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Show highlights include:

  • Stuck in a rut with your training? Here’s the simple way to inject enjoyment back into it (1:02) 
  • The safe and affordable supplement that’s used by all elite level athletes in every sport (7:23) 
  • How to effortlessly reduce the lactic acid buildup in your body which makes you sore after strenuous lifts (8:14) 
  • 3 reasons why beta-alanine is a “cheat code” for getting better results in the gym in less time (11:55) 
  • The one ingredient to look for in pre-workout supplements that instantly helps you tell if it’s snake oil or the real deal (14:10) 

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Hello athletes, welcome and thank you for tuning into the Coach Katie Danger Podcast recorded live from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm your host, Coach Katie Danger, U S army veteran, fitness coach and founder of Red H Nutrition. Here's a fact for you, 99% of us are not elite athletes. We're individuals from all backgrounds, juggling life priorities, including jobs, our families, their needs, and trying to find time to take care of ourselves every single week. When you tune in, I'll be discussing clear, concise and actionable strategies you can use to get the most from your fitness, nutrition, and mindset. So you can optimize your life without compromising your time. So athletes settle in and get comfortable. I'm here to educate, inspire, empower, and entertain you to help you enjoy the unique fitness journey that you are on.

Hey, Hey athletes, what is up? It is Katie danger, and welcome to episode number 55 of the coach, Katie Danger podcast. I have been training for everybody out there lately. I have been going on, On and off with the enjoyment of my training. But about a month ago, I found myself in a really horrible rut. I didn't want to train. I really feeling like very uninspired, just absolutely no motivation, nothing really sounded fun. And mainly it's because I just didn't have a goal in mind. Now, usually when I train, I'm very, very goal oriented. I'm very specific about the end result that I want to achieve. That mindset in itself was becoming a hindrance. And that's kinda what this aha moment was. I felt like believing that in order to work out, I had to have an end goal, like a very specific one that was kind of keeping me in this plateau. It was in. So for example, like I have no weight loss goal. I'm not necessarily trying to build muscle for anything in particular. I'm not interested in any competitions at this time.

(01:46): Not bodybuilding, not crossfit, but I know that I need to exercise if I want to stay healthy. And although most of the wellness is what we eat or what we don't eat. Like that's when the majority of our, everything in fitness comes from is what we eat. Taking care of our physical body. You got to have aerobic exercise and you've got to have resistance training. You got to have those two. And after all of my research, all of my experience far and wide over the past 15 years, I just know and believe that you should work out at least three times a week. So incorporating some form of resistance training, some form of aerobic, Durance at least three times a week at minimum at minimum. This is for everybody. Now, once you start having more audacious goals, competitions, you know, very specific end results you want to achieve.

(02:27): That's when you need to start looking at a larger scope training plan, but three times a week. And you know, for some people that could just be taking a walk around the block, but for some, some of you that means 60 minutes of hit training, followed with resistance training, followed with God, knows what else. Right? So all of our Fitnesses, all of our goals, they look a little bit different. We all have something different that we're trying to achieve. But my problem, my problem was that I didn't have any idea what I wanted to achieve in the past. Like I've mentioned, I've had these audacious goals of doing CrossFit competitions, but right now I'm at, I just want to improve wellness and saying that out loud, just like I want to improve my wellness. It just doesn't seem as ambitious as some of the things that I set out and done before.

(03:06): So I had to get a different perspective on that. And I know that working out is important. I already said that I know that the body in the body wants to move to not only do you need to move it, but it wants to move, but what's my why, what is going to make me get down in the gym and get some work done? Like, what am I here for? So I knew, I mean, my frustration is coming to an end, but I knew even when I was at my most frustrated that this too shall pass, it always does. And then I just had an aha moment. Like I was working out one evening and I'm like, what am I even doing this for my, why is so I can be available to you? So I can be the best coach, internet, coach, guru, whatever you want to call me, that I can be the best for you.

(03:47): My wife is being present for you, my athletes and my listeners. And I'm hoping by now through 54 complete episodes, now we're number 55. I hope by now that I've shared enough information with you, that show you how my experiences can be valuable in your own fitness journey. Maybe I'm going to save you some hassle later on down the road, because you know, I've already gone through those bumps and bruises. And if I share with you, you don't necessarily have to go through the same thing. So I do that. I answer questions. I try new things and then share them with you and talk about supplements. Do some deep dive and research. Ultimately just being my own Guinea pig for my own curiosity sake, and then being able to share with others. That's my, why you guys are my wife. My listeners are my wife.

(04:27): So thank you very much. I've really loved growing this podcast with you. I've enjoyed sharing all my failures, all my successes, and then everything in between. And my why is to continue to do all of that with as much fun and intensity as I can bring to a podcast and a YouTube video every single week. So in addition to finding my why and getting excited about training again, I also redid my home gym set up. If you happen to be watching on YouTube with this video in the background, I've got my dumbbell rack. I bought a barbell, I got a squat rack. I got a really cheap squat rack on Amazon. It's really not that straight, but it's straight enough. So for a hundred bucks, like, you know, you get what you pay for. So I redid, we did a bunch of spring cleaning decluttering, and I've got this awesome home gym set up.

(05:11): And if you look in the background, I've also got a pull up bar. So the pull up bar comes down from the rafters and the house here, but I've got this pulley system set up. So cool. It's so cool. So I can do, I mean, I can do lots of things. Now I can do basic cable rowing exercises, black pull-downs. I even got a pair of 60 pound dumbbells. And if you guys have ever used dumbbells before 60 pound dumbbell feels a hell of a lot heavier than 60 pounds, right? Like it's so heavy. Even the ups guy, when he was dropping them off, I met him at the door and I don't know why I met him at the door. It's like I was going to take 60 pound dumbbell from him, you know, hand it over. But he looked at me and he said, are you serious with these things?

(05:48): And I just laughed. And you know, he got a workout in for the day. I really appreciate APS, man. So anyway, there's lots of things that once I do get in the mode, work out. There's lots of things that really get me going. And you've already seen the title of this episode. It's fact checking. And we're talking about beta alanine, no matter what I'm trained for, where I'm training, what my goal is, whether I'm at home gym, at planet fitness at my CrossFit box outside, running, lifting, like whatever. I usually always take supplements as part of my pre-workout routine. Sometimes it's a legit. Pre-Workout like, it's one, a formula. It's one race, nutrition formula. Each one's favorite right now is fizzy orange soda. But before I digress, so I take a pre-workout and then if I'm doing an endurance, maybe it's root supplement. So I can prove my oxygen capacity, but there is always one supplement that would take all the time.

(06:33): And you probably guessed it already. It's beta alanine. I'm sure. You know what beta alanine feels like if you felt this way before. So this is what it feels like. It's the ingredient in some pre-workouts that makes your skin itch or tingle. And in the science world, they call it paresthesia. So you've had that feeling before. It's probably been from the beta alanine in your pre-workout. Let me tell you, she thinks about it's totally safe. Supplement is totally normal. There's no risks. Adverse side effects from that feeling or beta in general. And I'll tell you that feeling that you get the Tingley I'll have some people tell me they don't take pre-workouts or beta alanine because of the tingle, but I'm telling you if you're able to work through it, the performance benefits far outweigh the lack of comfort you have for that brief moment with beta LA, I think beta alanine is these knees.

(07:15): Like if I had taken one supplement to me with an Island, I can have anything else ever bit. Alan would be my shortlist with creatine, creatine and beta alanine. They are so they're so awesome. And beta alanine, the stuff just works. It's highly researched. It's safe. It's legal. It's used by elite level athletes in all sports and disciplines. It's affordable and it's accessible nearly anywhere. So it's the good stuff right now, getting the actual, the meat and potatoes here. Let's talk about the who, what, when, where, why and how, and really get down to the details on why you should no, wait a second. While you must absolutely must start taking beta alanine in your training routine as soon as possible. So what is beta alanine? I don't like using, I get to science in my podcast. It's not because I don't like science, but talking in layman's terms, talking like one-on-one with you.

(07:58): I just find that a lot more valuable than diving into deep scientific research and periodicals. You get the idea, right? So in this portion for this part, I am going to just talk a little science. I mean, the words are going to be there and I'll still explain it in a way that I think you've been to understand without pulling out any Google beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid and unlikely most amino acids. It is not used by your body to synthesize proteins. So it has no play in the actual growing and repairing and rebuilding of the muscle itself. Now instead together with his, with his study in which is also an amino acid, it produces carnosine carnosine seen is then stored in your skeletal muscles. Okay? So we've got beta alanine together with hits history and they come together produce carnosine. What is carnosine do reduces lactic acid accumulation in your muscles during exercise, which leads to improved athletic performance. So lactic acid means acidity means a imbalance, a sub optimal pH of your, and when you supplement with beta alanine, it has been shown to elevate carnosine levels in the muscles by 80%. So you exercise, you get this lactic acid build up carnosine is like, Oh, no way. And it buffers. It, it don't get that lactic acid feeling your muscles are able to contract and relax. You're strong. Okay.

(09:09): Hey, I know. And you know that I talk a lot about using supplements on your fitness journey and reaching your full potential, how I believe they're integral pieces of the puzzle to reaching your best self and best fitness results. But do you know how supplements fit into your plan? Do you know what to take for your goals and how much of a supplement you should take if you ever had any of those questions and you want to know how supplements can work for you and your goals, go to your fitness supplements.com and take the free free, free three point personalized supplement assessment. And with just a few questions, you'll have a complete personalized supplement recommendation in less than 60 seconds. You'll know more about how supplements fit into your fitness goals. What's safe and what's effective and perfect for you. So type in your fitness supplements.com in your internet browser, take the free assessment and get on the fast track to your best fitness results.

(10:07): This is how carnosine acts during exercise. Glucose is broken down. So glycolysis is the breakdown of glucose, which is the main source of fuel. During high intensity exercise, lactate is produced as you exercise your muscles break down glucose into lactic acid is converted into lactate, which produces hydrogen ions. And these are positively charged. So H plus ions, the muscles are going to become more acidic at this point. And the hydrogen ions reduce the pH level in your muscles, making them more acidic. So remember that scale like one to six is acid seven is neutral. Eight to 14, I believe is a base quote me on that. But I believe that is correct from eighth grade physical science class. So muscles are becoming more acidic at this point with exercise because you've got this accumulation of hydrogen ions in your muscles, fatigue starts to set, and you can have things like muscle cramps, muscle failure, the muscle acidity, what it does is it blocks the glucose breakdown and reduces your, your muscles ability to contract.

(11:04): Therefore it can't relax. So if your muscle happens to be in a point of contraction, when it fatigues finally, you could have a muscle cramp muscle spasm either way. This is obviously not optimal for your workout, right? Well carnosine is a buffer. It's a buffer and it works against the lactic acid. Reducing acidity in the muscles during high-intensity exercises means less cramps. It means more strength, and it means more strength in the contraction of your muscles. You get a harder, stronger, more powerful contraction. If you need to produce a lot of force in whatever your sport is at the time, that can be a good thing. So since beta alanine, let's bring it back altogether. Since beta alanine increases carnosine levels, they help your muscles reduce their acid levels. During exercise, thus reduces overall fatigue, and you can do more work. Why should you take it?

(11:51): Like kind of feel like explaining what beta alanine was is a pretty good reason why you should take it. But if you haven't already, you know, synthesize and put it together, I'm going to give you a few explicit reasons. Like this is what you're going to get from it. You won't get tired as fast. It's great for hit training and shorter duration workout. So if you're a CrossFitter and you like to do, you know, Amwraps and Metcons and you name it, beta alanine is a must in your pre-workout routine. Absolute must it'll help you muscular endurance. So if you're a CrossFitter who likes to barbell cycle, and what I mean by that is being able to suck on the barbell, you know, a certain amount of reps. So a certain amount of time still stay strong throughout. This is going to help with your muscular endurance.

(12:28): It improves your training volume. You'll increase the total stimulus on your body during exercise. And that just leads to greater results in a shorter timeframe. So not only going to get greater results, but we're going to cut down the time from, in which all of that occurs. It's pretty awesome, right? So that's why you should take it. And who should take it? Say four. I'm going to be very clear here. Literally everybody should be taking beta alanine, anyone training for anything, high intensity interval training, long slow distance. If you're a rower, if you're a biker, here's swimmer. If you're a runner, if you're a man, if you're a woman, if you're white, if you're black, I don't care who you are. If you're a human, you're a human mean breeze, oxygen, and you partake in some sort of physical activity for Fitness's sake, and you enjoy monitoring your improvement over the journey.

(13:12): Beta alanine is a no-brainer addition. Absolute no-brainer. You need to have beta alanine if you're a human being and you exercise. Okay. And then how do you take it now, after doing this some research on beta Elene like, I've always been a pre-workout person. Like I take my beta alanine with my pre-workout, but apparently it actually doesn't matter the timing of the intake. It's just that you intake it. The reason I like to take it pre-workout is because it does give me that tingly feeling. And I really liked that. It kind of, I don't know. It makes me think that it's go time. That's why I like it in my pre-workout. So here's what I recommend though. If you've never taken beta alanine before, and you want to start throwing it in, here's what I recommend to get started before you work out aim for about two to five grams of beta alanine, five grams.

(13:55): So 2000 to 5,000 milligrams, you can find beta alanine and most common pre-workout supplements. And most pre-workouts that are worth their salt are going to have a clinical dose, that two to five grams. They're going to have that clinical dose of beta alanine in the powder, since the studies show of the major benefits. I mean, if any pre-workout, if any supplement company ever wanted to say, you know, well, my stuff isn't snake oil and it works. Show me, you have been alanine in your pre-workout and then we'll talk because this stuff is highly researched. Good, good supplement, especially for your performance and your results. So take it pre-workout for him. And I wanted to put a side note here because I always love talking about radiation, nutrition. I got this cute little product placement. Now that we're doing YouTube videos, the formula H all four flavors of their pre-workout have 3.2 grams.

(14:38): So I mentioned we want two to five. It has 3.2 grams of beta alanine per scoop. And like I mentioned earlier, beta alanine is that supplement that gives you that tingling feeling on your skin called paresthesia, and it is safe. It is normal, and it's nothing to worry about, but you happen to not like that feeling. You're probably won't experience it after a long period of time. So if you continue to take it, you know, if you're able to just, if the feeling isn't that intense for you and you can handle it, you just move through it. One, the performance benefits will follow, but two, you will probably just get over it in general, if you really don't like the feeling though, here's what I recommend take smaller serving sizes, like do 800 milligrams at a time for three to four servings. So instead of taking like three 30, 200, 4,000 milligrams take 800 milligrams at a time, three to four times bit Ellen can also be found in capsules.

(15:24): I have a love, hate relationship with beta Allien capsules. And here's why, so you need like four to five pills to get the same serving sizes as scoop. So to me, it's more pleasurable to drink a pre-workout and then to drink the beta alanine. Cause I'm taking four to five pills. They're come over kind of big too. So I don't really like that. But with the pills, you get a faster acting dose and you don't have to drink your whole pre-workout to make sure you get the full dose. I don't know if it's just me, but sometimes I just don't drink all of my pre-workout. I'll take like a few sips and I'm like ready to go. And I forget that I still haven't drank most of it. So then I know I haven't gotten the full dose of beta alanine, and this may be the only time you ever hear me promote a GNC brand product, but here we go, I take their pro performance line, beta alanine being four pills to get 3,200 milligrams.

(16:07): But I like it. I feel it quick. It does what I need to do. And especially if I'm not going to be taking pre-workout, there are times where I wean myself off of pre-workout. So I still wanna make sure I get my beta alanine. And there you have it all the info you need to know about beta Elliot. And White's a must. Even if you only care a little bit about fitness, beta alanine is a must take two to five grams before every workout. And if you need a pre-workout, that's got it all, including the 3.2 grams of beta alanine, head on over to ready to nutrition up a tub of formula HB workout. There's four awesome flavors from sour to sweet. There's something that you love. Plus, you're going to have a great workout right now. Remember I've got a few reddish nutrition coupons for my athlete listeners.

(16:45): So listen up, get a pen and paper. If you need to the code podcast, 20 podcast, 20, it's going to save you 20% off every order after your first order, if you have not made an order for Monday's nutrition yet, use my code, coach, Katie danger, all one word, coach Katie danger, and you'll save 30% off your entire first order. I mean, that's good on all regularly priced supplements. So you guys, I don't know what you're waiting for. Add beta alanine like yesterday. Okay. Like today, add it in today. And if you don't have a pre-workout yet that has it ready? Nutrition.Com use one of those codes, podcast 20, or coach Katie danger, depending on if you've purchased anything yet. But last thing I want to remind you of good episode, listen to episode number 52, if you haven't already, that was our annual episode in it. I shared a special discount code that's available, but you gotta listen to the episode to get it, to find out how to claim it. So that is just a little Easter egg for a little tidbit. I'll leave you with and all right, that is it for episode number 55. Let me know if you guys have any questions or remember all my episodes are also available now on YouTube. In addition to all the major streaming platforms, Spotify, iTunes,

(17:50): Stitcher, et cetera. I want you to join my YouTube channel because I've got even more fitness tips and videos. They're going up now and I'd love for you to follow me. I'd love to just continue to provide awesome content, tips, and guides to help you out. So keep training hard athletes. This is coach Katie D. Thanks for listening over now.

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