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There’s definitely been a running theme these past few episodes. By now I hope you’re catching on that nuanced situations with potential to alter your career path can happen at any moment. Even in this booming job creation and growing economic environment, many companies face down-turns and cut-backs.

If you’re a longtime listener, or even if you’ve listened to just a few episodes, you probably already know that the core of all of this is to be prepared and to be proactive so that in the event you need to make a change you know how to navigate that process with grace, dignity and foresight. Let’s look at how to do that in a layoff situation …

Show highlights:

  • What to do to create a mindset that forces you to be proactive … (2:06)
  • The intelligence you need to gather while downsizing efforts are still on the drawing board (3:15)
  • The past is the past … How to recognize who now has all the leverage so you can mirror the new order (4:30)
  • What you need to know to successfully reconfigure your role with what’s important to the new order … (2:04)
  • Why your instinct to lay low during this uncertain period is certain to get you packing, and what you should do instead … (6:22)
  • Pay attention to these signs that you’re being passively encouraged to quit … (7:20)
  • Neglect reviewing these documents and you may be in legal trouble  … (8:11)
  • If you’ve made it through the mass layoffs be careful not to make this critical mistake … (8:59)

Layoffs can be one of the hardest situations to navigate as there are so many potential contributing factors and possible outcomes. If you want the peace of mind of having an expert guide you through the process, we’d be happy to help.

Head over to  http://executivejobsecurity.com to learn we can customize a plan to personally help you.

See you next time!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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