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What if I told you that there were three things missing from your life that are preventing you from all the success you’ve ever imagined. Three things causing all of your pain. Three simple things.

Have I got your attention? It sounds too good to be true – and it’s got nothing to do with money or some kind of unicorn horn. The 3 things I want to share with you today will control whether or not you rise up to the next level – in ALL areas of your life.

These are the things that separate Deal Makers from the average person.

Show Highlights:

  • One of the most outwardly identifiable qualities of all high-performers (1:30)
  • The thing that’s keeping you stuck in a cycle of procrastination, worry, and fear (11:00)
  • One daily habit that extremely successful Deal Makers swear by (17:15)

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Welcome to the Making of a DM podcast show. Do you have urgency? If you don't have urgency, you are going to lose. Make sure to pay attention to this entire show because I have three things that are going to help you grow your bottom line and your life and then your business. So with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there, it's your host Mark Evans at DM and thank you very much for coming here. So today's show is going to be just kind of possibly a little shorter, depending. I have three really big topics I want to talk to you about today. Before I do these shows, I have conversations with my team, other people at running big teams and small teams and everything in between. [0:01:13.9]

It gets me thinking like what is the biggest missing piece, like what separates me as a deal maker from the person that's grinding it out, everything so hard and yet financially it never comes together. There's three things that come to mind for me, and these are good writing down thought points and I'm just going to dive into it if you're okay with that, no need to sugarcoat this or any of that. But number one, sense of urgency. Sense of urgency. I have massive anxiety because so many people say, "I'll get to it tomorrow, I'll get to it next week, I'll get to it in an hour." Sense of urgency is lacking, and when I look at my success I do it now. [0:02:05.5]

When? Now. I make the call I don't want to make because I got to do that, because it's now, it's now or it doesn't happen, and if it does happen in the future, it typically peters out and it doesn't happen like it should happen. Sense of urgency is a real thing, and if you are trying to be urgent, but yet in the same sentence you have a very complex stuff going on, your complexity is going to kill the urgency. Meaning, if you have too many hops to get to the result, so step one, two, three, four, five, seven, eight, "Okay, I'm going to call him now." No, you as an owner need to be asking yourself how can you solve the problem. Let me give you an example. I recently bought a watch, an expensive watch. I wanted the watch, I already sold myself on it, I'm ready to buy. I called, I don't even know how many, 15, 16, 20 different companies that said they had the watch and literally not one, but all of them went to voicemail. [0:03:15.7]

Every single one. What's even more interesting about that is only about four of the people ever replied back to me. Now guys and gals, listen, this is a six figure purchase. From a far, I've never walked into the store, I already know what I wanted, I was already sold. The voicemail something went like that, "Hey, I already know what the watch price is, I'm ready to buy it when you're ready to sell it. I saw it online for sale, I'm looking to buy today." Now listen, if you have a business every word I just said is magic. It means money, it means you're a genius today because you didn't do anything but you made a sale, or you took an order, and yet three people called me back. [0:04:06.3]

And what's interesting is two the people called me back tried to charge me more money than it was listed online, that's a massive no-no in business, massive, massive no-no. And then the other person I hit up, from social media, by the way, I pinged him, I was like, "Yo, I want that watch, let's connect." and then he didn't connect and then I called his number that's on his website and then he called me back said, "Hey man, sorry, I'm actually doing X, Y, Z." So he was professional, I get it. Listen, when I say urgency, it's not about my urgency, but it kind of is. When you're a consumer, it's all about you initially, but yet, to an owner anyways, but you've got to understand I'm a business owner as well. If I'm thinking how do I get to you so we could do business together, I do all this work, I see a lot of people do all this amazing work from marketing product, advertise, all the stuff they're doing, and yet when the ideal buyer comes in, the ideal buyer, they drop the ball, they lose the urgency. [0:05:06.2]

Guys, that's what you did all the work for. You've already ran the ad, you already stayed up late at night tinkering and toying around with this and that, and it's working now, and your urgency goes away. I pay attention to this stuff. When I'm with my team and I see the phone ring, I watch what they do. You know what sometimes they do? They push them to voicemail because they don't want to talk to them right now, they're not in the mood or in the mode and/or they're focused on something else that's not as important. That's a fast way to get fired with me, for sure. If the phone's ringing, that means money is coming in the door. Guys, as a business owner or as an employee, I don't care if you're an employee by the way, if your boss or your owner of the company has your fucking phone ringing, you answer that goddamn phone. That's your job. You're stealing from the company, you're stealing from yourself, if you're in sales you get paid typically by performance, and more importantly, you're robbing from the prospect calling in. [0:06:09.9]

You could help them, you could solve their problem, there's a reason they're calling you. Think about it, they had to read the ad, they had to stop what they're doing, they have three kids in the background screaming, TV's on, someone's trying to ring the doorbell and they stopped their busy day to call your company or your line, whatever number to make that phone ring and you push them to voice mail. And/or you don't answer the phone enthusiastic and/or ready to serve. See, this is lacking, this is missing the urgency, I'm urgent just talking to you about it if you can't tell my voice. This is a big deal. How can you help them? What's going on? Where are we at? Okay, let's go. Where do you need to be? Right before I did this podcast show, I swear on my life, this just happened, guy texted me like, "Hey, this guy Chase... Let me know when you can schedule it, he has to be done by 4. I stop everything, I make a phone call, "Christian, let's talk to him now." Swear on my life. Now. When? Now. [0:07:20.0]

I push the podcast show off 20 minutes to talk to this guy, closed the deal, we move forward and everyone's happy. I've closed four deals today, and I'm not even trying to close deals. Why and how? See, me as an owner, I'm just being genuinely open with you guys, me as an owner, it's so easy to me, because again, this is a muscle I've worked on for 23+ years now, but when you're there to help someone and you have the things I'm talking about from the past and today, I'm urgent to solve their problem. I know they're going to go to bed easier tonight because I took the time to invest and have a conversation with them. You're a consumer, you buy shit every day too. [0:08:08.8]

How would it make you feel if you go to your best coffee shop, you walk, "Sorry, we're out of your product." or even worse, you watch them looking at you and they don't say, "Hello, how can I help you? You stand for five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten minutes and you don't get any service. What's the difference when the phone rings for you? Are you treating your customers the same way? Maybe even worse. This is something you need to start paying attention to immediately. Your clients, your prospects, your customers need to be tended to in an urgent manner. I'm not saying if you're out, like again, don't take this so literal that your family, you're going to get a divorce tomorrow because you don't talk to your spouse, I'm just saying this is something you have to be tentative to, this is real. Pay attention to when you check out, when you buy something online, when you make a phone call what your processes are to get someone on the phone. [0:09:05.8]

How do you feel, what do you get from it? Good or bad. Pay attention. That's what I love, listen this is take your credit card out, your Amex and go and stay at a Four Seasons for a night, two nights, ten nights, whatever. And then go and spend a night over at the Howard Johnson. Pay attention to how they treat their clients, pay attention to what the rooms look like, pay attention to the smells, pay attention to the visual components, pay attention to... Guys, you can ask for anything in the Four Seasons, even if they don't have it, they'd be like, "Great question, let me check for you." Then see other places, if they even answer, "We don't have that, sorry." They might not even say sorry. "No, we don't have that." That may sound silly and nit picking, but these are qualities that you need to figure out how to implement in your business. Someone says, "Mark of $300,000, I don't like your product, I want to buy something else." "Great, tell me what you're looking for, let me see what I can do." [0:10:06.6]

Have a conversation, I'm urgent to find out what they really need help with. A lot of people are doing this wrong, a lot. Guys, truth is even people on my team screw this up often, and we're tentative to it. So I know if we're tentative to it, we're still having problems with it, I know damn sure you're 100% having problems with it. Urgency, now. When? Now. "Let me get to that later." No, now. You've been doing this your whole life. It's like going to the gym, "I'll get to it Monday." Monday never comes around, you know damn well it doesn't. You're procrastinating, you're putting it off. Stop putting off your opportunities, stop putting off solutions for your prospects and clients, stop putting off success. The time is now. Which brings me to number two. So let's say this is probably the biggest decision that I see a lot of people struggling with. [0:11:05.6]

The decision is indecision. You know that spot where you're caught in between "I don't know if I should go white blue or dark blue on my logo." No one fucking cares, i.e. Except you. So you mentally block up your brain for 12 months trying to figure this out, your name of your company, or, "Should I spend $12 here or $12.50 here." Spend the money, does it really matter? And by the way if $0.50 is going to change the game, you're in the wrong game. When you start paying attention to your decision and/or lack of decision making processes, and by the way, it elevates and grows the more you grow financially, and as a company your decision making will affect, it will bottleneck and drastically affect the bigger you are, 100% guaranteed. Trust me, I know because I've screwed this up. When I get caught in the middle and I get unfocused or overwhelmed I tend to not make a decision, because I'm making a decision out of fear, not making a decision out of data. [0:12:11.3]

Data, not drama. Decision to move forward. I'd rather make a decision and lose, than to be indecisive and not do anything, i.e. you're losing no matter what. But if I make a decision and lose, I know how to make a better decision, I know what I lost and I know how to improve. What strategy should I do? Should I do this, this, this, this, this? Why not pick one and just go. "Well so and so said it's better here, so and so said it's better here." Dude, how do you even know this? Just because you read it? Pick the one that best serves you and go. You can always change, but you can't change when you don't decide. In real estate, because I talk a lot about real estate, is in real estate there's all these different channels of investing. Wholesaling, rent to own, retail, apartment complexes, single families, pick one and go. [0:13:11.8]

I meet people for seven years that's never done a deal, they spent a $150,000 in mentoring and still have never done a deal. They're more confused today that when they started. They know too much about a lot and do nothing with a little. They do nothing, they do nothing at all except keep buying the next best thing. Make a decision, stick with it, measure it and move in the direction that the data is telling you to go. Decision is the best thing you could do for yourself and your company. Like that time you decided to make the commitment to yourself to get in better shape, or the time you made the commitment to finally get with your spouse and commit to them forever and have kids and XYZ. Decision making is a big deal. [0:14:04.8]

This is why I'm telling you, true story, this is why like Zuckerberg and all these guys, we take for granted decision making. Yet there is a real thing called decision making fatigue, it's real, it's a real problem. I personally don't like to make a lot of decisions, little basic decisions. I already know when I'm getting up, I already know when I'm brushing my teeth, I already know when I'm working out because I wrote it out the day before, I already know all the stuff, I don't have to make a decision. I have the same white flip flops, the same white tennis shoes, the same workout outfit I wear every single time, it's always clean, of course, but I wear the same shit. Why? I don't want to think about it, wake up, boom, boom, boom, gone out. Instead of, "Hmm, should I wear the red shirt or the black shirt. Wait, would the black shirt look better with the white hat..." And then all the sudden you're like, "Fuck, I just made 83 decisions before 5 AM." You burn yourself out on shitty, basic decisions, and then when you've got to make the big ones, you don't make them at all. [0:15:08.9]

You're beat up. Your brain has calluses on them. Right? So if you've ever worked out, or work outside and use your hands, you get calluses, right? Well your brain is getting them every time you make a decision, and you're burning them up in the morning with junk. "Oh man, I know I said I wouldn't need this bag today, but I'm going to need that bag, but I'm not going to need that bag. Okay, I'm going to do this, but I'm not going to do that." Like dude, I want all this shit laid out, I just want to show up, boom, boom, boom, go, it's a machine, it's a process, let's go. When that phone rings at 10 AM and I'm going to make a multi-million dollar by order for marketing I am a sharp as a tack, I already know what the decision, I'm making a decision and I'm asking great questions, I make a bigger decision. That's what I'm saving my decision making for. What are you saving your decision making for? [0:16:06.8]

This is a real thing, guys and gals. Decision making, we have to get tighter, we have to get stronger. Pay attention to what's working, what's not, what's serving you. You know, pay attention throughout the day where you really start getting tacked down. Like this is a true story, when I have to do my financial stuff in the morning or through the week, I look at it in the morning, that's when my brain's the most fresh and I'm paying attention to the right stuff. If I did this at 3, 4 o'clock, guys, keep in mind over to been up 12 hours, I've made, a lot of things have happened in 12 hours, it's not going to be the most productive time for me. So figure out, you can hack decision making by, like I said, someone's on my lawn care, someone's going to clean my house at these days and this time, someone's going to watch your kids these days and times. My days are pretty similar across the board with what time I get up, what time I go to sleep, what I'm doing, etc. I already know, boom, boom, boom very repetitious, and I recommend you checking that out for yourself and what you're doing and what you're up to, because it's definitely going to help you grow. [0:17:18.5]

We've talked about urgency, indecision, make decisions, please. God, please make decisions. The third one, another reason I believe I'm so successful, I shouldn't even say it like that. The reason I'm successful, because I'm not so successful, I'm just getting started. I want to be so much more successful in so many areas of my life, constant improvement. But this third thing that I'm going to share with you might sound so silly, but it is very real. I don't know how to explain it, I'll just share it with you, but I can tell you it works, and that's being grateful. When my phone rings I'm grateful my phone rings. [0:18:00.9]

When I'm able to have a conversation with an individual, I'm grateful that they're calling and talking to me because I know where my intentions lie, I know where my heart is and I know I'm there to serve them. When I'm able to wake up in the morning and I can move all my limbs and I can see and I can hear, I'm grateful as hell. When I get up and walk, go take a shower, brush my teeth and all that, I'm so grateful that I have that ability. When I can go downstairs and I could go to the gym and work out really hard, I'm grateful that the old heart is ticking. Sometimes barely at that point when you're huffin and puffin and my lungs and all that stuff, but I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to be doing that. I don't take that shit for granted, I have and I probably will one day again, but like I am very conscious of gratefulness. Recently when I was on the lake, I was sitting, we were riding on the lake on a boat and it's just beautiful, and I'm thinking, "Man, I'm so grateful that we live in a world that's safe." Like could you imagine if there's jets flying over you, shooting at you while you're on the lake, this changes the enjoyment factor a little bit. [0:19:12.3]

Or there's people on the sides, kids that can eat, like there's just so much stuff I'm so grateful for, but I also want to take a little step further. I'm grateful for all the bullshit that I've been through and have done, etc. Because I've learned from it, I've taken the good, the bad and turned it into good. See, some people think life happens to them, I think life happens for them. Like when something really bad, by the way guys, we all have shit going on in our lives, all of us, anybody says they don't, they're full of shit, they're lying, run as fast as you can. We all have shit going on. So as you're growing and developing, I'm so grateful that I'm mindful enough to know that I can learn from this. [0:20:02.7]

I'm just grateful all the time. If something bad happens in front of me, this has happened a while ago, this guy was riding, him and his grandfather riding motorcycles together on a 25, 30 mph street, some lady turns into them, hits them both, obviously hurts them, but you know, their legs and stuff, not like there are head injuries or anything like, but I was like, "Damn, I'm grateful that they did not get killed. I'm grateful that everyone's semi okay. This could be so much worse." As opposed to like some people, I know they're like, "Oh my God, did you see all of this? This is so bad. Oh my God, they're never going to able to walk." I mean they instantly go to all the negative shit. Guys, I almost went bankrupt twice. I'm so grateful for that. Yes, I really am grateful for that. So grateful I actually still have the paperwork from the first time as we go bankrupt in the late 90's. I still have the paperwork. I remember sitting in my office writing the paperwork out crying my eyes out thinking I let everyone around me and myself, most importantly, down. I let myself down. How could I get to this position? [0:21:09.5]

What's interesting, a lot of people I knew were going BK at the same exact time, because they gave up, they're quitters, they quit. See, I'm not looking for a way out, I'm looking for a way in. At that moment, I was so grateful, I swear to you I was like at peace and I'm like, "This is a learning lesson." One of my companies, shit, three, four years ago was in trouble financially, they needed help, they were getting beat up from all levels. From internal to external and all this shit, just craziness was going on. I'm like, "Guys, this is an amazing chapter in a book one day. We're so blessed to be in this position. Is it going to suck? Absolutely, but we're going to learn so much more. We're going to learn how to not be in the situation, number one, two, we're going to learn how to be better as we grow and develop. Not just in this company, but as individuals and other companies we're going to buy and build and grow or whatever. This is the time to learn." [0:22:08.9]

So if you're at home struggling with how to make calls to sellers, how to make your sales calls or whatever, you're buyers or sellers or whatever, or if you're in the field and you're door knocking and you keep getting rejected, every time that happens that's an opportunity. You walk on the sidewalk, you don't walk through the grass because I might be watching you, and if you walk on my grass I'm not answer the fucking door. If you respect my yard and you come around the side like you're a normal person would do, I'd probably answer the door and have a conversation with you. That's how you learn. And if someone asks you like when your door knocking or you're at their house and say, "Would you like something to drink?" you always say yes, because that's called courtesy. By the way, that's a yes answer, and in sales that means everything if you know anything about sales. But shit, you might even be thirsty. Say yes. Why would you start a sales conversation off with an immediate no? "Hi Johnny, would you like something to drink?" "No, I'm good, thank you." [0:23:07.5]

You're setting the stage for the day. "Hey Johnny, would you like something to drink?" "Absolutely, I'm so thirsty. Glass of ice water would be amazing." Pretty different outcome, I promise you. If you just change out one piece, being grateful, we have a problem with it. This sounds petty. I know you do it, because I used to do it all the time, you put on that brand new shirt, brand new jeans or whatever you're wearing, brand new, you're feeling it. Someone looks at you, says, "Damn, nice shirt." You're like, "Thank you, nice shirt too." You revert back to saying something nice to them. But why can't you just be grateful in the moment? "Thank you." Just look at them and walk away. We all do it. "Nice shoes." "Thanks man, I like your shoes too." As opposed just say "thank you". Why can't we be grateful? Why do we have to like tell them "thank you" and I like their shit too? Guys, we've been taught to not be so grateful, even though everyone says be grateful. [0:24:07.6]

I'm not saying you're not grateful, I'm just saying we don't know how to like expand the gratefulness and be conscious of it. Conscious, fullness, graciousness, if that even makes sense. Being conscious, being grateful is a very powerful tool, and I believe 100% it can help you make more money and have a better life. When shit's hitting the fan, get grateful, be grateful every day, but like learn from that process, what's happening, why is it happening, what can I learn from it, why am I thankful I'm in this position. I'm not saying you want to be in this position all the time, because that's a whole another problem in itself, but like what are you learning. The phone's not ringing as fast as you want it to be. So why? Be grateful for this moment, because there's going to be a time in your business when the phones are ringing so much you wish it would stop for a minute, but it can't because you have momentum and you've been working so hard and you're going to be grateful that the phone won't stop ringing. [0:25:02.9]

These are the things that I'm talking about. Be grateful that you don't have access to a lot of money maybe right now. Why? Because you have time to work on something else, because having access to lots of money requires a different level of skill set, that's why you don't have it, by the way, that's a true story, that's a whole podcast show we're going to one day. And the higher level my financial literacy gets, the more money I make, the more money I could store, and the better I can do XYZ. But be great for you're in that position, you're there for a reason. Is it a learning reason or a pissed off reason? You can get mad, by the way, too, because I love getting mad, because getting mad actually means you're going to actually do something about it, get pissed. Once you kick up urgency, kick up decision making, it will actually make you much more grateful. So guys with that said, take this information, get a sense of urgency in your ass, be decisive, make a decision and be absolutely grateful to where you're at and where you're going from this moment forward. [0:26:05.7]

With this said guys, I hope you have an amazing day, please keep following me over here on the podcast show, The Making of a DM, because that's what we're doing, we're making a deal maker and dream maker. That's what the show's designed for, your life and your business. We want to help you become better, bigger, stronger, more financially free, all these things that are out there in access to all of us, just we have to tap into it and drive it. Make sure to check me out on Instagram, got a lot of cool stuff happening on Instagram @MarkEvansDM, same thing on Facebook too, I got some cool content going on over a Facebook at Mark Evans DM, and if you want to get real crazy check me out over on You Tube, I got some cool stuff on You Tube, at Mark Evans DM as well. So guys with that said, go out there, make it an amazing day, keep me posted with your progress and feel free to write a review, I'd love five stars and above, that's how iTunes pushes up higher, gets us more recognition and helps us all grow to the next level. With that said, have an amazing day and go out there and deal make. Talk to you soon. Bye, bye.

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