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Every millionaire I’ve ever met has one thing in common.

They implement their ideas immediately instead of mentally masturbating about them. They don’t care if it’s a massive failure — because they understand every failure is an opportunity to improve.

Too often, people talk a big game, but don’t take action. This is because they’re secretly horrified that other people will judge them when they fail.

But everyone fails — especially millionaires.

But would you rather live in fear of failing and being judged or using that as fuel to make your dreams happen?

In this episode, I reveal the formula for success all millionaires have used and how you can use your past failures as fuel to get where you want to be.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why overthinking is like euthanizing your business (8:03)
  • Why you should want to mess up as much as possible (9:34)
  • Why ugly imperfections always beat pretty perfections (12:23)
  • The “Triple D Method” for getting more done in less time (12:53)
  • Why soul-crushing failures are the quickest way to achieve mind-blowing success (20:24)
  • The obsessive girlfriend’s secret to closing deals (25:14)
  • Obnoxiously charming tricks that demand instant attention (even if your lead has ghosted you) (26:49)
  • How to turn your most frustrated client into your most loyal supporter (39:55)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” I've never met a millionaire or multimillionaire, or billionaire, that didn't have this quality. Money is attracted to—say it with me. We're going to be sharing that and more on today's show. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: What's up, everybody? It’s your boy, Mark Evans DM, coming to you live for today out of Parkland. It’s an awesome day. It's one of those days where I had two unexpected phone calls today in a good way. Those are good unexpected phone calls. [01:03.4]

One of them is my buddy has a multi, many, many, many, eight-figure business and he's looking to buy a cool pad and a vacation rental thing in the millions of dollars, which is always exciting, so we were talking about some cool stuff there.
Another one that is always my dad. I talk to my dad every morning and you guys may know this or may not. I like to call my dad and see what's going on and he's always drinking coffee, hanging out, talking about the weather and complaining about his back. That's what he does. It's awesome.

As I'm sitting here, hanging out on this beautiful day here in Parkland, Florida, I was thinking about money. I like to think about money all the time. I like to not just dig, but I like to make it. I want more of it and I want to do more stuff with it.
Quick cool update, too. You realize that I was shooting straight with him and I do this all the time. Behind the scenes, one-on-one, I have those kinds of conversations, very direct, not as a dick. It's very bold. It's just I'm there to help. It's not there to like, Hey, you're doing a great job. Keeps screwing it up, Billy. It's always like, Dude, this is what's going on. Here's why, here's how, blah, blah, blah. [02:08.7]

And what was awesome about that? He's a professional. He realized that I was not trying to be a dick. I wasn't being a dick, really. But what he realized was he shot me a message saying, “Hey, man, I appreciate it. I want to buy 10 books,” and then I said, “Hey, man, thank you very much. Appreciate that. As you know, all the profits go to charity.” Then he's like, I want to buy 100 books as long as you sign them.

Within minutes of hanging up that call yesterday, doing that live video, he was online shooting on Amazon, buying a lot of books, supporting the charities and stuff that we do, and the messaging of Magician vs. Mule. That's the book. He went and bought100 books for it to give out to his people, so I respect that. I appreciate that. That actually shows that he wants to learn. He wants to grow. It's just no one's ever told him directly, Yo, that's not correct. Here's why. My is to help take a sense of stress, a sense of anxiety out of you by giving you the truth. [03:05.3]

You're going to be anxious no matter what, but what are we anxious about? I just started thinking about that. I was talking with two guys yesterday. We'll call him Steve and Bob, and Steve is a massive implementer. He hears about it and he goes, implements it. Then we've got Bob. Bob has got to think about it. He's got to contemplate. He's got to think about when it works, when it doesn't, how it works, what it looks like, what color it is. Green? What color of green is that? What shade? What is the color code of the shade of green? How long is it? What's it? How much does it cost? How much does it charge? He has to know everything before doing anything.

I keep thinking about it as my frustration is that you guys all aren't making more money. That's my biggest frustration, truly. It's not because the money's not there either. It's because us as an individual in our brain, we think it's hard. We think it's challenging. We think, Why us? Why me? A lot of you guys say you want more money, but your actions are definitely not showing that. [04:03.5]

I started thinking about money is attracted to what? And, by the way, I’ve never met a multimillionaire or billionaire that does not have this quality. This is a massive quality and it's one quality that you must possess or start working on to get if you want more of it. You know what the answer is? Money is attracted to—you're right, Dom—speed, execution, urgency. Stop dicking around. Go do the work. Get it done.

You have to realize that when I talk to Steve, I share an idea with him, he takes the data and executes with massive intention, and in six months he has created over half a million dollars in newfound money. Bob, I told him the same exact shit that I told Steve. I've talked to him multiple times about it over the course of the time, and in the same exact six months, Bob has made $3,000. [05:14.2]

I ask why. Why? It's because Bob is still at home with his thumb up his ass, trying to figure out what shade of green he's going to put on his business card, while Steve literally corralled a team, went online, got some virtual assistants, hired some people ASAP, messed it up a lot, but he's executing. There's urgency. I need the report today. Not like, I’ll get that next week.
See, if you don't get this muscle in your heart, in your brain, in your fibers of your body, you're going to sit back and watch guys like me, Steve and other people rake in the cash. We're no better than you. We're just faster than you. We're not even faster at being better. We're just faster doing stuff. We fuck it up faster. We win faster. [06:07.9]

Do you guys know Babe Ruth, right? You’ve all heard of Babe Ruth. He was the number one hitter. The reason he was the number one hitter was that he was the number one person that had failed by missing the ball as well. He's taken more swings. Therefore, he has more opportunities to beat you. Same thing with me. I’ve started multiple companies that have failed. I'll start something today, who knows, that it possibly could easily fail or I’ll buy something that doesn't go the way it's planned, but I'm not going to stop. I want to keep learning. I'm going to keep prodding. I'm going to keep figuring it out. Why? Why? Because people want you to lose.

They're waiting to make fun of you because you lost. See, the only loser is them. I'm not losing. I'm learning or winning. There's no losing in business. You only get better the more you do. It's not like I'm an athlete. I'm not only high-performing for 18 to 30 years old and necessarily in the NFL or whatever athletic position. I don't have a short window. [07:16.6]

In business, the truth is the more I'm in it, the better I become. Athletes, you only have a certain small window of opportunity. That's why they’ve got to make as much money as humanly possible in a year, two years, five years. In business, it's a process. It's urgent. It's now. You're learning. You're prodding. Oh, did that deal. Oh, lost there. Okay, don't do that again. Okay, do another one. Do another one. Do another one. You keep learning, evolving, developing in speed.

See, the problem is you start stuttering. You have a fail, you stutter. One of my buddies called me today and he was like, Yo, man, I want to drop a couple of mil in this house. What should I do? I said, “You came with the downside.” Yes. “Go buy the fucking house. What else are we talking about?” If you're okay with the negative, what does it matter? Everything else is just details. [08:03.0]

See, the problem is you're overthinking simplicity. You're overthinking everything because you're more afraid of what's not going to happen as opposed to what could happen. We do it all the time. You did this on your prom date when you went to ask your person to go to prom. You did this before your first kiss. You did this before you did your first sexual behavior. You're scared. You overthink, and in your brain, nothing happened like you thought it was going to anyways. So, why clog your brain up in your business, in your life with what might happen?

The good, the bad, the ugly, everything in between, go. Decision. Move. Decision. Move. Decision. Move. Until you get this muscle speed, your decision-making process is weak. The world wants you to fail. There's plenty of room for you on the financial system. They'll keep printing money for the people that keep talking shit. They're not willing to do the work. [09:05.1]
My boy said, “Dude, this is a long way away from back when we first met 20 years ago.” I said, “You know what? It is. It's amazing. But you know what’s even crazier? Ninety-nine percent of the people are still in that same position. They don't get to live the life we've built. Not because it doesn't exist. It’s because they didn't do the fucking work. They're home talking about it. They're home right in the next best business plan that they're getting ready to grow a trillion-dollar company and they can't even make $500.”

Execute with speed. Speed. Go mess it up. One of my best friends, Jeremy, talked to him in 2005. He had borrowed money from his dad. He hired me as a coach. Talked to him twice. The second call was not what he thought it was going to be. He called me with a bunch of excuses. I said, “Dude, don't ever fucking call me until you have 100 buyers on your list. Until then, leave me alone.” He was mad. He might have even cried a little bit, for real. He wanted to kill me. If I was in front of him, he would have crushed me. He’s a big dude. [10:09.2]

You know what he did, though? He executed. He changed his life. He generates millions of dollars a year now. He had to borrow money from his dad in ’06, ’05, whatever, in that timeframe to pay me. It's my job, my duty to tell you the real stuff to help you become successful. I don't have to. I want to. Hopefully, one day, we'll do deals together. Hopefully, one day, you'll need money for something. Hopefully, one day, I’ll need money for something, who knows. But I know I'm going to keep showing up.

And if I hadn’t done that to Jeremy, by the way, I talked to him today about this, he was like, Dude, if you wouldn’t have done that, I'd probably be in the worst position I’ve ever been. Your telling me that made me mad. I had to go prove to you, prove to me that I could do it. That's awesome, but more importantly, what’s more awesome is to prove it to yourself. [11:06.6]

You can do whatever you want. Mommy and Daddy told you that when you're a kid. For some reason, that went out the window when you got a little bit older. You can do whatever you want, good and bad. You’ve just got to be okay with the reaction or the recourse, whatever happens with the effect when you take action or don't take action.

Don’t be sitting there pissing in people's Cheerios when you can’t even get your lazy ass up and go do something. You’ve got to stop talking bad about people. You’ve got to stop thinking bad about money. You’ve got to stop thinking bad about this stuff. You’ve got to get in a positive state. You’ve got to get in implementation.

Everyone's always like, Mark, how do you stay focused? Dude, I'm so busy focused, I can't even focus on what I'm focused on. There's a hundred moving pieces a minute. Let me pull up a quick text here. Why aren't you more successful? This goes for all of us. [11:57.6]

By the way, I ask myself the same exact questions. I'm trying to figure out how to hack results. I'm trying to figure out how to get better results in the gym. Do quick bursts, do sprints, do this, do that, do this, do that. I'm trying to figure how to get quicker at marketing, quicker at doing stuff like this.

See, the beautiful thing about it is we live in a world where literally it's okay to be imperfect. There was a time when everything had to be polished, had to be pretty, but the internet has evolved so drastically in a positive way, literally you can shoot a video, and it could be blurry, it could be loud, it could be ugly and you could hear every other word, and you still could get a lot out of it. You need to implement. You've been building that website for the last five years. Get it done or cut it loose. See, I'm always looking at things. Do I do? Do I delegate or do I drop? [13:00.2]

The problem is most people are sitting in the “What do I do?” Who do I delegate to? Man, I don't know, I've really been keeping them. For the last three years, I've really been working on this idea, man, I’ve got the best. You want to see my business plan? I mean, it's going to make a lot of money. I know it is. I just know it is. How much has it made? It's not made anything yet. I mean, I'm just getting it off the ground, just getting started. Three years is not just fucking getting started. Three years is three years.

The world is encouraging you to be lazy. The world is encouraging you to be a non-provider of the world. Why? Yo, Mark, how many businesses do you have? What is your most profitable business? Dude, profitable, again, I talk about this in the DM family a lot, man. It's not really necessarily the group here for this.
I'm involved in a lot of companies in the real estate space, the media space, the publishing space, the supplement space, joint venture/franchise space. I'm in a lot of different types of businesses. [14:04.5]

I also have a mastermind group. If you're looking for percentages of profit, one, so I have a thing called the DM family. It's 35 grand a year. We have 33 guys there. That's a very net profit business, very time-intensive for me, but profitability percentage-wise is amazing, net-wise.

But my media company is amazing. I talk about that all the time. It generates real revenue. Real estate, it’s got its good, it’s got its bad, but my passion is not real estate. My passion hasn't been real estate for 10 years. My passion has been business building. My passion has been “How do I expand? How do I grow? How do I dominate?” and that's what I’ve been working on.
Here's the thing, Ramon, with that question, What's the most profitable? My most profitable business does not mean that's your most profitable. Let me explain. Picture of an athlete, Tom Brady. What's his best gift? Throwing the ball, seeing down the field, seeing what the opponents are doing, etc. [15:01.4]

Just because he's good at that doesn't mean I am. It means nothing actually. It's kind of pointless, to be honest. Why? Because I'm the speed guy. I'm the tight end. I’m the wide receiver. I'm the quarterback, whatever. I might even be on a different side of the field, right? I might be a coach. It doesn't necessarily mean that's where you should be.

I think the question is you need to ask yourself this question, Ramon. What the fuck do you want? What do you want? Doesn't matter what Mark has got. It doesn't matter what Bezos has got. It doesn't matter what anybody has got. What do you want? What do you want financially? What do you want to give to get financially? Meaning, do you have money to invest today to get what you want or do you have time, or do you have both or do you have none? You’d better have one or the other. If you don't have money, you’d better have time, and vice versa. But what do you want? Most people genuinely don't know what they want. That's why they ask what others have. They're trying to use it as “That's what I want.” I don't hate that. I just don't think it serves you well. What do you want? [16:06.6]

You know what serves me well? Materialistic things. I wouldn't be here today if I didn't want the Rolls-Royce. I never wanted to be anybody. That's why I don't do Halloween. I don't want to be Jack Black. I don't want to be whatever. I want to be motherfucking Mark Evans. That's the truth. Ask anybody that knows me. I don't dress up. This is my costume. I want people dressing up like me. What do you want?

See, the problem is when I watched Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous because I wanted to get wealthy—that’s back then. By the way, this was in the late-nineties, early- and mid- to late-nineties—I didn't want to be Robin Leach. I didn't want to be the… I didn’t even know the famous people or the people they were putting on the TV show. But I did like that Rolls-Royce. I did love that mansion. I did love that jet. I did love that yacht. I've done that all, because that's what I wanted. [17:03.9]

See, most of you aren't willing to be truthful about what you really want, and I will execute with massive intention and speed. The truth is why most people don't execute with speed is because they genuinely don't know what they want when they do put down the gas pedal. But, Mark, I want a lot of money. I have never met someone that says they don't. We all do, but what do you really want? No, man, I really do want a lot of money. I want to be able to do a lot of cool stuff. Cool. What kind of cool stuff? Who is it with? What does it look like? Get a very high-level picture. We’ve got to all get better, right, Chris?

I like materialistic stuff. I don't care if you don't think that's douchey or not. I don't care because it doesn't matter to me. It genuinely doesn’t'. See, I don't care what others think. That's why I execute with speed. I could fall flat on my face today in front of a hundred people or a million people. I'm going to get back up and repeat process and ideally not fall flat on my face again, but I know I'm going to fall flat on my face eventually. It’s called life. It's called part of the process. [18:08.7]

And not only that. You’d think I'm losing. You’d think I’ve failed and I might have just learned my biggest lesson in my life. It's all relative. It all depends on where you're at in your life and where I'm at, and where I'm going and where you're going. It has nothing to do with you.

What do you want? What kind of business do you want? Listen to, if I told you I’ve made bullets to kill people and it makes me millions of dollars a year, is that the business you want to be in? Probably not if you're anti-gun. So, what the fuck does it matter what I’ve got and what I do, and what is most profitable? You know what I mean? That's the stuff I think about.
When I stopped worrying about what you had and he had, and she had and they had, I made a lot more money. I don't even know what I have. Sometimes I have so much going on. I genuinely don't. There's so much opportunity for you. [19:00.9]

Guys, listen, the truth is, even if you think they care what you think, they don't care. The people that are judging are shallow. The people that are judging aren't going anywhere. The people that are judging are retracting. The people that are judging are miserable. The people that are judging have no fucking clue about life. Why would I hold any weight to what they say or don't say?

I talk about this all the time. Don't believe your own headlines, good or bad. Stay focused. Stay in the now. Focus on where you're going. I don't care. I could literally get off stage talking to 5,000 people and I'd go right by the back room and be me, writing down notes of where I could improve or what I could do better, what can I hit the points with harder. Okay, now I’ve got to get back to work. Let's go.

Most of you get off the stage talking to one person because you just did a deal at Starbucks and you made $12, and you go out and celebrate and spend 50. See, you’ve got to twist it. You take them for granted. Speed is what you need. [20:07.3]

I want all of you to go fail today. I want all of you to, because, again, fail, what does “fail” mean? I just talked about this in the book, the thought on the thought. What does failure mean to you? Because, I promise, it probably means something way different to me, man.

If my son comes up to me and he's crying, his nose is busted because he's in taekwondo and his nose is all jacked up, he's bleeding, he just got his ass kicked. Did he fail or did he win? Here's what I do know. He learned, and to me that's not failing. He's learning. When you get your nose bloody, when you get kicked in the nuts, when you get punched in jugular, you’re just learning, dude. People can say, Oh, someone's going to pull up my son. Huh, and my son kicked his ass. It's cool. Today he did. Tomorrow it could be different. Next week, it's going to be way different. And the truth is he’ll probably get his ass kicked again, because we keep getting stronger. [21:07.6]

It's probably one of the best things my dad did for me, truthfully. I remember these two kids who used to mess with me, Josh and Dan, true story. They're in my small hometown. We're buddies. Everyone is buddies in those towns, right? Everyone knows everybody, everything. And they kept messing with me. My dad, this is true, I had to be 11 or 12. They kind of rang me up. I remember very clearly. They called me on the phone. This is old phone days. I told my dad what's going on. He said, “Call them back and get their ass over here, and go kick their ass, Mark.” It's exactly what he said.

I called them up. I was like, Josh, Dan, get over here. If you guys are so bad, let's fight. I miss these days. I literally remember my dad standing on the edge of the doorway and at my house they still live in. I'm in the backyard, fighting two kids, and my dad is watching. I'm getting punched hard. I'm getting some good shots in there. It's muddy. We're sloppy. We're young kids, but, damn, it felt good. Taught me lessons and I executed with speed. Dad, here's the situation. Get their ass over here. [22:14.4]

Then I remember my mom pulling him up, and oh my God, my dad just standing there and looks at my mom. My mom is like, What are you kids doing? Blah, blah, blah. You know, right? What moms do. So, no one really won or lost the fight. It was just all in our head. We thought we were all beating each other up anyways. But those days are still today. If I have something bad happen, I get on the phone and address it immediately. If I have something good happen, I get on the phone and address it immediately. If I'm trying to build something, I address it immediately.

Not everything happens as quickly as I want. Truth is nothing happens as quickly as I want. Nothing is as big as I want it to be. See, I'm not chasing where I'm at. I'm chasing where I'm going. I'm pushing harder. I'm trying to be this person, but I'm right here. People say, Wow, Mark, you have all these cars, houses, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, but that's just a piece of me. I'm so much bigger than that. [23:11.1]

What I have today will be nothing like what I have in 10 years from now, and I'm talking visually, mentally, emotionally, financially, everything, physically, because I'm improving. I'm growing constantly every morning, every morning, every morning.
A lot of people are like Dude, how do you get up and wake up and get ready to roll? Speed, dude. Speed. I'm not on cruise control, man. I really am not. There's so much to do. I’ve still got to get this out to you guys. My boy, John, sent this over to me. I've got it marked up a little bit, but I’ve still got to sit and do the work. I’ve got a mule out and do the work, and send them back feedback. It's order of priority. I didn't go to bed last night until one o'clock in the morning. Long days, things are happening. Big moves are happening, good and bad, but speed is going to drive me through the storm. [24:08.8]

Most of you have got the convertible down, your hair blowing, smoking a stogie, 25 miles per hour down A1A, thinking you're the big King Ding-a-ling. You're not doing anything. Nothing wrong with doing that as long as you're heading to the office, as long as you're heading to a project, as long as you're heading to the deal. But most of you are just going to the beach to hang out and talk about it, smoke some weed, drink some beer, act like you're cool, post a couple of cool images like you're crushing the game of life. That's not how real business works.

Real business takes hard work, dedication, speed, execution, punch in the face, making financial decisions when financial is not there. That's a whole other story, but we’ve got to move with speed. We’ve got to be urgent in the now and patient in the future. It's now. [25:04.0]

When are you going to start the business? Today. When are you going to call that seller? Today. When are you going to make that deal happen? Today. Not tomorrow, not next week. Today. Become the obsessive boyfriend or girlfriend. Call them. Text them. Email them. Show up to their office. Shop to their house. Close the fucking deal, today, now. That's how my brain thinks.
Most of you are like, Yeah, but isn't it kind of like…am I kind of being a little aggressive? To whom? But what if they're busy? I don't give a fuck if they're busy. I’m trying to close a deal. But, no, you don't really understand. Oh, I do understand. You're lazy. You're a talker. You're not a doer. You're a wannabe. Get the fuck out of my way. I’ve got this. See, that's the difference. You're worried about what others think. Dude, if you have a deal or something that I can help you with, I'm bugging you until we execute and close out and solve that problem for you. [26:08.6]

It's all relative. I'm going to text you. I'm going to call you. I'm going to Facebook private message you. I'm going to Instagram private message you. You might as well just fucking call me back and get the deal done or I'm going to bug the shit out of you until you sign. That's how my brain thinks. But doesn't it look like I'm being needy. To whom? I want to help them. Why wouldn't I want to help you?

So, it's like it's all in your brain. The way you're talking yourself to stop processes you have, you’ve got to start thinking about thought on thoughts. Where did they come from? Why are they bugging you? Send them a gift. They have to call you and say thank you. Send them something. If the deal doesn't go, send them a bag of dicks. That'll get their attention. Send them a glitter bomb. That would definitely get their attention. [27:06.3]

Stop being a pussy and go do the work. You're not that important. We’re really genuine. I'm not important. On the grand scheme of the world, we're like a little drop of water in the ocean, and you're worried about what someone's going to think? You're worried about if you fail? You’re worried about if you wouldn't…?

It’s funny, in your brain, your limited actions are based on you knowing you could fail, but your thought process is I'm going to win. I'm going to go big. I’m going to blah, blah. You're not lacing up to even show up to the game to win. You're too slow. It's too weak. You're fatigued and you haven't even started. You have to get on the treadmill. You have to start working out. You’re 400 pounds. You're going to be winded. But, listen, 12 months from now, this is a different story, but you're executing today with speed. You have to stay motivated. You have to stay positive. You have to know that you're going to fail. It's not if. You will fail. [28:08.7]

The failure is all relative. It means nothing to me. If I see you fail, I'm congratulating you because you're moving forward. I don't see you as a failure. I see you as accomplishing something. You're living your dream. You're growing. You're expanding. Just keep intact your morals, your ethics, because we're all going to fail. It's what you do when you fail that’s the real secret. How do you react? What do you do? Who do you do it with? Who do you call? How do you connect? What's your next move?
See, the problem is most of you don't have enough going on, so when you do fail, you only had one shot. You're like, It's like, dude, I’ve got one bat. That's it. That's not real life. You can swing this bat a hundred times a minute if you can swing that fast. Keep swinging, keep swinging and keep swinging. Twelve months later, you finally hit one. You’ve got the rhythm down. You get the pace down. You have to vision down. You can see how they're throwing it. Curve ball, fast ball, blah, blah, blah. [29:13.8]

You know what's happening because you've been in the game long enough, because you keep showing up and you keep executing with speed. Who's next? Me. When? Now. Why? Because it's today. You can ask anybody to do business with, I'm very laid back, but I'm very urgent. Now, let's go. I actually have a tendency to do the opposite. I like to oversimplify because I think most of you under-simplify. I think you're out there trying to figure out how to do everything before you do anything.

It's how we've been designed because you're looking for the yellow star from the teacher. You're looking for your spouse to say, Good job, Johnny. You did that today. No one's going to do that ever. Ever. And if that's what you're looking for, get out of business now. Speed is what you need. [30:11.3]

Change your life. If you have 10 calls and rejections, speed it to the 11th. You have 10 calls and you close the deal, speed to the 11th. It's the same. It's a muscle. The muscle doesn't know if it's good or bad. The execution is what it is. I'm using it for fuel. It's like a football game, the momentum. When it's good, it's good. When it's bad, it's bad. You know how you stay focused in that momentum? Keep momentum going. Your goal is going through the momentum processes you just shifted through action, through movement. You've got to move. You’ve got the energy. Money is attracted to this in a massive way. Massive way. What's stopping you? What are you afraid of? [31:05.1]

What are you afraid of? What are you afraid of? I’ve got a company right now I started about eight months ago. It should be doing 10 million a year minimum. It's not even remotely close to that. It might be 20,000 a month. It should be doing about 800 to a million a month minimum. But it will get there. It's not been my focus. Am I failing? To whom? Some people would die for a $20,000 a month business, right? Who's failing whom? What's failing? The only person we're failing is ourselves.
Steve said, “What happens if you have too much energy?” Stop doing cocaine. I don't know. I have a lot of energy. The key is how to use it, right? I think energy is awesome, man. I love your energy. I know you, so it's like you’ve got to bottle it up. You’ve got to harness the energy for good. That's what makes you infectious. That's what gets you excited. It is a problem as well. [32:16.2]

The truth is guys, me being called a dealmaker is a problem. I like to make deals happen. I'm a deal maker. Sometimes you don't need to be deal-making. You need to be executing. You shouldn't have to do the deal necessarily. Just stay focused, you know what I mean? You’ve got to take both sides. I mean, you’ve got to take the good with the bad.

You're full of energy. You’ve got to know that that could be a problem, too. That's very Tasmanian devil style. You walk into a company or organization, you tear it up and you roll out. Sometimes that's good. Most of the time it's bad. It creates insecurities. It gets people scared and gets them frustrated. It gets them confused. It gets them stuttering in their steps because they don't want to disappoint you.

See, when you start thinking about your thoughts, folks, thought on the thought in the Magician vs. Mule I talk about all of this time, we start understanding why we do this. [33:04.2]

Not everyone has a lot of energy, and not all of that, energy comes in different forms, right? Steve, your energy is very over the top, which is not bad. I like it. But then there's a buddy of mine, dude, his energy, Hey, Mark, what's going on, man? He's literally ready to crawl out of his skin because he's so excited, but that's his energy. It's just a different energy.

I have a buddy whose company rakes in hundreds of millions a year and literally he could just close the biggest deal of his life and I'd get with them and be like, Hey, man, what's going on? Oh, man, just trying to turn it around, another day. Big day coming tomorrow, though. But, man, you just closed your biggest deal. I know, but you see what I have in the pipeline. I'm excited. That's his energy. That's him amped up. Everyone uses it in different ways, but the common theme we all have is speed. Your excitement gets you excited, gets you in the deal. [34:04.1]

But another buddy I was talking about, his excitement is execution behind the scenes. No one's watching. He just does the work. He makes the connections. He's like a dog on a bone, dude. He's not stopping until he gets to the bone, I'm telling you. Everyone I’m rolling with that’s generating millions of dollars is like this. You have to execute with speed. You have a problem tax-wise, execute with speed. You have a problem with an employee, execute with speed. You have an opportunity with the deal, don't call your mom, your grandma and your dog. Don't consult for 14 days. Execute with speed. You have an offer on the table to close a company you're trying to buy or sell, execute with speed. Get a team around you. Execute with speed.
See, the biggest reason most of you aren't executing with speed is because you think you have to do everything yourself. You think you're a one-man show, one-gal show. You're not. There are so many people who want to help you if you want to help yourself, but that will never be found out until you start executing. Start getting speed behind you. [35:05.4]

There's nothing more that annoys me than people that take their time to accomplish success. It makes zero sense to me because every one of you listening to my voice, you're here because you want more money and you really, really want more time. That's what you really want. The money will buy you more time. It's a tool, no more, no less.

If you're out there telling me, Mark, I'm a one-man show. I'm going to do everything myself. It makes zero sense to me. Why? But I'm going to take time. I'm really learning this. I'm taking my time. Why? If I can do it today, why am I waiting until tomorrow to do it? If I can do it today, why am I waiting two years to execute? What are we waiting on? What are we waiting on? Permission? I'm giving you permission now. Go do. Go do. What do you want? Go do. What does it look like? Go do. When? Now. [36:03.8]

I would love to be a fly on the wall to every one of you here. I know a lot of times people are like, Mark, I want to be a fly on the wall in your office. Why? It would be very boring. See, my execution might look different than yours. That's okay. But if you're not getting success, I want to know why. I want to see what you do. I want to see what you talk about. I want to see who you talk to. I want to see when you talk to them. I want to see how you make decisions or not make decisions. I want to see what you execute or put off, and then I want to ask the question why. I want to really understand the issues that are underlying you as an individual and opportunities as an individual of what makes you tick and what makes you scared. [37:00.5]

There's a guy, the Bob guy I'm talking about here in particular, amazing dude, man. This guy has been my biggest fan. He’s an awesome person as an individual. His execution is a fucking joke. It's embarrassing. If I were his wife, I’d leave him. I'm serious. That's how bad it is. He's stealing from himself. He's stealing from people he can help and he's stealing life. He's stealing in happiness from his spouse, and I'm for real and that pisses me off, because I know he's hanging out at the local donut shop. I know he's hanging out with shitty contractors. I know he's talking the talk. He never shuts up and listens, because he's excited. There's nothing wrong with being excited, but it's what do you do with it? What do you do with it? And it hurts me to watch this guy hurt. I'm telling you he's on the brink of total disaster. [38:02.0]

I've been watching this for three years. It's the same story, different day. The problem is it's three years later. He's not getting younger. He's in his fifties. I'm saddened by it. I want him to get so mad he actually does something. This is disassociation conversation. I've tried to help this person, this individual so much, but their execution is so weak. I can't make them execute. What's the saying? We can lead him to water, but we can't make them drink it, right?

Brett is asking, How do I scale with speed without fear of fulfillment falling apart? Brett, if I was afraid of fulfillment, I would hire today for fulfillment. I would over-hire in the department that I was fearful of and go execute with massive execution. The reason most people don't scale is because they're trying to scale with what they have. That's where you’ve got to start, but the problem with scaling like that is that you're scaling chaos. It's going to be chaotic, by the way. There's no other way. [39:09.2]

There's no other way because it's new. It's pushing the boundaries, its limits. You’ve got to start understanding how to source cash, how to source products, how to source people. It’s a different cadence. It’s a different responsibility. It's different actions. But if I'm worried about fulfillment, I’m beefing up my fulfillment department. I'm going to invest in people. I'm not even going to make more money. You're going to actually probably lose money, if that's what's scaring you. You're going to lose money.
Not only that, here's what I'd say. Expectations. What's your expectation? As long as the expectations are in alignment, Hey, team, I'm doubling down on budget. We're going to double up our efforts and we're still going to fail. But what that means is we're going to drop the ball here and there. Customers are going to be pissed, but when they get pissed, what do we do about it? That's where the magic will happen in growth. [40:05.7]

I can go in there and have a great conversation with the individual. I can apologize. You guys understand one of the best things you could do in your business is to say, I'm sorry, we fucked up. With that said, I want to make it right because I care about you. I don't make a business by screwing up every day, but you fell through the cracks. Somehow the truth is, Johnny, we've been building this company. We were a small mom-and-pop operation and with 200 folded our company in the last 90 days, and I want to say thank you for that, but I dropped the ball with you. So, what I'd like to do is not only just give you a full refund, but send you your product. All I ask is that you give me another shot.

How many fucking people are going to keep doing that? They're going to come back forever at that point, but most aren't willing to do it. Most of you will never feel that experience because you're too afraid to fail. You're too afraid things will fall apart. [41:04.8]

They're going to fall apart. You're going to fail, but also you're going to win. You're going to grow. You're going to earn. You're going to change people's lives. You're going to meet new clients, new customers, new friends, new supporters. That's what it's about, just a start. From my experience, when we overthink, Hey, what if I collapse this? Go collapse it. We’ll fix it. That's what we get paid to do. It’s to fix problems anyway, right? Let's go create our own problems.

The problem is most of you guys need new problems. You need new problems. You’ve still got the same $500 problem. You still dick around with the next best cell phone carrier because you can save $12. You're still worried about, Those support tickets need to be off that in 24 hours. What if you had so many support tickets, it took you 72 hours to get to them all. That means things are working, things are growing. That means, okay, my 24 hours still remain and I need to go hire that division. Here's why. It's causing some issues, causing some constraints. [42:10.1]

Maybe it's self-inflicted. Maybe you could get back to them in two days or less. Maybe you tell them on your website, Hey, Nancy, just a heads up. We have a surge of responses. Please give us 24 to 48 hours extra on top of what it normally takes. Set their expectations. We do this when you call the airliners. We do this when you call your credit card company. It's like, Dude, it’s an overwhelming response. This call may take longer than normal, beep, beep, and then you're on there for two hours. You're frustrated, but you're not mad because they set the expectation. You already know it’s going to take a minute. Don't tell them it's going to happen overnight or it's going to happen in a second. Let them know it could take a moment.
These are good problems by the way. These are good problems because speed will solve it. Speed of execution. Speed of your marketing speed of your conversation. Speed of your closing. Speed of everything. Speed. [43:06.1]

I've never met one person that's successful that said, Mark, I wish I would have taken longer to start. Mark, I wish I would've gone smaller. Mark, I wish I'd have waited. I've never met anybody ever, not one, never. I've never met one person, because we're so focused on speed. We're so focused on results.

Let me ask you a question. Who's winning the game of life? Let's go back to the baseball analogy. Babe Ruth had 2,000 bats. He hit 750 shots. I don't know, I'm making these up, but let's use easy math. He hit 1,000 bats. He hits 400 balls, some home runs, some outs, whatever. He hits 400. Then you have the other guy, whoever, Lou let's call him. He had 100 and he hit 50 of those 100. One is at 40%. One is at 50%. [44:15.3]

Who's better? Who's more successful? Who's more remembered? Who's doing more with their life? Who's getting more out of their life? It'd be Babe Ruth, and he's at a 40% batting average. See, the thing is he hit 400. He'll make a bigger impact having 400 wins than to have 50 wins. Even if the fucker had 100 shots and he hit it 100 times, he's 100 percent, he's failing miserably because he only has 100 and he's not willing to fail. That's why he keeps stepping up the back because he knows he can win. Therefore, he's failing, in my opinion. [44:58.8]

See, the thing is we're so focused on the micro moment. In business, it's not about the micro-moments of the big picture. Sometimes it looks like a loss today, but it could be a massive win in the future. How do you interpret the data? I'm going to fail today, miserably, on a lot of things. I'm also going to win today on some things and I'm going to have an in between on a lot of other things. But, either way, I'm going to wake up tomorrow hungrier than ever, more excited than ever, and I'm going to execute with massive speed. I'm going to repeat the process seven days a week, 365 days a year and 366 in a leap year. That's what we do. That's what winners do. That’s what successful people do.

See, you guys all see the winners. Very few will talk about the losers. I'm an open book about it all. The truth is the losers make me a better winner because I respect it more. I appreciate it more. It's kind of like when you almost drown. I’ve almost drowned before when I was a kid. I respect the water for what it is. It's a very powerful tool, a very, very powerful source. [46:06.8]
You see people out there just lollygagging around in the water like it's no big deal. When under the tide, dude, you're done. I don't care how strong you are. I don't care how great a shape you're in on a care. How great of a swimmer you are. You're just one cramp away from death. You're one weird moment of underwater toe to death. Respect the loss. Respect the negative. I acknowledge it. I'm very aware of it, just like in business, my failures.

Think about the guy, too. I want you to be very clear, thinking about this babe, Babe Ruth thing, 1,000 bats and hits 400. You understand he has 600 moments from walking from that plate to the dugout, missing the ball, getting struck out, 600. That's building this and this. He'll show up tomorrow. It will be better tomorrow. Next bat. I'm going to learn. I'm going to learn. I'm going to learn. But he wasn't afraid to fail. [47:11.2]

We have to realize it's all in how we interpret the data. Every one of you go fail today. That's a good thing. Every one of you go win today. That's a good thing, too. It all is what it is. What are you using it for? I'm using it as fuel. I'm using it as a learning. I'm learning every day, every second.

I want you to experience the other side. There's no reason you have to keep struggling. There's no reason you have to not have money in the bank when you wake up and look in your account. There's no reason you can't take that family vacation you've been putting off for 20 years. There's no reason that you can't buy that dream house, dream car. It all exists. It's all timing, but it all exists. Why do we keep kicking the can down the road? It's now, speed, execution, and enjoy the ride. [48:09.1]
Appreciate you guys being here. Have an amazing, and go fail. Appreciate you guys. Talk to you soon.

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