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Everyone has big, lofty goals. But most people fall short of them (if they even come close). 

Why is this? 

It’s easier to talk about it than be about it. Everyone is a trillionaire in their mind, but nobody takes the time to plot their goals so they know if they’re achieving them or falling short. 

Truth is, it’s impossible to not reach your goals if you know how to plan and attack them. But too many people want to sound cool on social media rather than put the blood, sweat, and tears in to achieve their goals. 

In this episode, I’m sharing the single best way to set and tackle your goals so your only problem will be not setting bigger goals. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The stupid simple way to destroy Shiny Object Syndrome for good so your business can boom (9:03) 
  • The “Mental Orgasm” reason that makes your goals sprint at lightspeed away from you (15:16) 
  • The “Scoreboard System” that helps you conquer your biggest goals (without getting overwhelmed or burnt out) (21:24) 
  • How running a small, tight-knit, and profitable business makes it impossible to become wildly wealthy (26:09) 
  • The “Book Trick” that lets you double what you charge and vaporizes your competition (even if they’re better than you) (28:47) 
  • How the kooky-sounding “Fiscal Therapy” can make you more cold, hard cash faster than anything else under the sun (35:20) 
  • Why getting new friends is one of the quickest ways to double (or triple) your net worth (44:57) 
  • How cold-blooded selfishness helps you become a warmhearted altruist (58:00) 

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Read Full Transcript

Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Thoughts vs. goals. Do you know the difference? If you don't, you will today. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: It’s your boy, Mark Evans DM here, coming to you live from Parkland, Fla., hanging out in the garage talking to you. It's the only place I can smoke a cigar and not get yelled at. Anyway, thinking about you guys. Hope you're doing amazing. We've got a lot of cool stuff to share today. Thoughts versus goals: do you know the difference? [0:00:57.7]

Hey, before we get started, some really neat things going on, Magician vs. Mule just came out recently, actually April 24. We've been selling like crazy. It's been amazing. We’ve got the new audiobook coming out soon. It's been a process to get the audiobook done just because of the way their approval is, but the team is working on it. Got a great team of people out there helping me, Joey and Mike, cranking it up, so that's exciting. It's getting done.

If you guys haven't got your book yet, MagicianVsMule.com, make sure to check it out, get the book. More importantly, if you've gotten the book, make sure to do me a huge favor and go leave a review over on Amazon. It would mean a lot to me, a five-star review. Let the world know what you thought about the book, as I do appreciate all of you doing that. It would help me a lot.

Today, I want to talk about thoughts versus goals. I was sitting here thinking, I was telling my buddy about so many people say all these amazing things and it's awesome. I mean, listen, who doesn't want to talk about success? Who doesn't want to talk about goals and all these neat things? But the problem is that, as you get older, my biggest fear is people are so busy talking about their thoughts that they're not implementing them. They're just simply thoughts. [0:02:08.5]

There's a massive [difference], where I'm from, goals are way different than thoughts. Thinking and talking are easy. Goals actually require effort. I want to kind of share with you today some of the stuff that I’ve done and how I’ve reversed-engineered this stuff. My first course I ever created was called Reverse Real Estate.

Again, you guys got to remember, I'm a small town hillbilly boy from Ohio, about to be 42 tomorrow, so I'm getting a little older. I'm not sure if I'm yet wiser, but definitely getting a little older. As I'm sitting here, the small town, I remember lying in bed, like I told you when I was 18 years old, dude, I, my goal, my goal in business in life, back then it wasn't business and life. I wanted to make $100,000 a year, 100,000 a year, so that was the thought, and then I put it into a goal formula. I shared with you how I do that and I’ll go through that exercise today again. [0:03:06.6]

But my biggest frustration is I talk to people 10 years from now and they're like, Dude, I can't wait to make 250 a year. I'm like, Wait, 10 years ago, you told me you wanted to make a millionaire a year and now you're at 250. Why are you going backwards? It's because they're just talking. They're not doing. If you see people that are stagnant and/or going down—by the way, stagnant is going backwards—you're going to realize that they're just talk, not doers, and that's always my fear with all this stuff.

As I'm lying in bed, picture an 18-year-old kid lying in bed, at my parents' house, my goal, my thoughts were, How do I make 100 grand a year? What does it look like? Not how do I do it? Because if I knew how to do it, I'd be doing it at that point, right? But really what it comes down to is I just went straight to what I knew where you got paid per hour where I grew up. Everyone is paid per hour, right? That's how you get a job. You get paid $6 an hour, 12 bucks an hour, $20 an hour or whatever, back then. It's different now. [0:04:10.3]

But I pulled out the handy-dandy calculator, you know what I mean? I said, “Okay, there are 365 days.” This is basic. By the way, this is good to write down. This is exactly what I did, just with a different type of calculator, but I said, “There are 365 days a year. Yes, I'm willing to work 365 days a year to accomplish my goals. I don't care about Christmas. I don't care about anything. I'm trying to accomplish my goals. What do I need to do? The worst case scenario, here's why I need to be. $100,000 divided by 365, comes up to $274 a day. For easy math, call it $274 a day.” Then I asked myself, “Okay, Mark, 274. First of all, I don't know anybody that made $274 a day. Therefore, in my mind, that doesn't stop me. It actually gets me excited.” [0:05:06.2]

By the way, I’ve done this forever with everything I do. I mean, I'm constantly trying to reverse-engineer my goal. I don't like to think in thought and talk and theorize. I want to look at an actionable plan. The only way to do that is reverse-engineer the actions to get it and I'm going to share with you how to do this in your business as well. But just in my life, I wanted to make 100 grand a year. I had 365 days a year to do it, just like you do, and my goal was, Here's what I need to do, 274 bucks a day.

Then I asked a different question. “Excellent. Mark, how many hours a day are you willing to work?” My brain immediately goes, I'm 18 years old. I could sleep six hours a day, an hour drive to work and an hour drive back, so I have 16 hours. I take 274, divided by 16. I need to make $17.12 an hour to hit my goal, work 16 hours a day, 365 days a week, and I’ll hit my goal. [0:06:06.5]

Then I said, “Okay, what if I only want to work 14 hours? Now I need to make 20 bucks, $19.57 now.” I said, “What if I really start pushing it and said I want to make $274 in 12 hours. Now I need to make $22.83. Shit, if I could do that, if I work 10 hours, I can make $27.40 an hour.” Okay, I don't know anybody to make $27 an hour where I’m from, but it's not stopping me, so I'm going to take the calculator and start putting a little pressure on. What if I actually only work eight hours like the average person is working? By the way, I’ve never been average, nor will I ever be. I don't want to be. It's not where you want to be, I promised. Let's say the average person is working eight hours a day. I need to make $34.25 an hour. Now I have something to shoot for. Now I kind of know where I need to be. [0:07:06.0]

By the way, that's the only thing I knew. I didn't know how to work for value, not dollars, meaning, I did construction. Actually, when I first started, I did seamless gutters, the gutters go around the fascia board on your house to keep the water from your foundation. I remember I would do that and there were days I made zero dollars and there are days I made thousands of dollars.

The thing is, as an entrepreneurial, wannabe entrepreneur, you start thinking like, Dude, I need to make $32 an hour. I get it, but not everything you do you make money per hour. Typically, it's value-driven as an entrepreneur. That's why you can make billions of dollars or hundreds of millions or millions of dollars without really working once you understand the value proposition, blah, blah, blah. That's a whole other story. But back to my goal. I need to make $34.25 an hour, if I work eight hours a day, I hit my $100,000 a year target. [0:08:04.0]

Then, now, all of a sudden, I can start seeing things. Someone calls me up and says, Hey, Mark, would you come over and work for $6 an hour? Nope, sorry, it doesn't fit in my goal. Hey, Mark, I need someone to come over and install X, Y, and Z. Now I could bid on my jobs.

That's how I bid jobs, by the way. I’d go to the house and I'd say, Hey, I need to make $275 today. That's my target number and I'm going to reverse-engineer that on the project. My materials cost 500. I need to make 275. The job is 775. That's what I used to do. That's how I would bid jobs. It wasn't per foot. It wasn't this or that. It was like, How much do I need to make? How much is the material? Put them together and let's go present the job. Obviously, as I got better, I started understanding that I was undercutting myself. I could have charged more, but I was so focused on my $275 a day number that I kind of lost track. Really, I got so focused. It's kind of like horses with blinders, right? I didn't see anything else but my 275. [0:09:03.8]

When people talk to me about shiny object syndrome, it's just simply because they're thinking, not doing. See, when you're in so deep in the game, I'm thinking about doing this. I'm doing it. I'm like, I'm so busy doing. The reason most people don't do this, my buddy, Mike, coined this term, you don't have to get it right. You just have to get it going.

Many of you are trying to figure out how to make $34.25 an hour. I'm thinking about how to make 275 bucks a day. It's changing the perception of what it looks like, because there are a lot of ways to make $275 a day, but the truth is, me as an 18-year-old kid, no one in their right mind would pay me $34 an hour to come work for them. I wasn't qualified, if you will. Qualified, by the way, is very relative in itself. But where do you go? Back home, I still don't know anybody making 35 bucks an hour. But, anyway, how do you start reverse-engineering? And that's the difference between thoughts and goals. [0:10:05.4]

Who doesn't want six-pack abs? Everyone wants a six-pack abs. That's a thought, but the goal is I need to reduce my calories and I need to increase my uptake and my activity, right? I need to work out more and eat less. These are levers in business, by the way. If I'm trying to gain weight, trying to gain muscle, maybe I'd push a different lever. Maybe I pull back this lever.

Maybe I'd do less cardio, more heavy lifting, blah, blah, blah. These are levers. These are KPIs, by the way, in business that you're looking at. Your KPIs if you're trying to reduce weight and gain muscle would be this or that. You'd have a strategy to it. Same thing in business. It's always funny to me. Picture this. It’s like business owners coming to me. I always talk about real estate because I’ve done that forever, but let's say the guy or gal is doing two deals a month. My first question is always, how much are you investing in marketing every month? They're like, Four grand. I'm like, Cool, and how many deals a month are you doing? Two. [0:11:06.8]

Excellent. On average, based on the data, we have raw data that the average cost per deal is costing you $2,000. Then under the assumption because we would know this number, what's your average net profit? Ten thousand. So, you're netting eight grand per deal. Perfect. I spend four to make 20. That's a pretty good model. It's a pretty good, simple KPI to look at. That's the difference between thoughts and goals.

Now here's the thing. Then they come to me and they're like, But, Mark, I want to do 10 deals a month. I'm like, Awesome. What's your budget increase on marketing? See, if it costs you $2,000 to do a deal on average and you want to do 10 deals, how much do you think you need to invest in marketing? Yep, 2,000 times 10 equals 20,000 a month. And I'm not saying you need to come out of the gate hot and go from four to 20, but if you want to do three deals next month, you don't have to spend $6,000. If you want to do four deals next month, you've got to spend $8,000 on average. These are things that I can manage with my expectations. [0:12:14.4]

If I'm sitting here looking at your budget and you're like, Dude, I don't know why this isn't working, the first thing I'm going to say is show me what your cost per deal is and let me see how much you're spending per month, and I promise you, they're full of shit. They're blowing smoke up their own ass, not mine. They're not lying to me. They're lying to themselves.

But I’m spending a lot? Are you really? Because you said you need to spend 20 and you're only spending four, and you've been spending four for the last 12 years. Why would it change? Why would the model change? How could you ever get to the goal? It's impossible. It's like you sitting on the couch trying to get six-pack abs with the strongest legs and the strongest biceps and the strongest pecs, but eating Doritos and drinking beer all day. They're not in alignment with your goals. Your thoughts are there, but the goal is so farfetched, you don’t even do the effort. You don't put in the work. This is why you're off. [0:13:10.8]

Let me ask you guys a question. I would really love to know this and I'm being serious. Please participate in this. What's one of your top three goals over the next 12 months? Just one. I just need one. One goal. Beacon, what's your one goal?

Beacon: One goal for me, sheesh, right now, this month it’s basically streamlining. Finishing up this merch site and then streamlining, streamlining the livestreams to post on to the website. Now, if anyone has checked out the Making of a DM podcast at MarkEvansDM.com, you'll see that it's in a great, nice little Rolodex that you can just see from start to finish of what episodes and some more information on it. At the end of the month, I want to have something set up like that, but for these livestreams. [0:14:07.6]

Mark: Okay, cool, man. In that sense, you have ideas and agendas, but not necessarily hardcore goals based on what you're saying.

Beacon: Right, I don't have hardcore goals, but the hardcore goal is get a merch site done. That's the overall goal.

Mark: How long has the merc site been on your agenda? Because we've been talking about this merch site forever.

Beacon: Yeah, it has been on my table, actually in my hands for the past three weeks, but the whole process has been over two months. Now we're actually we almost have the torch at the end of the finish line, so we're getting there.

Mark: Yes, so right now, Beacon, in essence, what you're saying, he has got the stuff up. He has got the site up. It's becoming more like, I’ve got to get this done. It has been sitting on the table too long. Cool. Right? It’s time to get it done. Excellent. All right, so we've got people here. We’ve got some things coming in. [0:15:00.8]

Hey, I want to start a new business. Right? That's cool. One of my companies, 25 deals in 12 months, working on my fitness, thoughts on thoughts, lean, lose 20 pounds. These are great things. By the way, the majority of people that share their goals with me, over 90 percent are just thoughts.

I want to start a new business. For example, Dylan, I'm not picking on you. I want to start a new business. I don't know what that means. Who doesn't want to start a new business? It's fun for people like us. We want to start new things all the time, but what kind of business? What kind of revenue are you trying to generate? What does it look like? How many people are involved? How much is the capital investment? How quickly are you looking to get going? When is the start date? When is the end date? Are you going to sell it? Are you building it for cash flow? These are the questions I'm asking
As you're building a goal, if you don't have hard foundational steps, it's only a thought. Who the fuck doesn't want to start a business, seriously? Who doesn't? Who doesn't want to lose weight? Who doesn't want to do more deals? I've never met someone who says, I want to do less. I want to gain more weight. I don't want to ever start any business. Again, it's thoughts. [0:16:12.8]

That's the other side of that thought, by the way, but the goal is, so I'm going to start an e-commerce company that generates $100,000 a month over the next six months and I'm going to invest $100,000 myself. Not only that, I'm going to invest 80 hours a week to this and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Now, all of a sudden, you said 100 grand in the next six months per month, now you have a structure. Now, if this month, I’ve got zero, next month I’ve got zero, the next month I’ve got zero, dude, you're fucking around. You're just thinking. Do the work. Get the results.

Results speak louder than words. This is why people are frustrated. People are sitting and it's like, Oh, I just want it to be a beautiful day. What's beautiful? Beautiful to me is waking up and it's 65 degrees out. It's beautiful, the sun setting. The birds are chirping and it's hanging out, and I see these beautiful mountains and beautiful views, and the sun and the trees, and my kids are smiling. What is it for you? [0:17:05.0]

See, the problem is it's got to be hard. You’ve got to see it. You’ve got to feel it. I get excited just talking about it because I know what it takes. The problem is not only with the goal. You have to start keeping score. You have to know if you're on track or off track, really simple. Are we on track or off track?

Jad said, Hey, I want to do 100k net a month. Great. What's your net number compared to your gross number? Is it 20 percent, 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent? Let's say, 50 percent, which is unheard of, but let's say 50 percent. He needs to generate 200k a month. 200k a month. There are 30 days in a month, right? 200k, I need to make 6,700 bucks a day. Dude, if you don't make 6,700 bucks a day, you're off track. I don't care if you made 6,650, you're fucking off track. You’re off 50 bucks. That's the difference between goal-setting and the thoughts. [0:17:58.6]

Who doesn't want to make 100 grand a month net? I've never met someone that says, I don't want to make 100 grand a month. Dude, we’ve got to get our goals dialed in. We’ve got to know exactly what we need to do. We need to execute with intention. We need to have a vision. We need to have focus. We need to have dedication and direction.

This is the thing and I see all you guys out here hanging out in social media land, talking shit, acting like you're cool. First of all, everyone is on vacation all the time. How do you guys take so many vacations? I didn't do dick for the first 12 years in business. Nothing. Nothing. I worked. Why? Because I had goals. Work hard today to do what you want tomorrow, but everyone is too busy. Man, I'm a lifestyle guy. Okay, your lifestyle is not directly correlated with your goals. You want lifestyle or money, or both? I want both. Maybe we need to adjust accordingly. That's the difference. We need to get really serious about understanding the difference with thoughts and goals. [0:19:01.1]

The reason you guys are frustrated is because you're watching people accomplish their goals. You don't know what's going on behind the scenes. When they're goal-setting. See, thought-setting and goal-setting are way different, right? Think about this. Everyone is like, Dude, I want to lose weight. Man, I want a new car. Oh, dude, I can't wait to have my dream house. Oh, man, I just want to spend more time with my family, right? Who doesn't want to spend more time with their family? Who doesn't want the new car and new house? Who doesn't want the new business? Who doesn't want to lose weight?

Let's be honest, if the truth is you guys want all this stuff, why aren't you guys getting it? Why doesn't everybody have it? Because it's easier said than done. I can talk shit all day long about my thoughts. I call it mental orgasms. All you guys out there circle jerking each other, talking about your thoughts, Dude, when I hit it big, I'm going to have blah, blah, blah. Show me the goals, dude. How are you getting there? What does it look like? How are you going to be a billionaire before you've ever made 100,000? How are you going to be a billionaire before you've ever made a million dollars? You have to become a completely different person. [0:20:12.8]

All you guys are on social media land, hanging out, talking the game like you're going big shit, taking pictures in front of my cars and cars of other buddies of mine, acting like they're yours, whatever you're doing. You're on vacation. Of course, you can’t accomplish your goals. I can accomplish my goals hanging out on vacation all day, but it's called structure. If my goal is to spend more time with my family, that shit is going on my calendar. You have to set a goal, set it in motion, get a plan in place, implement the plan, right? it’s always set the plan, execute the plan, no more, no less. It's really that easy. It takes work. It takes effort. It takes dedication, right? [0:21:00.0]

I want a new car. That's a thought. My first instinct and question as a goal, I can tell you exactly down to the fiber of the leather that I'm buying when I get my new car. That's a goal. How much does it cost you? Who do I source it from? What does it look like? How long does it take from the time I make the order till I get it? Where it’s at, what it's doing, what to get. That's how you have to goal-set. Now I know if I'm on track or off track.

See, I'm keeping score. Most of you guys are playing a game and getting punched in the face without a scoreboard. That's why you're worn out. That's why you're overwhelmed. That's why you're unfocused. That's why you're confused, because you're in the arena. You know you're in the right sport. You're not keeping score. You don't know who is winning or losing. You just know you keep getting your ass kicked. See, that's why people are quitting on the 99-yard line. They know the goal is there, but they don't even know they're on the 99-yard line. That's why they quit. You’ve got to get a plan. You’ve got to know what game you're in. [0:22:02.7]

You’ve got to set a real goal, not a Mark Evans’ goal, [but] your fucking goal. What do you want? Not what I want, not what the grandma wants, not what Mom and Daddy want, not what your kids want. What the fuck do you want? Then you start reverse-engineering this stuff to get what you want. It's really simple, so why aren't you doing it?

Whoa, Mark, you don't understand. I don't need to understand. You need to understand. It's easy for you to say that. Is it? Say it with me. “I can accomplish my goals when I set the right goals and I set the plan in place, and I execute the plan.” It is that easy. The thing is you're asking the wrong questions. You're talking, not doing.

See, when you're on social-media land, hanging out, just talking shit, I'm doing shit. My friends are doing shit. We're growing. We're pushing. We're getting punched in the face, but we're keeping score. You're more worried about getting it right before you get it going. You’ve got to know all the pieces before you execute. [0:23:07.1]

Dude, listen, I'm executing every day and I'm generating more money than ever. I don't know shit about the big picture. I know what we're doing. Listen, success is not a direct straight line. There are a lot of moving pieces, and the more I learn, the bigger I get different opportunities come up, different obstacles come up, things change, but my goal is my North Star. I can't deter. I can only grow and increase. We're talking about financial ref.

My lifestyle, I have lifestyle goals. You could call me and say, Mark, I want to send you $100,000 to come speak at my event across country. I'm like, I'm not doing it. I'll do it for free sitting at my house for one hour. I'm not traveling. I'm not doing this. I'm not doing that. Why? Because my goal is in alignment with my family. I care about my family, first and foremost. I don't need more money. I want more money. I'm not here for more money. I'm not here for money. I'm here. I want to get more money eventually with you. [0:24:02.74]

I want to do deals together. We'll buy companies together. You'll run companies for me one day. I’ve got a guy starting today that has actually come from social media like this. Yesterday, a guy actually raised his hand and donated $10,000 from the call I did yesterday. I don't get any of that money. That goes to charity, but that fulfills me and makes me happy. My goal is to give more money back. I don't care if it comes from me or comes through me, you know what I mean? That's what we need to understand. We’ve got to understand that there's power in this. Goals are real. Thoughts are just thoughts. Everyone has a thought. What's the saying? Thoughts are like assholes, everyone has got one. I think those are ideas.

I'm not talking about ideas. I don't need ideas. You don't need ideas. You need execution of an idea. One, one, that’s it. You're going to figure it out. You're going to learn. You're going to get confused. You're going to get frustrated and you can get excited, and everything in between, but we’ve got to set a goal in place, a real goal. What do you really want? [0:25:06.0]

Then you’ve got to look at the drivers that drive that goal. Doug, I know you mentioned 25 deals a year. Great. We're Month 6 into the game. Have you done two or 10, or 20? That's going to dictate what I do next to accomplish my goal. Then I'm going to look at my goal mid-month, actually quarterly. I'm looking at it now that we're mid-month, mid-year, and I'm going to ask myself, Okay, mid-month and mid-year, am I closer or further away from my goal? What levers do I need to pull to accomplish that goal? What things do I need to get out of my life so I can stay focused? Where am I at? What is going on? I need to constantly be taking stock. More importantly, I need to be keeping score.

If I need to make $100,000 net a month, I need to make 6,700 bucks a day. Come hell or high water, seven days a week, $6,700 has to come to me in some way, shape or form. I don't care if it's from a dollar order. I don't care if it's from a $100 order. I don't care if it's from a $10,000 sale. I don't care. Again, money doesn't care either. I have to figure out that's what I need. That's what I want. That's where I'm going. I have to do it. [0:26:09.5]

But the problem is people that want to make a hundred grand a year, a month, are typically doing $10-an-hour jobs. They're their own assistant. They're their own person. They're doing everything themselves. You can't make more, 100,000 a month by doing everything yourself. It's not possible. You might be able to do it once one month a year because of the big burst. The other 11 months are shitty. That's not the goal.

Not only that, the question is do you want to make 100k a month working or do you want to make 100k a month net in your business working for you? That's a different conversation. You want the business serving me or me serving the business? Most of you are servants to your business. I was. I still am on a couple of them in the beginning stages, but now I'm asking, but I do realize my goal was to be “How can the business serve me?” How can the business make me more? How can this make me 50 grand a month in the next two years from now? What does that look like? What does the team look like? Whom do I have to put in place? How much is my marketing budget? What does the infrastructure have to look like? [0:27:14.8]

The thing is what are you trying to accomplish? My boy, Tim, he's a great example of this, about pushing the boundaries. He's doing single-family residential rentals, turnkey and all that, and he's like, Dude, I want to make millions of dollars a year. You can make a couple million a year in single-family residential, but once you get to a certain level, it just becomes massively confusing, massively chaos. Your net profit shrinks drastically because there's so much overhead. There's so much. There are just a lot of moving pieces. He's like, Dude, screw it. Let's go to bigger products, right?

You think it's easier to make money selling a dollar product or $100 product? Volume. It's a volume play. He went straight to the apartment buildings and now he has over 3,000 units generating millions of dollars with less headache, less work, less stress, less people, less overhead. See, generation lean is the new big, by the way. We'll talk about that one day, I'm sure soon. [0:28:08.2]

I want you to know goals, to me, are not just something you put on a wall and get excited about. This is something you get really excited about when you understand that you’re in charge of your goals. You're in charge of your actions. If you’ve got shiny object syndrome, this is how you start minimizing it. We’ve all got it. That's our optimistic approach to life, so don't try to beat it out of you. Just know it exists and how to handle it when it creeps up, what to do about it.

Dude, do how many business cards I’ve had at other companies I’ve started but never started? Do you know how many products I’ve bought and never even opened them? See, the problem is, I know I was talking at Tim's event recently and people are like, Dude, I want… I was like, I think everyone watching this video and listening to me should have a book.

You should have a book in your business. It will help you make more money. I guarantee it. It can net. Picture this. You're in a meeting. There are two. There's you and your competitor. They show up and they hand a shitty business card from Vistaprint. You show up and you hand them a great book, a professional bound book with your name. You're an author. I don't care if it's 100 or 300 pages. You're an author. It has got your face on it. It has got your name on it. It has got what you stand for. [0:29:16.0]

Which one am I going with? Dude, I'm going with the guy or gal that has the authority. Why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't you? I mean, are you going to go get your car fixed at a place that has no certified blah, blah, blah, or to the guy right down the street and pay an extra 10 percent for that? Not only can you charge more, you can do more. You’ve got authority. That's what it's for. You're building your authority. You're building it through a book. You're doing one to many. You're shooting videos.

People, everyone, it's funny, I know and we all do this, when you need. Dude, I just got a text today. I was in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, about a year ago, a year and a half ago, and some guy messaged me. He's like, Yo, man, I caddied for you at the course. I love what you're doing. I love what you stand for, this and that. Hey, I want to know, are you coming in this year? I'd love to caddy for you again. He's connecting. He’s standing in front of me. I didn't know he was following me. How would I know? [0:30:10.2]

That's the beauty of social? His goal maybe is to do real estate. Maybe his goal is to be in business. I don't know, but he's making the connection. He's doing the work. He's got goals written down. He's making the effort. There are many people that want to message me that won't message me. Why? Because they're too afraid. They're afraid of rejection. They're afraid of me not responding or whoever you're trying to get in front of. What does it matter? Don't let your fear hold you back. Use it as fuel to drive. Understand, This is my goal. No one can stop you.

When you have a goal in place, no one can stop you. They might try to deter you. They might try to punch you in the face and move you around. But once you're out, it's like you can't be stopped. It really is amazing and I hope all of you guys get to experience that because it's the best. You wake up with purpose and passion, and you're ready to tear someone's face off. It might be your face that day, but it's someone's face and you're ready to go. It's not always easy, but what else is going? What else are you going to do? [0:31:09.2]

Not only that, easy for you might not be easy for me, and vice versa. Hard. What does hard mean? Oh, man, making money is hard. Is it? I think making money is pretty easy. The question is maybe making 10 grand a day is pretty easy for me. Jeff Bezos is like, Dude, making a billion dollars a year is pretty easy for me. It's all very relative, but until you start setting these goals, until you understand what your words mean, your thoughts on thoughts or your thought-auditing, things won't start changing. You're not going to get what you want. You're always going to be frustrated. You're always going to be behind the eight ball. That's the truth.

Until you stop talking thoughts, acting like their goals, your thoughts are disguised as goals. You think you're setting a goal. I want a new car. That's not a goal, dude. Do you understand lying in bed, man, I'm sitting and looking at the Rolls-Royce convertible Corniche 1987, blah, blah, blah, white, tan interior? [0:32:05.4]

This is what my first Rolls-Royce was white, English white, tan interior, big plush mats. It was the exact car, minus the year because it was a newer one, but the Rolls-Royce, the white, everything looked the same. Why do you think that is? Do you think this just happens by accident? My companies, I have a company that generates millions of dollars a year. I spend an hour and a half a week in the business. I have lifestyle. I have revenue, gross and net. I have an amazing team I care about greatly. I think about them every day. Actually one of the team members, I was at his dad's 94th birthday party yesterday at Mission BBQ, which is a pretty cool place.

That guy had a dream. Whoever started Mission BBQ had a great dream. I want to serve vets. I want to bring vets. I want to have vets work in my place. I want to serve vets. Damnit, when it turns 12 o'clock noon, we're going to stop everything. We're going to sing the national anthem. The phones were ringing, who cares? We're fucking singing the national anthem. That's dreams. That's a goal. He dreamed it, he set a goal and he made the goal happen. It became a reality. [0:33:15.0]

That's passion. That's when you start doing these things. No, even if you're not making what you thought you were going to make, you can start etching out different niches, learn how to go deeper, not wider, how to get more profitable here or pull back here. Again, you're all generating levers.

Then there are other businesses out there that are way harder, but then I started thinking, But I want family time, but I’ve got to work really hard. Now what I'm looking for is how much family time do I need? What does that look like? When do they need me the most? See, maybe family time is not a five to seven like you think it is. Maybe it's a two to four when the babysitter leaves and your wife or spouse needs some time to themselves. You can take the kids and go play with them, go golfing, go swimming, go do whatever, connect with them. Maybe that's when the time is needed. That's when you etch it out. [0:34:03.7]

But, Mark, I’m racing through the day. Okay, so that's a thought then, not a goal. See, with goals, you don't have excuses with goals. There's only action. If you want the goal to happen, you've got to do the work. It's really simple, but most people just want to keep talking about it. They want to have all these great thoughts.

Any questions on this particular subject? Because I do believe most of you guys and gals are only talking. I see it a mile away. Again, I'm not here to piss on your fire. I'm here to shine the light to help you grow, but the problem is most people are out here lying to you, telling you what you want to hear to sell you something. I have nothing to sell you, except that you can do this.

If you set the goal, by the way, you don't deserve this. This is something you set up and you work for. We all have the opportunities, the same exact opportunity. The question is what do you do with it? Do you take this information, get mad and do something about it, or do you take this information, get mad and become a victim? It's a choice. It's not my choice. It's your choice. [0:35:07.8]

Once you understand how to set this up in motion and start getting some success inch by inch, dude, this becomes very exciting. Then you start realizing what you're made of. Then you start looking around the corners. I’ve got a guy that I'm getting ready to partner up within his business. The guy has never made more than $10,000 a month in his business. I think I could take him to 50 to 60 pretty quickly. When I say quickly, that means three to six months because, again, there's an infrastructure buildout. There's a couple of dynamics that need to happen. But the hardest part, the hardest part in that is helping him believe that he's capable of making that type of money. That's always the hardest part.

We talked about it yesterday, fiscal therapy, right? I have to talk to them about money, what are his beliefs, what are his thoughts, because he's going to make a lot more money when we partner. That's how it works. When I partner, I want you to make money. Why? Hello, I make more money, too. Why wouldn't I want you to make more money? [0:36:04.2]

If you can borrow my belief, as my boy, Jonathan, says, borrow my belief, not only borrow my belief, maybe get some of my money and get my time, and now we're on the same purpose, the same goals, we can ride each other's coattails. We can drive this to another level.

As I talked about it, Noah, Vincent talked about this today, you guys know that Jeff Bezos, the first, ultimately the first trillionaire or the guy who has the biggest shot at it by 2026, you understand he only owns 12 percent of Amazon, 12 percent, while you own a hundred percent of your rinky-dink company. He only owns 12 percent and he'll be a trillionaire.

Now, if you’re owning a hundred percent and you make 100 grand a year, if that's happy to you, that's awesome, but I'm telling you the people that follow me and aren't trying to make 100 grand a year anymore. We're trying to do that a day. We're trying to do that in an hour. We're trying to figure out how to hack that down, right? So, what do you want? What do you really, really want? [0:37:02.1]

That's why masterminds are amazing because then you can share that at the real level, not the bullshit level, and when I say real, I'm talking vulnerable. You're going to say it. You're going to get scared saying it out loud like, Dude, I want to make 100k net a month. I want to spend a lot of time with my family. Then we start breaking that down. How do we make 100k a month? What's your value? What's your order? What are you making now? Where are you going? What's your timeline? What are you willing to give up? What are you willing to give? What are you willing to take? Right? Boom. Okay, now we've got that. Now you want to spend time with the family. What does that look like?

Dude, sometimes there’s fluctuation. If I'm trying to build something new, I’ve got to put a lot of energy into here. I can't be running four rocket ships at the same time. Dude, look at that, rocket ships. One just went to outer space recently, right? I know we tried to go up and see it up north in Florida here. But he's not jumping in the rocket ship. He’s sitting back as an owner, the SpaceX owner, and said, Hey, here are the guys. Here's the who to do the how. I’ll sit back and do my part while they do their part and our goal is to go outer space. I had a lot of problems with that, but I tell you right now, he set a goal and they accomplished it and they'll keep accomplishing them. [0:38:12.6]

See, the problem is you guys are so busy watching people set goals and fail. They're not failing on goals. They're failing on thoughts. You don't fail on goals. You accomplish goals, period. Good goals and bad goals, you're going to accomplish them. If you stay focused, you will accomplish them. It might not be as quickly as you’ve thought. It might be not as pretty as you think, but you will accomplish them, and when you do it, you’ll be pissed off that you didn't reach harder, that you didn't reach bigger, that you didn't reach further.

It's okay to fail, because failure to me is when you quit and when you die. That's it, no more, no less. You're not failing. You're learning, right? It all makes sense now. Why am I not reaching my goals? Thoughts. Because you're more interested in making the goal instead of being committed to making a goal.

Tyrone, a hundred percent. Everyone wants to buy an athletic body without going to work. Everyone wants the money without doing the work. Everyone wants. Dude, you think you're going to be the same person to get what you want. You have to become someone different. You have to change. It might not be 180 degrees, but from my experience, it's 180 degrees. [0:39:14.7]

“It's night here. My wife and I are watching, and everything you talk about helps me because half the things said, I don't know, and I talk about ideas a lot. This helps. Thank you. Paul.” Paul, where are you at again? Paul, I think you're in Australia, right? But as you guys are here, I'm telling you, there's so much opportunity. I just see so much pain, though, because I don't think people are telling you straight you're only thinking. You're talking thoughts, not goals. Goals have a plan behind them. Thoughts are simply thoughts.

Who doesn't want the six-pack abs? Who does not want the nice cars? Who doesn't want the big houses? Who doesn't want financial security? Who doesn't want a healthy family? Who doesn't want all this? Dude, everyone says what they want. Very few people get it. Then I ask myself why. It's really simple. They just don't have a plan. They're only talking. Stop talking and start doing. [0:40:10.6]

What are you afraid of? What's the worst that can happen? Seriously, what's the worst that can happen to you? You accomplish your goal? You hit your number? You become a new person? You change a lot or a little? You'll change a lot, by the way. And what is it? Goals versus thoughts. I hope the difference by now. If you don't, please listen to the show multiple times because there's a massive difference.

Again, my goal to hit 100 grand a year was my dream when I was 18. To do that in a week now is pretty easy in our world, but it keeps getting bigger. It keeps getting stronger. Listen, 100k, and I'm talking net, not gross, by the way, because gross is a whole other animal. I can't control. I can only control net and grow. I can control both, but as you're growing, I'm paying attention. [0:41:02.7]

My company is a separate entity. What does Mark Evans make? That's all I really care about. Not true. I care about it all, but when it comes down to detail, my goal is my personal goal. My business goal is my business goal. I have multiple business goals that would feed my personal goal, right, the top-down level, but it all starts with me. It comes to the business level to feed down the me level.

That's why I have multiple joint ventures. That's why I have many companies I'm involved in and/or own a hundred percent of myself, because I'm constantly at the infrastructure to serve me. What can I bring to the table for the next two years, so that in two years from now, I’ll have X?

Right now I'm working on something where I'm investing a lot of money every year into something that pays me off in 20 years. Twenty. Most of you guys want instant like, I want it now. I want it now. Because your goal, that's a thought. Who doesn't want money now? I want money now, too, but I also want things out in the future. I want big things in the future and this could help do a lot of cool things and this could build that. [0:42:05.7]

So, that was my goal. How do I make, let's say, 50 grand a month, tax-free per month when I turned 60? Here's the play. Here's the plan. Here's who you work with. Here's the execution. Here's the big investment. Every single year, every single year. It's a lot of money. Is it? I don't know. My goal is more important than the money. My agenda is so much more important and it's delayed gratification.

Twenty years, actually 18 now, when I turned 60, 18 years, that money starts coming to fruition and other stuff on top of that. But I have a goal. I have a team, I have a plan. We're executing. It's been bumpy. It's been ugly. It's been confusing because it’s new. I don't know about it. If I did, I'd already have it set up, right? It's like you're learning all the time. What do you want? What do you need today? What do you want in the future? What does it look like? What are you willing to give or get? These are things that we need to really start dialing in, and when you do it, nothing can stop you. [0:43:13.0]

Go out and live systematically. Okay, cool. Any questions at all? Beacon, any questions?

Beacon: I really don't have any questions. Okay, my question to you is there maybe a three-part, four-part where you go in your mind when it comes to deciphering what is aligned with my goal versus what is not aligned with my goal? What if you had buddies you've done business with in the past, they're pitching you a new idea? What kind of process do you go into in your head to be like, Oh, wait, nope, that's backburner, no way?

Mark: People pitch ideas all day long because they're looking for someone to implement the idea, because they're lazy as fuck. They want to go on vacation while you make them money. That's the difference. First of all, pay attention to your buddies. You probably need new buddies if that's going on. [0:44:02.2]

Me and my buddies are pitching ideas. We're doing things. We're doing things together. We're not pitching. I don't have time to pitch. We're too busy doing. Not only that, some of the best decisions you make in business are no, saying no, like, Dude leave me alone. Not only that, limited conversations. Yo, this is my value. This is what I bring to the table. If it fits in, hit me up. If not, leave me alone. I’ve got shit to do.

I know you're young. You don't know that stuff yet, but as you're out there, man, I'm getting hit up 24 hours a day with people. Dude, I’ve got the best idea. I got seven yesterday. I don't even read it. As soon as I see the pitch, I delete. I don't even know who they are. I don't care because I don't have time for it. It's Mickey Mouse.

That's not how real business is done, by the way. You grow business. It’s done through connections. Real business is done through, Hey, here's my agenda. Here's your agenda. Are they aligned? Yes. Let's go then. You do all the work, I'll bring the money, or I bring the money, I do the work. It has to be a very clear distinction of what's going to happen and what it's going to look like. Not only that, how big is it?
Truth is, man, most people just need new friends, honestly. You're included in that. [0:45:01.9]

Beacon: Yeah.

Mark: No. I mean, dude, listen, get new friends. If you've had the same friends your whole life, especially at a young age, you need new friends, dude. You need to be hanging out with guys way older than you, or gals, and you need to be learning from them. You don't need to be teaching your friends shit. You're too busy learning. You're too busy executing. Why? Because you have goals. You have an agenda. You’ve got a plan. You're keeping score.

See, no one is keeping score, dude. I know I keep score when I wake up late. I keep score when I drink too much. I keep score when I fuck that up. I keep score when I do something right or wrong. Dude, I'm keeping score on everything. If my friends aren't serving me, how do you feel when your friend calls you with an idea? Do you feel like you're missing out or do you feel annoyed?

Beacon: In the past, I thought I was missing out. That's all I would get, the fear of missing out. Now it's like, Holy shit, I probably know better than everybody, the so-called friends nowadays. I'm still young. I'm going through the transition from public school to being in a melting pot of everybody who thinks they’ve got the right path. Now it's like everybody is down the wrong path. I need to save myself. [0:46:07.6]

Mark: Listen, we don't know if they're down the wrong path or the right path because everyone's path is different. It's just not aligned your path where you're at today. Listen, dude, truth is, I mean, look at some of the people that could change the world right now. They might be the biggest drug addicts or the biggest whatever, sex addicts or whatever, but in 20 years from now, they might be changing people's lives with their lessons that they're learning in the path they're on.

So, I'm not there to judge the path. I'm there to judge my path because that's what I can control. I can't control their path, but what I can control is when people get on my path, I kick their ass off it. Get out of my way. I’ve got a goal to hit. I don't have time for it, man. I really don't. You've seen me, I get antsy with that stuff. I'm like, Dude, you come over the house and burr. I'm like, Dude, I don't need ideas. I need to fucking execute, right?

Beacon: No, and that's what really matters. That's all that anyone is going to see, the results.

Mark: I don't care. Do you know how many people are out there that are trillionaires in their brain but fucking can’t buy Girl Scout cookies when they come to the door? Dude, it's embarrassing. It frustrates me because it's embarrassing. I'd get so mad. [0:47:08.9]

I'm more afraid to be embarrassed as a grown man to not be able to take care of their people and things I care about than I am of doing the work. That's straight up the truth. I’ve got to take care of my family. I’ve got bills to pay. When my son calls me and he needs the best baseball bat because he's trying to go to the MLB or whatever, I need to be able to afford that bat and not take food off the table to buy it either. I'm talking I need to let him know like, Yo, if you're in, I'm in. I'm going to ride this bitch with you, because that’s his goal and I can help make the goal a little bit harder, easier or whatever, right?
It's just embarrassing to see grown adults play. I'm not playing, dude. I'm in the game to win. We're not playing over here. You know that, dude. You see it.

Beacon: Oh, no, it's real deal Holyfield. It gets my skin tingling all the time I think about it, but that's another thing, man. People don't know what real is. I'm going through a thing with my family where it's like I have aunts and uncles that are raising kids in fantasy worlds, you know what I mean? It's like this is a real deal thing, and I'm sure a lot of people in this life can relate to that. [0:48:15.0]

Mark: What does that mean? I don't know what that means.

Beacon: Fantasy world is like I'm just going to coddle you. To go through zero to 18 years old, I’m going to coddle you, keep you away from reality, from the curse words, from people that might be pitching you ideas, people that are showing their different life. Let's say, you come to me. Hey, how am I driving this Rolls-Royce? I'm curious. Those parents will tell you, Don't be curious. Don't look at that. That's not for you. They're molding their brains instead of allowing them to figure out how to mold their own brains, so that they can get what they want in life. They're already being [crosstalk] molded in the brain.

Mark: Again, let's be honest, this is why I always talk about thoughts on thoughts, man. First of all, it's massive insecurities on the parents. It is totally. [0:49:01.0]

Beacon: Yeah.

Mark: Because massive insecurities are the way they control things in their mind. Not judging. It's true. We've all been this way, by the way. This is how we're all raised. That's why yesterday and every day I talk about this stuff. Where did your thoughts even come from? They all come from our parents and people that care about us the most. I genuinely think our parents care about us, obviously, right?

Being an adult, even with my kids, I'm very conscious of what I'm sharing with them. They see me cuss. They see me talk real talk. They see me talk about money everywhere we go. Why wouldn't it be normal for when he's 12 years old to be hustling deals at 12 years old? It's normal. It's in his system. It's genuinely like, Yo, let's go, man. Hey, man, you’ve got three cars. I’ve got one car. I'll give you… You'll be trading and be hustling, and be pushing deals at 10, 12 years old.

The truth is my daughter, too, I can see. I think she'll be a little bit harder with it. I see her pick it up. She's very hard. You see the different personality. As a parent and business owner, I'm very conscious of these things. I want them to be hustlers. I want them to work hard. I want them to have their own dreams, their own goals. More importantly, I want to teach them how to take action to accomplish them. [0:50:06.8]

I don't care if Mark wants to be the best ballerina dancer or Dria wants to be the biggest CEO. I just want them to know that it takes work, takes dedication that you’ve got to have the goal. Don't just talk shit. Let's go do the work.

Beacon: You’ve got to learn it.

Mark: See, me, I don’t talk about it, man. I just want to do the work. Let's just get the work done. And when I say we do the work, it's not just necessarily me. I might be hitting people up. I mean, just like you, I might be hitting you up. Yo, man, I need this. But my job is to be resourcefulness, right?

Beacon: For the team.

Mark: Like, Hey, you're the other guy. Hey, Mike is the book guy. Hey, Joe, is the audio. He’s going to fix some audio. Hey, I'm going to Jeremy for copy. My job is that now, you know what I mean? But, yeah, man, I think you’ve got to pay attention to that. Dude, the truth is here's what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to stop worrying about family, straight up.

Beacon: I’ve got to start worrying about Beacon, Beacon entirely.

Mark: Dude, why would you worry about anybody else but you, the me economy? What the fuck does it matter what your aunt and uncle do to your cousins and nephews or whatever? Who cares? [crosstalk] but what does it matter? [0:51:06.7]

Beacon: No, the truth behind that is their limiting beliefs being implemented on me because this is the truth. I’ve grown up thinking that if I want something, I'm selfish.

Mark: Yeah, you are. It's okay. Be selfish.

Beacon: But with that being said--

Mark: They're not wanting something for you and telling you that you don't want something is selfish on their part.

Beacon: Boom, and I'm having this epiphany now at 22 and some people never get the epiphany.

Mark: Selfish. First of all, what does selfish mean? What does it mean? I get it. I understand that when most people hear selfish, they think of the dickhead selfish person, but what about you? I think the person that's overweight that's not taking care of themselves and has three amazing kids, they say they want all this stuff, but they're not working out and are not doing the work, I think that's selfish. I don't think getting things is necessarily selfish. I think you’ve got to say, Hey, man, this is what I want. That's aspirational. That's goal-driven. That's amazing. Why wouldn't you inspire and prop up that effort? [0:52:09.7]

Beacon: Yeah. My problem, new friends, join DM family, need a new family. It's not new. It's just if I can't do me, I can't do anything to anybody.

Mark: But that’s selfish. Dude, why would you say that? That’s selfish.

Beacon: See, that’s what I'm battling, because the reality is, it’s either be…

Mark: It’s not selfish at all, man. Listen, be selfish, I always tell people. I give people permission to be selfish. But, again, selfish in context is a different conversation than selfish of the image we may carry with us is [something else]. Dude, rich to you is different to me in you. You're 22. I’m 42. Selfish is different to you and I. All this stuff is so different. It's all elusive. But what does it mean? It's all timing. It's all age. It's all I have experience. I have different experiences.

That's what my whole goal here is, why we show up here every day, right? It's to share the experiences of what is real life. Not bullshit talk, but real life and, dude, I think what you're talking about, Beacon, is holding not just shoot back, but many people back. [0:53:10.2]

My biggest fear for you is if you don't do anything with this knowledge and information, you're stealing. You're being ultra-selfish to the world. It's not only stealing from yourself and your future self, but you're stealing from other people that would look up to you and there are a lot of people that look up to you. They might be your uncle. It might be your cousin. It might be your parents, because you can encourage and inspire people around you. It’s like, Dude, how did Beacon become successful? We all grew up in the same family, because you had to become a different person and they're watching you. They're watching, dude. They're watching you.

You’ve got to always remember, Mom and Dad, and aunts and uncles always remember you as the snotty-nosed, booger-picking Beacon kid as a little baby. That’s their concept of you. Their job, they think they're protecting you in the bubble, even though they're suppressing you and hurting you, not helping you. They are, genuinely. I don't think they do it on purpose. I hope not. But most people don't. They're just doing it from [that place]. I mean, picture how they grew up. You and I have talked about this. [0:54:06.8]

Beacon: Yeah, we may have to.

Mark: [Inaudible] I'm just thankful that my parents gave me a great house, big shelter and just a great personality. Now my job is to take this knowledge and do something big with it. It's my duty.

Beacon: That's exactly how I envisioned it. I try to let them know that, but it doesn't matter who I let them know. I’ve got to keep this here, keep pushing forward.

Mark: Dude, you need to stop talking to them.

Beacon: Yeah. No, I have been, though. I have been like…

Mark: Disassociation is a very powerful tool because what happens is it reverts you and then you start going in deep thoughts instead of deep action, because you start going back. They're trying to rewind you, dude. I'm too busy moving forward, I don't have time to rewind. I'm trying to play the future Mark, not the past Mark. I’m past that. They're talking about the same shit, dude. People are talking about the same stuff constantly. You can't share big dreams with small-minded people. They'll just crush them. They don't see them. You understand you can barely see them. You're in it and you barely see it. You don't even believe it, but you’ve got to say it out loud. [0:55:09.2]

That's the thought though. That's the difference between goals and thoughts. You're sharing big thoughts with small-minded people. How could they ever get it?

Beacon: Never. They can’t.

Mark: They can’t. It’s impossible.

Beacon: Even if I’ve got to that level of materialistic, materializing it, it's still going to be hard for them. You could show me that you already made the Rolls-Royce, but it's still going to be hard for me to listen to you to get myself at that level. But I have to be focused on me.

Mark: Dude, at the end of the day for you, when you pull up in that Lambo in the next 24 months, no payment, by the way, free and clear, you're a different Beacon.

Beacon: Literally.

Mark: Yeah a different Beacon by then. At 24, you're a different Beacon. Why? Because you're entrenched in this conversation. You're involved in the data. You're understanding what goal-setting is. I wish I knew what I was talking about at 22. Dude, I just had thoughts and intentions. I set goals, just different, smaller goals. You can dream first. Dude, it took me 12 years to get a Rolls-Royce. You can get your car in four years or two years of your dream. [0:56:14.8]

Knowing what we know now, it's just different, and that's my job here, to help you guys accelerate where you want to be. That's what people pay for. People aren't paying for knowledge. They're paying for speed. The paying for results. They think they want the knowledge. No one wants the knowledge because it takes work, energy and effort. You just want the results. I can't give you the results unless I give you the knowledge, you know what I mean? We're constantly here dropping knowledge bombs 24/7 to help you guys get to the next level. That's genuine. That's my agenda in life. Dude, I don't care what you think. I know that if you get selfish, you’ll get results.

Do you know how selfish I had to get? Do you know how scared I was? Do you understand, when I left, my mom was like, Don't look up, you'll get shot. Don't look up, they’ll know you’re [inaudible] and you’ll get robbed. Don't look. Don't flash your lights. You're in a gang, they're going to kill you. Roll up your windows. Lock your door. [0:57:08.5]

That's how I was raised my whole life, dude. They're not doing that to hurt me. They're doing it to protect me in their mind. But what that does is every stranger you know has opportunity, either money, time, energy, experience, efforts. I think Grant says it best, stranger has got your money, you know what I mean?

Beacon: Yeah, they’ve got the money.

Mark: You’ve got to get the money.

Beacon: Who has my money?

Mark: Who has it? It's everywhere, man. It's everywhere.

Beacon: For real. No, that’s a good speed. I think this is a huge takeaway.

Mark: Anything else, Beacon, on that side, Mr. Selfish? That's going to be your license plate when you get it. By the way, when you get the Lambo, I want you to get a custom license plate that says “Selfish”.

Beacon: I'm writing that down. I’m writing that down. I like that.

Mark: The thing is, first of all, what does it mean? The great thing is about that is that that would be a great conversation starter.

Beacon: Right, and it fits perfectly.

Mark: Yeah, and secondly, what's cool about it is, man, you have a conversation about it. You guys, it's okay to be selfish. [0:58:02.3]

By the way, we're all selfish in our own ways, but selfish to me, I don't see the negative and selfish. When I'm at the gym being selfish for an hour, that's because I'm trying to become a better Mark Evans, so I can be a better dad, a better husband, live long, be a better provider, better leader, better business owner, better sharer. If I'm not healthy, dude, if I'm not selfish, I can't do that, right?

Beacon: Right.

Mark: What are we doing here? That's selfish. Someone says, Man, you're being selfish. How do you know what I'm doing the other 23 hours? See, you might be sleeping 10 hours a day. I might sleep six hours a day. I’ve got an extra four hours on you already out of the gate in the day. You might be hanging out traveling one hour each way to work. I travel zero hours of work. I’ve got another two hours on you. I'm looking to hack time, dude. That's really what I want more of. I want more money and more time, you know what I mean? That's what it's about.

Beacon: That’s what it’s all about.

Mark: Yeah. Anything else on your side, Mr. Selfish? [0:59:00.8]

Beacon: No, I already know what I'm about to do. I’ve got the goal for the next 24 months. I'm just going to keep this in the back of my head, though, this seven-letter word that nobody likes to talk about, selfishness, selfish.

Mark: People like to talk about it when it doesn't serve them, because if you grow, that means they're not. That means they either have to grow with you or they stop growing. When they see you grow, if they're not on that same path, dude, they're trying to hide. They're trying to get this. They're trying to change you out. They don't want you to grow. They're trying to suppress you. That's the selfishness. They’ve got the negative self-talk. They don't even know they're doing it.

So, you can't get mad that they're not on this level. They're not coming to these conversations. You’ve got to understand and appreciate them, respect them. I'm not saying be disrespectful, but disassociate, minimize your association.

We all have that friend that calls us and we're like, Oh, here we go, what is it now? We also have that other friend that calls us and we're like, This guy, he needs help, because he only calls when he needs help, straight talk help. [1:00:03.9]

Then you're going to have that person that calls in the voicemail. I call them when I want to. I’ll call them when I have a void in my brain and I'm traveling somewhere for 20 minutes. I’ll call them up and then I know I’ve got to be urgent on the call, tell him I only got five minutes because they'll talk for 20 minutes.

We all do this. To me, I think it's selfish of them not to respect my goals. I think it's selfish of them to talk shit to me when they don't know they're talking shit to me. But that doesn't mean anything. I can't control them. I can only control the me economy. I can only control me.

Beacon: That’s right. It’s like individualism.

Mark: Yeah. Individualism?

Beacon: Yeah, I think that's the biggest word for it. That's something I have. The next goal in 12 months is to be out of this place into my own place. I don't know if I need to come to you and figure out the best deal on a property to get or if I need to just lay low and find an apartment, but that's my next goal. [1:01:02.4]

Mark: You and I have talked about this and I’ll talk about it here again. If I was your age in your situation, I'm getting a camper and going to a fucking camper spending 200 bucks a month. If I want out, I get out. That's the difference. That's a thought that you want to be out in 12 months or less. My goal is to be out in three days or less. That's the difference. Your agendas are misaligned with what you're saying. If you really want that, dude, you figure out how to make it happen. It's not buying property or renting property. It’s about getting out. The path to getting there could look very different every hour, every day.

So, what do you really want? I want to be out. Great. How quickly do you want to be out? Three months or less. Great, what does that look like for what you think it looks? Blah, blah, blah. You can't even raise that kind of money in that timeframe, so let's get more realistic. Either we’ve got to extend our timeline out or we've got to minimize what we're trying to get into. Dude, I’d live in a camper. I would bunk up with six people. I'm getting out. But I'm not saying you do that. That's how my mind thinks about stuff.

Beacon: Right. No, I'm going to keep some of those ideas in my arsenal and see what I can do. [1:02:05.1]

Mark: See, the thing is you're being selfish. You're being selfish in your comforts. You're saying, Hey, Mom and Dad, they're saying I'm being selfish. The only thing I see as being selfish is you're taking for granted your goals and what you're capable of. You're capable of so much more. If you want out, you could be out as quickly as you want, but it won't be as pretty. It won't be as simple. It won't be as nice. You'll have different responsibilities. Things are going to change.

Again, you have to change to get what you really want. You have to become a different Beacon. You have to become responsible. You have to become accountable for your actions, because when you say you're going to pay that $1,200-a-month payment or whatever it is at that point, you’ve got to pay it, come hell or high water. You might have to work three jobs, but it gets paid. That's the difference, man, different cadence, you know what I mean? Exactly. You can't pour from an empty cup.

Anything else, Beacon, before you go out and get a rental today?

Beacon: No, not yet. I mean, do you have any suggestions on where I should go? [1:03:00.8]

Mark: Dude, I told you I'd be. I mean, it's never been easy.

Beacon: I’m just going to be on Facebook marketplace. I’m sure I’ll find it up there.

Mark: [inaudible] bunk up with people. First of all, it’s cool. It's cool to live in a camper today. You understand that, right? Picture this. You're in your camper. Dude, you don't need a huge camper, 20 foot or 15. I don’t know which size they come in. A small camper can pull behind your car. You pop that shit up. You hang out, drinking coffee. As long as you have internet and a Wi-Fi connection, you're in business, dude.

Beacon: Right. That's all I need, yeah.

Mark: Get into Beacon zone. Turn it into Beacon’s castle. Turn it into Beacon’s estate. Whatever you want to turn it into, it's your domain. You own it. You control it. People will give you their camper. You can probably buy one for 100, 500, I don't even know that. I'm sure you'd get one for free. Just get it off my lot. Now you've got this camper. Now you park it at a place it's probably 200 bucks, I don't even know what it costs, probably cheap, whatever it is, and you just… Dude, most people say they want something. They're not willing to do the work. But then you just say… Actually, there's a guy on here, Christopher, he builds a lot of tiny homes. If you guys want tiny homes, he's your guy, Christopher, but tiny homes are cool, Beacon. Living… [1:04:12.0]

Beacon: I’m a pretty tall guy.

Mark: Being a digital nomad is a cool thing now.

Beacon: Something I’ve been thinking about, Airbnbing around for months. Just Airbnbing around. It'll cost me two k, but it'll be a great experience for me.

Mark: Why can't you just latch hold of a camper and just go? Because you're tall?

Beacon: No, got to get my food right. got to get everything right.

Mark: Dude, again, you're trying to figure it all out before you get going.

Beacon: Right.

Mark: That’s the difference with me, man. If I want to get out, I get out. How everything else is is just details. You know this because I see this all the time. Give me the baby, not the baby pains, man. I want the baby to shut the fuck up. Let's get it done. That's it, no more, no less. Yes, there are problems. Yes, there are issues. That's called resourcefulness. We’ve got to get resourceful. [1:04:57.1]

Dude, do you think if you're sitting in a camper, not spending 200 bucks a month, making what you make, you could probably buy food? Do you think you can travel? Do you think you could put gas? Everything else always works itself out once you put forth the effort. Once you set the goal and do the work, everything always works out.

I'll see you guys tomorrow, my birthday. I’ll be here. I'm not quitting on you guys. I'm not giving up. My goal is to help you, Even on my birthday. Beacon, what did you get me for my birthday, by the way, dick?

Beacon: Oh, we're not there yet. Tomorrow, we’ve got you.

Mark: All right, but just don't be showing up on your phone like you did last year for my birthday. It was kind of weird.

Beacon: You know the camera guy missed that shot. Dude, I'm disappointed.

Mark: I know. That’s cool, man. Anything else, Beacon, on that? Again, you’ve got a good insight on this. You're young, still a young guy, doing your thing.

Beacon: Yeah, the biggest thing is I’ve just got to learn how to just stay in this world and how do I level up this? I'm not worried about helping the next guy that asks for my help because this is individualism, just individualism, really.

Mark: Let's talk about help really quick because I’ve got to bounce here in a second. But, help. [1:06:02.8]

First of all, helping someone, what does that mean? I don't know if I'm helping them or hurting them. The truth is most of the time when we call it help, we're probably hurting them. We're enabling them. We're making them complacent or answering the question too fast.

If you've never run a company, which I know you haven’t but you're working on it, but if you're running a company, if you come to me—Beacon, you know this to be true—you come to me with a question, what I say, Figure it out, I don't know. I'm not giving you [the answer]. Even if I know the fucking answer, I'm not telling you because you need to figure it out. That's how you learn. I need you to be resourcefulness. I don't need to be answering [questions]. My job is not to answer basic questions that you can Google. My job is to answer the big hard problems that are causing us issues as a global company. How do we implement, execute and solve bigger problems?

See, you guys are busy, focusing on solving small minute problems, waiting on people to solve them for you. Dude, go to Google. Use Google for what it is. It's a solving tool. Go solve any problem you want. It’s on Google. The problem is you're not willing to do that work. [1:07:01.0]

Beacon, the best thing you could do to help someone. Yo, Beacon, man, I need this, blah, blah, blah. Go to Google. Yo, man, blah, blah, blah. Go to Google. Listen, they're going to say, Yo, you're being a dick. I know. Get over it. What do you want from me? By the way, blah, blah, blah. No, go to Google. They're going to kind of infiltrate you and shoot you with their bullshit stuff because they're too lazy to go do the work. You're not helping them. You're hurting them. You think you're helping them. You're genuinely hurting them. It's called handout mentality. We see it everywhere.

Beacon: Handout mentality. I’m [inaudible].

Mark: They just want a handout. Handout, handout, handout. Yo, I give hand-ups, dude. I'm not giving any handouts.

Beacon: Some of them are trained, I'm telling you, spoon-fed from zero to 18.

Mark: Dude, this is called society. This is the majority of society. It's called people that don't have money that are on the government tit, that's why this is going on. It's a handout. Listen, you want to see the government change drastically, start giving everyone on Section 8 and all that drug test, and see what happens. It's just the facts, dude, like it or not. I’ve been in it. I'm deep in that area. That's where all my investments are, so I know what's going on back there. You're there at home, smoking weed all day, getting paid and getting free rent from the government, i.e. us that pay taxes. [1:08:10.3]

Until people come out and realize that you're not necessarily helping them… Do you think you're someone by giving them a handout? If you can't get your together, give them 12 months. Help people out. I’m not saying not to help people, but know when you're helping when you're hurting. When your friends or whoever is coming to you with that bullshit, you’ve got to tell them to go to Google. Go solve the problem yourself, my man. Solve it.

First of all, it's fun. It's fun. I love solving problems because when I solve it, I actually get confidence, because now I'm like, Wow, actually I can do this. I can do more. What are the problems? Now you're looking for solutions to the problems, because the problem is what happens, Beacon? You tell them what to do. They go do it. They fuck it up and now it's your fault. Beacon said this. Beacon said that. They're victims forever. They're never in control.

Beacon: For me, now they're sucking on my tit. [1:09:00.0]

Mark: Dude, it's the truth. It's sad. It's actually embarrassing that we're in that society. We're better than that as a world.

Beacon: Oh gosh. That is so facts.

Mark: Yeah. Cool, man. All right, I’ve got to go. Someone has got to work over here, my man.

I appreciate you guys being here. Hey, get your goals right. Get a plan in place. Start keeping score. Know that whatever you want, you're capable of it. The question is are you willing to do the work to get it? Capability and actual practicality are two different worlds. You'll do the work. Get the results, no more, no less. Beacon, I appreciate you being here, man.

Beacon: Always a pleasure.

Mark: Go out with someone else on the tit and help them out.

Beacon: All right.

Mark: Appreciate you guys.

Beacon: Got to put myself on it, too.

Mark: Peace out. You’ve got this, guys. Happy Thursday. Peace.

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