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We were all lied to.

Growing up, we were sold the dream and misconception that we should follow the traditional way of living. Go to school, get a well-paying job, and work 50-hour weeks for a stable paycheck.

Who the hell invented that?

Why is there a rule stating we have to trade our time for money?

That’s one of society’s BIGGEST delusions.

In today’s show, you’re going to learn how to escape the time-for-money trap while maximizing your time, energy and wealth to levels almost unimaginable.

Show Highlights:

  • Why I don’t want to have a ‘normal life’ and neither should you (3:30)
  • Why boasting about how many hours you work is a sign of failure (6:00)
  • Habits of ‘poor’ people that keep them trapped in financial poverty (10:30)
  • If time is money, here’s how to tell if you’re spending yours wisely (13:10)
  • The one everlasting skillset everyone needs to be successful (20:00)
  • Why paying $50k for one website page was one of the best investments I’ve ever made (32:30)

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Welcome to the Making of a DM. Are you a magician or are you a mule? I'm so excited for this show, I hope you are too. Let's get started.

Mark: Hey there, it's your host Mark Evans DM. Thank you for being here today, we got a lot to cover. My question, as I stated at the intro of the show is, are you a magician or a mule? This is a big, big, big topic and I hope this show really, really gets you thinking to another level because it's changed my life and many other people's lives that I know once we realized the power of the magician. [0:01:11.0]

Before I get started here today I want to say thank you guys so much for heading over to iTunes and giving us a quick update and review. Means so much to me, it helps us out a ton and if you could take a couple minutes if you haven't done so, if the show's been valuable to you in any way shape or form, get over there give us a nice five star rating. Tell your friends about what we've got going on and anybody that you think can make an impact on the show, it's not just about business either, it's about life in general, right, deal maker, dream maker, what are we doing to pursue the next level of success and goals and all the fun stuff. So again, I appreciate that, but today I want to talk to you about a very real conversation I have with myself. This is an evolution process, took me a lot of years to figure out what I want to share with you today over the next half hour, 45 minutes or so and I talked to my mastermind guys, these guys all pay $35,000 a year to be a part of where we talk about how to grow. [0:02:08.1]

Have you ever wondered when you see like the mega wealthy guys like the Bill Gates, the Jeff Bezos and all these different people that exist and you're like, how in the hell do they do it? We only have 24 hours a day. How are some people capable and able to get so much done, accomplish so much success and create so much wealth in the same exact time you and I have. This is something I've been thinking about my whole life to be honest with you, I remember as a kid watching lifestyles of the rich and famous with Robin Leach, I'd be thinking, like watching whoever's on the show in these big mansions and cool cars and I'm like, "What does that person do that creates what they have?" Again, this is materialistic looking, looking out from a materialistic approach, assuming or thinking that they're successful. [0:03:00.6]

Not saying everyone's created successes the same way, it's just this is something that used to drive me, and still does today about how some folks are able to get so much done, and yet others are struggling to barely get by. This is happening in business and in life, you meet these people that are just busy being busy, I get it, we're all busy, but the production, productivity is where the magic happens. The results. So when you hear and I ask you the question are you a magician or a mule, we're all designed as mules at the highest of the highest levels. We're mules. We go to school, we're trained in school to sit down, shut up, don't speak unless you're spoken to, and if you have to go to restroom we have to raise our hand to go to the restroom. And then you go to college and the same kind of rules, and then you get out in the workplace world and then you have certain times you got to clock in by X, you got to clock out by X. Is that really... I mean guys, you got to beg for time off, you got to ask your boss for time off if you have a job. [0:04:12.9]

I'm not saying there's something wrong with asking, but like when you ask in this like seniority, I've only been here three years, I've been here ten years. I don't understand it, I guess is what I'm saying, I'm trying to be nice here today. I don't understand it. And I always have challenge it, because I remember sitting in school, because I never went to college as you know, I barely graduated high school, but I'd be sitting in school, 2 o'clock, all my stuff done, what I was going to do anyways, but they don't ring the bell till what, 2:45 or 3 o'clock, whatever it is. I would just sit there and counting down, wasting, killing time to get out of class to go do whatever I had to do. I see people doing this with their life. So again, may sound petty, that's a trained behavior, they're training you to fit inside of this box of work. I don't care if you get your shit done in an hour or 20 hours, get your job done, period. [0:05:10.8]

Everyone on all my teams know that. I don't micromanage, they know what they need to do, they have the capacity to do it, they want to do it and they're willing to do it, and however long it takes comes up to them. Because the mule effect, it's not about like, "I get that done." and then they like, some people do it in an hour, some people take ten to do the same exact result. Why? How? Do you ever question this? It's a lot of efficiency factors. Right? Just because like I could talk to 10 people, maybe close one, you might have to talk to 100 to close one. I'm not saying either one is right or wrong, but I want to be more efficient and effective. That's magician style stuff. As opposed to mule. You know what's really wild to me, as a mule it's actually praised. [0:06:05.8]

We actually brag about being a mule. I saw someone today online, they're bragging about how the airlines gave them a nice letter saying, "We appreciate you flying with us every week." I don't want to fly every week, I don't want to fly once a month, let alone every week. This guy's on the road three days a week literally. Out of seven working. I'm not knocking working by the way, but it is 2019 and his job could be done remotely, but the way that company's designed that he works for, he has to be on location. He doesn't even go to the offices, he's got to be there in case they need him, and he's bragging about it online. "Check it out, look what they gave me." I see it and I'm like, "Dude, that sucks. You have four amazing children and an amazing wife and you're bragging about that bullshit?" and then everyone chimes in. "Oh man, that's awesome. Oh dude, that's great, you can probably see a lot of cool stuff." and this and that. [0:07:10.9]

Where I come from, small town Ohio, when you shake someone's hands, if they don't have their hands all torn up with calluses, they're lazy. What does that mean? That means they're not working in the field, that means they are not doing the work, and they're not being productive human beings because they're not out in the field been a mule. And as an entrepreneur, there's nothing wrong with working as long as we know we're working towards a goal. My biggest fear, as you're listening to this, depending what age you're at, I guess age doesn't really matter realizing what I'm sharing here with you how big it can be, is that as a magician I was 12 years old being a magician and didn't even know it. I was getting lawn care deals, $20 let's say. I'd bring my friends in, have them mow for $10, I'd keep $10 for finding the job and would repeat this process every week. [0:08:04.8]

People'd be like, "Oh dude, you're lazy. You're always looking for the angles to get out of work." Okay. Is that the whole fucking point? See, there's no shortage of mules. Like I said, you're actually, people are bragging about it and getting praised about it. I recently overheard a conversation where these two guys were talking at the bar restaurant, I was getting lunch real quick by myself and the two guys were actually, the one guy sat down, he's like, "Yeah man, dude, I've been so busy, I haven't seen the family pretty much all month, 16 hours a day." Yeah, like a badge of honor. And his buddy literally said, "Dude you think that's bad, I think I've been working like 18 hours a day. No time off." And they're like high five-ing, bragging about this stuff. Now I'm not afraid of work by the way, I actually love working. [0:09:00.8]

I'm a hardcore mule by the way. So I'm talking to myself right now, I'm just sharing it out loud to you, but I'm a hard fucking worker. I love it. I can't wait to wake up and I don't want to go to sleep, but it's different types of work. I remember when I used to do construction, up at 4, bed by 11, seven days a week. Not five, not six, seven days a week because I had work to do. I was trading my time for dollars, nothing wrong with that, I didn't know the difference of what I'm sharing with you today. Now I'm not saying you shouldn't work, so don't stop everything you're doing. I'm just saying you need to become conscious of what you're doing. See, mules are thinking, "How do I protect and grow and put myself in this box?" I remember I used to have $10,000 in my bank account, and I would check it four times a day, "$10100, yes, yes." [0:10:01.7]

A magician would see the $10,000 and say, "Who can I hire with this $10,000 to grow to $100,000?" Totally different paths. "Who can I hire to help me grow?" I don't know everything, truth is I don't know much. And then the mule says, "Fuck that. I'm keeping all this money, it's all mine, I worked really, really hard. I'm putting in the hours, damn it." And the mule fares, well what happens, then you go buy the new Corvette or the new car or the new house or the new TV's or all of the above to keep in the cycle of muling. Thinking you're going to want to wake up every day like you are now excited at your age ready to tackle and kill the world. What happens when you get 50? 60? 70, etc.? Guys, this is no secret. The average person in this world is financially done. [0:11:04.9]

They're one week away from devastation. If you put 10 people in the room on the streets, 7/10 are broke. Guess who's out there giving all this financial advice? Guys, I know this because this is how I grew up. When I was 12 years old everyone said, "What are you thinking? Why aren't you working? Get outside and work." I'm making more money not working the way they think work should look like, by the way. Working is relative, it depends what you're thinking "work" means, well define that. But the people telling me was trying to protect me. I remember going to my grandmother's house at 2 PM in the afternoon, just closed three deals, woke up excited, $50,000 dollars in checks in my hand, because back then in '96, 2000, you actually got checks at closing. [0:12:08.4]

I'd get checks, meet the sellers, meet the buyers, shake their hands, smile and I had three checks, cashiers checks from the title company totaling over $50,000. I love my family, I wanted to go see my grandmother, take her out to lunch and celebrate if you will. I pull up all excited in my jeans and T-shirt, three checks in my pocket, a smile ear to ear and I walk in and she says, "What the hell are you doing here, Mark?" I'm like, "Huh?" She's like, "Your grandfather had five jobs, we raised nine kids..." I'm like, "Grandma, I just made $50,000 and I'm excited." and she immediately went to, "It's not always going to be that good. Don't count your chickens before the eggs hatch. You have to work, Mark." [0:13:04.9]

Thank God I used that conversation as fuel, not defeat. See, a lot of times you guys are hearing this shit like, "You cannot do that. No, no, no." You take it literal. See, if our family knew the shit I'm sharing with you, we wouldn't be talking about it. It would just be the norm. So the thought on the thought, or we call it the tot, the tot on this is where did this conversation come from? My mom and dad are amazing people, my grandmother was an amazing person, but the conversations that they were raised, what they saw in their world, how they grew up, how they were trained, they were just carrying on the conversation to me that they felt fit the ideal picture of what they knew. [0:14:03.2]

I'm not knocking it, I'm just bringing it to the surface so we can conversate about it. I can tell you this, I make a whole lot more money being the magician than I ever did as a mule. There's no way you can even compete with a magician as a mule. It doesn't exist, because you only have so many hours in the day. This is a real thing. See, as I'm talking to you today, literally as I'm talking to you today I have many things moving. Here's a magician thing. I have a book coming out, another one, this will be number 11 or 12 or something like that, and every time I write a book, number one, all the profits go to charity, so I'm excited about that because we get to give back. Two, I work once, it works forever. My first book was November 21, 2006, and still every single month we sell those books. [0:15:07.0]

I work once and it keeps getting paid forever. As a mule we work once for an hour, we get paid for an hour, period. And the difference, "Yeah Mark, but you only made $3 on the book." You're right, and you made $30 an hour maybe, let's say. I don't know. But my $3, times however many thousands is what it would generate over the lifetime span, you're our only has a maximum capacity of what you can make. If you made $30 that's all you can make. This podcast show, I shoot it for 45 minutes or an hour, it gets downloaded tens of thousands of times is the goal, my message gets heard. So one hour, 1000 downloads equals 1000 hours, 10,000 downloads is 10,000 hours. [0:16:04.0]

I can't talk one on one to you, I just don't have time, enough time in the day to do that. I would love to, the mule and me would love to, but the magician mindset doesn't allow for it. It's true, the time constraints don't allow for it. Not that I don't love you, but I'd much rather hang out with my family, my wife, my kids and my parents and such than to hang out with every Tom, Dick and Harry to talk about the same bullshit. Hence why this show exists. I want this show to be inspiring and powerful and enlightening you to share bigger picture stuff. So I work for an hour, it gets heard tens of thousands of hours. It inspires someone. See, as a rule, magician, I have sales guys working right now, their conversating about our company because I had a top down visual model, hire people, guide people, inspire people and make an impact by leading. [0:17:10.1]

Back in the day used to get a hard on saying, "I did everything, I do it all. What do you got? Send it to me, I'll do it." That's the mule in me. Right now I have, like if you look at my chart, I'm in my office in the Shaker Heights, Ohio on the third floor, have a whiteboard, you can hear me hitting on it. I have a picture of my daughter, picture my son and I have the things that I have going. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine things. Out of these nine things one's an event, that's a magician thing, I show up for two days, I work five hours and I impact hundreds of people. A new site. A site gets cleaned up, that's not me doing it, that's just me sharing the idea to the developer guy, he does it, it gets seen online millions of times. Podcasts, go figure, I'm on it right now. I do it once, I share the message and it goes out forever. [0:18:06.4]

I have the new book, The Magician book coming. I have a 4 by 4 book coming out, I have two books coming out in the next 60 to 70 days or less. Everything I'm doing, I'm more thinking, not counting by the way, not counting my joint venture alliance program I have where we have five new people in five different real estate markets that I'm partners with and I have my guy, my right hand man COO, Christian who's leading that group. Him and I share the big picture, he takes the information, drives the day to day and I sit back and I lead and mentor and we generate revenue by helping them generate more revenue. See, I'm not chasing a paycheck, I'm way past that. I'm chasing change, I'm chasing impact, I'm changing results. I want results. I don't care how hard you got to work to get it. Because all that's meaningful work and we're moving in the right direction. [0:19:03.3]

See, one thing as a mule I figured out. Again, I figured this out one before I was 18 years old. I don't have enough time of the day to make the money I want to make if I worked hourly, it's not possible for what I want in my life. I've told you my first thing went up before as 18, I was like, "I have to make $100,000 a year, that's my goal." The way I calculated it, it is to make $20.00 an hour times 15 hours a day times 30 days a month, equals X or whatever the numbers come out to. That's how I calculated, that was the mule in me coming up with a solution to get me results. By the way I was fine with that at that point because I didn't know any better. But as I started going down the path I don't want to work hourly. I want to work on results, that's why I love sales. I love sales because you get paid what you're worth, period. [0:20:04.7]

And it's always in demand, sales will always be in demand forever. If there is one skill you ever learn, it's got to be sales and marketing, these two skill sets are forever, they're forever skill sets. Data entry, anybody can do that. Sales and marketing, it takes work. It takes getting told no many, many, many times. Thousands, tens of thousands of times. Guys, I get told no 10,000+ times a day, over that easy. Right, because I send emails out to millions people, 10% open, out of that 10% X% x out of it and say no. Yeses or by results. They're moving forward, they're clicking the button and buying or whatever it is. The media company. Business can't be built off of no's. I can learn how to get better from the no's, but as a driver, as a leader, as a magician we have to realize what our value is to the marketplace and we have to maximize it. [0:21:08.3]

We have to get team members to work with us on it. By the way, if you're sitting here listening to this and saying, "I'm a magician." and you're solopreneur, you’re not a fucking magician. You're a liar to yourself. That's okay. Admit it. It's 90% of the recovery process, it's where we start recovering. This is an ego thing. Right, my small town where I grew up man, if you don't work you're lazy. But what's interesting is very few people with the mule effect ever can get out of it. One, you got to admit, two, you've got to become aware of it, you've got to start learning about it, this is a muscle by the way. Because as you really start building this up, this magician effect, you're going to go into another layer of this. And that layer is almost feeling guilty. [0:22:03.4]

Meaning that you're making so much money without actually physically having to wake up and do any work, that you almost are self-sabotaging it. I know because I've done that before. I'll generate money without doing the work that day or the day before the week before the month before, whatever, and money still coming in every day. Then you start thinking, "Oh my God, what is wrong with me? I got to fix my problems." Well what's the problem? It's the insecurity, it's the muscle, we've got to work on it constantly. See, when you lose sight of where you're going with your vision and your impact statements and all the stuff in your team you can surf feeling lonely and almost feel like you're not worthy of it and then create self-sabotage. Don't believe me, you don't have to believe me. The numbers prove wrong otherwise. I mean look at lottery winners, they get all this money and like massive percentages, like 70-80% or more go BK. [0:23:07.1]

It's not because of the money, it's because of us. As an individual we self-sabotage success. We don't have the mindset, we don't the money mindset to get to that next level. And guys, at all levels there are next levels. Bill Gates challenging has next levels. Donald Trump, anybody that has anything going on in life has challenges. We all have challenges. Some are bigger than others. Some have small challenges that make them into big challenges, because it protects your ego. So you don't have to like this or love this, or even agree with this, you just have to understand that this is real what I'm sharing with you. I have no dog in the fight. If you take this and go crush it, which I hope you do, and become the magician. So picture this, here's one thing I always find interesting. When I go to restaurant that's a mom and pop restaurant, there's one. I think to myself, "Why? Why would anybody in the right mind..." By the way, restaurant business is hard muling business, it's hard as hell. [0:24:12.6]

And then when I talk to the owners, they're like, "Yes, this is what we've done for the past 25 years, this and that." I'm thinking why? They've put a cap on their upside. Let's say if that restaurant makes $80,000 a year, 80 K.  That's the most they can make. That's if everything's perfect humming along. Bad times it's bad, good times, maximum is 80 K. But what if you are a basic burger joint, like a Five Guys back in the day with the intentions, with the magician mindset thinking how do we procedure this out, how do we create SOP? Systems and Operations, process is all out and sell the dynamic. My average store makes 80 K a year. What is that worth to someone? This is what McDonald's has done, this what Burger King done, but when I see this I always think like, "What are they doing?" [0:25:12.6]

Listen, I'm glad there's mom and pop shops, I love them, I like to support them actually. But I also see in their eyes the fear. They don't have you in a business they can sell for any money really, because they're not taking a salary. So in real business you have to have, everyone has to be getting paid and there still has to be money left over, that's tough to do in a small mom and pop restaurant. This holds true too. In Florida where I get my car washed this guy was super nice, he had one location, he's been there for 27 years, and every time I talk to him the staff was cool, clean, they did a good job, but when you walked in it was not optimized for maximum selling. You walk in, the counter lady's not friendly, she wouldn't say, "Hey, what's going on? Hey, do you need an air freshener? Do you need this, do you need that?" This sounds petty, but magicians are thinking about these pieces because it moves the needle. [0:26:08.3]

If they see 150 clients a day, let's call it 100 clients a day for easy math and she gets 10 people to buy some for $2, that's an extra $20. Not a big deal, $60 a month, $720 a year. Okay, that's just on that piece. What if the guy when I check in to get the car, "Okay, it's $26 but today we have a special for $30 you can do X, Y and Z." I'm in. Another 10%, there's $4 per person times 10, there's another $40. What about candy machines? What about pop machines? What about the efficiency when you walk in, what do you see? How does it look? What could you buy? What's the up sales, what's the opportunity? Because when you're getting your car washed you're sitting around for 15 to 30 minutes, depending how busy they are. Magazines, books, cards. That card, you're like, "Oh shit, I got a birthday this week. I got to get a card, I don't want to go to Hallmark, so I'll go here." [0:27:03.8]

Right, what about the goofy hood ornaments, what about the light plug ins? All this stuff matters, and I would see in this guy's eyes, I mean he's there every day working in his little 4x4 ft office space, true story. The door half open, half shut, he's stressed out, it's raining in Florida every other day, so therefore his business is affected when it rains. I'm sitting there thinking, like, "Dude, why don't you have this operations down? You're here for 27 years, you probably know a lot." But with the mule, it's not about knowing. It's about doing and implementing and executing this information. As he was sitting there, I'm telling you, I would say, "Yo man, like dude, you if this was me, here's what I'm thinking, here's what I would do." He wasn't implementing anything, and then I go back three months later, I get back in town and guess what? He sold it to an operations that has 16 other locations. [0:28:02.9]

Guess what they did immediately? Pretty much everything I told this guy to do. Reposition the counter, get people where they have to walk through all these things to get to the counter so you can make more sales on the way through. These are instinct buying decisions. No one is sitting around thinking about buying a bag of Skittles at the car wash, but that adds up. No one's thinking about getting an ice water, a bottle water or soda or whatever, but that stuff adds up. It's instinct, boom, boom, boom, boom. So the company that bought them has a formula and they're crushing it. They're outpacing his numbers by 2.5 fold already because they have a monthly program. Boom, set up results, I told this guy because he never had a monthly program, magicians are thinking about how to create residual income. Residual income gives you a baseline for growth. Let's say if he had 200 people paying him, now get this, pay attention here. Maybe on the treadmill, maybe you're driving or whatever, and I'm not trying to go too deep, but picture if you had 200 people paying him $50 a month, that's $10,000 a month coming in no matter what. [0:29:11.0]

This is really, guys. By the way, this is low numbers. I belong to a wash club here in Ohio, I have all my cars in there. I think it's $56 a month times four, five, however many cars we have in Ohio here to do that, and it just keeps clipping along, they have 430 members. Think about this. His baseline, he's generating $120,000 a year before he even turns on the lights. A mule would say, "But, what if they take advantage of the system and get their car washed every day?" Okay. Your staff still gets paid, you still make sales inside of the office, they're still going to get tips, your team is busy. Not only that, you have money coming in no matter what because you have guys like me that come in once a week, once every three weeks, who knows. [0:30:02.3]

Some of my cars, I haven't even washed this year in Ohio in three and a half months because we have someone come to the house or whatever we have done. It's like you're looking at the wrong thing. As a magician we're looking for growth, we're looking for opportunities. Mules are looking for obstacles, challenges, taken advantage of, etc. It's not 100% your fault, though. It is now if you listen to this and don't do anything about it, but we've been trained to do that because people, as a mule, once they discover that you'll work hard, they'll give you more to do. And then if you can, if you still survive they're going to give you even more to do, they're going to try to pay you less because that's what mules do. There's only two ways out. You die or quit. As a mule there's no other way out. So you're protecting what you've learned all these years, but back to this car wash guy, 10 K a month coming in. [0:31:03.4]

Guys, this may not sound like a big deal, but he had so many massive upswings, 10 K a month might take care of his entire staff in his building, anything else is coming in off the streets is street revenue, straight bottom line revenue. When you have a company like that, that changes the game. That becomes a model, that becomes an infrastructure that you could take the marketplace and sell to the market, or open multiple without any downside, or very limited downside, I should say. Picture if you could wake up in your company you had all your bills paid for, anything from day one to whatever is straight bottom line revenue. Your salary is included, your office space is included, your staff is included, all stuff's included. Might be $10,000, whatever the number is you create a residual income model that allows that to happen, that's magician type mindset that's thinking like that. March 3rd 2005 changed my life. It's the first day that I had a squeeze page. [0:32:02.7]

It's like a basic page, the only thing they can do is put their name in e-mail and to get information on a website, it's called a squeeze page. I went to Atlanta for a day and invested $50,000 of my hard earned money to sit down and learn about this thing on the inner web called a squeeze page. Now guys, when I say I don't know anything about the internet, I know nothing. I know I put my email in and an email comes back to me and all that basic stuff, but just like a car, I know how to start it. That's about it. But the squeeze page, I paid $50,000, and I was in small town Columbus, Ohio doing business. As soon as that squeeze page went up online, my business became international. I could literally run ads on Google, or anywhere for that matter, get over to blahblahblah.com and get seven fatal flaws report or whatever we called it then, they would go to the web page and opt it. Cost me, say $0.20 an opt in. [0:33:05.6]

It's a lot more now. But say $0.20 an opt in, these are people from all over the world. They're learning about Mark Evans in Columbus, Ohio that does real estate. The more people that know who I am, like attention, eyeballs, conversations. The more attention, the more conversations you have, the more opportunity opens up. So what happened is I started getting so big online, let's say if I was getting 1000 new people a day come into my system, I had to figure out a way to talk to these people. So they go in from an ad to an opt in, they put their name and email in, they get an email from me, "Hey thank you very much, here's the 7 Fatal Flaws Report I promised you. By the way, what are you doing tomorrow 2 o'clock? Hop on a Telecall, this is Telecall days, this is like when you just called into a phone line. We didn't have webinars and Zoom and all these amazing things we have today. I would drive them to a phone number link. Call in tomorrow 2 PM at 1234... [0:34:08.4]

And I would join that, the next day 2 o'clock, every day 2 o'clock I'd be on this call and I would just be conversating and letting them get to know me in a bigger presence. "Hey guys, thanks for coming on. This is Mark Evans..." This is 2004, 14 years ago. I had no clue what I was going to say. The truth is, if I'm being 100% transparent, which I always am, the first time I did this I was scared to death. What am I going to talk about for a half hour is what I thought, so what I did is I shut myself in my office, I grabbed a bottle of vodka grapefruit juice, this is when I used to drink Greyhounds, grapefruit juice and vodka and I had probably half the bottle before the call, I was so nervous. It's silly. I'm not advocating this by the way, I'm sharing a real story of what I did. I got on the phone, I don't know how many people were there, but I shared about a deal that was going on in Columbus, Ohio. [0:35:02.7]

And a guy in California that was on this phone call, I said, "Guys, if you want this property, there's a lot of you on here, whichever is over 100 and something probably, maybe more. Call my office at this number." The phone went ballistic. I was like, "Ohh my gosh, this is amazing." So a guy in California 42 minutes later, from 2 PM, he calls in at 2:42 let's say and I'm talking to him, he's like, "I want the deal. I'll take it." He said, "I'm coming in town tomorrow, I want to look at it, I'm in." That would have never happened if I wasn't trying to become a magician is where I'm going with this. Because back in the day I would just mule it out, call every single investor online, make cold calls, go meet them at networking events, do all the hard work. Needless to say, I've been doing that, I've been doing calls and webinars, and I would do them forever because they work. And then they have evergreen models where you only do it once and it works forever, but that's a whole another conversation, but this is like basic, this is what I'm talking about, start thinking like this. [0:36:10.7]

It cost me $50,000 to set the page up. Mules don't pay money, they try to figure how to do it for free or do it themselves, but if you start thinking magician, it's an investment. By the way, it's one of the best investments I've ever made in my life. I still your squeeze pages today, it's never been easier to do, you could set it up for a couple hundred bucks now, which is insane. And then you drive them to an evergreen conversation, get them over there. Thousand people on the phone, 100 people show up, two people take action or 50 people take action or whatever. They call you, they talk to you, they get to know you, they learn about what you're up to, they want to get involved. That kind of funnel has generated millions and millions and millions, tens of hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for a real estate company. Magicians think differently. Magicians see opportunities. [0:37:02.7]

Mules see the obstacle, because mules are trying to figure out in their brain, "I'm already maxed out all my time, how do I have time to do this?" A magician's thinking, "Wow, that's an awesome opportunity. Who can I hire to help me implement that?" See the difference? It's a massive difference. This is a muscle you got to start working out. If you're a solopreneur you need to hire an assistance. Let's start there. Once you hire an assistant you start realizing you can buy your time back for $12-15 an hour, or whatever it is. Now you're buying your time back, that's the whole reason you're here, right? That's the whole reason you want to build a company is to buy your time back and get rich and have a lot of money to do more things to spend more time with your family, give back, do more. We got to start thinking like this, if you want more out of life, it's not that it doesn't exist, it's that our mindset has to change so it can exist in your life. Everything I'm doing, all these companies I'm involved in, I get paid for being a magician. [0:38:06.4]

Value add, understand your worth, don't just say, "I'm worth so much more." No, you're not. If you're not getting paid more or creating better results, you're not worth more. The scoreboard doesn't lie. Yes, you might be working hard, yes you might be doing a lot of stuff, yes, you might be a big asset, but you might be disposable as well. Once you hit a certain number, and all of a sudden they start looking at like how to get rid of you, or how to minimize you or how to replace you with someone else. Right? So magician versus the mule. I would love your comments, I would love your feedback on this because I would love to come... This is like a big deal to me. This changed my life when I started thinking like this, and it was in 2005-ish when it really started clicking. I really started thinking about how to maximize my time, how does someone that's not as smart as me and work as hard as me have more than me financially, with time and energy and money? How? What's the secret? [0:39:12.6]

I'm giving you the secret right now. They've discovered the magician like effects of how to grow, how to lead, how to get into a marketplace that allows for this kind of growth. Because there's not big growth, if you're selling seeds or whatever, there might be limited growth, but if you're in the right industry and there's a lot of right industries, you've got to figure out what's your magician like effect. See, like real estate agents, real estate agents, the brokers are making a fee off of all these agents. So say if you're a broker and you have 10 agents or 100 agents or a 1000 agents under you, who do you think is making more money? The broker with a 1000 agents of course. So you start thinking like that, like how do I get more people under me, this is why MLM works so well. Like it or love it, MLM can teach you a lot about selling and understanding the magician effect. [0:40:08.4]

Residual income, this is why everyone loves real estate, because it creates residual income. I could work once, I could leverage money, I could buy an asset or hard asset that produces $300 a month. "But Mark, I want to make more than $300 a month." I get it. But I work for a month, I make $300 a month this month and next month and the month after that, etc. And the good news is there's no cap on it. I could buy one property, I could buy a 100 properties, or I could buy 1000 properties. Picture if you had 100 of these. Picture if you had a 1000 of these, 30,000, 300,000. It's not hard to reach, trust me. Magicians think differently. Magicians take different action steps. We're not chasing paychecks, we're creating opportunities that are bigger than ourselves. We know we're going to mess up, we actually encourage it, we're looking for progress over perfection. [0:41:08.3]

The mule is excited about perfection. The mule is like, "I worked 18 hours on this." And we're like, "Dude, what the fuck ever, I took 12 seconds to make a phone call and got it done for me." I don't care who did it or how it got done, I got the shit done. And by the way, I get to hang out on the lake, I get to hang out with my family, got to have a couple drinks with my buddies and I was in bed before 8 o'clock watching a movie with my son. Who won? Again, I'm not knocking the mules because I am a mule through and through still. I catch myself wanting to do the mule activities because I know it's easy, it's a muscle, I go back into reflex mode. Protect it, protect it. You are a magician, you can do what most people dream about if you start working on it today. Start thinking about how to maximize, how to spread yourself, your energy, all of your stuff, how to amplify it, how to multiply it. [0:42:11.1]

You talk in front a one to one, door knock, boom, boom, boom, boom for every door you knock. It's a grind, it takes work, I get it. But what if you understood marketing and you could geo target the area and sitting in anywhere in the world, literally anywhere in the world by the way, you could literally get 100 people on a call every day. Instead of door knocking you're taking your skill sets and leveraging it up into an environment that's conducive to what we're talking about. This did not exist when our parents were around, when they started, when they're on their journey. Or our grandparents, depending your age. The internet is so new. You have so many massive advantages to take this magician and turn it into a whole another world. You get 100 people on the call, your conversion rate's 10%, you just sold 10 people within one hour. [0:43:03.6]

You cannot door knock and sell 10 people in an hour, there's no way possible I know because I've done it. You get a lot of no's, you get a lot of rejection, you get a lot of no one's home, you're walking, you're hustling, you're high five-ing, you're creating competitions to keep motivated. I get it, I love it, but for where you're going is it going to get you to where you want to go? And listen, if it is, keep doing it, but know someone else out there is working way less with way bigger results. It's not that they're lazy. Truth is, they're smart, and we can all learn from smart people doing smart things. We don't to like them or know or like everything about them, but we can pull from little pieces, every single person you ever come in contact with by the way you can learn from, every person. Like, "Wow, I want to act like that. Wow, that's amazing. Wow, what is this? Oh cool, man that's awesome, that makes sense." We're constantly learning, evolving. [0:44:01.2]

I challenge you to start thinking like a magician. The mule's inside of you. We have to start acknowledging it, we have to start paying attention to it, more importantly we have to start working the muscle to get out of it. I challenge you to do that today. This show's definitely worth repeating multiple times, and if this show was super helpful, please reply back to me, let me know what your thoughts are on the show. I would love to get your insights, and if I need to expand more I will, and not only that, please share this with your friends, colleagues, workers anybody, you care about that is progressing. This goes for everybody, this is not about just business, this about life in general, how do you hack the system, how do you grow beyond yourself, how do we do more with less time. That's what this is about. At the end of the day, I truly appreciate everything you're doing, I want to be here, I want to help you, I want to give you the goods, no BS, and just guide you down a path of understanding what's possible out there, because I'm just getting started. [0:45:09.1]

Guys, the truth is, I'm just at point in my life where I want to be 10 times, I hope, in the next 10 years. Or 100 times or 1000 times. We're all growing and evolving. I'm not coming here acting like I know all the answers, because trust me, I do not. But if there are things I can do to help and the ideas that's allowed me, some hillbilly small town Ohio boy, just had a dream to be where I'm at today, to know where I'm going, it's an amazing blessing. I'm honored to be here, appreciate your time. Hope you're having a great day. Stay focused, start thinking. Magician, not mule. Talk to you soon. Bye, bye

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