me when I committed to myself. Mark, you can do this. Now, keep in mind, just to be clear, this is a huge donation on top of everything else I’m already doing. It's a six-figure donation, hundred and whatever, 30, 40 grand, maybe, right, somewhere around there, and until I commit, nothing else will happen.

I had this tapped probably a while ago, suppressed it, moved it on. I’ll get to it later. Right? you know how we talk to ourselves. Ah, it's not time right now. It's cool timing, whatever. But it kept coming up on my journal. I want to give bigger. I want to do more. I want to make a bigger impact. More importantly, I want to lead by fucking example, to my peers, to my buddies, to my employees, to my teammates, to everybody that follows me. You. [22:04.3]

I was scared. I made the decision and a warm feeling came over me as if it was that we were going to impact 400 people's lives initially. We were building 50 houses, eight persons per house, and then we have a community center, school, church, food, etc., and all this stuff.

Again, check out MarkEvansDM.com, the Haiti village. I’m going to post some stuff up there. I’m going to show you some pictures if you want to see it. Again, MarkEvansDM.com, and just I’ll have an image up there of the Haiti village we're working on. They just broke ground five days ago. But what's really cool about this, if you think about the dynamic of the gift, I know I’m giving it to them, but really what I did is I gave the gift to myself. I’m worth the $300,000 to give. I will be a steward of opportunity. [23:07.3]

See, money in is a responsibility. I don't need new cars. I have cars and houses, and the truth is I’m actually looking to buy another house. I just bought a pretty big compound in Ohio, but I’m looking to buy one here even bigger. I’m not saying that to brag or impress, but to impress upon that these are things that I’m working on every single day. Maybe you're doing a small house, big house, medium house. I don't know, it doesn't matter, but we all are in the trenches together. It's just maybe your deal has another zero on top of it and mine doesn't, I don't know.

Maybe you're buying a $50-million house and I’m buying a $5-million house. Whatever the case is, we're making decisions and leveling up and growing. It's pretty crazy to think that you could buy a $5-million house, only living in it for six months, one day a year, and go back to another multimillion dollar place, that's a totally different style, totally different view, totally different area and not skip a beat. That's our world. That's my life. I’ve been doing that for years because I help and serve clients. [24:15.0]

I’m great at sales, but the reason I’m great at sales is the real story is because I actually give two fucks. I actually care what your results are. I will call you out on your bullshit, not because I’m trying to be a dick. It's because I actually care. I actually want to see you succeed. I had a sales guy, Oh, dude, I’m amazing. I’m the number one, blah, blah, blah, this is a true story, on Sunday. I was like, What are you talking about? You're calling me because you have no money. How the fuck can you be a great sales guy with no money?

But just let that sink in for a minute. I'm amazing at sales, but I have no money. That's like saying you're a health freak and you weigh 400 fucking pounds and you haven't been to the gym in 10 years, but I’m a health freak. Why? Because you read a fucking magazine? Because you watched Mark Wahlberg do sit-ups? [25:08.2]

Seriously, stop the delusional bullshit. It's not serving you or anybody for that matter, but the most important thing is it's actually stealing from you. It's stealing your joy. It's stealing your future wealth. It's stealing your future better you. It will make you depressed, stressed, overwhelmed. It will create a fucking heart attack without a doubt. You're going to overeat. You're going to consume too much alcohol. Hopefully, God forbid, you're not doing any drugs or too many drugs. Right? I know this to be true because I was the same bullshit guy saying the same shit back in the day. I was a young punk. I was in my twenties. I thought I knew everything because I was making millions of dollars and I didn't know dick. I just had a great product that people wanted and I confused making money with being successful. That's a big no-no. [26:07.3]

When you're in a King Ding-a-ling park and everything's easy, i.e. people are calling with money in hand, ready to buy, it's not because you're amazing typically. It's because the product is so amazing, they can't say no. It's like crack. It's like cocaine. People, once they're addicted to it or once they know it exists and they like it, they'll continue to buy. These are terrible examples, by the way. Hopefully, no one's doing that bullshit, and if you are, stop it.

But as we progress, progress down this journey, like this guy is telling me, I’m an amazing sales guy, but I have no money, dude, you are amazing at doing this one thing, right? Yes. I know he is because I know him. Why aren't you teaching people how to be better at that? “I have no confidence.” That's interesting. How can an amazing sales guy have no confidence? Because sales is all about confidence, confidence in yourself, confidence in your product, confidence in the results for the clients. [27:15.1]

This guy has none of it and I’m like, Dude, because you're trying to be someone you're not, just trying to sell something he doesn't really even believe in. He just knows it makes money or can make money.
When we broke it down, we’ve got really dialed in what Dan Sullivan calls unique ability. I know this guy very well. I know his unique ability. He can help people scale lead flow and deal flow, so I'm like, Why aren't you selling that shit? Because I’ll hire you to help my team get focused to get more leads and make more sales, i.e. help more customers, which equals more money. That's something people pay for. He's like, I never thought about it. I thought they needed a lot more. Most people don't need more than more leads. More opportunity equals more money. That's what they really all want. [28:09.2]

As I talked to him, I was like, Dude, here's what you need to do. You need to do some posts. You need to tell people, Yo, if you need this and that, reach out to me, I’m working on something. Then, sure enough, then in the last four days, the fucker has made $20,000 helping people that are going to get massive results, and I know he can do it. I know he will do it. More importantly, he has got confidence. He's in his zone. He's in his lane and he's going to deliver insane value, and I’m proud of that because I took the call on Sunday and I helped him. To me, that's what life is about. It’s helping people, not just helping myself. By the way, you’ve got to help yourself first, by the way, read, workout and take information, write. [29:03.9]

I showed my dad an awesome letter today, telling him how much I care about and how much I love him, how much he means to me, how much my mom means to me, how much these things mean to me. That's self-care for me, by the way. Me writing a letter, yes, it's cool, my parents get it, but it's really for me to type my emotions down on a piece of paper, because if I say it to them, one, I’m not good at saying it in person face to face like I would say it on paper. I’m going to get emotional. I’m going to start crying. They're going to start crying. It's I’m just telling them I love them or whatever. But at the end of the day, it's for me. It makes me feel amazing, invincible. It's a win. I do it often. I write my wife letters. I write my mother letter separately. I write people letters. I send gifts.

Every day gifts are being sent from me, someway, somehow, I promise you that, either directly through me or through an extension of me, through my teams because we teach, share. Someone passes away in someone's life. You're going to probably get a gift from me, not the kind of gifts I like to send, but a thoughtful “sorry to hear the news” gift, sympathy, if you will, right? [30:15.1]

If you are joining the DMA, the Dealmaker Alliance, and if you're in real estate, everyone should be in that group. It's only 1,000 a month and you get daily calls and you’ve got the COO guy running it. Christian shows you how to build the team, how to manage KPIs, how to grow marketing, how to grow your cash to get cash flow, more importantly, how to get private investors to fund your deals. Not only that, if you do deals, I’ll do day funding, all your deals. I’ll fund all your deals for the same day funding type of thing, part of the program. It's 1,000 bucks a month, that's it. It's silly value. That's the shit I want to do.

I want 1,000 people in there. Why? Mark, you're going to only come on the calculator, $1,000 times 1,000, you're going to make a million dollars. I fucking make a lot more than that because the impact we're going to make through deal flow will make way more than a million a month, a month, together. [31:18.0]

See, most people are so busy counting other people's money, they don't even have time to go get their own money, and in the DMA, the Deal Maker Alliance with Christian and Ken and Nathan, and these guys that are running it, they're crushing their competitors. They're dominating opportunity. Even in today's market, last year's market, in the future markets, they will be very present in earning massive amounts of money, more importantly, helping the community, getting shitty properties back on the market, getting taxes paid on the property, getting great tenants or great buyers into the assets, which cleans up the neighborhood. Forces up appreciation. Appreciation is good for all in the neighborhood because they can sell their houses for more, so indirectly, these neighbors should be giving us high fives. I’m not doing it for that, though. I’m doing it because we are making an impact. [32:13.8]

If that's something that ever interests you, you should hit me up privately on Instagram, @MarkEvansDM, because I do take these privately, and just message me and say, Yo, podcast show-DMA, let's talk. I’d love to talk to you about it. If you're an investor full time and you're hitting, by the way, I don't care if you're doing one deal a quarter or you're doing 10 deals a month, we can help you. I promise you that. I don't care if you're doing 100 deals a month. More importantly, you'd realize the value of stupid at that point. That's not selling. That's serving. Guys, I used to count other people's money. I made less money than I do now. I don't have time to even count my own money let alone anybody else's. [33:00.5]

See, you have too much time on your hands if you're pulling out the pencil, licking the edge of it and trying to calculate, Hmm, 1,000 times 1,000 equals one mil. Oh, that'd be cool. Man, that'd be cool. It is fucking cool. But you know what's even cooler? Working with amazing [people]. I’d rather work with 10 amazing people than a thousand goof dicks that aren't doing anything.

I’m not doing it for the money. I’m doing it for what we can get. By the way, I want your money. I don't need it. I want it, right? I’m doing it to serve you. By serving, we will get money together. My thought process when I do things like that or in any business I’m in, for every dollar you give me, you get massive ROI. I don't just say it. I live it. That’s how companies all grow. We're in multiple verticals, many different industries all over the country, and I’m not taking a hundred percent of the credit for it. I have amazing operators. I have amazing team leads, amazing managers. [34:04.2]

I got a call today at two o'clock with someone absolutely amazing. I was just at her wedding two weeks ago. It’s a blast. I love that shit. I don't have to do it. I want to do it. but this sales shit has got to stop. You're not the best salesperson, and if you're out there saying that, you are not good, I promise. You can lie to yourself, But, Mark, I have a million in the bank. I don't give a fuck if you have 10 million in the bank. That doesn't mean you're good at sales. That means you're working on it. That means you're getting better. But what I really look at and challenge you to do is to look at your product that you're selling to the market.

Right now there's a couple products in the space of online that literally a 12 year old kid could say, Hey, this is what I do. I just made $100. Pay me 5,000 to show you how to do it, and they could make money doing it because the product is so hot. [35:00.0]

I’m investing in cards right now. I’m about a quarter of a million deep in some cards. Yes, pieces of cardboard. Follow me on IG, I’m showing some of it. But about a card recently for $28,000. Within 13 days, it's worth 39,000, almost $40,000. I’m not a fucking card collector. I don't know what the hell I’m doing. I’m investing through a guy that has knowledge and says, Hey, this is a thing. Cool, I’m in. That's like calling you a professional stock trade when you have someone trading your stocks for you and you had a good win. By the way, you never tell anybody about your shitty losses. Until we stop the nonsense…

I want to bring this to the marketplace and share real shit because this is what I deal with every day. We are sales companies. You are in sales in some way, shape or form in your life. Your spouse, you sold them. They sold you, too. Your kids your friends sold and they said, Hey, kids are amazing. Then you get one kid and they're like, Dude, having two kids is so much easier. Then you have two and then the person that says three, Having three so much easier. Fuck you, I’m only having two, right? I don't believe you anymore. [36:05.8]

It's hard work. It's stacking. Been up since 3:00 a.m. So much opportunity when you understand I don't know dick. I genuinely don't know anything. The more I learn, the more I want to learn how to do it better, how to do it bigger, how to go one to many. I’m in constant learn mode. I fail every day.

Again, back to this. Every text, every email, every phone call, every connect point to people, how you meet them, how you don't, is exactly directly. I’m learning from each one of those. It's kind of like a kid touching a hot pan. That's hot. Don't touch it. What do you do? Touch it. Smack. Hey, that's hot. Touch it. Smack. Probably by the third, fourth time, you're not touching it. You're learning. [37:00.4]

I learn from every single connection. I’m talking to you. I’m learning. I’m writing notes as I’m talking to you and saying, “Stop cussing so much. Get to the point tighter. Be more personable. Go bigger. Show the DMA. I always forget to talk about it. It's changing people's lives.” If you're in real estate investing, I’m failing you if you don't know about it because there are people over there making tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. I’m not taking the credit. We're just giving them a platform to learn through my efforts.

I have people and we have massive salaries over there that we pay people to help make your business better. You can't even hire these fuckers. They work for us and they'll work for you through the DMA. Again, get over to Instagram, type in “Mark Evans DM.” Follow me, hopefully, if you're not already, and shoot me a private message, Podcast-DMA, let's go. [38:06.5]

But as I’m pacing here in the office, it's beautiful out, by the way. It's 65, sunny as hell. They're freezing up in Ohio. I’m looking at the cameras. It's five degrees, six inches of snow. I want you to know, don't stop learning. It's a journey forever. It's an exciting one. When you stop learning, you start dying. This is why I will never retire, because people retire to expire.

You think you work your whole life to want to stop doing what you love to do. It makes zero sense. Zilch. Dude, I love working and helping make impacting people's lives, but when I turn 72, I’m done, or 60, whenever people retire. I don't even know when people retire, say 65. When I get done at 65, I’m done. Sit back, smoke cigars and relax all day. The fuck you are. [39:05.0]

Why do you think Warren Buffett still goes to work? Why do you think all these people, these big massive names that you know, Michael Jordan, he retired. He didn't fucking retire. He might have retired from basketball, but this guy is a businessman. He's got golf courses. He's got product lines. This fucker is making real money all the time in meetings, connecting with people, talking biz, smoking seven cigars a day. He's putting deals down 24/7, believe me on that.

I’ve got another guy I know, very wealthy, worth about 800 million, pretty wealthy, and this guy, he outworks me. Straight up, he outworks me. Now to my credit and/or excuse, here it comes, this is the bullshit excuse, but it's true, for me anyway, I have two young children that I do not like to travel without and my wife. This guy is on the road often. He's making massive impact in people's lives, which is cool. But the biggest impact in life I want to make is with my children first and foremost. [40:11.0]

When I hang out with them, I know they're going to get older. I know they're going to hate hanging out with dad as much as we do now. Literally, every day at five o'clock, I’ll be at the golf course with my son hitting balls. Again, follow me on Instagram. You see this going down all the time. If he's not at taekwondo, as soon as he's out of taekwondo, he’s, boom, hitting golf balls because he wants to go golfing. It's not me pushing him. He wants to do it. But that's important to me. Whatever is important to you, I hope…

Also, by the way, what's important to me is making a lot of money for myself and for my family, and for my causes. I want to change people's lives. You can't do it when you're broke. It's fair. It's impossible financially to do that. Yeah, I could give a little time, but, dude, if you're broke, you don't have time to give. You’ve got to go make money. [40:58.1]

This is my point of view, by the way. You could take it or leave it. I don't care. I’m just telling you if I’m broke, I’m not at a charity event. I’m working. I’m knocking on your door, asking if I can clean out your garage and take pictures of stuff that I can sell on Facebook or Craigslist, or whoever will fucking buy it. I’ve got bills to pay. I’ve got things to do. I’ve got dreams to build and, more importantly, accomplish.

So, I want you to know I’m in the grind with you. It's just everyone's grind might look a little different, but don't bullshit yourself thinking you're doing big shit, and I say this all the time. If you don't have millions in the account, you're not doing anything big, and I’m not discounting that if you have 100,000, 200,000 or 500,000 in there that you're not doing something. I’m just saying, don't think it's big.

Recently a buddy of mine, he said, “Dude, check out my account. Look at what happened with this stock I did.” He showed me his account. I’ve never seen a stock account this big in my life of a buddy of mine. I’ve seen them online, but my buddy. I mean, it's a lot zeros and I was like, Goddamn, dude, seriously? [42:05.8]

He inspires me to grow. I thought I was playing big. I literally went straight home. This is a true story. I went straight home in front of my account, a real number that had me scared to death to send. When you push sand, you're like, Oh, shit, I hope I didn't send it to the wrong place because that would be bad. Who are you hanging out with that’s inspiring your ass? Who are you hanging out with, more importantly, that's telling you the real shit, calling you out when you're being a pussy, calling you out when you're not giving it your all, calling you out when you know damn well right now that you're not living to what you say?

I did this shit for years. I still do it once in a while, catch myself. It's stupid. So dumb. I’m on this fast. I want to prove not just to myself, which is cool because it starts with me, right, but other people that I can do it. My buddy was on this fast like, Dude, don't stop. I was like, The only way I’m fucking stopping is if I go down and in the ambulance they’re putting food in me. I’m not quitting. I don't quit. Once I know the rules in the game I’m playing, I don't quit. It's powerful. I know you’ve got it in you. [43:22.5]

By the way, I’m a hillbilly kid from small town Ohio. Busted my ass. I love my parents. They work hard as hell every day still. I’m not knocking that. It is what it is. But I’m telling you, if you're out here to do sales and you want to sell and you want to impact, you’ve got to be a great giver. You’ve got to be a great steward of money to get a lot.

If you want a lot of money, you’ve got to be a great steward of money, because if not, it's going to cause a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety, because you're going to have more money than you could ever do anything with for yourself and it's like, What do I do with it? And then, honestly, a lot of people self-sabotage. It's scary. I’m talking straight about an experience. You just start wasting money. That's why I almost went bankrupt twice. [44:01.3]

I never knew how to deal with cash. Millions of dollars sitting in an account. I’d be like, What do I do? I’ve got to spend it. It's all I know. If I don't have it, I don't have to worry about it. It sounds messed up and it is, but it's the truth. Start learning how to take care of your money now. If you can't take care of what you have today, it can't take care of what you have in the future.

I appreciate you being here. Get focused. Get serious. More importantly, keep learning. Understand when you say I’m a sales guy or gal, no, what does that mean? Dude, you're a connector. You connect with people. Leave the sales out of your mouth. You don't need to sell stuff. Help people. Guide them. Give them service. Dude, if you can solve their problem, they're going to give you their money, I promise you that, no matter what it is.

I’m on this journey of growth with you. I hope you have an amazing day. I’m thinking about you guys over here. I’m going to go, start screaming at my other sales guys now because you guys have got me all amped up. No, I’m just messing with you. Keep pushing them, though. Push the boundaries. Don't give them too much opportunity. Give them enough to keep them excited. Give them enough. You've got to share the vision of where you're at and where you're going to help them accomplish bigger things with you and your company. [45:15.0]

Appreciate you, more importantly, than ever. I appreciate you being here. I’ve got to bounce. Have an amazing day. Make today count. Peace.

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