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Show highlights include:

  • How to get a full anaerobic exercise without lifting a finger (4:55) 
  • Why infrared saunas are the most effective weapon against stress (5:23) 
  • How to get a deeper, more restorative sleep each night (especially if you’re not the greatest sleeper) (5:54) 
  • The “Artificial Fever Method” for eliminating toxins and kickstarting your body’s natural healing process (6:42) 
  • The weird and amazing way yellow infrared light tightens your skin, removes wrinkles, and makes you look younger (12:09) 
  • How a sauna can help you shed 60 pounds (or more) much quicker than exercise and diet alone (15:48) 
  • Why a sauna “mimics” eating well and exercising every day (even if you eat fast food regularly and never work out) (22:55)  

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Hello athletes, welcome and thank you for tuning into the Coach Katie Danger Podcast recorded live from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm your host, Coach Katie Danger, U S army veteran, fitness coach and founder of Red H Nutrition. Here's a fact for you, 99% of us are not elite athletes. We're individuals from all backgrounds, juggling life priorities, including jobs, our families, their needs, and trying to find time to take care of ourselves every single week. When you tune in, I'll be discussing clear, concise and actionable strategies you can use to get the most from your fitness, nutrition, and mindset. So you can optimize your life without compromising your time. So athletes settle in and get comfortable. I'm here to educate, inspire, empower, and entertain you to help you enjoy the unique fitness journey that you are on.

(00:52): Hey, Hey athletes. Welcome to episode number 59 of the coach Kay danger podcast. And as usual, I am super excited to be on your audio player today. And I've got a great show in store for you. I talk a lot about fitness and wellness strategies and how you can implement them into your routine to get more from your fitness, more recovery, more gains, more weight loss, you name it. I want you to experience more during your fitness journey. And one of the big pieces of the puzzle for me at least is infrared sauna therapy. And I want it to be a piece of the puzzle for you too. Now, one of the very first podcast episodes that I did was about red light therapy over quarantine. Last year, I bought a red light to help with improving mood and cellular health. I mean, you know, we were all kind of stuck inside and when quarantine happened, it was late March, early April in Nebraska.

(01:39): So, you know, the weather wasn't too great. And then they closed down the parks here in Omaha. So like staying inside was kind of the only option. So buying this red light, I'd done some research on it and it would help with improving mood and cellular health. But then I started reading more about adding heat therapy to infrared light can really take this concept of cellular health and detoxification to the next level. Then last July, an infrared sauna studio opened up here in Omaha. And because I will try anything once I had to check it out, I was blown away. I was absolutely floored. Now, not only are the facilities of perspire sauna studio, top-notch, they're clean, they're organized, they're spacious, they're private, but the owners have an invested interest in their members and the results because they have a very deep why at their core, they believe in what they do.

(02:28): And I found that business owners who have a deep and personal why behind their business are also the ones that have the best services. And I also like to align with businesses and people that have the same values that I do and the owners of perspire sauna studio in Omaha, Nate and Ashley. We have a lot in common when it comes to our why's and our deep personal values and what we want to bring to people and help them reach their fitness goals faster. So in a few moments, you're going to hear the pre-recorded audio of the interview between myself and owner's name and Ashley of perspire sauna studio. Not only will you learn the science behind infer, light technology and color light therapy, because they not only take the infrared therapy, they take the heat technology, but they also take chromo therapy. So using different lights, you're red, yellow, green, purple, blue, and orange. They use all of these lights, but you're gonna learn more about their personal fitness journeys and why it drove them to invest their savings and their time and opening perspire. They are driven to help their members change their lives with this piece of the fitness puzzle. All right, athletes, I want you to sit back and I want you to enjoy this conversation with Nate, Ashley, myself, about infrared sauna therapy and the benefits of adding this piece of the puzzle to your fitness and wellness plan.

(03:39): Hey guys, I am here with Ashley and native perspire side of studio, and I'm really, really excited to get their input on inference all technology than some other pieces of the puzzle here, because there are lots of pieces to the health and wellness puzzle, which I'm sure they'll agree on. As soon as we get some input for them. Now, personally, I love using perspires saunas to use, to help me my fitness journey and goals, but I want to know more about the science and that's essentially what I want there. And before these guys are experts, they're owners, they're invested and personally, I think this feels good. Not only is the heat great, but I feel the physical benefits of it. I love being warm because we kind of think that I'm cold blooded at heart. Nate, Ashley, thank you guys so much today. I want to know more about infrared technology. So let's just dive in. What is it more than just a fancy word? What is it? Thank you for having us all that should again, with talking about.

(04:29): Yeah, definitely. So yeah, we got really excited the first time we discovered infrared. So we'd always tried our traditional spot as and just kind of felt a little overly toasty, a little walking in, and it's a little bit hard to breathe and those saunas, although they're still very, very good for you and we still enjoy them to an extent. But we had found something that was where it was much more tolerable and it was much easier to breathe in a sauna. So when we started researching to find out, Hey, is this, is this too good to be true? What we found is that the traditional sauna actually keeps the air surrounding you and the infrared sauna actually keeps your soft body tissue directly. So that causes for a much deeper sweat and induces basal dilation. So it'll widen those blood vessels, causing your blood pressure to go down. The blood will flow more easily and it'll increase your heart rate. So you'll get kind of that anaerobic exercise and you're just going to get a really, really good deep, clean sweat overall. Okay. Nate, you got anything to add?

(05:23): Yeah, I mean one of the biggest things I think that it can aid in helping to stress elimination. So it allows you to go from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic state of being, you know, you want to get in that rest and digest as opposed to that fight or flight. And I think that is one of the best ways to unlock your full potential as a person is to eliminate stress because then the healing can begin. And so I think our saunas do that. That's one of the main reasons why I use the sauna. So generally in the evenings I saw on a four to five days a week, I'm generally after 7:00 PM. Something that I've really, really noticed benefits on is sleep quality. I used to not sleep the greatest. He's be a super light sleeper. Any single, any noise would wake me up.

(06:03): I'm since I've been using sauna regularly, since we opened in July, I honestly sleep very, very deeply. I feel way more rested retired. I noticed also when I use the sauna that my muscle recovery from exercise and working out is much, much better. I mean, you know, if I do a heavy squat day or heavy deadlift day, the next day, I'm, I'm good to go again after he is a sauna after exercise. So some of those just a, you know, personal experiences, a personal experience on that have a really, really just allowed me to understand the benefits of solid news, you know, in the song is going to heat up your core. Like Ashley said, through that infrared light spectrum, which is below the visible light spectrum. So you can't really see the rays, but they're they're there, but they do penetrate up to about three inches inside the body. Basically vibrating yourselves to cleave off toxins, to raise that core body temperature kind of inducing an artificial fever. That artificial fever basically is where healing starts. That's your natural body response to that. That's why when you're sick, you get a fever because that allows your body to then start sending the blood into the right areas and healing. So that's exactly what the sauna mimics.

(07:10): Okay. That's amazing because one, like we know that there's scientific evidence to support this. Like we know that, but I think what's more beneficial for people, especially the athletes listening is that anecdotal evidence, like you just said, you've experimented with it. You know, you try to things like, what about you actually? And he's talked about post-workout and sauna, but what is your evidence personally, for some of these things that you mentioned, right? Like recovery detox, you got anything? Yeah. Yeah. I mean a lot for me recovery as well. So, you know, not coming from a hardcore right. Recent athletic background, but back in high school and through college, I was a hardcore runner, had a lot of injuries from that. I've had back surgery. I would show me a long time to come back from it. Didn't actually do a lot to help me. But I think from that, when I saw soreness is creep up, I know they use sauna and it's super helpful for kind of tell me down all that inflammation causing me to feel better so that I can get it back out there, working out sooner, you know, I can get out there walking, jogging to those things that I enjoyed to do if I, you know, do sauna for a couple of days, which has been super helpful for me.

(08:14): And then I also just noticed like my overall inflammation. So, you know, just coming from a background too, of having a lot of challenges with, Hey, what foods can I eat? That one affect my body. And after having so many stressors in my legs, if I eat something that is slightly off one day and I noticed like bloat or, Hey, I don't feel fantastic today from that food. But if I go into the Sonic grace greatly, like the next day, the next morning when I wake up, my blood will have gone down quite a bit. And I noticed that, you know, I feel a little bit better or if be in a lot of sugar or something like that they all kind of go down that rabbit close sometime. So it definitely helps my mind to just kind of be a little clearer and a little fresher for that next day. So those are the biggest things me. And then I think just, you know, with that, that stress elimination. So recovery, I mean, do you think that's what perspires piece of the puzzle, if it fits into the piece of the puzzle of recovery for an athlete,

(09:06): It, it a hundred percent does. You know, it's one of the tools in the toolbox. I mean, you, you look at all these things. If you're going to perform optimally exercising, you want to eat optimally, you also want to rest and recover out. I think that that Sonic can really aid in that piece of it because, you know, if you get great sleep, you eat well and you, you know, put your body through exercise, you know, might as well recovers. You can get back to doing all those things as quickly as possible. And again, Sonic does provide the benefits to get you there.

(09:33): Yeah. That's what we all want to do. Like feeling good. Feels good. So I agree with everything like personal experience adding it makes me feel great. One thing that makes perspire stand out besides infrared is color therapy, chromotherapy, right? What is that all about? I mean, I've known for awhile that certain colors can like energize you, but you don't mostly think about it too much, but you come in here, you get to choose between, I don't know how many different colors with, who wants to talk about chromotherapy a little bit and the benefits of that in the health and wellness piece. Yes. Therapy. I know, again, that's kind of a big thing right now that red light therapy, essentially, especially, so that is also on the inference spectrum. So all the different lights are on a different piece of that and the friend spectrum as well.

(10:17): They're just in that visible spectrum. So they're not going to penetrate as deeply into your body, but you're still going to get a skin or, you know, a slightly deeper level of healing and things like that from that. So like take red light therapy for instance. So that is the closest color that you get to that near infrared spectrum. So you're going to get benefits that are very, very close, not quite as good, but very close to like that those benefits that you get in the near infrared that's coming from the sun. So it's very good for like photo Myobloc relation. So, so that one more time, that was a big word photo biomodulation. So essentially it's going to help replenish yourself. So it's going to take that mitochondria on yourself. So the powerhouse in the cells, it's going to kind of help clear out the bad stuff in that cell and help yourselves to be able to function better.

(11:06): You know, it's very, very good. And that the red light during our assignment size is about at 660 nanometers. So that's kind of the optimal red light range that you want to be in for the best healing, if you are using red light. And if you want to use another color, all that colors are going for something different in the body because they resonate with different cells and different ways, different energy centers in the body. So say bullying, for example, blue is very good for relaxation because of how it reacts with certain cells in your bodies, the frequency of the light based on the frequency of certain cells in your bodies screen is a very good kind of overall healing color for people in general. So if they're not quite sure what color to use, then Green's a great option to start with. A lot of times, if I feel like I have maybe a slight

(11:54): Cold or muscle, that's been a little overworked, I'll go with brain. And after a couple of sessions, I'm like, okay, that felt pretty good again. So I also see that orange purple and yellow orange purple, so yellow is going to be great for skin health. It helps with the elasticity of the skin. A lot of our members and guests will come in and use that color and, and really notice a difference after, you know, one to five sessions that their skin is tighter. It feels softer. That's you know, the skin is such a, it's such a large, you know, or we don't, we don't really view it as that, but it eliminates the most waste out of our body through sweating. So it's going to give you a counselor renewed by the infrared, but then plus with the yellow interacting with the elasticity of that cell it's gonna make your skin tighter and less wrinkles appear, which is really, really cool.

(12:46): Mobile is going to be kind of what we call the mind easer. So it's going to aid in, you know, lowering stress. It's also going to activate the creative centers of your brain. And so we have a lot of people that use either purple or violet when they want to be in a more creative mood, maybe they're reading a book, writing a story, trying to get, you know, just activate that, that center in the brain to help them in their everyday pursuit of whatever their job or their family is. But it really helps to activate to create a sentence. Orange is a good mix between red and yellow. So a red like Ashley was talking about it has a metabolic effect. It definitely in my own experiment with it. If I sign on for 40 minutes with a red light versus blue light, at the end of my session, my heart rate will be about 20 beats higher in the red light. It's, it's incredible. I have my Fitbit that I wear my session, but it is wild to know that the color of the light, the same temperature, same sauna, same time of day, but the color of the light can have that drastic of an impact. Which I think is so cool. But yeah, getting back to orange has kind of that, that cost between the red and with that metabolic effect that, you know, stimulant type effect and then the yellow helping with the skin health and balance meant a lot. So I can totally attest,

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(14:53): Usually I don't use red because my heart rate gets high enough in the sauna. I'm on the purple. I'm a person I also like to read until I get too sweaty and I can't read it anymore. I like purple the best. I feel like my heart rate stays the lowest because the heat just obviously raises it in general. But I want to know what your guys' favorite. So Ashley, what's your favorite color you use on average tend towards the blue and the red. Okay.

(15:16): Blue. Honestly, when I signed it, it's going to be after 7:00 PM and blue really just helps to kind of reset my mind, lower all my stress for the day. That way I can drift off and asleep when my mind, and I've gone on a miles an hour,

(15:26): You know, we talked a lot about the detox portion, the recovery portion, but I know that a lot of your members probably are doing this for weight loss benefits to just speak a little bit on that. I mean, we know that when your heat increases thermogenesis, we're probably burning more calories at rest. So this is great for people in this weight. Right. Do you have any like member stories that can,

(15:49): Yeah, we do have a member. I won't mention his name or anything like that for privacy reasons, but he's been coming since we opened. He's a larger guy. I mean, he'd been working doing a couple things with diet exercise and he's used sign as well since July and he's lost 60 pounds. And with a combination of, like I said, the sauna, I'm getting better sleep, focusing on the good things in his life, which is a huge change amongst his prep period, his life of, you know, being inactive and not eating the right things. He's tried to incorporate good things in his life, such as eating well, sleeping well exercising, and then also a sauna health and wellness type road elegance.

(16:27): So what's a typical sauna session. Like when a member comes in, what are they going to experience? How long are they, you know, what goes on?

(16:34): So a typical session is 40 minutes in the morning. So when you come in the door or you're going to be very relaxed as you walk in, it's going to smell like eucalyptus, which is a very, very soothing, calm smell. We also play meditative music over top of the airwaves in the studio. So you have kind of that, just that meditative effect. You'll be greeted in the front. When you walk in by one of our awesome staff members or team members, they'll take it to your son and they'll explain everything about the room that you have. So every single experience will be your own private Sweden. And you have that suite for about 50 minutes, for 40 minutes on a session. You walk in the door, you can lock the door. That space is completely yours and yours alone. And every suite, there's a sauna and then some room to change and towel off and everything like that.

(17:19): But the sun itself is fully adjustable temperature wise while you're in there. But as long as you're about 115 degrees, you'll see benefits from infrared, but it does go up to one 58. So one 15 to one 50 range you want to be in. We start most people out between one 30 and one 40. It's kind of their first time. And then, like I said, throughout the session, they can self adjust with a little, a keypad up and down the temperature. It's super, super easy to do that. You also have options to relax and unwind. So we have a soft music playing or they can their favorite radio station or watch anything from Netflix or Hulu as well.

(17:52): Okay. You really went over good tips for first, or you went over like what the first time session is like, are there any like special little bits of advice you'd give to somebody who's maybe a first time or maybe you've been doing it for awhile and you know, just hasn't thought of this little pro tip yet. What do you, yeah, definitely. What should we suggest for remaining? Well hydrated all the time. I noticed that's a big thing too. And the temperature that I can handle throughout my session. If I'm not well-hydrated one day or if I haven't been drinking enough during the like entire week prior there's a huge difference in my session, as well as like with electrolytes as well, just making sure that those stay in balance, I would say for people and then just, you know, people really focusing too on perhaps, you know, they're eating when they come before the sauna.

(18:36): So we've had people come in before eating like a large pizza, you know, they've been back numerous times of, and they're like, yeah, I don't think that was the best option because I first saw him. We do suggest a light snack unless somebody is perhaps very experienced with like fasting and things like that. Cause we do have people that come in like that, but we would recommend, you know, you do that sparingly at your own risk. If you're not well-versed with fasting, you recommend within a few hours of coming in, eat a light snack, just so you can have some energy and yeah. Denting your sessions. So here's some things that I wrote down that I've learned. I have to have an extra towel because I sweat profusely, I guess it's because I do hydrate. Well, I like to bring extra water too. I usually drink 32 ounces if not more during my session.

(19:23): So like, whatever those small little water bottles should get anywhere, right? I'm like two or three of those. At least I cannot use my phone in the sauna for very long because it just gets too hot and I'm like, well, just doesn't work anymore. I also have noticed, and this might be just for females only, but like loose fitting clothes. I cannot put my bra back on very well after I saw him because I leave. And I'm just, I'm still sweating a little bit. So loose clothing has always helped me to like, if you're a beginner, if you're coming here the first time, how many sessions would you suggest somebody start with a week?

(19:52): We recommend coming at least twice a week on average, mean your first session might feel completely different than your next session, based on your hydration level. Like Ashley talked about, if you ate something going in and you might not sweat for the first 15 to 20 minutes of your first session because of, you know, just your body getting used to, wow, this is a heat, this is a stressor to your body. Doesn't know how to respond. So yeah, we recommend twice a week, but the more times you come, the more accustomed your body will get to it. And the faster you will sweat, you know, I've, I've gone over 160 times since we opened which is a really, really awesome amount. But I noticed that my first couple of times I would take me 15, 20 minutes this way I sweat almost within two or three minutes and start pouring sweat almost immediately now. Which is something my body, if those courses has an opportunity. Now, what I notice is that that is it's time to sweat and get rid of those toxins build up, actually, anything else,

(20:48): Maybe a first-timer should know, or even experienced users. Yeah. Well, I think my biggest recommendation would just be, you know, some people kind of like to keep the heat as high as possible. And then the last 15 or so minutes, I say that was really hard to get through. You know, it's highly recommended, just turn the heat down a little bit. You're still getting great benefits. You're still going to sweat a lot, you know, make sure that you're taking time to also enjoy the session. You know, I know some people are very competitive myself included, just, you know, turn the heat down a little bit so that it's comfortable to an extent so that you can truly just enjoy it and take it all in and really get that kind of time away from the day. And then I like your tip about mom taking your phone and also in addition to getting them out, we do just also like people are just kind of online.

(21:29): So yeah. So yeah, even though you not full options for TV and things like that, I also like to take an actual book with me and read it while I'm in the song a non-fiction and it's just super, super good time to, you know, take it all in focus and stuff. Yeah. That's probably the main reason I love my son sessions is it's still hard for me to put my phone down, just connected all the time. So being able to disconnect and I really don't have a choice, so it's like, okay, I can do this. I can not be on my phone for 40 plus minutes. But I want to bring us all back around infrared, infrared technology. Photobiomodulation chromotherapy all parts of the fitness and wellness journey, but why exactly did you guys decide to go into business? And I guess, how does this business fuel your wellness journey?

(22:14): Frankly, it was a complete accident how we ran across it. You know, we were traveling and I have been on my own big health journey after just literally mentally and physically just not being able to function as a human being, shouldn't be able to function. Which unfortunately I think happens to more people than we think it does. And in our travels, we ran across an infrared sauna. I was super intrigued. I almost thought it was too good to be true. And I was just, I said, we have to try this. We absolutely need to see what it's all about. Try it just, I felt euphoric afterwards. I couldn't run a marathon. I mean, it was incredible. I was so excited. I was so empowered. I said, we have to bring this back to the Omaha market. People need to experience it so that if they don't want to do anything else for their health, they can come sauna and they can still feel better. They can still get some of those benefits as if they were eating super well as if they were exercising every day. So if they change nothing else, come sauna, come do something good for your body. So what about you Nate? I mean, besides what happens,

(23:16): You know, I always had been into health and wellness ever since, you know, kind of the high school to college, you know, from one thing to another, just kind of, you know, trying different things and experimenting on myself of what works for me and what doesn't work for me, you know, after we kind of stumbled upon it when we were traveling it kind of started this call a month research project. We were just ate up anything that we could, you know, get about infrared sauna. We made a commitment and found perspire is a brand out of Southern California and they, we made plans to go visit them and it just blew us away with their space, the cleanliness of their space, how we felt while we were there. The superiority of the, you know, the ClearLight saunas that they use, it's just a whole different experience from other sides.

(24:00): And because of our experience there and with infrared, we're like, we have to do this if it's not for bringing it for the whole community, just for us alone, because we're all people that want to optimize ourselves and you know, how we eat, how we interact with the community, how we would like to do adventurous things like climb mountains. You know, this was one of those. If we want to run our own business, we want to get to that, that top, that self-actualized itself and be all that we wanted to be in life. So I think that, you know, bringing Sonic here definitely helps us do that, but it also helps other people. And that's the biggest thing for us. It's we want to help everyone around us.

(24:35): I love it. I mean, even touched on Maslow's hierarchy of needs there too. Right. So let's go ahead and wrap this up. We've gotten touched on the science. We've touched on your business journey and your own personal wellness journeys. But now I know that we're specifically talking about Omaha right now. I have listeners from all over the country though. So there's a great opportunity to connect with other people. And how can they get in touch with you if they want to know more about infrared and perspire gen? Yeah, definitely. So there's a website it's www dot perspire, sonnet studio.com. And then you can check out all the locations that are currently around the country. You know, if you are a member with us, you can visit any location. So if you're traveling things like that, it's a great way to get in your wellness while you're away.

(25:18): You know, so we currently have about 15 locations open and they're, you know, slated to open upwards of 30 and the next year, year and a half here. So yeah, there's that way. I'm also on Instagram when I first Vajrasana studio as well as, you know, our home studio pages and pages for other people around the U S or, you know, if you're not, if you don't know who else to reach out to at this point, or you don't want to reach out to somebody else, so you can always send us an email, Omaha, perspire, sonnet, studio.com reach out to us. You can always, you know, Google us, give us a call. We're happy to answer any questions or happy to talk about it, whatever anybody wants so that they can learn more about it because we want to share it with everybody. So, all right, well, Ashley, thank you guys so much for your time. I think this is all really, really helpful information. All of it. I love sharing these little pieces of the puzzle because everything is everything and infrared sauna, perspire, specifically, it could be that catalyst for somebody looking for the next step, looking for the tipping point. So I really appreciate your time specifically for people listening, who are in Omaha, are the, do you guys have any phones or specials they can take advantage of for, you know, first time sauna goers?

(26:25): Yeah. So we have a $20 Dupree special. So come on in we offer that it's a full session. We'll walk you through step by step, how to use the sauna, what to do as tips. Any comfort level. We'll walk you through how to use all of the equipment that we have is pretty, pretty easy, but yeah, $20 enough for you special. And then we do offer a on your first session date we do offer $20 off your first one with the membership as well. If you're a sounder veteran, military discount, anything like that offer. Yes, we do. Yeah. We have memberships and we do offer special pricing on a different level of membership for veterans. Awesome. All right guys. Well, those are all the questions I have. Anything else you want to add before we say goodbye? No, we just appreciate you having us on your, your podcast. Katie. We love the partnership with you as always. And we look forward to keeping the Omaha to be healthy and well. All right, well, are you guys listening out there? Athletes, if you have any questions, Ashley and Nate's information and perspire Sana city Omaha, we'll have the show notes. The ELA information will be in the show notes. So check that out. If you've got any more questions, otherwise thanks a lot athletes. And we will chat again very, very soon.

(27:29): All right, athletes, what'd you think, thank you so much for tuning in today. Episode number 59, and I hope you learned a ton about infer therapy and how it can be a huge catalyst, your fitness results personally. I love it. I go twice a week. I do not like to Ms. Weeks. And I'm so glad that Ashley and Nate opened perspire. And I hope that more people in Omaha get a chance to get to their studio. Now, if you live in an area where there is no perspire sauna studio specifically, here's what I want you to do. I want you to go to Google and I want you to search for this term specifically, search for infrared sauna therapy near me do that Google search. And I guarantee you will find at least one health and wellness clinic that have a sauna in there. So you can get some benefits from it as well.

(28:10): I wanted to let you know, also something very exciting. I'm launching an exclusive fitness membership community. And the big reason I'm doing this is because sometimes, sometimes we just don't want to hire a specific coach. You know, specific coaching is very, very important, but sometimes we just need like little, certain things answered. We don't like need to hire a coach for a month or, or, or need a whole like six or eight week program device for us. So we want our specific questions answered though. Now, if you're not the type of athlete who wants to hire a full-time programming, nutrition, fitness, and supplement coach, then this membership community is going to be perfect for you. It's going to be a lot cheaper than hiring a coach full-time and you're gonna have access to the individualized help. So you can reach your fitness goals. And I will personally be answering questions for you on an individual basis.

(28:53): You're gonna have access to exclusive content, podcasts, giveaways. This is going to be a membership community, and it's going to be tailored for you. So stay tuned for that. And if you're a listener of the podcast, you're going to have a chance for a special intro pricing, too, that you can lock in. This is all about providing you the best information, the best tools, the most personalized help without breaking the bank and wasting your precious time. And after all, you need to spend your time and actual training and getting those results. But in the meantime athletes, it's been real. Thank you again for joining me this week. And until next week, I want you to keep training hard. I want you to believe in yourself and never, ever, ever quit. This is coach Katie D over and out

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