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Many people think that it’s a lot easier becoming mildly successful than it is becoming wildly successful.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret…

…all those people are wrong.

In today’s episode, I want to teach you how to reprogram your mind so you can become stupid, stinking, filthy rich – by working less than you do right now.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Secret business lessons only told while drinking White Claws with high-powered entrepreneurs on a yacht (4:39)
  • How to 5x your business – especially if you don’t have a clue about what you have to do (8:59)
  • The biggest misconception entrepreneurs have that’s robbing you blind without you even realizing it (9:33)
    Why you won’t get rich by doing more work (9:47)
  • How to clear $75,000 (or more) a month by only working one hour a week (or less) (12:23)
  • How to harness your brain’s natural magic by asking simple questions (15:11)
  • The little-talked about secret that can take your business from $10k a month to $45-$50k a month in as little as 3 or 4 months (19:26)
  • Why you’ll be crushed if you don’t learn how to celebrate your failures (21:07)
  • Hands down the only trait you need to master to continue to level up no matter what obstacles are in your path (25:08)

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Welcome to the Making of a DM. Put the pen down and let's talk about getting stupid, filthy, stinking rich. With that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there. It's your host, Mark Evans, DM. I've missed you guys. It's been a minute since I've done a show. I've been doing a lot of travel for friends and family and colleagues and guys I do a lot of business with. I'll show you here in a second. But I want to take a quick minute and again acknowledge you, the listener, for going and leaving amazing reviews. [0:01:07.1]

We've had massive 5-star reviews. If you haven’t done so and if this show is impactful or any of our shows here are impactful to you, if you would just do me a favor and go over there and make a three-minute investment of your time to show me that you're paying attention and listening and you're there. I don’t know you're there unless you raise your hand and the way you raise your hand in the world we live in is by making, taking action and doing something - either sending me a private message on Instagram or Facebook or ideally, sending a review as well. Let me know. Maybe I'll hook you up with a cool gift if you go leave a review. Shoot me a quick message and let me know you did that. Maybe I'll give you something cool. Anyway, for all of you that have - again, thank you very much. It truly does mean a lot to me. As this show has done 100% free, I'm sharing real life information, not some bullshit fluff stuff that's going to get you all excited with no action behind it. But truly, genuinely, want to help you accomplish your wildest dreams at all levels and tell the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. [0:02:08.8]

Today's show, before I get started, I just got back…this may sound a little douchy. I'm saying it and it sounds douchy me saying that. So and I did it. But Saint Thomas, I took a bunch of people down there. We have a small, not a small, we actually had an amazing big mastermind group of the guys in the DM Family, which is, that's my $35,000/year mastermind group where we only have 33 people. It's the maximum amount of people we'll ever have in there. I know it's a terrible skeletal model and all that stuff. I get it. But it's something I truly am passionate about, about helping the right people accomplish amazing things. But as we're down there, a lot of people bring their families. We did the Saint Thomas Ritz Carlton, which was amazing, where I pick up the tab for everybody, and I'm not saying this to brag. I'm just saying this is what I like to do. It's very… I enjoy it, being able to pick the tabs up at dinner, spend 7 grand a night at dinner, to be able to pick up the bar tabs, rent a massive boat to take us all out for seven hours. [0:03:05.0]

These are tens of thousands of dollars, but that's what gets me excited. Having money is an accelerator of things that you can get to do. Kind of like anything else, right - it just enhances it, and I like to give. I like to share. It's in my blood. My family is that way and I grew up, my parents didn't have much money but if something happened, they'd literally give the shirt off their back to help you. So I always respect that and appreciate that about my parents instilling that in me. I like that trait about me and sometimes it hurts because I get taken advantage of, but most of the time, it serves me well. But as I was there in Saint Thomas hanging out with amazing guys and gals, a lot of cool things happened. Big breakthroughs. Big thought processes and all that. I want to share some of that here today, but then we got done with that. I was there for three or four days with my wife and kids. Then I flew my in-laws in to hang out with the kids for three days and then I jumped on a yacht, 120-foot yacht that I rented, six figures a week, yes six figures for seven days. It sounds crazy. The tip on these yachts, you're handing tens of thousands of dollars in cash for a tip on something like this. [0:04:14.8]

So pretty interesting. I will share some of that here in a second. But as I get on there, it's me and wife and four other couples. There's 10 people on this boat and the conversations, the connections, the relationships that were deepening and forging - these were all guys in my DM Family - the only people I allow to do this with me. We all get on there. We talk. We learn. We figure out throughout the days, trust me, you go out and have a bunch of these things called pain killers and Truly's and White Claws and beers and whatever anybody is drinking. You know, we're really hanging out literally for three full days together on this beautiful yacht and it's very mind expansion. So I do this because I like to expand other people's minds. I've done this multiple times now and I've seen it make massive impacts in people's lives. It's scary. It's very expensive to do on the simple level, but it's all relative, right. [0:05:06.1]

And what's interesting is you're sitting on the yacht and this is a 120 footer. It's a pretty good size boat. It sleeps, you know, you've got five crew members literally amazing chef. You've got the stewards. You've got the deck hand. You've got the captain. All amazing people. And as you're sitting there, getting ready to port out and you look around you and you're like, Oh my gosh - this is pretty cool, but who's this guy's boat, 300 footer, who's this guy's boat, owns Home Depot and Atlanta Falcons. Oh, who's this guy's boat - oh, he's a hedge fund manager, blah, blah, blah, blah. And these are $150 - $200,000,000 yachts. The yacht we're on is not that much. Right, 10,000,000 let's say, which is still a lot of money but again, it's all relative and the reason I'm talking about this stuff is not to impress but to impress upon. We have to constantly be thinking about expanding, and I was talking with a buddy about some stuff and he's generating $1,000,000 a year. [0:06:01.4]

He's asking me, he's like, man - I want to grow. I want to really grow this thing big. I'm like, "What does big mean?" Right? Again, people use words, including me sometimes - I try to be conscious of this, but we use words very, in a very simple level. "I want to be big." Okay, well what does that mean? "I want to be skinny." What does that mean? "I want to be fit." What does that mean? "I want to be a better dad." What does that mean, etc., right. So as I was talking to him what I realized, he wants to go from a million to five million, let's say. Here's the catch. Here's the rub with this. First of all, it took him 7 years to get to $1,000,000/year. Again, to make $1,000,000/year, where I'm at in my life is not hard to do in any way, shape, or form. But the real problem with that is there's people out here, they think the journey is all about $1,000,000. I promise you, wherever you're at in your life, the number you're thinking in your head, if you get there, and when you do get there, the truth is you're not even going to know you're there because you're going to be pushing forward to another level. [0:07:01.9]

That's the truth. But, with that said, he's at $1,000,000/year and he wants to be big. He wants to be at 5,000,000. I'm talking to him and right now, it's just him and a couple of staff members. I'm like, well how do you get there? "Oh, I want to be lean. I want to do this. I want to do that. And I started asking him, "Do you realize to go from a million to five million, you can't think how do I do it, because if you already knew, wouldn’t you be doing it already? This sounds very basic, by the way, and the truth is it is. But why aren’t most people getting it? So, let me step back for a second. At 2006ish, because December 31, 2005, I left Columbus, Ohio to South Beach. I remember very clearly sitting on the beach, 2006, in South Beach and flip phone days and my wife is there. We're hanging out. We're getting a tan or whatever we're doing and I remember sitting on the beach. I used to, I'm still yellow notebook pad, paper with pen guy. I remember this thought came across my head - I want to generate real revenue. I want to be at hundreds of millions of dollars a year. [0:08:08.2]

How do you do it? Problem is, I couldn’t come up with an answer because if I knew how, wouldn’t I already be doing it? Right? It's kind of like weight loss. Right? You already know how to lose weight. Why aren't we doing more of it? So we have got to reprogram our brain. So I started asking bigger questions. Right? Questions that distract me from the activity to really get what I want. I started saying how do I position myself to generate, to create a real business that is sellable? Who can I hire - this is very big - who can I hire to be the driver? Who can I hire to blah, blah, blah - whatever it is. Right? It could be the person that's doing the deployment. It could be the person that's being the driver, etc. And guys, by the way, this is not bullshit talk. I've done this in multiple companies now where I've literally had zero clue how to do the work. I understand the big picture and the big concept, but I've hired every single person in the company to do specific roles and then the specific role people, the who's, go out and hire the people to do the how's and then they deploy and they manage that and they grow it. I'm talking many, many millions of dollars a year. [0:09:25.0]

Again, so I know this is real. It's not bullshit. I'm being super genuine with you. So I started figuring out put the pen down. Just shut it all off for a second. Because us, as entrepreneurs, we think the more work we do, the more results we'll get. Well at a certain point in life, there's a thing called diminishing returns and the truth is, my boy that's making a million dollars a year, my buddy, and he's trying to figure out how to get to five - he's asking himself, how do I do more work and activity to get that result. You can't. Now listen - this is key - the problem is is he realizes how to get to a million. He knows he can get to 1.1 next year by doing more work. Right? It's easy to mentally conceptualize I could work just a little bit harder to make an extra 100 grand; therefore, my revenue increases 10% from 1,000,000 to 1.1. But where we get fucked up is how do we go from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000? You have to start unlocking different doors in your brain and start asking or surrounding yourself around other people that are helping you navigate this conversation of who do we need to hire? What do we need to put in place? What does our business look like, for god sake, right. So he's in a different industry. He's not in the real estate business or whatever. He's more in the online big stuff, and he has a lot of clients, one on one clients. The simple answer, and I shared this with him, and I hope this impacts someone listening to this, the simple answer for him is you got to stop being one-on-one, like one-to-one and start becoming one to many. Let me say it again. Stop being one-to-one and start being one to many. [0:11:12.4]

What that means is he needs to amplify his voice, maybe lower his prices, but have more people. So let's say if he does a one-on-one day. It might be 5 grand. I'm making these numbers up, but let's say if it's $5000, one-on-one. The maximum you can make that day is $5000. Right? It's pretty cool. Decent money. Maybe someone listening. I wouldn’t do it for five grand, but some people might. Right? It'd be way more. It's all a value thing, a time thing. I can go make way more money and/or do nothing and have Mark Time to make more money - right - or he can be one to many, him go to 1000 people paying $200/month - right - that's 200 grand a month in residual income - follow me? - 1000 x 200 - there's no cap on it. You can go as high as you want, as many people as you could put in there through marketing channels but what happens is his one day of action - he might have to work one hour a week. [0:12:22.3]

Actually, a great friend of mine I was hanging out with - he has 500 people that pay him $150/month. He spends one hour a week working with them - one hour a week - one hour a week. Oh, Mark, that's bullshit. There's no way. Oh, there's many, many ways. Look at Hulu. Look at what's that new thing that just came out? The Disney App. They have like 20,000,000 people or more pay $10/month, 20,000,000 - that's a…do you understand? Put that in perspective - 20,000,000 people at $10/month. That's a decent amount of money, every month. One - they've got the hub to many, the people subscribing. Yes, I charge 5000 a day, but okay, I'll take 200 a month, but I'm going to have 1000 people in there. [0:13:10.1]

You're doing the same work, just different activity and less of the work, typically. Right? So you've got to ask yourself and right there, that'd be 2…. He would literally double and a half his company by doing one different, changing the way he does business - right. Then inside of that 1000, there's always the 80/20 rule - 20% of those people want a higher level of service. They’ve already been in the system. They've already been entrenched in the way he talks, what he looks like, thinks about, etc.; therefore, he has 200 people he could sell something higher level and generate another 2 or 3 or 4,000,000 or more with the same 1000 people. So there's all these things, like we have this thing - again, one-to-one or one to many. So in real estate investing because that's how I made a decent amount of money. I still do real estate - my team does it every day. I'm involved in many, many hundreds of real estate transactions a month and my company is. When I say "I," it means that my company. [0:14:06.6]

So, I have amazing people there and some shitty people, but we fire those guys as quickly as possible. I'm sort of joking. I realized in real estate in 2006 when I was sitting on the beach asking myself how do I duplicate, replicate myself. Now, you've got to remember, I started in 96 and left at the end of '05, so 10 years in assets. And I have 10 years of experience, 10 years of failures. Success is built upon failures, by the way. The more successful you see someone, that just means they have a lot more failures and they keep moving. So why don’t some people… like why do people quit? So I just, again, I put my pen down and I just started thinking and actually, I probably went and had a couple of cocktails, to be honest, because my mind is going 100 miles per hour. That's probably like all entrepreneurs I know, and I'm not advocating drinking. It's just probably what I was doing at that time. So I'm sitting there and I just started thinking, what would this look like if I, me, could not work or do anything but still had to generate the revenue we're generating or more? [0:15:09.9]

Constraint model. Constraint question. See, when you ask a different question, your brain - this is what all of our brains do - start seeking different solutions. So I started asking this question and I'm talking like obsessively - I can't work - how do I make money? I can't work - how do I duplicate? I can't work - how do I generate revenue? I can't work - how does this look? I can't like… you start creating so much… it almost seemed real that I could not work and I did this for months and I talk about this in a book I wrote called, "Ten Minute Business Owner, because in my company, the way I built it is in 10 minutes a day, I'm on an island and who do I talk to, what do we talk about, what information, KPI (key performance indicators) for the company do I need to hear to know if we're moving forward, backwards, etc. [0:16:07.2]

Again, these are questions to ask yourself. By the way, I still ask these same questions every single day. The interesting thing about the power of this question is we typically won't do anything with the answer until we hit a very tough spot because the pain becomes more stronger - if that even makes sense - becomes stronger than the fear of moving forward because you're going to have to let go of some stuff. You're going to have to change. You're going to have to become someone different. And when you do this, amazing things start happening. So as I'm sitting here talking to you, my companies run without me. I'm still involved but just at a different level, different conversation level, different daily activity level and I'm not saying go out and take this information and stop working. [0:17:03.3]

I just want you to start understanding put the pen down and slow down for a second because when you go from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 or from 100,000 to 500,000 you have to start thinking different. You have to have different processes. You have to have team mentality. You have to start thinking how do I grow this to the next level and when you do this, a lot of amazing things will happen. So, one to one, one to many. As I'm talking to you today, I created a company called The DM Alliance and what I've realized is I have a unique ability to the marketplace. I have 23 plus years' experience in real estate investing. So I've kind of created a partnership/affiliate, not affiliate, but partnership/alliance program where we'll actually help drive revenue for them. They have to do the work. We'll do our part of the work. They do their side of the work and then we split profits with a very lopsided for them - they make way more than we do, but it's a great way for me to expand. [0:18:06.5]

Here's what I mean. I've realized over the years, I'd rather have a lot of a little than a little of a lot. I love helping people. It's fun to me. I get off on it. I'm excited to hang out with them. I'm excited to see them accomplish massive breakthroughs and it's hard for people to understand that don’t realize, like oh, I need to make millions, why would you do this? Well because I love doing it. That's the answer. The second layer of the answer is because we'll make a lot more money long-term because I'm going to many, not one-on-one. And it's hard for people to realize. Like dude, what's your angle? My angle is to help you make a lot of money because the beautiful thing about that you make a lot of money - guess what - the company that DM Alliance, makes a lot more money. We can hire better people. We can help more people. We can do more together. If you really understand that concept, that's what we do, and again, if you're a real estate investor, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @MarkEvansDM. Tell you heard me on this podcast show, on The DM, Making of a DM, and tell me what you have got going on. Tell me what market you're in. [0:19:12.2]

Let me know if you're interested in this. It's big. I've been doing a better program with 10 people now. I have a COO that runs it and I have two other guys behind the scenes driving activity to create rev, which is amazing. I've seen guys go from 10,000/month to 45-50,000/month in three or four months. That's the power of a team. That's the power of unique ability. And my goal is not to help create workers. My ultimate provision with this, the DM Alliance is to help build a true business owner, someone that can have the lifestyle they've been seeking, truly seeking, not some bullshit conversation that they read in a book and they think it's real. I'm talking a real business life because you can't have the life you want if you don’t have the business accolades to get it. [0:20:00.7]

If you don’t have the path, we'll show you the path. It's in my financial beneficial interest to help you because I make more money with you. So it's kind of an interesting concept. I ask myself how to do it the fair way, how to do it the right way, how to do it where it's big. Could it be 100,000 people 1000 or 100 - what does it really look like? And I just started asking myself this question. By the way, I've been asking myself this question for seven years and then I really started focusing on it two years ago and then in June, I met the guy that could run it that I felt confident that could provide the value that I really wanted to, to understand and justify the business proposition piece. And every day, I know now that we have seen people's lives change in a very short timeframe. In the last six months we have been doing this beta, it's been amazing. And we have people from all walks of life in there. It's not big right now. There's only like 18 or 20 people in there because my vision, my conversation with myself took six, seven years to come to fruition. So what I'm saying is have a bigger picture of yourself. Don’t pull from the past. Focus on the future. [0:21:06.0]

Your failures from the past are just… again, it's a building block to success. Know that it's just one step closer, one step closer, one…failure is inevitable. It's inevitable but what you do with the failure is where champions are made. What are you doing when you fail? Do you quit? I'll share something real personal with you. Yesterday, I got a text at 9:30 in the morning and I had a lot calls, catch up to do from the yacht trip - 9:30 in the morning, text from cousin, her husband, saying hey, your uncle Benny passed away. I'm like, what? Keep in mind, he was semi healthy. He passed away in his sleep at 70 years old. This is the.. .like I've had a couple of, three people in my family die in the last 60 days and he's the first real, real close one. This is the guy I used to watch smoke cigars back in the day, Swisher Sweets. [0:22:02.1]

He has like been very impressionable in my life and I didn't use it as an excuse to not work. I didn't use an excuse not to do my workout. I didn't use an excuse to be not a good dad today. And I see people use things as excuses, and I'm talking about failure. To me, you're failing if you're not focusing and staying on track to your vision, of your goal, and again, the beautiful thing I've built a company in my life around I'm able to say, support my parents and say hey, dad, it's my dad's brother by the way - hey, dad - whatever you guys need, let me know - let me know when the funeral is - let me know if they need help with anything, I'll be there. So, I'm guessing in the next two or three days, four days, I'll be at a funeral and celebrating life. See, we're all going to die. The truth is I want to go the way he died, in his sleep. Why not? He wasn’t hurting. He wasn’t, you know, it was not prolonged. You know, I've seen my grandfather die in front of me. It took him eight years of suffering with Alzheimer and Parkinson - couldn’t even speak for god sake. [0:23:07.0]

I don’t want that. It's a big fear of mine, actually. But I genuinely want to just go to sleep and pass peacefully. It's not always the best, but that's why every night I tell my son and my daughter sweet dreams, love you, and my wife. It's a big deal because you never know if tomorrow gets to come. So the reason I'm sharing this with you is because I saw some guy using it as an excuse, "Oh, I can't make a decision because one of my best friends died recently." Well, what does that have to do with decision making in the future? You think you could call your buddy? First off, you're using it as an excuse. Excuses sound best to those that make them, as my buddy Adam always says. And secondly, use it as fuel. See, failure to me and situations like my uncle Benny passing yesterday, to me, I use it as fuel. I acknowledge it. I'm not suppressing it and acting like it didn't happen. I am acknowledging it and saying, hey you know what - it wasn’t me - he was an amazing person and my time is coming too. [0:24:07.4]

The older we get, the more this happens. Right? We might be the one on the ticket or the docket. So, knowing that, how do I use this as fuel? Yesterday, I was so charged up. Today, I'm ultra charged up. And I'm excited for the day. I'm thankful for the day. I'm appreciative that you're here listening to me today because the truth is, there's going to be a day we're not going to be able to communicate. You could go to Instagram right now, follow me and connect with me. There will be a time for both of us that that will not even be possible because one of us or if not both of us will be gone. So I want to make the most of my life while I'm on the planet Earth. Not just for myself, but for my family, my friends and people I care about the most. Some of my best friends have come in through the same exact model of me selling them high end masterminds at 35 grand a year. [0:25:05.6]

The reason I'm bringing that up is because if you don’t get comfortable selling, you're never going to get to the next level and I'm not saying selling dog shit and bullshit stuff like that. I'm talking real, genuine understanding your worth to what value you can bring to the marketplace and putting a value on that and selling it. Whatever number you're thinking, 10 times it because that's probably what you're really worth, if not more. So start thinking about this. One to one, one to many. Using excuses in failure to like, oh I can't do this because you know, I just don’t feel good today. Dude, like come on. Oh man, I lost hundred grand on that deal. I can't go forward anymore. Fuck, this is the time to go all in. you're learning. You just learned the most valuable lesson in life. Oh man, you don’t understand…I fucking understand. I've lost hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars, but I'm not quitting. What's the alternative? To quit? Never. Use it as fuel. Get excited. [0:26:10.3]

It's …listen, success, whatever you're at today if you want to be successful, you have so many failures in front of you, you don’t even know how many, but what do you do when they hit? Focus on you. Pay attention to how you think about the failure. Pay attention to how you feel.. like do you tighten up? Do you clench your teeth? Do you get focused? Do you get serious? Like I said, man, honestly, my uncle Benny passing, I don’t want anybody to die but it's the inevitable. We're all dying. I use it as fuel. I'm still using it. His memories are amazing. That could be us. This is not morbid. This is real. See, when you become more real with yourself, you understand that this shit is real. It is right in front of our eyes. We have got to step up to the plate. We have got to get uncomfortable. We have got to start becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. Your new norm is uncomfortable. That means you're growing. That means you're pushing. That means you're prodding. That means you're actually accomplishing something. [0:27:14.9]

There is no growth in comfortability. I want you to get conscious of it. I want you to stay focused with it. I want you to start thinking, how do you get to the next level? The next level is not what you're doing now. What you're doing now got you to where you're at. You have to become someone different for in the future to get to where you want to go. What's your big ass goal? Big. My next show is going to be something I think is going to help a lot of people accomplish something way bigger than what we're talking about even. So I want you to please share with me. Get over to Instagram. Follow me @MarkEvansDM. If the podcast show was valuable, please tag me on Instagram. I'll share your post, hopefully get you some likes and all that good stuff. Same thing on Facebook as well, guys. I'm serious. I'm very excited to be here with you on this journey of life. [0:28:05.5]

Time is of the essence. I'm very anxious to help you. I want to help you but I don’t know you need help unless you raise your hand, unless you can let me know what's up. Keep me posted. I'm thinking about you. I’m cheering about you. I don’t care what business you're in. I feel very confident we could create some insight and to help you grow and attain what you're seeking out of your business. The truth is most of you are asking questions are thinking too small, way too small. Your thought process is deluded. You're looking at what other people are doing, not what you want to do. Oh, stay tuned for the next show. I seriously hope that you're here next week. I can't wait to share the shit I'm about to share with you. Please, in the meantime, get over to where you're listening to the show, and please leave a 5-star review. Let me know you loved it. I will potentially shoot you a pretty cool gift. Alright folks, if you need anything, let me know. In the meantime, have an amazing, amazing day. Go make that money and accomplish your wildest dreams. Talk to you soon.

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