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Welcome to another episode of “Fearless Females,” where visionaries and leaders like Amy Sherman transform challenges into triumphs. Amy has mastered the art of balance, spinning the plates of parenthood, career success, and self-care, all with a grace that’ll inspire your own juggling act.

Prepare for an empowering conversation filled with heartfelt stories, economic enlightenment, and Amy's take on finding “enough” in an ever-demanding world.

Tune in for a dose of wisdom, humor, and the kind of energy that will awaken the relentless go-getter in you!

Show Highlights:

  • The power of transformational gratitude and decision-making [00:08:43]
  • Find out how moments of regret can bring self-discovery [00:14:57]
  • Seize this golden advice for modeling true success early [00:17:26]
  • If you want to have it all, how to transform your marriage [00:21:04]
  • Why work–life flexibility must be built into the workplace [00:25:13]
  • Tips to strategically steer your financial future while young [00:28:55]
  • Dive into upskilling with Economic Literacy Colorado [00:31:10]
  • How empowering girls with financial literacy changes lives [00:41:39]
  • How to overcome a fear of powerful people as a woman professional [00:45:28]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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