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People are always talking about what they want. They create dream boards filled with every material item they want in life. But they don’t focus on what they don’t want to do.

Nothing is as powerful as realizing what you don’t want to do. Ignoring what you don’t want to do can cripple your freedom, sabotage your sanity, and push you to the brink of suicide. Even if everyone on the planet is jealous about what you have.

In this episode, I’m revealing why a “nightmare board” is more powerful at helping you achieve your dreams than a dream board.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The “Nightmare Board” trick that helps you build a profitable business that serves you instead of slaving to a high-paying job (1:05)
  • How creating an ultra-successful, multi-million dollar company can leave you with a gun in your mouth (and how to prevent it) (8:25)
  • Why wearing pink can explode your sales (21:48)
  • The “Kill Someone Mindset” that reveals exactly what you want out of life with crystal clear certainty (27:28)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Knowing what you don’t want is more important than what you do want. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: What's up, guys? It’s your boy, Mark Evans DM here, coming to you live from Parkland, Fla., beautiful and sunny here. Forty-five minutes north of us where Beacon is at, it's nice and raining.

As I'm sitting here, this is a very big topic and something I was talking with my guy, John, yesterday about and something I do. I like to play these games with myself, try to figure out how to accomplish bigger things that our brain is not programmed to see, and oftentimes we all have that dream board, right? [01:06.6]

You guys all have a dream board? This is a good Q&A to help me help guide you guys a little better. But a lot of people are familiar with a dream board, right? Maybe to have that body, their house, the cars, whatever, their vacation spots and all this stuff, maybe an amount for the bank. You guys have all these dream boards, right?

I was talking with my buddy today, Jeremy, and really what we need is a nightmare board. Have you ever thought about having a nightmare board, you know what I mean? What don't you want? What don't I want? I just took a minute here and, again, everyone should do this.

I have a pen and paper. This is the best technology in the world. Between this and this, it's amazing. I'll share some of the stuff of what I think you don't want and I want you to kind of navigate this yourself and, again, you guys have got to realize. Let's put some contrast to this. [01:58.0]

I'll be 42 on June 19. I have two amazing kids. One will be five this year. The other one just turned one. I'm married. Love my wife, Deena. We’ve been together and this June it will have been 15 years. If you're young, single, no kids, maybe you want something different. Maybe if you're older, blah, blah, blah, maybe you want something different.

But let me share with you what's on my nightmare board. I do not want a big clunky business. See, a lot of you're trying to build a business. Have you ever asked yourself, are you building it the right way? Are you building it the way that it will serve you? Joe Polish has some cool terminology illness. He calls it an E.L.F. business or a H.A.L.F. business. What it means is E.L.F. is easy, lucrative and fun. On the H.A.L.F. business, it's hard, annoying, lame and frustrating. These are choices, by the way, that we make as we're building and a company. [03:00.0]

I want E.L.F. businesses. Most of my businesses are E.L.F. I have one right now that’s kind of a H.A.L.F. business, hard. It's not even hard. It's just annoying, lame and frustrating. It's not hard. It's just blah, and it's something I started a long time ago and it's just like it is what it is. So, we look at that in there.

Here's another one. I don't want to be just getting by. I don't want to just be getting by in life. I always remember going to meetings. I'm not judging you. I'm just telling you stories, true stories. I’d go to these networking events or masterminds and I meet people. That's been in the business for 20, 25 years in the same industry, let's say, real estate, and they have the same problems I have. I don't understand that. How can you be in the game 25 years when I was only in the game two years and you still have the same problem? To me, that just shows that they're just getting by and they built a H.A.L.F. business. [03:58.4]

I want to build something I can sell in 10 years. I don't know about you guys, but I want to put my energies and efforts into something that has a very big impact in the future, today and in the future. My big fear in life is always how. I built my first companies wrong. I built them where they couldn’t really be sold but for 1X at best. Real estate investing is one of those. We can't sell a real estate investment company. When I'm talking real estate, having a small team like we have, there's just no value to it like an e-com store or an online business of some sort, or a local mom and pop shop or whatever.

My biggest fear with that is I want to build something I can sell in 10 years for a lot of money, 100 million plus. I talked about this last year at my event at the Deal-A-Thon and the reason is my big thing is you're going to wake up 10 years from now. Heaven forbid, we don’t, but that's the goal. I want to have something that I can sell for real money. I'm not talking Mickey Mouse dollars. I'm talking real money, because if not, if we can't sell it, it's not because businesses aren't being built today to be sold in 10 years from now. It’s because you and I didn't take the time to have this conversation. I want you to be very conscious of that. [05:10.5]

I don't want to use an office. I don't have an office. I haven't used an office since 2005. I was the first or one of the first virtual people you guys would ever know. I promise you, many of the guys online have copied me, and offline. If they're not selling anything virtual, it wasn't even called virtual back then. It was called remote. Then I came out with the book called Virtual Real Estate Investing Made Easy, but I don't want an office.

I can't tell you how many people still fight this. I don't go to offices. I don't go to title companies. I don't do all that because I know what I don't want to do. You're chasing the dollars. I'm not. I have my structure and this is where it's at. If I can't do business with people that do business like that, then I'm not going to do business with you. Guess what? I do more business when I started focusing on what I don't want and started getting more of what I wanted. Go figure, right? [06:01.7]

I don't want to have to travel to produce revenue. There are a lot of people that travel to produce revenue. Maybe they're speaking on stages. Maybe they’re going to events and doing whatever. I don't want to ever have to travel to create revenue. Now, listen, if I do travel and I can create revenue, but I'm traveling on my schedule when I want to and I want to be there, that's a different story. But, again, I'm just very hard-lined in saying I don't want to travel.

Today, where I'm at in my life, I get hit up all the time, Hey, man, I’ll pay you 50 grand. Come speak at my event. Nope. Hey, man, I'd love to have you come speak at my event. I'll pay for everything. No. I don't care about it. I'm not chasing the money. Here's what I tell them. This is a true story. I'll do it for free via online. I'll shoot it from my office. I'll shoot it from wherever I'm at, at my house, in my office. I would be in the garage right now, but we have our landscapers here and they're cutting trees down and stuff and cleaning up. I don't want to travel. [07:00.2]

I don't want negative people around me and slackers. I want people that are constantly up-leveling their game. I want to focus with people that want to grow in life. I want to focus on people that talk about positive stuff. I want to focus on that kind of stuff. I do not want negativity around me. It doesn't serve me. It doesn't help me in any way, shape or form. I don't want to deal with tire kickers, right? We all have to deal with tire kickers, but I don't want to deal with them.

In my world where I live at today in my life, I have a very high conversion rate. Why? Because I’ve created an infrastructure to sort out the B.S. to the opportunities. The people I'm talking to, I'm more telling them, no, I don't want to work with them.
They're not tire kickers. They're just not qualified for what I want, because, again, I know what I don't. I don't want someone that's needy. I don't want someone that's lazy. I don't want someone that's negative. I don't want someone that has money that just wants to buy and try to act like they can get rich doing nothing. I don't believe in it. I don't do it and I will not do it, period. Right? [08:02.0]

I don't want to miss family events and important moments. There's nothing in business that I want to miss family events and important moments for. I don't want to have to create a monster, a company where I would miss big events and big [milestones] lifelong, like missing my child walk, missing them take their first steps, or do this or do that, or graduation or whatever.

Reminds me of a buddy of mine. He had a business he built up to about $40 million a year and it was a pretty good-sized business. He had 150 employees. He was cranking. he had built everything, what he wanted, never asked what he didn't want. When you always hear people say be careful what you wish for, the reason is on the one side of the wish is another side of what you don't want in that wish. Just because you get this piece doesn't mean all this other stuff doesn't follow it. He ended up getting a divorce. He almost committed suicide, truthfully. He had the three kids and he had a gun in his mouth. He was about to end his life because of a situation and he went bankrupt, lost everything financially. [09:08.2]

The good news is, he didn’t, and now what's awesome is he has a multimillion-dollar business that serves him. He has money coming in. He's still divorced clearly, but he gets to spend time with his kids now. He has a life that most people dream of. He’s on his own schedule. He wakes up when he wants. He does what he wants and he has revenue that has built a company to build him massive revenue streams to allow him that luxury and lifestyle, because he realized on the journey of success what he didn't want his success to look like.

Yesterday, that guy, someone asked me like, Mark, I want to hear your steps you’ve got to get to where you're at. The problem with that is my steps and your steps could be totally different. I know what I want. You might not, or vice versa. You might want a billion dollars. I might want 10 million, so my steps are really irrelevant. It doesn't even make sense to even listen to me. I'm not your guy. I think what you don't want is super important. This is your nightmare board, what I don't want, you see what I'm saying? [10:11.1]

I don't want to be normal. I don't want to be normal. I don't want to be a sheep. With this corona shit going on, I have yet to wear a mask and, in Florida, you're supposed to. I'm not doing it. I'd rather stay at home and do nothing. I'd rather stay at home and hang out than to go out and be sheeped around and told what to do, you know what I mean? I do that in business. I do that in life. I don't want to be normal.

I remember when I went to the doctors, I was getting some blood work, and this was a long time ago. He said, “Wow, Mark. You're in the normal sections.” I'm like, What are you talking about? I've never been normal. I don't want to be normal and, first of all, show me what normal looks like because I'm overweight. I feel disgusting and why are you saying it's normal? This is not normal. This is disgusting and I want to be the top of the top. What do we need to do to get there? [10:58.7]

See, I think the thing is sheep tend to be like, Oh, the doctor said so, so it must be right. The doctor's acumen and the doctor has an agenda, and I'm not saying right or wrong, I'm just saying they have an agenda. Maybe you should get a couple different people telling you if you're normal or not normal, if you're going to die or not die anytime soon. These are things I think about and what I don't want. I don't want to be normal. I don't want to be a sheep. I want to be thinking for myself. I want to be driving my future, the me economy, you know what I mean?

Reminds me of a buddy, for seven years of his life, back to it really quickly as I'm looking at my notes here about missing family events and important moments. I have a buddy who's younger. He's in his mid-thirties. For seven years, dedicated his life to a vision he had with a partner and they worked hard. I mean, he literally gave up his life for seven years. He was living out of a hotel. He was traveling all the time. He literally had no life and missed a lot of big moments in his family's life. One day, he just woke up and said enough was enough and he started something different. Then 18 months later, his life had done a 180-degree change for the better, because [he knew] what he didn't want. [12:15.2]

We all know what we want, so why aren't we getting it? That's always a question I ask. We all know what we want. Why aren't we getting it? Because we don't know what we don't want and we’ve got to put the two together because, listen, if you want to get six-pack abs, I’ll tell you what to do. It's like, I want six-pack abs, but I don't want to work out. I don't want to eat right. I don't want to do the hard work. The problem is your six-pack abs are bullshit because it's never going to happen, because you’re not willing to do the work to get the result. I'm not saying that's good or bad. Just knock it off of what you want. We all want that, but that's a dream. That's not a goal. You’re just daydreaming.

Here's the biggest one. I want you to think about this. All of this is big, by the way, and there are many more. There are many, many, many more here. But I want a business to work for me, not me work for it. You always hear me talk about like, How can the business serve you instead of you serve the business? [13:08.8]

You see, us as mules, we have a very servient mindset. We like to serve people. It makes us feel good. It's a badge of honor. I personally like to host people at my house. I enjoy it. It's fun to me. I like to do cool little things that people are like, Wow, so much attention to detail. I enjoy that kind of thing. I don't go make the glass cup that says DM on it or whatever, or the napkins. No, I think about it in magician style, write it down, hand it off to my assistant. We go get it done.
But I asked myself, How can my business serve me? And I have different types of businesses. Some of my businesses, initially the businesses in the beginning, you have to get in there. You have to mule it out and grind it out, and figure out certain things in that. I'm not saying you don't do that. It's part of life and business in general, but what you have to realize is that you're a mule and you have to figure out. Have you ever asked yourself, When can my business serve me? [14:02.8]

I didn't ask this question for 12 years of my life in business. I literally said, What can I do to make more money? Who do I need to sell? What do I need to buy? What can I invest in? I need to make more money. It was always me, me, me, me, me. If it's not me doing it, it's not getting done, but I never stepped back and said, How can the business serve me? What I’ve realized through business is different businesses have different problems and opportunities inside of them. For example, in my real estate company, everyone that comes to work for us thinks they can make a million dollars a year doing nothing. That's not the case. They take for granted what it has taken me to get to where I'm at. They don't realize that I’ve built a reputation. Everything I said I was going to do, I’ve done and beyond. Not only that, my consistency, I'm always consistent. I'm persistent. I follow up. I follow through and I execute with intention. [14:56.0]

The team, when they come under us, the team, they forget that they're riding my coattails on that journey, which is fine, but, listen in business and in life, it's not as easy as to just wake up and do a deal. Yes, you can do that once or twice, but what happens when you don't make a deal? What happens when you get sued? What happens when the deal goes south and you just lost your $6,000 earnest money that you put down on the property because it was such a sure thing? What happens?
See, the problem is, in that industry, I think this goes all with sales, in that industry, it's the personality type you're drawing in, and they tend to think they can do all this and it's easy, because they’ll see me post, Oh, I made 100 grand today on this deal. Yeah, but what about the 72 months prior that we barely scraped by? See, we forget that story. We forget that. We forget all that stuff because we're so focused on now, right? And that's a problem in that industry.

It's a very big problem, and if you're in that sales world, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Your assistant wants to be a billionaire. Your sales guys are going to be trillionaires. They know everything. Yet they don't have the balls to spend a dollar on marketing. They have a relationship because of you, because of your brand and your business. It sucks, but it's part of that nature of that beast. [16:14.0]

Not only that. I’ve never looked at that as competition. I've looked at it as collaboration. I want to do deals with them, but guess what? No one ever lasts because, again, they're taking for granted what we do as a business owner. It's hard. It's big decision-making and, more importantly, what we're talking about today is I know what I don't want. I don't want people that are looking for a way out. I want to work with people that want to work and look to build a future, build a business with a team. That's what I want. That's what I am about.

That's one side of it, and then I have other companies. At the end of the day, literally, they're the most, hands-off, passive-as-passive-can-be income streams in the six figures, at a high six-figures-a-month level. You sit there and think, I could make this fighting this and getting punched in the face, and screaming and fighting and falling and yelling, or I can shift my energy and efforts over here and build something that’s sellable, scalable, produces great revenue. It's easy, lucrative and fun. It's passive. It's active. See what I mean? [17:18.3]

But it all starts with what I don't want and writing this down is very important. As I think about everyone I know in business, it's critical. As Beacon has on here, it's your nightmare board. What are some things you don't want? I'd love to ask you guys. If you have any deeper questions on this, I'd love to talk about this, but what don't you want? What aren't you willing to trade to get X?

You understand the problem in this is, when your dream boards up, and we talked about this yesterday, I believe, I have a bunch of them. I have a bunch of them, but, again, it doesn't matter for you. It's a stupid question. Here's why. Whatever I say, it doesn't matter because it's what I want. It's what I'm good at. Unique abilities or abilities, what I don't want, what I want. [18:09.0]

Guys, what I’ve realized is we ask questions because we don't know what questions to ask. I'm not beating you up on this. It's like the question doesn't serve you. What if I said I sold dildoes? That's my most passive business. I mean, it's pointless. You guys do know there are people that make millions of dollars selling dildoes, right? Do you know there are people that make molds to create dildoes and sell dildoes? I know my boy, Sean Whelan, was talking about this at my event last year.

You guys understand there are lots of ways to make money passively. You could be an investor. You could be on a board. You could be the creator and hire a team. They all have all these different things. There are so many ways to make money. Making money is not the problem, folks. You guys realize that. It's you. You're the problem. You're the cog in the wheel. It's all you. It has nothing-- [19:03.3]

There are infinite ways to make money. Infinite. Someone sold us this candle. I don't know where, who, how. I talked about that in money goggles. That'd be a show one day, but let me take notes. This is my technology. I’m taking notes, money goggles. I'll share the stories with you one day, but for you guys’ understanding, you guys have to ask better questions.

My questions to you: what are you good at? What do you love to do? Where's the opportunity? What's that worth to solve? What problem exists in your industry that you can solve and get a fee for? What don't you like? What do you like? Do you want a big business? Do you want a small business?

See, that's why I'm a good mentor because I actually give a shit. I'm not just answering vanilla answers here. Oh, I sent emails. What does that mean to you? It means nothing. It just keeps you confused, keeps you like, You can't do what I do. The truth is you could probably do it better than I do it, because you have this conversation that it took me 18 years to have, you know what I mean? [20:05.1]

Start off with: what don't I want? What do I want? What am I great at? Where do I want to be at? How much money do I want to have? What's in my account? What's my activity? Am I at an office or not at an office? I don't, 100%. I do not go to an office. I haven't, since 2005. I hang out. My commute is 0.2 seconds to the bed, to my home office or in the garage or out back.

There are lots of great books out there. I've read thousands of them, 6,000 or so, I believe, maybe more. I've read a lot, a lot of books, and it's the only thing that saved me. Knowledge is so powerful. Most of you guys won’t even buy a book for 15 bucks, most of you. Get the book MagicianVsMule.com. [20:51.8]

Gustavo, no offers complete freedom. I don't know, man. I've had it since ’05, so to me, I’ve been free since then. Being on that beach, sandy white beach and South Beach, Florida, September 31, 2005, where my wife, my girlfriend, now my wife, Deena and I settled down over there, just saying, man, I was scared, but you’ve got to understand technology didn't exist like it did and I was in a big industry where we were very hands on, chest-to-chest selling in real estate. For me to do that, it was a big move.

Back then, it was a big move, but now looking back, I didn't realize how big a move it was. It changed my life forever and many people around it because I changed a lot of people's lives in a powerful way by me stepping outside of my comfort zone. Go figure.

Again, I don't want to be normal, dude. I don't want to be normal. It's funny, everyone says they're going to office. I'm not going to office. Everyone says, I want to buy this car. I don't buy that car. I buy this. I've always been that way. I've always worried that what… I wore pink before it was even cool, you know what I mean? Back in the late-90s, early-2000s, it was not cool for guys to wear pink. It wasn't cool for me to wear this Kangol, but I don't care. [22:00.0]

That's the difference. I don't want to worry about what people think. I don't care about it. It doesn't serve me and you can't win the battle. It doesn't matter. Just be honest. I think hardworking and respectful. Everything else will work its way out, and you’ve got to work and have a good product.
Beacon, what don't you want, where they're thinking about their powerful questions?

Beacon: That's a great question. I would say, I don't want to feel complacent and lazy. I always liked the energetic feeling, always feeling ready to go, ready to move. I feel that it’s a huge problem that once people think they’ve got what they want or they start seeing some results, they end up slowing the ball. I don't ever want to lose momentum. That's what I don't want. I feel that a lot of is more emotional to me because I feel like I have to dial in my disciplines and my core values. I'm still understanding the inner workings of my brain, but that's basically what I don't want, and then I’ll start focusing on the vision board. [23:03.2]

Mark: Just so I understand because you said 27 things once questioned. You're good at that, by the way. But what don't you want? Complacency? What is it in one word?

Beacon: Complacency.

Mark: All right, so if you don't want complacency, what is the other side of that? How do you not be complacent? That's the question.

Beacon: Just basically keep moving. Being active. Action.

Mark: Dude, but, again, the problem is, the reason I’m bringing this up is a lot of people sitting here saying, I don't want to be [inaudible]. I've never met someone who says, I can't wait to be complacent, you know what I mean? But the problem is they're saying, I want to be active. I want to be moving. You might be feeling, though, that you're complacent, even though you're moving a hundred miles per hour because it's too vanilla. There's no measurement against it

Beacon: Right.

Mark: How would you know if you're not being complacent? What KPIs? What number? What piece are you doing? Right now you're on a marathon and you're running against people, but everyone's just running to run. No one has a distance. There's no end in sight, so you're going to feel like, I can't win this race, and you're right, because you haven’t identified what the race is. [24:08.8]

Beacon: That's basically it. I’m basically coming to terms that this is a marathon. It's not a race. There's no finish line. There are only checkpoints, and then once you hit checkpoints, that's not time to celebrate and brag.

Mark: When there’s a finish line, it’s like death. A finish line is death.

Beacon: Death, right. Yeah, it is. I think that's just from my background from eight years in a band. The biggest thing that has been beaten into me is hurry up and wait when it comes to preparing for an ensemble if we're about to perform or something. We show up an hour or two hours and just wait. When it comes to practicing, we practice and then we just wait. It's just embedded in me and I'm trying to rewire that out of me to just always be on go mode, always be on go mode, like, Okay, cool, we hit the results. Now what? I have free time. Now what? How can I just keep elevating my actions? [25:03.5]

Mark: No, man, I get it. I'm the same way, so I understand what you're saying. I mean, everyone else here that's pursuing something bigger in life always feels like, I'm not going enough, and always anxious and all that. But you’ve got to have some checkpoints in there to give you some sanity in this moment. You’ve got say, Hey, if I can get 72 videos done this month and get XYZ amount of viewers, I'm getting closer because, if not, man, you're always going to be living in misery. You could have a trillion dollars in the bank and feel like the biggest loser.

This is what I talked about that guy recently who sold a company for two and a half billion to Microsoft. He was super depressed. It’s a bad moment for him because he feels like, I need to do more. I need to do more. You don't just wake up and take this out of you. This is something people don't talk about about professional athletes. You’ve got to understand these are young children coming out of the league at their prime, 23 years old. They're amazing and they get cut. They're in their prime, you know what I mean? [26:00.3]

What happens with that is, now all of a sudden, they're like, Oh, my God, what do I do? They're complacent. That's why getting an education, knowledging up in a different skill set and this and that, we have to be conscious of that, but no one is talking about in your prime. How do you know if you're successful or not? That's the thing. It’s what I don't want. I don't want to be successful and not know I’m successful.

Beacon: It changes for you every single day.

Mark: It changes for everyone.

Beacon: For me, getting one deal would be a success. You, it's like, I need to get 100 deals, and you're looking in a span of three to six months like, How can I lock up more deals? And it just keeps changing. Once you get 100 deals, how can I get thousands? Yeah, it’s just a mindset.

Mark: Create checkpoints, man. Everyone needs to be creating. They have to have these checkpoints. If not, you're just running laps and we have no clue if it's a lap or it's a mile, or it's 100 miles. You’re just running. You're going to get on that treadmill and you're going to get worn out.

“Enjoy your time Sunday on the home, on the water.” Thank you, I really appreciate it. “Bought and loved the book.” Appreciate it, Gustavo. [27:02.2]
Beacon, anything else, my man?

Beacon: On my nightmare board is basically…

Mark: Not a picture of your ex-girlfriend, but what else?

Beacon: No, no, no. I don’t know what you're talking about. I haven't even looked at it that way, but I’ve always been wired to be thinking about the Lamborghinis and the big mansions that I will never figure out how to get to for the vision board, so now it's something that I have to take away and sit back like, All right, let me reverse-engineer this.

Mark: Let me ask you a question. What's your favorite thing that's on your vision board?

Beacon: The Lamborghini Urus.

Mark: Okay, what does something like that cost?

Beacon: Two hundred and fifty thousand.

Mark: Cool. I'm going to buy you one today, but I need you to do one thing. I’ll have you do one thing.

Beacon: Okay.

Mark: I'm going to give you a gun and have you kill someone. Why not? You want the car. You're going to get it. Just all you’ve got to do is one thing. It's that easy. Why won’t you do it?

Beacon: See, since we're [crosstalk] and this is live, it’s against my morals. It’s against the laws. [28:01.6]

Mark: But, listen, you have a chance to get it. It's right there in front of you.

Beacon: Right. I don't think I want it. I don’t think I want it bad enough to death.

Mark: It's not that. The problem is this is the problem why no one gets what they want. Yes, you're not willing to do what you want for that car, and I'm not saying go kill someone, clearly. I'm just saying, that's the power. That's an example. This is why you don't get it, because you're not willing. You know what you don't want and you're not talking about it. No one is talking about what they don't want to do to get it. You're not willing to stretch your moral code and go shoot someone in the brain and kill them to get the car of your dreams that you've been dreaming about for 22 years.

Beacon: That’s perspective.

Mark: When you just put these two together, this is what you really don’t want, what you're willing to do to get it, you start creating a path. You start creating infrastructure to get what you really want and what you don't want.

Beacon: Right.

Mark: I talked about this yesterday, dude. People are praised all the time back when the movies…what's that movie? Oh, man, it was shot in Miami. What's the drug movie? Scarface. [29:00.2]

Beacon: Oh, Scarface.

Mark: Everyone wants to be Pablo Escobar. Everyone wants to be the Scarface and all that. Dude, I've never understood it. Because in those movies, listen, they think that's what they want. I want the cars. I want the lifestyle. I want the cool clubs. I want the money. I want this and the girls, and this and that. Okay, are you willing to kill people or are you willing to look over your shoulder 24/7? Because you only know there are two ways out of that whole world, death or prison. It's the only way you're getting out, and the death won't be a good death. It's going to be a very miserable death and all that, right? They're saying, I want this there. Some moral compass is getting adjusted to the process because they don't know what they want and this.

Not only that. You said, Mark, you see it a little differently. I do because I'm asking the question, How can the business serve me, not me serve the business? It's easy to do one deal. It's easy to do 10 deals. But once this thing starts scaling, I can't serve it anymore. It's got to start serving me. That takes a different mindset shift where I’ve got to start hiring, looking at things differently and started developing me to become a better leader, better organizer, a better visionary, you know what I mean? [30:06.5]

Beacon: Right, right, wow. Now I'm about to get off this live and start writing down, What are some things I might low-key kill somebody for?

Mark: Exactly.

Beacon: No, but to death and that's the thing I'm trying to get past. Especially with coronavirus and people just getting free money, I'm not getting any free money, but I'm talking about people getting free money and jobs laying people off, and it's okay to just stay and relax.

There are the cliché people that are like, Oh, this is the perfect time to take advantage and move forward, and hop on that new skill you want to learn, but a lot of those people are just B.S.-ing. Then there's the majority of the people who are just sitting back just waiting for jobs to be open, and then there are the select few that obviously are pushing the initiative. It doesn't matter if it's rain, snow, sleet, hail, things are on fire. They want to move with it.

Mark: I know what you're talking about. What’s the point? [31:00.3]

Beacon: What would you do? Do you meditate? How do you get so “me economy”, so focused on me that it doesn't matter if there's a hurricane going through, you're always focused on your objectives? When family wants to invite you to something or things of that nature, how do you just get so narrowed in?

Mark: I know what I don't want and I know what I want. That's how.

Beacon: Right.

Mark: But, dude, if there's a hurricane, what do I do? I can't change the hurricane. I can't change the stupid-ass people that are getting free money doing the wrong thing. I can't do anything about the government. I can't do anything about getting invited to an event. They're inviting me, but what I can do is I can say no or I can say, I can't make it, but I can do this, or I can say, Hey, I'm in Florida, there's a hurricane. I can pack my car up and I can drive up north and get away from the hurricane. I'm in control of all that. That conversation you just had with me, you feel like you have no control. I have control. [32:02.1]

Beacon: I guess I'm trying to gain control over the wrong things, too -

Mark: You do.

Beacon: - which I have no control over.

Mark: How can you control it?

Beacon: Right.

Mark: Can you control hurricanes?

Beacon: Yeah, you can’t.

Mark: Because if you can, Dude, you can be a trillionaire. If you can control hurricanes. There are a lot of broke people out there that feel like they're in control of everything. There are a lot of miserable people that are in control. What are you in control of?

Beacon: Right, that’s perspective [crosstalk].

Mark: Do you know what you can control? You can control your thoughts. You can control your actions. You can control when you get up. You can control what you eat. If you work out, you control what you consume in that brain of yours. I can't control anybody, dude. I can't even pull my kids. I could not control myself. Why am I trying to control other things that I can't control? I barely even control the main thing, me.

Beacon: Right. Wow. Perspective.

Mark: Dude, people spend so much time thinking about stuff that doesn’t matter. Zero impact on the positive, a lot of impact on the negative. [33:05.5]

Beacon: [inaudible]

Mark: Did you know my grandmother used to go to bed with the news and wake up with the news? If you walked out of the house, she would think you were getting raped, murdered, killed, and poisoned by Girl Scout cookies. Sweet little girls selling cookies were going to poison you. People are ripping you off. People are going to steal. They're going to stab you in the back. That's how it programmed her brain like that.

You don't remember because you're young, but back in the day, it was like if you flashed your lights at someone, it was a gang sign. They're going to kill you. Roll your windows up. Don't look up in New York City because, if you do, you're a tourist. They're going to stab you. They're going to rob you. They’re going to pick your pocket.

None of that stuff has ever happened to me, knock on wood, and I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but I can tell you right now, people are controlled. We're a prime example of control at the highest level with the coronavirus. Everyone out there walking around with a mask on their face, that's a visual representation of control. The masks don't even work. The mask actually can hurt you more than help you, but it's the only way we could show people fear, control visually. It's all fear-based. It's fear-mongering at the highest level. If it's so safe, why am I not at Walmart? Why? [34:09.4]

Dude, that's a whole other conversation, but what I don't want, I don't want to get involved in politics. I don't want to get involved in all that stuff because it’s silly to me. I just don't participate in it. Ask my wife. I don’t.

Beacon: What you just said about politics and what you just said about the news is literally the foundations of the Haitian society. This is what I lived with and breathed.

Mark: I will not, but, again, you’ve got to understand…

Beacon: [crosstalk], so it’s like I’m learning to keep it out, yeah.

Mark: You’ve got to understand why, though. Dude, it's a rough economy over here. You know that. They're fear-based. That's how they're controlled over there. That's why they get controlled. That’s why it’s a fraud to control people.

Beacon: Yeah, [crosstalk].

Mark: But, again, you know better, so you just don't listen to them.

Beacon: Right. It's all I have been doing. It’s like I'm just building up thick skin on it until I'm able to just completely get away from it all. [35:09.1]

Mark: You're never going to get away from it all.

Beacon: Really?

Mark: It’s not going to happen. You’ve just got to be aware of it, that it's happening. This is mule behavior. When mule behaviors happen, you’ve just got to acknowledge it, be aware of it and have a path to get out of it. It's going to happen. It's not like it's rainbows and unicorns everywhere, but, dude, if someone hits you up like, Oh, man, Beacon, come to our party on Thursday at two o'clock, say, Dude, I'm working.

Beacon: Right.

Mark: What I don't want, I don't want to be broke, poor, confused, frustrated and hung over like you are going to be tomorrow. I am working on my dreams. I’m working on my goals. I'm working on my vision. I'm working on my plan. I have goals. You have goals? It's really simple to me. It's not being a jerk. It’s just being honest.

Beacon: No, it’s being honest and real, and people can't be nowadays. I respect that. I’m like, Dude, I can’t come.

Mark: Cool. Anybody here have any questions? If not, I'm going to bounce. Any questions on this, guys? Does this make sense to you? I hope it does because this is a big deal. This is a huge deal. [36:06.7]

What I don't want, I don't want big clunky businesses, as Joe Polish says in E.L.F. business or H.A.L.F. business, easy, lucrative and fun, or hard, annoying, lame and frustrating. I don't want to be just getting by. It's terrible for me. I don't want to build something that I can't sell in 10 years.

I'm so afraid to lose time. I'm trying to build the right thing and getting by, I’d probably be very conscious of that.
I don't have an office. I do have an office I don't go to. I don't do office visits. I don't put deals together in an office. I do it virtually. If it can’t be done virtually, I'm not doing it. I don't travel to produce revenue. I have to make it the way I want to or I don't make it. I’m cool with that.

I don't want negative people around me and/or slackers. There's nothing more discouraging to me than people that don't want more out of life. It's very discouraging to me at a massive level and I don't allow it around me, and if I do, it's by selective picking. I don't want to deal with the tire kickers. I create a funnel that minimizes it to get them into your funnel. Yes, you'll have less people to talk to you, but you'll have a higher conversion. [37:05.8]

I don't want to miss family events and important meetings, or important moments with the family, so that's what I don't want. You’ve got to build a business that allows that not to happen. If it does, listen, we can't control it 100%, but you’ve made a commitment and you’ve got to commit to it, but at the end of the day, it is what it is.

I don't want to build a normal life, a sheep life. I want to be thought-provoking. I want to be a leader. I'm going to be a driver. I want more out of life, and not only that, I want a business to work for me, not me work for it. I want the business to serve me, not me serve the business, and that's what we're talking about here today.

Cool, guys. Hey, so I appreciate you being here. Make sure to get over to the Making of a DM, deal-maker or dream-maker if you're my mom, and check out Magician vs. Mule. If you guys have got the book, I appreciate it. Thank you so much. I’ve got some cool stuff going. Make sure you're signed up over at MagicianVsMule because we've got some cool gifts we’ll be giving out soon as well. Plus, I have the new audio version coming out, which is exciting. We'll be sharing some cool stuff over there. Magician moments. We're talking about this stuff more in depth. Make sure to check it out at MagicianVsMule.com. [38:10.6]
I appreciate you guys being here. Thinking about you guys. Hope you have an amazing weekend. Maybe on Sunday, if you follow me over on Instagram, over on Instagram @MarkEvansDM, you'll see what I’ve got going on over there. This weekend, it's going to be pretty spectacular, so I hope you get to watch me. Check me out. Give me a shout out. Feel free to share this video if it made an impact on you.

I’m thinking about you guys. Have a great day. Appreciate you. Peace.

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