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When was the last time you took a nice vacation? Are you due for one?

The sad fact is, most Americans aren’t taking any vacations at all.

We hoard up vacation days with all best intentions… but life gets in the way.

We can’t get time off from work, we’re workaholics, or simply we can’t afford to go anywhere.

Some of us don’t go on vacations because we can’t stand queue lines, flight delays, crowded and germ infested airports…

But unplugging from work, even for just a day or two, can help you maintain a healthy perspective in life and boost your happiness levels.

And here’s the thing:

You don’t have to go anywhere to unplug and de-stress.
You can simply stay at home and create your own relaxing “staycation”!

Listen to this episode and discover ways to turn your home into a luxury hotel without luxury expenses and achieve a lavish lifestyle on a budget!

Show highlights:

– Simple ways to transform your bedroom into a luxurious space.
– Quickly replicate a spa bathroom in your house without major remodelling.
– An inexpensive way to “lux” up almost every room in your hose.
– One simple addition to your entryway that can turn it into a 5-star hotel lobby.
– Add a hint of glamour to your bedroom with this simple fix to your window dressings.
– How to improve your lightning and create mood.

Plus, to get ideas of all the best ways to cater for your staycation partner… go to http://goodlivingbydesignshow.com and download your free guide Key Decorating Tips For Happy Couples.


Tune in, listen… and start planning!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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