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In today’s episode, Lorie chats with Betty Sanders, a trailblazing force in trucking. Learn how she delicately balances career, family, and health.

Discover Betty's practical approaches to thriving within a challenging industry and how foresight and reflection contribute to her business acumen. She'll share insights on the nuances of financial management and the essentials of cultivating a strong company culture.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain from Betty’s experiences on Fearless Females.

Show Highlights:

  • From an organic start in male-dominated trucking to a female business success. [00:04:01]
  • Discover priority areas for holistic life balance. [00:06:28]
  • How to build a business plan you can trust. [00:09:36]
  • The power of taking calculated risks. [00:14:15]
  • Learn to navigate a work partnership with your spouse. [00:15:33]
  • Tips for hiring the right employees regret-free. [00:21:16]
  • Why one size doesn’t fit all with business size. [00:22:35]
  • Do this to prepare for a business rainy day. [00:24:53]
  • Find out if your passion attracts business hotspots. [00:28:57]

For more information or to connect Betty Sanders, go to: https://www.rmtcompanies.com/

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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