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In this episode, Mark explores the power of Infinite Banking in building generational wealth through real estate investments.
He draws on examples from the forestry industry and discusses the potential of utilizing whole life insurance policies to purchase income-producing assets.… READ MORE

In this episode, Mark shares the untold stories of visionary entrepreneurs who used the power of Infinite Banking to propel their real estate dreams into reality.
From Walt Disney to Ray Kroc, and JCPenney, you’ll witness how these trailblazers leveraged guaranteed tax-free growth, liquidity, and control to craft enduring generational wealth.… READ MORE

In this episode, Mark uncovers the secrets of leveraging your finances to protect and enhance your real estate investments. He invites you to challenge established financial norms and gain control of your wealth.… READ MORE

This podcast is designed for visionary entrepreneurs like you, who value family, faith, and financial freedom above all else.
Are you tired of feeling shackled by the traditional banking systems?
Do you dream of building a legacy for your children and grandchildren?… READ MORE

Welcome to the Infinite Banking for Real Estate Investors podcast. In this first episode, host Mark Clarke introduces a powerful concept called infinite banking and its connection to real estate investing.… READ MORE

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