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Subscriber Marquel wrote to ask me,

"Hey Jonathan, quick question…

I already had a podcast called "I Love Entrepreneurship"
where I was interviewing entrepreneurs…

I haven't published a new episode in a minute, so
was going to just launch a new one.

Would you suggest doing a brand new one (ie. "The Create
Your Own Economy Show")…or just crank the old one
back up?"

This is more common than you think. People start shows, get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work it takes to run a podcast, quit – then want to start up again.

My answer is always the same – start fresh.

Why? Because if you haven't posted a show in a while your feed is likely dead. Unless you have your subscribers email addresses they won't know you have a new show. And if you're going to do that much work you may as well launch a new show and get it into new and noteworthy while you're at it so you can attract all new listeners.

Plus, if you quit your show your listeners probably quit you.

Speaking of having your listeners email addresses inside the next Podcast Mogul Newsletter I'm going to show you how to get more of your listeners back to your website and opting in to your list so you have a chance to stay in touch with them and sell more of your stuff.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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